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!* ƫ VOLUME 23 NO.3 / MARCH 2017

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Eliminate the guesswork when choosing your diet and

exercise plans by first analysing your DNA to discover HOW IT WORKS

your body’s predisposition towards metabolism, muscle

type, workload, performance and recovery.

All you need to do is provide a saliva sample, register the

barcode of your sample, and post the sample kit back to
our lab.

Our team of PhD geneticists, medical doctors,

exercise scientists and nutritionists then make over 40
DNAspecific recommendations for personalised diet and
exercise plans geared towards maximising your results, RESULTS

and achieving your health, weight loss and fitness goals.


M A X I M I S E YO U R W O R K O U T - E AT R I G H T, T R A I N R I G H T.
cover model
,$+0+#.,$5čƫJames Patrick * ( '%*# )!. .! 5
5!. . 1* ƫ
When I think about my feelings
BUSINESS in relation to my day-to-day
OWNER, BIKINI appearance and having to be photo
PRO AND BODY shoot ready at a moment’s notice,
TRANSFORMATION I don’t feel anxious or stressed as
COACH you might expect. Clean eating
and being active is a lifestyle for me.
When I receive a request to participate
in a photo shoot, my immediate
response is excitement and happiness. I love
being in front of the camera, working with
photographers, and the opportunity to discuss
some of the topics closest to my heart such as
fitness and nutrition.

* ).*%*# .%01 (/

/0!,ƫāċƫ5 .0! I love to start my mornings
with a tall glass of water and occasionally a
fresh coconut. This helps rehydrate the body
after eight hours without liquid, flush the
body of toxins, and boost your metabolism.
Dehydrated skin can appear dull, dry and is
more prone to breakouts.
/0!, Ăċ  (!*/! I cleanse my skin every
morning, rinse my face with lukewarm
water and then gently pat my face dry with
a facecloth. This always makes me feel
refreshed and helps remove any excess oils,
make up residue, dead skin cells and toxins
the body has eliminated overnight.
/0!,ƫăċƫ5 .0%+*ƫ/!.1) To help hydrate,
nourish and brighten my skin.
/0!, ąċ )+%/01.%6!ƫ* ƫ,.+0!0ƫI use a sun
cream with a SPF 50, which moisturises and
gives my skin a gentle glow. SPF is essential

for those who wish to protect their skin from
premature aging, developing wrinkles, facial
brown spots and skin discoloration. Don’t
forget your lips, hands, neck and eyes.

JOVANOVSKI * !2!*%*# .%01 (/

/0!, āċ  (!*/!ƫI cleanse my skin, rinse my
face with lukewarm water and then gently pat
my face dry with a facecloth. To remove any
make up and clean skin.
/0!, Ăċ * %#$0ƫ.!) To help hydrate
and nourish
/0!, ăċ !5!ƫ.!)ƫThis is important as the
skin around the eyes is delicate and often ages
faster than other areas of the face.

*ƫ 50%)!ƫ)'! ġ1,

As I live an active lifestyle and am always on
the go, my day-to-day look is very natural. I

like to keep it simple only emphasising my *  ( *! intimacy we have with other people can be a
eyes with some bold black mascara. I start most mornings off with a relaxing 15 good indicator of how meaningful our lives
to 20 minute walk down to a local café for are. I have a deep appreciation and value for
* " 21.%0! 0.!* / a freshly brewed coffee. I spend the time the people in my life that have proven to be
Balayage hair. It is a low maintenance hair clearing my mind and taking in the natural honest and loyal. I also like to reach out and
option that highlights the ends of your hair beauty around me. establish new relationships where possible in
and creates a natural-looking gradient from I am an animal lover and can often be the hope of finding other people with good
dark to light. seen frolicking with my two gorgeous dogs, values and integrity. I subscribe to the old
Bella and Zoe. When time permits I take saying ‘love all, trust few and always paddle
* ! 10 5 )%/ 0 '!/ every chance to live in the moment as they do. your own canoe’.
Instead of applying one coat of mascara, I Their abundant love, loyalty and contentment
would apply multiple layers without letting it warms the soul. * " 
dry in between each coat. As a result I ended I also attend a yoga class on my recovery Like most people, I love food and although I
up with clumpy spider-leg mascara. I also days to help bring peace to my mind and enjoy many types of cuisine and a variety of
regret getting too excited with my bronzer. stretch out any tightness in my body. flavours, my primary objective when eating
I would cover my entire face with bronzer, is to nourish my body and provide it with
which made my face look darker than the *   5 %) #! the premium ‘fuel’ so it can function at its
rest of my body, instead of giving me a We are all blessed with different body shapes optimum capacity.
beautiful sun-kissed look. Oops! and sizes, which makes each of us unique Each day I enjoy a wide variety of foods.
and special. It’s our differences that often I don’t cut out any major foods groups,
* ! 10 5 !,%, *%!/ attract us to one another. How boring would however, I limit refined sugars, eat fresh
Use a concealer one or two shades lighter it be if we all looked exactly the same? We wholefoods, limit my alcohol intake and
than your skin tone under your eyes. This should embrace our genetics and focus on our drink plenty of water.
will draw attention to your eyes and help positives rather than our negatives. I enjoy a treat perhaps twice a week like
cover any dark bags. For bronzer, apply to Our minds are so powerful and it is vital a delicious meal at a restaurant or a frozen
parts of the face that would naturally get that we are kind to ourselves as well as to yoghurt. Most of my meals are fresh chicken
sun to make the bronzer look more natural. others. Instead of bombarding our minds with or a variety of fish, fresh vegetables and/or
Apply bronzer on cheekbones, jawline, and negative thoughts like look at my wide hips, home-made salads.
upper forehead as if you were drawing the we should think, look at my natural beautiful
number three on each side of your face. curves, these hips are able to bear a child. Our
Apply blush before your concealer to make it bodies curve the way they do to create and CLAUDIA’S
look as if the colour is naturally coming from
beneath the skin.
support life. What could be more beautiful
and powerful!
Rather than obsessing over numbers on the OVERNIGHT OATS
*ƫ(%"!/ 0 5(! scale or the size of our jeans, we should devote 0 51 Ě(( *!!
The body is a barometer for our inner health. our energy towards our wellbeing. Ğ ½ cup Greek yoghurt
For example a poor diet, lack of exercise, Ğ ½ cup coconut milk
insufficient sleep and toxic relationships all * "!!(%*# ! 10%"1( Ğ 1 ripe banana
have negative effects on our health, wellbeing I feel beautiful when I am laughing. Laughing Ğ 1 cup rolled oats
and appearance. is so contagious and can often bring a smile to Ğ 1 apple
To achieve optimum health and overall a stranger’s face. Facial expressions tell a story Ğ 2 teaspoons chia seeds
beauty, one should be aware of a few red of a thousand words. Ğ ½ teaspoon of cinnamon
flags such as smoking, drug use, poor diet,
dehydration, a sedentary lifestyle, harmful * 0 ! *!4 1/ " "%0*!/ / % !(/ 0 51 Ě(( 
relationships, prolonged hours in the direct *   5ƫ !, 0*! Blend the coconut milk, yoghurt and
sunlight, stress and sleep deprivation. Being in good shape does affect my banana until banana is disintegrated.
confidence levels. When it comes to a big Pour into medium sized bowl. Chop up
*ƫ"%0*!/ / ƫ day at the races or a night out I feel a million apple finely and add to the medium
sized bowl.
My fitness routine consists of two days on, times better when my favourite dresses fit like
Add oats, chia seeds, and
one day off. I do resistance training 3 days a glove. When it comes to slipping a dress off
cinnamon to the medium sized bowl
a week as well as a high-rep circuit. On for a steamy night in, I love being proud of my
and mix thoroughly. Refrigerate
my rest days my dogs and I enjoy a light body and all the hard work that has gone into
in airtight container. To serve add
morning walk to a local café for a ‘snap your achieving it.
coconut milk and top with fresh fruit.
back’ coffee. Alternatively, a hot yoga class
This should make approximately two
is always a great way to stretch out any tight *ƫ%*0%)  5 to three serves.
muscles and bring stillness to the mind. If life is about relationships, then the level of 5
march 2017


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by sleep

34 How our glammest It Girls maintain
perspective in a world of perfection


Do anti-wrinkle injections and dermal
fillers prevent or accelerate ageing?

Why emotions manifest in the gut, how
bacteria impact mood and foods to
fix bloating

Fat loss hacks that cut to the chase

High butt, firm thighs, titanium abs...
here’s your building permit


Nichelle Laus’ foolproof glute plan


Protocols to fast-track workout results


Kettlebell sets for killer results


88 116
Create a yoga sanctuary at home
Boost your wellbeing by changing the way
you perceive time

ĈąƫWALKING V RUNNING From five-star massage to medispas, we’ve
For fat loss, cardio fitness and found a spa you’ll love This Issue’s
general health    ƫ
Decadent, chocolate bar-inspired
protein shakes āāĉƫSKINCARE SECRETS OF TOP

eat Go behind the scenes of your favourite

beauty blogs


Why fructose is the new fat Facial hair removal decoded and which 48 FOODS FOR BETTER
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editor’s letter

I’m not sold on calling this the ‘beauty issue’ because it sounds so, well, vapid. The
definition of beauty assumed by mascara commercials and perfume billboards is a
world away from the notion of beauty as one’s observable self when everything is in
balance (which, by the way, I totally made up). But I dare you to disagree with the
idea that beauty is less a look than an effect, realised not in #nofilter photos but in
everyday contexts. It’s glowing because you got enough REM sleep (p. 30). It’s smiling
at a stranger and making both your days a bit brighter. It’s embracing the anti-Brazilian
trend if your idea of beauty doesn’t involve infantile follicularity (not a word, I know)
or fortnightly maintenance (take a grooming cue from ‘It Girl’ Ashley Hart, p. 34).
With the ‘visible outcome’ perspective in mind, the content of this issue elucidates
the causes of beauty in lay-lady’s terms. Think how to work the gut-brain connection
for a better mood and flatter tummy (p. 44) and choosing foods that sate rather than
stoke appetite (gluten-free teff banana pancakes are a good place to start, p. 92). Beauty
is not diet tyranny. Yet while our version of beauty is anti-ideals, it is not the kind
of neo-puritanism that would result in public burnings of GHDs and make-up bags
(something about cutting off your nose to spite your face, dear poker-haired mascara
fiend). For your outer beauty fix, check out top beauty bloggers’ bathroom secrets from
p. 122. Similarly non-prescriptive is our 2017 cover model competition, which is now
open. And before you tell me you’re not what we’re looking for, we’re as interested in
your voluntary work and meditation practice as whether you count macros. Health
and fitness really is a lifestyle, not a look. Whatever your definition of beauty, I hope
this issue inspires you to cultivate it with love, compassion and
balance (and maybe a few lashings of really good mascara).

Wishing you a luminous month,

!!ƫ +*# // Editor





ƫ $ƫ  $ $ġ 
Associate Psychologist / Body WH&F Head Trainer
Beauty Editor Image Expert (

 $ ƫ   ƫ 0 ƫ

Trainer Nutritionist
( ( 3 0$ 
Dietitian & Nutritionist

whfmag womenshealthandfitness whandfmag whandfmaged

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first word

Here’s a reason to rethink that coveted C cup. Cosmetic
breast implants correlate with a quarter higher risk
of breast cancer diagnosis than peers without surgical
enhancement. A research review published in the
British Medical Journal found that risk of death from
breast cancer in women with implants was 38 per
cent higher. Implants and their shadows may obscure
diagnostic imaging and make tumours hard to feel,
decreasing survival odds, experts suggested.
Your blood group may predict likely to develop the condition
how likely you are to develop and was used as the benchmark.
type 2 diabetes according to 0!ƫ5 +1 ƫ%/'
a large study published in Ğƫ0 5,!ƫŐč 35% more likely
Diabetologia. One theory is Ğƫ0 5,!ƫ  Őč 26% more likely
that blood type might influence Ğƫ0 5,!ƫ  čƫ17% more likely
inflammation markers, which Ğƫ0 5,!ƫ  č 10% more likely
portend risk for metabolic Ğƫ0 5,!ƫġĎƫ  ġč no significant
syndrome. Type O was least added risk

Insomniacs are almost 150 per
cent more likely to encounter back
pain than healthy sleepers according
to a new study conducted by the
University of Haifa. Insomnia is
known to increase pain sensitivity
and affects around half of
back pain sufferers.
People who get their energy

That’s the tipping point for coffee
from other people may be consumption likely to cause greater
less likely to suffer infections retention of fat cells according to Western
than those who replenish in Australian researchers. High doses of
private. A study has found polyphenols known as CGAs found in
that greater extraversion your morning latte correlated with greater
correlates with more resilient retention of fat cells in mice. Overweight
immune systems due to mice that consumed coffee also showed

immune cell gene expression. higher glucose intolerance and insulin

People who ranked high on resistance than abstinent peers.
openness – one of the big
five personality factors – also
had greater illness resistance.


How strong are your bones?

For strong bones, healthy nails and teeth
Plant based wholefood made from sea vegetables
Easy to absorb for maximum calcium retention
No animal products or crushed cow bones


Kadac 1300 762 025 | |

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first word

POST-INJURY REPS  ƫStart with lighter

If you’re on your way back
from an injury break, resist weights and fewer reps than
the temptation to go full you did at your peak and
throttle, and incrementally increase weight or reps by 10
build back to optimal per cent each week.
reps and sets or duration.
According to research at   Instead of jumping
Boston Children's Hospital, a from 20 minutes to 30, work
towards 22 minutes in week
sensible guide is increasing by
two, 24.20 in week three.
10 per cent a week.

The percentage by which blood flow to skeletal
muscles increased during exercise after
consuming 200 g of beetroot according to a
study published in journal Physiology. A study
at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
BODY MESH found that women who consumed beetroot 75
minutes before gymming experienced three
INDEX per cent greater speed than non-beet eaters.
Mesh is one of fashion’s better
inventions. Not only does it ooze
sport luxe chic, it doubles as ventilaation QUICK FIX
during vigorous workouts. We’re loving
the high-end aesthetic and budget price   ' č Waiting for the day you
tag of Missguided’s autumn activew wear range. can lift an extra 5kg.
Leggings $35.40, top $26.20, missg
 " 4 č Change your warm-up.
Standard static stretches can
undermine perceived strength,
WHAT TO DO WITH… impairing weights workouts
according to a study published
( * ƫ, in the Journal of Strength
You don’t have to convert to Crossfitism to get the perks and Conditioning Research.
of this hardcore methodology. Rapidly snapping battling Neurological function related to
ropes up and down is a full-body, high-intensity workout muscles seemed to be altered
with comparable fitness benefits to cycling or sprinting when muscles were stretched to
according to a study published in the Journal of Strength tension. Another study published
and Conditioning Research. Participants who used in the Scandinavian Journal of

battling ropes in interval style for 10 minutes recorded Medicine and Science in Sports
comparable peak heart rates to peers doing regular high- showed that static stretching
intensity training. correlated with loss of strength,
5ƫ čƫPerform the exercise for 15 seconds, rest for 45 power and explosive muscle
seconds, and repeat the sequence nine more times. performance in athletes.

first word

Calorie credo
Changing calorie intake at a certain
stage of lung, colon and pancreatic
cancer may alter the disease’s
progression. A mutation common to the
cancers appeared to be influenced by the
timing of caloric alteration in a study at
the University of Geneva. While starting
a high-calorie diet before the mutation
could be preventative, increasing
energy intake after the mutation could
fuel tumour growth. The challenge,
researchers said, is that timing of
The percentage by
which participants
mutation is undetectable, making diet overshot recommended
changes a double-edged sword. fat intake in a study
that showed a short-
term high-fat diet
could change the

way muscles react to
overload and prime
the body for long-term
weight gain. A study
published in Obesity
found that just five days
on a high-fat diet even

Plant-derived oestrogens known as isoflavones
within homeostatic
caloric limits can disrupt
a process known as
and found in soy foods may not protect against glucose oxidation, which
endometrial cancer as some studies suggest. A causes muscles to
population-based study published in BJOG: An compensate for excess
International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology by changing the way
warned against relying on foods such as miso and they process nutrients.
tofu to prevent reproductive cancers.

Want to boost
your cognition
minus smart
drugs? Try these
food hacks.

The normal
learning delay
Consuming caffeine after a high-fat meal
could increase the likelihood of fat storage
according to a study finding that caffeinated
when a familiar
stimulus acquires
new meaning could be
Ă  ƫƫƫ
The ‘brain fog’
commonly associated with
coffee correlated with double the blood sugar mitigated by consuming coeliac disease could be
spike from the meal itself. Drinking two cups choline, found in eggs, chicken ameliorated by a gluten-free
of coffee five hours after a fatty meal correlated and beef liver, soy and wheat germ. In diet according to journal
with a 65 per cent greater spike in blood sugar a study at the University of Granada, Alimentary Pharmacology

from a sugary drink. Fat and caffeinated coffee adult rats that consumed an extra dose & Therapeutics. Memory,
impair communication between the gut and the of the B-group nutrient for 12 weeks attention and other mental
pancreas, interfering with the body's ability to maintained better attention when difficulties seemed to
clear sugar from the blood, experts said. presented with a familiar stimulus than improve in proportion to
those on a standard diet. intestinal healing.



Vegan Dairy Gluten Refined Sugar Australian Fructose Friendly 100%
Friendly Free Free Free Owned & Made (SWEETENED WITH RICE MALT SYRUP) Organic
first word

0 $! / 0 ' č Needing a healthy date-night
desert, but every Google-inspired recipe
requires a mountain of cashews or a perfectly
ripe avocado (when timing your avo opening
at premium ripeness is like manoeuvring the
shopping centre car park at peak hour).
0 $! " 4 č this 100 per cent natural, dairy-free
and ready-made chocolate avocado mousse.
It’s cold pressed to preserve the avocado’s
natural colour, flavour and nutrients, while still
being free of all additives and preservatives.
Not one trip to the farmers market needed.
Whether 22 or 62, you’ve probably stumbled across a miracle cream
RRP $5.98,
boasting the anti-aging effects of collagen – but now you can let it work
from the inside out. Perfect Supplements Australia have produced a skin
rejuvenating and gut healing collagen powder sourced from grass-fed cows
to sprinkle on your morning smoothie bowl. Can’t hurt, right? $64.95,
*#.! !*0 / !0$+ ƫ
Ğ Raw cacao 3 tbsp 1. In a good quality blender add
Ğ Coconut water/milk 1/4 -1/3 cup your coconut water or milk then
Ğ 1 avocado or 1 sapote fruit add the remaining ingredients.
Ğ 1-2 medjool dates (optional) 2. Blend until smooth and pour into

Ğ 4 lady finger/2 your bowls.
cavendish bananas 3. Top with granola, berries, chia
Ğ 1 tsp of Perfect Coconut Oil and coconut flakes (optional).
Ğ Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen
2 scoops
Ğ 1 scoop Perfect Plant protein
Ğ 4 drops of food grade orange
COLD COMFORT essential oil GLORY
If it’s high protein, it’s likely high on our to-eat list. And Ğ Ice Why spend a fiver on your pre-work
Whey Whip’s protein ice-cream is no exception. This caffeine hit, when you can have your
sorbet-like creation contains around 26.5 grams of protein turmeric latte DIY style. Golden Grind’s
and just 217 calories per serve, so it won’t blow your eating golden latte blends come in three different
plan. We’ve heard they will be releasing new flavours soon, flavours (we love the coconut & cacao) and
adding to their luxe burnt caramel and mocha options. For has zero added sugar. Plus their packaging
prices and stockists, visit is so lush, it won’t be chucked in the
desk drawer. $19.95 for 40 serves, PHOTOGRAPHY: THINKSTOCK

first word

People who start taking antidepressants that work by keeping
serotonin in the brain, can experience converse mood drops
according to a report by Trends in Cognitive Sciences. While
selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) quickly increase the
brain’s serotonin levels, they may also mute production of glutamate,
which is linked to pleasure and learning. The paradoxical effectt
was found to reverse quickly, allowing the serotonin
surplus to positively impact mood. Self-fulfilling
File under good self-fulfilling
The p
power prophecies. Surrounding yourself
with nice things that reflect your
interests and tastes, especially
If you suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), when they enable a self-care
research has found that writing a daily journal ritual such as bathing or
entry can help. Recording an entry about an ordinary relaxation, has been shown
experience such as chatting with your bestie and to encourage beliefs in self-
reading it back at a later date makes the event seem worth. This handcrafted
more profound according to a study published in candle scented with bergamot
Psychological Science. The practice essentially and leather makes us feel a
sets up gratitude checkpoints for the future kind of shoulder-flick good
– especially FOMO moments. enoughness (should be a word).

If you struggle to find your way
home after taking a sneaky back
street, it might be due to weak

signals in a part of the brain
involved in navigation. The strength
Flexi time and efficacy of ‘homing signals’ can
predict how well someone finds
Part of the problem with body image disturbance
their way according to research
is that it tends to be divorced from the present
and can prevail despite physical cues. It’s a feeling in Current. A Nobel prize winning
about an idea, not a fact. But releasing stubborn study showed that mammals have
ways of relating to the body may be helped by certain brain cells that let them
practising yoga according to clinical psychologist know which way we’re facing and
and yoga teacher Dr Paula Wakins. where we need to go.
“Yoga emphasises body awareness but also
conscious responsiveness to bodily sensations.
We learn to sense the body, sense changes
in the body and sense how to work with the
body, either when we’ve gone too far and when

we haven’t challenged ourselves enough,” Dr

Watkins says.
“Greater yoga experience (in terms of number
of hours practiced and level of expertise) is
associated with less self-objectification,” she says.


cean o t n G d n yoga a
W d fa
Wo a u K mune Be h Cl in front of the Kerramas su f ea ak
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s rved straight from our a m
In house yoga instruct
c or
Fully equipped functional traini center and in house itness trainer
Luxurious villas, suites and well priced stylish resort rooms

Book a itness or yoga retreat for your tribe with ten or more twin rooms and receive free use of our
yoga and itness facilities and one luxurious suite room free for the duration of your retreat* ramasbali
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ƫƫ  ƫ
What’s sleek, gym friendly and hides a multitude of follicular sins? The wet-
look top knot is the ultimate workout-to-work hairstyle. Nail the look with this
tute from uber-stylist Franck Provost.

č L’Oréal Professionel Tecni. Shower Shine spray to get your

Art Wet Domination Shower Shine desired wet look. Slightly backcomb
($22.95) to achieve a wet effect the ponytail, then softly brush the
and L’Oréal Professionel Tecni.Art
top part smooth. Roll the ponytail
Fix Design ($25.95) for strong hold
around the elastic and secure with
and high-level shine.
čƫSmooth hair into a ponytail bobby pins. Set the style with Fix
on the highest point of the head Design for a super strong hold, and
and secure with a bungee or wet shiny finish. Get more tress
elastic. Generously spray with intel at

Nothing fades tattoos faster than sun and
salt water. If your masterpiece is looking
worse for wear post summer, give it a
needle-free lift with this 100 per cent
natural, vegan cream. Vitamin rich and

containing jojoba, avocado and shea butter,

Ink Nurse can also be used on new tattoos
and cracked and sunburnt skin. $24.99 to


Forget chai lattes and matcha. Tea
has abandoned the mug for the tub.
Soaking in the antioxidants, medicinal
herbs, petals and roots in Sonia Orts
100 per cent natural Bath Teas is a luxe
Eat, lick, love Sunday night ritual that leaves your
Have your lipstick and eat it with mind and skin calm and clear for
the new autumn palette from Monday. $11,
cult culinary-beauty brand lük
beautifood. The Sydney brand’s Lip
Nourish line, which is made with
active foods and free of toxins, has
segued into leaf tones that taste as
good as they look.

If you often fall into bed with a full face of make-up, Ocinium’s
mutli-tasking cleanser and facial exfoliant will save you from
yourself. It takes less than a minute, or leave it on for up to five
minutes to serve as a hydrating mask. $70,

Discover a healthier you

PURE ORGANIC GOODNESS | Good for you, good for our planet
FREE DELIVERY for orders over $99
669A Old South Head Rd, Vaucluse NSW 2030


Images of middle age celebrities and

models sporting teenage physiques have
normalised resistance to the phenomenon
known as middle age spread. Yet without
preventative action, most of us will

encounter profound physical changes after

the age of 30. Our experts show you how to
dodge the fallouts.

Keira Knightley. Nicole Ritchie. Natalie Portman. These patients with belly fat had worse survival odds than
are just a few of the high-profile 30-somethings lulling obese people whose excess weight concentrated on their
women into a false sense of metabolic security – and thighs and buttocks. Waist size may better predict risk
causing us to recoil when our nightly Tim Tam habit of early death than overall weight, experts concluded. As
becomes visibly permanent. The term ‘middle age a guide, if your waist measurement is more than 80cm,
spread’ is deceptive. What is imagined as a symptom your risk of developing a chronic disease is increased.
of menopause actually starts around age 30 – when the
exercise and eating regimens that worked so well in the $5 /%+( +#%(ƫ" +. 01*! ƫ
previous decade suddenly seem futile. While gravity is common, not everyone will find
According to Jenni Guest, director and principal themselves in a foreign body post-40. The myriad factors
physiotherapist of Smart Health, such changes are the involved in age-related shape make it hard to predict
rule, not the exception. Basal metabolic rate (how many how your body will respond to hormonal changes and
calories the body burns at rest) declines by two to three shifting metabolic factors.
per cent every decade. “By the time we reach 40, our Kevin Norton, professor of exercise science at the
metabolism has reduced significantly, resulting in a University of South Australia, says the key determinant
considerable change in the way our body stores fat,“ is invisible. Alterations in the ratio of oestrogen to
Guest says. testosterone portend weight and fat distribution changes.
And unlike younger fat, which tends to be fairly “Relatively speaking, testosterone levels in women
evenly distributed, middle age body fat tends to decrease with age and this increases the deposition of fat
congregate around the middle. in the abdominal region,” he says.
“In our fertility years we store fat on our hips ready to Accumulation of adipose (fat) tissue specifically in
maintain pregnancy, but beyond 40, we tend to store it the external abdominal region is a sign that things aren’t
across the abdomen,” Guest says. great internally.
The average weight gain after age 30 is 0.5 to one kilo “Generally it is about a 50:50 split so this means
a year, with most aggregating on the abdomen according if you have fat on the outside, you’ll have quite an
to medical research. As a double whammy, muscle accumulation of fat around internal organs as well,”
mass also incrementally diminishes, further dropping Prof Norton says. It’s this internal fat, or visceral fat,
metabolism and making weight gain more likely in the that increases the risk for insulin resistance, which
case of a caloric surplus. The effects of stress hormone can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other
cortisol – due to a high-stress job or juggling work and metabolic problems.
kids – and the physiological scenario becomes that much “Waist size is an important indicator of health and
worse, encouraging faster muscle loss and promoting risk. This is because high abdominal fat is associated
abdominal fat gain. with increasing blood lipid levels, poor metabolic
“From your 30s you need to work for a beautiful and control such as glucose regulation and insulin sensitivity
healthy body over the next few decades, because nature and increased internal fat that can also impact
will be working to further lower your metabolism and blood pressure.”
gravity will start having its effects.” The onset of a widening girth starts way before
In your 40s, perimenopause makes the notion of we reach menopause. “Lifestyle from an early age is
a flat tummy less plausible while the menopausal 50s important. If a person is fat during childhood there is an
may make it seem impossible. “In both of these phases, 80 per cent chance they will be during adulthood.”
metabolism drops another two to three per cent and Prof Norton’s advice for circumventing the worse
fat storage begins to settle in the belly, so that’s when effects of middle age spread is high-intensity training.
you need to really keep up the exercise and maintain a “This is generally shorter, higher-intensity efforts,
healthy lifestyle,” Guest says. say 30 seconds to two minutes, followed by a two to
As well as defying cultural body ideals, abdominal five minute recovery which should be repeated three to
fat is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes and six times. Doing this higher quality work several times
cardiovascular disease. each week along with careful dieting, seems to be the
A study published in the Journal of the American best approach to keep fitness and prevent abdominal
College of Cardiology warned that normal-weight heart fat gains.” 25
$+3 0 +
'!!  5 +1.
ĂĀ / + 5ƫ

In your 20s your body has a significant error muscles at this age and soft tissues and bone times per week, plus at least one or two
margin, forgiving food blowouts and a party density are reaching their peak. high-intensity aerobic sessions such as a
lifestyle. It also takes longer to lose muscular spin class, to increase metabolism and assist
fitness in your 20s, as higher testosterone !0ƫ with weight control. Getting enough rest
levels act as scaffolding during gym Alcohol is body enemy number one, warns between exercise sessions is also important,
absences. Yet this decade also sets the tone Grosse, who says that at 200 calories a serve, to allow your tissues to regenerate and for
for weight distribution in later years. Even alcohol imperceptibly adds excess energy. muscle growth.
if you don't gain weight or change shape, “For every gram of alcohol you drink
what you do now can mean the difference you’re consuming empty calories and that * 01.( .!2!*0%+*č
between early onset middle age spread and doesn’t include the soft drink, juice or other People who practice yoga regularly are
maintaining a relatively lean body without flavourings that contribute to them.” Worse, less likely to be obese according to a study
dieting at 40. According to accredited the calories consumed in food while alcohol at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research
practising dietitian Charlene Grosse, this is in the body are more likely to be stored as Center. Ayuvedic doctor and naturopath
age group is not immune to the so-called the body prioritises metabolising alcohol, Dr Santhosh John attributes this to yoga’s
‘muffin top’. which is considered a toxin. ability to make people more mindful of what
Add frequent takeaways – a survey by they eat.
!$%* ƫ0$!ƫ/ !*!/ the Dietitians Association of Australia found “If you are genetically predisposed to
After puberty, dormant female fat cells that 60 per cent of young women consume accumulate fat around your waist, practice
are activated by the release of oestrogen, take away foods at least once a week – and yoga asanas, especially side bending and
leaving you with body fat in the late teens or 20s weight gain is easy to understand. twisting like Vakrasana and Trikonasana,”
early to mid-20s, most of which is located John says.
around your hips to assist with fertility. + 2!
Since your body is developing its fat cells, While you’re young, fit and have plenty of  $! ' / * ( *!/
eating a healthy diet of fresh foods during stamina, experts say you should be banking Be guided by how you feel and how much
your 20s is an investment. This helps your peak muscle mass and bone density. energy you have rather than your weight.
develop the optimal number of good fat Accredited exercise physiologist and A regular skin fold test to determine body
cells and prevents excessive fat cell maturity, industry development officer at Exercise fat and a blood test for a hormonal balance
effectively capping later weight gain. Regular and Sports Science Australia, Dr Ian Gillam, assessment may be useful to monitor
exercise develops thicker and stronger adult recommends weight training two to three whether your levels are stable or increasing.

If you’ve lived a healthy lifestyle up til now, is also good, because it binds to oestrogen in waists than people who get their calcium
you should be able to get through your early the digestive tract and has a laxative effect. from other sources according to a study in
thirties without middle age spread, but a Beware of using pregnancy as an the International Journal of Obesity. John
lower metabolism and less lean muscle will excuse to overeat. “While you do have credits friendly bacteria in the yoghurt for
eventually catch up with you without diet increased nutrient needs, the quality of helping to prevent bloating and promoting a
and exercise changes. If you start having the food you eat is more important then flatter stomach.
children in your 30s, the only way to get a the quantity,” she explains. “Gaining more “Drink green tea with a high content of
toned tummy back is through decreasing then the recommended 11 to 16 kg can be epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), as it has
calorie consumption and diligent exercise. “If counterproductive and harder to lose in the potential to increase fat oxidation and
you continue to gain weight over successive the future.“ higher insulin sensitivity. Omega3 fatty acid
pregnancies, you stand to increase the risk of supplements are also beneficial in decreasing
metabolic and cardiac disease,” says Gillam. + 2! adipose tissue volume, which is the main
Exercise is key. “Exercise must be a priority reason for middle age spread.”
!$%* 0$! / !*!/ to regain your pre-pregnancy weight and to
In your 30s, hormonal changes result in a reduce development of abdominal obesity,” %/ƫ%0ƫ3 +.'%*# ĕ
lower daily calorie expenditure than in your says Gillam. “Try walking or jogging for at In your 30s, you should be having regular
20s – think 100 calories fewer per day. Your least 30 minutes every day with your baby GP check-ups for blood pressure, blood
waistline starts to expand as your total body in a pushchair and do at least two to three glucose and cholesterol assessments. A
fat increases while muscle mass and body sessions of resistance training a week, to bone density check is also recommended.
water decrease. This is why you’re likely to see maintain muscle strength and bone health If you’re feeling tired and low in energy
an increase in body weight and lose some of during this decade.” levels, your GP can arrange for a blood test
your youthful muscle tone. Increasing muscle Boost metabolism by incorporating some to assess your nutrient levels – in particular
bulk will increase metabolism and help to interval training into your routine. If you’re iron, Vitamin B12 and folate. A Real
prevent further fat gain. walking, go hard for 30 seconds, then slow Time Ultrasound assessment of your deep
down for one minute. Keep practicing this abdominal muscles might be handy to assist
!0 until you can increase the number of intervals you in the re-education of your core or deep
As oestrogen levels drop in this decade, the and the intensity of each burst. abdominal muscles. It will also ensure that
indole-3-carbinol in cruciferous vegetables you are training the core muscles that play
such as broccoli and bok choy can help * 01.( .!2!*0%+* an important role in stabilising your lumbar
reduce the body's excess oestrogen. Insoluble People who get most of their calcium from spine and pelvis, reducing the risk of lower
fibre found in whole wheat and brown rice yoghurt tend to lose more weight from their back pain as you get older.

Extra doses of the stress hormone cortisol three per cent and changes in hormone
caused by a hectic lifestyle and reduced levels negatively affect bone density,
sleep can alter body shape and weight. increasing susceptibility to the precursor to
Cortisol is catabolic, meaning it breaks osteoporosis, osteopenia.
down muscle tissue, and causes the body
to store weight preferentially around the !0 ƫ
middle. Comfort eating – typically on high Accredited practising dietitian Maria
fat foods – compounds the issue. Introduce Packard says that while fewer calories are
stress busting exercises such as yoga and required in your 40s, it’s important that
Pilates, John says. Also try meditation and your body receives the required amount of
breathing exercises and practise diligent vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants.
self-care. Go for quality not quantity. “Eat plenty
of wholegrains, fruits, vegetables, low fat
!$%* ƫ0$!ƫ/ !*!/ dairy, lean meats, fish, legumes and nuts,”
In the perimenopausal phase, typically she says. Include heart healthy fats in meals,
in your 40s, oestrogen levels start to such as oily fish, pine nuts and avocados,
drop again and fat storage settles in your particularly as Australian women -
belly. Metabolism lowers another two to especially those aged 45 and over - are four 27
times more likely to die of heart disease
than breast cancer.
Avoid crash diets, which slow
metabolic rate. Prioritise breakfast to kick-
start metabolism. If you are trying to lose
body fat, aim for caloric intake of between
1,200 and 1,500 calories (5,000 to 6,200
kJ) per day. Any less makes it difficult to
achieve dietary balance and in the long
term will lower metabolic rate, making it
even more difficult to lose weight.

+ 2!
Even if you feel run down and flushed,
make an effort to exercise regularly. The
European Menopause Journal found that
women who exercised had fewer and
less severe menopausal symptoms than
sedentary peers.
Weight training is essential in your +2!
40s to maintain bone mass and joint DECADE:50s Regular low-moderate intensity physical
health, Gillam says. Try doing weight- activity (minimum 150 minutes per week) will
bearing work at least three times a week, “Menopause and a reduction in oestrogen reduce the risk of metabolic dysfunction and
focusing on the large muscle groups, to accelerate abdominal weight gain this control abdominal weight gain according to
increase muscle mass, which will speed up decade,” says Gillam. It can be prevented, Gillam. “Maintain aerobic fitness with a variety
fat burning. but it takes consistent effort. of activities, such as walking, swimming
or water aerobics. Weight training at least
* 01.( .!2!*0%+* !$%* 0$! / !*!/ twice per week to maintain bone mass and
Kelp supplements can help to balance Following the onset of menopause, the muscle strength for functional activities is
hormones according to John, who changes in hormones further contribute to also advisable.”
recommends consuming alkaline-rich abdominal fat spreading, which increases Include balance training to reduce the risk
foods. He says an equal amount of risk for chronic diseases, particularly if of falls.
cucumber, radish and carrot juice makes activity levels decrease. Progesterone now
a good alkaline beverage. Bloating and gas outweighs oestrogen, which can dehydrate * 01.( .!2!*0%+*
can be mitigated by drinking fennel tea mucosal linings. Bone density and muscle Avoid defeatist thinking and stay proactive,
and adding moderate amounts of garlic to mass further reduces as bone catabolism John says.
cooking. Probiotic supplements or natural becomes more marked. Testosterone levels “You may feel more tired at this age and
yoghurt is excellent in reducing abdominal are considerably lower. you may have aches and pains but don’t
distention, says John. If you carried excess weight over the use excuses – by this age, you know how to
“Add some natural diuretics to your past decade, the increased loading on your manage it.” He recommends moving slightly
diet at this age, such as dandelion, celery lower limbs will lead to an increased risk of towards a vegetarian diet and embracing
seeds, ginger and parsley, as these help degenerative lower limb joint disease and spiritual practices such as yoga and meditation
beat water retention.” osteoarthritis. Current statistics indicate that to help beat stress and insomnia. Choose
Consider the odd indulgence as an 50 per cent of over 50s are osteopenic. physical activities you really enjoy, such
investment in cortisol management. as gardening.
“Regular massages, anti cellulite (seaweed) !0ƫ
wraps and steam baths can help our It becomes more difficult to obtain requisite %/ƫ%0ƫ3 +.'%*# ĕ
overall fitness and wellbeing.” nutrients from food, so Packard warns A regular diabetes test to check fasting blood
against skipping meals. ”Try not to have glucose levels and type II diabetes risk factor
%/ƫ%0ƫ3 +.'%*# ĕ too limited a diet and make sure you eat is a good health check in the sixth decade. A
Commence regular women health checks a variety of foods to get all your essential complete blood test for nutritional, vitamin
with your GP. A pelvic floor assessment nutrients,” she says. Hormonal changes and and mineral assessment will verify that
and a bone density scan is also a good idea kidney function declines can decrease thirst your body is getting everything it needs to
at this age. perception, so increase fluid intake. function properly.


Mag Phos
Easily absorbed minerals* traditionally
used in Tissue Salt therapy for the
temporary relief of:
muscle cramps, spasms & twitches.
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Contains lactose. Homeopathically prepared formulations*.
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Words: Sara Veneris

Sleep plays a critical role in the proper functioning of the body’s
largest organ, skin. Skin is the natural interface between our bodies
and the environment, adjusting to changes in temperature, light and
(fewer than seven hours) showed increased signs of ageing—fine
lines, uneven pigmentation, reduced elasticity and diminished
subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat under the skin responsible for a
humidity and keeping pathogens out and moisture in. To function plump and youthful complexion). Poor sleepers also experienced
optimally, however, it needs time to rejuvenate – primarily when the slower recovery from sunburn and environmental toxins. “The
body’s at rest, which is why sleep disturbance can have such marked effects of lack of sleep on skin are decreased cellular turnover and
impacts on skin. Too little or poor quality sleep upsets the body’s repair, as well as the release of pro-inflammatory molecules that
circadian rhythms, preventing cell renewal and recovery as well as hinder normal cell function,” says dermatologist Dr Ritu Gupta from
upsetting delicate levels of sebum and hydration. Costhetics ( “This includes the release of cortisol
A study funded and conducted by the Skin Study Centre scientists which can break down skin collagen.”
at University Hospitals Case Medical Centre found that poor sleep Adding insult to self-image injury, sleep deprived women in the
quality is associated with increased signs of ageing, including trials tended to assess their own appearance more negatively than
slower recovery from daily environmental stressors. Poor sleepers those who slept well.

 ƫĒƫ   warns that increased levels of this hormone
Luminosity is a primary casualty of can stimulate oil production, leading to
insufficient sleep (less than six to eight increased congestion and acne.
hours a night) according to Tracy Beeby,
from Ultraceuticals. “With insufficient sleep, ġƫ SLEEP
cortisol levels can rise, leading to a variety
of skin dysfunctions,” Beeby says. Your skin
follows a regular schedule in cohesion with
“Lack of sleep can show as an accentuation
of the hollows under the eyes, which
are often referred to as ‘dark circles’ or
If your shut-eye is beleaguered by
your body clock, fighting off damaging tear troughs,” says Dr Gupta. “It can also an erratic schedule, shift work or
trespassers such as UV rays during the day accentuate any fine crepe-like wrinkles stress, fake your way out of signs of
and replenishing itself over night. This around the area.” Lack of sleep causes fatigue with products that brighten,
nighttime wind down allows for DNA deoxygenated blood vessels to dilate and moisten and neutralise. That means
repair, cellular energy production and detox, flow closer to the skin’s surface. As the skin being extra vigilant with your
which peak after dark due to an increased under our eyes is 10 times thinner than skincare regimen, since skin will be
blood flow to the skin. (If you often find others areas of the face, say good morning to vulnerable due to deficient sleep.
yourself with rosy cheeks late at night, that’s bluish-tinged panda eyes. It’s also important to invest in a
your body telling you it’s time for bed.) So good eye cream. “Vitamin A (retinol)
the less sleep you get, the less time your ƫ and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) are
skin has to bounce back, leaving your face “Puffy eyes are caused by weakening of a essential vitamins for general skin
looking dull and lifeless the next day. membrane that holds fat pads around the health. As a general moisturiser for
eyeballs in our bony orbits. This weakness use around the eyes, we recommend
 allows the fat pads to protrude forwards,” biomimetic moisturising ingredients
Severe sleep deprivation promotes the says Beeby. Puffy eyes may also be caused to mimic the skin’s natural moisture-
release of stress hormone cortisol, which by sleeping on your stomach, which allows retaining function,” says Beeby.
breaks down collagen causing elasticity fluid to pool around your eyes. If you sleep Avoid caffeine, alcohol and
heavy meals three to four hours
declines. Stress hormones impair the natural on your side, you may wake to find one eye
before bed and develop good sleep
maintenance activities of the skin, leading to puffier than the other so try sleeping on
hygiene to get your skin back to
an increased rate of ageing, says Beeby, who your back.
rested, repaired condition.

ƫ ƫƫ   ƫƫ ƫ ƫƫƫĚƫ 

Containing mild, naturally derived sedatives Apply a restorative night cream such as  ġ ƫ%#*/ƫ5!ƫ /'ƫĨāąƫ,%./ĩČƫĸāĂĆČƫ
such as valerian extract and lemon balm, (%6!0$ƫ. !*ƫ%#$0ƫ+1.ƫ.!)ƫ'%*ƫ is an essence drenched
(')+.!/ƫ(!!,ƫ+1* ČƫĸĂĈČ blackmores. .+0!0*0ƫ%#$00%)!ƫ %.(!ƫ +%/01.%/!.Čƫ cloth mask designed to reduce dryness is designed to calm the body and ĸăĆČƫČ designed to around the eyes and the signs of ageing.
promote quality rest. prevent moisture loss with the skin-sealing Place on face and leave on for 10
ingredient dimethicone. minutes twice weekly.
Open the lid to activate the relaxation Dermatologists suggest using products Combat dark circles with ,+(!+*ƫ
fragrance of +(0+*ƫ.+3*ƫ(!!,ƫ! .1/ƫ with anti-aging ingredients like glycolic !. %/ƫ.+ƫ(!00!ƫ+*!(!.ČƫĸćĀČƫ
++)ƫ.+)ƫ+'/ČƫĸĉĆČ moltonbrown. acid at night to promote cell turnover. TryƫƫThe under-eye skin
com.1, containing a blend of cedrus tree (0.!10%(/ƫ2!*ƫ'%*0+*!ƫ!.1)ČƫĸāĀćČƫ is very delicate, but this product is feather
oil, sweet Florida orange oil and Bulgarian light and durable enough to conceal and
lavender oil. keep your eyes bright all day.
The adorableƫƫ5!ƫ /'ČƫĸąċĊĆČƫ Give your skin its best chance at restoration The reflective particles inƫ! ƫ.0$ƫ, is made from soft jersey, and repair with $!ƫ+ 5ƫ$+,ƫ%0)%*ƫ !.!0ƫ+0%+*ƫ ((1)%*0%*#ƫ'%*ƫ(1% Čƫ
ensuring comfortable wear and blocking out ƫ2!.*%#$0ƫ!.1)ġ *ġ%(ČƫĸăąċĊĆČƫ ĸăĊČ redearthaustralia.comƫwork to
light that may interrupt your slumber.ċ It’ll help replenish and restore the luster in your skin, while
recharge skin with moisture overnight, during anti-ageing ingredients such as vitamins
its natural renewal process A and E and Balm Mint Extract ensure
all-over hydration. 31
Words: Hannah Blamey

Sleep is science’s muse du jour. Increasingly “Many of the negative effects of sleep memory and reaction time according to a
it is being recognised as critical to optimal deprivation are similar to those of alcohol and 2009 study published in the Journal of Sleep
function in every area from mood and when the two are combined the effects are Research based on air traffic controllers.
motivation to gastrointestinal efficiency even more pronounced”, says Eckert. Being well-rested can even increase
and skin health. It has even been shown A study published in the American Journal feelings of gratitude according to two
to alter eating behaviours, fat storage and of Clinical Nutrition found that brain activity separate studies.
metabolic function. in response to food stimuli was greater after What really happens when you’re asleep?
Sleep deficit, which is the cumulative restricted sleep than a decent kip, increasing “While the precise underlying biological
effect of not getting enough sleep, can have the odds of overeating. Feeling sluggish processes are incompletely understood, sleep
short and long term impacts, says says at work could also come down to sitting is essential for optimal health,” says Eckert.
sleep psychologist Danny Eckert from up watching Youtube TED talks. A recent “Key brain processes such as memory and
Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA). Harvard University study estimated that sleep learning rely on sleep, a variety of hormones
“In the short term, the ability to think deprivation costs American companies $63.2 are released during sleep such as growth
clearly and perform complex tasks is impaired billion a year in lost productivity. hormone, and blood pressure typically
which can be unsafe,” says Eckert, likening Power naps – or what’s known as bi- falls during sleep, which is associated with
sleep deficit to being a bit tipsy. phasic sleep – have also been shown to boost cardio-protective effects,” Eckert says.


ĥ nod off tend to maintain a higher body lit environment. Bright light can prevent
Facebook and Letterman will have to temperature. While your body should the release of melatonin, preventing the
wait. Your MacBook and tele may be the regulate its own degrees, a hot or frigid onset of sleep. If you can’t block out 100
worst offenders in the poor sleep stakes, room can mess with the process. Echert per cent of light, Eckert says sleep masks
Echert says. According to a 2012 Harvard says the ideal room temperature for can help when light can’t be blocked.
Health Letter, blue wavelengths from sleep is 22 degrees Celsius.
fluorescent lightbulbs, LED lights and  
computer and iPad screens wreak greater   As well as the effect of the light on
Skip the white organza and go for a melatonin, a smartphone will prevent
havoc than white light on melatonin. In
heavy fabric or blinds that completely
an experiment, blue light suppressed your brain from entering rest mode,
block light. The first exposure to light
melatonin for around twice as long as feeding it fresh content to process.
in the morning activates a part of
green light. Red light, on the other hand,
your brain called the suprachiasmatic
had the mildest effect on melatonin.  
nucleus, according to the National Sleep
Getting your fix of investment strategies
Foundation. That means processes
ĥ associated with being awake crank for early retirement just before sleep
Sleep temperature is integral to the into gear, calling a premature end to works against good sleep, Eckert says,
quality of shut-eye. UniSA’s Centre quality sleep. issuing the directive: “Do not read
for Sleep Research revealed that that in bed.”
normal initiation of sleep demands a  
core body temperature drop. Ordinarily, Ensure the room is dark. According to the 
the body automatically turns down its National Sleep Foundation, bright light Eckert’s advice is simple – being
heat dial about 90 minutes before sleep, inhibits the release of sleep hormone comfortable equals best rest. (Permission
while insomniacs who find it hard to melatonin, which is stimulated by a dimly to buy the good pillows.)

Daytime behaviours directly impact whether you nod off when your head hits the pillow
or lie there counting sheep, Echert says.


  Sure, booze can make you sleepy, but it’s a
When it comes to food consumption, one way ticket to disturbed sleep. “Alcohol
Echert recommends you “avoid caffeine in prior to sleep can impair sleep quality,
There are a five sleep stages with Rapid the afternoon and avoid large quantities cause snoring and in some cases lead to
Eye Movement (REM) or dreaming sleep of food, particularly heavy fatty foods sleep apnoea, and should be avoided,”
considered most important. REM sleep immediately prior to sleep that may make Eckert says.
“is when the brain activity resembles you feel uncomfortable and prevent
wakefulness although the body’s muscles sleep”. And though you may love chilli con      Ĩ
are relaxed and the eyes move rapidly,” carne, Eckert says it’s best to “avoid spicy Ě     ĩ
Eckert advises. “REM sleep is believed foods if reflux is an issue for you”. Working late, at the office or with
to be particularly important for memory your laptop on the couch, can hijack
consolidation”.       your sleep routine. “Overly stimulating
Evidence suggests that deeper slow   Ĩ   ĩ activities prior to sleep can make it
wave non-rapid eye movement (NREM) Don’t get too excited. Eckert cautions difficult to fall asleep and should be
“may be important for a variety of learning that vigorous exercise just before bed can avoided,” Eckert warns. Same goes for
and memory processes and is crucially impair sleep, although exercise at other detailed tasks “Maintaining a regular
important for normal secretion of a variety times has been found to encourage sound sleep routine that includes avoiding these
of essential hormones (for example, sleep. “It is associated with increased types of activities immediately prior to
growth hormone)”. levels of slow-wave (deep) sleep.” sleep is ideal,” he says. 33


Fat days. Blah days. PMS days. Breakout days. Cold sore days. Scratched
my leg pruning roses days. Most of us consider days on which we feel
betrayed by our appearance par for the course and muddle through with
baggy clothes, concealer and a heart shaped heat pack. But for women
whose livelihood relies on their looks, and for whom aesthetic critique is an
occupational hazard, the pressure to appear perfect is as unrelenting as it
is unrealistic. We caught up with three of Australia’s glammest “It Girls” to
bust the myth of perfection and find out how they maintain perspective.
Interviews: Katelyn Swallow

Rachael Finch
3*!.ƫ+"ƫ+ 5ƫ+"ƫ*!ƫĥĥƫ0!(!2%/%+*ƫ,.!/!*0!.
Į+ 5.$!("%*$ƫĥĥƫ+ 5"%*$ċ+)
ƫ  ƫ ƫƫ been looking after me for about seven years now and we
When I nourish my body with good food, exercise and enjoy experimenting with new shades depending on the
take time to be mindful, I don't feel any pressure to be season. I try to get a treatment every one to two weeks
‘camera ready’. I like to wake up every day feeling 100 to maintain hydration and colour intensity, and I try not
per cent because I like the way it feels – not because I’m to wash my hair every night so that it gets a rest from all
about to spend the day in the spotlight. Creating my the products and can produce its natural oils.
online dance program B.O.D (Body of Dance) has been
all about that concept of feeling good: dance has become ƫ  ġ
a huge part of my life and it’s such a fun way to stay fit I’m all about natural and glowing skin. I usually leave the
and create something special for myself. house wearing a pressed powder, mascara and a good lip
Like anyone I still have bad days. I get breakouts balm. I may use a little concealer on days my daughter
or dark circles. But I have learnt to be comfortable in Violet hasn’t slept well!
my skin no matter what, so I accept the challenges and For overall health and glowing skin I love to use
instead focus on getting into bed earlier that night or bee pollen, purchased from the health food store in
including more vegetables in my meals. granule form, and apple cider vinegar in my diet. Boots
Laboratories Serum 7 Day Cream, Ultraceuticals B2
ƫ   Serum and Colour Theory Define Mascara are some
There’s certainly a time and place to be glamorous and of my go-tos. I use coconut oil as a body moisturizer,
it’s special when I get to dress up for red carpet events. especially in winter.
But it’s not how I am all the time – the other 90 per
cent of my life is all about working on my inner glow, ƫ
and making the right lifestyle decisions to look and I’m loving that current trends have been leaning toward
feel amazing. dewy, fresh skin and using minimal products to create
natural looks. I don’t like using too much make-up
ƫƫ  and I love seeing the natural beauty shine through in
As soon as I wake, I drink a glass of warm lemon water every woman.
with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. I cleanse my I cringe at the heavy contouring trend I used to
skin, apply a serum and finish with a moisturiser, and at partake in, and before hair straighteners existed I used a
night I also use a toner. Two nights a week I exfoliate and clothes iron to straighten my hair! I don’t even want to
I pick one night to put on a hydrating facemask. I always think about how much damage that did.
take my make-up off as soon as I get home from work to
let my skin breathe. ƫ  ƫƫ 
I use an old toothbrush to brush my eyebrows and put
ƫ  a little wax on the brush to set the hair in place. Using
Once every six weeks or so I get a cut and colour from a highlighter on your cheeks and on the top of your
Monique at QUE Colour Salon in Darlinghurst. She’s nose is a great way to brighten your face. Also, let your 35
eyebrows grow and flourish. Don’t pluck or
wax them too much – let them create their
natural shape around your eye.
4   č I’ve never tried
or explored them.
6 č hair free is best.
A huge percentage of your look will depend
on your lifestyle. Lack of exercise, a poor      č
sleep, poor nutrition, stress and lack of totally a personal decision.
hydration all contribute to tired and dull  č every body shape
skin. I notice a huge difference when I should be embraced. It’s not about
actively work on all of these factors. the physical appearance but the
feeling within.
ƫƫ  ġ    č feeling
I feel beautiful when I fill my body with good is important! A little cover-up
wholesome foods and take the time to do and mascara is fine.
things for myself like exercise and meditate.
The most beautiful people are those who
don’t look elsewhere for approval or
satisfaction, and are truly confident in who
they are.

+(+1. $!+.5 /.

(0.!10%(/ƫ(0.ƫĂƫ5 .0%*#ƫ !"%*!Č $8.00,

Foster Blake
+1* !.ƫ+"ƫ+ġ+ƫ/'%*ƫ.!ƫĥĥƫ10$+.ƫ+"ƫ

ƫ  ƫ ƫƫ

I don’t look camera ready all year round – it’s ebbs and
flows. Eighty per cent of the time I’m writing, so I have
big troughs where I’m at home with no make-up on and
I’m just wearing my trackies. Then, there is publicity time,
where I have to look presentable in that ‘beauty editor
way’ for a couple of weeks – those are the times I get my
hair, facial treatments and nails done, and I’m in a bit of
a beauty routine. But I actually can’t wait to get back to
being casual!
I always carry a pimple drying cream and I get cold
sores, so I’ve worked out now how to heal and conceal
them superfast and get on with life.


I feel like in the age of social media you show the bits you
want to show and those bits are usually the ones where


(!*Čƫ$31, +ġ+ƫ4!,0%+*+%(Čƫ

you look your best. I try to keep it fairly real is in really good condition, and I pay very
with my followers – I make sure I post photos close attention to what my beauty therapist
of my skin following treatment and make recommends product-wise. I love eyelash
it clear when I’ve had my brows, lashes or extensions and get them done every two
nails done. to three weeks. When I don’t have the fake
ones, I swear by Poni Cosmetic’s White Night
ƫƫ  Mascara. It’s one of my favorite products.
After I finished beauty editing full time, I
travelled a lot and so I needed a realistic kit. ƫ
I just wanted products that actually worked I’m waiting for the overdrawn lips, contouring
and I didn’t want 20 of them! and fake-looking eyebrow trends to be over.
I cleanse every morning with Go-To, use a I just think walking down the street you MY TAKE ON…
pigment inhibitor and/or antioxidant serum, really don’t need that much make-up on and 4ƫ ƫ č I think Botox
apply a physical sunscreen and then make-up. I prefer a simple, casual face with a good is fine and does a lot of great things
I exfoliate and use a hydrating mask on weeks red lip. both medically and cosmetically, but
where I need to look particularly good for One of my biggest beauty mistakes fillers are a slippery slope.
an event, but day to day my skin routine is was overusing at-home peels and 6 č go for it…
very simple. microdermabrasion kits back when I was
 ƫ  ƫč
24. Even today, I think the technology is
totally up to the woman and whatever
ƫ  better but it’s certainly not something I’d
makes her feel happy.
I use Lauren MacKella at Edwards and Co recommend. In the end, your skin doesn’t like
in Melbourne. She can cut, colour and style, such harsh procedures for too long and you ƫ č crucial and it starts
very, very early.
so she’s a bit of a unicorn. We go on journeys risk going too hard, too fast and ending up
together, changing it up all the time. I’ve with thin and shiny skin in the long term.  ġƫ ƫƫčƫgo for it!
fallen in love with Oribe hair products – they I think it’s whatever makes the woman
just get hair and they get texture. Their new ƫ  ƫƫ  feel confident.
Matte Waves is magic! I also use mountains of People often don’t realize dry shampoo can be
Batiste dry shampoo – I have about six bottles used on fresh hair or freshly tonged hair, and the inside-out rather than relying solely on
on the go. can be a great styling product when you need topical solutions.
that little bit of body. I always recommend
ƫ  ġ doing your hair the night before so it looks ƫƫ
My everyday look would consist of Tarte’s lived in! Wash it, put a styling product I feel beautiful when I’m on holiday –
Cosmetic’s CC cream and concealer, I fill in through and let it dry in a top knot is my tip. everything just works. I don’t need to do my
my brows using Poni Cosmetics brow cream hair or make-up, and I have a glow from
and apply a bit of Clinique’s Chubby cream ƫƫ   being in a different environment. I sleep more
blush. I just want to look fresh and awake, Lifestyle plays a huge part in how you look and I’m less stressed, so it’s definitely when
with no pigmentation, so it’s really just skin, and I think that every major milestone I’m peaking.
brows, cheeks and a nude lip. I try to keep – whether it be menopause, puberty or The most beautiful person I can think of
my beauty regimen as low maintenance childbirth – is an opportunity to reassess is Audrey Hepburn. She had incredible grace
as possible. what you put in and on your body. Sugar and and was a breathtaking beauty. She was also
I usually get professional treatments every toxins are major causes of inflammation, and very kind of heart and mind, which I think
four to six weeks just to make sure my skin I’m a big fan of getting your skin right from contributed the most to her magic. 37

Ashley Hart MY TAKE ON…

4ĥ  čƫI used to be
really against it, but it’s so common
now. Judging it is just going to age
+ !(
me more!
6 č fine with it…but I don’t
ƫ  ƫ ƫƫ but I totally do. I always use a concealer on have one.
I really don’t look camera ready all year any little dots and underneath my eyes, my  ƫ  ƫč I
round at all. To me, looking camera ready is Swisse BB cream, apply a mascara or just use would certainly never judge. It’s a very
just about being who I am and is evidence of an eyelash curler and I go for a nourished personal thing.
my everyday lifestyle. I take care of my body looking lip so I always use a good-quality ƫ čƫ I’m a big advocate
and skin, and I let that – along with my flaws balm. Eyebrows are definitely my thing and I for looking past the physical and
– shine through the camera. don’t leave the house without my eyebrow gel. accepting who we are. I think we as
women get far too caught up in how
ƫ   ƫ other people look rather than how
That models are somehow perfect would be I love the ‘less is more’ trend and I think this we feel. There is nothing sexier than
the biggest misconception. We have flaws just can extend to our skincare regimens too. Just being a nice, happy person.
like everyone else and we are all undeniably keep it as natural and simple as you possibly  ġƫ ƫƫč my
photoshopped these days. What you see, is can. I think we often have a tendency to be hormones are all out of wack lately
certainly not how we are all the time. We too excessive and it actually causes damage. and it shows in my skin, so I wont
have a full make-up and hair team armed For example, I was using an exfoliating scrub leave the house without a little bit of
with products, extensions and clothes to recently on my face and it just pulled all the concealer on – even to the gym! So
make us look the way we do. natural oils out of my skin. I think the take- definitely no judging from me.
home is to not cover too much and let people
ƫƫ  see you for who you really are. swims and salt and being under the sun
I just keep it really simple. I use a cleanser, during the day. I just feel happier and sexier
some sort of serum and a moisturizer both ƫ  ƫƫ  when I’m basking in the summer vibe.
day and night, and that’s it. I try to keep it as Every time I put a lip balm on, I use any I think my sister is still the most
natural as possible and I make sure I remove remaining balm on my cheekbones and just beautiful person I know. I know her on
my make-up thoroughly every day. I also love under my brow. Even if its a stained red or such a deep level, so it’s not just her external
to apply my Swisse Multivitamin Repair Oil pink, it looks really beautiful and keeps the beauty. It’s the closest relationship I’ll have
after being out in the sun. skin hydrated. in my life and I really get to see her. It’s a
beautiful relationship.
ƫ  ƫƫ  
My hair used to be white blonde and I loved I always go back to water, water, water! I
it but it was so, so unhealthy – one day it just think it’s so important, especially for the
literally snapped! So the last 12 months has bags under my eyes and the condition of my
been all about taking lots of hair vitamins and skin. I always feel so much better about my
funneling money into treatments, putting appearance when I’m hydrated. I also think
coconut oil in my hair every day and dying stress is a huge factor. You can always see
it less and less. It’s only just now getting back when someone’s had a really hard year in
into a healthy condition and I’m so happy. In their face and skin, so I’m a big advocate for
Melbourne I use Organica Eco Salon, but I meditation for both health and preventing
also have another hairdresser based in LA. the aging process. I swear by it.

ƫ  ġ ƫƫ

I like to make it look like I I feel most beautiful when I’m down at
haven’t put any make-up on the beach – the hot night air and ocean

3%//!ƫ01.(ƫ!"!*!ƫƫ 1(0%2%0)%*ƫ
.!)ƫƫăĀŐČƫ$24.99, !,%.ƫ+ 5ƫ%(ƫ āĂĆ)(Č $24.99,

devil’s advocate



There is no ‘ideal’ age to start using Botox
MANOHARAN and fillers as it depends on genetics, skin
type and environmental exposures such as
Specialist Dermatologist UV radiation and pollution. Patients are
THE YEAR’S LINES now getting very small units of Botox in
AWAY, OUR EXPERTS their late 20s and early 30s to gently prevent
GIVE YOU THE LOW- ƫƫƫ the formation of more fixed, deep wrinkles.
DOWN ON THE Dermal fillers are either natural or synthetic Volume loss starts becoming evident in your
RESULTS AND RISKS materials, often in the form of gels, that are late 30s and 40s so that is a good time to
OF COMMON COSMETIC injected into and under the skin to plump the venture into small volumes of fillers.
area, replace lost volume, smooth wrinkles
and fine lines, and even hydrate the skin. ƫ  
POUTS NOT WELCOME. Botox is a brand of botulinum toxin that Botox may be a very safe procedure when
can be injected into the skin as a temporary done by experienced practitioners. However,
muscle relaxant, resulting in improvement in poor placement and/or heavy units may
wrinkles that present when muscles activate result in complications such as a drop in the
(dynamic wrinkles) for about four months. brow or upper eyelid (ptosis), or dribbling
Apart from cosmetic uses, Botox may also be and/or problems with phonation when
used for medical conditions such as excessive treatment is around the mouth. Uneven
sweating (hyperhidrosis) and muscle spasms. treatment may result in facial asymmetry.
Both dermal fillers and Botox are Medically, some may encounter headaches
procedures that can be done using no and bruising post-treatment, but this tends
anaesthetic or under topical anaesthetic. to last for a few days for most. The good
Procedures are typically done in minutes in thing with Botox is that it is a temporary
the doctor’s room. treatment, and complications tend to reverse
in a few months.
ƫ ƫ Fillers are more complicated, and poor
Common reasons people consider injectables patient selection, technique or product
include noticing fine lines and wrinkles, placement may result in not just aesthetic
noticing deeper wrinkles (rhytides), and complications but serious medical
noticing sagging of skin and tissue especially complications. Trout pouts and chipmunk
in the lower third of the face. Injectables are cheeks are a result of over-filling and poor
perfect for those looking for a non-invasive, aesthetic judgment on behalf of injector and,
non-surgical option for rejuvenation, without perhaps, patients. More worrying than the
any down time. aesthetic, poorly placed fillers in high-risk
areas may actually results in occlusion of
ƫ ƫ ƫ arterioles, skin death (necrosis) or blindness.
Results mainly depend on the injector’s
experience and technique, and the product ƫ ƫ ƫ
used. Experienced individuals will be able With respect to fillers, there have been
to provide good outcomes with minimal advancements and improvements to the
complications regardless of whether they use products themselves, with more variety, a
cannula or needle. Using the right product higher safety profile and more versatility.
for the appropriate concern, patient and We are now in a fortunate position to be
requirements is vital. able to tailor a range of products based on
Measurements and golden ratios are the patient’s skin type, concerns and even
great to analyse and guide treatment plans body area. We have small hyaluronic acid
for patients. However, the keen aesthetic molecules that we can use to define rather
practitioner has an eye for subtle nuances than plump lips, products that we can use to
based on the patients individual bone treat and rejuvenate the backs of hands, and
structure, volume distribution, skin type, skin boosters where small units of hyaluronic
personality and how they mobilise their facial acid are scattered in the skin to hydrate and
muscles during expression. promote collagen remodelling. 41
Older fillers used to break down within a few ultrasound (HIFU) and radiofrequency devices have
months, while the newer generation of fillers may last also enabled non-invasive skin tightening and lifting for
years. Techniques have also evolved and there is less the appropriate patients.
emphasis on over- filling lips and cheeks.
With the array of products, we also tend to utilise ƫ
a technique known as layering, whereby a patient may Cost depends on the practitioner and the product used,
have three different fillers injected into various levels but typically cheeks may be $650 to $2,600 per side,
of the face in the same sitting to address volume loss all nasolabial folds $650 to $1,200, lips $300 to $600 and
the way from the epidermis at the surface of the skin marionettes $650 to $1,300.
down to bone. I tend to favour hyaluronic acid fillers,
as they are versatile, may address multiple layers of skin ƫ ƫ 
and can be reversed should there be a complication. A common myth is that Botox causes toxicity to
In regards to Botox, there are late stage trials on a the rest of the body. Despite Botox being derived
topical botulinum toxin and we may be exposed to an from botulinum toxin, Botox is relatively safe when
applied non-injected Botox in the near future. performed properly and is largely localized to the
area treated.
ƫ   Another common myth is that fillers will make you
In certain situations such as fine lines and wrinkling look unnatural (for example trout pouts) and Botox
and to improve surface changes, various lasers including results in loss of facial expression. This is where the skill
ablative, non-ablative and fractionated lasers may of the injector comes into play: Small units of Botox in
provide excellent results. These are often combined the correct positions will relax muscles to reduce heavy
with injectables to provide optimal combination results. wrinkling, but can be performed in a way that protects
More recently, devices such as high-intensity focused expressions and personality.




DR JEREMY A. procedure gaining momentum for men is

Scrotox - injecting Botox into the scrotum,
result of over filling of the lips. Some
patients actually request this look.
HUNT to alleviate wrinkling and make the scrotum
appear larger.
The key to getting the best result is good
communication – drilling down to what
Spokesperson for the you are hoping to achieve and what the
Australian Society of ƫƫƫ  practitioner is able to deliver.
Plastic Surgery There is no ideal age to start getting Botox or fillers, as it depends on factors such as ƫ ƫ 
sun damage, the individual’s natural ageing There are always ongoing advancements in
ƫƫƫ process and how the patient wants to look. injectable fillers and the techniques used.
As you age, there tends to be a thinning of It’s really up to the individual and the Currently, the market is swinging away from
the deep layer of the skin called the dermis. practitioner to come to an understanding permanent fillers as they carry a higher
Dermal fillers are injectable substances that of what the patient is wanting to achieve complication rate, and swinging back to a
will re-inflate that layer and are used to and the treatment that will result in the best more natural, subtle look.
remove wrinkles, most commonly on the desired outcome.
face. They can also be injected into deeper ƫ  
layers to increase volume. ƫ ƫ  Every procedure has its role. We are seeing
Botox has been used for over 30 years Different fillers will have different the rise of fat grafting recently (injecting fat
and was initially developed as a treatment consistencies, and are therefore used from one site on the body into an area that
for contracture in patients with Cerebral in specific areas for specific effects. may be lacking volume) as it has a more
Palsy. From there, Botox treatments were Practitioners will have preferred techniques permanent effect as a filler.
developed to assist with facial corrective (either injection or cannula) and will choose
cases such as stroke, and then evolved into products based on their experience or ƫ
a more cosmetic procedure used to refine expertise, as well as the desired effect the Most people would need 1 to 2ml of dermal
wrinkles and lines of the face. patient is looking for. For the best results, filler which would be $550 to $1100.
research a good, qualified practitioner, ask Botox starts from $300 per area. The cost
ƫ ƫ lots of questions and, where possible, ask will depend on the number of treatments
The most common request for fillers is to see the before and after photographs of required.
to combat ageing of the face, particularly previous patients.
through loss of volume in skin plumpness ƫ ƫ 
and wrinkling. The most common request ƫ   A common myth is that when you cease
for Botox is to treat crows feet around Both Botox and fillers are very low risk. using Botox, the skin will look worse than
the eyes. Aesthetically, 'overdoing it’ will not produce before you had the treatment. This is not
Lesser known applications for Botox the best effect and results will differ based true – all results will depend on the patient’s
include injecting it into the soles of the on the patient requests and the practitioner metabolism and what works for one patient,
feet to relieve high heel pain and a new chosen. For example, trout pouts are the may not work for another. 43
There is a potential risk using semi-
permanent or permanent fillers because
a small percentage of people can develop
a ‘foreign body reaction’ which causes
granulomas showing up as lumpiness under
the skin and inflammation. With Botox and
safe fillers there is no downside to stopping
anytime, other than the dynamic lines
returning, and wrinkling and facial sagging
recurring. There is no stretch of the skin
as some people imagine or sagging of the
relaxed musculature.

ƫ ƫ 

There have been huge advances in the field of
dermal fillers over the past 30 years. When
we started Collagen Face Centre in 1983 there
ƫă was only collagen derived from cow hide;
there was no Botox, no laser machines and


Between 20 to 30 year age group is the ideal
very few creams that had proven results.
Dermal fillers advanced with the
BAKARIC age for women and men to start considering
methods that may influence their aging
introduction of hyaluronic sugar based
fillers such as Restylane & Esthelis which
Founder of Collagen Face Centre process – whether this be cosmetically or, revolutionized safety profiles, ease of use more importantly, with general lifestyle and side effect reduction. What has also
choices such diet, alcohol/cigarette/drug changed in the multiple modality approach
    minimisation, water intake, adequate where there is a combination of topical agents
Traditionally fillers were used to ‘polyfill’ sleep, healthy weight goals and stress used together with Botox, some fillers, IPL
wrinkles but now it has become common minimization. In regards to fillers, it’s now and laser treatments to fight the effects of
place to sculpt and lift the face with long thought that the earlier (as in early 30's) this ageing. Due to the effectiveness of these safe
lasting and permanent fillers. For example, is performed, the more facial sagging will be medical procedures there has been a dramatic
enhancing the cheek area to prevent the face minimized. For example, if you had Botox reduction in patients seeking surgery or, at the
from sagging due to the effects of gravity. for five years and then stopped, you will look very least, delaying a surgical approach.
Botox is used extensively in the treatment younger than if you had never had Botox at
of muscle contractures associated with all because during that period the muscles ƫ  
conditions such as cerebral palsy in children have ‘temporarily’ been weakened and not Some topical ‘smart creams’ can delay facial
as young as 12 months old. At the other caused wrinkles. aging, stimulate collagen production and
end of the medical spectrum Botox is used cellular turnover as well as provide some
post-stroke for the same purpose of relaxing      topical Botox-like activity. Ageing of the neck
muscles in patients well into their 90's. From There is no substitute for medical experience and hands can also be mitigated by laser and
a cosmetic point of view, Botox can work to at a reputable clinic. Botox and dermal fillers IPL therapies.
‘prevent’ the dynamic wrinkle lines before can only be legally administered by a doctor
they would normally appear. This is especially in Australia or a trained cosmetic nursing ƫ
evident in the forehead and crows feet areas. practitioner under the direct guidance of It really depends on what procedure you are
a doctor. Word of mouth is often a good opting for. Lip augmentation, for example,
    indicator – glossy advertorials in cosmetic usually requires 1 to 2ml of dermal filler
Botox convincingly prevents dynamic journals are usually an inverse sign of a which will cost $550 to $1100.
wrinkling of the face and fillers can help practitioner’s ability. There is no substitute
prevent facial sagging due to gravitational for doing some targeted research and asking ƫ ƫ 
effects by providing a scaffold, especially in lots of annoying questions. Price is never a It’s a complete myth that Botox can cause
the cheekbone area to support the overlying recommendation and unfortunately is also permanent disfigurement and sagging
soft tissues. Lip augmentations are still very inversely proportional in terms of safety muscles, and it’s a myth that dermal fillers can
common requests. and ability. stretch the skin permanently.

Feed Your Vego

Sunwarrior protein powders are the

ultimate plant-based superfoods.
They’re ideal for increasing athletic
performance, burning fat, building
muscle and repairing tissue.
Choose Sunwarrior CLASSIC or the
new Certified Organic Sunwarrior
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seeds, quinoa, and amaranth.
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the most delicious and nutritious
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Gut Feel
Increasingly, conversion of emotional issues
into physical symptoms is being recognized
within integrative medicine, as mysterious
with a high susceptibility to overwhelm
under stress.
The common thread tends to be the
– A Complete Guide to Gut Health and
Achieving Optimal Health & Vitality
Through Food, says the gut is where
conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome enteric nervous system, which contains wellbeing begins.
(IBS), fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as many neurotransmitters as the brain, “Over 90 per cent of serotonin receptors

syndrome (CFS) seem to improve with research shows, suggesting links between are contained within your gut. Given it’s the
treatments – including stress reduction. For pronounced body sensations and happy hormone and influences everything
instance, comorbidity of IBS and borderline mental events. from your mood and behavior, to your sleep
personality disorder (BPD) is alarmingly Sally Joseph, a clinical nutritionist and appetite, a deficiency in serotonin can
high, while it also tends to favour sufferers and author of new book Love Your Gut contribute to depression, anxiety, mood

swings, sugar cravings and sleep disturbances,” says connection makes sense. The same bacteria also
Joseph, who has used the strategies she discovered converse with the immune system.
to overcome several chronic illnesses and to treat This growing body of positive findings means that
myriad illnesses. some conditions previously considered incurable may be
Julia Ross’ book The Mood Cure prescribes ingestible eased by taking probiotics.
amino acids – the constituents of protein and precursors Gut bacteria may also improve general brain
to neurotransmitters – to correct emotional problems. function, research suggests. In a UCLA study, women
“Your brain relies on protein – the only food source aged 18 to 55 who ate yoghurt containing probiotics
of amino acids – to make all of its mood-enhancing twice a day for a month exhibited decreased activity
chemicals,” Ross says. in two brain regions that control central processing
Ross says that L-tryptophan (the precursor to of emotion and sensation. They also showed
serotonin) can be an effective treatment for depression. greater connectivity between a region known as the
Other amino acid supplements such as L-tyrosine 'periaqueductal grey' (PAG) and areas of the prefrontal
and GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) can also cortex associated with cognition, while those who
be effective. skipped the probiotic showed greater connectivity in a
Increasingly, integrative practitioners in different area.
gastroenterology and psychiatry are recognising the gut’s Even certain symptoms of autism are now being
potential to ameliorate conditions ordinarily imagined linked to disturbances in gut bacteria. “There’s good
as brain-based. evidence that gut bacteria can upset behaviour, and that
Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), for instance, has appears to be the case with autism,” says the University
been linked to unbalanced gut bacteria. According of Melbourne’s Professor Joel Bornstein.
to research at the University of Toronto, low levels “The kind of mutations we’re talking about would
of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria in the gut could change the response of the gut and the brain to even
contribute to CFS symptoms. normal microbiome,” says Prof. Bornstein. “You wouldn’t
It supports research linking CFS, to the nervous need a particular bacteria to cause autism. What you
system. Since gut bacteria communicates with the have now is the gut and the brain responding differently
nervous system via the body’s vagal nerves, the mood to something that would have been there anyway.”


ƫƫ ƫ than the rest, suggesting these may also impulses causing the cramping spasms
ƫ   ƫ ƫ be causes.” typical of irritable bowel.”
ƫč Dr Malcolm Clark, Melbourne ƫ č Scientists are still  ƫƫ čƫPractise yoga and eat
GP and author of Doctor in the House, says struggling to get to the bottom of how plenty of fibre-rich foods
that stress plays a major role in irritable IBS works. “Avoid stressful situations, or try to learn
bowel syndrome, both in triggering and “That’s another million dollar question,” to deal with them in a more positive way,”
worsening symptoms, including bloating, says Dr Clark. “We know the nerves are says Dr Clark. “The illness itself is certainly
abdominal cramps, flatulence and loose, irritated and stress plays a major role in stressful, which can only make symptoms
frequent bowel motions or constipation. the syndrome.” worse. Understanding this cycle can help to
“Sufferers often report the return of “The nerve messages to the muscle walls dampen symptoms.”
their rotten symptoms when they are under are garbled and confused. The muscles Increase your intake of fibre and reduce
increased stress at work or at home,” he are stimulated, but in a disorganised way fatty foods and alcohol; both can exacerbate
says. “Depressed or anxious people seem and the bowel doesn’t work properly. the problem by slowing the passage of food
to suffer from this problem more often Sometimes the nerves send very strong from the stomach. 47

“Fibre seems to aid the passage of food required by our brains each day, potentially known that that gut bacteria communicates
through the gut, as well as bulking up and leading to stress, anxiety and depression.” with the nervous system by way of the vagal
softening the stools,” says Dr Clark.  ƫƫ č Try a colonic. nerves, and thus has an influence on our
“By using colonic hydrotherapy as a mood. The same bacteria also communicates
ƫƫ ƫ ƫ  means to detoxify the bowels, we are able with our immune system, the majority of
ƫč Hydrotherapist and inner to restore balance within the digestive which, you guessed it, resides in the gut.
cleansing practitioner Andrea Bentancor system, without the use of chemicals or “Research shows that patients with CFS
says the modern Western diet invites various pharmaceutical drugs,” says Bentancor. and other so-called functional somatic
physical and mental complaints. “We often find that by cleansing the colon disorders have alterations in the intestinal
“We have seen the quality of our food naturally, and reintroducing specific nutrients microbial flora,” says researcher Dr A Venket
supply gradually fall victim to genetically such as probiotics, fish oils and prebiotic Rao. “Emerging studies have suggested that
modified organisms and excessive hormone, fibre, the gut is able to help itself, and pathogenic and non-pathogenic gut bacteria
pesticide and antibiotic use. These are some once again begin to produce the necessary might influence mood-related symptoms and
of the factors that have led to a subtle yet chemicals that our brains crave so much even behaviour in animals and humans.”
damaging shift in the quality and quantity these days.”  ƫƫ čƫBoosting probiotic
of nutrients that we ingest on a day to “We constantly see vast improvements intake, with supplements or good quality
day basis.” in mood, energy and vitality simply by yoghurt, may help to reduce some
“Consequently, cases of digestive addressing these fundamental issues relating CFS symptoms.
disorders and mental disorders, like to the gut.” “We found a significant rise in both
depression, ADHD and emotional instability Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria in those
have continued to rise.”  ƫ ƫ ƫ ƫƫ taking the Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota
ƫ čƫ“The digestive system is ƫ  (LcS), and there was also a significant
often misunderstood as simply a ‘processing ƫč Researchers at the Department decrease in anxiety symptoms among those
factory’ for the foods we eat,” says Bentancor. of Nutritional Sciences at the University taking the probiotic vs controls,” said Dr Rao.
“While absorbing and digesting food is of Toronto concluded that low levels of “These results lend further support to the
one of its main roles, perhaps the most Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria – two presence of a gut-brain interface, one that
overlooked fact is that the digestive system is types of probiotic bacteria found in the may be mediated by microbes that reside or
responsible for producing around 90 per cent gut and as live cultures in yoghurt - could pass through the intestinal tract.”
of the neurotransmitter serotonin, the body’s contribute to symptoms of chronic fatigue
own ‘feel good’ chemical.” syndrome (CFS).   ƫƫ ƫ 
“An unhappy digestive system will not ƫ čƫCFS has long thought to have ƫčƫCornell University research
produce the sufficient amounts of serotonin a connection to the nervous system, and it’s publication Sleep for Success led by

Eating inflammatory foods can cause
bloating, breakouts and conditions such
as irritable bowel.
“Your digestive system forms the foundation of your BALANCE
health,” says naturopath Sarah Luck. “When you don’t
eat well or don’t fully recover from a tummy bug,
unhealthy bacteria can overcolonise your digestive
system, causing bloating, wind and inflammation.”
According to Luck, other issues that compromise your RESTORE BACTERIAL BALANCE
belly health and good bacteria levels, include excess
Ğƫƫ  čƫ“Some strains of probiotics such as
alcohol intake, use of drugs like antibiotics, painkillers
Lactobacillus plantarum and Bifidobacteria infantis, may help
and the contraceptive pill, eating lots of processed foods
reduce abdominal pain, flatulence and belly distension,” says CK
and being constantly stressed (which compromises
healthy digestive function). Yao, a research dietitian at Monash University. Probiotics can
“If I were to give you one word to sum up the also promote anti-inflammatory effects by interacting with the
underlying cause of the majority of health problems gut immune system. “This may help to reduce hyper-sensitivity
and chronic disease states we see today, it would be reactions of the gut that can manifest as abdominal pain or
‘inflammation’,” says Joseph. bloating,” Yao says. Taking probiotics may worsen digestive
“No matter how simple or complex the presenting symptoms such as bloating in some people, so always start with
health condition, the common denominator with each a small dose of probiotics.
and every patient I have treated, is the function of their
digestive system, or lack of.” Ğƫƫ    č Eating foods to which you’re
sensitive to, can cause inflammatory reactions in your digestive
system and body. Eliminating suspect foods for weeks and
reintroducing them is a sound way to test for reactions. Aside
psychologist James Mass found that if people don’t switch their mind from common culprits such as gluten and dairy, lesser known
off and get enough sleep it could lead to significant weight gain. problematic foods include vet salicylates and amines. Higher
“You might think that spending more time in bed makes you lazy, levels of natural chemicals that may be problematic generally
but not spending enough time in bed can also make you fat,” he said correlate with flavour intensity – more is more.
ƫ č “Lack of sleep lowers leptin levels in the brain and
raises ghrelin levels in the stomach,” says Dr Mass. “These hormones Ğƫƫċ “Certain molecules called
are responsible for appetite regulation. So when you’re sleep deprived, FODMAPS, found in food such as excess fructose from some
you’re more likely to overeat craving carbs, sugars and junk food.” fruits and lactose, in some dairy foods, can be poorly absorbed
Research at Columbia University found that people who by some people in the small intestine and digestive tract and
slept as little as five hours a night had a 50 per cent higher risk of feed the bacteria there,” says Dr Sue Shepherd, an Australian
becoming obese. dietitian and Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University Department
People who slept for just four hours on a single night consumed an of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. “The bacteria can then
average of 330 additional calories compared to after a restful sleep. digest or ferment these molecules, triggering symptoms of
Lack of sleep can also cause the body’s production of growth Irritable Bowel Syndrome, including abdominal bloating and
hormones to plummet, potentially reducing muscle mass, increasing pain, nausea and excess wind,” points out Shepherd, who was
fat tissue and weakening the immune system. Too little sleep can also involved in the development of the low FODMAP diet in 1999.
increase insulin production and contribute to type 2 diabetes. “To avoid FODMAPS, which include foods like baked beans,
 ƫƫ čPrioritise getting seven to eight hours’ sleep. onion, garlic, leeks, asparagus, cauliflower and fruits such as
Go to bed at a routine time every night, use your bed for sleep and apples, peaches and pears, it is best to consult with an accredited
sex only (no work!), don’t drink alcohol near bedtime and practice a practising dietitian,” Shepherd says.
relaxation technique to help you unwind. 49


By Katelyn Swallow


asic logic (and our mums) tell us
that if something sounds too good
to be true, it usually is. Fad diets Both Nicholson and trainer Kate Collins to three weeks. It’s important you give
promising a five kilo loss in as ( aim for 0.5 the body time to adjust to the weight
many days are likely, at the best, to to one kilogram of fat loss per week for the change, so your metabolism and internal
result in disappointment and/or gaining the majority of their clients. organs are protected, and food targets
weight back; at the worst, causing long-term “That works out to be about a 200-300 are sustainable.”
metabolic and hormonal damage that wreaks calorie deficit for the client, which I find Nicholson uses Biosignature
havoc on your health. to be the most sustainable for clients in the Modulation to test for body fat percentage
That said, there is no point denying that long run,” says Nicholson. on a fortnightly basis. Developed by
results are a great motivator and losing inches “Sometimes I may even have to increase Charles Poliquin, the process comprises
is often paramount to training and nutrition the client’s calories initially, as they have a 12-site body fat caliper measurement
compliance. For efficiency sake, and your malnutrition, and then work them into and is based on the correlation between
mental health, it’s best you get results as quick a deficit as their health improves. Like body fat storage and possible hormone
as healthily possible. everything, it depends on their training imbalances. Whatever your measurement
“People always want instant results – we as age, goals and history.” – be it scale weight, measurements or
humans are impatient and sticking to the plan Attainable results will depend on your DEXA scan – Nicholson warns this too
is often bloody hard,” says owner of Ultimate initial body fat percentage, lean muscle is just a number to track progress. The
Physique Fitness and trainer, Andrew mass and adherence to your program – pace of fat loss, and even the appearance
Nicholson (, your potential for fast fat loss is obviously of fat, is affected greatly by your muscle
who says the rise in social media has resulted diminished if you can only make one definition, metabolism and somatotype.
in unrealistic comparisons and expectations training session a week. “A body fat of 14 per cent on one person
for many of his female clients. “If you compare a female who is 17 may look very different from 14 per cent
“We often hear about our peers and what per cent and wants to get down to 13 per body fat on another. For some, it’s an easy
she has done to achieve amazing results in 10 cent body fat with someone who is 28 per percentage to maintain while for another it
weeks or whatever timeline. But what we have cent and wants to get to 20 per cent – the may be completely unmanageable and have
to ask ourselves is: where did she start from higher body fat client will have more to her constantly worrying about what she’s
and where are you starting from? What was lose and the body will be fighting harder eating,” says Nicholson.
her body fat and what is your body fat? What for homeostasis, and so will generally lose “The take home is, don’t let a number
is her goal and what is your goal?” fat quicker,” says Nicholson. dictate who you are or what you represent.
So in the name of reaffirming realistic “I make sure my clients are consistently Get to a healthy, sustainable body fat
expectations, we asked the experts to lay revisiting their body fat percentages and percentage that you can look in the mirror
down the laws of fat loss race and the training adjusting macros accordingly every two and be proud of.”
tweaks that can have you shredding – stat.

While lean muscle mass will aid in your further dipping into fat stores. encourage oxidation of fatty acids during the
ability to burn calories at rest, cardio has Finding a balance between HIIT and following 40 minute walk.
the potential to accelerate the burn. Both LISS cardio programming could result in “Cardio is a brilliant tool for accelerated
Collins and Nicholson suggest adding a the fat acceleration you are after – one fat loss and shouldn’t be overlooked.
combination of high-intensity interval study published in the International All my clients do cardio to a varied
training and low intensity steady state cardio Journal of Sports Medicine found that degree, even those that don’t necessarily
(LISS) into your programming to avoid females who trained at either 45 per cent need it from a fat burning point of view,”
injury, boredom and overtraining. of their VO2Max or 72 per cent of their says Collins.
Tabata-style protocols (20 seconds flat VO2Max three times a week both resulted in “Improved cardio fitness will also
out, 10 seconds rest intervals for eight significant fat loss over 12 weeks. However, translate into greater efficiency in the
rounds) burn max calories in limited those training at higher intensities have weights room, with improved recovery
minutes, while also providing the ‘after burn’ better retention of fat free mass (i.e. muscle), between sets leading to more sets completed
post-workout native to higher intensities. while the LISS group had a slight win on the in less time. The result is added calorie burn
LISS protocols, such as a power walk at 60 fat loss scales. and faster fat loss.
per cent of your maximum heart rate, opt For an added edge, try combining the “A walk outdoors can also do wonders
for fat as their primary source of fuel and two protocols into one session – performing for your mental state, managing stress and
can be performed for longer periods of time, 10 minutes of high intensity training can cortisol levels which are barriers to fat loss.” 51
Weight-training with a fat loss focus has two main objectives: build
lean muscle to improve your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and energy
expenditure at rest, while also supporting as much calorie burn in-
session as possible.
“Female fat loss programs should be based around high
intensity training with a sequence of back-to-back exercises.
Females can handle a very high volume, meaning plenty of sets.
Generally speaking, women have a higher work capacity than men,”
says Nicholson.
“I have found females need a stimulus and a constant challenge,
so variety is key. You need to be training at a level of discomfort, with
the heart rate up, rather than simply going through the motions.”
Weight training intensity directly correlates to the amount of fat
burnt once you exit the gym and the body utilizes energy to recover.
One study found that 15 50-minute high-intensity weight sessions
per month resulted in an extra two pounds of fat loss strictly from
the elevated metabolism post-session.
Think about breaking your sessions up into six exercises (A1-A6),
utilizing predominantly full-body compound movements for added
burn and with limited rest between each. Three sets. Nicholson
changes his females programs every two to four weeks to help fight
and aid compliance, while also providing the consistent stimulus for
fat burn and lean muscle gain.
Your weight training can be further refined according to your
starting fat percentage to maximize burn, according to Nicholson.

!%#$0ƫ0.%*%*# repetitions of an exercise and to build up be programmed without too much risk of
“This is the client most of the general resistance within the muscle,” he says. injury. Nicholson views cardio as a card
public fall into. Depending on training “As they decrease body fat from to play at the appropriate time – the body
age, fitness levels and technique, their week to week, adjustments need to be adjusts quickly to cardio training, meaning
program will consist of GBC (German made and program change is of high more and more cardio is needed to break
Body Composition Training), utilizing importance. I’ll add in further compound plateaus. It’s best to start small, facilitating
lots of supersets, tri-sets and giant sets,” lifts, drop sets and giant sets – the more as much fat loss through weight training as
says Nicholson. demanding multi joint lifts – once their possible before turning to the dreaded jog
GBC style weight training pairs knowledge and awareness of their body or circuit.
exercises into sets and are performed has improved.” “I may start them on cardio straight
at higher reps (12 to 15) with short rest For Nicholson’s clients, rep ranges in away or I may incorporate it after two
periods to ensure excess-post-oxygen the first program (accumulation) will be weeks. A standard advancing program
consumption and improving muscular from 12 to 20 to help build fitness levels, would start at one day of cardio for two
endurance. Nicholson concentrates on followed by eight to 15 (or even six to 12 weeks, and the next two weeks would be
lower body compound movements and depending on strength and body fat levels) two days a week,” says Nicholson.
conditioning cardio such as the prowler, as the client advances. “I will work it out depending on how my
ropes, stairs and tire flips to ensure the female client looks, their training history
heart rate is kept high. . %+ 2 / 1( . ƫ and their lean muscle mass – we want to
“Females who sit between 14 and 21 Those sitting in the 14 to 21 body fat retain as much muscle as possible while
per cent body fat usually need to learn percentage will generally have some dropping body fat, so cardio ratios need to
movement patterns: they need constant fitness base, so both HIIT and LISS can be balanced.”

Beyond the calorie in versus calorie out storage. Stubborn stomach fat, on the other
!%#$0ƫ0.%*%*# equation are an array of bespoke tweaks hand, is associated with stress and can be
“This is your typical fat loss program to facilitate faster fat loss – somatotype, managed partly through lower-intensity
with clients generally not having a lot of nutrition, sleep, supplements and cardio or yoga, which helps manage the
training experience behind them, along metabolic functioning are all areas that can stress-hormone cortisol.
with poor fitness and strength levels, be leveraged to fast track results or break That said, both Collins and Nicholson
and low self-esteem,” says Nicholson. through plateaus. recommend using supplementation as a
“They usually lack technique and “Any trainer can come along and give secret weapon for final kilos rather than
spend hours on cardio equipment for you a template about what to eat and the card you play first. Nutrition is still key.
little results. They really just need to when to train. But everyone is different, “The way I see it, if you start
move in ways that avoid injury but and everybody responds to something incorporating multiple supplements
build positive habits.” differently. For example, I have a twin and straight away, what do you have to use and
If you are at this experience and we both respond to different foods and work with when you get to those stubborn
body composition level, Nicholson styles of training,” says Collins. last few kilos?” says Collins.
suggests beginning with circuits “For females, the most common “Get your balance of good fats, protein,
and working your way up to GBC issue we face is excess oestrogen. Excess carbs and greens in your diet – whether
programming. Again, learning oestrogen can often appear as fluid-like you’re a bodybuilder, vegan or someone
movement patterns and fatiguing the build up beneath the skin, with little ‘tone’ who has never worried about their diet
muscle to build endurance and lean or definition, and that doesn’t respond to before – to get your fat loss journey
muscle mass are key. exercise and nutrition protocols. Fat will cranking first.”
“Supersets, tri-sets, and higher be stored disproportionately on the thighs, Once you have the basics, supps can
repetitions of 12 to 20 reps will be your triceps, lower back, hips, bum.” work in-sync with a healthy diet and
go to here. Depending on progression, Most commonly caused by toxins in training. Collins, who has a certification
you can include compound lifts and your environment, xenoestrogen can be in metabolic nutrition, recommends using
strength work as body fat levels drop managed largely through supplementation a combination of apple cider vinegar and
down to the low 20s,” he says. – including DIM, calcium and zinc cinnamon to stabalize blood sugar levels
which help to block the conversion of and aid digestion, and L-carnitine to
. %+ 2 / 1( . testosterone to oestrogen which leads to fat improve your overall metabolism.
Those sitting at a higher body fat
percentage, are new to exercise or are
of an endomorph somatotype can
often benefit form lower-impact forms
of cardio. Running, for example, can
wreak havoc on your joints and injury
will only result in stunted fat loss. Opt
for cardio training that helps remove
some of the stress from your joints,
such as swimming or cycling. Again,
Nicholson suggests building your base
from one to two sessions per week. 53
Dropping fat does require an energy deficit careful with carb amounts and timing to get
– whether that be created through restricting quick results.
calories to below what the body requires “Base carbs around your workouts
(BMR) or through burning excess calories to help manage insulin spikes and eat
through training. more frequently to manage blood sugar
“Remember that under eating and over levels and hunger. This doesn’t mean you
eating are just as bad as each other. If the necessarily need to eat five to seven meals a
deficit or surplus is much greater than the day – four can still see exceptional results,”
body requires, it can promote fat storage for says Nicholson.
a later date, and down the track can lead to Whatever the macro you are managing,
a damaged metabolism,” warns Collins, who Nicholson suggests avoiding common
has seen many ex-yo-yo-dieters stalled in allergens such as gluten, dairy and fructose
their fat loss despite a calorie deficit, due to if you experience discomfort, as this too is a
metabolic damage. stress on the body and a barrier to fat loss.
The types of foods your body personally “Females often know that particular
responds to also plays a part. Naturally tall foods don't agree with them – they are
and lean ectomorph body types who still bloated after eating pasta or bread or they
store their fat around the stomach tend go to the toilet after eating diary. But keep
to be more tolerant of carbs, while pear eating them anyway,” says Nicholson.
shaped endomorphs or those with a higher “Listen to your body and eat foods that
body fat percentage will need to be more agree with you both mentally and physically.”


.! .!Čƫ .! .!Čƫ .! .!čƫ plan
your training over a week and over
SCIENCE OF FASTER FAT the month, and set the sessions like a
LOSS? NEITHER DO WE. business meeting you can’t miss. Prep your
INSTEAD, START WITH meals in advance and weigh everything –
NICHOLSON’S FIVE TOP TIPS don’t play guessing games!

1* )!*0 (/Čƫ %./ 0 č the
FALL AWAY. onslaught of often-opposing opinions
on food and training makes it easy to

#0! 5ƫ#+ (/č your mindset is the
overcomplicate things. Stick to the basics and
most powerful influencer on faster fat
repeat them daily until they become a habit.
loss – period. Write specific goals, post
Drink plenty of water and get at least six to
them up on the wall or a pin-board and look
eight hours’ sleep per night (see p. 30).
at them every single day.

$  5ƫ$!( /č treat everyday on it’s

+*/ 0 *0( 5ƫ+*/%/ 0!*0 č the more
merits – don’t look too far ahead and
consistent you are with your nutrition
don’t live in the past. The anxiety and
(particularly your macronutrient splits)
negative thoughts that result are not your
and training over a period of time, the more
friends and will result in mediocre results.
likely it is that you will achieve your goal. If
Enjoy the journey with a friend and be around
you are erratic with your training – training
people who are on the same level with similar
two days one week and five the next or if
goals. Thrive off that positive energy and
calories are going from 1400 one day to 800
enjoy the process, and fat loss will be that
the next – you will simply not get the result
much faster!
you are after.

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well as improving overall general wellness

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+*/ 0. 1 0%+*ƫ
Whether you’re after a perky
butt, chiselled chick-pack or
precision pins, we’ve sourced
the tools you need to build
your dream body.

Building a shapely physique requires finding the sweet disparate goals invite tactical mistakes. Think a caloric
spot between muscle hypertrophy and fat loss. Without surplus and training protocol that result in fat rather
adequate muscle, you will probably take up less space than muscle gain or, conversely, in muscle loss.
but lack curve and tone – not to mention enduring a In case it’s not complicated enough, each body part
host of physique and postural weaknesses that put you will have a different lean tipping point – sets, reps
at risk of injury. Yet realising the contours of freshly and training frequency will depend on your starting
gained muscle requires a body fat percentage that often build, your goal shape and whether you plan to work
demands concerted dieting that works against muscle shoulders, obliques or quads.
gain and may promote catabolism. We asked bikini competitor, fitness coach and
Sculpting a lean, contoured physique is steeped owner of Oasis Health Club Alicia Gowans (allysangels.
in both confusion and frustration because the to sort the sander from the concrete mixer. So
complexities of achieving apparently physiologically to speak.

1%( %*#ƫ/%0!ƫ+*!č
0 $! ( 1!,.%*0 ƫ “If you’re a runner, cyclist or into team sports,
Those of us not blessed with Nicole Kidman’s genetics lower body training can help improve agility, speed,
will likely seek out the perfect pins at some point in our endurance and power. Just think of a sprinter
lives – if only for the sake of the mini dress. While you powering out of the blocks, or a cyclist climbing hills.”
can’t change your physical height or your proportion
of leg to torso, you can manipulate the look and feel of 0 $! 0 ++(/ Ē !4! 10%+* ƫ
what nature has provided you. Leaner legs, for example, ‘Lift like a girl’ is a popular catchcry at the squat rack,
create a perception of length, while developing the with females renowned for their superior recovery and
glutes, hamstrings and quads creates a mountain of pain tolerance capabilities. For this reason, coupled
eye-candy curves. with their influence on metabolism and sheer size,
“Legs are all about achieving balance – the shape of Gowans suggests training lower body up to three times
the quad should be evenly distributed across the lateral per week, keeping training volume high each and every
and medial quads, with a nice taper toward the knee, session. Think five sets of each exercise, with a weight
and a hanging hammy that has shape in the rear of the you can orientate for 12 to 15 reps.
legs and offers more curve in the glute,” says Gowans, Utilise calorie-burning compound movement such
who has trained bikini models for the stage, photo as squats, deadlifts, lying leg curls, glute hip thrusts and
shoots and general wellbeing. leg presses and be sure to change up the variations –
Beyond simple aesthetics, the sheer size of lower- for example, both close and wide stance leg press – to
body muscle groups makes training them a calorie hit the muscles from all angles. To facilitate balance,
burning mechanism in itself. Added muscle mass identifying and emphasising work on the weakest
raises your basal metabolic rate (BMR) and subsequent areas of your legs is a must, says Gowans. For example,
energy expenditure at rest. Compound exercises quad dominant trainees will need to spend more time
traditionally used to train legs, such as the deadlift, participating in exercises for the posterior chain – and
have also been shown to stimulate testosterone vice versa.
and human growth hormone, aiding recovery and Gowans suggests beginning each session with
your muscle building ability generally. One small exercises designed to prep the body for the movement
study published in the European Journal of Applied it’s about to perform. For example, banded single-leg
Physiology found that men who trained their upper reverse hypers. Mind-body connection throughout the
body in conjunction with legs saw greater muscle movement is vital.
gains than those who trained biceps independently, “Always make sure you are engaged and each
due to such increases in testosterone and growth muscle group is activated before lifting. The better the
hormone profiles. engagement, the better the results in terms of growth
“Legs are also important from a biomechanical and and development,” says Alicia.
structural point of view. Training legs can help reduce “Add in conditioning exercises during your workout
lower back pain by increasing hamstring and glute such as walking lunges or high steps-ups which are
engagement and strength, as well as improving balance great for keeping the metabolic rate, and therefore fat
and overall coordination,” says Gowans. burn, high.” 57
1%( %*# /%0! 0 3 +č
0 $! ( 1!,.%*0 “This largely comes down to mind-
Unless you have been living under a rock, muscle connections, but is predominately
you have probably noticed the almost the result of our modern lifestyle and that
cult-like worship of a perky posterior. we tend to do a lot of sitting throughout
The perfectly rounded, larger-than-life the day. Many of us suffer from poor
behind is on everyone’s most-wanted list, posture – tight, shortened hip flexors,
and given the glutes are among the largest weak, over-stretched hip extensors
(and, ideally, strongest) muscles of the and glutes that ‘forget’ how to activate
body there is myriad reasons to train them. properly,” says Gowans.
“Having strong and full glutes goes “Activating the glutes is as easy as
beyond having a great set of peaches to performing a few sets of activation
look at! They are incredibly important exercises each day to start with, and
for good physiological structure and then gradually reducing these activation
functioning,” says Gowans. and engagement exercises only prior to
“In conjunction with the hamstrings, body sessions.”
the glutes are responsible for extending, Think high-rep, low weight (or
rotating and abducting the hip and bodyweight) clams, lateral band walks or
contribute to stabilisation of the pelvis squats, and glute bridges which aim to
during walking, running or climbing have your behind firing before the session.
activities. Strong glutes can help For efficiency sake, building booty can
to improve posture, alleviate lower be incorporated into at least two to three
back, hip and knee pain, enhance lower body sessions a week, rather than
athletic performance and reduce bone training the glutes independently. For
density loss.” example, training glutes and hamstrings
Again, structural balance and overall one session, hamstrings and quads second
aesthetics rely on hitting every part of the session and then solely glutes on the
area, namely the gluteus maximus, gluteus third session.
medius and gluteus minimus muscles. The Following a range of engagement and
glutes contain both fast- and slow-twitch activation exercises, Gowans suggests
muscle fibres, so incorporating varied prioritising volume within the session: opt
training styles (high-rep, lower weight and for five to six exercises that focus on the
low-rep, heavier weight) and exercises can muscles of the glutes for greatest impact.
be beneficial to overall shape and growth. “At the end of the day the glutes are
“Many people also over look that in the same as any muscle – you want to
developing a perfectly formed booty create hypertrophy for max growth. Sets
you must also target the hamstrings, in and reps will be largely dependent on
particular the ‘glute-hammie tie in’ or the phase of training, but usually in the
where your glutes and hamstrings meet,” vicinity of four to five sets, with 10 to 12
adds Gowans. reps will give you a good mix of volume to
“This helps give the round ‘perky’ weight” she says.
booty that you see with many fitness “One of the best exercises you can do
models. Exercises like standing leg curls to grow your glutes is without a doubt
are great for this.” the squat, followed closely by single leg
split squats, high stance step-ups and
0 $! 0 ++(/ Ē !4! 10%+* high stance leg press. There are loads of
Despite their size, the glutes are variations, and adding in bands or steps
notoriously lazy. can create another dimension here as well.”

1%( %*#ƫ/%0!ƫ0$.!!č ƫƫ
0 $! ( 1!,.%*0
A fear of bulk results in most females chasing arm goals
based solely on fat loss rather than muscle definition
– a mistake, according to Gowans, who encourages
shoulder growth for a balanced body shape.
“Unless you are a figure competitor or a pro athlete,
having big bulky biceps is not a necessity. However,
having full and rounded delts caps out your shoulders,
giving the appearance of a smaller waist and fuller
booty,” she says.
“The shoulder is also one of the most complex joints 1%( %*# /%0! " +1.č
in the body so having good shoulder development that
is balanced and symmetrical is important for shoulder
health and to prevent injury.”
0 $! 0 ++(/ Ē !4! 10%+*
‘Toning’ the arms requires dropping body fat, while 0 $! ( 1!,.%*0 0 $! 0 ++(/ Ē !4! 10%+* ƫ
still encouraging muscle hypertrophy for slight muscle Ab-seekers tend to fall into one of two “If you are lifting correctly, you will be
definition and long-lasting results. In general terms, camps: those after an out and out chick- engaging and strengthening your core
the more regularly you train a muscle group the pack (aka. the traditional visible six with every movement. One of the things
bigger it will grow as you consistently create a growth abs) or those simply wanting the flat, I teach all my clients is how to engage
response, so hitting the upper body just twice a week toned tummy. their core and brace correctly when
is usually adequate, according to Gowans. Opt for a “The important thing to realise here lifting,” says Gowans, who suggests abs
moderate weight, with sets of three to four and rep is that a great portion of what your be trained independently a maximum of
ranges of 12 to 15. final abs may look like will be based on two to three times a week. Think about
“A moderate number of lower rep sets provide genetics. Some will get the traditional drawing in through your abdominals
a good blend of intensity and volume which are six pack, but many will only get the and pushing outward on the muscles
associated with size and strength gains. Working sets long lean bands and obliques instead. It during compound movements such as
of four by 10 are great foundation builders. For your varies,” warns Gowans. a squat.
average lifter, sets of four to five and rep ranges of 10 to While the visibility of your “I tend to focus on deep core
12 are sufficient to achieve most goals,” she explains. abs will mostly depend on your and the lower abdominals, and less
Noting that the upper body consists of smaller, body fat percentages and nutrition on the traditional crunches that
easily-fatigued muscle groups, drop sets or super sets protocols (both meal timing and have historically been the go-to for
can be opted for over heavy loads. For example, pairing macro-splits are key), this doesn’t many coaches.”
bicep curls and tricep pull downs, and drop setting mean you should skip the crunches. Isometric holds or exercises using
weight on each exercise until fatigued. Gowans also Biomechanically, the abdominals play stability equipment such as bosu balls
finishes each exercise with an AMRAP set (essentially a key role in stabilisation and posture and TRX bands tend to engage the
smash out as many reps as possible) to encourage in both everyday life and in every entire core and reinforce mind-muscle
maximal muscle hypertrophy. compound movement. connection, according to Gowans.
Considering the arms smaller surface area and “Good core strength is critical Given that the abdominals are hard to
quick fatigue rate, working your arm routine into when exercising to prevent injury, but overload – unfortunately, there is no
an entire upper body session will maximise calorie also more generally to keep your body squat rack for the abs – growth and
burn. Dividing your sessions into biceps/triceps/ aligned and for good spine health. They engagement relies on fatiguing the
chest one day, and back and shoulders the other day is are what hold you upright and provide muscle using high repetitions. Gowans
one option. you with a solid foundation for all suggests three sets of 20 to 25 reps,
“It’s important to realise that all exercises will engage activity,” says Gowans. and 60 seconds work for any activity
auxiliary muscle groups. For example, a bench press “Just think – if you had no with an isometric hold. Rests should
done correctly will engage the back, lats and core, just abdominals you would flop around like be short, maxing 45 seconds to ensure
as much as the chest!” says Gowans. a rag doll!” consistent engagement. 59
/,+ 0 ġ/,! %"% ƫ
" 0ƫ( + / /ƫ
While it’s true that leaning out requires an
overall drop in body fat percentage – 1000
squats a day isn’t necessarily going to spot- !(( 5ƫ" 0 č correlates to
reduce the fat only on your legs – it may be high levels of stress hormone,
cortisol. This can be caused
possible to encourage stubborn fat burn by
by all sorts of stressors – not
adjusting your lifestyle.
just work related ones. Food
“Ultimately, why we store fat and where
intolerances, poor digestive
we store it is a product of our hormones
health, over-training,
and their interaction with the environment,”
dehydration and lack of sleep
explains celebrity trainer and creator
are common causes.
of Creating Curves, Alexa Towersey
( 0 $! / +( 10%+*ĕ Adjust
“Left unchecked, any kind of hormone your lifestyle and nutrition
imbalance makes losing weight, getting choices. Sleep more, test for
enough sleep, and functioning well in our any food intolerances and
jobs and lives impossible. Hormones can support your digestion with
explain why some women have a slender a good quality probiotic.
stomach but thunder thighs, or vice versa.”
According to Towersey, where you store
fat disproportionately can give you clues
about how best to burn it:

 'ƫ" 0ƫ* ƫ)1""%*ƫ0 +,/č

suggests an intolerance to
carbohydrates and poor blood sugar
0 $%#$ƫ" 0 č fat accumulating on the legs, management, most often related to a
booty and back of the arms that doesn’t poor diet.
respond to training and diet indicates
excess oestrogen levels – a surprisingly 0 $!ƫ/ +( 10%+*ĕ Eat the right foods at
common occurrence given our modern the right time in the right amounts. For
environments are saturated with xeno- example, swap sugary “white” carbs for
estrogens (environmental toxins). healthier versions such as sweet potato,
and eat them predominantly in insulin
0 $!ƫ/ +( 10%+*ĕƫ Include lots of fibre sensitive windows such as post-workout
and cruciferous vegetables in your diet – your body will be able to metabolise
to support detoxification. Avoid soy and the carbs much more efficiently.
reduce exposure to environmental toxins
by using natural, organic skin care and


Photography: Dave Laus

Words/workout: Nichelle Laus
Model: Sue Galluzzo
HMU: Two Chicks and Some Lipstick

Lower body exercise routines don’t need
to be overly complicated in order to be
effective. As with any efficiency, the key is
to channel your energy into exercises that
yield the best results. To shape your butt, it is
best to focus on movements that strengthen
your major leg muscles. Your glutes work
in conjunction with your hamstrings and
quadriceps, so it would be remiss to try to
shape only one part of your lower body. This
six-week program is divided into two phases

of three weeks each.

Perform the routine three days a
week (Monday, Wednesday and
Friday) to allow your body to recover
before the next session. This simple
routine is effective, so expect some
muscle soreness!
Choose weights that allow you to
perform the routine with perfect form.
The key is completing all the sets
and reps.
On off days, complement this routine
with core and upper body exercises,
but be cautious with your exertion. For
effective butt transformation, you need
to give it your all.

ƫāƫčƫăƫ ƫƫ
Ĩăƫƫ ĩ

āč Hip Thrusters: 4 sets x 12 reps (rest 90 sec

between sets)
āč Bulgarian Split Squat: 4 sets x 8 reps each
leg (rest: 20 seconds between alternate legs
then rest: 40 seconds before B2. (Glutes, Hamstrings)
Ăč Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 4 sets x 8 reps (rest: 1. Sit with your feet flat on the ground in a medium stance.
90 seconds before alternating to A1) 2. Place a bench just behind you with your upper back
touching it.
ƫĂčƫăƫ ƫ 3. Place a barbell just above your pubic bone. This is where it
Ĩăƫƫ ĩ should remain throughout the exercise.
MON/WED/FRIDAY 4. Drive up through your heels and your upper back on the
bench to lift your glutes and the barbell up towards the
āč Reverse Lunge Elevated Squats: 4 sets x ceiling as high as possible until you get the full hip extension
8 reps each leg (rest: 30 seconds before A2) with your knees above the toes.
Ăč Plie Squats: 4 sets x 8 reps (rest: 30 5. Squeeze your glutes, hold, and lower back down.
seconds before A3) 6. Repeat for desired reps.
ăč Barbell Lunge: 4 sets x 8 reps each leg
(rest: 60 seconds before repeating the circuit)
SQUATS (Quads)
1. Stand facing away, about 2 to 3 feet from a flat bench with a
pair of dumbbells down at your sides.
2. Carefully extend your right leg behind you and place the top
of your foot securely on the bench.
3. Slowly lower your body straight down by bending at the left
knee. Do not lean forward.
4. Squat down until your left thigh is parallel with the floor,
and then slowly raise your body back up by pushing through
your heel.
5. Repeat for desired reps and then repeat using your right leg. 63
1. Stand up straight with a slight bend in your knees and your
feet shoulder width apart. Hold a pair of dumbbells in your
hands resting in front of your thighs.
2. Keep your back as straight as possible and bend over at the
waist lowering the dumbbells over the tops of your feet.
3. Focus on the stretch in your hamstrings, and continue to
lower the dumbbells down as far as your hamstrings will
let you comfortably.
4. Now engage the hamstrings and begin to raise the
dumbbells straight back up. Your eyes should be facing up
and your shoulders back. This will prevent your lower back
from rounding.
5. Squeeze up through the glutes
and hamstrings until you're
standing straight up.
6. Repeat for desired reps.

(Quads, Glutes)
1. Rest a barbell across your upper back,
and stand with your feet wide and your
toes pointing outward.
2. Lunge forward with first leg landing on
your heel, then your forefoot.
3. Lower your body by flexing knee and
hip of front leg until knee of rear leg is
almost in contact with floor.
4. Return to original standing position
by forcibly extending hip and knee of
forward leg.
5. Repeat by alternating lunge with
opposite leg.
6. Continue alternating and repeat for
desired reps.



1. Rest a barbell across your
upper back, and stand with The lingerie look you want
your feet wide and your toes With the support athletes need
pointing outward.
2. Slowly lower your body toward Q-LINN combines the latest
the floor by bending from your innovations and techniques in
hips and knees until your thighs lingerie creation with the most
are parallel with the floor. Then,
beautiful designs
contracting the adductors (inner
thighs), push off the floor from
your heels and return to the We turn sports underwear into
starting position. Sports Lingerie!
3. Repeat for desired reps.

(Quads, Glutes)
1. Stand on a six-inch step or box with a
pair of dumbbells down at your sides.
2. Squeeze your right glute, step back with
your right leg, and lower until your left
knee is bent at least 90 degrees.
3. Pause, then push through the left leg to
return to start.
4. Repeat by alternating lunge with
opposite leg.
5. Continue alternating and repeat for
desired reps.




So you survived a summer of running
for the Frisbee and squatting to wash the
sand off your feet. Now the going gets
serious. Restoring peak fitness demands
more than turning up and busting out a
few burpees. The body needs to be kicked
into a higher gear. “Without progression,
overload and variety, your body becomes
very efficient in the moves it’s done over
and over again…in fact, it is so good
at it that it could do it as if on auto-
pilot,” says exercise physiologist, clinical
personal trainer and author Jodie Hopkins
( “To become
more efficient, the body will conserve
energy by using less muscle fibres,
improved energy pathways and have less
excessive movement, this also means that you: “If you’re doing splits you’re not . %+2/1(.ƫ"%0*!//ī
you might feel like you’re working out doing easy training you’re doing hard By combining two exercises in one set,
just as hard but your body has worked training,” says Hopkins. “Splits usually supersets guarantee serious gains and
out a much easier way for you to do it and result in a higher volume of work impart a cardio aspect to your workout.
therefore less work is done.” being achieved, this volume will create They target opposing muscle groups in each
Without variety and change, your body greater strength, power or muscle exercise so that one side is resting while
stays the same. But drastic measures don’t growth, if that is the goal.” the other is being used, meaning you can
mean working out twice a day. We’ve . 5 % čƫ alternate with minimal need for rest, says
mined the exercise physiology textbooks Muscle strength: 6 to 8 reps Hopkins. “Supersets save time and keep
Muscle power: 2 to 6 reps your metabolic rate and heart rate up too.”
for efficient ways to stimulate muscle
Muscle growth: 8 to 12 reps $5 5 +1 +1( čƫ Supersets are
growth and other fitness markers.
Sets: 3+ excellent for the time poor (or the time
Splits come in two guises: the wasting) gym goer. A 2011 study published
traditional way is splitting into muscle by Ohio University found that after 12

groups while the new way orbits push
or pull movement patterns. “Usually
one ‘movement’ pattern will be trained
weeks of supersetting exercises, subjects
demonstrated superior workout efficiency,
as well as gains similar to or above those
Splits allow muscles to recover between in one session, for example I’d do of traditional training. Another study, from
heavy and high volume weights workouts ‘push’ exercises one day, then ‘pull’ Southern Connecticut State University
so they can be worked just as hard (or exercises the next, then legs with found that supersetting had a greater body-
harder) in the next session. “When you core,” says Hopkins. fat loss and increased aerobic fitness next to
do your exercise you are splitting muscle ( *ƫ$! č If you’re trying to traditional weight training. Is there anything
fibres, so if it’s hard you’re actually splitting match your cardio to your weights a superset can’t do? Well according to
the fibres apart,” says Hopkins. “When training, Hopkins recommends Hopkins, if you’re after a whole lot of
you’re at rest they repair, grow new fibres leaving it until after a session. “If strength and power, you’d better stick with
and create bigger, stronger muscles.” How you’re looking at shorter, higher splits: “It’s all about volume, if you’re lifting
long does it take? Often, delayed onset intensity or longer duration cardio really heavy you need that recovery time
muscle soreness (DOMS) usually takes training, I would plan ahead after between exercises to do it again.”
around 24 hours or longer to rear its ugly your splits because the last thing . 5 % č Take your traditional weights
head, so we’re talking at least a day or so. you want to do is ask your muscles routing and pair off exercises: “Choose two
“The thing is if you’re doing that volume to work at their highest levels and exercises that have opposite movement
of work you need more than one night to to have your technique fail because patterns, (i.e. push or pull) or opposing
recover, because it’s heavy and it’s a lot of you’re already partially exhausted muscle groups, (e.g. chest and back) or that
work,” says Hopkins. from your cardio,” says Hopkins. are unrelated,” says Hopkins. “After two
$5 5 +1 +1( č ƫSplits are designed “This is because strength training or three sets usually you will need the full
for growing bigger and stronger muscles, is anabolic in nature, so it’s primary body to rest, so this is a great time to grab
which means pushing yourself to the limit goal is to ‘grow’, whereas cardio is some water.”
in each session, feeling the soreness and catabolic.” This means that cardio ( *ƫ$! č Supersetting is ideal for a
doing it all again. If taut biceps and days is best performed on days between whole body strength workout, or in part of a
of DOMS don’t entice you, splits aren’t for strength sessions or after. split strength training program. 67
(weights + cardio) Ī0#/čƫ!* 1.*!ī Ī0#/čƫ0+*!ƫ3%0$+10ƫ1('ī
Ī0#/čƫ3!%#$0ƫ(+//Čƫ0+*!ƫ3%0$+10ƫ1('Čƫ Running on empty usually undermines Suspension-training straps, commonly
!* 1.*!ī output, but studies have shown that low branded as TRX, are a spinoff from the
If you’re thinking of combining weights and intensity aerobic exercise in a fasted state US Navy, which required equipment that
cardio, advance with caution. As with splits, can foster long term improvements in allowed SEALs to train with minimal space.
the goal is to train with perfect form, so you performance and weight loss. Now suspension training is used as a
don’t want to spend all your lifting grunt on $5 5 +1 +1( č Normally exercise uses dynamic body weight workout for athletes
cardio. Make strength training your priority, a combination of glycogen (carbohydrates) and gym goers alike.
but don’t overdo it or you’ll pass a tipping and fat as fuel, but a study published in $5 5 +1 +1( č Suspension training
point into decline, Hopkins says. A heavy Sports Medicine found that exercising in a gives body weight exercises an edge by
weights session should be bookended with fasted or glycogen depleted state creates adding instability. “It can create strength,
nutrients that promote muscle repair and adaptations in the body’s fat oxidisation, muscle growth and muscular endurance,
growth and rest – not a cardio session. meaning the body will turn to fat for fuel. and allows for you to change angles in
$5 5 +1 +1( čƫ Combining weights Will training without breakfast help you to movement and level of experience,” says
and cardio can burn serious fat. “Strength lose weight? If you’re refuelling afterwards, Hopkins. According to research published in
training will elevate the metabolism higher there’s a chance fasted training will only the Journal of Sports and Science Medicine
and has a longer time to return back down undermine intensity, lowering calorie burn. training with instability resulted in a 22
to a normal resting basal metabolic level,” “If you want to lose fat, there are other per cent gain in functional performance
says Hopkins. This means burning more fuel more appropriate mindsets for training and measures. Another study from the Journal
than you would doing cardio alone, and eating,” says Hopkins. “If you are fuelled of Exercise Physiology found that a
more even at rest. Strength training also before your morning training you get better suspended plank caused much higher
begins the process of glycogen depletion, performance, more enjoyment and better core muscle activation than a floor-based
after which the body starts burning fuel source activation.” plank. But before you grab the TRX, you
more fat. . 5 % č The same study recommends should perfect your floor work first: “It is
. 5 % čƫ“I would train strength first to get performing fasted cardio at a low absolute always ideal to start out first with rectifying
all its benefits and not sacrifice technique intensity for extended periods. To moderate postural imbalances and faulty movement
and performance, and then I would do the the effects of glycogen depletion (you recruitment first, otherwise these
cardio on the already elevated metabolism, may feel as though you’ve hit a wall before imbalances become even more pronounced
to add to the burn,” says Hopkins you’ve started), researchers recommended with instability work,” says Hopkins.
( *ƫ$! čƫ Anytime, but preferably a carbohydrate-free caffeinated drink or . 5 % č “Work on strength in a stable
when a post workout snack is available. mouth rinse pre workout. position first, next comes the unstable
This could form part of your splits program, ( *ƫ$! č Fasted training isn’t a training mixed in with stable training, and
allowing for adequate rest between sessions. magic bullet and can undermine results then you can move to more suspension
immediately and in the longer term. “If you training sessions,” says Hopkins. Suspension
are low on glycogen the brain knows it, training is best used in a circuit, combining
and it will just slow you down or stop you several exercises together to create a
earlier,” says Hopkins. dynamic full body workout.
( *ƫ$! č You can do this any
time, but don’t use it instead of your
current routine. Research published
in the International Journal of Sports
Science concluded that TRX training was
a moderate intensity workout that could
supplement, but not replace, HIIT.


Ī0#/čƫ. %+2/1(.ƫ"%0*!//Čƫ0+*!ƫ
Ī0#/č 0+*! 3%0$+10 1('Č . %+2/1(. "%0*!//Č 3!%#$0 (+//ī 3%0$+10ƫ1('Čƫ3!%#$0ƫ(+//ī
Simply, a fitness circuit allows you to gains in muscular endurance, strength,
Also known as ‘jump training’, plyometric
cram a curated selection of moves into and cardiovascular endurance.
workouts involve a series of jump-based
minimum time. “It’s as simple as going to . 5 % č “I like doing circuits where I pick
moves which have been proven to benefit
the park, doing four exercises three times four exercises, perform each move for
agility and power. This is largely thanks to
each and walking home, or you could do about a minute duration with no rest until
something called the stretch shortening
a high intensity circuit of cardio, posture all four moves are done – that puts them
cycle. This is where the muscles experience
and weights…it’s just about what you want in a five minute block – then I’ll repeat
an intense stretch (e.g. a squat part of a
to get out of it,” says Hopkins. that set one or two more times, repeat
squat-jump) and an intense contraction
$5 5 +1 +1( č Research has shown the same process of another circuit of
(jump), which assists in the storage of
that circuits mean more efficient workouts different exercises, and then that’s it,”
elastic energy in the skeletal muscle. In lay
according to research published in the says Hopkins.
terms: it’s like stretching a rubber band, and
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. ( *ƫ$! č Your timing depends
letting it go.
Their increased intensity and workload can on your circuit. But, if you’re engaging
$5 5 +1 +1( č Aside from scoring
also work to overcome plateaus, research in circuit weight interval training, the
the perk of a HIIT workout, plyometrics
showed. The study recommended circuit research recommends sufficient recovery
has also proven to be effective in
weight interval training (a combination between sessions – which means waiting
increasing the power (that’s strength
of higher intensity intervals and weights until you’re no longer sore to do another –
and speed combined) and agility of leg
exercises), suggesting that it may facilitate to prevent overtraining.
muscles. One study published in Biology
of Sport found that plyometric training
improved knee flexion (landing) as well
KETTLEBELL WORKOUTS as jump performance – making it perfect
for jump training sports. But being the
high impact and high intensity aspect of
Kettlebell lifting has been a competitive sport in Russia since the 1960s, but plyometric training also makes it ideal for
kettlebells have made their way into the gym. Essentially, they can do everything a HIIT workouts.
dumbbell can do – with the bonus of handles. This makes them a go-to for dynamic . 5 % č Typical plyometric exercises include
strengthening exercises and high intensity circuits. the drop jump (e.g. jumping off a box and
$5 5 +1 +1( č Kettlebells are a great way to combine weights and cardio in onto the ground with soft knees) and the
one dynamic workout. According to Ace Fitness research, a 20 minute kettlebell counter movement jump (e.g. a squat
workout could replace half an hour of weights and another half hour on the treadmill. jump), but plyometric workouts can contain
The same study estimated energy use in those 20 minutes to be around 272 calories. a mix of jumping, bounding and hopping
. 5 % č “More functional movements can be used in kettlebell training,” says drills. Speaking to a trainer about form and
Hopkins. This usually means swings and rotations, as well as more traditional technique is advised.
strength exercises (as you’d do with dumbbells). The introduction of momentum ( *ƫ$! č “Plyometrics can be done
and movement means that newbies need to train with care: “Technique and postural alone in training or can be added into a
imbalances can be a problem, and acceleration and deceleration issues can arise, circuit or full body training session, or even
bringing about injury,” says Hopkins. one or two bursts in a leg workout,” says
( *ƫ$! č More recent research from Physical Therapy Reviews noted that Hopkins. “Technique and postural alignment
kettlebell training improved explosive strength by 19.8 per cent, but had no effect is paramount. Limit sessions to no more than
on aerobic endurance. The conclusion? Use it to get stronger and burn calories, but one a week with a duration of around 20
don’t let it replace your cardio. minutes as the body can’t tolerate more.” 69

 .%ġ / ! ƫ
!4,.!/ /
Skip the queue for fat loss with this
strategic upper body workout.
Words/workout: Claudia Jovanovski (pictured)
Photography: James Patrick

Time-poor gymmers are all too familiar
with supersetting to save time. Pushing out
two moves successively with little or no rest
between is among the best fitness hacks
going – especially for impatient types. KE T T L E B E L L
Tri-sets step things up again, running SW I N G
together three fatiguing moves, meaning the .#! /č QUADS, GLUTES,
workout is performed at high intensity for a HAMSTRINGS, CALVES, ABS
shorter duration than standard circuits. /!, āġ Stand with feet hip width apart
According to a study at the Catholic and your toes slightly pointed away from
University of Brasilia and the Eastern Illinois the body. The kettlebell should be in the
University, multiple sets (MS) and tri-sets middle of your feet.
(TS) were found to impact neuromuscular /!, Ăġ Bend your hips back until the bell
variables and body composition. is between and behind your legs.
The results of the study indicate that a /!, ăġ Activate your glutes and drive
multi-set regimen burns more body fat than through your hips to swing the kettlebell
circuit-like training. forward. Extend your hips and knee to get
In tri-sets, the usual rest period a thrust going.
between sets is used to complete a set of
/!, ąġ Make sure this is a repetitive
another move. movement to ensure you get a good
Research also shows that the hormonal rhythm going.
response to such unrelenting exertion
favours optimal muscle growth (which
in the real world equals tone and a
faster metabolism).
You can either pair exercises that are
noncompeting (i.e. work opposing muscle
.#! / č %!,/
groups), or you can pair exercises that target /!, āġ Set up position- Stand up
the same muscle group. right with barbell at shoulder-width
The down side of this fast, furious grip. Keep your elbows close to your
method is a power penalty, which reduces body and your palms supinated.
the amount of resistance you can use and /!, Ă. Keep your core activated
hence limits potential for strength gains. as you curl the bar towards your
While some experts claim that staggering shoulders. Your upper arms
moves with opposing muscle group pairings should remain stationary as the
circumvents this risk, the nervous system’s forearms move.
response to this training method necessarily /!, ă. Pause at the top with
inhibits power. Most experts maintain that biceps contracted.
classic training is best for strength goals. /!, ąċ As you release the barbell
For more advanced users, tri-sets can be back to the original position make
combined with classic sets by incorporating sure to keep your abs tight to
one or two strength moves performed stabilize the body
classically (with or without intervening
moves that keep the body moving without
inviting fatigue).
This workout uses sprints, so factor that
in, whether you want to do a bike sprint in
the gym or a dash on the track.
ćĀ +ƫĊĀġ/!  +*
On your marks, get set… .!  + 2!. 5ċ . !,! ċ 71
/!,ƫāġ Set up position – Stand
with feet shoulder width apart.
Hold the kettlebell with both hands
and let it hang infront. Draw the
navel towards your spine to support
your back.
/!,ƫĂġ Slowly bend forward by
moving your bum back and bending
at the hips. The aim is to bring the
kettlebell just below the knee. While
performing each repitition, Make

B1 sure you should have a slight knee

bend, and keep kettlebell close to
body and your core tight.
/!,ƫă. Return to the set up
K E T TL E BELL position by driving through your
SQUAT hips. Squeeze your glutes at the
.#! /č QUADS, GLUTES, top of every repatition.
/!,ƫāġ Set up position: feet should
be slightly wider than your hips and
your feet should be turned out at
a 45 degree angle. Keep your core
engaged, your back straight and
your eyes on the horizon. Hold the
kettlebell infront of your body.
/!,ƫĂ. Bend your knees and move
your butt towards the ground as if
you are about to sit on a chair. Your
hips should move slightly back and
the goal is to try get the kettlebell
as close to the floor without actually
touching it.
ćĀƫ+ƫĊĀġ/!  +* ƫ.!  + 2!. 5ċƫ. !,! ċƫ
Return to the set up position by
driving up through your heels.
Remember to squeeze your glutes
at the top.
Repeat 12 to 15 reps





Walking has been shown to lower
the risk of many major diseases and
conditions when expending the same
amount of energy as runners. A brisk
walk is proven to lower the risk of
heart disease, high blood pressure and
diabetes slightly more than the same
amount of energy expended on vigorous
activities, according to a study at the
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.
Walking for an hour is the approximate
equivalent to a half-hour run in terms of
health benefits. "Walking and running
provide an ideal test of the health
benefits of moderate-intensity walking
and vigorous-intensity running because
they involve the same muscle groups
and the same activities performed at
different intensities," said the study’s
author. The study’s 33,000 runners and
15,000 walkers showed that walking
reduced blood pressure significantly
more with each kilometre covered than
running (7.2 per cent versus 4.2 per

cent). Cholesterol risk was similar, while

walking realised twice the risk reduction
for heart disease as running.

%**!.čƫ ('%*#

Walking may be among the most underrated fat-loss comfort zone, increase your heart rate and challenge
methods going. “Walking has just the same amount of yourself,” says founder of Blue Sky fitness Amanda
benefits as running,” says Jetts trainer Jarrad Sullivan Ferguson. The notable difference between walking
( “Walking will be more beneficial for and running is that walking demands longer duration
those who are just starting to lose weight or for those to realise the same calorie burn according to trainer
with health problems. For people who are overweight, Nadine Sullivan. To decrease workout duration and
walking can be less stressful on the body as it is a low accelerate fat loss, she recommends augmenting walking
impact exercise.” Just 30 minutes of brisk walking, with interval workouts. “Interval workouts can be less
five days per week, is enough to decrease your risk of rest, running faster or adding in hills or steps,” she says.
heart disease and lose weight according to a 2007 study Powerwalking on challenging surfaces such as sand are
published in The Journal of the American Medical a viable alternative to running, especially for those with
Association. Those who walked 60 minutes per day impact injuries. “The best surfaces are flat, firm, but
shed 12 to 14 per cent of their starting weight when not too hard. Avoid concrete if possible as this can be a
consuming 1,500 calories a day – significantly more than source of high stress on your hip, knee and ankle joints,”
those who didn’t walk. Sullivan says.
To promote efficient fat loss, a walking schedule Aim for a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes per day, four
needs to be progressively tailored to gains in the same to six days a week, Sullivan advises. Also monitor steps
way as other training protocols. “What you want to aim and target 10,000 daily.
for is to increase your speed and distance over time.
If you want to see results, you need to step out of your %**!.čƫ ('%*#

To rival running in the fitness stakes, the sole training type, you’ll need to spend
walking needs to be structured and mapped more time training to compensate for lower
according to PT Tina Rutzou. “Map out intensity. A one to two hour walk three to
your route before you leave home and aim to four times a week is a good benchmark,
walk around five to six kilometres per hour Rutzou says.
the whole time.” If you only have time for a If you’re running, offset early exhaustion
stroll in your lunch break, don’t use this as and increased injury risk by taking regular
an excuse to discount walking all together. walking breaks, which will increase potential
Runners may be able to maintain aerobic distance covered and therefore, calories
fitness by walking, says accredited exercise burned. A combination of walking and
physiologist at Beyond Exercise Studio running makes exercisers less tired overall, as
Anna-Louise Moule ( bodies are naturally wired to preserve energy
To increase fitness levels, however, Moule according to a study at Ohio State University.
advises setting goals based on the time taken Whether you walk or run, check your
to walk a certain distance and how intense posture intermittently (try a shop window).
that exercise feels (perceived exertion). “If Your chest should be up, shoulders back and
each week you aim to cover more distance relaxed, head up and your body should be
in a set time or increase your time walking, over your feet – not in front or behind.
you will increase your fitness levels,” Moule
says. To improve endurance with walking as %**!.č . 1**%*# 75
Whether you’ve never run five k in your life, or wonder 1. Squats (20 reps)
whether you’d last the distance after a hiatus, use these 2. Step-ups (20 reps on each leg)
tips from Step Into Life’s, Melinda Hiatt ( 3. Clam (20 reps on each side)
au) to go from couch to 5km in 16 weeks. 4. Bridge (20 reps)
Perform this circuit three to four times a week – 5. Plank (3 x 20 second holds)
especially before you run. Key: (ST) indicates strength training

+* 1!/ ! $1./ .% /  / 1*

!!'ƫāġą ST 20 min run ST 20 min run Rest or 30 min ST and 30 min 30 min run
alternating 30 alternating 30 walk walk alternating 30
sec running/1 sec running/1 sec running/1
min walking min walking min walking
!!'ƫĆġć ST 30 min run ST 30 min run 40 min walk ST and 40 min 40 min run
alternating alternating walk alternating 1
1 min 1 min min running/1
running/30 sec running/30 sec min walking
walking walking
!!'ƫĈ ġĊ ST 30 min run ST and 40 min 30 min run 40 min walk ST and 40 min 40 min run
alternating 90 walk alternating 90 walk alternating 90
sec running/30 sec running/30 sec running/60
sec walking sec walking sec walking
!!'ƫāĀġ āā ST 30 min run ST and 40 min 30 min run 40 min walk ST and 40 min 40 min run
alternating 2 walk alternating 2 walk alternating 3
min run/30 sec min run/30 sec min run/30 sec
walk walk walk
!!'ƫāĂ ġāă ST and 20 min 30 min run ST and 40 min 30 min run 60 min walk ST and 20 min 40 min run
walk or rest alternating 3 walk alternating 4 walk/run – no alternating 4
min run/30 sec min run/30 sec more than 5 min run/30 sec
walk walk min on with 30 walk
sec rest
!!'ƫāąġ āć ST and 20 min 30 min run ST and 40 min 30 min run 60 min walk ST and 20 min 40 min run
walk or rest alternating 4 walk alternating 5 walk/run – no alternating 4
min run/30 sec min run/30 sec more than 5 min run/30 sec
walk walk min on with 30 walk
sec rest

Make the most of your workout by checking your run technique
against these markers.

+. ,+ !. ('%*#ď at a 90-degree angle, swinging them forward and back and
Ğ /* ((ċ Correct posture can prevent fatigue and injury. keeping them close to the sides of your body.
Pelvic floor should be activated, shoulders back and down, Ğ With each step, / -1!!6! 5 +1. 1 ƫ$!!' / to work your
pelvis tucked under, tummy in and head up. butt muscles. Keep your belly button back towards your spine
Ğ '!  + +. (! / .% !/ċ Lead with your heel, rolling to work your abs.
through your instep and pushing off with the ball of your foot. Ğ . !(  4 5 +1. .! $%*# and walk as fast as you can –
Ğ ' !!,ƫ5 +1.ƫ. /ƫ* ƫ$* /ƫ.!(  4! Čƫholding them building up the pace as fitness improves.

+.ƫ. 1**%*#ď
Ğƫ $ ! č The way you hold your head when you run will
determine your posture. Look ahead to where you are
running, not at your feet.
Ğƫ / $+1( !./č Keep shoulders relaxed, dropping them away
from your ears. If they start to creep up towards your ears
again and you feel tense, relax them and shake them out.
Your shoulders should remain level.
Ğƫ  . /č Your hands control the tension in your upper body
while your arms and the way they swing work with your
stride to propel you. Keep your hands unclenched and
ensure that your arms swing forwards and back, not across
your body. Keep elbows bent at about 90 degrees.
Ğƫ +./ +č Your head affects the position of your torso, so
revisit head and shoulder position. Correct form here will
cause your torso to naturally straighten, promoting lung
capacity and stride length.
Ğƫ $ %,/č Your hips are your centre of gravity and integral to
good running posture. If your torso position is correct, your
hips will follow, pointing straight ahead.
Ğƫ ( !#/č Endurance runners require a slight knee lift while
sprinters need a higher knee lift. To gauge your stride length,
check that your feet land directly underneath your body.
When your foot strikes the ground, your knee should be
slightly flexed and bend naturally on impact. Your stride is
too long if your lower leg extends out in front of your body.
Ğƫ  *'(!/ĥ !!č To push off the ground with maximum
force, each step should contact the ground lightly. The
landing area should be between your heel and mid-foot.
Keep your ankle flexed as your foot rolls forward to create
more force as you push-off again. As you roll onto your toes,
try to spring off the ground. Your calf muscles should propel
you with each step.

whfmag womenshealthandfitness whandfmag whandfmaged



$ *

fit food

Words/recipes: Lisha Lorincz // @lean_lisha

Ğ 1 frozen banana
Ğ 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
Ğ ¾ cup unsweetened almond milk
Ğ 1 tsp butter extract
Ğ 1 tbsp cacao nibs
Ğ ½ cup ice

,0% ( 0 ,,%#/č

» Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest
Protein Bar pieces
Ğ Clean dark chocolate sauce
(unsweetened dark cocoa powder +
water + stevia

First blend all Need, except cacao nibs,
until smooth. Add cacao nibs and blend

for several more seconds. Garnish with

chocolate sauce and enjoy!

join our

!! Ğƫ ½ cup unsweetened coconut milk
$++(0!ƫ+""!!ƫ( 5!.č Ğƫ 1 tbsp cottage cheese DON’T FORGET
Ğƫ ½ frozen banana Ğƫ ½ cup ice TO HASHTAG
Ğƫ ½ scoop chocolate protein powder

Ğƫ ½ cup chilled coffee
Ğƫ 1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
Blend Need for chocolate coffee layer FIT FOOD
Ğƫ ½ cup ice
until smooth. Pour into desired glass, and #MYWH
set in freezer. Next, blend Need for vanilla
*%((ƫ.!)ƫ( 5!.č cream layer until smooth and pour on top
Ğƫ ½ frozen banana of chocolate coffee layer. Garnish with
Ğƫ ½ scoop vanilla protein powder toppings and enjoy!

FOR MORE Ğƫ 1 frozen banana
DECADENT Ğƫ 1 scoop cake batter protein powder
SMOOTHIE (or vanilla protein powder + dash of
RECIPES, CHECK cinnamon and nutmeg)
OUT THE GOURMET Ğƫ ¾ cup unsweetened coconut milk
SMOOTHIE Ğƫ 1 tbsp plain non-fat Greek yoghurt
E-BOOK Ğƫ ½ tbsp coconut flour
Ğƫ 1 tsp butter extract
Ğƫ ½ cup ice womenshealthandfitness

,0% (ƫ 0 ,,%#/č
Ğƫ Sprinkles whfmag

čƫBlend Need for cupcake smoothie With health food this good,
until smooth and pour into desired glass.
who needs cheat days?
Garnish with toppings and enjoy!
Indulge on the daily with
Women’s Health & Fitness

#Rawfitspo #myWHF



LOUDER THAN 1*0%(ƫ5 +1 ƫ
* Full terms and conditions are available at // See for our privacy policy.

n. Selfie taken in gym
attire; often carefully
styled and shot.



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Fruit has been considered healthy since Nutrition and Dietetic Services, says that in the American Journal of Epidemiology
Adam was a boy. Australia’s dietary fruit’s place as a staple in Australia’s dietary found lowered mortality rates after fruit
guidelines still encourage adults to eat guidelines is warranted. “It [fruit] is packed consumption), lowered breast cancer risk
two pieces a day as part of a whole food full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and a high mental wellbeing. Fruit also
diet delivering optimal nutrients. The and fibre. It is a perfect unprocessed snack. contains powerful anti-oxidants that help
synergistic and complementary attributes of When we are eating the whole fruit, we are prevent diseases, heart and eye problems and
fruit – from antioxidants to the somewhat getting so many other nutrients, and also the mood disorders, these anti-oxidants can be
ingenious function of inherent fibre slowing fibre - this helps slow down the digestion particularly potent in berries. Blueberries,
delivery of sugar into the bloodstream – of the food,” she says. Fear of fruit’s sugar blackberries, strawberries and acai contain
couldn’t be scripted better. Yet in the I Quit content may be spawned by confusion with anti-oxidants that neutralize and balance
Sugar era, fruit has found its way into the the fructose isolated and used in soft drink out naturally occurring unstable molecules
same bowl as Whizz Fizz and Fanta. The and other processed products such as certain in the body known as ‘free radicals.’ These
reason for the confusion is fructose – the weight loss shakes (go figure). In that form, it free radicals are formed when we eat and
controversial sidekick of glucose. Under has more of a negative impact than fructose exercise and disrupt the body by stealing
some circumstances, the monosaccharide absorbed alongside glucose in real foods electrons and causing oxidative stress,
is used by the liver to create fat through a such as fruit, says Rabel. Avoidance of fruit effectively causing damage to cells. Fruit also
process known as lipogenesis. However, just and other fructose containing ingredients provides optimally bioavailable nutrients for
as eating fat doesn’t necessarily equal gaining such as honey, berries, fruits, cereals and absorption in the body, being easier to break
fat, the science of fructose metabolism occasionally vegetables leads to loss of down and use for energy. With so many
isn’t so simplistic. Accredited practicing potential benefits such as a lowered risk of positive consequences to be gained, why are
dietitian Caitlin Rabel, from Bites for Health cardiovascular disease (a study published we still avoiding fruit because of fructose? 83
Accredited nutritionist, Tracie
Hyam Connor (tracietalkshealth. says commercially used
fructose is often confused with
naturally occurring fructose; therefore
perpetuating the stigma that fructose
is synonymous with adverse health.
“Unfortunately because it carries
the same name as the naturally
occurring sugar, there's been plenty of
confusion surrounding it [fructose].
The commercial fructose is made
with a mixture of sugars, including
sucrose (cane sugar), and is found
in most high- sugar and sweetened
packaged foods, such as muesli bars,
sauces, cakes and biscuits, and can
wreak havoc on our health; especially
when consumed regularly and/or in
large quantities,” says Hyam Connor.
Commercial fructose, found in most
packaged sweets is used as added sugar,
it is the sweetest of all sugars (read:
‘tastiest’), this is how fizzy drinks and
biscuits get their sweet taste. Guess
. 10 + /! VS ( 1 + /! VS
it’s time to lighten up on the sweets
(if we must!), but is sugar all bad or is
that 3pm muesli bar hit okay? “A little The disparity between sugars can be Sucrose on the other hand, is the name for
bit of sugar isn't bad for the body, in highlighted by looking at the different a combination of the two – 50% glucose
fact our brains require small doses for types of roles sugars play within the body. and 50% fructose. Upon the breaking down
sharp function. But the type of sugars Let’s get science-y, fructose, glucose (both of sucrose, also known as table sugar, the
that are best consumed are naturally monosaccharides) and sucrose are all glucose and fructose are used according to
occurring, such as those found in simple sugars a part of the carbohydrate the body’s needs - which sees fructose stored
fruits, vegetables, whole grains and group, and while they taste the same to the as ‘longer-term energy’ and glucose looked
dairy (no added sugar varieties, of human tongue, they each play a different upon as a lethargy-killing savior. Handy
course).” So while we know that sugars role in the body. Glucose (also known as hint: in order to reduce storing this sugary
aren’t ALL bad for us, where do we blood sugar), as opposed to fructose, has an energy, try to avoid carbohydrates at night
start? According to Hyam Connor it important role (as diabetics will know all as the body stores whatever energy it doesn’t
is recommended by the World Health too well) in the production of energy. Food use before bed.
Organisation that under five teaspoons consumed is broken down in the liver and Despite refined sugar dragging fructoses’
of added sugar each day in a ‘balanced, turned into energy that runs through the name through the mud, it should be noted
wholesome diet with a variety of blood (glucose) and is used accordingly, the that fructose when consumed in natural
macronutrients’ is encouraged, but liver also stores glucose for energy needed fruits does not pose the same health risks
too much sugar has its consequences at a later time. Similar to glucose, fructose as fructose added to confectionary and
– and this where the negative fructose is also broken down in the liver, used to energy drinks. Ross Walter, Nutritionist
reputation rears its head. “The replenish glycogen stores (stored energy) and Naturopath, says “whole fresh fruit is
consequences of consuming too much or – and here is where fructose gets its fine, but processed or concentrated forms
sugar in the diet stretch far and wide; devilish reputation - form glycerol which is of fructose can contribute to adverse health
leading to the most commonly known an element of fat. Unlike glucose, fructose is conditions such as weight gain, diabetes,
'lifestyle diseases' such as insulin not the body’s preferred energy source and and heart disease. And while fresh fruit is
resistance, diabetes and obesity but does not cause insulin to be released, nor generally healthy, there are some people
also linked to cases of infertility, does it regulate energy disbursement. The with these particular health conditions
digestive disorders and mental health insulin released from the pancreas when who should at least temporarily limit
issues,” says Hyam Connor. blood sugar levels rise uses this glucose their intake of fruit. But we should all be
to fuel the body - including the brain. limiting our intake of highly processed

fructose from fruit juices, soft drinks, and
concentrated syrups such as from corn,
honey, maple and agave,” says Ross Walter.
1/! . 1%0 0 + !/% *  $!( 0$5 /)++ 0$%!   /! +*  0 Čƫ*+ 0ƫ)5 0$
In order to prevent the over consumption Waking up each morning and aiming to make the perfect low-calorie, but filling smoothie
of sugar and adverse health effects, Solveig is an untold art form – raw egg, greens, yoghurt (which kind?), fruit and seeds are just
Litchfield, Master Coach for Nutrition at the the beginning of this food jungle. So how do you make the most beneficial smoothie?
Australian Institute of Fitness says eating Incorporating coloured fruits (two serves, no need to overindulge on fruit!), ice, yoghurt
two serves a day is recommended, which (either Greek or low-fat – be wary of excess sugar content in place of fat) and optional greens
ranges from a half a cup of strawberries (spinach, kale) and soaked seeds. Choosing fruit can be hard so we’ve compiled a list of fruit
and a banana to a pear and a handful of groups and their benefits so you can adjust your smoothie according to your needs. Keeping
blueberries. “Most Australians don’t eat in mind most fruits are low GI (glycemic Index) meaning they make you fuller for longer and
help maintain blood sugars, so if you are choosing a banana (which is naturally high in fibre)
enough fruit and vegies, in fact, most only
for your smoothie you may not need to include oats (another high fibre option.)
eat half of the recommended serves for good
health. Therefore, the focus is to try and
0 $! !..%!/ ƫƫ the obesity crisis. In a study published by the
get people eating at least the recommended
Known for lowering LDL cholesterol, superhero American Chemical Society, mice that had
amount. That is not to say that more than
anti-oxidants and preventing age-related been fed an exclusively junk food diet were
two servings will pose a health concern.
memory loss treated with a specific flavanone (a class of
It also adds to the complete nutritional
/,+0(%#$0 +*č Blueberries antioxidants) found in citrus fruits in order to
profile when looked at in conjunction
* 10.%!*0/ƫĨ,ĥāĀĀ#/ĩč Vitamin C (16%), Vitamin reverse the effects of obesity. Results indicated
with recommended servings from the five the mice had lower oxidative stress (caused
B-6 (5%), Fibre (9%) and Protein (1%)
food groups. It could be said that if we by free radicals), less liver damage and lower
!*!"%0č Besides their high anti-oxidant
overconsume in one food group then we reputation, eating blueberries twice a week blood glucose.
may lack in another, which could change is associated with a lower risk of developing /,+0(%#$0 +*č Lemons
our complete nutrition profile with each type 2 diabetes according to researchers * 10.%!*0/ Ĩ,ĥāĀĀ#/ĩč Vitamin C (88%), Fibre
food group offering different nutrients and at the Harvard School of Public Health. The (11%) and Vitamin B-6 (5%)
health benefits,” says Litchfield. Despite the study’s findings showed that the risk of type !*!"%0č Lemons are known not only for
Australian Dietary Guidelines determining 2 diabetes was lowered 23% as opposed to balancing the delicate PH levels in our bodies,
that two servings of fruit is optimal, those who ate one serving a month. but lemon water is also beneficial in aiding
Youtube, Social Media star and author /,+0(%#$0 +*č Strawberries digestion and stopping the multiplying of
Leanne Ratcliffe also known as ‘Freelee the * 10.%!*0/ƫĨ,ĥāĀĀ#/ĩč Vitamin C (97%), pathogenic bacteria that results in illnesses.
Banana Girl’ claims to eat up to 50 bananas Magnesium (3%), Calcium (1%) and Iron (2%) Next time you’re sick, squeeze a lemon into
a day (how does one even reach for another !*!"%0č 1 cup of strawberries is equivalent some hot water and kick that cold to the curve!
banana after the tenth?) in order to stay to 100% of your daily vitamin C requirement! ** /
thin. Remarkably, she does, and encourages Strawberries are also known to boost * 10.%!*0/ƫĨ,ĥāĀĀ#ĩč Potassium (10%), Fibre
her over half a million Youtube subscribers red blood cells and slow the onset of (10%), Vitamin C (14%), Vitamin B-6 (20%),
to do the same. The Adelaide born began motor problems. Magnesium (6%)
writing in 2011, with her book Go Fruit /,+0(%#$0 +*č Cranberries !*!"%0č Bananas are nature’s superfood, with
Yourself detailing how the slim vegan began * 10.%!*0/ƫĨ,ĥāĀĀ#/ĩč Vitamin C (22%), Fibre benefits ranging from reducing stress and
her raw food journey by illustrating her (18%), Vitamin B-6 (5%) and contain less than anxiety to counteracting effects of sodium.
2006 food blog entries. She claims her diet 0.3gs of fat. The potassium in bananas also provides
has helped her deal with acne and weight !*!"%0č If you’re a woman, occasionally you relief from blood pressure and heart and
loss – contradicting dietitian nutritional may deal with the stinging and pain associated kidney disorders.
advice that this diet does not contain with a glamorous urinary tract infection,
!0. č 5+ $1. 0 ƫ
enough varying nutrients. Most recently, she well at first signs of the infection get thee to
Greek yoghurt, also known as strained
has written an e-book called Raw Before 4 cranberries stat (avoid cranberry juice as this is
yoghurt, is a thicker and more sour-tasting
in which advice such as ‘eat five bananas in a full of sugar). Cranberries are known to relieve
alternative than its sweet ‘normal’ counterpart,
smoothie for breakfast’ and ‘eat six mangoes and prevent bacteria from attaching to the
partly because the removal of some
for lunch’ is real advice. Before running out cells that line the urinary tract, ensuring you
lactose effectively means its sugar content
to try this diet you should know that Caitlin can go to the ladies in peace.
is significantly lower. This also means the
Rabel, Bites For Health, says this diet, while  %0. 1/ delicious dish has a higher protein density –
working for Leanne, is not a beneficial diet /,+0(%#$0 +*č Oranges specifically casein protein.
for everyone. “Five bananas is a lot! I think * 10.%!*0/ƫĨ,ĥāĀĀ#/ĩč Vitamin C (88%), Fibre Per 100gs (457 kj)
a bit of common sense needs to prevail here; (9%), Potassium (5%), Vitamin B-6 (5%) and .+0!%*č 20%
most people know that a BALANCED diet Protein (1%)  (%1)č 11%
that is high in fresh fruit and vegetables is !*!"%0č Specific anti-oxidants in oranges and %0)%* ġāĂč 13%
the best, but this also requires moderation.” other citrus fruits have the potential to aid in %0)%* ġćč 5% 85
.% ! .1 %0
grapes - yet many people wouldn’t hesitate fruit, rather than dried or juiced fruit. Dried
Grabbing a bag of sultanas from the health to eat up to 40 sultanas in one sitting that fruit and juice are concentred, so we tend to
food aisle and beaming with pride because fit within their palm or are packaged in eat more of it than we would in fresh, whole
you’re definitely going to look healthier little ‘snack -sized’ boxes. Eating 40 whole form. That means they are higher in sugar,
than your co-workers when you eat them at grapes is the equivalent to approx 4 serves of so aren’t great for our teeth, and also energy-
your desk tomorrow may be a false victory. fruits!” says Hyam Connor. dense, so can add up to extra kilojoules.
Dried fruits are more sugary due to the Juice also has less fibre, as the fibrous
concentration of sugar that occurs when
1 %! portion of the fruit is usually left behind, so
the fruit is removed of liquid. Tracie Hyam Charlene Grosse, Advanced Accredited it doesn’t keep us satisfied for as long as fresh
Connor says the lack of education regarding Practising Dietitian, says in terms of picking fruit,” says Grosse. In fact, juice is extremely
serving sizes means overindulgence occurs your preferred fruit, go with your fave, but high in fructose and contains more servings
regularly. “Another problem with dried in terms of juice, you may want to switch of fruit than is beneficial (up to six oranges
fruit is that it’s easy to eat much more than to water. “The best fruit to eat is whichever in a glass) without the desired fibre content.
would be considered healthy. For example, kind you enjoy the most, and what is in
5 -6 sultanas is the equivalent of eating 5- 6 season. However, it is best to stick to fresh


%..%0 (! + !( /5* .+)!č ƫƫ DRIED FRUIT IS THAT
An intolerance to fructose MORE THAN WOULD BE
Occasionally there will be issues with Fructose is a monosaccharide, and some
fruit…gassy and poo-ey issues. While not people can have trouble absorbing fructose,
glamorous or what you’d expect from eating and this is particularly common in those
fruit (how frustrating to attempt healthiness with IBS. This malabsorption means that
only to be hit with the sh*ts!) irritable bowels only some fructose is absorbed in the small
are a potential result of an inability to digest intestine, rather than all of it. What isn’t EXTRA
sugars effectively. Chloe McLeod, Accredited absorbed moves to the large intestine, where
Practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian it can then ferment, resulting in production .1%0/ $2!ƫ,.+0!%*ƫ0++Čƫ
(, says these sugars are of gas, bloating and diarrhea – symptoms 3$5ƫ*+0ƫ1/!ƫ%0ƫ"+.ƫ5+1.ƫ
known as ‘FODMAP.’ “FODMAP is an we’d probably all prefer to do without!” says *!40ƫ3+.'+10ĕ
acronym for Fermentable Oligosaccharides, McLeod. To counteract the issue, those
If Family Feud was to say ‘name a food
Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and with an intolerance are encouraged to with protein in it?’ you can guess that the
Polyols. Some people don’t digest these practice a low FODMAP diet and work with top answer probably wouldn’t be fruit, in
sugars well, which can then result in professionals to identify which sugars are fact it probably wouldn’t have earned a
symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). causing the issues. mention on the board – ‘Big juicy steak’ is
likely the answer, but fruit packs a small
punch of protein too. ‘Huh?’ you say. Yes,

$0Ě/ƫ0$!ƫ+,0%)1)ƫ".1%0 /*'ĕ really! Although known more for their fibre

and anti-oxidants, they also contain small
Depending on your body’s needs (something sweet, hunger etc) your ideal snack will amounts of protein. “All fruit contains
vary. Combining fresh fruit (with skin intact) and another healthy snack such as nuts protein, just in varying quantities. Bananas,
is the best way to ensure you are consuming the most nutrients from fruit and getting cherries and lemons all contain 1g per 100g,
vitamins and minerals from another source to receive a variety of nutrients – not pomegranate and passion fruit are higher
strictly what fruit can offer you. If you are after energy, bananas are the best option at 1.7g and 2.2g per 100g respectively. Most
and if you crave sugar, berries are your low-cal option. other fruit is a little under 1g per 100g,”
0 .5č says McLeod.
Ğ Chopped banana in Greek yoghurt with chia seeds sprinkled on top (fibre, protein) The lowest amount of protein per 100gs?
Ğ Berries with raw nuts (anti-oxidants) Ğ Pear
Ğ Avocado & nut butter on toasted sourdough (because YUM) Ğ Cranberries.


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mag whandfmaged



OME whan
ndfmag womenshealth

VOLUME 23 No. 1

ET OX andfitness
s th www.wome

on j cleanses)


$! (0!/0 /%!*!

.!2!(/ (!2!. 35/
0+ 5,// ,,!0%0!ċ +1
3+*Ě0 !2!* *+0%! 5+1Ě.!


. nsh al ha
han e sc m u
$!ƫ   %

Low GI
(glycaemic index)
$!ƫ $! +. č A low-GI meal increases gut hormone
production, which may suppress appetite and
accelerate satiety according to research at London’s
King’s College.
$!ƫ/ %!*!čƫ Carbohydrates are assigned a GI
ranking based on their impact on blood sugar levels.
Low-GI foods and meals such as fruit and veg, milk
and grain bread take longer to digest and release
sugar into the bloodstream more slowly than high-GI
alternatives such as white bread and cornflakes.
Researchers found that healthy volunteers who
consumed a low GI dinner followed by an overnight
fast and low-GI breakfast had 20 per cent higher
levels of GLP-1 and 38 per cent lower insulin than
those who consumed a high-GI breakfast. GLP-1 is
one of the most potent hormones for suppressing
appetite. Including low-GI foods such as pulses in
meals can increase satiety by 31 per cent according to
a systematic review published in journal Obesity. The $!ƫ   %
golden formula for maximum satiety was 160 grams –
30 grams more than a ¾ cup serving. Nighttime carbs
$! $! +. č Eating carbs mostly at night changes secretion of
hormones that regulate hunger and satety.
$!   % $! / %!*!č According to research at the Hebrew University
of Jerusalem, an experimental diet that mandated carbohydrate
consumption at dinner time impacted leptin (the satiety hormone,
Time restricted which usually peaks at night) and ghrelin (the hunger hormone that
feeding is lowest during the night). The cycle, based on the Muslim daytime
fasting practice during Ramadan, seemed to influence hormones to
$!ƫ $! +. č Limiting feeding windows favour weight loss, causing leptin to peak during the day and ghrelin to
to six hours a day reduces swings in peak at night, staving off daytime hunger.
hunger and alters fat and carbohydrate A standard diet comprises 55 per cent carbohydrate from sugars,
burning patterns. starches and fibre while a moderate carb diet comprises 43 per cent
$!ƫ/ %!*!č Eating between 8am carbohydrate, typically with more fat (39 per cent) than the standard 27
and 2pm followed by an 18-hour fast – per cent.
effectively skipping dinner – kept appetite
levels more stable throughout the day
than eating breakfast, lunch and dinner $!ƫ   % types of ‘hunger’ according to research at
between 8am and 8pm in a study at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.
University of Alabama Birmingham. In a Yoga practice In an earlier study, middle-aged people
study, women and men who followed the who practised yoga gained less weight
$!ƫ $! +. č Regular yoga practice is
cycle for four days before four days eating over 10 years than control peers. The
associated with mindful eating, which has
over 12 hours experienced less marked mindfulness fostered by yoga could affect
been shown to help regulate appetite.
daily hunger swings and increased fat eating behaviour, experts said. People who
burning during several hours at night. $!ƫ/ %!*!čƫ The increased body ate mindfully – noting why they ate and
It also appeared to improve metabolic awareness promoted by yoga practice can stopping eating when full – weighed less
flexilibyt – the body’s capacity to swap mediate desire for food by forcing greater than those who ate when not hungry or in
from using carbs to fats for fuel. attention to hunger and satiety and other response to emotions. 89
$!ƫ   %
$!ƫ $! +. č Unleashing your creative flair on an exciting, ever-
changing meal plan could increase food intake according to a study
in the Psychological Bulletin.
$!ƫ/ %!*!č Humans are more likely to overeat when they have
access to a variety of foods with different flavours, University of
Buffalo research shows. Variety within a meal keeps us from tiring
of the taste of the food, meaning we may keep eating for the flavour
despite satiety, while a streamlined meal may lead to a sort of ‘taste
satiety’. In the study, those who had different foods for each of four
meal courses ate 44 per cent more than those who had the same
food, served four times. Obese people may show less sensory-
specific satiety and therefore have a tendency to overeat because they
are not tiring of the taste of the food, researchers said.

$!ƫ $! +. čƫConsuming spinach extract may reduce hunger .+ !%*č Adding one protein to breakfast could
and desire for food contribute to improved satiety according to a 2013 study.
$!ƫ/ %!*!č Concentrated extract of thylakoids found in Daily consumption of a high-protein afternoon snack
spinach may reduce hunger and cravings by promoting release containing soy lead to improved appetite control, satiety, and
of satiety hormones according to research in the Journal of the reduced unhealthy evening snacking in adolescents, a 2014
study found. Whey, soy, pea, and egg protein all qualify.
American College of Nutrition. In a study of 60 people, those

who consumed the spinach extract had preferable levels of $+(!ƫ#.%*/ƫ* ƫ%.!č Substituting whole grain
glucose in their blood after a normal breakfast, dose of extract bread with refined wheat bread is linked to lower hunger,
and standard lunch and dinner. The extract appeared to increase higher levels of fullness, and less desire to eat according
satiety over a two-hour period compared to a placebo. A previous to a 2014 study. Oats increased appetite-control hormones up
to four hours after a meal, whereas rice-based foods did not.
study found that in women, a single dose of spinach extract

correlated with reduced cravings for sweets. Thylakoids also !##/č Eggs are among the most protein-dense foods
appeared to reduce desire for salty food, researchers said. aside from meat. A 20015 study showed that eating one
egg with breakast will help to reduce hunger between
meal times.

 ()+* /čƫ The healthy fats in almonds decrease
$!ƫ   % hunger according to the Almond Board of California.
People who ate aroun 45 g of dry-roasted, lightly salted
Sleeping in almonds daily reported less hunger without increasing body
$!ƫ $! +. č The reparative functions that

1(/!/č High in protein and low in fact, pulses have
occur during sleep could optimise hormones
been shown to contribute to a feeling of fullness after
for fat burning and appetite control
consuming according to a 2014 study. Good candidates
$!ƫ/ %!*!čƫ In a study, twins who slept include dried peas, edible beans, lentils, and chickpeas.

less than seven hours incurred greater /  .+*ƫ !4 .  č This type of extract is shown
impact of genetic influences on BMI and less to have a beneficial effect on appetite, mood, and
impact of environment while those sleeping behaviors relating to snacking, research published
nine hours had a 32 per cent genetic input in 2010 shows. It may help to reduce overeating from habit
with 51 per cent attributed to common or stress.
environmental factors. Shorter sleep may

+.!*ƫ%*!ƫ * 1 ƫ+ %(č The healthy, all-natural fats
enable the expression of obesity related have been shown to release the satiety hormone
genes, said principal investigator Nathaniel cholecystokinin.
Watson from the University of Washington.

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%/  + 2!.%!/ƫ

Once upon a time the food pyramid was “Most best selling diets are not based on any
considered a universal, a priori truth. Consumers scientific evidence and encourage you to slavishly
were imagined as a homogenous ilk whose follow rules when a far more sustainable approach
commonalities justified commands to eat three is to customise an eating plan to suit your
square meals anchored by bread and cereal. lifestyle, biochemistry and food preferences,” says
Fast forward to the post-paleo era in which head nutritionist at Nutrition Australia Aloysa
epigenetics is promising disease prevention by Hourigan. The fallouts from blindly devouring a
personalising diet, and identities are forged on diet that disagrees with your body can be worse
whether one does or doesn’t eat meat, and you can than the original symptoms.

see why niche nutrition tribes are being carved with “It is most important to listen to your body – if
the fervour of a sushi chef. you are eating a paleo diet and you’re constantly
Even popular protocols such as intermittent starving or you’ve developed severe constipation
fasting, part-time vegetarianism and paleo are being (a common low carbs problem), than clearly that
renovated by proactive health-seekers. diet is not working well for you,” Hourigan says.

 (  1 %ƫ (!%*


%!0 +&! 0%2!č SIX-PACK AND
,.+ 0 + +(čƫ 15:9 FAST (CARB

!5ƫ(!.*%*#/č For this protocol to work alongside your body’s

hormonal rhyths, timing is key. I would only have coffee in the
mornings, skip breakfast, eat very little and without carbs throughout
the afternoon, and have my (big) main meal with carbs and try to
include all my vitamins and minerals that I need in one day, in the
evening. This results in a 15-hour fast, then small meals for eight hours
(excluding carbs) and then a two-hour gap during which I eat whatever
I want to.
!4,!.%)!*0ƫ 0 ( 5/0 č I’ve always wanted to have a six-pack
and an overall fit look, so finally I decided to start eating more
‘healthily’ and consuming smaller amounts of food, believing that
this would help achieve the look I wanted. I also believed that eating
lots of vegetables and salads and minimal meat would help to clear
my skin, which has been bad for most of my teenage and adult life. It
made me really skinny, kept my bad skin and I was very low on energy.
It wasn’t until I started to seriously research different diets, the body
and training as part of preparation for my first fitness bodybuilding
competition that I discovered tactics that would meet my objectives.
The concept of intermittent fasting and carb backloading made sense
to me after talking with these professionals. It gets quite complexed
because it involves the body's hormonal rhythms like insulin levels.
%!0ƫ$%/ 0 +. 5č I tried vegetarian, gluten-free and Atkins, but this
IF/carb backloading is different because while you focus on timing,
you are able to eat anything you love in the evening, whether it’s
chicken curry, pasta, cheesecake or banana bread. Unlike other ‘diets’ I
tried, it’s not limiting and is sustainable long term.
)! %(ƫ$%/ 0 +. 5č I saw several GPs in regards to my skin – to
no avail. 93
)5 %5 č I read books on how the body
works when it comes to exercising and
nutrition, asked my (very fit) partner,
consulted a professional nutritionist and ran
++ ƫ %. 5ƫ
things past my chiropractor, who knew a lot ćčĀĀ) Black coffee mixed with 2
about nutrition and supplements. teaspoons of coconut oil
With their advice, the concept of
āĂčĀĀ,) 2 fried/boiled eggs with
intermittent fasting and carb backloading
some chilli
made sense to me. It’s quite complex because
it involves hormones such as insulin, so it’s ă,) Salmon fillet (130-150g) with half
an avocado
important to be well informed.
.! 0$.+1#$č After four weeks, ć,) Dinner (chicken curry with rice
during which I really had to trust this plan and potatoes/beef burger with sweet
and risk failing, my skin started to glow and potato fries/ Indonesian rendang
clear up, my body completely changed and with rice)
I felt so good and full of energy. I think you ĈċăĀ,) Banana bread with custard/
need to practise a diet for more than eight yoghurt with fruit/ Messina ice cream)
weeks to know whether it works for you.
I was looking for something sustainable throughout the day (either high in protein . !%,! ƫ
rather than a quick fix. Skipping breakfast
and eating a lot in the evening just before
or high in fat - no carbs!), so I make these
peanut buttercups to keep me full but it is PEANUT
bed was very unusual for me, but after four
weeks I was used to it.
not harmful!
Evaluation: I will always keep reading #!*!.((5ƫ0.5ƫ*+0ƫ0+ĕ
* !! č ƫ
Ğ 200 g dark chocolate (80%+)
books on nutrition and physiology and Perhaps if there is a little breakout from
Ğ 4 cups organic peanut butter
asking professionals to understand different the menu, it might be because of stress or lack
Ğ 4 tbsp coconut oil
opinions. Although I am happy with my of sleep.
Ğ Muffin tin with 12 cupcake liners.
current diet, I think there is always room for 3 $0ƫ$,,!*/ƫ3$!*ƫ5+1ƫ2!!.ƫ".+)ƫ
improvements or discoveries. 5+1.ƫ)!*1ĕƫ +č
/ ! +* +,%*%+* : Some of my I get super tired after I eat carbs in the Melt chocolate in pan, add coconut oil,
stir. Add peanut butter to the melted
girlfriends tried this way of eating after morning or afternoon. My body must be so
mix. Pour the mix into the liners and
seeing my body and skin change so much. used to eating carbs in the evenings. I accept
put it the freezer for 30 minutes until
Some were very doubtful and told me that this, and it is a good trigger for me to not eat
hard then serve. If you would like to eat
breakfast is the most important meal of the carbs throughout the day, besides for diet
it later, move the tin to the refrigerator.
day or that eating that much carbohydrate reasons, I actually get physically tired, which
If then it becomes too soft, move to
before bed would cause fat gain, but those is really annoying when I’m at work. freezer for 5 minutes before serving.
girls are now very happy with their bodies
and skin!
$ + 3 %0 3 +. /č Despite relying on
fairly complex biochemistry, in practice it’s  $.%/ 0%*!  $!*+ 3!0$ ƫ
quite simple. The fundamental principle is
foregoing carbs until late afternoon/evening. NUTRITION ENTREPRENEUR,
3 $0 .! 0$! )&+. !*!"%0/ +" 0$%/ 35 %!0 +&! 0%2!č TREATING AN
+" !0%*#Č %* 5+1. 2%!3ĕ AUTOIMMUNE DISORDER
I have no restrictions in what I want to ,.+ 0 + +(č EAT THRIVE 365 //
eat, and I can still enjoy my favorite dessert EATTHRIVE365.COM.AU
every night. Which results that I am able to
enjoy this diet in the long term. It becomes 3 $0ƫ,.+),0! ƫ5+1ƫ0+ƫ/0.0ƫ!4,!.%)!*0%*#ƫ
a lifestyle. 3%0$ƫ5+1.ƫ %!0ĕ
+ *ƫƫ/(!ƫ+"ƫāƫ0+ƫāĀČƫ3%0$ƫāƫ!%*#ƫ!/5ď A diagnosis of Graves’ autoimmune
It is very easy to maintain, I am able to disease. Symptoms were shakes, sweats,
eat everything I love. The only temptation heart palpitations, pale skin, exhaustion,
sometimes is to eat carbs (a sandwich) insomnia, bulging dry eyes with dark circles,
during the day, or certain snacks in the poor vision, vision filled with floating debris,
office. I may slip, but occasionally I think it’s itchy skin, pimple like skin irritations, hair
okay. What helps is to have a delicious snack loss, pulsating muscles, cramps, digestive

problems, sensitivity to hot and cold, tingles
in arms and legs, speech problems, tongue
biting and serious short-term memory loss.
$ +3ƫ % ƫ5+1ƫ#+ƫ+10ƫ.!/!.$%*#ƫ
%!0.5ƫ$*#!/ƫ5+1ƫ0$+1#$0ƫ3+1( ƫ$!(,ĕ
When my GP and my endocrinologist
failed to advise any course other than
medication, a friend recommended a GP
who incorporated a holistic approach to . !%,! ƫ
curing disease and that is where I first
learned that the food I was eating might VANILLA CUPCAKES
influence the symptoms of my autoimmune * !! Add the remaining ingredients to
disease. I was extremely sceptical that diet Ğ 1 ¾ cups blanched almond meal (or the dry ingredients in the order given
could have such an impact so I took my almond flour if you can get it) except for the eggs and egg white.
medication, but then began to research Ğ 2 tablespoons coconut flour Pulse a few times to combine and
everything related to diet and autoimmune Ğ ½ teaspoon baking soda then process until the batter is nice and
disease. Not having any medical Ğ ¼ teaspoon salt smooth (30 to 45 seconds).
qualifications, I realised that I first needed to Ğ 1 tablespoon coconut milk yoghurt Add the eggs and egg white. Cover
learn how to evaluate research. After some Ğ ¼ cup honey and pulse a few times to combine. Then
help from medical friends and family on how process just enough to blend the eggs
Ğ 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, melted
to evaluate research, I felt more comfortable into the batter (about 10-15 seconds).
Ğ ¼ cup pure coconut milk
Spoon the cupcake batter into the
that the research I was undertaking was Ğ 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
cupcake liners.
grounded in fact. Ğ 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
Bake 18 to 20 minutes until lightly
% ƫ5+1ƫ0.5ƫ*50$%*#ƫ0$0ƫ % *ŏ0ƫ3+.'ĕƫ Ğ 2 large eggs, plus 1 egg white
golden brown and a skewer inserted
It was a lot of trial and error and research
in the centre comes out clean. Allow
to get the mix right as specific foods do .+ /0%*# cupcakes to cool in muffin tin for
seem to have a detrimental effect on how my See below about five minutes, then transfer to a
body functions.
wire rack.
I’ve tried so many ‘diets’… GAPS, +
FODMAPS, Paleo, Calorie counting, 5:2, Preheat oven to 165˚C. Place 12 cupcake .+ /0%*#
Dukin, Ketogenic, Atkins, Blood Type and liners into a muffin tin. Top with sweet cashew nut cream or
many more. Combine the almond flour, coconut coconut milk yoghurt.
$ +3ƫ % ƫ5+1ƫ'*+3ƫ3$!*ƫ5+1ŏ ƫ$%0ƫ1,+*ƫ flour, baking soda and salt in a Visit for more
/+)!0$%*#ƫ0$0ƫŏ3+.'! ŏĕ food processor. autoimmune-friendly recipes
Positive signs started to emerge almost
immediately. For instance, although not
considered a symptom of my autoimmune 3 $0 .! 0$! ŏ.1(!/ŏĕ your tastes and I don’t feel any guilt if I break
disease, I had suffered from constant food Eat healthy, nutrient-rich foods. Know away so I never feel like I’m missing out. You
cravings most of my life. These seemed to which foods contain the right nutrients will never go hungry.
disappear within a matter of days. I started to and which ones will be good for your body. Even the breakfast I have every morning
lose the excess fat around my waistline and Remove any inflammatory foods. Make sure feels like a huge treat and I constantly remark
my energy levels seemed to increase daily. you maintain a healthy microbiome and that how lucky I am to be able to enjoy such a
$ +3ƫ % ƫ5+1ƫ'*+3ƫ5+1.ƫ,(*ƫ3/ƫ you don’t suffer from a leaky gut, as this is wonderful variety of food that is so good for
*10.%0%+*((5ƫ/+1* ĕ essential for the absorption of the correct me. My breakfast consists of home-made
As the original protocol had been nutrients. Evaluate your body responses muesli, stewed apple, home-made coconut
suggested by a medical practitioner and until you fully understand how certain foods milk yoghurt, a generous dollop of strawberry
then confirmed and adapted by my own affect you. chia and a chopped up banana. I love it so
comprehensive research, I was comfortable 3 $0 .! 0$! ,!.'/ĕ much sometimes I have a smaller portion
that it would not be harmful. I constantly The extra energy and vitality is definitely a for dessert at night! We also have a variety of
monitor it, keeping close track of my energy major benefit. For me also, losing a few kilos treats to enjoy at any time of day.
levels and general health and fitness. I expect of excess fat from around my waistline was a +ƫ5+1ƫ!2!.ƫ!0ƫ/+)!0$%*#ƫ5+1ƫ
to feel fantastic every day and if I don’t, I great benefit as it had been extremely difficult #!*!.((5ƫ0.5ƫ*+0ƫ0+ĕ
look for the cause. It is usually explained by to shift in the past and always came back I really enjoy trying new and different
something I have consumed in the preceding very quickly. foods, especially if they are prepared by expert
days. If I introduce new foods at any time I + *ƫƫ/(!ƫ+"ƫāƫ0+ƫāĀČƫ3%0$ƫāƫ!%*#ƫ!/5ď chefs or great home cooks, so even if the
closely monitor my body’s response. This way of eating is quite adaptable to ingredients don’t comply with my protocol, I 95
won’t refuse. If I’m offered a fabulous dessert
& 1(!/ƫ # (( + 3  5
that may contain a lot of sugar, I will enjoy
it thoroughly. The difference now is that I NATUROPATH
have no desire to eat sugar-laden products %!0ƫ+&! 0%2!č ƫ
to appease a craving, I only eat them for the MISCELLANEOUS HEALTH ISSUES
experience and I don’t do it very often. ,.+ 0 + +(č SELF-STYLED //
3 $0ƫ$,,!*/ƫ3$!*ƫ5+1ƫ2!!.ƫ+""ƫ5+1.ƫ ADAPTED GLUTEN-FREE
I do react quite quickly to some foods that
are not normally part of my daily routine.
I can end up with a headache or bloated
stomach with cramps or become weak and
shaky but this happens rarely and I can 3 $0ƫ,.+),0! ƫ5+1ƫ0+ƫ/0.0ƫ!4,!.%)!*0%*#ƫ
usually pin-point the culprit without too 3%0$ƫ5+1.ƫ %!0ĕ
much difficulty. I have found that drinking a I had several health issues which had
few glasses of water seems to help dilute any not been able to be addressed through
adverse side-effects. herbs, supplements, or even pharmaceutical
medicines. I started doing my own research
++ %. 5 and found links to gluten, dairy and sugar.
I was also told by a naturopath that I had
.!  / 0 čƫMuesli with stewed an intolerance to these foods, so I thought now medical evidence to prove that gluten
apple, coconut milk yoghurt, I would just try cutting them out. I was intolerance is indeed a thing.)
strawberry chia and chopped banana shocked at the results! So many niggly $+3ƫ +ƫ5+1ƫ!2(10!ƫ5+1.ƫ35ƫ+"ƫ!0%*#ĕ
+. ƫPoached eggs on tomatoes fried health issues cleared up - the headaches I have a few markers - the most important
in macadamia nut oil, spinach and disappeared, I stopped getting recurrent one is my own energy levels. If they drop and
mushrooms. Occasionally served with
tonsillitis and chest infections, my skin I feel constantly tired or run down, I know I
bacon. And always a coffee.
cleared up, asthma symptoms gone…. need to tighten things up and eat better.
( 1*$čƫ Large salad plate including $ +3ƫ % ƫ5+1ƫ#+ƫ+10ƫ.!/!.$%*#ƫ 3 $0ƫ.!ƫ0$!ƫŏ.1(!/ŏĕ
lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, %!0.5ƫ$*#!/ĕ It's best described as 80/20 paleo. I don't
sliced pear. Sometimes I add salmon I was tested for intolerances through a eat gluten, dairy, sugar, processed foods,
or tuna. naturopath. Later, I started eating a diet that chemical additives, processed vegetable oils
+. ƫVegetable soup made with home-
was mostly paleo, because since I was already or soy. Instead, I eat loads of yummy (and
made chicken broth and a variety of
avoiding gluten, dairy and sugar, it seemed exciting!) wholefoods - meat, fish, chicken,
seasonal vegetables.
like the logical next step. vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, broths, healthy
+. ƫLeftovers from the previous
% ƫ5+1ƫ0.5ƫ*50$%*#ƫ0$0ƫ % *ŏ0ƫ3+.'ĕ oils and fermented foods.
night’s dinner
I tried just replacing my usual diet with The 20 per cent of my diet that isn't paleo
%**!.čƫ Spiralised zucchini with processed gluten free goods and fake soy is stuff like legumes, rice, corn, and potatoes.
salmon fillet and cashew cream sauce
cheeses and soy milk. Needless to say, all that Oh and wine, which isn’t paleo!
+. ƫChargrilled lamb chops with sweet
processed stuff didn't agree with me! 3 $0ƫ.!ƫ0$!ƫ,!.'/ĕ
potato fries and broccolini sautéed
I've tried a ‘regular’ gluten-free diet, but I A stronger immune system, more energy,
with sesame seeds
ate lots of processed gluten-free products and less anxiety and clear skin were the main
+. Pork Cutlets with caramelised
it didn't make me feel good at all. benefits I experienced. But it's different for
onions on a bed of cauliflower and
$ +3ƫ % ƫ5+1ƫ'*+3ƫ3$!*ƫ5+1ŏ ƫ$%0ƫ1,+*ƫ everyone. Some people eat this way to bring
leek mash
+. Vegetarian lasagne with warm leek /+)!0$%*#ƫ0$0ƫŏ3+.'! ŏĕ down inflammation, some eat this way to
and currant salad I knew I was onto something when I improve their moods. Some simply believe
started to see a turnaround in the symptoms it makes them feel stronger, clearer and full
!/ /!. 0 ĥ0 .! 0 /čƫ A selection of
of endometriosis. I've had the condition of vitality.
treats that can be eaten at any time of
since my teens, so it took a while for the diet + *ƫƫ/(!ƫ+"ƫāƫ0+ƫāĀƫ3%0$ƫāƫ!%*#ƫ!/5ď
the day includes apple pie with almond
crust pastry, orange and coconut to have any effect. Once I saw that starting Eating out used to be hard, but it's getting
yoghurt cake, lemon bites, healthy to shift, I was stoked! easier these days, as more restaurants are
Hummingbird cake and carrot, cashew $+3ƫ +ƫ5+1ƫ'*+3ƫ%0Ě/ƫ*10.%0%+*((5ƫ/+1* ĕƫ becoming aware. I also make lots of healthy
and coconut slice. I've had plenty of GPs tell me that diet treats and keep them in the freezer (see recipe
won't do anything to help, and that gluten at bottom).
!2!. #!/čƫ Filtered water, mineral
intolerance isn't event a thing! I just keep +ƫ5+1ƫ!2!.ƫ.!'ƫ+10ƫ* ƫ!0ƫ/+)!0$%*#ƫ
water, coffee and the occasional glass
of wine. doing what I'm doing; if I feel better eating 5+1ƫƫ0.5ƫ*+0ƫ0+ĕƫ
this way, that's all that matters. (P.S. There is I'm a bit partial to Lindt 70% dark

chocolate. Hot chips are my other weakness; ƫ. !%,! ƫ
usually they're cooked in a type of oil I'd never
ever use at home, but I just enjoy them and try TEFF BANANA PANCAKES
not to stress about it. I think that stress is far Serves 4
worse for your body than a few chips! * !!
3 $0ƫ$,,!*/ƫ3$!*ƫ5+1ƫ2!!.ƫ".+)ƫ Ğ 1 cup teff flour
5+1.ƫ)!*1ĕ Ğ 1 egg, beaten
I always suffer in some way afterwards. My Ğ ¾ cup almond milk
digestion flares up, my knees ache, my skin Ğ 1 ripe banana, mashed
breaks out and my energy levels plummet. I Ğ 1 tsp baking powder
don't beat myself up about it - but each time Ğ Virgin coconut oil, for frying
it happens I think to myself "This isn't really Ğ ¼ shredded dried coconut
worth it" and try to remember that feeling next Ğ Maple syrup, to serve
time I'm about to eat something that I know Ğ Edible flowers, to garnish (optional)
my body won't like. +
In a large bowl, whisk together the teff
flour, egg, almond milk, banana and
++ %. 5 baking powder. Let it stand 5 minutes.
In a small frypan over a medium heat,
.!  / 0 č Banana and blueberry
melt some coconut oil, and then drop in
smoothie with cashews, chia seeds, and
¾ of a ladle of pancake mix. Once you
almond milk. Long black coffee (no sugar)
see bubbles come to the top, gently flip
( 1*$č Chicken and vegetable soup made
your pancake and cook on the other
with bone broth
side. Serve with dried coconut, a sprinkle
 0!.*++*ƫ/*  čƫBliss ball of flower petals, and a drizzle of maple
%**!.č Slow cooked lamb with veggies, syrup, or your choice.
cauliflower rice and sauerkraut

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Dieting isn’t a modern concept. In fact, it’s or dairy intolerant] going on wheat-free, Manifestations range from ordering a Big
a centuries old practice coined by an 11th dairy-free and low-carb diets? It’s a form of Mac and Diet Coke to eating nuts ad libitum.
century Persian physician and philosopher restrictive eating.” The proliferation of processed ‘health foods’
who advised rubenesque folk to eat bulky Waters says many women are and trends such as raw desserts can also lead
food with little nutrition and to purge it from simultaneously ashamed of enjoying food unwitting consumers astray. For instance,
the body as quickly as possible using laxatives and failing to match physical ideals and a nut-based health bar, raw bliss ball or
and exercise. The first best selling diet of restricting food intake. “In our society, sandwich spread with pure state nut butter
book was published in 1598 by Italian Luigi perfection is the key and we want to be in often contains more fat and kilojoules than
Cornaro who devised the original low-carb, control of everything,” she says. “Our lives mainstream equivalents – albeit often with
high-protein diet . need to be perfect and dieting is a shameful greater nutritional value. Even snacking
The 1800s vinegar and water diet or the thing because it says we’re weak or there’s on ‘healthy’ yet calorie-dense foods can tip
1920s Lucky Strike cigarette campaign that something wrong with us,” Waters says. calorie balance into weight gain territory
urged people to “reach for a Lucky instead – the more healthy or virtuous the food’s
of a sweet” attest to dieting’s longevity – and $! 1(! 3% $ ġ %! %#ƫ public image, the greater the risk of excess.
mutual exclusivity from healthfulness. The double-bind has given rise to new Among the worst offenders are protein
Fast forward to today and diets are often categories of food that promise to let you and energy bars, which often contain as
cloaked in words connoting health and other have your chocolate, lithe body and illusion many or more kilojoules than a chocolate
goals steeped in moral servitude that turn of being the woman who eats whatever bar and can contain as much fat and sugar.
meal planning into a battle of values, will she likes. Gluten-free processed foods are similarly
and biology. The onus for this reconciliation has subversive, often containing hidden additives
Each year, Australians spend more than been passed from ‘diet’ foods to so called to compensate for missing gluten. Rather
$790 million in an effort to slim down. ‘health foods’. than pinning your hopes on modified foods
“Under the guise of this so called healthy Dietitian Emma Stirling says food to do the hard work for you, which can result
life movement, we’re just reintroducing the labelled or inferred as being ‘healthy’ – by in a lose-lose of deprivation minus health
concept of restricting our eating by removing manufacturers or implied consensus – can perks or weight loss, prioritise consuming
food groups,” says psychologist Kellee Waters. abet restrictive eating and, by cruel paradox, a balance of macronutrients mostly from
“We have been told that dieting is such a bad impede weight loss. The ‘health halo’ whole foods. If you are chasing weight loss
word, but we’re seeing new fads called clean causes us to assume that a food is healthy or a specific health goal, making meals
eating and similar. It’s just another form of because of its positive association with from scratch with appropriate ingredient
restriction or deprivation.” nutrition and health claims, Stirling warns. substitutions and consuming them in
The Butterfly Foundation’s Christine “Many people give themselves license to considered portions, can reduce calorie and
Morgan agrees. “People are tending more eat a treat food as a reward for choosing a sugar intake and eliminate gluten without a
towards restrictive eating but calling it clean food with a health halo, resulting in a far diet mentality. Consider these whole food
eating. Why are people [who aren’t gluten greater overall kilojoule intake,” she says. swaps to have your cake and eat it.

hits your bloodstream and is swiftly cleared

1 /! $!/! / 3 ,/ "  /1# ĥ"( 1 by insulin, resulting in craving high-carb
3!%#$  ( / / 3% $ 1  $!ƫ foods for a rapid sugar injection. The fibre in
!1  ƫ!""!  ċƫ whole-wheat flour will further slow delivery
( 35č Flour of glucose into the bloodstream and exfoliate
HIGH PROTEIN !3 35č Black beans your digestive system in the process.
Going gluten free or after an indulgent treat 0%+č 7/8:1
without the guilt? Substitute black beans for
flour in fudgy brownies. The protein makes
them filling too.
0%+č 1:1 (e.g. one cup of flour equals one ( ƫ35č Sugar
cup of black bean puree). !3ƫ35č Unsweetened applesauce
If the aftertaste of stevia in baking takes the
LOW CARB joy out of dessert, try no added sugar apple
sauce or mashed tinned apple in water or
( 35č White flour juice (not syrup). You'll save about 2,800 kJ
!3 35č Whole-wheat flour per cup compared to sugar - plus the apple
Ever feel hungrier after a sweet treat than flavour and moisture works well in cakes
before? Most confectionery and commercially and biscuits. Add a dash of cinnamon for a
baked goods are high GI, meaning the sugar dessert twist. 99
0%+čƫ1:1 but because, unlike sugar, Baked goods with extra protein and
applesauce contains liquid, reduce no gluten? Check.
your liquid (water or milk) by 1/4 0%+č 3/4 + 1/4:1 (use 3/4 cup
cup per cup of sauce. wheat flour and 1/4 cup almond
%,čƫApplesauce also makes a flour). Increase the amount of
solid substitute for butter or oil in rising agent (by about 1/2 teaspoon
muffins and cakes. per cup of almond flour added) to
account for the extra weight.

( ƫ35č Sugar
( ƫ35č White flour
!3ƫ35čƫVanilla extract
!3ƫ35č Coconut flour
To cut half the sugar from your
A low-carb staple, coconut flour is
favourite cake without losing
also high in fibre, meaning greater
flavour, swap 50 per cent of
satiety than white flour and slower
prescribed sugar for a teaspoon glucose release. Use it with mashed
of vanilla extract. Not only will it bananas in muffins, cake breads and
relieve your pancreas, it pares up to and protein pancakes.
1,680 kJ per half cup. 0%+č Directly substituting coconut
0%+čƫFor every tablespoon of flour can lead to bitter baking and
sugar saved, add 1/4 teaspoon of heavy, dry dough. Compensate
vanilla extract. for its high absorbency by adding
as much liquid as you do coconut
flour (almond milk is low in
carbohydrates and calories). Replace
( ƫ35č Wheat flour a quarter to a third of each cup of
!3ƫ35č Almond flour regular flour.

 / !3ƫ35č Zucchini spirals

Super low in calories, zucchini makes the
perfect scaffold for pasta sauce. A 55 gram
serve of wheat spaghetti contains 787 kJ
( ƫ35č Bread
while the same volume of zucchini nets
!3ƫ35čƫWrap bread (rye)
34 kJ. Heat in a frying pan or dehydrate
A whole square contains fewer than 300 kJ
the noodles in the oven for fat-free crispy
and can make two wraps whereas two slices
noodles. Zucchini contains negligible carbs.
of bread net 600 to 800 kJ).
0%+č 1:1
0%+č At your discretion
%,č For a low-kJ bolognese without the
saturated fat found in mince, try finely diced
mushrooms .
( ƫ35č Rice
!3ƫ35č Cauliflower
Dare you to pick the difference when
grated boiled cauliflower is loaded on a ( ƫ35č Oats
fork with garlic prawns or curry. Trading !3ƫ35č Quinoa
half a cup of rice for the same portion of Oats are being touted as a rich protein
cauliflower will save 455 kJ and 27.2 grams source, but the disproportionate
of carbs. carbohydrate to protein can still equal a mid-
0%+č 1:1 morning blood sugar crash. Protein-rich
quinoa, on the other hand, should prevent
hunger between breakfast and lunch. Try
serving it hot with milk and cinnamon.
( ƫ35č Spaghetti (especially white pasta) 0%+č 1:1

lettuce provides a satisfying crunch while
cutting through mince meat or beans. With
( ƫ35č Mashed potato around 20 kJ and no carbs, it's a no-brainer
!3ƫ35čƫMashed turnips way to have your Mexican and eat it.
Can't do bubble and squeak or 0%+čƫOne large leaf to one tortilla
shepherd's pie without the butter and
milk? This tricky swap renders both
redundant, dropping fat and kJs without
compromising palatability. Turnips, which ( ƫ35č Couscous
net just 200 kJ per cup, are inherently !3ƫ35č Quinoa
creamy when mashed. They sound, look and even feel similar on
Ratio: 1:1 a fork, but quinoa and couscous couldn’t
210mg). To mimic a whole egg, mix a
be more different. While couscous is
tablespoon of seeds with a cup of water and
essentially processed wheat flour (you
leave for 15 minutes to form a gel.
might as well eat white bread), quinoa
0%+č 1:1
( ƫ35č Flour tortilla wrap/soft taco is a wholegrain food brimming with
!3ƫ35čƫIceberg lettuce satiating protein.
Not so different to san choi bow, the 0%+č 1:1

( ƫ35č Flavoured yoghurt

!3ƫ35čƫPlain yoghurt with fresh fruit
Fruit flavoured yoghurts come in two
% ƫĒ " / guises - neither of which makes a flattering
topping for morning granola. While full
dishes, but sour cream is packed with fat fat tends to contain sugar, fat-free and diet
while low-fat cottage cheese is packed types cover their pitiful taste with sugar
( ƫ35čƫAn egg with protein. or artificial sweeteners such as aspartame,
!3ƫ35č Two egg whites 0%+č 1:1 which some studies suggest can affect blood
So they can't do sunny side up, but egg sugar despite negligible kJs. For dressing up
whites can give a full egg a run for its money fruit salad, Greek yoghurt delivers the same
in brekkie omelettes and frittatas, without smooth, creamy, tangy topping with bonus
the cholesterol, which resides in the yolk. ( ƫ35č Butter good bacteria.
Egg whites also contain more protein than !3ƫ35čƫPureed avocado 0%+č 1:1
their yellow peers and contain fat-soluble Coconut oil is the butter alternative du jour, %,č If you need extra sweetness, add a drizzle
vitamins. Did we mention saving around a but mashed avocado is better in brownies of honey.
third of the kJs per egg? and contributes healthy fats. The smooth
0%+čƫFor one egg, 1:1. For two eggs, try texture also favours chocolate mousse. A cup
three whites, one yolk. Experiment with of avocado puree contains 6.4 grams of fibre
ratios until you're happy. and 4.6 grams of protein while coconut oil ( ƫ35č Melted cheese
contains none of either. !3ƫ35čƫNutritional yeast
0%+č 1:1 (approx.) Combined with water, this powder forms a
%,čƫIf you’re after a sugar stand-in and cheesy consistency and can be drizzled on
( ƫ35čƫCream lower fat count, try mashed banana or nachos or stirred into scone dough for cheesy
!3ƫ35č Evaporated milk, light prunes in lieu of butter. Bananas are a direct scones without the fat.
Comprising 35 per cent fat, thickened cream quantity swap and work well in plain cakes 0%+čƫAt your discretion
adds considerable kJs to pudding or fruit while pureed prunes work well in chocolate
salad. Evaporated light milk contains just 4.8 recipes (combine three parts prunes with
per cent fat and has comparable consistency. one part boiling water and puree).
It does, however, contain more sugar than ( ƫ35čƫSour cream
full-fat cream. !3ƫ35čƫLow-fat cottage cheese
0%+čƫ1:1 Yearning to slather a taco with lashings
( ƫ35č Eggs of sour cream? Try cottage cheese, which
!3ƫ35č Chia seeds contains a fraction of the fat but is at once
Chia seeds are trending, especially among tangy and creamy.
( ƫ35č Sour cream vegans. Considered more heart-friendly Ratio: 1:1
!3ƫ35: Low-fat cottage cheese than hen’s eggs, chia seeds contains zero %,č Plain Greek yoghurt also works in place of
They both add a creamy texture to many cholesterol (a large hen’s egg contains sour cream in dips or as a topping. 101


Until a few years ago, medium chain fatty oil, which is thought to oppose recent
acids found in coconut oil were a foreign findings that saturated fat consumption
language and omega-3s and omega-6s were increases weight gain. It’s the dieter’s fat –
on the fringe. Fast-forward to today and fats distinct from the type of saturated fat found
are back on the menu. Well, some are. in a Tuesday night T-Bone.
While lipids seem to be enjoying a Then there are omega-3s, which
renaissance, praise from dietetic pros is are being hailed as heroes able to slow
While the post low-fat era lipid provisional. Whether a fat is considered visible ageing, improve eye health,
good or bad – there’s no in-between – reduce inflammation and, particularly,
renaissance recognises the role depends on which cluster of studies one improve cognitive function and prevent
of fats in everything from skin chooses to cite (and whether one subscribes cognitive decline.
health to cognitive function to the veracity of guidelines). The fat found in olive oil, avocado,
While official dietary guidelines continue nuts and seeds and largely responsible for
– there are more caveats than to demonise saturated fat as a harbinger the appeal of the Mediterranean diet –

a mobile phone contract. Are of heart disease and obesity, favouring monounsaturated fatty acids or MUFAs – is
‘good fats’ as virtuous as current unsaturated fats found in manufactured unequivocally ‘good’. .
products such as margarine, many With all this friction, how do you know
vogue suggests? independent health thought leaders are whether to sautee your kale in coconut oil or
Words: Stephanie Osfield advocating for saturated fats such as coconut drizzle it with extra virgin?

+ 3 ġ" 0 "  +10 such as the kinds of processed foods we consume and
To fill the taste and satiety gap left by the lard sedentary lifestyles,” Dr Greenfell said.
grandma put in her buttermilk scones, contemporary
consumers have developed a taste for hyper-flavoured  +.%! 1. 2! 
carbohydrates, often in the form of white breads, All fats, saturated or unsaturated, are equally energy-
pastries, pastas and biscuits. “This is a serious problem dense with more kilojoules per 100 grams than any
because these refined carbohydrates have a high other macronutrient. This has bred a conciliatory
Glycemic Index (GI) which means they are broken practice of decreasing fat content to maximise food
down quickly into glucose in the bloodstream and they allowance (eat more, weigh less). You get more diet
increase risk of weight gain, heart disease and diabetes,” yoghurt for your calorie buck than full-cream yoghurt.
says Jennie Brand-Miller, a GI expert and professor of But filling your trolley with low-fat foods is fraught with
Human Nutrition at the University of Sydney. counterintuitive dangers. “Low fat foods often contain
This may explain the results of the controversial more sugars, salt, flavours and kilojoules and far less
1950s Cambridge study that set the tone for worldwide vitamins and minerals than nutritionally dense foods
fear of saturated fat, say experts from Harvard such as fruit and vegetables,” says University of South
University, who are now criticising the study’s Australia nutrition professor Kerin O’Dea. “For this
conclusions. In their reckoning, the review didn’t reason a plain full fat yogurt is often a better choice than
check whether people on the low-fat diets were eating the low fat variety.”
more carbohydrates. “If they were then this factor and Another school of thought sympathetic with
not their lower fat levels is most likely to explain the nouveau protocols such as paleo favours fat-heavy
lack of benefits of their low-fat diet on heart health,” diets that ignore energy balance and evidence for
said former Heart Foundation National Director of links between animal fat and cardiovascular disease.
Cardiovascular Health Dr Robert Grenfell. Respected cardiologist and author of The Five Stages
Some experts believe that that our cells are central of Health Ross Walker, who boldly questioned the
to the debate about dietary fats. “Our cells consist demonising of saturated fats several decades ago, says
of 50 per cent fat and rely on a mix of saturated and we need to be selective with saturated fats. “We need to
monounsaturated fats,” says former neurologist and be clear to distinguish between natural fats in foods like
saturated fat advocate Dr Natasha Campbell McBride, meat, eggs and dairy and ones used in processed foods
who now runs the Cambridge Nutrition Clinic in the such as processed meats such as bacon or delicatessen
UK. “Fats and cholesterol are essential to life - they meats, cakes and takeaway, which are clearly not good
create and protect the white blood cells and millions of for us,” Dr Walker says. “A large study has shown there is
other cells that repair the wall linings when damaged. no relationship between the intake of natural meats and
When we reduce our intake of fats we reduce our heart disease, but there is a 40 per cent increased risk for
cellular health, which sets the stage for conditions such cardiovascular disease in people who regularly consume
as heart disease and cancer." bacon and delicatessen meats.”
Australia’s Heart Foundation maintains that saturated Mocking the dichotomous thinking that black bans
fat is a health pariah. “Over the last few decades, there Mars Bar slice and glorifies raw cacao bliss balls is
has been an astronomical fall in heart disease and a the reality that most fats comprise both saturated and
75 per cent drop in cardiac events and that has been unsaturated components. For example, butter is around
because we have aimed to reduce cholesterol levels,” 51 per cent saturated fat and 24 per cent unsaturated
Dr Grenfell says. “Certainly this drop has been helped fat, while olive oil, which is considered super healthy,
by better medications and heart treatments and lower is around 84 per cent unsaturated fat and 14 per cent
smoking rates, but education about issues like eating less saturated fat. In light of this, the best approach may well
saturated fat has also contributed.” be to simply eat both in moderation. Meanwhile, you
According to Dr Grenfell, it is overly simplistic can’t go wrong if you follow the golden nutrition rules
to attribute the obesity crisis to reduced saturated fat most experts espouse. “Avoid what I call ‘white death’
intake. “Heart disease is linked to weight gain, but it’s in the form of high sugar, salt and processed foods like
not just the fats we eat that contribute to weight gain white breads and biscuits,” says Dr Walker. 103
There are marked differences between the composition and
behaviour of various fats.

These are solid at room temperature and According to Gillespie, saturated fat’s
found in full cream dairy foods like cheese, stable structure means it is less likely to react
cream, milk and butter and animal meats, with air or oxidise and go rancid. “That’s
like steak and chicken (particularly the skin). why you can leave butter out of the fridge
Structurally, the branches on the chains for hours and it is still good to eat and not
of saturated fatty molecules have atoms spoiled,” he explains.
attached to them, which makes them quite
stable and less vulnerable to change. 0 $!  /!  #%*/ 0 čƫ
Though the Paleo diet has lately become one
0 $!  /! " +.č ƫ of the ‘it’ eating plans, Dr Grenfell points out
A growing number of people, particularly that Paleo man, “Ate wild, lean meat only
if they follow Paleo or low sugar diets, once every few weeks because he didn’t have
believe that saturated fats are the key to access to regular meat stores. He mostly
maintaining a healthy weight, feeling full lived in a half starved state and died around
and having good cellular function. “From 25 before he could get heart disease, so we
1971 to 2000 as Americans decreased their should not be using him as an example of
fat intake this didn’t cause a reduction in the benefits of a diet high in saturated fats.”
the average waistline,” says David Gillespie, According to Grenfell, “Studies have
author of Big Fat Lies How the Diet Industry proven and reproven in multiple settings and
is Making You Sick, Fat & Poor. “In fact it different cultures that saturated fat in the
was expanding faster than it ever had,” says diet causes an elevation of cholesterol and
Gillespie. “Eating less fat was not making is a risk factor for weight gain and also for
people thinner.” cancers, such as bowel cancer.”

These are high in omega-6 fatty acids. They are usually by the Dietitians Association of Australia, our National
liquid at room temperature and found in foods like Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) as well as
margarine, sesame (and tahini paste, used in hummus), the World Health Organisation, British Heart Foundation,
linseed (flaxseed), sunflower and safflower oils. Structurally, American Heart Association and National Health Service UK
vegetable/seed oils have some branches that are unattached to (NHS UK).
atoms so they are then free to attach to oxygen atoms. Some “The argument that these fats are unhealthy because they
believe this means they oxidise more rapidly and readily, have more capacity to oxidise, is not the full story,” says Dr
which is a little like the process when a nail goes rusty when Darren Saunders, a cancer researcher at the Garvan Institute
exposed to outdoor weather. of Medical Research, who says that some vitamins and other
compounds found in vegetable and seed oils actually soak
0 $!  /! " +. up and inactivate their oxidative capacity. ““While vegetable/
The Heart Foundation of Australia says that polyunsaturated seed oils can be oxidised to produce chemicals that cause
fats should be used instead of saturated fats where possible, mutations in DNA, the same effects have also been seen with
because omega-6 fats help to reduce bad LDL cholesterol some saturated fats,” Dr Saunders adds. “To confuse things,
and boost good HDL cholesterol. This line is also supported some types of fats/oils can act to protect DNA against this

kind of mutation, and some vitamins act as
protectants also. We get mixtures of these
various inducers and protectors of DNA
damage from food so it is very difficult to
extrapolate effects of individual components
into effects of various diets.”

0 $!ƫ /!ƫ  #%*/ 0

CAN’T “Seed oils such as canola oil, sunflower,

BELIEVE grapeseed or rice bran oil are very high in

omega 6 fatty acid, which used to be very

IT’S BUTTER rare in our diets before the 1920s,” says David
Gillespie. “Now we manufacture these oils
It turns out that butter may have more health perks than
and they are in everything because they are
once thought. After a meal, butter leads to lower elevation
cheap to make in bulk. But because these fats
of blood fats than olive oil, canola and flaxseed oil, Swedish
oxidise easily then they are causing problems
research shows. The medium and short chain fatty acids in butter
in our cells, which is setting us up for ill
were found to be used by the body for energy rather than being
health and disease.”
stored as fat. Some fatty acids in butter are also antimicrobial
Gillespie sites the Sydney Heart Study as a
(palmitoleic acid) and antifungal (butyric acid) which can
case in point. “When the group eating butter
help reduce inflammation, which is linked to heart
were compared with the group consuming
disease. Butter also contains conjugated linoleic acid
margarine and seed oils, they had a
(CLA), which may help prevent weight gain and
significant 60 to 70 per cent higher mortality
butyric acid, which may help protect
rate,” Gillespie explains. Easy to grasp?
against some cancers. Toast?
Well maybe not. This study too is causing
controversy. Back when the study began,
margarine contained problematic trans fats at
high levels and all experts agree that trans fats
are very bad for heart health. So Australian’s
nutrition experts believe the mortality rate
in the Sydney Heart study is a reflection of
the trans fat content in the diet of that group,
which has clouded the health benefits of
vegetable and seed oils.

Medical doctor Anastasia Boulais, spokesperson for the Ancestral Health Society of New
Zealand, favours real foods containing saturated fat to processed low-fat foods. “For
example, eggs are vastly superior in nutritional value and keeping you full compared to
industrially processed products like cereal.” Try these fat sources.

.!'"  /0 with butter butter and two says Boulais. “In

Ğ Smoked salmon Ğ Leftover other vegetables no point of our
with scrambled dinner meat with evolution did our
eggs and avocado roast vegetables +.*%*#ĥ ancestors eat five
Ğ Omelette with "0!.*++* ƫ to six meals a day.
ham, tomato %**!. 0! The reason why
and spinach Ğ Baked fish with “I believe that if you are hanging
kale chips baked you need snacks out for your
1* $ in coconut oil between meals morning tea office
Ğ Beef mince fried and salad you are not break is because
in coconut oil with Ğ Lamb chops getting enough you had high sugar
the side of green with sweet potato nutrition with cereal and low fat
vegetables tipped mashed with your main meals,” milk for breakfast.” 105

The National Health and Medical
Research Council (NHMRC)
recommends 430 mg of marine
omega-3s per day for women - almost
twice the estimated Australian average
intake of 246 mg. However, certain
health conditions including heart
disease and depression demand
greater omega-3 intake. The National
Heart Foundation recommends
sufferers of heart disease consume
1,000 mg of EPA and DHA. Ratnesar
says sufferers of clinical depression
need up to 2,000 mg daily, depending
on physicians' advice. But like calories,
you needn't get the math perfect
every day - aim to average the
recommended dose daily over a week.
Recent studies show that these fatty acids could reverse the Here’s what it looks like.
Ğƫƫ 1,000mg of marine omega-3s (EPA
ageing process. We do the math.
and DHA)
Ğƫƫ Canned red salmon sandwich (80
Omega-3s are unequivocally lauded as one and indemnity against Alzheimer's. One to 90 g tin)
of nutrition's noblest players. According to study found that eating fish three times a Ğƫƫ Small fillet of Atlantic salmon (70 to
accredited practising dietitian and author of week diminished dementia risk by 50 per 90 g fillet)
The Total Life Diet Shamala Ratnesar, omega- cent. In follow-up nine years after initial Ğƫƫ 2 omega-3 eggs, white fish (250 g)
3s reside within the membrane of every cell, assessment, study subjects with the highest and one fish oil capsule (300 mg)
where they influence the way molecules, DHA levels had the lowest risk of developing Ğƫƫ 2 fresh oysters and 4 slices smoked
enzymes and hormones interact and pass Alzheimer's disease. salmon (100 g smoked salmon)
in and out of cells. Skin, hair and nails are
all affected by how much – or little – you’re .%*ƫ$! 0$
getting. To obtain the commonly praised Omega-3s are central to regulating decline, Ratnesar says. They may also protect
EPA and DHA, you need to consume foods neurotransmitters that inform mood and against age-related macular degeneration
containing precursor ALA, from which the mental state. Because nerve cells, which send and cataracts.
body manufactures EPA and DHA. ALA is electrical impulses and neurotransmitters
essential, meaning the body can’t make it (think serotonin and dopamine), are rich 3 !%#$0ƫ + //
from scratch. Seafood and omega-3-enriched in DHA, omega-3s protect nerve cells from The term 'fatty acids' is misleading. Omega-
foods such as omega-3 eggs are good sources damage and indemnify normal, healthy 3s may actually help with body fat loss
(see table). The other consideration is that communication between brain cells and according to Ratnesar. They’re thought
even if you are consuming ALA, only around the body's nerves, which can impact mood to reduce insulin resistance and help to
five per cent of will be converted to EPA and and ha been linked to depression severity. normalise levels of insulin – the notorious
DHA. We need to maintain both. Omega-3s can also strengthen the myelin 'fat storage hormone' – in turn effectively
sheaths surrounding the brain's nerve cells, blocking fat storage. They also may promote
! +. 5ƫ* ƫ%*0! !0 which Ratnesar says can help to prevent and fat oxidation. Most sources of omega-3s are
When you consider that your brain is about manage conditions involving the central low in dietary fat and kilojoules and high
60 per cent fat, and that the main fatty acid nervous system. in satiating protein, making them excellent
in your grey matter is marine omega-3 DHA, weight loss fare.
the link between omega-3s and keeping !5!ƫ$! 0$

your brain nimble is a no-brainer. "Omega-3 Because the retina is a hotbed of DHA, / '%*ƫ$! 0$
fatty acids can improve intellect, memory consuming adequate omega-3s can keep With inflammation among the leading
and mental alertness at all ages," writes your peepers in prime condition. Even once culprits in wrinkled skin, omega-3s proven
Ratnesar. Research implicates omega-3s in optical wear and tear has started to show, anti-inflammatory impact makes them potent
prevention of dementia and mental decline, omega-3s can help to slow the rate of vision weapons against the appearance of ageing.

in the zone




YIELD TO THE YOGA Given the array of physical and mental food colouring into a big bowl of water,”
While you attempt to work, train, take
care of your family and rewind over an benefits, it’s little wonder yogis are bringing says Wells.
espresso martini (or two) with the gal pals, their practice conveniently in-house. “At first, you won't really see a difference
health experts are desperately reminding “For me, practicing yoga isn't just a way - the colour of the water doesn't change. But
us to prioritize recovery – and yoga is to keep my body and mind healthy, it's a if you keep going the water will little by little
often placed on the relaxation pedestal. feeling of 'coming home'; of being able to start to turn blue - over time the practice has
Its combination of gentle movement, connect with myself and nurture myself in a cumulative effect.”
meditation and breath control offers myriad a way that definitely changes my life for the In other words, consistency is key.
health benefits, including stimulating the better,” says owner of Stretch Yoga, PJ Wells For beginners delving into at-home yoga
vagus nerve and assisting in anxiety control, ( practice, stick to the basic movements to
sleep and your ability to ‘self soothe’ in “Yoga isn't just another fitness activity - guard against injury and include five to 20
stressful situations. it's an entire health science and way of living rounds of sun salutations (surya namaskar)
One study published in the Journal of your life both on and off the mat.” to encourage a stronger practice. Wells
Alternative and Complementary Medicine Without the bodily stress and muscle suggests sticking to yin poses post-stressful-
found that participants who practiced soreness attributed to the squat rack and board-meeting.
yoga for 60 minutes three times per week similar high-intensity exercise protocols, “These are held for longer periods –
reported greater improvements in mood committed yogis can practice everyday three to five minutes – which promotes
and anxiety than study counterparts who without the same risks of injury. Wells lengthening through the connective tissue.
matched their time in walking. Yoga suggests finding what works best for you – Yin yoga is fantastic before bed as it has
postures are associated with increased whether that be 20 minutes a day or three more of a restorative focus - perfect to wind
GABA levels in the brain, a chemical found one hour sessions per week. down after a stressful day while relieving
at abnormally low levels in those suffering “I had a teacher who described yoga aches and pains that might prevent you from
from mood and anxiety disorders. practice as being like putting drops of blue sleeping,” he says.


If you have a mat and enough room to unroll it, you probably toy takes us back to our childhood. Each of these factors plays
unknowingly have a yoga space. But whether you realize it a role in our adult lives when we design to create a mood.”
or not, elements of surrounding design impact how deeply While the atmosphere you create ultimately comes down
you move into the pose to how relaxed you feel by the end of to personal preference (after all, hip hop themed yoga is
your session. apparently a thing now) both Wells and Dinos suggest
“Having a beautiful, clutter free, quiet and calming space beginning with a blank, calming canvas before adding dashes
is always ideal. You want to be able to block out the outside of personalized colour.
world and draw inwards and for many of you the environment “Personally I love natural light, fresh air, plants and
you do this in is incredibly important – especially if you’re essential oils - and definitely no clutter. Others love soft
sensitive to noise or are under stress,” says Wells. furnishings and incense, or funky bright colours and hip hop
Interior designer for Mood Design ( music. The important thing is that it feels right for you and is
au), Anastasia Dinos, agrees, noting that colour, smell, sound, free of distractions - that means phones off or in a different
texture, shapes and lighting potentially impact how you feel. room! Pinterest is an amazing resource for inspiration,”
For Dinos, designing any room, but particularly your yoga says Wells.
cave, should go beyond the simply aesthetic beauty and take “When you think about it, yoga is a set of principles
into account the realm of psychology. centered around the physical, mental and spiritual elements
“Each one of us has a different relationship with colour of our being. It’s a discipline that can affect us on a physical,
and design based on our upbringing and past. These are conscious and sub-conscious level, so to maximise any yoga
subconsciously ingrained in us and almost always stem from practice, the environment should cater to these elements,”
nature,” says Dinos. says Dinos.
“For example, we feel energized from the yellow of the sun, “The space should be grounding, calm, relaxed, balanced
we stop when we see red and we find calm from lying on green and should feel natural with minimal artificial interference. It
grass gazing at the blue sky. The smell of a certain food can should be free of unnecessary distractions to support a place
recall specific memories or the touch of a soft cuddly animal or created for mental focus and meditation.” 109

ą LET IT SING: A yoga space would not

be a yoga space without the sound

of the ‘om’ or spiritual chanting in the

background. All you need is a small portable

MOOD wireless speaker and any smart device

connected to Spotify or Pandora. A quick
search for ‘yoga’ will give you hundreds of
playlist options to choose from.


(or ‘yogaroma’ as it’s also known) is
optional, but is lovely for really deepening
HOW TO CREATE THE bamboo venetian blinds are good options. the experience you’re trying to create.
PERFECT SPACE? TRY If natural light isn’t possible, use candles, For example, lavender is known to evoke
DINOS’ STEP-BY-STEP lanterns, or table or floor lamps during a calming and relaxing sensation while
GUIDE FOR A YOGA practice. If using ceiling lights, install a lemongrass energizes and uplifts. If you are
dimmer to create an intimate and private using oils, a simple oil burner in the corner
ambience to the space and always avoid of the room will do the trick; you can also
SWEET SPOT BETWEEN fluorescent or incandescent bulbs – at least dab some oil on your pulse points (wrists,
STYLE AND FUNCTION. during practice. neck, behind knees) to really enhance
the feeling.

ā PICK A BASE COLOUR: When it comes

to colour, a neutral palette evokes a
calming, peaceful and pure emotion, and
ă FURNISH FLURRY: Furniture should
be minimal and not take up too
much valuable floor or mat space. Opt ć PERSONALIZE: Finally, let’s add a bit
of you to the room. If you’d like some
is the perfect blank canvas on which to add for sustainable or raw materials such as colour, introduce it through your yoga mat,
your own personality. Think dusty pink, bamboo or up-cycled materials wherever towel, window curtain and any ornamental
light sand, grey or off white - it doesn’t need possible. Continuing with the principle of decor around the room. A small buddha
to be stark white. respecting nature, introduce some plant statue or nepalese hymn bowl would fit in
life. A living and breathing element in perfectly. Remembering we’re all different

Ă LIGHT IT UP: To encourage natural

light, keep windows free from
shades or heavy blinds. Depending on
any internal space evokes a calming and
grounding mood. If you don’t have a green
thumb, choose something low maintenance
and so is our energy, so which colour you
select it really up to you. For example, if
you’re feeling flat and need some uplifting
the external view you may need some like a succulent, but speak to your nursery energy use a red mat, or if you need to slow
privacy – light sheer fabric curtain or about the best option for you. down, try green.

One look inside LuLu Lemon or a having an essential oil diffuser with an
search of eBay will have you scrolling uplifting scent like peppermint or citrus
the yoga props for hours. So what to get rid of stale air.
do you really need for your at-home

practice? Wells shares his favorites. .'ƫ0 ƫ5.ƫ
* %0% * č In colder

!0ƫ! - %!č “While you can climates blankets and a cozy pair
!.(!%ƫ$%"0ƫ* !.3%.!ƫ,+.0/ƫ
definitely practice without props, of socks can be useful for savasana (the
.ƫ%*ƫ.$ %Č from $59.95,
I'm a big fan of having a great yoga final relaxation).
mat: my personal favorites are Jade

Eco or Yellow Willow. Include a bolster .%* ƫ* 0 .!ƫ%* . č
blanket and a couple of blocks in case Each of my studios is quite
you need them. different when it comes to
decor but the common theme for me


. ) " 0 .č Personally I is indoor plants. There's something

find incense to be too intense but a about the colour green that I just find
lot of people I know love it - I love incredibly soothing.
Ě1.2ƫ$'!ƫ%0ƫ,ƫăĥąƫ !##%*#Čƫ

(( +' +)%*0%+*ƫ%4ƫ+.0ƫ

$.#%*# 00%+* %* 3(*10ƫ
3$%0!, $239.95,

 1.!!ƫ* (!ƫ+( ƫ0$!((+Čƫ 14!ƫ(//ƫ0!.ƫ+00(!Čƫ".+)ƫ

$95.00, $79,

%2%*!ƫ+ !//ƫ!+ƫ 14!ƫ5+#ƫ

)0Čƫ$129,ƫ 111

Words: Stephanie Osfield

Time is one of those things that never seems use, ignore or address time can impact on
to arrive in the right amount. On one hand everything from your weight to your sense
we want more ‘me time’, time out and time of satisfaction in life. So it’s helpful to be
off to do the things that bring us joy, while savvy about how time warps your world in
on Monday afternoon we probably wish the the long and short-term.
week away in pursuit of a Saturday lie-in and “The role of your body clock is to ensure
watching the kids play tennis. Except that that you sleep during the night and are alert
by Tuesday, when we remember a Thursday during the daytime,” says Siobhan Banks,
deadline, time again seems insufficient – Senior Research Fellow from the Centre for
and fast moving. To say modern human’s Sleep Research at the University of South
relationship with time is messy is an Australia. Trouble is that working overtime
understatement. Yet in this back-and-forth until late, suffering insomnia and staying

dance, with implicit servitude of temporal up partying can all throw your circadian
poverty, it’s less common to consider how rhythm out of whack. “This can keep your
the experience of time, as it is right now, body temperature raised, giving you ‘stay
impacts performance in the very activities awake’ hormonal signals at the wrong time
with which we ‘fill’ time. The way you of day,” Banks explains.

When you’re bored, the clock seems to move at a glacial pace but
it seems to move at double speed when you’re having a good time.
Neuroscientist, David Eagleman, has been fascinated with these
differing perceptions of time ever since he had a fall from a roof as
a child and felt like he remembered every detail. In an article for the
New Yorker magazine, he recently outlined why time sometimes seems
to speed up or slow down. “Time is not like the other senses,” says
Eagleman, an assistant professor of neuroscience at Baylor College
of Medicine in Houston. “Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing are
relatively easy to isolate in the brain. They have discrete functions
that rarely overlap: it’s hard to describe the taste of a sound, the color
of a smell, or the scent of a feeling. But our sense of time is present in
everything we do – whether we are going for a morning jog, listening
to a favourite CD or getting ready for work.” According to Eagleman,
this is why we sometimes feel that time, “stretches and compresses and
skips a beat”.
Stress causes us to experience time differently. When you’re
under stress, you produce more adrenalin and cortisol and these
‘stress chemicals’ impact on your body and your brain. There is clear
evidence that adrenalin actually affects the rate of activity in the brain’s
neurons and some scientists now believe that this change in actual
neuron function may be the reason why everything seems to slow
down when something stressful is happening to us. A prime example
is how people talk about their life flashing before their eyes when
they have a car accident or how they felt like they saw everything in
slow motion when having a heart attack or being swept away by flood
waters. The stress actually makes you pay more attention. When a
researcher called Stetson conducted a study on time perception, he had
people free fall 50 metres into a net, and found that being in potential
danger made them remember more detail of the experience. This ultra
attention simultaneously made time feel almost stagnant while making
the experience seem longer than it was.
Similarly, negative emotions can make us home in on time so
that it starts to feel longer than it is. That’s why a dull presentation or
conversation can seem torturously long. On the flipside, when we’re
having fun we often feel that time flies because we are totally absorbed
in what we are doing – so we might not notice how long we’ve been at
the great party until we realize it’s starting to get light outside. Research %)%*# %,/č
at the University of Alabama has found that when approaching an » SHIFT YOUR FOCUS: When time is dragging
activity that we know is enjoyable, that anticipation and excitement can because you’re standing in a queue, enduring
make time seem to speed up. When shown photos of geometric shapes a humdrum meeting at work or waiting for a
or delicious desserts, people felt the shapes were shown longer than the job interview – shift your attention. Do a short
sweets – because they desired to see the desserts for longer. meditation where you focus on the breath or an
Familiarity can also make time seem to go at twice the speed. object or recite song lyrics or write your shopping
“This is often why we feel that time is speeding up as we get older,” list in your head.
says Eagleman. “Time is this rubbery thing…it stretches out when » BE MORE MINDFUL: When you are having a great
you really turn your brain resources on, and when you say, ‘Oh, I got night and want that wonderful feeling to last, try
this, everything is as expected,’ it shrinks up.” This helps explain why to experience what’s happening through all your
everything on a beach holiday seems to take more time – from the trip senses. Take mental snapshots of lovely moments
to get there to the seemingly long summer days. so you can enjoy thinking about them later.

You know that great feeling when you’re so absorbed in an
enjoyable activity that you forget the time and lose yourself
for a while? This state is known as ‘flow’ and it occurs
when people are jogging or painting a landscape or playing
a musical instrument, and studies show that it increases
happiness. The term ‘flow’ was coined by psychologist,
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who has studied it at length.
During a state of ‘flow’ you are focussed and free of worry
and oblivious to time. Afterwards, you feel satisfied by
your achievements and happier.
“Contrary to what we usually believe, the best moments
in our lives, are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times,”
says Csikszentmihalyi, in his book Flow: The Psychology
of Optimal Experience. “The best moments usually occur
when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits
in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult
and worthwhile. For a swimmer, it could be trying to
beat his own record; for a violinist, mastering an intricate
musical passage. For each person there are thousands of
opportunities - challenges to expand ourselves. When we
choose a goal and invest ourselves in it to the limits of
concentration, whatever we do will be enjoyable. And once
we have tasted this joy, we will redouble our efforts to taste
it again. This is the way the self grows.”

leisure activites that require a little level of skill
and challenge such as painting a watercolour,
rock climbing or doing a complex jigsaw puzzle.
» CHOOSE THE RIGHT TIME: Engage in activities
to create ‘flow’ when you are not having to rush
somewhere and are least likely to be interrupted.
» AVOID SCREENS: Switch off your phone and
the television and avoid any other distractions
that may interrupt you.
» LEARN A NEW SKILL: Though this may not
immediately create full flow – the ‘sweet spot’
will come as you improve and can relax into
what you are doing. Learning the piano or a new
language, taking up Tai chi or writing a blog are
all activities that will encourage the blissful state
of flow, which promotes happiness and a sense
of feeling fulfilled in life.


home soil day
spas for pamper





 č ATMANTAN WELLNESS RESORT We book our overseas vay-cays
through Health & Fitness Travel

ĸĸĸč * 1(#! = From $4,810pp twin share for 7 nights full board
Nestled within the serene Sahyadri Mountains in west India, Atmantan
Wellness Resort is a world away from the toxicity of urban life. Relax in this
spa haven offering a range of treatments from daily massages, aromatherapy
to Hammam sessions and acupuncture. Atmantan’s wellness approach also
integrates Ayurvedic principles and Pranic healing to ensure your body,
mind and soul are realigned. Combine yoga, meditation and functional
fitness classes to your stay and you’re sure to be on the way for a beauty and
wellness overhaul.
$0Ě/ %*(1 ! č Seven nights stay at a private villa, return private transfers, a
rejuvenating wellness program, complimentary use of spa and fitness centres
and healthy cuisine organically sourced and produced from the on-site farm.
! (+2!č Atmantan is home to a wide array of holistic spa treatments – restore
your glow with ‘Balneotherapy’, which is a therapeutic bath containing thermal
mineral waters from natural springs



ĸĸĸĸčƫ,(1.#!ƫœ From $6,530pp twin share for 7 nights
full board
Embark on a journey to natural beauty renewal at the award-
winning medi-spa destination Chiva Som in Hua Hin,
Thailand. Experience holistic health therapies, including reiki
and Chi Nei Tsang (a Chinese touch therapy) to restore your
vitality. Rediscover inner calm with a stress release treatment
combined with yoga and meditation to diffuse any deep-set
tension. Complete your rejuvenation with physical training
sessions offering activities from Pilates, Tai Chi to TRX,
kickboxing and more (over 41 different types of classes!).
$0Ě/ƫ%*(1 ! čƫSeven nights luxury accommodation,
return private transfers, a renewal program with free skin and
wellness consultation, and spa cuisine with an emphasis on
low fat, lower calorie food with some vegetarian and wheat,
gluten, dairy and sugar-free dishes.
!ƫ(+2!čƫSend yourself into deep relaxation with their Aquatic
Therapy (or Watsu) treatment—a passive technique using the
buoyancy of the water as support while being gently stretched. 117

ĸĸčƫ * 1(#!ƫ %0!ƫœ From $2,495pp twin share for
7 nights full board
Find your inner Aphrodite in this stunning Greek
spa destination, the Divani Apollon Palace and
Thalasso. Combining restorative facial and body
spa treatments backed with fitness training, you are
bound to feel your energy levels lifted, making you
look and feel younger. Refuel with a delicious fare
of Mediterranean cooking based on healthy and
energising nutrition allowing you to adapt a healthier
lifestyle that will reflect from the inside out.
$0Ě/ƫ%*(1 ! čƫSeven nights accommodation from
your chosen suite, return private transfers, a wellness SPAIN: MARBELLA CLUB
program, a full board dining experience you can ĸĸĸčƫ * 1(#!ƫœ From $4,215pp twin share for 7 nights
enjoy in different in-house restaurants or from your Pamper yourself like royalty in this luxurious Mediterranean hideaway at
own room, and complimentary fitness evaluation Marbella Club Hotel. Receive personalised care from health and beauty
and attendance to classes. experts who will help you revive your radiance with the highest quality skin
!ƫ(+2!čƫDivani Apollon is the only thalassotherapy care products and soothing spa services like aromatherapy massages, Thalasso
spa in the Attica region, harnessing the use of therapies, and anti-ageing facial treatments. Complimentary group fitness
seawater, marine products, and shore climates as a classes including yoga, Pilates, and circuit training are also available.
form of therapy. $0Ě/ƫ%*(1 ! čƫSeven nights stay, a wellness program, and daily breakfast
which you can upgrade to full board with medical and nutrition support
!ƫ(+2!čƫThis idyllic location is only a fifteen-minute stroll along the
beachfront to the chic boutiques and traditional tapas restaurants of Marbella.


ĸĸĸčƫ * 1(#!ƫœ From $4,400pp twin share for 7 nights the seamless combination of physical activity and luxury
Breath-taking Gramado Mountains shelter this spa treatments.
luxury medical spa sanctuary in southeast Brazil. $0Ě/ƫ%*(1 ! čƫSeven nights accommodation, choice
Here, 32 years of spa and wellness experience reflect of a medical spa program, access to fitness classes and spa
in Kurotel’s practices, as experts guide you through amenities, herbal medication associated with treatment
sustainable physical and mental transformation. This and daily breakfast
medical spa destination provides services from stress !ƫ(+2!čƫ Longevity is the central vision for Kurotel Spa
to sleep problems, smoking addiction, cancer recovery, and Medical Center. Both the medical and spa team offer
skin complaints and weight control. Benefit from you sustainable guidance (they even hold health lectures!)
consultations with the onsite medical professionals and to ensure you can continue your healthy lifestyle at home.




ƫ ƫƫ
+10č Located in Brookfield,
20 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD,
When was the last time you felt truly relaxed?
If you can’t remember, you’re long overdue for
One Wybelenna offers a range of
sublime treatments such as the
one of these stress-relieving spa treatments. ƫƫƫ
Deluxe Chocolate Scrub, Crystal and
We scoured the country for the finest day- Pearl Elixir for face and body, and +10č Whether you spend an hour or half
cations that pack holiday grade healing into a Padabhyang Indian foot and leg a day at Lavanya Day Spa, your experience
as little as an hour. Whether you merely need massage. The architecturally designed is sure to be second to none. Nestled inside
to de-stress or are up for serious indulgence, space features stunning gardens, a lap the award-winning Captains Retreat B&B,
there’s a treatment to suit. Go on, you pool and spa and multiple lounging Lavanya will have you feeling deeply relaxed
deserve it. areas designed to complement the the moment you walk through their door.
subtropical climate. With a penchant for premium quality and

NSW .5čƫThe Crystal and Pearl Elixir, a

local ingredients, the treatments are good for
the body, soul and planet.
Ěƫ combined face and body therapy that
uses extracts of precious stones and .5čƫIndulge with their signature Paprika
+10č Everything is based on earthy
minerals to energise and firm the skin! Power Facial and full body massage and
elements at Nature’s Energy in Sydney’s
The treatment combines all-over body escape for 2 hours into a haze. Paprika
Balmain. The spa baths are surrounded by
exfoliation with an exquisite massage stimulates the natural circulation in the skin,
dark cobbled stones, creating an experience
to make you feel as smooth as ever. working to detoxify, oxygenate and rejuvenate.
akin to being in a secluded rainforest. Just
leave the kids at home! Crystals are placed on your body’s +*00čƫ2 Ferguson St, Williamstown, (03)
seven chakra points to bring your 9397 0352,
.5č Book yourself in for an indulgent massage
energy levels back to balance, while a
with hydrating, sweet-smelling products such
as shea butter and coconut, sunflower and
jojoba oil. Your skin feels amazing after! They
Pearl Noir Facial utilises black pearls
for their powerful anti-ageing effects. A
  ƫƫƫƫ ƫ
truly decadent two hours for $325.
also perform massages tailored to expectant
+10čƫThis picturesque bush retreat for
mothers and sports professionals. +*00č 1 Wyblenna Street,
women is perfect for a getaway with your
Brookfield, (07) 3878 7549,
+*00čƫ312 Darling Street, Balmain, (02) favourite lady pals, or just yourself solo if
9555 5533, you’re feeling a bit sore or partied out. The 119
  ƫ  ƫƫƫƫ ƫ
+10čƫThe spa well and truly makes the most of
its spectacular location, overlooking the Cradle
Mountains and its ancient forests, snow-capped
pine trees and crisp mountain streams. Drop in
and ease your body after a day of bushwalking in
the mountains.
.5č There are many luxurious face and body
treatments on offer, each using completely natural
Tasmanian-made skincare products. Revel in
treatments like Highland Healing where your
therapist will customise a 60-minute full body
massage, relieving tension in your weary legs
and shoulders.
+*00čƫ4038 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle
Mountain, (03) 6492 2133,


day spa, situated just 30 minutes outside
+10čƫA spa retreat surrounded by
of Canberra, is sustainable; meaning every
national parkland, sprawling vineyards
drop of water is recycled and directed back
and unspoiled beaches. There are 10
toward their gorgeous gardens and tree-
luxurious villas, each with a private
planting program.
plunge pool overlooking a secluded
.5č Geranium House's detox spa package —
beach. As well as massages, they deal in
a two-hour body buffet including litho-cal
body peel, detox-thalasso body wrap, and
invigorating sea salt scrubs, clay body
masks and detoxing baths infused with
aromatherapy massage.
Australian native ingredients such as
+10čƫDue to its truly secluded location,
+*00č 154 Fairview Road, Springrange, juniper berry, cypress and lemon myrtle.
perched high on a cliff top, you can only
(02) 6230 9220,
.5čƫRather than choose a specific access the treatment rooms via a boardwalk
treatment, go in for a private consultation. through the coastal flora. Once you reach
NT The gently handed, highly skilled staff will
design a treatment experience especially
your private oasis, admire the view, rewind
and relax, soaking up the sounds of waves
for you. crashing in the background.
+10č Set smack bang in the middle of
Australia’s red centre, within the award- +*00čƫ1 Cape Clairault .5čƫTheir Ligurian Honey and Almond Wrap
winning Sails in the Desert Hotel, the serene Road, Yallingup, (08) 9750 1300, features ingredients that are locally produced.
Red Ochre Spa is anchored by a credo The 90-minute treatment begins with a Bay of
emphasising relaxing and harmonising mind Shoals mineral salt exfoliation, before you’re
and body using earthy ingredients such as of silky warm mineral rich Aroma Spa Mud wrapped in a cocoon of nourishing honey
mineral-rich mud. is then applied, followed by a foot and scalp and almonds. You’re then treated to a massage
massage. A healing, grounding and rhythmic using essential oil sourced from around the
.5č Try the Red Ochre Spa Signature
full body massage completes the 2 hour 45 island, and a spritz of fragrant wild rosella
Treatment, which comprises a cleansing
minute treatment. flower mist.
foot ritual followed by an invigorating full
body exfoliation with Aromatic Oils and +*00čƫ174 Yulara Dr, Yulara, 1300 134 044, +*00čƫHanson Bay Road, Kingscote, (02)
Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow. A layer 9918 4355,



Includes free delivery!


c ude free
e gift
g a and
d free d

Hydrate, Nourish & Repair your hair with Bambi &

Saammi No.1 Hair Masque, balanced and bursting
with essential plant nutrients maintaining a
he ealthy, happy mane.
Aprés shampoo towel-dry your locks, apply a
he eaped spoonful to your mid lengths and ends,
3 no.03+ Bambi & Sammi

sing to your No.1 running track in the shower - a

litttle louder - rinse and continue on your journey
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* Offer available until 19th March 2017 or while stocks last and within Australia only. Offer of the 7 Crazy As A Coconut sachets only available with a 12-issue subscription. Maximum
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(03) 9574 8460 & SCAN PAGE

Top Beauty Bloggers’

Look impossibly
gorgeous without
getting up an hour early
with these ingenious
tips from our favourite
beauty bloggers.

Karima |

((ƫ0%)!ƫ!/0ƫ!105ƫ(!//+*ĕ Keep it simple!

Some of the best products can be found in
the garden, such as Aloe Vera plant. Avoid
hot water on the face if your skin is prone to
redness or broken capillaries. Finally, spend
some time au naturale and learn to love it.
Make-up and lotions and potions are fun, but
it’s important to be able to look in the mirror
and appreciate what we have.
!/0ƫ ƫ/'%*ƫ0.!0)!*0/ĕ As strange
as it sounds, natural yoghurt as a face
mask! The lactic acid provides a very gentle

Josie Barber
exfoliation and it’s also fab if you’re sunburnt
- super soothing!
!105ƫ/,(1.#!ĕ Sunday Riley Good
Genes is absolute gold. It’s an exfoliant that | | @josiebarber
brightens the skin, treats congestion and
minimises fine lines. You can apply it before +1.ƫ/!.!0ƫ0+ƫ(!.ƫ/'%*ĕ I think that if it’s not sunny outside. I try and work SPF
bed or for sensitive skin types, use it as a you stick to a good skin care routine and into my beauty routine each day, either in
mask and wash off after 10 minutes. you drink enough water each day, you’re my primer or Mecca Invisible Superscreen
+1.ƫ!105ƫ0.2!(ƫ0%,ĕ Sheet masks! I’ll off to a good start. I take DMK’s EFA Ultra with SPF 50+.
use one before and after a flight (as they tend supplements every morning - they contain .!* ƫ,.! %0%+*ƫ"+.ƫĂĀāĈĕƫI think
to startle other passengers!) - and there is so many amazing ingredients like essential we will see a focus on beautiful, dewy
nothing better to restore hydration to travel- fatty acids, coconut and evening primrose complexions - you want to accentuate your
weary skin. oil! I also think it’s important to give features, not hide them - and of course,
+3ƫ.!ƫ5+1ƫ/1*ƫ/).0ĕ I use Mecca your skin a break from make-up, so a few bold brows.
To Save Face SPF30! It’s one of the most days a week (usually when I am working
cosmetically elegant sunscreens from home) I go make-up free and let my
I’ve encountered, not at all sticky skin breathe. JOSIE’S PICKS
or uncomfortable and it doesn’t $0ƫ%/ƫ5+1.ƫ %(5ƫ.+10%*!ĕ I use all āċƫ ƫƫ(0.Čƫ$68, dannemking.
leave a white cast, so perfect under DMK products. In the AM, after cleansing, com
make-up. I use a Pore Reduction Tonic, Vitamin C Ăċƫ ƫ!0ƫ!(Č $139, dannemking.
Serum and Beta Gel, Aku Klear and a Herb com

S and Mineral Mist. In the evenings, I repeat
those same products but also work in a Nite
ăċƫ 1.ƫ !.%!.ƫ+1* 0%+*ƫ.%)!.ƫĢƫ
ăĀČ $45, (02) 9663 4277
āċƫ !ƫ+/)!0% + 2! !
1,!./.!!*ƫ ĆĀ
ĆĀŐČ $40
$40, mecc
a Firming Cremé. Every fortnight I do a home ąċƫ$%/ƫ+.'/ƫ!!,ƫ(!!,ƫ%((+3ƫ peel usingg my DMK Exoderma Peel. ,.5Č $30,
Ăċƫ1* 5ƫ%(!5 +++ !*!/ *5 1**%-1!ƫ!105ƫ0%,/ĕ I recently
((ġ *ġ*!ƫ 0% %
 started using This Works ‘Deep Sleep Pillow
.!0)!*0, $154, m
mecca com au Spray’ beffore bed and am just loving it. It
ăċƫ/0h!ƫ 1 !.  2*!
uses 100%% essential oils to help you
u get a
%#$0ƫ!,%.ƫ+*!!*0.0! ƫ more restfful night’s sleep.
!+2!.5ƫ (( 0%)! !/0ƫ!105ƫ(!//+*ĕ Th he
+3!.+%(ƫ first thing I was taught about beauty
/'Č $120 (and it’s sttill my number one tip) is
(4 pack), to always wash your face before bed d.
esteelauder. Sleeping in make-up is a big no-no! And
A d always
l wear sunscreen, even iff 123
| | @

$0ƫ%/ƫ5+1.ƫ %(5ƫ.+10%*!ĕ It's the usual 3 step:

cleanser, toner and moisturiser. I've also noticed
my skin has become more dry the older I get, so
I've amped up the moisturisers and night serums,
and try not skip on eye creams to prevent fine lines
from deepening.

Rachel Brook | @rachael_brook
Throughout the week, I like using masks for added
hydration or scrubs to exfoliate and get rid of dead
skin cells.
Even though it may be difficult when I have events
to attend, I make a conscious effort to not have a full
((ƫ0%)!ƫ!/0ƫ!105ƫ(!//+*ĕƫ My +3ƫ.!ƫ5+1ƫ/1*ƫ/).0ĕ My face of make-up on for more than 10 hours. Making
mum doesn’t wear much make-up or regular foundations contain SPF, but sure to always cleanse my skin before bed (no matter
fuss over her skin, so all I knew was I’m mostly indoors so that’s often how exhausted I may be) is crucial - these little things
'slip, slop, slap' before heading outside enough for everyday wear. If I’m make all the difference to one's complexion!
in the sun. Also, always do (or at heading into the sun, I’ll smother +,ƫ!105ƫ0%,ĕ Clean your make-up brushes
least check) your make-up in natural my skin with sunscreen, wear a hat, at LEAST once a week - I know it can be time
light before leaving the house. You’d sunglasses and probably some kind of consuming but just think about the amount of built
be surprised what a huge difference cover up too. up bacteria that you're putting back onto your skin if
it makes. .!* ƫ,.! %0%+*ƫ"+.ƫĂĀāĈĕ I think you don't. I cringe at the thought!
$0ƫ%/ƫ5+1.ƫ %(5ƫ.+10%*!ĕ I wipe we will see more skin. Real skin, not !/0ƫ ƫ/'%*ƫ0.!0)!*0/ĕ Coconut oil is magical!
my face with make-up cleansing skin that is completely covered up It has countless benefits - not only is it great as a leave
wipes to make my skin feel fresh and and masked with foundation. Just
put some oil or moisturiser on before real, raw, beautiful skin.
applying make-up. At night, I cleanse
to remove all makeup, use a toner
and apply moisturiser, and sometimes RACHEL’S PICKS
an oil over the top depending on āċƫ%),(!ƫ,+0(!//ƫ1%'ƫ
how my skin is feeling. Occasionally %4ƫ(!*/%*#ƫ%,!/Čƫ$7,
I’ll use a hydrating face mask or mix
Cetaphil cleanser with bicarb soda for Ăċƫ ċċƫ!(!0ƫƫāĆƫ
a face scrub. +1* 0%+*Čƫ$49, maccosmetics.
*5ƫ1*%-1!ƫ!105ƫ0%,/ĕ I always
listen to my body and try to figure ăċƫ/,!0ƫ5 .0%*#ƫ /'Č $55,
out what my skin needs based on
that. My skin is most reactive to what ąċƫ ƫ!*0(!ƫ'%*ƫ
I eat and drink, so if I feel like my (!*/!.Č $24,
skin is going through a tough time,
I’ll swap out any bad foods I’m eating
and replace them with fruits that are
high in antioxidants. Kiara King | @lioninthewild

$0ƫ%/ƫ5+1.ƫ %(5ƫ.+10%*!ĕƫI always begin my day

with warm lemon water or apple cider vinegar, which
has so many amazing benefits for you and your skin.
I’m also addicted to The Beauty Chef - I take the Glow
and Cleanse Inner Beauty Powder and Collagen Inner
Beauty Boost daily. I drink a lot of water daily and try

in treatment for the skin, it's also an
amazing makeup remover (even better
than some removers in the market!).
+,ƫ!105ƫ/,(1.#!ĕƫThe Charlotte
Tilbury Magic Cream - the name
itself describes it perfectly. It's on the
pricier side but it is magic in a jar.
It's a moisturiser that is incredibly
hydrating, very lightweight and
gives you the beautiful luminosity to
the skin.
is so important but I hate how the
traditional sunscreens feel on the
face - I've been loving the CoverFX
Clear Cover Invisible Sunscreen for
my face recently. It's a clear balm that
is incredibly lightweight, it sinks into
your skin almost immediately without
that sticky feeling.

Ăċƫ$.(+00!ƫ%(1.5ƫ #%ƫ.!)Č $125,
ăċƫ ġ ƫ%#*/ƫ5!ƫ /'Čƫ$125 (14 pairs), sk-ii.
ąċƫ+2!.ƫ(!.ƫ+2!.ƫ *2%/%(!ƫ1*/.!!*ƫ
.+ ƫ,!0.1)ƫƫăĀČ

to regularly exercise, even if it’s just pluck your eyebrows! I’ll never be
10-minutes of high intensity training.
Anything to work up a sweat!
able to repay my mum for not letting
me do it in high school.
āċƫ ƫ!0+/%*Čƫ$109,
Morning and night, I begin with !/0ƫ ƫ/'%*ƫ0.!0)!*0/ĕ Cold Ăċƫ ƫ %.+ƫ!!(Č $86,
a thorough cleanse and then use green tea bags on my eyes after a
ăċƫ$!ƫ!105ƫ$!"ƫ+((#!*ƫ **!.ƫ!105ƫ++/0Čƫ
a variety of serums, treatments, a particularly long week to de-puff
hydration spray and moisturisers. and soothe.
Every third night I only apply the +1.ƫ!105ƫ0.2!(ƫ0%,ĕ Travel
DMK Retosin (Vitamin A) night really takes its toll on my complexion,
treatment after cleansing, which so I’m addicted to using the DMK
helps to rejuvenate my skin. I also Hydroloc Hydration Cream when I’m
use a mask twice a week (either DMK flying and a Hydrating Masque when
at-home Enzyme Treatment, a Micro we arrive at our destination to battle
Peel or Hydrating Masque). It’s a long any dryness.
process, but a good excuse to spend .!* ƫ,.! %0%+*ƫ"+.ƫĂĀāĈĕƫThe
some time on myself each day. 'no makeup' makeup trend is only
((ƫ0%)!ƫ!/0ƫ!105ƫ(!//+*ĕ I going to get bigger in 2017, which is
was also taught that beauty came all about minimal makeup and fresh
from the inside; it was who you were skin, a complete contrast to the sharp
that made you beautiful. And never contour looks we’ve been seeing. 125

for facial hair
removal is driving the

trend for dermaplaning, but
should you shave your face?
The girl-tache is nothing new,
but in the era of xxx Brazilians,

women are bringing
facial hair out of the

Excessive hair growth, also known as natural method may be drinking spearmint waxing remains the dominant salon and
hirsutism, is a condition defined by excess tea according to research published in DIY treatment approach.
hair growth in the face and on the chest, Phytotherapy Drinking two cups of But a treatment that has been likened to
abdomen and thighs according to research spearmint tea a day for five days could shaving is promising to improve outcomes
presented at Orebro University, Sweden. reduce the level of androgens in women for women with unwanted hair, which is
It affects at least five per cent of the with hirsutism, experts found. most common above the upper lip (girl-
female population and it means that Current therapies use either oral tache) and can form a sort of ‘beard’.
women develop hair on parts of their contraceptives to suppress androgen Dermaplaning or epi-blading has
bodies – where men normally grow hair. production, or medications such as been rekindled after experts realised
The most common cause is polycystic spironolactone that prevent the body it multi-tasked to exfoliate skin while
ovary syndrome, a condition where a high responding to androgen according to removing hair.

number of cysts are formed. Abnormally a spokesman from Turkey’s Suleyman The treatment uses a surgical blade worked
high levels of the 'masculinising' androgen Demirel University. over the face, removing the outer layers of
hormones are thought to enable excess hair Conventional cosmetic treatments dead skin cells as well as any fine hair. We ask
growth, leading researchers to investigate include IPL and laser, which are two skincare professionals to explain their
treatments that reduce androgen levels. One contraindicated for certain skin types, while views on the avant-garde approach.

/ $ 2%*# .!)+ 2!/ $! $%. (! 2%*# % 
3% $  ( 1*  %*%/$ 3$%$ *ƫ)'! ƫ
$!ƫ$%. !!(ƫ + ./!ƫ

blonde hair on the face that cannot be treated with laser

hair removal. Before you freak out, it does not lead to
thicker hair growth! Any fine hair removed during the
treatment will not be stimulated or grow coarse, due

YES to the fact that the blood supply within the follicle is
not being stimulated as the hair is only being removed
superficially. Shaving removes the hair leaving it with a
blunt finish which can make the hair feel coarse; whereas
 . 5/(  !( during dermaplaning the hair is removed at a 30-degree
Dermal Nurse angle leaving a fine point to the hair which allows it to grow out feeling soft. There are a few things to be
The treatment itself is painless and quite relaxing and wary of though. Firstly, in non-experienced person’s
because it thoroughly exfoliates the skin (similar to a hands, you can cause lacerations to the face, so a DIY
microdermabrasion), there are many benefits such as job on this treatment it is highly unadvisable! Secondly,
increased cell turn over, increased blood, nutrients and anyone who is suffering active acne or any flared
oxygen to the skin for better skin health. It is a great conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, aren’t the
treatment to do prior to a peel to enhance penetration best candidates during the flare up stage - once that has
and particularly great for clients who have fine, downy settled then treatment would be suitable.

over-cleanse, exfoliate and peel their skin
- dermaplaning could further weaken an
already sensitive skin.
The fine hair is removed with the
blade while the dead skin cells are
removed. Think peeling a kiwi fruit with
%+* 1'Č
a miniature vegetable peeler to give you
Professional Skincare Expert
a better picture! The fine hair grows back
but because it has been cut, it grows back
Dermaplaning would suit someone that
with a blunt end giving the feel of stubble
has a thickened epidermis and requires
(not great for a hot date). If someone had
skin refining but in my opinion, it’s not
excess downy facial hair it may help with
a necessary treatment basis. Too much
makeup application but it’s not a noticeable
regular exfoliation can remove the skin’s
difference. And sweating can then show up
protective natural barrier which can lead
more on the top lip or forehead as the fine
to increased sensitivity, dehydration,
hairs have been removed which usually
breakouts and even accelerate ageing. The
trap the sweat.
removal of the skin’s protective barrier
The chance of knocks and cuts is
means the skin is more sensitive to active
extremely high. If the blade is used at the
ingredients such as hydroxy acids, peels,
wrong angle or with too much pressure,
and retinols so caution needs to be applied
cuts can occur or even the whole epidermis
when choosing the right products to apply
in parts could be removed causing scabbing
after the treatment. Many people already
and possible pigmentation of the skin. 127
place ,!%( ,%.
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Bring the gym to your lounge room Clear out the gym bag and January may have come and Lacking iron? New Iron Vital
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Craving the digestive benefits of We are just a little bit in love Save yourself some serious waxing Gone are the days of
super antioxidant turmeric, but with Swisse’s Deep Sea appointment costs with Marzena’s No bulky, musty-smelling
can’t stand the taste or have the Hydrating Mist Toner, designed More Facial Hair Treatment. Each pack towels being left half-
time to sip on your turmeric latte? to hydrate and tone post contains 24 wax strips and 30ml of damp and stuffed in the
We have the solution: PuraHealth’s sweaty gym sesh. Formulated serum designed to dramatically reduce gym bag. These Wovii
organic Tumeric with Ginger & with added aloe vera and the reappearance of pesky facial hair. Towels are light-weight
Black Pepper blend is powerful vitamin B3 to help even skin Containing a combination of ingredients and compact but still
and pure, and conveniently tone and provide a brighter, proven to inhibit hair growth, it works at luxuriously soft and ultra
encapsulated for those on the more youthful appearance, the root cells at the base of the follicle, absorbent – meaning you
go - or the slow! Designed it will leave your face feeling preventing, slowing and weakening new (and your hair) get dry
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healthy liver function and general And, lets be honest, looking a it’s dermatologically tested for your up the bag zipper.
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you never forget to take them. RRP $15.50, and
RRP $39, 129
last word

Amanda Brown
After a three and a half year hiatus travelling the world post Year 12, a young Amanda Brown knew
her calling was in the health and fitness industry. A Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness and a mountain of
other courses later, this successful trainer, coach, powerlifting champ and physique competitor now
owns one of the most popular gyms in Melbourne, The Queen of Lean Headquarters, and is helping
females transform their bodies (and lives) on the daily. She agreed to tell us how.

I knew I wanted to work in the fitness

industry because health had always been one
of my highest values and I knew I could make
a positive impact as a coach. What I love the
most is working with women to empower
them with the knowledge of the quickest and
healthiest ways to achieve results.
Getting lean isn’t about flogging yourself
or eating less but rather about creating
balance. No gimmicks, just good nutrition
and well-executed strength training.
Your body is designed to be
in homeostasis and it’s just
about using the right tools
to get there.
The Queen of
my mantra MY TOP
Lean Headquarters FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE
is all about creating IT: NOT THAT WHAT YOU TIPS
a safe place with the DO IS ‘FAKE’ BUT THIS Ğ Set a goal and make sure it is
support, high-end
SAYING OVERCOMES centred on your daily habits to avoid
coaching, nutrition and getting overwhelmed.
personalised training that YOU TO KEEP CHASING Ğ Sleep well.
women need to transform YOUR DREAMS. Ğ Fuel your body with
their health and get results. sources of carbs such as sweet amazing nutrition.
We don’t use a one-size-fits-all potato, rice and quinoa. I also love
Ğ Strength train with a minimal dose
program – instead, we tailor the process to coffee, dark chocolate and a glass of red wine. of cardio.
you. Every new client gets a one hour initial My training has a strong powerlifting
planning meeting to work out their optimal focus and I live for the weights! I train four
Ğ Work with a coach who knows that
they’re doing! Everyone needs a
nutrition, hormonal profiles, sleep and stress, to five times per week, with each session
good mentor.
and we do a BioSignature measurement to consisting of compound lifts, such as the
work out fat and lean muscle percentages. We squat, deadlift or bench press, followed by
then check in with the client every two weeks accessory work targeting any weaknesses. Following the success of our 12-week Project
to reassess, alongside one-on-one training and I relieve stress by ensuring I get enough Bikini transformation program (which ends
group classes. sleep and prioritising my nutrition. I take in a beach photo shoot), I would love to take a
I think the key to my success is working a good natural sleep stack which includes similar program to Bali! Plus we are launching
hard and just going for it. We all have fear and magnesium, gaba and ATP science an awesome series of free seminars for women
doubts, but I’ve taught myself to keep going supplement Cort-rx. No matter how busy I who would like to know more about the
despite set backs or emotional hurdles. am, I never let my training slip. Powerlifting secrets behind achieving results. The info is up
My everyday nutrition fuels my is something that I love but it’s also a massive on our website as we speak.
metabolism by eating frequently – think five stress reliever. My hero is my husband. He supports me
times per day. My diet is paleo based with Now that the business is humming, and believes in my dreams as if they’re his
meals focused on meat, vegetables and good 2017 will be all about expanding our reach. own. He’s my best friend and my rock.


Goat’s Milk Magic Mask

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