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T3 2018: ICT106 Data Communications and Networks

Assessment 3
Topic: Network Design Report and Presentation

Submission: Report must be submitted on Moodle by Sunday 3rd Feb 2019 11:55 pm
Presentation in Lecture and Tutorial classes on 4th Feb 2019
Assignment Details:

Top Network Company (TNC) in Sydney CBD occupies a three-floor building. The company has three
main departments: Administration, Marketing and Sales. Administration is on the ground floor,
Marketing is on the first floor and Sales is on the second floor. Administration has X workstations,
Marketing has X*2 workstations and Sales has X*3 workstations. Generally, each department has its
own applications but some applications require inter-department data transfer. All workstations
need Internet access, company intranet access, access to local servers and access to email. Web and
Email servers are hosted on the ground floor as well. You as a network engineer need to come up
with network design report for TNC.

X = last two digits of your student ID. If X is 00 to 09 then please use X + 10.
(For example: if your student ID is 12345678 then use 78 as X but if your student ID is
12345601 then use 01+10=11 as X).

Report: The report must contain the following sections:

1. Introduction: A brief introduction of the requirements of the network

2. Local Area Network (LAN): Design and description of the Local Area Network for all
departments which must include:
a. LAN design showing all workstations, interconnecting devices and connections.
Also, show connections to the server and connection to the Internet.
b. LAN topology and protocol.
3. Hardware: Provide a complete description of all interconnecting devices (switches, routers,
hubs) and wiring used to build the network. Provide justification for your choice.
4. Conclusion: Comprehensive summary of the work done.

Presentation: A five-minute presentation on the main contributions of the report is to be given in

Week 12 lecture and tutorial time. The presentation will be assessed on the following criteria:

 Visual Appeal
 Comprehension
 Presentation skills
 Content

Details about marking can be checked by assessing the subject outline.

ICT106: Assessment 3 Shaleeza Sohail Nov2018