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"Because I love you damn it!!!


She stood like a mannequin due to the shock. This was unexpected. And
after a second he realized what he had done, he sat with his hands covering
his face.

Some relations can't be justified by a name. So was theirs. Rohit and

Urvashi knew each other for the past 15 years. They were in the same class
for almost 7 years, never interacted much though during those days. For
Rohit, Urvashi was just another girl, he had never paid attention to her, nor
both ever expected of being friends also, they were just acquaintances. As
time passed, both got separated and busy in their respective lives.

One day Rohit gets a call from an unknown number, only to find an
unfamiliar yet familiar female voice teasing him to recognize her. After
taking a dozen of expected names he just gives up, after which she finally
introduces herself. Rohit thinks "Urvashi????? Seriously after 3 years???
Out of blue???" And she conversed with him as if they were the best of the
friends just separated by the sand of times. However, he felt good, that she
remembers him still after so many years. Then started the series of SMSes,
as whatsapp had to still gain popularity. They talked day and night. Deepest
secrets were being shared. Old crushes, new ones, teasing and everything.

One fine day, Rohit was just doing occasional flirting, to which Urvashi
replied."Hey, you know if my boyfriend sees this, he may not like it." Rohit
thought she was kidding just to stop him from doing so, he replied,
"Hahahaa...... You are saying as if you really have a boyfriend....:P :P. " She
replied,"Yes!!! I do have one. He is pursuing M.Tech from IIT, Powai."
Rohit felt like his whole world had come crumbling down into pieces. He
felt as if he has lost everything. He didn't love her though he considered her
to be his best friend but what was that feeling, he didn't know and didn't
want to know also. So, he let that go and continued like the old golden

Everything was going fine, till one day, when he got a message, from
Urvashi, that she had broken up, on inquiring the reason, he came to know
that he cheated on her several times, she was tired of giving him more
chances and decided to end everything for once and for all. The hidden
feelings, resurfaced. But it was not a good time, as she had lost trust and
faith in love and also she might think that, he was trying to take undue
advantage of hers. Moreover, he was not sure, whether its love or just
infatuation. The bond between them continued to increase. They shared an
inexplicable awesome chemistry and could spend hours together just
talking. One day, they decided to meet, they had met in between, but this
was after 7-8 months. She was looking stunning in her black one piece, he
just kept staring at her, and she felt a bit awkward and gestured what??? To
which he smiled and just gestured nothing. So they went for the dinner,
during the course she was talking literally anything without any competent
logic and incidences happened with her recently, to which he was just
nodding without getting what she was really saying. He was just too busy
noticing her. When he was returning after dropping her, he realized that he
was in love and he could spend his whole life with her.

Next day he was leaving. So he decided to meet her again to convey his true
feelings. The time was decided at 2 in the afternoon and he had his train at
6 in the evening. He was aware of her habit of being a late comer always so
he himself reached half an hour later just to chide her, but there was no
sign of her, also her phone was not reachable. Whatsapp showed last seen
today at 10:00 a.m. He was worried, he called her again and again still no
response, he decided to stay atleast till 3 pm. Fiddling with his phone, he
decided to get up, at that moment, he saw her entering the CCD and
approaching him with an apologetic smile. But he was furious, before she
could say anything he blasted,"Where the hell were you??? Why your phone
is unreachable??? You know how worried I was??? You don't care about
anyone except yourself. Isn't it???" After a second he realized, everyone was
staring at them, he cursed himself, for what he had done and got ready for a
juicy slap. This was not how it meant to be, but it was now. Thanks to her,
she was as cool as much he was impulsive. She just held his hand and took
him out to a near by garden which was empty due to the summer noon.
Now it was her turn, she shouted,"Who the hell do yo think you are??? You
are neither my father nor my boyfriend, then what was that??? Don't stand
like this. Reply........Why???"

He held her tight in his arms and said:

"When I see you my pulse-rate rises, when you smile I just want
to sit and watch you peacefully, when you talk I want you to go on
and on. I have listened your stories, now I want to be a part of
When I see you with some other guy I can't stand it, I can't bear
to see a single tear in your eyes but knowing that you are crying
for some douche-bag who treats you like trash, I feel helpless.
And you know why I have these feelings???"

"Because I love you damn it!!!"

She stood like a mannequin due to the shock. This was unexpected. And
after a second he realized what he had done, he sat with his hands covering
his face. After few seconds she came to him, on her knees, holding his
hands, she said,"But Rohit, You know I don't believe in all this". He replied,
kneeling down holding her hands, "You just can't let this happen to you,
one bad experience doesn't mean all others will end up the same way, give
yourself a chance, give love a chance." She replied, "But I am afraid Ro,
what if it doesn't work, I may lose my best buddy". Rohit,"Tell me one
thing,do you trust me???" She replied with a nod. He continued, "Then we
will make it work." He leaned towards her and she closed her eyes. She fell
again and this time perhaps forever.
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Vinita Punjabi, studied at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Answered Nov 30, 2015 · Author has 374 answers and 3.3m answer views
Originally Answered: What are cutest love stories?
She: Those laddoos are not for you..put them down.

He: laddoo won't cause any harm..

She: No..I said..

He: Please..

She: No means no..

He: Huh..why are you so dominating?? It's my life..

She: do whatever you feel like doing..Why don't you


He: I don't want to talk to you..

She: See..we are not young, hale and we used to be before..and
thanks to these diseases, attacking our health everyday...we have to take
care of ourselves..

He: are right...but I don't agree with you on one thing.

She: What??

He: I am still young...and you still look the same...beautiful...though your

hair are changed from brown to white..and you got the few more are still the most beautiful woman.

She: Oh..I am flattered..nice try though... I still won't be giving you

any laddoos..
He: You are still so stubborn..I hate you..

She: haha..and you are still so cute..I love you..:)

Even after 60 years of marriage, their love remained unaltered.

"The best love story isn't the Romeo and Juliet who died together but
Grandpa and Grandma who grew old together"..:)

Thanks 4 A2A..Navya Shree..:)

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Prashant Sangfroid Kumar, Engineering Stories since 2015 // feel the words
Answered Nov 30, 2015
Originally Answered: Which is the cutest love story you ever heard?
Thanks for the A2A Navya Shree

I have came back to my hometown to my home for my diwali vacations. It

feels so good to return to the place where you have grown up and learned to
stand up on your feet. I had my childhood spent here and it was now my
nephew's turn to do the same.

I was sitting with the two and a half members of my family in the living
room and were watching Big Boss seven. It was amazing how my mom and
my bhabhi had their eyes glued to the television. Looking into somebody
else's life is quite trending these days and me on the other waiting for the
next advertisement because I was allowed to open my mouth only during
those intervals.

"So.. How is your girlfriend, why don't you get married? She seems nice to
us " Bhabhi shot all the cannon balls all at once towards me and my mom
unbelievably noding in agreement. Indian society is getting liberal.
"I don't know bhabhi, I don't know that I will be able to handle her or not.
It is already difficult, I have to send a pack of chocolates everytime when we
fight in addition to other tortures that I have to go through." I was little
frustrated, we had a big argument about spending the diwali with her

Bhabhi laughed and said " well you got to do these things". My mother
seems to has adopted the T.V. She love it more than me and it was quite
vivid as she was not taking any interest in our conversation but my nephew
had all ears on it. This I had realized next morning.

" Chahu, does every girl forgives you after taking a small bribe of choclate?
"I was little surprised by the question of my 10 years old angel.

"Most of them, it depend on the intensity of the crime and first tell me that
why do you want to know" I kneel down to have this men talk face to face.

"There is a girl in my class, I accidentally spilled water on her skirt last

thursday and everybody in the class laughed at her" he seemed upset " Now
she don't talk to me and I have started loving her even more " There was
innocence in his love.

" young soldier is in love but do you even know what love is? "

" Off course I do, I am not stupid is making her smile, I used
to stupid things for it but she don't smile" he still look unhappy.

His words were so true, my girl was not smiling when I was coming here
and it made me feel bad too. " You can try giving choclate to her if she likes
them, come with me I will get you a nice one".