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Executive Summary

a. Project Name

“Laser Beam Battleground”

b. Location

Yubenco Tetuan, Zamboanga City

c. Proponent

Mr. Kahar U. Tulawie, the proponent of this feasibility study, is a successful entrepreneur who is

interested in engaging a business that offers a service in line with the theme of a laser tag. Mr.

and Mrs. Tulawie, are both owners of a good rating company that offers computer parts and

gadgets, electronic appliances, and accessories with multiple branches across Zamboanga City.

d. Project Description

The researchers of this Feasibility Study are the students of Accounting 412- Management

Consultancy, namely: Lindy Jade P. Alabata, Trisha Mae G. Araneta, Jayvee Q. Bernardo,

Czarina Faith E. Diego, Asiane B. Saavedra, and Janiza J. Tulawie, to conduct a Feasibility

Study on the Establishment of Laser Beam Battleground.

e. Objective of the Project

(a) To be able to provide laser tag services

(b) To be able to meet customer satisfaction

(c) To generate profit and earn a return of investment

f. Project Benefits

The project will provide employment, wherein workers are given a chance to improve

their knowledge and skills by sending them to trainings. This will further help the business to

provide a high-standard of service to its customers. The project also focuses on the interactive

and rich game environment where customers are able to have a real-life gaming experience.

g. Project Cost

It is estimated that _____________ will be the total cost for the establishment of Laser

Beam Battleground.

h. Project Funding

For the starting capital, the owner will contribute _________

i. Contingency Plan

If the project is insufficient to what is expected or needed to achieve, the following are the

possible circumstances that will take into account:

● Sell to interested buyers and other gaming service company.

● Adapt and modify to the changing gaming environment.