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If 2-3 goals, will achieve 2-3 with excellence 2-3 goals per team MAXIMUM If 4-10 goals, will accomplish 1 or 2 with excellence If 11-20 goals, will accomplish 0 with excellence 1. Focus on the Wildly Important No more than 1-3 for the same goal at the same time Wildly Important Goal(WIG): A Sub-goals must actually ensure goal that makes all the the success of the parent WIG, difference. Failure to achieve this not just be "aligned" with it. goal renders any other achievements inconsequential. Must have a clear finish line, "from X to Y by when" (this is a LAG measure) Measure something that leads to the goal AND something that the team can influence The golden rule of execution: pick a measure that is PREDICTIVE and INFLUENCEABLE Examples: If LAG measure is reducing accidents, then lead measure might be compliance 2. Act on the lead measure with safety standards. If weight loss is the WIG, then calories consumed (diet) or calories The Whirlwind (the day job) burned (exercise) might be the Urgent (acts on you) lead measures. Important (you act on them) Tend to focus on LAG measures because they are what matter Goals (New Activities) and they're easier to measure. Also, they track you down. The challenge is executing on goals in the midst of the The 4 Disciplines of Execution whirlwind Will be different for every team on every WIG 1. Clarifies the organization's priorities, separating the wildly Holds the lead and lag measures important from the whirlwind. from disciplines 1 and 2 2. Engages every member of the Rule #1: Simple. Think about Three primary outcomes/benefits team in a winnable game how many football statistics there are vs. how many are on 3. Create a compelling the scoreboard. This is a player's 3. Allows the organization to scoreboard scoreboard, not a coach's achieve its goals in the midst of scoreboard. the whirlwind Rule #2: Visible to all players. Needs to feel a little like a game Rule #3: Show both LEAD and LAG measures so that players can see that they can affect the score (LEAD) and that it's making a difference (LAG). Rule #4: Be able to tell immediately whether we're winning or losing. 20-minute meeting that happens every week for every team Do NOT discuss the whirlwind. Every member of the team shows up thinking about: "What are the 1-3 things I can do this week to 4. Create a cadence of impact the scoreboard? accountability. Report on last week's commitments Review and update the Each person takes a minute to scoreboard accordingly report on 3 things Make commitments for the Mind map summary created by Eryc Eyl. The 4 Disciplines of Execution is a coming week to impact lead registered trademark of FranklinCovey. All rights reserved by the owner. measures