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The study is significant and beneficial to all of the following:

Banks - Our study will be able to provide them useful information about the advantages and
disadvantages of interest banking and fee-based activities. The research will also help them to
identify which type of banking is better suited to their bank size. In that way, they may be able
to mitigate the losses they incur if they engage in either interest or non- interest banking.
Government- This study will help the government know what factors pushes the banks to shift
from solely traditional banking activities to fee based activities and how this shift affects the
profitability of the banks as a whole. It will also to help them know what laws and regulations to
enact or expand about certain banking issues that continue to become a burden to commercial
banks who offer interest earning services, for example: non-performing loan.
Bank Customers- The study will inform them what bank services are fee based and what are
interest earners. This will also inform them on where they should invest their money since this
research will also indirectly find out what type of bank is more profitable in the Philippines, those
who engage in interest banking or those who offer non-interest or fee based banking activities.
General Public- This study will help them to choose what type of banks to transact with in the
future either banks relying on interest banking or non-interest activities.
Future Researchers- This study can help future researchers in their own study. It will be able to
serve as a guide for those who seeks to assess or analyze the impact of non-interest income on
commercial banks in their respective places or country.