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I am interested in studying or tackling sustainability (environmental)

issues/concerns in the bank’s lending requirements, especially to micro, small and medium
enterprises (MSMEs) in India, particularly in the metropolitan city "Hyderabad", the capital
of Telangana state, a newly formed 29th state in India. I would like to study various
financing sources to MSMEs apart from conventional banks and financial institutions and
various practices of MSMEs in the production, manufacturing or processing of different
products not harming the environment, which are in turn supplied directly into the
markets as finished goods or supplied to large companies as semi-finished goods (input).

In this process, I would like to explore different regulations, rules and norms on the
part of banks and financial institutions to include environmental concerns in their lending
process provided by the apex bank of India which is The Reserve Bank of India, Securities
and Exchange Board of India for providing guidelines for listing and trading of green bonds,
which are issued in a concern to the environment and the methodologies and techniques
adopted by MSMEs towards safeguarding the environment. My study also explores various
possibilities in which MSMEs can adopt new methods and a variety of sources of finance
with helps them to raise capital as and when they are in need of it.

On the whole, the entire study focuses more on environmental concerns of banks
and financial institutions on one hand and the practices and paths followed by MSMEs in
updating and transforming themselves into the enterprises of environmental concern.