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Second Prize Cement

(Clinker & Grinding Unit)

Krishna Distt. (Andhra Pradesh)

Unit Profile

The KCP Limited, one of the country's oldest cement producers, has a strong
presence in the south India market. KCP strategically chose this Greenfield plant
located at Ramakrishnapuram, Muktyala Village, Jaggayyapet Mandal in Krishna
District of Andhra Pradesh because of it's close to large limestone reserves and
providing easy access to the key markets of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
and Orissa. KHD Humboldt, Germany designed an energy-efficient plant that could
deliver an annual capacity of 1.32 million tonnes of Clinker and 1.52 million tonnes
of Cement.


• Hazemag Limestone Crusher: Capacity 850 TPH
• Takraf Stacker & Reclaimer: Capacity 850 TPH
• MPS 4500B Gebr Pfeiffer, Germany Raw Mill: Capacity 350 TPH
• CF blending silo 20m diameter x 45m high: Capacity: 15000 MT
• MPS 2800BK Gebr Pfeiffer, Germany Coal Mill: Capacity 40 TPH

KHD Humboldt, Germany
• ILC 6 Stage Pre-Heater with Pre-Calciner
• 3-support rotary kiln 4.20 m diameter x 64 m long


Specific Power Consumption Specific Thermal Energy Consumption: ENERGY CONSERVATION MEASURES TAKEN 2013-2014 1) Replacement of Coal crusher RP Feeder with Belt conveyor. 3) Coal Crusher By Pass 4) Cement Mill Production Enhancement 5) Modification of Cooler Static Grate inlet by Horse Shoe shape Refractory (To control the clinker flow in centre and for better Heat Recuperation. which in turn increased both tertiary and secondary air temperatures) 6) Reduction of capacity of Water Pump for filling of Kiln and Cement mill over head tanks for Process Requirement from 75 kW to 22 kW 40 . 2) Reduction of Pyro & Cement Mill Water Pump capacity (By Installation of Cooling Tower & Softner) from 75 kW to 22 kW.

8) Reduction of Cement Mill Silo extraction Blower from 22 kW to 15 kW 9) Arrangement of Flaps in Place of RAL in Cement Mill Auxiliary Bag Filters.50 KWh/T 41 . 12) Decreasing the capacity of Compressor in Packing Plant from 75 kW to 37 kW. A) MODIFICATION OF CALCINER BURNER KCP INNOVATIVE PROJECTS  Pre-mixture of fuel and meal  Faster ignition  Avoid peak temp Coal inside the calciner Harmonized temp across the calciner  Lower NOx & CO  No burner Cooling Air  Specific heat reduced by 4 Kcal/Kg Clinker  Increased the clinker output by 100 TPD  PH Fan power reduced by 0.7) Packer-2 Bag Filter Vent line Modification. 14) Reducing Idle running of Equipments 15) Reducing number of Start/Stop during filling of Raw Material 16) Optimization of Compressed Air 17) Minimizing False Air & Compressed Air Leakages 18) Power Factor Optimization 19) Installation of VFD’s for Auxiliary Bag Filters. bag filter fans of 55 kW and 37 kW operated. 10) Kiln Feed Bin Aeration Pipe Line Modification (Motor capacity reduced from 55 kW to 37 kW) 11) Optimizing Kiln and cooler by constructing wall at cooler null point. Before 2 nos. After Inter connected both bag filter and operating only 55 kW fan during packer operation. 13) Optimization of grinding media. 20) Plant lighting Optimization.

5 KWh  Low Fan Maintenance cost  Reduced CO2 by 270 MT/ Annum 42 .  Fan Speed reduced by 200 RPM  Reduced Power by 32.50%  Reduced Specific Heat Consumption by 5-6 Kcal/Kg Clinker C) EXTENTION OF COOLER STACK HEIGHT KCP INNOVATIVE PROJECTS Extension of Cooler Stack height  Increased from 45 Mts to 65 Mts.B) ARRANGEMENT OF SPIRAL IN PRE-HEATER EXIT KCP INNOVATIVE PROJECTS Arrangement of Spiral  Reduced the dust Loss < 3.

D) COOLING TOWER FOR LUBRICATION UNIT AND BEARINGS COOLING KCP INNOVATIVE PROJECTS Cooling Tower for Lubrication Unit & Bearings Cooling  Efficiency of the heat exchangers has increased  Temperatures of the Lubricant oils has come down by 5-7 Deg C  Scaling has come down drastically  Maintenance cost has come down by 20%  Power saving is achieved by 1.700 KW per day due to reduction in water pumps run hours 43 .

Energy Policy 44 .

5 MT clinker production. Damoh from 1. Previously HCIL had two production line of Kiln: Line-1 & Line-2 with combined capacity of 1.1 MT by initiating commercial production of newly installed 5000 TPD state of art technology kiln (Line-3) in year February. Damoh unit exclusively a clinker producing plant which uses Indian coal and pet coke as source of thermal energy for process and grid power is source energy to cater to the power requirement of the clinker plant.5 MT to 3.Second Prize Cement (Clinker & Grinding Unit) DIAMOND CEMENTS PROP. Line-1 was established in the year 1983 and Line-2 in the year 1989. 45 . Energy Consumption HCIL is committed to optimize the specific heat and power consumption by implementation of modern technology and practices for reducing its usage of Energy. HEIDELBERG CEMENT INDIA LIMITED Damoh (Madhya Pradesh) Unit Profile The Unit is named as Heidelberg Cement India Ltd (HCIL). 2013. situated at Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. HCIL has further enhanced its production capacity at Narsingarh.

Dust Settling Chamber Modification in Line-II 4. Installation and optimization of new production line of kiln of 5000 TPD capacity having 5 stage. Speed reduction of calciner Firing Blower in Line-II in Narsingarh 5.The specific energy consumption figures for FY 2012-2013 & 2013-2014 are shown below. Installation of LED light at plant street lights 6.73 Specific Heat Consumption (kCal/kg Clinker) 853 805 Specific Power Consumption Trend Specific Heat Consumption Trend Energy Conservation Measures Taken Below mentioned are the major initiatives which had been taken to achieve reduction in energy consumption in all activities: 1. Installation of water spray in pre-heater Twin Cyclone (Line-2) 3. Utilization of Sun light at workshop 46 . Description 2012-13 2013-14 Specific Power Consumption (kWh/MT Clinker) 77. double string pre-heater state of art FLS Technology 2.64 69.

HCIL has a well-established integrated Health and Safety Policy to ensure the optimum safety of the employees.Environment and Safety HCIL is concerned for clean & green environment and committed to eco-friendly processing of Clinker manufacturing. which are embedded in the core organizational values. plant and equipment. ENERGY POLICY 47 . public. ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 by integrated management system. The Unit is complying with ISO 9001:2008.

48 .) which has one of the highest cement production growth rates in India. The Second unit was supplied by FLSMIDTH (ILC KILN – 4500 TPD) and was also successfully commissioned in January 2013. it has two clinkerization units and its total annual capacity of clinker production is 3. Presently.P. The first unit was supplied by L&T (SLC KILN – 4200 TPD) and was successfully commissioned in January 2009. Certificate of Merit Cement (Clinker & Grinding Unit) JAYPEE SIDHI CEMENT PLANT Sidhi (Madhya Pradesh) Unit Profile Jaypee group is the 3rd largest cement producer in the country. however the first cement plant of group was installed in Satna cluster (M. Jaypee Sidhi Cement Plant is one of the modern and energy efficient plant of the group situated in Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh.0 MTPA. India. The groups cement facilities are located in almost all parts of India.

/ MT Cement grinding 39. Power Cons. KPI FY 2012-2013 FY 2013-2014 Clinker Production 1404840 1753724 Sp./ MT Cement 90. quality of clinker and reduction in power consumption. 5. Replaced coal firing blowers from AMCL to Kay International and also reduced speed of blower as per requirement.57 Sp. Cement mill transportation group interlocking changed to 20 Min instead of 30 Min.91 Cement Production 1135755 1340907 Sp. connected directly to the smoke chamber riser duct towards Kiln side avoiding 3 bends which improved Kiln throughput. Modified Kiln String V down pipe i. Raw mill & coal mill feed belt magnetic separator was interlocked with the running of belt resulting in power savings. The initial motor kW was 200 kW whereas present motor is 132 kW.41 85.35 38.72 65. 49 . 4. Modified logic and Installed soft starter for reverse air fan./MT Clinker 69.Energy Consumption The specific power consumption figures for FY 2012-2013 & 2013 – 2014 are shown below. resulting in energy saving 3.92 Energy Conservation Measures Taken Below mentioned are the major initiatives which had been taken to achieve reduction in energy consumption in all activities: 1. Power Cons.e. 2. Power Cons.

motors connections were changed from DELTA To STAR. 10. 3 nos. 11.T. De-energisation of 2 nos. 391-AS4 air-slide inclination was increased from 6. 7. 9.5 to 9 degree to avoid jamming resulting in reduced power consumption by stopping extra air-slide blower. pulleys also resulting in improved power consumption. L.6. Installation of 4500 kVAr capacitor bank in switch yard for improving power factor. Interlocking of bag filters with their respective groups. 8. Energy Policy 50 . Stacker belt take-up was modified for smooth operation & maintenance by removing 5 no. distribution transformers.

66 million tons of Pozzolona Portland Cement. Major raw material for the production of Pozzolona Portland Cement (PPC) is clinker which is supplied from the ACC’s modern plant in Karnataka situated at Wadi in the Gulbarga District. in the lush green village of Thondebhavi in Karnataka. ETP sludge. By using these fuels ACC is saving natural fossil fuels like coal & there by reducing CO2 emissions. This cement grinding plant was commissioned in the month of December 2009. 51 . waste chemicals etc.Certificate of Merit Cement (Grinding Unit) ACC LIMITED. THONDEBHAVI CEMENT WORKS Chikkaballapur (Karnataka) Unit Profile Thondebhavi Cement Works was set up as a Green Field Project in about 120 acres of land. This clinker is transported by rail. thus saving on logistics and associated CO2 emissions. it is the most modern plant with state of art technology with a capacity of 1. For the production of clinker Wadi cement works is burning alternate fuels like Paint sludge.

35 29. Up gradation of Clinker Weigh Feeder from 220 TPH to 300 TPH for improving TPH in OPC – Achieved Savings of 1. Elimination of Hot Air Generator operation – Achieved savings of 60.89 30 25 2012-13 2013-14 Major Energy Conservation Measures taken in 2013-2014 Thondebhavi cement works has committed to protect environment by conserving natural resources.0 million kWh. 3. there is decline of specific energy consumption since the commissioning of the plant.3 million kWh 6. Installation of VVVFD for Bag house fan in place of GRR – Achieved savings of 1.) – Achieved Savings of 0.08 million kCal/year & 1.1 million kWh 4.Energy Consumption With the implementation of various energy conservation measures as ongoing practice.kWh/T Cement 35 34.08 0 kCal /Year) Specific Electrical Energy Consumption . Compressor air optimization study by External Energy auditor – Achieved savings of 0. some of the energy conservation activities undertaken by the team are as given below: 1. the specific energy consumption figures are shown below which depicts reduction in energy consumption due to plant’s sustained efforts to conserve with the implementation of various energy conservation measures and ideas to increase efficiency of equipments.2 million kWh 2.3 million kWh 52 . Installation of VVVFD for Compressor – Achieved savings of 1.5 million kWh 5. Installation of VVVFD for Bag filter fans (3 Nos. Description FY 2012-2013 FY 2013-2014 Specific Electrical Energy Consumption 34.89 (kWh/T Cem) Specific Thermal energy consumption (Million 60.35 29.

08 Million kWh 8.7.05 million kWh Major Environmental Measures taken in FY 2013-2014 Energy Policy – ISO 50001 53 .Achieved savings of 0. Modification of bag filter vent line to reduce pressure drop .Achieved savings of 0. Optimizing the clinker rake unloading time .

unit of The Ramco Cements Limited. The grinding unit has the following salient features: • High-efficiency separator to deliver proper size-distribution of cement. • Rotary Packers with high-accuracy for packing of cement.6 MTPA. • Computerized Central Control Room (CCR) to ensure quality assurance. Specific Energy Consumption Details 54 . Certificate of Merit Cement (Grinding Unit) THE RAMCO CEMENTS LIMITED CEMENT GRINDING UNIT Valapady (Tamil Nadu) Unit Profile Salem Grinding. Cement grinding capacity of the unit is 1. is set up at Singhipuram village of Valapadi Taluk.

This reduced the specific energy consumption of the total plant. • Replaced 15 nos. Now the packing specific energy reduced from 1. Quality. of existing 250 W MH street light fittings with 90 W LED Street Light fittings. • Converted some motors connection from delta to star connection in packing plant. of existing 70 W MH well glass fittings with 42 W LED Well Glass fittings.67 kWh per ton of cement. Environment & Safety Policy 55 .Energy conservation projects implemented in year 2013-14 • Upgraded capacity of plant from 80 TPH to 230 TPH by installing a pre-grinder. • Installed SPRS for Separator fan drive (HT) which is circulate the Recirculation material in the cement mill product circuit.86 to 1. • Replaced 50 nos.