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Kilimanajaro leopard

Park nam Jung- missing you

Seo taiji and boys

Turbo black cat

H.O.T.- Candy

Crying nut- run faster horse

Drunken tiger- I want you

G.O.D.- to mother

S.E.S.- Dreams come true

DJ Doc- run to you

Lee hyori – 10 minutes

Rain- how to avoid the sun

Jinusean- Phone Number

Ivy- sonata of temptation

Wonder girls. Tell me

Super junior- sorry sorry

Girls generation- Gee

2nel – fire

2 pm- heartbeat

Shinee- Lucifer

Miss A- bad girl good girl

t- ara – roly poly

busker busker- Cherry Blossom ending

big bang- fantastic bab

Exo- Growl

Crayon pop- barbarbar

soYou/Jungigo- some

Boby illionaire –YGGR

Exid- Up &down /// JYP- who’s your mama