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Property Management System


The company of Amadeus is structured around two areas: its global distribution system (GDS) and its IT Solutions
business area.

Amadeus GDS provides search, pricing, booking, ticketing and other processing services in real-time to travel
providers and travel agencies through its Amadeus CRS distribution business area.

Through its IT Solutions business area, it also offers travel companies software systems which automate processes
such as reservations, inventory management and departure control.

GDS or Global Distribution Systems refer to the reservation tool travel agents use when making an air, hotel, car or
other travel service booking. They also provide pricing, availability and reservation functionality to many online
travel agencies.

History of Amadeus:

* Amadeus was originally created as a neutral global distribution system (GDS) by Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa
and SAS in 1987 in order to connect providers' content with travel agencies and consumers in real time.
* The creation of Amadeus was intended to offer a European alternative to Sabre, the American GDS.
* At the beginning of Amadeus, the Amadeus systems were functionally dedicated to airline reservation and
centered on the PNR (Passenger Name Record), the passenger's travel file.
* Later, in 1992, Amadeus diversified its operations by focusing on information technologies (IT) to deliver
services spanning beyond sales and reservation functionalities, centered on streamlining the operational
and distribution requirements of its customer base.
* Amadeus provides a comprehensive and forward-looking range of services to travel agency subscribers.
* It is an essential sales tool for travel professionals round the world
* In 2000, Amadeus received an ISO 9001:2000 quality certification – the first GDS Company to do so.
* Over2,20,000 travel agencies and more than 16,000 airline sales offices use the Amadeus system to run their
* Through the Amadeus GDS, travel agencies and airline offices can make bookings of 95% per cent of the
world’s scheduled airline seats.
* The core of Amadeus business is to serve many different companies whether airlines, travel agents, hotel
operators, etc.
* It has achieved the reputation of being the fastest growing and most widely used GDS.
* Its e-commerce solutions range from a simple connection to the Amadeus system to the most sophisticated
travel e- commerce platform available.

Various Modules/ Customer Solutions offered by Amadeus:

The Amadeus Central system is made up of core products that are used by distinct customer groups in differing

a) Amadeus Air b) Amadeus Rail c) Amadeus Tours
d) Amadeus Traveler e) Amadeus Cars f) Amadeus Cruise
g) Amadeus Office h) Amadeus Hotels

3. Amadeus invests in the latest technology solutions and operating environment making it a forerunner in innovative products and service development. guests could book through Facebook. 2. At Amadeus – the new PMS prototype has the capability for pre-arrival dialogue. and a single view of travel activity across all devices will be required. On the distribution side. thus keeping their businesses successful. reducing costs and improving customer service. (These components are currently in prototype phase). Benefits/Advantages: 1. Different varieties of solutions are available according to the customers’ needs using cutting-edge technology. Amadeus solutions are a one-stop shop that maximizes efficiencies and technology computability. and keep. This eliminates the problem of duplicate data and fragmented systems and delivers a consumer-like PMS user experience that will drastically reduce training investment meaning increased operational efficiency and cost reduction. Easy system migration/connectivity: the combination of Amadeus robust leading –edge technology and inside knowledge of the travel industry allows seamless integration of solutions. Increase efficiencies – the Amadeus PMS is fully integrated and interfaces with local systems to give you a single view of the day-to-day operations of each hotel. 7. your guest – the Amadeus PMS is a guest-centric platform in which there is one record of the guest which encompasses data from various sources including the hotel’s partners. 5. Continuous innovation and enhancements to the solutions include the incorporation of state-of-the-art graphical interfaces. and then get their booking confirmation numbers texted to their mobile. Amadeus caters to all hotel needs from hotel management software to distribution to all sales channels. Amadeus offers truly seamless connectivity. Amadeus anticipates that by next year. ‘during stay’ dialogue and pre-checkout dialogue between the property and the guest. . 4. Be technology ready –Amadeus can anticipate the needs of the guests in advance and be ahead of the competition in delivering them. Know. a provider of business software. Amadeus has added to its hotel distribution technology a sample of portfolios of IT solutions for the hotel industry. allowing Amadeus to implement Best Available Rate and Rate Parity principles for customers. 3. making it easier to book travel while Business Management solutions include value added features that increase efficiency saving time and cost. Amadeus is reported to have sold its PMS division to SoftBrands. Increased revenue: travel industry-leading solutions help customers to maximize their revenue from existing channels and explore new ones. For example. In 2010. giving more ways to engage with the guest and build a relationship. both now and in the future. 2. from the hotel to the consumer. They are integrating their platform with social media channels. Service Differentiation: Amadeus designs solutions that are customizable and personalized so that travel providers and sellers can deliver the most effective customer service and benefit from increased adoption and customer loyalty. ADVANTAGES: They provide: 1. social media use will continue to proliferate. productivity. This helps provide a personalized service to drive customer loyalty .keep customers coming back.TECHNOLOGY: Travel industry’s leading technology delivers efficient solutions to meet customer’s critical business needs- increasing revenues. Reduced costs: Amadeus solutions are designed to maximize productivity through ease of use. more travel transactions will be made via mobile than PC. AMADEUS HOTELS ( PMS): With the integration of Optimism. for example. the leading hotel IT provider fully owned by Amadeus since 2005. 4. 6. So.

the Cloud will see more hotels realizing that they can shift their PMS from being a capital expense (CapEx) to an operational expense (OpEx) by shifting to a SaaS (Software As A Service) model. 3. guest information and reservations for all properties within the chain. when you could get the machine for free and buy whatever kind of coffee you want. 3.8. What is a GDS? 2. Explain the terms : Cloud technology and SaaS. Features of Amadeus. What are the advantages of using Amadeus by hotels? 4. Revenue Management System both for hotels and central reservation offices. ********* . Centrally managed PMS for hotel chains and hotel groups. Maximizing operational efficiency to cut costs. Central Reservation System to connect individual properties and hotel groups to the GDS and online distribution. Direct connection to GDS to streamline the distribution. Technology to distribute hotels in both online and travel traditional environments. Meeting customer needs. Features of Amadeus -Hotels: 1. Regardless of the language they speak. 4. 3/3 Assignment: 1. 3. Globally-focused – the solution is fast and easy for hotel staff to use. Delivering personalized and efficient customer service. 2. 2. Amadeus Property Management System (PMS) is a fully integrated solution for hotel chains that offers a single view of rates. its intuitive multilingual user interface makes it ideal for the global hotel chain. Be Cloud-ready – the big trend in the IT world 5. The analogy here is why buy an expensive coffee machine that only makes one type of coffee. inventory. 5. content. 6.Business Travel Agencies: This ensures the following for travel agencies using Amadeus: 1. What are the features of Amadeus . PMS for individual hotels. whenever you want it? 9. Briefly describe the history of Amadeus.