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Republic ofthe Pilppines as 2 DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT AJA] 4B Intramuros, Manila More thar Jobe! Ws dacend jobs | ide 06 APR 2016 tue | 8:38 ‘RECEIVED BY: = TINA ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 197 Series of 2016 GUIDELINES ON THE GRANT OF UNIFORM OR’ CLOTHING ALLOWANCE AND WEARING OF PRESCRIBED DOLE UNIFORM FOR CY 2016 In the interest of the service and to provide employees with comfortable and professional office attire in the performance of their respective functions and pursuant to the 2016 General Appropriations Act (GAA), a uniform or clothing allowance of not more than Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00) per annum shall be granted to officials and employees in the DOLE Central and Regional Offices, including attached agencies. For CY 2016, the uniform or clothing allowance shall be given in cash to DOLE officials and employees for the procurement of the prescribed office uniforms. For office identity, the designs and colors of the uniforms shall be prescribed for employees in the DOLE Central and Regional Offices. For this purpose, the following guidelines shall be observed by the officials and employees in the OSEC, Services, Bureaus and Regional Offices (ROs) of the Department: 1. COVERAGE 1, DOLE officials and employees who are entitled to the CY 2016 uniform or clothing allowance are the following 1.1. Officials/employees holding regular plantilla positions; 1.2 Those who have rendered at least six (6) consecutive months service in the Department in CY 2016 including leave of absences with pay; 1.3 New employees who have rendered at least six (6) consecutive months service in the Department in CY 2016; 1.4 Those who are on leave of absence with pay; 4.5 Transferees from other government offices, provided they present a certification from their previous office that they have not received similar allowance; and 4.6 Those who are on scholarship/study leave. [Page ‘Geneseo: Aunts DEPARTUENT OF LABOn wind EHOHMIMENT Adiristratve Senos Cental Recaas beatarso 2. DOLE officials and employees who are NOT entitled to the CY 2016 uniform and clothing allowance are the following: 241 22 23 24 ‘Those who are on leave of absence without pay for more than six (6) consecutive months in 2015; Project-based staffijob order personnel/service contractual; Labor Attaches/designated Labor Officers, designated Welfare Officers/Administrative Staff and other Overseas Labor Officers under the overseas plantilla positions assigned in foreign posts as they are entitled to a separate clothing allowance; and, Those who have been meted a penalty of suspension, or dismissal with or without appeal, as a result of administrative case at the time the uniform allowance was given. The suspended employee shall receive the clothing allowance after the suspension period is fully served, provided the period of suspension does not extend beyond 2015. On the other hand, an employee meted with dismissal shall not be entitled to uniform allowance unless the final Order on the case and/or appeal states otherwise. 3. Due to varying representation requirements from the Department's Senior Officials and Directors, they may wear other appropriate business attire/styles aside from the prescribed designs. PRESCRIBED UNIFORMS 1. The prescribed office uniform shall be as follows: MEN Day Upper Part Lower Part Monday — and | White Polo Barong Black Pants (Slacks) Wednesday __| (Short or Long Sleeves) Tuesday and | Aqua Blue Polo Barong Black Pants (Slacks) Thursday (Short or Long Sleeves) WOMEN Day Upper Part Lower Part Monday —and| V-neck Gray with Red Black Pants (Slacks)/Skit Wednesday _| Piping, with front pockets Tuesday and | Round neck Aqua Blue Black Pants (Slacks)/Skirt Thursday combination inverted with buckle attached belt, side zipper prescribed uniform. . Appropriate footwear preferably closed shoes must be wom to match the 2|Page 3. Employees may wear appropriate office attire on Fridays. Pursuant to Civil Service Resolution No. 02515, series of 2000 and DOLE Administrative Order No. 64-A, series of 2002, the wearing of “maong pants” although generally prohibited, may be considered appropriate attire when paired with a collared polo or shirt (for male employees), or any appropriate blouse or shirt (for female employees), The following, however, shall not be allowed: 3.1 Gauzy, transparent, or net-like skirt or blouse; 3.2 Sando, strapless or spaghetti-strap blouse (unless wom as an undershirt), tank-tops, blouse with over-plunging necklines; 3.3. Micro-mini skirt, walking shorts, cycling shorts, leggings, tights, jogging pants; and, 3.4 Rubber sandals, rubber slippers and “bakya’. 4. The wearing of the DOLE Pin and DOLE Identification Card shall be required as part of the DOLE uniform. TEMPORARILY EXEMPTED FROM WEARING THE OFFICE UNIFORMS 1. Officials and employees who are on scholarship/study leave; 2. Pregnant employees; and, 3. _ Employees who are in mouming MONITORING Heads of offices in the COs and ROs are responsible for monitoring the implementation of these guidelines in their respective offices. They are required to submit a report to the Human Resource Development Service (HRDS) of any violation committed including the recommended action thereon. SANCTIONS FOR NON-COMPLIANCE 1. Violation of reasonable office rules and regulations, such as non-wearing of office uniform, is considered a light offense, with corresponding penalties as follows: 1# Offense : — Reprimand 2"! Offense: Suspension for one (1) to thirty (30) days 3" Offense: Dismissal 2. Offices may also impose additional sanctions for non-wearing of uniform provided that these are agreed upon by the respective management and employees; » Pursuant to pertinent provisions of the DOLE and DOLE-Organic Employees Association (DOLE-OEA) 2015 Collective Negotiation Agreement (CNA), the 3|Page