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Faculty of Computer Information, The Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences,
P O Box 13190, Amman 11942, JORDAN.

Abstract: This paper attempts to identify answers for numerous logically raised and thought out questions that
are stumbled upon when using any given simulations package whether that may be commercially in the market
or in the academic arena. For this purpose, the researchers have investigated 56 packages, with the aim of
tackling not only the trends that simulation packages are pursuing, but also to address the issues denoting
technology prevail. Accordingly, the surveyors identified a set of questions to be answered tackling the
following issues: use of spreadsheets as reporting tools, 3D vs. 2D animation, simulation approaches, and object
oriented. The manner in which the paper has been articulated was a systematic well thought methodology, with
scientifically proofed findings recapitulates in the summary part of this paper.

Keywords: simulation, simulation approaches, simulation applications, animation, object oriented,


The aim of this paper is to give an overview of the Comparing commercial simulation packages is an
simulation packages available commercially in the important matter, (Oren, 2005), (Banks, 2005),
market and in the academic arena. The researcher (Survey, 2003) and (Rizzoli, 2003) tried to devise
tried to answer questions like: What simulation criteria of comparison through building Body of
modeling approach did the package use from the Knowledge for simulation. In fact, the comparison
available approaches: process interaction, event stems from different sources: the modeler, the user
scheduling, activity scanning, and three-phase, What of the simulation package, the programmer, and the
reporting tool did the package use i.e. Spreadsheets application. This research came to complement the
or propriety reporting tool, What programming work of others.
language was used, which will give an indication As such, the researchers tried to answer questions
whether the package is object oriented or like:
algorithmic based, and whether the package uses
animation and if the animation used is 2D or 3D What simulation modeling approach did the package
animation. In addition, the time handling (discrete, use from the available approaches? There are four
continuous, hybrid) issue was of curiosity to the well-known simulation-modeling approaches:
researcher, in view that the time handling is process interaction, event scheduling, activity
essential, particularly since four commercial scanning, and three-phase (Pidd, 1998). Each
packages only can handle the hybrid, as shall be approach has advantages and disadvantages,
seen in the next sections. inherently the advantages/ disadvantages of the
approach will haunt the commercial simulation
Throughout this paper, a review of 56 simulation package.
packages takes place. Accordingly, each package
has been studied by investigating the simulation The second question the paper tries to answer is
package website, as well as, the available literature What reporting tool did the package use? i.e.
from various published sources (Survey, 2003) and Spreadsheets or propriety reporting tool. Since
(Rizzoli, 2003). After thorough investigation, it has spreadsheets are important to commercial simulation
been noted that a number of the aforementioned packages, some even pride by saying “we start
points of comparison had been concealed, which can where spreadsheets left off.”
be due to information disclosure policies abided by The third question asked is: What programming
those software companies; particularly the language was used, which will give an indication
programming language and the simulation method whether the package is object oriented or
adopted by software companies in order to develop algorithmic based. In addition, such question is
their respective packages. important to any developer to know if the developer

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 66 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


can add to the package or intervene in the simulated The Event-Scheduling method is simpler and only
model in the code level or not. has two phases so there is no Cs and Bs, this allow
the program to run faster since there are no scanning
The fourth aspect is: Whether the package uses
for the condition nal events. All these advantages
animation and if the animation used is 2D or 3D
also tells us something about the disadvantages of
animation. Simulation does not mean animation.
the method since there are only two phase then all
Many will think that animation is part of simulation
events are mixed (no Bs and Cs) then the method is
that is not always true. As shall be seen in later
not parsimony, which means it is very hard to
sections, 3D animation is very important aspect of
enhance (Pidd,1998).
the simulation because it gives better perspective,
yet sometimes 2D is better. The Activity Scanning approach is also simpler than
the Three-Phase method since it has no calendar, and
In addition, the time handling (discrete, continuous,
it support the parsimonious modeling. However this
hybrid) (Pidd, 1998) issue was of curiosity to the
approach is much slower than Three-Phase since it
researcher, in view that the time handling is
treats all activities are treated as conditional. On the
essential, particularly since four commercial
other hand, the executive has two phases. Usually
packages only can handle the hybrid, as shall be
this approach is confused with the Three-Phase
seen in the next sections.
method (Pidd, 1998).
The sixth comparison criterion is the Applications of
The Process- Interaction “share two common
simulation packages. This is a criterion from the
advantages first; they avoid programs that are slow
perspective of the user of the simulation package.
to run. Second, they avoid the need to think through
Since Simulation & modeling is used in a multitude
all possible logical consequences of an event” (Pidd,
of applications. Many researchers attempted to
1998). Yet, as (Pidd, 1998) claims this approach
classify and categorize the simulation applications
suffers from DEADLOCK problem, but this
(Oren, 2005), (Banks, 2005) to name a few. In
approach is very attractive for novice modelers.
addition, such study gives a perspective regarding
Although, (Schriber et al, 2003). Says “process
the use of the package.
interaction was understood only by an elite group of
individuals and was beyond the reach of ordinary
3 FINDINGS programmers”. In fact (Schriber et al, 2003).adds
“.Multi- threaded applications were talked about in
The packages, which have been reviewed in the
computer science classes, but rarely used in the
context of this paper, are: Analytica, AnyLogic 5.0, broader community”. Which indicates that the
Arena, AutoMod, AweSim, Berkeley Madonna™, implementation of Process-Interaction was very
BuildSim, Crystal Ball Standard Edition& difficult to implement. The obvious contradiction,
Professional Edition, DecisionPro, DecisionScript, in the previous quote is due to the mix up between
Design II simulation Package, Dymola, Ecosim Pro,
the Process Interaction approach and the
eM-Plant, Enterprise Dynamics, ExpertFit, Extend, Transaction-flow approach.
Factory Explorer, FirstSTEP Designer, Flexsim,
GAUSS, GoldSim, GPSS World for Windows, To see the complete idea of the origins of
MAST, MICROSAINT, MyStartegy, ModelMaker, Transaction-Flow best stated by (Schriber et al,
NAG SMP Library, NAG C Library, Optsim 2003):
(Artifex), PASION Simulation System, MJC2,
This was the primordial soup out of which the
SLIM, Process Industry Manufacturing Scheduling
Gordon Simulator arose. Gordon’s transaction flow
System (PIMSS), ProModel-ProcessModel,
world-view was a cleverly disguised form of process
Proplanner Manufacturing Process Management
interaction that put the process interaction approach
Software, ProVision, PowerSim, QX3D, Resource
within the grasp of ordinary users. . Gordon did one
Manager, SAAM II, SansGUI Modeling and
of the great packaging jobs of all time. He devised a
Simulation Environment, SAS Software, ShowFlow,
set of building blocks that could be put together to
build a flowchart that graphically depicted the
SIMUL8, STELLA / ithink, STARDIS, Supply
operation of a system. Under this modeling
Chain Builder, VisSim, Visual Simulation
paradigm, the flow of elements through a system was
Environment, WebGPSS (micro-GPSS) and
readily visible, because that was the focus of the
whole approach.
3.1 Simulation Approaches
The Three-Phase approach allows to “simulate
There are four main renowned simulation parallelism, whilst avoiding deadlock” (Pidd and
approaches: Event-Scheduling method, Activity Cassel, 1998). Yet, Three-Phase has to scan through
Scanning, Process- Interaction, and Three-Phase the schedule for bound activities, and then scans
approach, in comparison, the following can be through all conditional activities which slow it
noted: down. Yet many forgo the time spent in return for
solving the deadlock problem. In fact, Three-Phase

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 67 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


is used in distributed systems weather talking about Ball, Design II, Factory Explorer, First step
operating systems, databases, etc, under different Designer, FlexSim, GoldSim, MyStartegy, Nag SMP,
names among them Three-Phase commit see Library, Nag C Library, ProModel, Recourses
(Tanenbaum and Steen, 2002). Manger, SimCAD, and ShowFlow.
In regards to the simulation approaches, only 22 Excel Usage in Simulation Packages
packages mentioned the simulation approach used in
the package, while 34 packages refrained from
mentioning their simulation approaches. Noting that
Excel; 15; 27%
among the 22 packages, almost 18 claimed the Event Excel
Based Approach, whereas, two simulation packages No Excel
No Excel; 41;
claimed the Activity Based Approach (FirstSTEP 73%
Designer, SIMPROCESS) and two claimed the
Process Interaction Simulation Approach (AutoMod
and ProModel-ProcessModel), as seen in Figure 1. Figure 2: Excel usage in simulation packages

Simulation Aproaches However, certain packages, like Analytica, use Excel

Simulation Approaches as a reporting tool but not as platform (Lumina
Web), which insinuates that the environment, where
Process; 2; 4%
the model is built, is done on the Analytica
Event Event; 18; 32% specifically developed program. Likewise, DESIGN
Unknown; 34; Activity; 2; 4% II, which is a simulator kernel that can be called
Unknown from any Visual Basic, Visual C++ program
0; 0% (WinSim Web), as well as Flexsim, which can
import & export to Microsoft Excel, and SimCAD,
Figure 1: Simulation approaches which is built on AutoCAD software (Flexsim Web).
Within this context, FirstSTEP Designer used The aforementioned facts emphasize the significance
Activity Based approach (Interfacing Web), which is of using spreadsheets, like Microsoft Excel, in
"much slower than Three-Phase approach since all respect to the simulation packages, as seen in Figure
activities are treated as conditional" (Pidd, 1998). 2. In fact, some packages claim that they pick up
Additionally, Factory Explorer used Event Based where spreadsheets left off, “Spreadsheets alone are
simulation approach (WWK Web). In the Event inadequate for assessing the probability of an event
Based simulation approach "there are only two phase because they lack the ability to generate and analyze
then all events are mixed then the method is not alternative scenarios in a sophisticated
parsimony, which means it is very hard to enhance" way.”(Goldman, 2002).
(Pidd, 1998). In the same token, GoldSim which is
3.3 Object Oriented
only for dynamic systems and uses Event-Based
Simulation Approach (GoldSim Web). Likewise, Regarding the question on object oriented, almost 14
ShowFlow is based on Event Based Simulation simulation packages claimed that they are object
Approach (ShowFlow Web) and MyStartegy can oriented or use Java as development language,
only deal with Dynamic systems (MyStartegy Web). which is a great indicator that simulation packages
are converting to object oriented.
On another note, ProModel Family of software is
based on Process-Interaction Simulation Approach The fourteen commercial packages are: Berkeley
(ProModel Web) yet (Pidd, 1998) claims that this Madonna™, Ecosim Pro, eM-Plant, Enterprise
approach suffers from DEADLOCK problem, while Dynamics, Flexsim, GAUSS, GoldSim, MJC2,
Resource Manager claims that it interacts with PASION Simulation System, SansGUI Modeling and
Microsoft Excel (UserSolutions Web) although it is Simulation Environment, SIMPROCESS, SIMUL8,
not obvious how. STARDIS, WebGPSS (micro-GPSS).
Succinctly, as regards to simulation approaches,
none of the researched packages, of declared
simulation approach, used the Three-Phase Oriented; 14;
Approach, nonetheless, almost 34 packages never 25%
Object Oriented
declared their simulation approach, as seen in Figure Unknown
3, which only magnifies that such idea could only be Unknown; 42;
attributed to trade secret.
3.2 Use of Spreadsheets
There are 15 packages, almost 27%, that made Figure 3: Object oriented languages use
referral to using the spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel
as reporting tool, and they are: Analytica, Crystal

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 68 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


Furthermore, it is worth mentioning the following Extend, FirstSTEP Designer, GoldSim,

findings in regards to this criterion: ModelMaker, PASION Simulation System,
ProModel-ProcessModel, SimCAD Pro, SIMUL8,
Berkeley Madonna™ and PASION Simulation
System both use the dynamic approach while the
second package uses 2D animation the first package 3D Vs 2D
does not use any animation. Rather Berkeley
Madonna™ uses graphs to show the results only.
In addition, Ecosim Pro is one of the 5 packages that 3D
3D; 14; 25%

uses both discrete and dynamic approaches. On the 2D Unknown; 31;

other hand, GAUSS, SIMUL8, STARDIS and Unknown 55% 2D; 11; 20%
WebGPSS (micro-GPSS) all use the discrete
In regards to the 2D and 3D animation, 5 packages
fell in each category. While Ecosim Pro, eM-Plant, Figure 5: 3D vs. 2D animation
Enterprise Dynamics, Flexsim and SIMPROCESS While the commercial simulation packages using 3D
used 3D animation. On the other hand GoldSim, animation are :AutoMod, Enterprise Dynamics,
PASION Simulation System, SIMUL8, and STARDIS Dymola, Ecosim Pro, eM-Plant, Factory Explorer,
used 2D animation. Furthermore, Enterprise Flexsim, Micro Saint, NAG SMP Library,
Dynamics used both 2D and 3D. ShowFlow, SimCreator, SIMPROCESS, Visual
In regards to the use of spreadsheets as platform for Simulation Environment, Witness.
reporting Flexsim and GoldSim used the 3.5 Time Handling
spreadsheets as reporting tool
In regards to the time handling of simulation in the
3.4 2D Vs. 3D reviewed packages; 25% of the packages are based
The notion whether to use 3D or 2D animation is on discrete approach, while 16% of the simulation
significant, indeed as the model running in 3D (see packages are based on the dynamic approach,
Figure 4 ) gives better perspective of things in the however, only five packages used both discrete and
model. Noting that making a simulation package that continuous approaches, namely: AnyLogic, Ecosim
is capable of 3D animation is not easy, 3D idea is Pro, Extend, ModelMaker and Optsim (Artifex) as
best represented in Figure 4 that was developed by seen in Figure 6.
QX3D; nevertheless, the 2D animation is also The Discrete based commercial simulation packages
wanted in certain applications. are: AutoMod, Arena, Factory Explorer, Micro
Of the 56 reviewed simulation packages, 25 Saint, Visual Simulation Environment, Witness,
simulation packages used animation for the model, FirstSTEP Designer, SIMUL8, STARDIS, GAUSS,
which accounts to 44% of all reviewed packages, GPSS World for Windows, SAAM II, SIGMA, Supply
while 25% used 3D animation as seen in Figure 5, Chain Builder, WebGPSS (micro-GPSS).
and 11 simulation packages used 2D animation. This It is worth noting here that although using discrete
observation signifies not only the importance of simulation approach still the following has the
animation to simulation, but also the growing use capability of 3D animation: AutoMod, Factory
and importance of 3D animation in the simulation Explorer, Micro Saint, Visual Simulation
world, noting that FlexSim is famous for the 3D Environment, and Witness. Also Factory Explorer
animation. and FirstSTEP Designer both use Microsoft Excel as
platform of reporting. On the other hand, FirstSTEP
Designer, SIMUL8 and STARDIS use 2D animation.
The simulation packages based on the dynamic
approach are: Berkeley Madonna™, BuildSim,
Design II simulation Package, Dymola, Mystrategy ,
SimCreator, PASION Simulation System, QX3D,
STELLA / ithink. Also, it is worth noting that
Dymola and SimCreator both use 3D animation
while PASION Simulation System uses 2D
animation; further more Design II simulation
Figure 4: Building a robotic arm based on a stick Package and Mystrategy both use Spreadsheets as
figure using QX3D (QX3D Web) reporting tools.

The commercial simulation packages that used 2D

animation are: AnyLogic 5.0, Enterprise Dynamics,

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 69 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


Business process reengineering and workflows

Business process reengineering is “Analysis and
Discrete; 15;
Discrete 27% radical redesign of business processes using
Unknown; 27;
48% objective, quantitative methods and tools and
Dynamic; 9; management systems to accomplish change or
Unknown Both; 5; 9% 16% performance improvement” (Grant, 2002). Some of
the tools used in this application is commercial
simulation packages like: Analytica, Arena, Crystal
Ball Standard Edition& Professional Edition,
Figure 6: Simulation types
DecisionPro, DecisionScript, ExpertFit, MyStartegy,
3.6 Monte Carlo ProModel-ProcessModel, ProVision, SimCAD Pro,
STELLA / ithink, Visual Simulation Environment and
On another note, of the 56 reviewed packages, only WebGPSS (micro-GPSS).
four packages used Monte Carlo, which "can be
loosely described as statistical simulation methods" Complex System Design Evaluation
(CSEP Web, 1995), namely; Crystal Ball, BuildSim,
Complex phenomena, through modeling, can only
and Decision Script & Pro. It is worthwhile to note
allow pattern predictions, compared with the precise
that Crystal Ball simulation package utilize
predictions that can be made out of non-complex
Microsoft Excel & Visual basic (CrystalBall Web).
phenomena, as notably explained by Hayek (Popper
Although BuildSim uses Dynamic approach and
2002). In this regard, Hayek believed that economics
Generates, the code of the simulation model, yet no
and the sciences of complex phenomena in general,
animation is available for this commercial
which, in his view, included biology, psychology,
simulation package.
and so on, could not be modeled after the sciences
3.7 Simulation Packages Applications that deal with essentially simple phenomena like
Simulation & modeling is used in a
Noting that research topics covered by Complex
multitude of applications. Many researchers Systems span over a diverse array of fields including
attempted to classify and categorize the simulation mathematics, physics, computer science, and
biology, as such, there are many definitions of
applications (Oren, 2005), (Banks, 2005), (Survey, complexity. Additionally, and in view that many
2003) and (Rizzoli, 2003) to name a few. While natural, artificial and abstract objects or networks
can be considered Complex Systems, thereby to
researching the simulation packages the researcher study these topics under complexity science is
found 22 applications shared among the simulation highly interdisciplinary. Considered radical
contribution to early complexity theory, Hayek made
packages. Some applications were more popular distinction between the human capacity to predict
than others were as Figure 7: Simulation the behavior of simple systems and its capacity to
predict the behavior of complex systems through
packages applications modeling.
Understanding that Complex Systems include
suggests. various examples, such as: ant-hills, ants themselves,
The 22 applications are listed in Error! Reference human economies, climate, nervous systems, cells
source not found.: and living things, including human beings, as well as
modern energy or telecommunication infrastructure.
Air traffic control and space systems In this context, not only are all the foregoing things
Air traffic control is ground-based service that considered networks of some kind, and they are
advises pilot regarding maneuvering the plane into complex, but apparently, they may also have little in
safety, the service provided on ground and in air common, hence the term "complex system" is
using radar and visual contact. The service is vacuous. However, noting that all complex systems
divided into airport services, low and high airspace have behavioral and structural features in common,
(en-rout). The goal of the service is to control which at least unites them relatively as phenomena.
traffic. The commercial simulation package Visual In addition, they are united theoretically. Since all
Simulation Environment (VSE) provides such these systems may, in principle, be modeled with
application among many other. VSE time handling varying degrees of success by a certain kind of
method is discrete and uses event-scheduling mathematics, it is therefore possible to state clearly
approach. what it is that these systems are supposed to have in
common with each other, in relatively formal terms.

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 70 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


Table 1: Commercial simulation packages applications

1. Air traffic control and space systems 2. Supply chain management
3. Business process reengineering and workflows 4. Transportation systems
5. Complex system design evaluation 6. Aerospace
7. Computer and communication networks 8. Oil & Gas
9. Computer performance evaluation 10. Construction
11. Education and training 12. Financial modeling
13. Health care systems 14. Parcels & parcel handling(queue)
15. Manufacturing systems 16. De-bottlenecking
17. Military / combat systems 18. What if scenarios
19. Satellite and wireless communications systems 20. Robotic and mechanical systems
21. Service systems 22. Decision and risk analysis

The Features of complex systems in nature are: axon projections between regions inside the cortex
and to other brain regions.
Relationships are non-linear: In practical terms, this
means a small perturbation may cause a large effect May produce emergent phenomena: Complex
(butterfly effect), a proportional effect, or even no systems may exhibit behaviors that are emergent,
effect at all. In linear systems, effect is always which is to say that while the results may be
directly proportional to cause. deterministic, they may have properties that can only
be studied at a higher level. For example, the
Relationships contain feedback loops: Both negative
termites in a mound have physiology, biochemistry
(damping) and positive (amplifying) feedback are
and biological development that are at one level of
often found in complex systems. The effects of an
analysis, but their social behavior and mound
element's behavior are fed back to in such a way that
building is a property that emerges from the
the element itself is altered.
collection of termites and needs to be analyzed at a
Complex systems are open: Complex systems in different level.
nature are usually open systems — that is, they exist
Simulation packages that claimed Complex system
in a thermodynamic gradient and dissipate energy.
design evaluation are : AnyLogic 5.0, Arena,
In other words, complex systems are usually far
AutoMod, NAG SMP Library, SIGMA and Visual
from energetic equilibrium: but despite this flux,
Simulation Environment.
there may be pattern stability.
Computer and Communication Networks
Complex systems have a memory: The history of a
complex system may be important. Because Computer and communication networks are another
complex systems are dynamical systems they change application where simulation is very useful; in view
over time, and prior states may have an influence on that communication network cannot be built and
present states. More formally, complex systems tested by the same individual, while taking into
often exhibit hysteresis. consideration that beforehand testing of the
communication network is essential; however,
Complex systems may be nested: The components
experimentations in real life situation are nearly
of a complex system may themselves be complex
impossible. As such, a number of simulation
systems. For example, an economy is made up of
packages offer such service: AnyLogic 5.0, AweSim,
organizations, which are made up of people, which
ExpertFit, GPSS World for Windows, Optsim
are made up of cells - all of which are complex
(Artifex), SAS Software, SLIM, VisSim, Visual
Simulation Environment.
Boundaries are difficult to determine: It can be
Computer Performance Evaluation
difficult to determine the boundaries of a complex
system. The decision is ultimately made by the Understanding that computers are made of many
observer. components, and each component has many
different attributes from different manufacturer,
Dynamic network of multiplicity: As well as
accordingly, computer performance evaluation is
coupling rules, the dynamic network of a complex
another application where simulation would be of
system is important. Small-world or scale-free
paramount significance. Particularly since
networks which have many local interactions and a
experimenting with all the possible scenarios is
smaller number of inter-area connections are often
nearly impossible. As such, the commercial
employed. Natural complex systems often exhibit
simulation packages caught on this fact and two
such topologies. In the human cortex for example,
packages offered this application namely: AnyLogic
we see dense local connectivity and a few very long
5.0, Visual Simulation Environment.

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 71 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


Simulation packages applications

Air traffic control & space
Aerospace 1%
What if scenarios
Transportation systems Complex system des
7% Business process evaluation
reengineering & workflows 3%
Supply chain management 11%

Service systems Computer & communication

2% networks
Satellite & wireless
Computer performance
communications systems
Robotic & mechanical
systems Construction
2% 1%


Parcels & Parcel

Oil & Gas Decision & risk analysis
3% 3%
Manufacturing systems Education & training
14% 4%
Military / combat systems
4% Health care systems Financial modeling
4% 4%

Figure 7: Simulation packages applications

Education and Training Software, Resource Manager, SIGMA, SimCAD Pro

and Visual Simulation Environment.
Education and training is one of the pillars of
simulation. The application ranges from teaching Military / Combat Systems
about chemical molecules and chemical reaction to Military / combat systems are applications that cover
training a pilot on a new plane. In fact most many topics in research. Such application deals with
applications stems from this application. Many moving groups of people to deployment of armies to
packages stated this application by name. Some of simulating a battlefield. The packages, claimed this
the packages that stated such application are application, are: AnyLogic 5.0, ExpertFit,
AnyLogic 5.0, NAG SMP Library, PASION MICROSAINT, NAG SMP Library, STARDIS and
Simulation System, STELLA / ithink, Visual Visual Simulation Environment. The last package
Simulation Environment and WebGPSS (micro- claims being used in the gulf war.
Satellite and Wireless Communications Systems
Health Care Systems
Satellite and wireless communication systems are
Health and care systems also another application that systems that are impossible to experiment with
ranges from simulating emergency rooms cases and without simulation. The only package that offered
ambulance requests to analyzing the finances of the such application is Visual Simulation Environment.
health care systems. Under this application many
simulation packages signed their capabilities: Service Systems
AutoMod, ExpertFit, MICROSAINT, NAG SMP Service systems range from an individual person
Library, SIGMA, Visual Simulation Environment equipped with tools of the trade (e.g., architect,
Manufacturing Systems entrepreneur) to a portion of a government agency or
business (e.g., branch office of a post office or bank)
Manufacturing is the application of tools and a to complete multinational corporations and their
processing medium to the transformation of raw information systems (e.g, Domino's Pizza, Federal
materials into finished goods for sale. Express). Hospitals, universities, cities, and national
Manufacturing systems is claimed by: Analytica, governments are designed service systems. The
AutoMod, ExpertFit, Factory Explorer, Flexsim, language, norms, attitudes, and beliefs of the people
GoldSim, GPSS World for Windows, MAST, that make up a service system may evolve over time,
MICROSAINT, NAG SMP Library, Process Industry as people adjust to new circumstances. In this sense,
Manufacturing Scheduling System (PIMSS), service systems are a type of complex system that is
Proplanner Manufacturing Process Management partially designed and partially evolving. Service

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 72 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


systems are designed to deliver or provision packages are: Analytica and Design II simulation
services, but they often consume services as well. Package.
Packages that claim this application are: Arena,
Financial Modeling
ExpertFit, SIGMA and Visual Simulation
Environment. Financial modeling is broad application; it ranges
from mixing a financial portfolio of stocks to
Supply Chain Management
decisions regarding best financial decision of
This application is very broad, as it includes inter buy/sell. Five simulation packages claimed this
alia: Supply chain decisions support, inventory application, namely: Analytica, DecisionPro,
management, supply process optimization, internal DecisionScript, GAUSS and NAG SMP Library.
logistics, company spreading etc. Supply chain
Parcels & Parcel Handling (queue)
management is an application that cares for
efficiency and effectiveness and ranges from setting Parcel and parcel handling application is best seen in
up policies to operative decisions. Many simulation a post office arena. Each parcel has an destination
packages stake a claim to this application: AnyLogic address and certain attributes like size and fragility
5.0, Arena, Flexsim, MAST, Process Industry etc. Switching this scenario to production line in a
Manufacturing Scheduling System (PIMSS), SAS factory that produces a product that needs packaging
Software, SLIM, Supply Chain Builder and Visual is still the same. Six simulation packages claimed
Simulation Environment. this application: AutoMod, Enterprise Dynamics,
ExpertFit, Extend, SAS Software and SimCAD Pro.
Transportation Systems
Transportation systems are expansive, as it ranges
from simulating traffic light and intersections to Bottlenecks appear when many compete for one
roads closing and diversions. Many simulation resource. Whether the resource is a server on a
packages claim this application i.e. AnyLogic 5.0, computer network, a loan officer in a bank or
AutoMod, Berkeley Madonna™, ExpertFit, NAG production machine in a factory. Four simulation
SMP Library, SLIM, VisSim, Visual Simulation packages claimed this application namely: eM-Plant,
Environment and Witness. Factory Explorer, ShowFlow, and SIMUL8.
Aerospace What if… scenarios
Aerospace comprises the atmosphere of Earth and As the name of this application suggests, this
surrounding space. Typically, the term is used to application is a corner stone in the simulation arena.
refer to the industry that researches, designs, Yet only four packages mentioned this application
manufactures, operates, and maintains vehicles by name. The packages are Arena, Resource
moving through this air and space. Aerospace is a Manager and SIMUL8.
very diverse field, with a multitude of commercial,
industrial and military applications. Aerospace is Robotic and Mechanical Systems
not the same as airspace, which is a term, used to Simulating Robotic and mechanical systems is much
describe the physical air space directly above a cheaper than building the system and testing it.
location on the ground. Four commercial simulation Packages like: Dymola, QX3D and SimCAD Pro
packages claimed this application namely: claimed such application.
Analytica, AutoMod, NAG C Library and QX3D.
Decision and Risk Analysis
Oil and Gas Making Decisions and risk analysis always come
hand in hand. Simulating the decisions and
This application pertains to Petroleum and well
logging software for the oil and gas professional. In measuring the risk that comes with each decision is
an application that comes with any arena of work
addition, this application covers many aspects yet
from project management, to financial analysis.
four packages claimed it: Analytica, Design II
simulation Package, NAG SMP Library and Witness. Many simulation packages like Analytica, Crystal
Ball Standard Edition& Professional Edition,
DecisionPro, and SIMPROCESS claimed such
Construction is a series of carefully planned events,
Figure 8: Simulation Application packages gives
since construction technology uses materials, work,
more details tree-like taxonomy, each application
processes, and equipment to build a structure on a
categories and leafs reflect the packages that fall
site, as such, the Construction application simulation
under such application.

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 73 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


Education and training AnyLogic 5.0 NAG SMP Library PASION Simulation System STELLA / ithink VSE WebGPSS (micro-GPSS)

Computer performance evaluation AnyLogic 5.0 Visual Simulation Environment

Complex system design evaluation AnyLogic 5.0 Arena AutoMod NAG SMP Library SIGMA VSE

Air traffic control and space systems Visual Simulation Environment

Health care systems AutoMod ExpertFit MICROSAINT NAG SMP Library SIGMA VSE

Computer and communication networks AnyLogic 5.0 AweSim ExpertFit GPSS World for Windows

Optsim (Artifex) SAS Software SLIM VisSim VSE

Military / combat systems AnyLogic 5.0 ExpertFit MICROSAINT NAG SMP Library STARDIS VSE

Service systems Arena ExpertFit SIGMA Visual Simulation Environment

Satellite and wireless communications systems Visual Simulation Environment

Supply chain management AnyLogic 5.0 Arena Flexsim MAST (PIMSS) SAS Software SLIM Supply Chain Builder VSE
Transportation systems AnyLogic 5.0 AutoMod Berkeley Madonna™ ExpertFit NAG SMP Library SLIM VisSim
Visual Simulation Environment Witness
Aerospace, Analytica AutoMod NAG C Library QX3D Witness

Oil & Gas Analytica Design II simulation Package NAG SMP Library

Construction Analytica Design II simulation Package

Financial modeling Analytica DecisionPro DecisionScript GAUSS NAG SMP Library

Parcels & parcel handling (queue) AutoMod Enterprise Dynamics ExpertFit Extend SAS Software SimCAD Pro

De-bottlenecking eM-Plant Factory Explorer ShowFlow SIMUL8 *VSE:Visual Simulation Environment

What if scenarios Arena Resource Manager SIMUL8

*Process Industry Manufacturing Scheduling System (PIMSS)
Robotic and mechanical systems Dymola QX3D SimCAD Pro

Decision and risk analysis Analytica Crystal Ball Standard Edition& Professional Edition DecisionPro SIMPROCESS

Business process reengineering Analytica Arena Crystal Ball Standard Edition & Professional Edition DecisionPro DecisionScript ExpertFit
and workflows
MyStartegy ProModel-ProcessModel ProVision SimCAD Pro STELLA / ithink VSE WebGPSS (micro-GPSS)

Manufacturing Analytica AutoMod ExpertFit Factory Explorer Flexsim GoldSim GPSS World for Windows MAST MICROSAINT
NAG SMP Library Resource Manager (PIMSS) Proplanner Manufacturing Process Management Software
SIGMA SimCAD Pro Visual Simulation Environment

Figure 8: Simulation applications-packages tree

4 SUMMARY Pithily, the research identified 26% of the 56

packages to use spreadsheets as reporting tools.
This paper investigated 56 packages to answer the
following set of comprehensive questions: Table 2 : Review of the simulation packages
Comparison Item Count Percentage
• What simulation modeling approach did the of 56
package use from the available Total of packages where 56 100%
approaches? reviewed
• What reporting tool did the package use? Uses Microsoft Excel either as 15 26%
• What programming language was used? reporting tool or to export data
(Which gives an indication whether the to the spreadsheet
Uses 3D animation 14 25%
package is object oriented or algorithmic
Use 2D animation 11 19.6%
Discrete 15 26%
• Whether the package uses animation and if Continuous 9 16%
the animation used is 2D or 3D animation? packages use both discrete and 5 7%
• What time handling methodology is used continuous (Hybrid)
(discrete, continuous, hybrid) Declared Simulation approach 22 39%
• What type of application are the packages Event-Scheduling method 18 32%
capable of serving? Activity scanning method 2 3.5%
Process-Interaction method 2 3.5%
Although these questions targeted the trends that Object Oriented or Java Use 14 25%
simulation packages are taking, nevertheless, the Use of Monte Carlo approach 4 7%
findings of the aforementioned questions are
indicators, to which technology is prevailing. Additionally, 25% of the reviewed simulation
packages pride themselves with 3D animation, while
19.6% use 2D animation.

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 74 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


In the same token, 26% of the reviewed packages 15-10-2003)

are based on discrete approach, whereas 16% are
Introduction to Monte Carlo Methods(electronic
based on continuous approaches, and only five
Book), 1995,
packages can handle both discrete and continuous.
In regards to the simulation approaches 36 of the
ed 1-4 -2004)
simulation packages did not disclose their simulation
approach, however, 32% used Event-Scheduling 1-9-2003)
method, 3.5% used Activity scanning method, and
3.5% used Process-Interaction method, highlighting 1-9-2003)
that none of the packages declared the usage of the 1-9-2003)
famous Three-Phase simulation approach. As for
the object oriented questions, 25% used object 1-9-2003
oriented or Java. Finally, the Famous Monte Carlo Goldman L. 2002. Crystal Ball Professional
approach was used only by four packages. The Introductory Tutorial. In Proceedings of the 2002
findings and a summery of the numbers are laid in Winter Simulation Conference, ed. E. Yücesan, C.-
the Table 2. H. Chen, J. L. Snowdon, and J. M. Charnes,
1539-1545, December 8-11, San Diego, California,
United States. Publisher: Winter Simulation
AnyLogic 4.5, user manual, pg 1. 1-9-2003)
(Accessed 1-4 -2004)
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Action but Not of Human Design", New Studies in (Accessed 1-4 -2004) Philosophy, Politics, Economics (Chicago:
University of Chicago Press, 1978), pp. 96-105.
Banks J. 1999. Introduction To Simulation. In
Proceedings of the 1999 Winter Simulation 1-9-2003)
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States. Publisher: ACM Press New York, NY,
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Banks J. 2000. Introduction To Simulation. In 1-9-2003)

Proceedings of the 2000 Winter Simulation 1-9-2003)
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Diego, CA, USA. on 20-6-2004)
ed 1-9-2003) 1-9-2003)
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1-9-2003) 1-9-2003)
Caldwell, Bruce J. (2002). Popper and Hayek: Who Pidd, M. 1998. Computer simulation in
influenced whom? (in English). Karl Popper 2002 Management Science, 4th Ed., John Wiley & Sons,
Centenary Congress. Retrieved on 2007-05-04. Chichester, England. (Accessed 1-9-2003)
SE/C10/10-7.html/(Accessed 1-4 -2004) 1-9- 1-9-2003) 2003) 1-9-2003) 1-9-2003)

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 75 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print


EVON M. O. ABU-TAIEH is a Ph.D. holder and 1- assistant professor in the Arab Academy for Banking
6-2004) and Financial Sciences (AABFS). She is also
Assistant Dean in the Information Systems College
Redman S.,Law S. 2002. An Examination Of and Director of the London School of Economics
Implementation In EXTEND, ARENA, AND SILK. program in the AABFS.
In Proceedings of the 2002 Winter Simulation She earned her PhD from AABFS in 2005 in
Conference ed. E. Yücesan, C-H. Chen, J. L. simulation. She received her masters in computer
Snowdon, and J. M. Charnes, 550-556, December science from Pacific Lutheran University, and her
8-11, San Diego, California, United States. B.Sc. from St. Martin’s College both in Washington
Publisher: Winter Simulation Conference. Stat, USA.
Rizzoli A, (Accessed 1-9- She published many research papers in many topics:
2003) GIS, RSA, Neural Networks, simulation, Data
mining in airline reservations. She was appointed in 1-9-2003) many conferences as reviewer, track chair and track co-chair
/(Accessed 1-9-2003)
ABU-TAIEH worked in the field of computers for 1-9-2003) almost 17 years as system analyst, software 1-9- engineer, and head of IT department in many
2003) organizations: Mutah University, Ministry of
Transport, Baccalaureate school. 1-9-2003) Her current research interests are software 16-5-2003) engineering, databases, simulation and modeling,
AI, and ciphering algorithms. 1-9-2003)
awarded his masters degree in Operational Research
lation.html (Accessed 1-9-2003) OR/MS Today,
from London School of Economics & Political
August 2003
Science, University of London, London, England. 1-9-2003) Later he was awarded his PhD in simulation and
modeling. 1-9-2003)
Currently he is Dean of Faculty of Information 1-9-2003) Systems & Technology, The Arab Academy for
Banking & Financial Sciences, Jordan. Author of 1-9-2003)
two books and more than 35 papers. Research 1-9-2003) interest areas: Software piracy, Software 1-9-2003) outsourcing, Simulation modeling, SW engineering. 1-9-2003)

I.J. of SIMULATION Vol. 8 No 2 76 ISSN 1473-804x online, 1473-8031 print