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Industry Insights

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LTE TDD Deployment Face Challenges
Higher Frequency Higher Propagation Loss Interference In High BTS Density Area

2.6GHz 1800MHz 900MHz


High Capacity Requirement In Urban Area High Indoor Loss For Indoor Scenario

Data Service First-wall

Traffi Deman
c d 10% Second-
Real 90%

Urban Suburban Rural

Outdoor Indoor

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8T8R is Efficient Way to Solve Challenges

MIMO Technology – the Capacity Booster TDD Full Ecosystem

•More and more devices support TDD , including
+50~90% +9~19% smart phones, RRU ,passive antenna and active
DL Cell Average Throughput DL Cell Average Throughput
+30~65% +35~43% antenna.
UL Cell Average Throughput Capacity by Soft Split

Peak Tpt: 8T8R RRU

(RRU3279/ RRU327x)
150Mbps 300Mbps 600Mbps
2*2 4*4 8*8

ATD4516R5 AAU3215
Now 2015~2016 Future
HUAWEI mate7 iPhone 6s/6splus 8T8R ANTENNA

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8T8R With Better Performance Than 4T4R
Coverage Gain Interference Control
8R IRC: 4T4R 8T8R
+40% Cell Radius

8R Diversity:
4T4R 8T8R +3dB

35% ↑
Better SINR Better Throughput

Capacity Gain Indoor Loss


8T8R vs. 4T4R

RSRP Coverage

4T4R 8T8R
57.4% coverage probability 80.1% coverage probability

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Huawei Antenna Strategy

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8T8R Antenna Solution

2300-2600MHz 3300-3800MHz

• Frequency Range (MHz):2300-2400/2496-2690 • Frequency Range (MHz):3300-3800

• 65° Broadcast Beam:17.5/18 • 65° Broadcast Beam:17

• Single Column Beam Width : 90° • Single Column Beam Width : 78°

• Downtilt(°):2-12 • Downtilt(°):2-12

• Size(mm):1445 x 299 x 109 • Size(mm):1100 x 259 x 135

• Weight(Kg):16 • Weight(Kg):13

• Connector:9 x N-Female • Connector:9 x N-Female

• Already Available • Available in 2016 Q2

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TDD Antenna Support Flexible Network

2300-2600MHz 3300-3800MHz

TDD 2.3~2.6G WiMAX 3.5G TDD 3.5G TDD 3.5G

8T8R 4T4R 4T4R 8T8R

Cables *9 Cables 2*4 Cables *9

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Feature of 8T8R Antenna

Soft Split Capacity

8T8R Beamforming

EasyBeam Efficiency

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Beamforming Boosting TDD Network Capacity

Weight 1 No BF
W1 W2
… W8

Weight e.g

Port1 Port2
… Port8
Weight 2

Weight 1:pattern Weight 2:pattern SINR ↑

Beamforming Technology:
• Configure weight to port 1..port 8 8T8R Beamforming improve
• Different weight form different beam
• Width and azimuth of beam adjusted
20% capacity than 4T4R BF
by configuring weight

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Beam Splitting Enhance The Capacity

Soft split DL Throughput


3 Sectors 6 Sectors
• Spectrum and sites reusing 8T8R soft split

• 65° beam split into two 33° beams

• Splitting by weight configuration 30% capacity enhancement than 8T8R BF

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EasyBeam Make Network Adjustment More Flexible

Vertical downtilt adjustment

• Synergy design with RAN
• Adjustment range: 2o-12o
• TDD smart antenna
• Multi-antenna platform
to achieve beam Horizontal azimuth adjustment
adjustment EasyBeam 2 • Adjustment range: +/-15o

OSS Horizontal beamwidth adjustment

• Adjustment range: 33o, 65o and 90o

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Building the Future Together


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