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VP U Henry Van Thio calls for greater ASEAN Senior General receives Special Envoy of
cooperation to ensure rights of PLWDs Viet Nam Prime Minister

Vol. V, No. 288, 9 th Waning of Pyatho 1380 ME Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 kicks off

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi looks at a scale model of a housing project exhibited at the Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA

T HE Invest Myanmar Summit

2019 kicked off yesterday in
Nay Pyi Taw, with an opening
Union of Myanmar Federation
of Chambers of Commerce and
Industry. The opening ceremo-
ruption Commission, Chairman
of the Nay Pyi Taw Council,
chief ministers of the regions
performances by the artistes of
the Fine Arts Department.
Afterwards, State Counsellor
Page 3, 4, 5 and 6)
Afterwards, State Counsellor
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and dig-
speech by State Counsellor Daw ny was attended by Chairman of and states, deputy ministers, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivered nitaries posed for documentary
Aung San Suu Kyi. the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Legal departmental heads, officials of a keynote speech summarizing photos. The State Counsellor
The summit was jointly Affairs and Special Cases As- the UMFCCI, ambassadors, local the progress made by Myanmar and dignitaries then visited the
organized by the Ministry of In- sessment Commission Thura and foreign business personnel, in economic development and summit’s booths displaying busi-
vestment and Foreign Economic U Shwe Mann, Union ministers, economists and invited guests. investment sector. ness opportunities in regions and
Relations and the Republic of the Chairman of Myanmar Anti-Cor- The ceremony began with (Her speech is covered on states. — MNA



Second Pyithu Second Amyotha Pyidaungsu
Hluttaw holds fifth- Hluttaw holds Hluttaw Joint Bill
day meeting of 11th fifth-day meeting Committee holds
regular session of its 11th session meeting

Pyithu Hluttaw

Second Pyithu Hluttaw holds fifth-day meeting of 11th regular session

Assembly discuss education, digital literacy, intellectual property
By Aye Aye Thant (MNA) er colleges and training schools. and diploma courses in order to
THE 5th-day meeting of the 11th Dr. Myo Thein Gyi replied that acquire job opportunities. He said
regular session of the Second Py- according to the pre-workplace there are also plans for students
ithu Hluttaw was held in Nay Pyi teaching diploma course selection who wish to attend advance edu-
Taw yesterday. for students from remote areas cation universities by providing
MPs raised questions on who passed the matriculation help in the application process
possible impediments in student exams, the State and Regional and to design a lifetime learning
enrolment, supporting universi- governments have increased the roadmap for students pursuing
ty students from remote areas, acceptance quota of relevant ed- tertiary education.
and consequences of matricula- ucation college courses up to 10 Dr. Myo Thein Gyi said they
tion exams during question time, per cent of the selected applicants. are planning to provide high
read a report from the Govern- He said Sagaing University of Ed- school diplomas to external stu-
ment’s Guarantees, Pledges and ucation and Yangon University of dents who pass the high school
Undertakings Vetting Committee, Education also accepts applicants exams, adding that this will help
tabled a motion for a digital lit- Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat.  PHOTO: MNA who meet the specified criteria. them pursue their preferred vo-
eracy framework, and approved In addition, Yangon, Mandalay, cational training courses without
the Intellectual Property rights township education officer for pro- initiated at the Administrative and most universities select ma- disrupting their jobs.
Bill sent back from the Amyotha curing transfer certificates (TC). Training School (Htaukkyant) in triculation exam qualifiers from Following this, the Union
Hluttaw. The Union Minister for Edu- May 2018, only TCs between states remote areas as students up to 2 Minister for Education and Union
Relinquishing recommen- cation, Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, replied and regions require a signed per cent of their intended quota Election Commission Member U
dation processes for student that children under 5 years old recommendation from the Tsp for every subject. Than Htay replied to questions
enrolment are given an assessment test at education officer. He said trans- Consequences of matricula- raised by U Aung Khin Win from
Firstly, U Myo Nyunt from the school and is decided by the ferring within the state or region tion exams on practical de- Myaing constituency, U Stephen
Homalin constituency raised a evaluation board on whether to no longer requires the signed rec- velopment from Kengtung constituency, U
question on whether there were accept the child or not. He said if ommendation, unless the school U Saw Kyaw Win Maung of Tin Aye from Metmung constit-
plans to lessen the requirement the board approves, the child is in question only has an interim Kyaikmaraw constituency raised uency, and U Maung Myint from
for (a) students two months given immediate entry into the principal in charge. a question asking if there were Mingin constituency.
younger than the required age school. He said the requirement Supporting university stu- plans to amend the matriculation Report read and submitted
for school enrolment to acquire for a township or district educa- dents from remote areas exam result requirements to enter Next, U Aung Thein from the
a signed recommendation from tion officer’s recommendation is U Tin Nu (a) U Tin Nu Aung specific universities, as it can dam- Pyithu Hluttaw Government’s
the township education officer, (b) a formal office procedure to main- from Manaung constituency age the practical development of Guarantees, Pledges and Under-
students three months younger tain a transparent record, and will raised a question asking if there students. takings Vetting Committee read
than the required age for school not create any hinderances to stu- were any plans to support stu- Dr. Myo Thein Gyi replied that his committee’s report. Speaker U
enrolment to acquire a signed rec- dents’ education opportunities. dents from remote areas, and they have planned for the practi- T Khun Myat then called for MPs
ommendation from the district ed- The Union Minister said townships receiving stipends, who cal development of college-entry interested in discussing the report
ucation officer, and (c) acquiring a beginning from the capacity have passed the matriculation ex- students by providing vocational to register their names.
signed recommendation from the building courses for educators ams and are willing to attend high- trainings, undergraduate courses, SEE PAGE-13

Amyotha Hluttaw

Second Amyotha Hluttaw holds fifth-day meeting of its 11th session

By Aung Ye Thwin, Building a flood gate at the and Daw Nwe Nwe Aung of Mon
Lu Maw (MNA) Kyauktagar Dam State constituency 2.
Dr. Kyaw Ngwe of Magway Child Rights Bill
THE fifth-day meeting of the 11th Region constituency 10 asked if Hluttaw representatives
session of the Second Amyotha there was a plan to build a sluice took part in the discussion on
Hluttaw was held yesterday in gate, in a timely manner, before the Child Rights Bill at the Hlut-
the Amyotha Hluttaw meeting the rainy season, at the Kyauk- taw session. Concerning the bill,
hall in Nay Pyi Taw. tagar Dam, Yesagyo Township, Dr. Tin Tin Win of Bago Region
Preventing erosion of Ay- Magway Region. Deputy Minister constituency 5, Tatmadaw repre-
eyawady River’s banks for Agriculture, Livestock and Ir- sentative Lt-Col Myo Tun Aung,
At the meeting, U Htein Win rigation U Hla Kyaw replied that U Kyaw Kyaw Win of Rakhine
of Ayeyawady Region constitu- the Irrigation and Water Utiliza- State constituency 8, U Soe Thein
ency 4 asked whether there was tion Management Department of Kayah State constituency 9, U
a plan to maintain bank stability would implement the construc- San Myint of Ayeyawady Region
and prevent river bank erosion Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker Mahn Win Khaing Than.  PHOTO: MNA tion project after receiving allot- constituency 3, Tatmadaw repre-
of the Ayeyawady River during ment of funds from the Magway sentative Maj. Ye Aung Saw and
construction of a tunnel through port and Communications would capital fund of the regional gov- Region government. U Soe Thein (a) U Maung Soe of
the sandbank of the river in ask for funds, as a top priority, ernment in 2019-2020 FY, which Q & A session Thaninthayi Region constituency
Kyaukye, Tarngut and Phaung from the Ayeyawady Region gov- aims at preventing river bank Next, Deputy Ministers U 10 participated in the discussion.
Seik villages, Hinthada Township, ernment in 2019-2020 FY, as part erosion in Tarngut and Phaung Hla Kyaw and Nay Pyi Taw Coun- The six-day meeting of the
Ayeyawady Region. of efforts to prevent the erosion Seik villages. The maintenance cil member U Nyi Tun clarified 11th session of the 2nd Amyotha
Regarding this query, Dep- of the river bank. for the river bank will be carried the queries raised by U Khin Hluttaw will be convened on 30
uty Minister for Transport and Moreover, requests will be out in the region after gaining Maung Lat of Rakhine State January.
Communications U Kyaw Myo made for K820 million in fund- the allotment of the fund in 2019- constituency 3, U Myint Naing
replied that the Ministry of Trans- ing, as a second priority, from the 2020 FY. of Rakhine State constituency 5, (Translated by Win Ko Ko Aung)
29 JANUARY 2019

State Counsellor opens Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 with keynote

speech summarizing Myanmar’s economic, investment progress

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivers the opening speech at the opening ceremony of Investment Myanmar Summit 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA

Opening Salutations noting that today’s event is pected to evolve into one of economies of Cambodia, Laos, which Asia is rising, poised to
taking place on the birthday of the most dynamic and vibrant Viet Nam and, of course, China. shape the world. Consequently,
It gives me great pleas- King Yazadarit, ruler of the an- markets the modern world has It is our firm belief that My- economic integration, coupled
ure to welcome you to the 2019 cient Kingdom of Hanthawaddy ever seen. The McKinsey Global anmar has much to contribute with innovation, free trade,
Invest Myanmar Summit and Pegu, one of our most renowned Institute predicts that by 2025 by connecting regional markets growing people-to-people con-
to see so many investors and monarchs. His reign, recorded over half of the world’s consum- to international trade routes, nections and regional connec-
business people, representing in the classic text “Razadarit ing class, that is, those with an and in so doing, we shall be tivity, presents Myanmar and
a wide range of industries, sec- Ayedawbon”, saw a range of am- income of more than $10 a day, able to play a major role in sup- our investors with vast oppor-
tors, interest groups, and or- bitious administrative reforms, will live within a five-hour air porting the expansion of trade tunities.
ganisations, here with us today. combined with the creation of journey from Myanmar. and investment throughout the With our advantageous geo-
I am confident that this peaceful conditions that helped We have a sizeable popula- Asia-Pacific region and indeed, graphical location, relatively low
Summit — the first of its kind in to transform the ancient king- labour costs, and the enormous
Myanmar — will serve to high- dom into a successful trading potential of our people, it is the
light the immense opportunities power. It was also on this day in best of times for grasping the
available to both local and for- 1945, 74 years ago, that supplies I stand here to reaffirm our opportunities that will arise as
eign investors and provide you began to reach the Republic of the global economic pendulum
with the opportunity to explore China over the newly reopened commitment to continue our swings from West to East.

reforms and to build an invest-

Myanmar’s exciting and ever “Burma Road”. However, there are also
evolving investment landscape. So, we meet on a truly aus- challenges that must be over-

I am happy to note that, picious date, the birthday of come.
throughout our two-day event, one of our nation’s foremost re- One key challenge for My-
Union and State and Regional formers, and also the day which anmar will be to find ways and
governments, together with our saw the culmination of a highly means of ensuring that we con-
private sector partners, will be strategic infrastructure project tinue to benefit from this glob-
provided with an invaluable op- which undoubtedly impacted on tion of 53 million, half of whom throughout the world. al and regional inter-connect-
portunity to showcase their re- the course of World War II in the are aged 30 or below. Thus, Global/Regional Landscape edness, keeping in mind that
spective investment proposals. South-East Asian theatre. Myanmar also has a sizeable and Scene Setting less developed countries with
I would like to express our and expanding internal market Just as Myanmar has un- weaker links to the global econ-
deep appreciation to the Sum- Why Myanmar? which will surely benefit from dergone rapid social, economic omy are at greater risk of falling
mit organizers, the Republic of Why do we say ‘invest in greater cooperation and inte- and political transformations in further behind.
the Union of Myanmar Federa- Myanmar’? gration with external markets. recent times, our world has also We therefore recognize the
tion of Chambers of Commerce Myanmar’s enviable ge- As the largest country in been undergoing multiple, con- urgent need for the public sector
and Industry, who have worked ographical location makes us mainland Southeast Asia, My- current transformations. and the private sector; the pri-
tirelessly, in partnership with both a strategic market, as well anmar not only possesses sig- Throughout the past forty mary engine of economic growth
the Myanmar Investment Com- as a crossroads between China, nificant potential for agricultural years, our region has experi- and job creation in Myanmar
mission and the Directorate for India, Bangladesh, Laos, and production, we are also richly enced the greatest surge of eco- and a main driving force in fa-
Investment and Companies Ad- Thailand. endowed with minerals and nat- nomic growth the world has ever vour of inclusive and sustainable
ministration, to make this event China, India and the ten ural gas. seen. This rapid growth, within development; to work closer to-
a success. economies that make up ASE- Myanmar’s southern sea- ASEAN and the rest of Asia, has gether as we seek market-based
I hope all of you will find this AN, of which Myanmar is a board, when connected with spearheaded the creation of new solutions to many, but not all
event both fruitful and enjoya- member, together represent Thailand’s thriving Eastern trade relationships, spurred the of course, of our development
ble and that you will take away a potential consumer market Economic Corridor, creates invention of new technologies, challenges.
happy memories that will serve of more than 3.5 billion people. one of the world’s most strate- and facilitated the movement To understand Myanmar’s
to bring you back to Myanmar These same economies com- gic economic corridors, offering of peoples, ideas, goods, servic- contemporary investment land-
again and again. bined account for some $15 tril- access routes to the Indian and es and capital in ways which in scape, we must also seek to un-
lion dollars, or 20 per cent, of our Pacific Oceans via the Bay of the past had never before been derstand the broader forces at
Historical Note global GDP. Bengal and the Andaman Sea, thought possible. work.
Perhaps it might be worth This market nexus is ex- as well as to the neighbouring Indeed, we live in an era in SEE PAGE-4

State Counsellor opens Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 with keynote

speech summarizing Myanmar’s economic, investment progress

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi poses for a documentary photograph with attendees of the Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA

FROM PAGE-3 percentage points compared to Fiscal Year. national development vision. our commitment to creating a
The pursuit of market 2016. Furthermore, developing We should also note that in- The MSDP is founded on a favourable investment-and-busi-
friendly economic policies, Asia-Pacific economies were flation is forecast to stabilise at long-term vision: a vision of a ness-enabling environment.
together with rapidly increas- collectively the largest recipient 5 per cent during the 2018-2019 peaceful, prosperous and dem- Thus, we can say that what we
ing regional cooperation and region for FDI inflows world- Fiscal Year. This is still higher ocratic country. The MSDP are doing now here, is part of the
integration, have been highly wide in 2017. than what we may have hoped also provides a detailed strate- implementation of our strategic
beneficial for the Asia-Pacific Myanmar has also been a for but it is a marked improve- gic planning matrix which will planning DNA.
region, allowing many of us to major beneficiary of intra-re- ment on previous years. At its assist in the prioritisation, se- Since this government
make a successful transition gional FDI, experiencing a 45 peak in 2015, inflation stood at quencing and implementation came into office, Myanmar has
from low income, low growth per cent increase in FDI inflows. 9.99 per cent. of strategic development and been actively pursuing a range
to middle-to-high income, high Evidence of this can be seen With these positive forces investment initiatives across all of FDI liberalisation measures.
growth. Myanmar seeks to do sectors, and across all States In recent years, we have un-
the same. and Regions. dertaken a number of reforms,
By our own choosing, today
our country is more exposed to Investment opportunities The first goal focuses on
peace and national reconcilia-
some major and obvious, some
more subtle but, in their own
external market and political
forces than ever before. On bal-
are everywhere in Myanmar. tion, with a focus on the achieve-
ment of political stability, while
way, equally significant. All are
primarily focused on updating
ance, Myanmar stands to gain the second goal emphasises the regulatory and legal envi-
from this exposure which brings macroeconomic management, ronment aimed at developing a
with it the potential for new in- with a focus on the achievement market-based economy which
vestment, new technologies and throughout the country; an ex- converging, both regionally and and maintenance of economic targets inclusive economic
knowledge transfer. But that is ample is the new manufacturing in Myanmar, now is the time for stability, without which broader, growth. Necessary structural
not to say that we are immune plant set up by Malaysia-based us to be bold and ambitious, and multi-sectoral development can- reforms have also been made to
from the less positive aspects Kian Joo Group in the Thilawa bold and ambitious we shall be! not begin to materialise. Hence, boost Myanmar’s development
of globalization. In today’s hy- Special Economic Zone. the first and second goals are through greater integration with
perconnected world, when one There can be no doubt that Major Myanmar Reform Ef- amongst those most critical for the global economy.
economy so much as catches a Myanmar is benefiting from our forts ensuring a strong foundation These reforms have had a
common cold, many more are advantageous geographical po- As a member of the global upon which all future develop- profound impact on Myanmar,
put at risk of contagion. sition. community of nations, the Gov- ment can be based. fundamentally enhancing our
At the global level, FDI in- ernment of Myanmar has con- The third goal relates to investment environment.
flows continued their decline Myanmar Macroeconomic firmed our commitment to the job creation and private sector
in 2018, following a 23 per cent Forecasts realization of the Sustainable growth, while the fourth relates Investment Law
decrease in 2017 from the previ- In Myanmar we often say Development Goals. to human capacity and social One of the first major re-
ous year. The Asia-Pacific region “collect the water while it is To this end, we have devel- development, including the forms was the introduction of
has not been immune from this raining”. oped a comprehensive social, expansion of access to quality the Myanmar Investment Law.
downward trend. The most recent econom- economic and environmental education and healthcare. Introduced in 2016, the Myan-
According to the latest ic forecast provided by the policy reform agenda – the My- The fifth goal, natural mar Investment Law offers
available data, FDI inflows to ASEAN+3 Macroeconomic anmar Sustainable Develop- resources management and investors a more transparent,
the Asia-Pacific region have Research Office suggests that ment Plan or MSDP – which pro- environmental protection, is more liberal and more protect-
stagnated slightly when com- Myanmar’s economy is expect- vides a unifying and coherent aimed at protecting not just our ed investment environment,
pared with previous years. How- ed to grow by some 7.4 per cent roadmap for all future reforms. country but our planet, through bringing our investment-ena-
ever, our region has remained in the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year, up Structured around 3 Pillars, sustainable environmental and bling-environment further in
a primary destination for FDI, from 6.8 per cent during the 5 Goals, 28 Strategies and 251 natural resources management. line with international and re-
accounting for 39% of global 2017-18 Fiscal Year, and from Action Plans, the MSDP can be Directly relevant to today’s gional agreements.
FDI inflows in 2017, a rise of 9 5.9 per cent during the 2016-17 seen as the expression of our event, Strategy 3.3 clearly notes SEE PAGE-5
29 JANUARY 2019

State Counsellor opens Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 with keynote

speech summarizing Myanmar’s economic, investment progress

Companies Law
Then, in December 2017
we launched the new Myanmar
Companies Act which came into
effect in August 2018.
Under the old 1914 Myanmar
Companies Act, a locally incor-
porated entity with any foreign
shareholding was considered a
foreign company in Myanmar.
With new legislation in place, for-
eign investors are now permitted
to hold up to 35 percent of shares
in a domestic company without
the company losing its categori-
sation as a local company. Chang-
ing this legal definition will allow
foreign investors to undertake
business activities that were pre-
viously restricted to companies
fully owned by Myanmar citizens.
The new Companies Law
has also been designed to offer
greater protection for minority
investors whom we expect will
contribute to a considerable im-
provement in Myanmar’s rank-
ing in the Ease of Doing Business
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi visits the Mandalay Myotha Industrial Development booth at the Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 in
Major reform efforts have
Myanmar International Convention Center II in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
been complemented by the re-
cent launch of MyCo, an electron-
ic registration system through Japan, South Korea and beyond. Future rollouts of similar online. This system connects not MIPP
which companies can now be in- systems elsewhere, starting only to major ports but also to We recently launched the
corporated online, thus eliminat- Education Sector Liberali- with the Myanmar Investment several major land border cross- Myanmar Investment Promo-
ing the need to physically wend sation Commission, are planned. ings. The result has been short- tion Plan (MIPP) which aims to
your way to the registrar’s office. We have also begun to lib- We also hope that recent er customs clearance times and attract more than US$200 billion
We are already seeing eralise the education sector, discussions between Thailand greater efficiency gains overall. through responsible and quality
some results of this. During the opening the way for 100 per cent and Myanmar, with support from business over the next 20 years,
5-month period following MyCo’s foreign-owned educational insti- China and Japan, will see similar MIC Reform facilitating Myanmar’s transition
launch (1 August to 31 Decem- tutions, as well as locally owned progress made at the Dawei SEZ Importantly, the Myanmar to a middle-income country.
ber 2018) some 8,400 new com- schools and joint ventures. in short order. Investment Commission (MIC)
panies were registered online. has been reconstituted and is New Ministry
Put in another way, the number Thilawa SEZ CBM-NET and MACCS now under new management To help sustain this already
of companies registered in just 5 As noted earlier, we have Other notable reforms that that will take forward the mo- substantial reform effort, on 19
months constitutes 10% of the to- made tremendous progress will be of interest to our investors mentum of change and transfor- November 2018 the Government
tal number registered during the with regard to the development are the development of an elec- mation. The new MIC manage- established the Ministry of In-
last 30 years, from 1988 to 2018. of Special Economic Zones. tronic payments and settlement ment team is determined to turn vestment and Foreign Economic
This is the type of progress I am very pleased to report system, the ‘CBM-NET’, and an Myanmar into a major regional Relations (MoIFER). MoIFER
we are determined to replicate that the Thilawa SEZ has be- electronic customs and cargo trade and investment destination has been mandated to address
and expand. come a crowning success in a clearance system, ‘MACCS’. and has been urged to take a the needs of the State and its peo-
Further steps will involve very short period of time, receiv- Our CBM-NET consists of much more proactive approach ple, with a focus on facilitating
migrating many other manual ing a total investment of over a Real Time Gross Settlement to investment approvals. an investment-enabling-environ-
processes online so that inves- US$ 1.491 billion; this reflects the (RTGS) system, a central secu- The new MIC team is review- ment, furthering regional cooper-
tors will no longer need to come dollar value of those investments rities depository system, and a ing all processes, not only with- ation initiatives, and enhancing
to a physical single window to actually entering the economy. mechanised cheque clearing in the MIC itself but also within the quality and effectiveness
have their needs addressed. Investors from countries system which is connected other government agencies, with of Myanmar’s cooperation and
such as Japan, the United States, to all banks within Myanmar. a view to establishing simple, coordination with development
Retail Sector Liberalisation Germany, France, Sweden, Aus- The CBN-NET converts the clear and predictable Standard partners and international or-
With the launch of the Com- tralia, China, India, Singapore, once-manual process of clear- Operating Procedures (SOPs), ganisations.
panies Law, we have been able to Thailand and Taiwan have in- ing and settling payments into together with a single-window
open up new economic sectors to vested in the Thilawa SEZ, and an entirely electronic system, approach to services delivery. The Project Bank
investment. For example, in 2018 there are many more eager to thus constituting an important This single-window ap- Those who know Myanmar
this administration successful enter Thilawa SEZ Zone B. step toward the modernisation proach will go a long way toward well will know that this country
opened Myanmar to wholly for- I am happy to be able to say of our banking processes. addressing impediments faced offers the possibility of immense
eign-owned firms operating in that a single window system is al- Likewise, our MACCS sys- by investors, while at the same returns to investors who are both
the wholesale and retail sectors, ready in use at the Thilawa SEZ, tem now enables exporters and time providing them with both patient and innovative.
a move which has attracted solid and that it is providing a strong importers to apply for customs pre- and post-investment ser-
investor interest from Europe, and positive precedent. declarations and port clearances vices. SEE PAGE-6

State Counsellor
receives Special Envoy of
Vietnamese Prime Minister
DAW AUNG SAN SUU KYI, tarian Assistance, Resettlement
State Counsellor of the Repub- and Development in Rakhine.
lic of the Union of Myanmar re- State Counsellor conferred the
ceived Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung, Certificate of Acknowledgement
Special Envoy of the Prime Min- to the Special Envoy.
ister of the Socialist Republic Also present at the meeting
of Viet Nam and Deputy For- were Dr. Win Myat Aye, Union
eign Minister on 28-1-2019, at Minister for Social Welfare, Re-
3:30 pm at the Ministry of For- lief and Resettlement, U Kyaw
eign Affairs, Nay Pyi Taw. Tin, Union Minister for Inter-
During the meeting, they national Cooperation, Senior
frankly discussed matters on en- Officials from the Ministry of
hancing of Myanmar-Viet Nam Foreign Affairs, Dr. Luan Thuy
bilateral relations and cooper- Duong and Representatives
ation, Myanmar Government’s from Viet Nam.
efforts for the repatriation of The Special Envoy of the
displaced persons from Rakhine Vietnamese Prime Minister
State, humanitarian assistances also paid a courtesy call to U
provided by Government to all Kyaw Tin, Union Minister for
communities and the develop- International Cooperation at
ment of the Rakhine State. 12:45 pm on the same day and
After the meeting, Special discussed matters pertaining
Envoy of the Vietnamese Prime to the further enhancement of
Minister donated US Dollars cooperation between Myanmar
100,000 from the Government of and Viet Nam in regional coop-
Viet Nam as humanitarian as- eration mechanism including
sistance in Rakhine State to the ASEAN and in international
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi shakes hands with Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung Special Envoy of the
Union Enterprise for Humani- arena. —MNA
Vietnamese Prime Minister.  PHOTO: MNA

State Counsellor opens Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 with keynote

speech summarizing Myanmar’s economic, investment progress
FROM PAGE-5 Government is prioritising ap- the ease of doing business, and turned into opportunities. eyes.
propriately balanced risk allo- maximizing the potential bene- This has been a rather long
To assist investors in the cation between the government fits of foreign direct investment Invest in our people speech and I hope it has cov-
process of identifying invest- and the private sector, as well and its spillover effects in the It is said that what is com- ered all the salient points of
ment priorities in a more stra- as the use of blended financing domestic economy. fortable is rarely profitable. This our investment policies and the
tegic, transparent and open mechanisms to ensure the suc- We will continue to strive is certainly the case when it steps that we have been taking
manner, the Ministry of Plan- cess of PPPs that are included to improve the investment cli- comes to investment in frontier to implement them.
ning and Finance and the Min- within the Project Bank. mate. markets. As Southeast Asia’s Before concluding, I would
istry of Investment and Foreign I hope that it is now obvious final frontier market – final and like to say that our greatest
Economic Relations have devel- that Myanmar is committed to Challenges Ahead best we hope – we offer innu- investment is in our people.
oped a Project Bank, a rolling creating not only a favourable, But of course, many chal- merable investment opportuni- Everywhere I go, I see our chil-
databank consisting of major, but also a predictable, facilita- lenges remain. For example, ties; investment opportunities dren bright and innovative, and
transformative projects that tive and friendly, investment our infrastructure gap contin- are everywhere in Myanmar. they are the insurance of our
have been screened, appraised environment. ues to constrain Myanmar’s Some are plain to see, others future. And they are also the
and prioritised such that they The World Bank acknowl- development potential. are waiting to be found. insurers for the future of invest-
are ready for implementation edged the positive change in Our energy potential has I stand here to reaffirm our ment in this country.
with the most appropriate Myanmar’s investment cli- also yet to be fulfilled. Myanmar commitment to continue our So, please invest in our peo-
source of financing, be it gov- mate brought about by these remains one of the world’s least reforms and to build an invest- ple, in our potential.
ernment budget, development and many other reforms back electrified countries, notwith- ment-friendly-environment. I wish all of you the very,
assistance or even through pri- in 2017 when we were granted standing our natural gas and We only ask our investors to very best as we go forward in
vate sector financing, by way the 2017 Star Reformer Award. renewable energy resources. ensure that their investments our business-to-business en-
of Private-Public-Partnership But we cannot and will not rest Myanmar’s ports must also are responsible, by incorporat- gagements and also in our peo-
(PPP) mechanisms. on our laurels. be upgraded and expanded to ing environmental, social and ple-to-people relationships. We
Our Project Bank is envi- The Star Reformers Award meet growing demand. governance factors into their value the deep, genuine and
sioned as an online one-stop- was made on the basis of ef- Despite these challenges, investment and business un- mutually beneficial friendships
shop, where all information on forts made by the Government or one may even say because dertakings. that can bring peoples and busi-
projects designed to implement to usher in transformational in- of them, business opportuni- So please do come to My- nesses together for the benefit
the Myanmar Sustainable De- vestment policy and promotion ties are abundant in proportion anmar, soak in an atmosphere of all.
velopment Plan can be easily reforms representing a signif- to the critical need for foreign brimming with opportunities, I wish you and this Summit
accessed with a single click. In icant shift in the development direct investment. Thus, for and witness our newfound eco- every success.
preparing these projects, the path of the country, improving investors, challenges can be nomic vibrancy with your own Thank you.
29 JANUARY 2019

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi

addresses High Level Forum on children

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, (Left), addresses the High Level Forum on Realizing Myanmar’s Development Vision for Every Child, in Nay Pyi Taw.  PHOTO: MNA

S TATE Counsellor Daw Aung

San Suu Kyi addressed an
opening ceremony of a High
Secondly, today’s forum
will review sector wise pro-
jects and is an opportune time
designated. Priority is being
given towards strategic work
processes on raising the qual-
Myanmar when implementing
sector wise related programs of
MSDP as projects according to
in the economic pillar into the
Project Bank. It is necessary
to produce creative and inno-
Level Forum on “Realizing My- to discuss, allocate and imple- ity of social service sectors of the SDGs’ motto of “leaving no vative funding projects from
anmar’s Development Vision ment priority projects which education, health, food and one behind.” the Union budget, regional and
for Every Child” held in Park need to be done on a real time nutrition in the strategies set Thirdly I want to talk about international development as-
Royal Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw yes- basis. As you all know, all over down to achieve this goal so the importance of cooperation. sistance, private investment,
terday afternoon. the world countries are imple- that every child in the country The three pillars of MSDP – public-private cooperation
In her speech the State menting Sustainable Develop- becomes a high value human Peace & Stability, Prosperity works and basic infrastructure
Counsellor said, today’s event ment Goals (SDGs) and our resource of the future. & Partnership, People& Planet bonds. That is why efforts must
is a high level Forum on real- country has approved the bal- At this time, arrangements – are mutually and equally ben- be made towards strengthening
izing Myanmar’s development anced Myanmar Sustainable are being made to put projects eficial to one another. Thematic unity and uniformity between
vision for every child and there Development Plan (MSDP) a into Project Banks of ministries Approach is used to implement the pillars of MSDP.
are many guidelines that I few months ago. MSDP has and organizations to implement the goals and strategies of all Implementation should
want to mention. First is the three main pillars and, five them effectively and in full ca- three pillars and I would like be done not only by one single
fact that children are our coun- goals, 28 strategies and desig- pacity. That is why the five year to remind the importance of department but by coopera-
try’s future. It is important for nated project implementation tion between the government,
every country’s future to place programs under each strategy Hluttaw, private sector, inter-
emphasis on the physical and and there are a total of 251 work A special appeal is made to en- national development partners
mental development of children processes. MSDP processes and relevant stakeholders do-
and for them to achieve their will be implemented as a Living sure that the plans of develop- ing their respective duties and
full intellectual capabilities.
Working on early life develop-
MSDP was drawn up in co- ment partners and international responsibilities. At this time, it
is very much needed to work
ment of children is nurturing
and developing valuable and
ordination with the United Na-
tions’ sustainable development
organizations for our country with “cetana” (good will) for
the good of the country rather
important human resources of
our Union. In other words it is
goals, Myanmar’s 12 point eco-
nomic policy, ASEAN economic
are in accord with the goals and than just to fulfill our duties and
not wasteful spending; it is in community, Greater Mekong strategies of MSDP … A special appeal is made
fact a strategic investment for Sub-region strategy framework to ensure that the plans of de-
the future. as well as implementation of velopment partners and inter-
As fostering and raising various international and re- national organizations for our
the children who will create gional pledges made by the social sector strategic plans for cooperating effectively in im- country are in accord with the
and shape the country’s future Union Government. In other each ministry related to edu- plementing matters involving goals and strategies of MSDP
is very important, Myanmar’s words, sustainable and devel- cation, health and social pro- several ministries. In order to and furthermore to ensure that
early life development of chil- opment goals which are based tection were being introduced create a good shift for our coun- the assistance thus provided is
dren and development strategy on our requirements, together since 2016. Discussions are to try, the direction of the strate- truly effective. Participation of
was drawn up and introduced with priorities to implement be made at this forum to review gy needs to be understood and the private sector and the par-
and distributed to the people sustainable development goals the implementation during the there is a need to do the push ticipation and pledges of devel-
in 2018 December. Not only which are in accord with the two year period and allocate together. opment partner organizations
parents and teachers(male/ country’s situation. priority work programs which Discussions with the pri- and international organizations
female) but relevant depart- Under MSDP Pillar 3 “Peo- need to be implemented on a vate sector conducted at the in the effective implementa-
ments are to coordinate for ple & Planet”, goal number 4 real-time basis. Invest Myanmar Summit at tion of Myanmar development
the successful implementation which is “Human Resources There is a need to iden- the Myanmar International works are essential require-
of the work processes of this & Social Development for a tify and designate areas for Convention Centre early this ments and very important.
strategy. 21st Century Society” has been development of every child in morning was to put the projects SEE PAGE-10
29 JANUARY 2019

Myanmar It is our inherent duty to love, honor, and President’s Office continues
announcement of illegal drug
Ethnics Culture cherish the meaningful heritage of the Union arrests, seizures acting on tip-offs
THE Office of the President issued Press Release No. 4/2019

Fest aids cultural yesterday, publicly announcing the Ministry of Home Affairs’
arrests and seizures in the fight against illicit drug trafficking
up till 26 January.

By Shwetiang Lwin meeting in Panglong Town with The ministry made the arrests, acting on information, sent
the attendance of (2000) people. to the Drug Activity Special Complaint Department of the Office

N the pages of our chronicle, The Panglong mass meeting con- of the President as of 26 January.
we have patriots and heroes tinued into the night and at 9:30 The full text of the press release will be reported in the 30
since the ancient times in pm on 7 February 1947, where the January issue of The Global New Light of Myanmar. — GNLM
the Union of Myanmar. We Hill Track Ethnic Nationalities

HE Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest, a hybrid cultural must always keep in mind that Unity Association (18) members
expo and tourism promotion event, is drawing large discords among the nationalities Team headed by Nyaung Shwe
crowds at the Kyaikkasan Sports Ground in Yangon. wreak havoc to the Union with Saw Bwa Gyee Sao Shwe Thaik
The six-day cultural fest is being held from 25 to 30 disunity, while unity and har- was formed, which stands out as
January. mony in family spirit brings the the start of the road to success.
The festival, organized mainly with the support of the My- country with greater good that On 8 February 1947, Bogyoke U Thant Sin appointed as
anmar Ethnic Entrepreneurs Association (MEEA), showcases
the unique customs and traditions of Myanmar’s 135 ethnic
tantamount to love and cherish
the national heritage.
Aung San and Arthur Bottomley,
Clement Attlee's Under-Secretary
Ambassador of Myanmar to
races before a local and foreign audience. of State for Dominion Affairs, and the Republic of Korea
It exposes not only the Never to forget some leaders arrived at Panglong
culture of our ethnic rac- We have lived our lives in Town.
We believe the es to the world, but also such a way with our own Mon- At 11:30 am in the morning The President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar
their cordial relations with arch, Kings, Queens and Palaces was a decisive moment for the has appointed U Thant Sin, Director-General of Protocol
cultural fest each other and unity. The and in attractive landscape, until entire people and nationalities Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as Ambassador Ex-
will bring in uniqueness of the 135 ethnic we were subjugated in 1885 after in the country as the Kachin, traordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of the Union
races generates both tan- the Anglo-Burmese Wars, (1824– Chin, Bamar and Shan leaders of Myanmar to the Republic of Korea.—MNA
much needed gible and intangible tourist 26, 1852, 1885), three conflicts that along with British officers and
support for the attractions, which serve collectively forced Burma (now Shan population rallied around
as resources for promot- Myanmar) into a vulnerable posi- showing the strength and unity
development, ing tourism. The cultural tion from which it had to concede of the people.
unity, and fest does a wonderful job British hegemony in the region of The public meeting was
of bringing these resources the Bay of Bengal. population, and therefore, firm and organized and conducted a Although the telegram sent fully attained the age of (32) and chaired by Southern Shan Chief-
peace of our to light. Loss of Myanma Independ- and solid determination was be- mass meeting in strong support by the two Shan chieftains have that the date of February 12 of tain Sao Khun Pan Sein and Bogy-
ethnic citizens. Countries around the ence was due to all-round weak- ing laid down just to regain the of the endeavors of Bogyoke Aung never ever taken up seriously, 1947 was an important day for oke Aung San delivered a speech
globe have been simultane- nesses, Bogyoke Aung San and a Independence. San and Myanmar delegation in the hindrance and impediment all of us. to the affect that the Bamar na-
Achieving long- ously showcasing and pre- host of patriotic Thakins comes London. in between the hill track regions Obviously, the word “Union” tionals were not desirous to rule Myanmar Daily Weather Report
lasting peace for serving their own unique together with the political strate- Dedicated endeavor Bo Hmu Aung (Thirty Com- and the flatlands popped up on was born with the vision of Inde- and influence others. (Issued on Monday 28 January 2019)
traditions and culture for gy, and fought for the liberty. In response to the negative rades), Bo Htun Lin (the Pyithu the surface and ignited and spark pendence of Myanmar by signing
our ethnic regions, the world to see. Such en- While the Myanmar delega- telegram being sent from two Yebaw Tat, or People's Volunteer in conceiving the Panglong Spirit the celebrated and well-known Unanimous Decision SUMMARY OF OBSERVATIONS RECORDED AT 09:30 hrs
which are richly deavors create genuine tion led by Bogyoke Aung San Shan chieftains, Bogyoke Aung Organization (PVO), and U Pe in the hearts of the leaders. Panglong Agreement. The day on 12 February 1947 MST: During the past (24) hours, weather has been generally
affection and positive na- was in London negotiating for San immediately informed the Khin (Retired Ambassador) trav- was a day to remember for the fair in Nay Pyi Taw, Ayeyawady Region, Northern Shan, Kayin
endowed with tionalism in the hearts and Independence, some Shan chief- matter to AFPFL Headquarters elled to Taunggyi and collaborat- whole country as the cool morn- and Mon states and partly cloudy in the remaining regions and
natural beauty, minds of a nation’s people. tains with pessimistic views sent a in Yangon, for which the head of- ed with Shan State Youth League, The seed planted at the Panglong put the ing had witnessed the unanimous states. Night temperatures were (3°C) below January average
They further strengthen the telegram to London antagonizing fice made a counter activity. Thus, and pledged and endorsed the signing of Panglong Agreement temperature in Taninthayi Region, (2°C) above January aver-
is a top priority. unity between ethnic races the freedom endeavors. an advanced Panglong gathering activities of Bogyoke Aung San.
spotlight on the unity demonstrated by at 10:00 am by Bogyoke Aung San age temperatures in Upper Sagaing, Magway and Ayeyawady
There must first and increase the interest of When Bogyoke Aung San and was held immediately in Taunggyi Moreover, the mass con- leaders across nationalities, and that has and (23) Representatives of vari- regions, (Southern and Eastern) Shan and Mon states, (3°C)
foreign visitors. his team came to know about the in the Union spirit. demnation and protest was ap- ous nationalities. above January average temperatures in Mandalay and Bago
be peace in the We believe the cultur- matter of sabotage, they imme- An agreement was reached proved over the telegram being
remained in the chronicles of Myanmar Regions, Chin, Rakhine and Kayah states and about January
regions so tourism al fest will bring in much diately realized that the main with U Tin Aye of the Shan State sent by the two Shan Chieftains. as a decisive day for our Union, which Seeding for the road map average temperatures in the remaining regions and states.
needed support for the de- necessity was in regaining inde- Youth League (SSYL) (later be- U Tin Aye and U Pe Khin sent a The seed planted at the The significant night temperatures were (4°C) in Haka, (5°C)
can develop. velopment, unity, and peace pendence of the nation and to be come the Member of State Coun- telegram from Yangon AFPFL
sets our hearts beating even today. Panglong put the spotlight on in Hsipaw and (7°C) each in Mongmit, Pinlaung, Heho, Loilin,
of our ethnic citizens. free from servitude of the whole cil) and U Tun Myint (Taunggyi), Headquarters to London and the unity demonstrated by lead- Nyaungshwe and Mogok.
Achieving long-lasting informed Bogyoke Aung San on Remembering the past Start of a road to success ers across nationalities, and that BAY INFERENCE: Weather is a few cloud over the Eastcentral
peace for our ethnic re- the decision of the mass meeting. While remembering the While on a heated debate has remained in the chronicles Bay and partly cloudy over the Andaman Sea and elsewhere
gions, which are richly endowed with natural beauty, is a top past scenario over the date of of negotiation between Bogy- of Myanmar as a decisive day for in the Bay of Bengal.
priority. There must first be peace in the regions so tourism Panglong Spirit 12 February 1947, the sweet oke Aung San and Mr. Attlee in our Union, which sets our hearts FORECAST VALID UNTIL AFTERNOON OF 29 January 2019:
can develop. Clement Richard Attlee, spring of the season enveloped London, the latter had created beating even today. Likelihood of light rain will be isolated in Upper Sagaing Region
Ethnic solidarity is truly important in Myanmar, which is British statesman from England in the vast Shan State especial- a predicament and dilemma in The heritage handed down and Kachin State. Degree of certainty is (60%). Weather will be
home to over a hundred different ethnic races. Only then can insisted the Frontier Areas were ly Laikha Township centering breaking away the flatlands and by the patriotic leaders must be partly cloudy in Mandalay, Magway, Bago, Yangon and Taninthayi
we establish a peaceful and developing Union and share the inhabited by ethnic minorities Panglong legendary town in the the hilly frontier regions of the maintained with the nationalistic regions, Shan, Chin and Rakhine states and generally fair in the
fruits of our labor equally. such as the Chin, the Shan, etc foggy morning with the flagrance country. fervor embedded with national remaining regions and states.
This is why we heartily welcome the Myanmar Ethnics and that the ethnic nationalities of cherry flowers and Rhododen- However, Bogyoke Aung San spirit along the vision to stay on
Culture Fest and believe the coming years will see similar must signed themselves on the dron petals permeated in the acquired the unity and harmony in weal and woe in unity and har- EARTHQUAKE NEWS
festivals conducted throughout the states and regions. consents regarding the demands. hearts of the entire nationalities between the Myanmar proper mony. A slight earthquake of magnitude (4.5) Richter Scale with its
We urge the authorities and everyone responsible to con- In other words, it meant that could be depicted from the mem- and the hill tracts showcasing The writer of this article epicenter inside Myanmar (about (40) miles southwest of Phu),
tinue holding such cultural fests, no matter what challenges that they have agreed along with orable writings of Sayar Thetkato the Panglong Conference. would like to conclude that it is latitude 18.10°N, longitude 95.98°E, depth (7) kilometers about
arise, as this is one of the ways to realize the goals of national the flatlands in acquiring the In- Nay Win. On 6 February 1947, the our inborn duty to love, honor and (65) miles southwest of Taungoo seismological observatory was
development and peace, and to uplift the 135 ethnic races dependence in the blueprint and The writings also highlight- Kachin Representatives and cherish the sweetest heritage of recorded at (10)hr (22)min (37)sec MST on 28 January 2019.
living together in Myanmar. pattern of a Union in a rock-hard ed that the February 13 was the the Shan Representatives come the Union.
and solid document. date on which Bogyoke Aung San together and arranged a public Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi addresses High Level …
FROM PAGE-7 jects, allocating budget among youth protection and monitor- fice and UNICEF Executive Secretary Dr. Tha Tun Kyaw,
sectors, and making investment ing. Cash support for nutrition of Director Ms. Hennetta H. Fore Basic Education Department
Fourthly implementing and project decisions and for expectant mothers and babies, for help and support in this sec- Director General U Ko Lay Win,
work processes and time frames monitoring. personal hygiene program in tor starting from the first High Department of Social Welfare
need to be systematic. Sector That is why in the High schools, and birth registration of Level Forum on “New Vision, Director General Dr. San San
wise and region wise projects Level Forum on “Realizing My- children were progressing and New Results for Children in My- Aye, Anti-Human Trafficking
are drawn not only to meet the anmar’s Development Vision are urged to expand and cover anmar” in 2016. Support of other Police Force Police Col. U Thet
requirements but must also be for Every Child” studies and the whole country. development partners are also Naug, Ministry of Planning and
implementable. It is very im- discussions on all angles and UNICEF is the joint chair expected and hoped for. Thanks Finance Director General U
portant for relevant ministries, sectors for the future of every in the matter of Country Task to all who are participating in Zaw Naing, Dr. Tin Tin Win of
relevant state/region govern- child in Myanmar should be Force on Monitoring and Re- the discussion program and Myanmar Women Affairs Work
ment to think and conduct works conducted to reduce childhood porting (CTFMR) to prevent thanks to Ministry of Planning Committee, U Kyaw Kyaw Min
for inclusion in annual projects death, registration of child at military recruitment of under and Finance for leading and or- Htut of Myanmar Youth Entre-
and to ensure that there are birth, to have a healthy, warm age children jointly conducted ganizing the forum. Discussions preneur Association, Daw Hla
connections and linkages. in today’s High Level Forum are Hla Myo of Myanmar Women
Fifthly the role of monitor- expected to bring forth effective Entrepreneur Association,
ing, reviewing and assessing is
very important in implement-
All from the government and programs and projects for My- GAVI Vaccine Alliance CEO
anmar children that are in line Dr. Seth Berkley and United
ing projects. Implementing a private sectors are to participate with MSDP strategic programs. Nations Resident and Human-
project is not an end as there Thank you all. itarian Coordinator Mr. Knut
is a requirement to review how and coordinate so as to resolve The ceremony was attended Ostby conducted talks and dis-
beneficial it is and how much
the return on investment has the weaknesses and by Union Ministers, Chairman
of Nay Pyi Taw Council Deputy
cussions under various child
related topics.
been. That is why a project is
drawn up from the start based
consolidate the strengths of Ministers, chairmen of Hluttaw
committees related to women
The Forum came to a close
after UNICEF Representative
on correct facts and data and
only then will the project benefit
each sector. and children, state/region minis-
ters for social affairs, represent-
Ms. June Kunugi and Deputy
Minister for Planning and Fi-
the people. In the same way, atives of children affairs from nance U Set Aung delivered a
project units are to be formed the international community and closing speeches.
to monitor and measure the and safe life, equal opportunity by the Myanmar Ministry of De- representatives from develop- The forum was held with
progress while the project is in education, increasing time fence and the United Nations. ment partner organisations. the aims of revealing the main
implemented and data and in- in school, preventing human Much thanks is owed to After the opening ceremony development results achieved
formation need to be prepared. trafficking and recruitment in UNICEF in preventing recruit- the State Counsellor and attend- for children in Myanmar start-
A National index framework will the military of children, and for ment of under age children ees took commemorative group ing from 2016; assess, review
be established to measure each the children to have a safe and into the military, assisting to photo. and discuss whether it is in ac-
sector in implementing MSDP. secure future. All from the gov- discharge those who were re- Next, “Realizing Myan- cord with strategies of Myan-
At the moment, the Ministry ernment and private sectors are cruited and reintegrating them mar’s Development Vision for mar Sustainable Development
of Planning and Finance, Cen- to participate and coordinate so into society. UNICEF is urged to Every Child” High Level Forum Plan (MSDP); identify and re-
tral Statistical Organization is as to resolve the weaknesses continue the constructive coop- was held and Union Minister for veal areas where development
discussing and coordinating and consolidate the strengths eration in this while reiterating Planning and Finance U Soe of every child in Myanmar can
with more than a hundred de- of each sector. Myanmar’s strong commitment Win and UNICEF Executive be conducted in an increasing
partments and organizations UNICEF country pro - towards handling and resolving Director Ms. Henrietta H. Fore momentum and the implemen-
and there will be more than 300 gramme is seen to be working in this matter politically. delivered messages of greeting. tation of MSDP and sector wise
indexes. The National index the sectors of health, nutrition, In conclusion, I would like At the forum Professor related programs is in accord
framework will provide infor- water, hygiene and personal to thank responsible officials Dr. Aung Tun Thet, Ministry of with Sustainable Development
mation and data to draw up pro- hygiene, education, child and from the UNICEF Country Of- Health and Sports Permanent Goals (SDGs). — MNA

State Counsellor
receives UNICEF
Executive Director
STATE COUNSELLOR and Union Minister for Foreign Affairs
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi received UNICEF Executive Director Ms.
Henrietta H. Fore at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nay Pyi Taw
at 11:00 am yesterday.
During the meeting, the State Counsellor and the UNICEF
Executive Director exchanged views on the cooperation between
Myanmar and UNICEF in the fields of education, health, and nu-
trition for the children in Myanmar.
Also present at the meeting were U Kyaw Tin, Union Minister
for International Cooperation, officials from the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, and Ms. June Kunugi, UNICEF Representative to Myanmar State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi holds talks with UNICEF Executive Director Ms. Henrietta H. Fore in
and officials from UNICEF.—MNA Nay Pyi Taw on 28 January 2019.  PHOTO: MNA
29 JANUARY 2019

VP U Henry Van Thio calls for greater ASEAN

cooperation to ensure rights of PLWDs

Vice President U Henry Van Thio and UEC Chairman U Hla Thein pose for a documentary photo with attendees at the opening ceremony of the 4th Regional Disability Rights Dialogue in
Yangon on 28 January.  PHOTO: MNA

ICE President U Henry countries, about 1.2 million are Since the beginning of the ternational Day of Persons with is ‘the right for participation
Van Thio yesterday urged from Myanmar. 21st century, the world, taking Disability is “Empowering per- in politic”. Hence, the General
ASEAN countries to step Myanmar ratified the Unit- new approaches and new views, sons with disabilities and ensur- Election Network for Disability
up cooperation as they work to ed Nations Convention on the has been working to better un- ing inclusiveness and equality” Access-AGENDA drafted the
ensure people living with disabil- Rights of Persons with Disabili- derstand rights of the persons laid down the UN is aimed at ASEAN Enabling Masterplan
ities (PLWDs) in the region enjoy ties-UNCRPD on 7th December with disabilities, making com- promoting the capacity of the 2025 and released it on 3 Decem-
their full rights, and highlighted 2011 and enacted the Rights of mitment to full participation disabled people for the inclusive ber 2018 and it becomes the re-
the existing challenges on this Persons with Disabilities Law and equality for persons with and equitable development of all gional policy.
front. in 2015 and the rules of the law disabilities. disabled people envisioned in the In his concluding remarks,
“Our ASEAN countries in 2017 and laid down the strat- The rights for persons liv- sustainable development goal of Vice President U Henry Van
need to effectively work for pro- Thio urged the participants of
viding full rights to PLWDs in the forum to discuss focusing
ASEAN region, and we need to
cooperate each other when we
People living with disabilities are facing difficulties on participation of the persons
with disabilities in ASEAN region
work for that,” said U Henry Van
Thio, in his capacity as the Chair-
and obstacles in their daily life not because of the based on the ASEAN Enabling
Masterplan 2025. Afterwards,
man of the National Committee disability itself, but because of their surroundings, UEC Chairman U Hla Thein
on the Rights of Persons with delivered a key- note address
Disabilities (NCRPD) at the 4th physical and mental attitudes, and other barriers. saying that the forum is a bridge
Regional Disability Rights Dia- to tackle obstacles and to make
logue in Yangon yesterday. Vice President U Henry Van Thio cooperation between the persons
The 10-member ASEAN has with disabilities and the election
ratified the United Nations Con- processes. He continued to say
vention on the Rights of Persons egy for development strategy ing with disabilities have come the 2030 scheme. that the two-day forum would
with Disabilites-UNCRPD. for persons with disabilities in under the spotlight by the UN The Global Disability Sum- produce good results for helping
The opening ceremony of accordance with the UNCRPD. agencies and international or- mit made seven pledges: to re- the persons with disabilities to
the dialogue was attended by In his opening address, ganizations as they experienced view policies, inclusive educa- get more opportunities for par-
Chairman of the Union Election the Vice President said that ac- chronic loneliness due to poor tion, to promote capacity of the ticipation in elections and for
Commission Chairman U Hla cording to the estimation of the level of public understanding, disabled for doing businesses, promoting their rights.
Thein, Chairman of the Myan- World Health Organization, 15 negligence, prejudice and fear. to create suitable environment Myanmar considered the
mar Human Rights Commis- per cent of the world’s population To effectively implement the for the disabled at work sites, rights of the disabled is playing
sion U Win Mya, Deputy Min- are persons with disabilities, and law, rule and strategy, a national to bring the opportunities for an important role in develop-
ister for Social Welfare, Relief of them, about 60 per cent are level committee, work commit- getting access to information ment of Myanmar, said U Hla
and Resettlement U Soe Aung, women. tees, states/regions and Nay Pyi technology to the disabled, to Thein.
Yangon Mayor U Maung Maung “People living with disabil- Taw Council committees and carry out survey, to lay down and Afterwards, U Nay Lin Soe,
Soe, Hluttaw representatives, ities are facing difficulties and sub-committees were formed. implement national-level polices Executive Director of the My-
ambassadors, departmental obstacles in their daily life not be- The national level commit- on development of the disabled anmar Independent Living Ini-
officials, representatives of the cause of the disability itself, but tee laid down the policies and has and to work for protection and tiative (MILI), and Mr Jeremy,
non-governmental organizations because of their surroundings, been implementing the tasks to aid the disabled in the time of dis- Charged d Affair Affaires of the
and Civil Society Organizations. physical and mental attitudes, bring about the rights and devel- asters and their rehabilitation. Embassy of Australia, delivered
Out of 90 million of PLWDs and other barriers,” said the Vice opment of PLWDs. One of the barriers faced key not speeches before the fo-
in the South East Asian regional President. The theme of the 2018 In- by the persons with disabilities rum.—MNA

Senior General receives Special Envoy of Viet Nam Prime Minister

Hlaing, Commander-in-Chief of This was followed by Tat-
Defence Services received Spe- madaw Commander-in-Chief
cial Envoy of Prime Minister of Senior General Min Aung Hlaing
Socialist Republic of Viet Nam presenting the Tatmadaw Com-
Deputy Minister for Foreign Af- mander-in-Chief shield and cash
fairs Mr. Nguyen Quoc Dung at prize to Commander-in-Chief
Bayintnaung guest house in Nay (Navy) team that comes out
Pyi Taw yesterday morning. overall first with 252 prizes con-
At the meeting a require- sisting of 119 gold, 72 silver and
ment to increase cooperation on 61 bronze medals in the sports
security matter in addition to co- competition of Tatmadaw (Army,
operation in military training and Navy and Air).
military technology, Tatmadaw The 2018-2019 Tatmadaw
working toward internal peace (Army, Navy and Air) sports
and achieving stability and peace competition includes, football,
Maungtaw region in Rakhine boxing, Sepak Takraw, track and
State and support of Viet Nam field, para sports event, Chin-
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing meets with Special Envoy Vietnamese Prime Minister Mr. Nguyen Quoc
on the announcement made by Dung in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: THE OFFICE OF THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF lone, Volleyball, Judo, Swim-
the Tatmadaw on 21 December ming, Weightlifting, Body Build-
were discussed. Air) football competition held at mander-in-Chief (Army) Head Commander-in-Chief and Com- ing, Wushu, Karatedo, Myanmar
Later in the afternoon Sen- Zeyya Thiri Tatmadaw sports Office team where Command- mander-in-Chief (Army) Vice Thaing and Taekwondo accord-
ior General Min Aung Hlaing ground in Nay Pyi Taw and pre- er-in-Chief (Army) head of office Senior General Soe Win pre- ing to news released by the Of-
attended the final of the Tat- sented prizes. team wins three goal to nil. sented the first prize cup and fice of the Commander-in-Chief
madaw Commander-in-Chief The final was between Cen- At the prize presentation cash awards to the Command- of Defence Services. — MNA
Cup Tatmadaw (Army, Navy and tral Command team and Com- ceremony, Deputy Tatmadaw er-in-Chief (Army) head of office (Translated by Zaw Min)

Union Minister U Thein Swe receives Union Minister Dr. Win Myat
UNSG’s Special Envoy, party Aye receives Malaysian
Ambassador to Myanmar
UNION MINISTER for Labour, agreement sent by Bangladesh distribution of pamphlets in IDP
Immigration and Population and reply from Myanmar side, camps, Myanmar-Bangladesh UNION MINISTER for So- discussed matters relating to
U Thein Swe received United readiness for receiving return- bilateral cooperation on receiv- cial Welfare, Relief and Re- travelling, social and econom-
Nations Secretary General’s ees who were already assessed ing returnees and the delay in settlement Dr. Win Myat Aye ic sectors in cooperation with
(UNSG) Special Envoy on My- and the process of receiving repatriation work despite having received a delegation led by INGO in Malaysia, business co-
anmar Mrs. Christine Burgener them, arrangements made for people who want to return, sign- Malaysian Ambassador to My- operation, making investment
and party at the ministry’s guest returnees who were issued with ing of MoU between the ministry, anmar, Mr. Zahairi Baharim, at in Myanmar in terms of Ma-
hall in Nay Pyi Taw. national verification card (NV UNDP and UNHCR to succeed the Maykhalar Hall of the Min- laysian Companies and coop-
At the meeting opening of Card) to apply for assessment of in the work, status of conducting ister’s office in Nay Pyi Taw eration in Rakhine Investment
reception centres in Taung Pyo citizenship and to hold an appro- three step field visit according to yesterday. Fair.—MNA
Letwe and Nga Khu Ya to receive priate card, the present status of the MoU, assessment of accord- During the meeting, they (Translated by Win Ko Ko Aung)
persons from Rakhine State who issuing NV cards, NV Card being ing to 1982 Myanmar Citizenship
were displaced to Bangladesh the first step toward scrutizing Law, status of humanitarian as-
due to terrorism, arrangements citizenship and follow up steps sistance and support of UN and
made for board and lodging for toward citizenship, explanations international organisations on
the returnees, construction of made to the locals on about NV a dignified return of returnees
houses near the villages where Card and its benefit, May Yu FM were discussed frankly and
the displaced persons lived be- Radio broadcast in Maungtaw views exchanged. — MNA
fore, forms for receiving return- and Buthidaung area in Bama, (Translated by Zaw Min)
ees as agreed in the bilateral Rakhine and Bengali languages,

Union Minister Dr. Win Myat Aye holds talks with Malaysian
Ambassador Mr. Zahairi Baharim in Nay Pyi Taw.  PHOTO: MNA

Thin Thin May,
Union Minister U Thein Swe meets with United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Myanmar 09974424848
Mrs. Christine Burgener in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
29 JANUARY 2019

Second Pyithu Hluttaw holds 5th-day meeting of 11th regular session

FROM PAGE-2 She explained that sential for implementing phones to support their ed- onded the motion. The Hluttaw, was submitted
while the number of mo- goals 4 (quality education) ucation and employment Hluttaw approved of dis- by committee member
Motion to establish dig- bile phone users continue and 8 (decent work and opportunities and are in- cussing the motion and Dr. Wai Phyo Aung, who
ital literacy framework to rise in Myanmar, the economic growth) of the stead stuck on using so- Speaker U T Khun Myat proceeded to read the bill.
Daw Zin Mar Aung vast majority of users do Sustainable Development cial networks. She said the called for MPs interested The Speaker approved the
from Yankin constituen- not have the knowledge or Program. She said 75 per Union government needs in discussing the report to bill after gathering the de-
cy tabled a motion urging skills to use their phones cent of mobile users pos- to establish a digital liter- register their names. liberation of the Hluttaw.
the Union government to safely or effectively. She sess smartphones but do acy framework to ensure Amended Intellectual The 6th-day meeting of
establish a national strat- said Myanmar has just not have the knowledge to Myanmar’s citizens can Property Bill approved the 11th regular session of
egy and a digital literacy signed the ASEAN Work effectively use it to its full reap the full benefits of Next up, The Intellec- the Second Pyithu Hluttaw
framework to swiftly raise Programme on Electronic potential. She said most the Digital Age. tual Property Rights Bill, will be held tomorrow.
digital literacy in the coun- Commerce 2017-2025. She people in Myanmar do not U Sai Oo Kham of send back with amend- (Translated by
try. said digital literacy is es- know how to use smart- Hsenwi constituency sec- ments from the Amyotha Zaw Htet Oo)

Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Bill Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker receives

Chairman of Thai-Myanmar
Committee holds meeting
Parliamentary Friendship Association
THE Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Public Accounts taw Local and Overseas
Joint Bill Committee held Committee Chairman U Employment committee, A M YO T H A H LU T-
a meeting over the second Tun Aung @ U Tun Tun Pyidaungsu Hluttaw’s TAW Speaker Mahn
bill amending Settlement Hein, deputy chairmen, Legal Affairs and Spe- Win Khaing Than re-
of Labour Dispute Law secretary, joint secretary cial Cases Assessment ceived Chairman of
that the two Hluttaws and committee members Commission members, Thai-Myanmar Parlia-
were in disagreement at from Joint Bill Committee, officials from Ministry mentary Friendship
the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Hluttaw representatives of Labour, Immigration Association General
Building, yesterday after- who had tabled amend- and Population, Union Ongard Pongsakdi and
noon. ment motions, chairmen, Attorney General Office party, yesterday, at the
The meeting was secretary and members and Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Amyotha Hluttaw in
attended by Pyidaungsu of Pyithu Hluttaw Farmer Office.—MNA Nay Pyi Taw.
Hluttaw Deputy Speaker, and Worker Affairs Com- During the meet-
Joint Bill Committee and mittee and Amyotha Hlut- (Translated by Zaw Min) ing, they cordially dis-
cussed matters relat-
ing to Thai-Myanmar
friendship, promotion
of friendship between
the two Hluttaws’ rep- Amyotha Hluttaw Speaker Mahn Win Khaing Than shakes
resentatives, organi- hands with Chairman of Thai-Myanmar Parliamentary
zational set-up of two Friendship Association General Ongard Pongsakdi. 
Hluttaws between the PHOTO: MNA
two countries and the legislative process. —MNA (Trs: Win Ko Ko Aung)


1. Open tenders are invited for supply of the following respective items in Myanmar
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Deputy Speaker U Tun Tun Hein attending the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Kyats and United States Dollars.
Joint Bill Committee meeting in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA Sr No. Tender No. Description Remarks
(a) DMP/L-172(18-19) Spares for 3rd Stages SAFE Compressor (HP) Ks
(9) Items
Union Supreme CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE (b) DMP/L-173(18-19) Spares for 3rd Stages Intermech Compressor Ks
(6) Items
Court sits to pass M.V VIL BALTIC
(c) DMP/L-174(18-19) 2”, 3”, 4” & 6” Pipe Fittings and Accessories Ks
judgment and Consignees of cargo carried on M.V VIL BALTIC V. (11) Items
18162 are hereby notified that the vessel will be arriving on (d) DMP/L-175(18-19) Accessories for Gas Control & Metering System Ks
hear cases 29-01-2019 and cargo will be discharged into the premises (13) Items
of M.I.T.T 5 where it will lie at the consignee’s risk and (e) DMP/L-176(18-19) Geological Survey Instrument & Field Equipment, Ks
UNION Supreme Court expenses and subject to the byelaws and conditions of the Mud Testing Equipment and Mud Logging Unit
yesterday sits at Union (14) Items
Port of Yangon.
Supreme Court room num- (f) IFB-042(18-19) Mud Logging Unit (3) Items US$
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
ber 1 yesterday morning 2. The Open Tender forms including Description of Materials / Qtty with details
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now
with Chief Justice of the specifications and Tender Terms & Conditions can be available free download at the Ministry
declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo of Electricty and Energy Website Portal ( as from 29 January 2019.
Union Supreme Court from the Vessel. Tender forms will not be sold.
U Htun Htun Oo and all No claims against this vessel will be admitted after 3. The interested Bidders should submit the Technical Specifications with Original Bid
Union Supreme Court the Claims Day. Bond and Commercial Quotation in each separate sealed envelopes on which to be addressed
judges to hear five special SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT to the Managing Director, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise and should reach in Tender Box of
civil appeal cases and pass the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise not later than 14:00 pm on 25 February 2019.
judgments on three special 4. Tender Closing Date & Time – 25-2-2019, 14:00 pm
AGENT FOR: M/S GLOBAL MARS SHIPPING Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
criminal and two special
Phone No: 2301928 Ph No. + 95 67 – 411206
civil appeal cases. —MNA

w w w.glob al n ewl i g hto f myan mar.c o m

Pyithu Hluttaw Deputy
Speaker U Tun Tun Hein
Aye Min Soe receives Ambassador of the
Kyaw Myaing
State of Israel to Myanmar
SENIOR TRANSLATORS PYITHU Hluttaw Deputy discussed matters relating to
Zaw Min Speaker U Tun Tun Hein re- promotion of the bilateral rela-
Zaw Htet Oo
Win Ko Ko Aung
ceived Mr. Ronen Gilor, Am- tions and cooperation, render-
bassador of the State of Israel ing assistance in agricultural,
INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR to Myanmar, yesterday after- educational and technological
Ye Htut Tin,
noon, at the Pyithu Hluttaw’s sectors, utilization of water
Deputy Speaker’s office in Nay resources and energy sectors.
Pyithu Hluttaw Deputy Speaker U Tun Tun Hein shakes hands with
LOCAL NEWS EDITORS Pyi Taw. —MNA Ambassador of Israel to Myanmar, Mr. Ronen Gilor, at his office in
Tun Tun Naing (Editor), During the meeting, they (Translated by Win Ko Ko Aung) Nay Pyi Taw.  PHOTO: MNA
Nwe Nwe Tun (Sub-editor),

Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint meets with
representatives of Myanmar Music Asiayone
Khaing Thanda Lwin,
Hay Mar Tin Win,
Ei Myat Mon
Kyaw Zin Lin
Kyaw Zin Tun
UNION Minister for Infor- At the meeting, matters
REPORTER mation Dr. Pe Myint met relating to increasing informa-
Nyein Nyein Ei, with personnel from Myan- tion on tax duties, training and
mar Music Asiayone (Central) practicing state and region gov-
PHOTOGRAPHER and Myanmar Music Asiayone ernment members on releasing
Kyaw Zeya Win @ Phoe Khwar Election Commission at the information, establishing a Free
meeting hall of the Myanma Education Channel, establishing
Tun Zaw, Thein Ngwe,
Radio and Television on Pyay a Digital library and increasing
Zaw Zaw Aung, Ye Naing Soe, Road, Yangon yesterday af- cooperation with local and inter-
Hnin Pwint, Kay Khaing Win, ternoon. national people who want to help
Sanda Hnin, Thein Htwe
At the meeting, forma- in Myanmar’s transition were
tion of a group consisting of Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint addresses the meeting with Myanmar discussed.
Music Asiayone and its Election Commission in Yangon.  PHOTO: MNA
(+95) (01)8604529, Myanmar Music Asiayone The meeting was at-
Fax — (+95) (01) 8604305 (Central), Myanmar Music re-confirming members of the Election Commission Chairman tended by Myanmar Affairs
Asiayone Election Commis- Asiayone according to the char- U Kyi Min Thein and members. Research Group experts U Aye
San Lwin, (+95) (01) 8604532, sion and outside experts to ter and to elect a new Myanmar Earlier in the day, the Un- Maung Kyaw, U Ye Myint Kyaw,
Hotline - 09 974424114 draw up a charter of Music Music Asiayone was discussed. ion Minister met with Myanmar U Zeya and 10 members of My-
Asiayone, presenting the the Present at the meeting were Affairs Research members and anmar in Singapore interested in
( +95) (01) 8604530, charter to the members to Myanmar Music Asiayone Chair- experts and Myanmar in Sin- Myanmar affairs group. —MNA
Hotline - 09 974424848 seek their suggestions and man U Tin Oo Lay and members gapore interested in Myanmar approval, re-assessing and and Myanmar Music Asiayone affairs group. (Translated by Zaw Min)

Printed and published at the Global New

Light of Myanmar Printing Factory at
No.150, Nga Htat Kyee Pagoda Road, Bahan
Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 holds plenary meeting
Township, Yangon, by the Global New Light
of Myanmar Daily under Printing Permit No.
00510 and Publishing Permit No. 00629. THE plenary meeting of In- ters, state and regional cabinet
vest Myanmar Summit 2019 members, local and foreign
began at 10 am yesterday at investors, businesspeople and the Myanmar International entrepreneurs, and economists
Convention Center II in Nay attending the summit.
Pyi Taw. Afterwards, U Thaung Tun,
U Zaw Min Win, Chair- the Union Minister for Invest-
man of the Republic of the Un- ment and Foreign Economic
ion of Myanmar Federation of Relations, and UMFCCI Chair-
Chambers of Commerce and man U Zaw Min Win delivered
Industry (UMFCCI) delivered separate honorary remarks.
the opening speech. As the night came to a close,
Next, the chief ministers U Kyaw Tint Swe, the Union Min-
and cabinet members of Man- ister for the Office of the State
dalay, Yangon, Sagaing, Tanin- Counsellor, and U Thaung Tun
UMFCCI Chairman U Zaw Min Win delivers the opening speech at Invest
Write for us thayi, and Ayeyawady regions,
and Kayin, Chin, Shan, Rakh-
Myanmar Summit 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw.  PHOTO: MNA
conferred honorary certificates
to the summit’s gold sponsor,
We appreciate your feedback and ine, and Mon states separately with local and foreign investors of the discussions held during KBZ Group, and silver sponsors
contributions. If you have any comments
or would like to submit editorials, presented their state or re- observing the booths on edu- the summit and answered to Eden Group of Companies, AYA
analyses or reports please email gion’s distinguishing features, cation, tourism, manufacturing, questions from the attendees. Bank (Max Group), Asia World
with your name and title. opportunities for investment food products, textile, health- Later at night, a dinner Group of Companies, and Shwe
Due to limitation of space we are only and business, and advantages care, infrastructure, electricity banquet was held in the Jade Taung Group. U Zaw Min Win
able to publish “Letter to the Editor”
that do not exceed 500 words. Should for attracting local and foreign and energy sectors for invest- Hall of Myanmar International also conferred an honorary cer-
you submit a text longer than 500 words investors. ment opportunities. Convention Center I for the Un- tificate to the bronze sponsor,
please be aware that your letter will be
edited. Following this, the exhibi- In the evening, the UMFCCI ion ministers, state and regional Knowledge Partner. —MNA
tion hall of MICC-II was filled Chairman explained the results chief ministers, deputy minis- (Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)
29 JANUARY 2019

Union Minister for Defence separately receives Envoys UNICEF, UNSG

UNION MINISTER for Defence fice, Ministry of Defence, Nay mission for UNICEF’s groups Envoy of the United Nations cordially discussed matters
Lt-Gen Sein Win received Ms. Pyi Taw. to provide assistance and pre- Secretary-General on Myan- concerning Rakhine State af-
Henrietta H. Fore, the Ex- During the meeting, they vention the use of children as mar, at 10 a.m. yesterday, at the fairs, repatriation process and
ecutive Director of the Unit- cordially discussed matters re- soldiers. guest hall of Union Minister’s preventing the use of child sol-
ed Nations Children’s Fund lating to protection of children Union Minister for Defence Office, Ministry of Defence, Nay diers. —MNA
(UNICEFF), at 9 a.m. yester- from grave offences during the Lt-Gen Sein Win received Mrs. Pyi Taw. (Translated by
day, at the Union Minister’s Of- armed conflicts, granting per- Christine Burgener, Special During the meeting, they Win Ko Ko Aung)

Public support remains strong in 4th day of Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest
WITH the Myanmar Ethnic the uniqueness of Myanmar’s
Entrepreneurs Association 135 ethnic races together as
(MEEA) heading organizing they display their traditions,
responsibilities, the 4th day of culture, clothing, food, litera-
Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest ture, instruments, traditional
continued with large crowds working equipment, tradition-
supporting the event. The al medicine, inherent history,
culture fest’s media team an- respective historical partici-
nounced that the final stage of pation in the nation’s push
Miss Ethnic Myanmar will be for independence, books and
held tomorrow evening. manuscripts, businesses, and
Local support continued regional products.
strong with people flocking to Myanmar Ethnics Culture
booths on tourism, regional Fest is held at Kyaikkasan
organic added value products, Sports Ground in Tamway
state and regional tourism Township, Yangon Region, from
to ethnic areas, businesses, 11 am to 10 pm everyday until
tourism sites and landmarks, 30 January. —Thant Zin Win
regional souvenirs, and ethnic
cuisine. (Translated by Various ethnic nationals participate together in the Manaw dance at Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest in
The culture fest brings Zaw Htet Oo) Kyaikkasan Sports Ground in Yangon.  PHOTO: ZAW MIN LATT

A multitude of festivalgoers join in the Manaw dance at Myanmar Ethnics Culture Fest in Visitors take a look around the Kachin ethnic culture exhibit at Myanmar Ethnics Culture
Kyaikkasan Sports Ground in Yangon.  PHOTO: ZAW MIN LATT Fest in Kyaikkasan Sports Ground in Yangon.  PHOTO: ZAW MIN LATT

Farmers can now get organic certificates at township agricultural departments

FARMERS can now apply for step. We have formed inspections ucts that meet its criteria are plant organic crops. At present, for over four months. Local farm-
organic certification for their teams at the region and state chemical-free and safe for con- there are organic foodstuffs and ers and private organizations can
produce at township agriculture agriculture departments. They sumption. retail shops like City Mart that apply for organic certificates at
departments, according to the will make field inspections and is- “As we are using more sell organic vegetables and fruits. agriculture departments in the
Hlegu Township Vegetable and sue the certificates. Now, we are chemicals in our society today, So, consumers must trust those area.
Fruit Research and Develop- making arrangements to estab- the residues from chemical fer- shops and buy their products,” “Our organic crops have
ment Centre (VFRDC). lish six criteria that growers will tilizers are having a negative he said. already penetrated the Yangon
“The country already has have to meet to get organic certi- impact on the health of the hu- Currently, the department market. But we still don’t have
organic growers. We will issue fication,” said U Hla Myint Aung, mans. But the production cost is is laying down the process for the certification. So, we cannot
organic certificates to local farm- the Deputy Director-General of higher for organic crops. So it is organic certification. The de- sell them as organic products in
ers. So, local farmers can start the Agriculture Department. important that there is a strong partment will form a national the market,” said U Myint Oo,
applying for them. Our agricul- With the organic certifica- market that offers good prices committee, which will establish an organic farmer from Hlegu
ture departments will implement tion, the Agriculture Department for organic products. Then, lo- a certification body to issue the Township.—Myint Maung Soe
the processes involved, step by can guarantee agricultural prod- cal farmers will also be happy to certificates. The process will take (Translated by Hay Mar)
16 SPORT 29 JANUARY 2019

Solskjaer puts his United

winning streak to Burnley test
MANCHESTER (United King- 24 hours at least. more advanced, attack-minded
dom) — Ole Gunnar Solskjaer And if results involving Chel- role. The shackles which Mour-
aims to continue his impressive sea and Arsenal were to fall in inho applied have been removed
start as Manchester United favour of former United striker and Pogba, so often in public dis-
manager at home to Burnley on Solskjaer — whose side face a pute with the Portuguese, has
Tuesday, with the case for him to Burnley team looking to recover arguably benefitted more than
be appointed permanently seem- from a 5-0 FA Cup rout by Man- anyone from the change in lead-
ingly growing by the week. chester City — the Red Devils ership. Romelu Lukaku, who
Manchester United’s Norwegian caretaker manager Ole Gunnar
The FA Cup fourth-round vic- could even end the week eyeing looked tired and at a not particu- Solskjaer gestures on the touchline during the English FA Cup fourth
tory at Arsenal on Friday took a third place currently occupied larly high level of fitness in the round football match between Arsenal and Manchester United at the
the Norwegian caretaker man- by Pochettino’s Spurs. final games under Mourinho, also Emirates Stadium in London on 25 January, 2019.   PHOTO: AFP
ager’s record to eight successive looks a revived figure since Sol-
wins since taking over from Jose Shackles off Pogba skjaer returned to Old Trafford. jaer had selected the same forma- were so devastating on the coun-
Mourinho before Christmas — a It is all a far cry from the Against Arsenal, Solskjaer tion but different personnel, with ter-attack.
mark that surpasses even the dismal period under Mourinho, handed the Belgian striker a role Marcus Rashford and Anthony But after the game United’s
great Matt Busby at the start of with recent results saying much wide in the attacking trio, with Martial supporting Lingard from players spoke, as they have done
an Old Trafford managerial reign. about Solskjaer’s man-manage- Alexis Sanchez in the other wide wide positions. ever since Solskjaer’s arrival, of
While it appears Tottenham ment skills, as well as his tactics position and Jesse Lingard taking All of a sudden, a United their new leader’s insistence they
Hotspur’s Mauricio Pochetti- and philosophy. up a central role. attack that appeared plodding look to attack and move the ball
no remains United’s preferred In his two most impressive Lukaku, who had been effec- and one-dimensional under — and themselves — upfield as
choice as long-term appointment, wins to date — a league victory tive from a wide berth at Everton Mourinho looks like one of the quickly as possible.
the strides Solskjaer is making at Spurs and the 3-1 FA Cup de- and with Belgium, proved an in- most potentially exciting group “Since the first day he said
on and off the pitch make an in- feat of Arsenal — Solskjaer has spiration against the Gunners. of forwards in the country, if not we want to be a team that con-
creasingly compelling case for opted for a 4-3-3 formation but it Meanwhile Sanchez, a major across Europe. But Solskjaer’s trols the game but sometimes
the 45-year-old to win the job. has been his choice of person- under-achiever since signing for biggest contribution to the spec- that’s impossible,” explained
A fourth-placed finish, and nel that has looked particularly United 12 months ago, turned tacular upturn in fortunes has Herrera after the Arsenal win.
Champions League football enlightened. in one of his best performances simply been a matter of philoso- “Sometimes we have to
next season, were looking a dis- The use of Nemanja Matic for the club, scoring for just the phy and the attack-first mood he defend but when we defend we
tant dream in the latter days of and Ander Herrera in midfield second time this season and the has brought back to Old Trafford. know that anything can happen
Mourinho’s reign, but victory has allowed the third member fifth time in total since leaving The Arsenal victory may because we have so many quick,
over Burnley would lift United of that group, French World Cup Arsenal. have been a throwback to former attacking offensive players.”
level on points with Chelsea, for winner Paul Pogba, to take up a In the Spurs victory, Solsk- glories in the sense that United —AFP

Willian double as FA Cup holders Chelsea ‘Super difficult’ for

beat Wednesday on Higuain debut Neymar to be fit to face
LONDON (United Kingdom) — Man Utd, says PSG coach
Willian scored twice as FA Cup
holders Chelsea marked new PARIS (France) — Paris derwent an operation on a frac-
signing Gonzalo Higuain’s debut Saint-Germain coach Thomas ture in March last year.
by beating Sheffield Wednesday Tuchel has admitted Neymar Neymar missed the last
3-0 in the fourth round at Stam- is unlikely to be fit in time for three months of last season as
ford Bridge on Sunday. the first leg of their Champions a result, including the second
The Brazilian gave the Blues League last-16 tie against Man- leg of PSG’s Champions League
a 26th-minute lead from the chester United next month. last-16 defeat against Real Ma-
penalty spot but it was not until “It’s going to be super diffi- drid. He only returned just in
midway through the second half cult”, Tuchel told Canal+ when time for the World Cup.
that second-tier Wednesday con- asked if Neymar would return “I can’t confirm a new diag-
ceded again when Callum Hud- from a metatarsal injury in time nosis. I think the club has said
son-Odoi, linked with a transfer for the game at Old Trafford on everything about this injury for
window move to Bayern Munich, 12 February. the moment and now we need to
made it 2-0. Willian completed “It is still too early to talk wait,” Tuchel added.
the scoring seven minutes from about a return date because PSG have only said that
time as Chelsea won their sec- we need to wait and see how Neymar had suffered “a painful
ond knockout match in a matter ‘Ney’ reacts to treatment to be reactivation of the right fifth met-
of days after a midweek penalty more precise,” he said after PSG atarsal” in Wednesday’s French
shoot-out victory over Tottenham beat Rennes 4-1 at the Parc des Cup win against Strasbourg.
Hotspur in the semi-finals of the Princes. Brazil team doctor Rodrigo
League Cup. Sunday also saw Tuchel’s admission came Lasmar is expected to visit the
Gonzalo Higuain make his Chel- after newspaper Le Parisien world’s most expensive player
sea debut after the Argentinian claimed on Sunday evening that on Monday.
Chelsea’s Brazilian midfielder Willian plays the ball during the
striker signed on loan until the English FA Cup fourth round football match between Chelsea and Neymar had suffered “a hairline The second leg of the Man-
end of the season from Juventus Sheffield Wednesday at Stamford Bridge in London on 27 January, fracture of the fifth metatarsal”, chester United tie is scheduled
on Wednesday.—AFP 2019.   PHOTO; AFP  exactly where the Brazilian un- for 6 March.—AFP