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DOFSR/R/2019/50143 Right to Information Application 29/01/2019

Nodal agency:- Department of Financial Services {DFS} , Ministry of Finance, New Delhi.

Public Authority:- The public sector insurance companies/Banks

Re: application for access to information (Right to Information Act , 2005)

The applicant ,an author of Freedom of information since 2006-07 seeks the following
information to prevent weakening of accountability:-

Information of the For Promotion of doubtful

P-1 circulars/guidelines including integrity officials from
. full reference number ,date retrospective effect
and name, designation, office
of the issuing authority
P-2 Information of the PSU For writ petition /appeal if a
bank/insurance court of law gives benefit of
circulars/guidelines doubt to a public servant of
doubtful integrity
Information of the PSU For doubtful integrity officials
P-3 bank/insurance not to be placed in prominent
circulars/guidelines position/ given non-executive
work, away from the public
P-4. exclusive to the New India Assurance Company Limited:- information of the name -designation,salary roll
number of all officials involved in promotion of an employee of criminal record salary roll no. 26019 including the
order of promotion issued on behalf of the public authority.

P-5. Information of the specific period the employee mentioned in above P-4 was of doubtful integrity

Cell No. 91-9414982395 @revribhav

Shrigopal Soni (RTI applicant) C231,Panchsheel Nagar,Ajmer-305004


Relevant history to the present RTI application

A mainstream alleged bribe taker not placed under suspension in the New India
Assurance Co. Ltd (NIACL) is promoted in the last week of December 2018

Despite facing
serious charges of At Jaipur A Public Sector insurance company’s the
corruption, since regional then chairperson, namely A. R. Sekar is
office of seen in the company of one facing serious
2003 ,he is privileged NIACL charges of corruption, salary roll no. 26019
employee of NIACL

Annexure to RTI Double standards in public life

Date Public Authority who seeks information Act
13.10.2009 One S. S. Hira, salary No. 15287 of NIACL (a
public authority) in his official capacity of chief
regional manager of NIACL, sought information
from central board of direct taxes on regarding
income IT/TDS challan, trading account, Audit
report etc in respect of 4 persons
3 January 2011 Aforesaid Mr. Hira who filed second appeal Extremely
against the Central Govt. was heard by the positive
Central Information Commission (Appeal
No.CIC/LS/A/2010/001130DS) is rewarded with
promotion as dy. general manager, NIACL

The same public authority in the act of denial of

25th June 2009 information
NIACL’s serniormost General Manager A. R. Sekar,{ Extremely
actually seen in the company of an alleged bribe negative
taker, at Jaipur on 20/07/2012 } issues order writing suppression
the following:- Appeal No. 029/2009 Dated 25th of citizen’s
right to
June 2009 regarding RTI application dt.16.03.2009
“On perusal of the Appeals (numbering 74 as on
date) filed by the Appellant to the undersigned,
against his 109 no. of applications under RTI
submitted by him to his Employer / Committee of
Parliament on Official Language / Ministry of
Finance , Central V igilance Commission etc., it is
noted that the appellant is not interested in any
genuine information but is merely making an
attempt to subvert the mechanism of the Act for
no public gain”.

12.06.2008 CIC/AT/A/2008/0097 respondents:- The New The

India Assurance Company Limited Appellant:-Shri suspension
Gopal Soni order does
“This matter was heard on 5.06.2008… respondents not mention
were represented by Dr. Shriram Munda Manager any charge
and Shri Inderjeet Singh Manager. of
At the outset the respondents pointed out that the misconduct
appellant had filed over 26 applications…appellant is
an employee of the New India Assurance company
limited (respondents) at Jaipur and was placed under
suspension for insubordination and misconduct….
He has directed a spate of RTI applications—all
directed at harassing and discomforting the public
authority. ”
2006-07 Applicant’s article on access to information {called
freedom of information} is published by Jaipur
regional office of NIACL