SAP Security Reports

SAP Security Report Name RSUSR_SYSINFO_ROLE (YOU NEED TO LOG ON TO THE CENTRAL SYSTEM FOR THIS) RSUSR_SYSINFO_PROFILE (YOU NEED TO LOG ON TO THE CENTRAL SYSTEM FOR THIS) RSUSRSUIM Description Report cross-systm information/role STANDARD SELECTION, User name, Receiving system, SELECT ROLE Role Report cross-systm information/profile STANDARD CRITERIA User Name, Receiving system, Profile Same as SUIM User Information System Download user data for CA manager from Secude Set External Security Name for all Users List of Users According to Logon Date and Password Change Change Documents for Authorizations Currently Active Users Tcodes SU04 and AL08 NAME, Field Name, SELECTION BY AUTHORIZATIONS Authorizatrion Object, Authorization, SELECTION BY VALUES, Authorization Object 1, AND Authorization Select User According to Address, NAMES, Object 2, AND Authorization Object3, First Name, Last Name, User, COMMUNICATION PATHS, Company, City, Buildings, Room, Extension, OTHER DATA, Department, Cost Center Check the Passwords of Users SAP* and DDIC in All Clients (SAP* DDIC SAPCPIC ) Restrict User Values to the following Simple Profiles and Auth Objs SELECTION CRITERIA Single Profiles, Authorization Objs List of Users with Critical Authorizations (SAME AS RSUSR009 but difference is here you can't chose) List of Users According to Logon Date and Password Change












Profile. auth obj2. Profile test. SELECTION BY USER Assignments Change Documents for Users RSUSR008 RSUSR009 RSUSR010 RSUSR011 RSUSR012 RSUSR020 RSUSR030 RSUSR040 RSUSR050 RSUSR070 RSUSR100 . Single Profile. Authorization Object. profiles and users with specified object value (DISPLAY authorization objects. DISPLAY authorizations. SELECTION BY CONTAINED PROFILES Profile.USER B--------. with Role. STANDARD SELECTIONS. BY VALUES Authorization Objects by Complex Criteria. Generated Profiles. Composite Profile. Authorization. Across Systems Roles by Complex Selection Criteria STANDARD SELECTION Role. SELECTION BY VALUES. Authorization object. Obj class text. User. Auth Object. PROFILES< AUTHORIZATIONS. ADDITIONAL CRITERIA Object class. Compare Users. ADDITIONAL CRITERIA FOR PROFILES.RSUSR007 List Users Whose Address Data is Incomplete (here give the Required Address Data) Critical Combinations of Authorizations at Transaction Start (Can view either Critical Combinations or Users) List of User with Critical Authorizations SAME AS RSUSR005 but here you can (Check using either customer data of Check using SAP data) Transaction for User with Profile or Authorization (Transaction executable either by. DISPLAY profiles. Description. Authorization. ROLES. profile or obj SELECTION FOR User Search authorizations. DISPLAY users) Profiles by Complex Criteria SELECTION CRITERIA Profile. Auth obj. USER A -----. Field COMPARISIONS. SELECTION BY AUTHORIZATIONS. auth obj3. Authorization Lists of transactions after selection by User. SELECTION BY ROLE Authorizations by Complex Selection Criteria SELECTION CRITERIA.

RSUSR101 Change Document for Profiles .