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Sustainable Development: Challenges and Tensions

Ecological stress

 Indeed, sustainability has emerged as a central developmental concern in the face of

climate change which leads to degradation of our natural resources and the loss of
 The world’s population tripled in the 2nd half of the 21st century
So, the demand for food will rise, the demand for water and energy will rise. Food
consumption and production will definitely increase.
 This becomes the most pressing challenges facing the global community in the 21st

Greater wealth but rising vulnerability and growing inequalities

 Example in Latin America, despite strong economic growth, they’re struggling with
income inequality. Decline in the wage share has been attributed to the impact of
labour saving technological change and to the general weakening of their labour market
regulations and institution. Since their people rely mostly on labour income, many
individuals are affected.

Growing interconnectedness, but rising intolerance and violence

 Sometimes using these communication technologies for ideological and political
mobilization that promotes exclusivist worldviews often leads to violence. Violence
against women is widespread during political instability and armed conflict. Rape, forced
prostitution, sex trafficking are used by armed group as a tactic for warfare. These will
hinder their educational achievements and prevent social and economic development.

Human Rights: Progress and Challenges

 Gender has long been a key element in discrimination especially women. Through the
application and implementation of Convention on the Elimination of all forms of
Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), women’s rights have been strengthened over
the past few decades but less progress has been made in enhancing the voice and
participation of women in social, economic and political life. Women occupy less than
20 % of parliamentary seats worldwide and half of the women in the labour force are in
vulnerable employment, with no job security and no protection against economic