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THIS DEED OF LEASE is made and executed on this 17th Day of January, 2019


Mr. Har Sanjog Singh Anand son of Mr Kul Taran Singh Anand resident of B8, III Floor, Geetanjali
Enclave, Near Aurobindo College, New Delhi - 110017 (PAN Number - ), (hereinafter
referred to as the "LESSOR" which expression shall unless excluded by or repugnant to the subject or
context be deemed to include their respective heirs, executors, administrators, legal representative
and assigns) of the ONE PART.


M/s. ABC & Company Private Limited, having ist registred office at ( CIN
Number ------------------------- and PAN Number ) thorugh its Director Mr./Ms.
wife of of Mr. , resident of XXXX , YYYYYY, ZZZZZZ, Ahmedabad 1ooooo, Gujrat
(PAN Number - ) (hereinafter referred to as the "LESSEE” which expression shall unless
excluded by or repugnant to the subject or context be deemed to include its successor or successors
and/or assigns) of the OTHER PART.

The LESSOR and the LESSEE may hereinafter be indicidually referred to as a “Party and collectively as
the “Parties”

WHEREAS the LESSEE has taken on lease Third Floor of K317, Khasra 318, Near Gumbad Park, MB
Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi 110030 ( hereinafter reffered to as the “ Premises” ) on the terms and
conditions hereinafter mentioned. And the LESSOR is desirous of leasing out the said Premises.


That in consideration of the rent hereinafter reserved and the mutual covenants of the LESSOR and
the LESSEE herein stated, the LESSOR hereby grants to the LESSEE the lease of the `which is more
fully described in the Schedule hereunder on the terms and conditions hereinafter mentioned,


Thu lease of the Premises shall be for a fixed period of 11 months starting from 1st February 2019
("effective date) or such other date as may be mutually agreed.

The LESSEE shall pay a rent of Rs, 75,000/- (Rupees seventy thousand Only) per month plus service
tax, GST and other applicable taxes as well as deducting the TDS applicable, if any, on or before 5th
of each succeeding calendar month subject to deduction of Tax at source as may be applicable and
the LESSEE shall issue to the LESSOR certificate of tax deducted at source within three months from
the end of every financial year. The LESSEE agrees to pay rent for one month in advance at the time
of paying security deposit, which shall be adjusted at the time of termination of the Lease Deed.

The LESSEE shall on or before execution of this Deed give to the LESSOR a security deposit
equavelant to two months rent - Rs.154,000- (Rupees One lakh Fifty Four thousand only), which
shall be returned within 15 days by the LESSOR without interest to the LESSEE at the end of the lease
period or earlier termination thereof/ upon re-delivery of peaceful, complete and safe possession of
the Premises to the LESSOR,

The LESSOR shall be entitled to deduct from the said security deposit any unpaid lease rent, pending
bills of electricity, water, maintenance charges or any other charges or any other sums due and
payable by the LESSEE to the LESSOR pursuant to terms of this Lease Deed.


The lease agreement is for a fixed period of 11 months, however on the expiry of lease period, both
the parties may mutually agree to renew the lease for such further period and on such terms and
conditions as may be mutually agreed upon between them at that point of time. However a
tentative increase of rent will not be less than 10% on the last rent paid.


The LESSOR to bear and pay and discharge all existing and future property taxes, charges imposed or
payable in respect of the Premises to the appropriate authorities and comply with the laws, rules
and regulations of the Government and local authorities as required.

However the LESSEE shall be liable to all such taxes as imposed by the Government and local
authorities for the use of space/Premises (Indirect Taxes) . The LESSEE shall also be liable to all othe
taxes and penalties that may be imposed by any authority due to any wrong, illegal, or unauthorized
use of the Premises in contravention of the Lease Deed.

If the lessor fails to pay the taxes, charges, assessments payable by him, the Lessee may after one
month notice in writing, pay, discharge and carry out the same at its own cost and the Lessee may
set off the same from the rent payable to the Lessor under these presents.


The LESSEE shall be responsible for carrying out at its cost all minor repairs in the Premises as may
be necessary. The LESSEE shall keep the Premises in good condition and order during the period of
this lease and shall not suffer or cause any damage/loss thereto, and damages by fire etc. If any
damage/loss to the Premises is caused by LESSEE, the LESSEE should arrange for repairing or making
good the same at its sole cost or at the option of the LESSOR the LESSEE shall compensate the
LESSOR for any such damage/loss.

The LESSEE shall pay regularly electricity (Power and Light) according to the consumption of
eklectricity unites as per bill of BSES Limited - water (filtered and unfiltered), maintenance and
security bills directly and in time to the authorities concerned as per their bills pertaining to the
period of stay in the said Premises. The LESSEE shall be responsible to clear all the dues in respect of
maintenance, security, electricity and water charges at the time of vacating the premises.

The LESSEE shall carry on all minor day to day repairs such as replacement of fuses, leakage of tap,
replacement of bulbs, tube lights, its own cost and expneses.

The LESSEE shallsgall not carry out any additions or alterations in the Premises without prior written
permission of the LESSOR, but will be allowed to install air conditioners and other fixtures and

The LESSEE shall also pay all the maintenance charges (which is presently Rs 3,000/- per month) to
the Management of the Premises on the regular basis and provide a monthly receipt to the LESSOR


The LESSEE shall use the Premises for his personal use only. The LESSEE shall not use the Premises
for any illegal, objectionable or unauthorized purposes. The LESSEE shall comply with all the rules
and norms of the Management and rules and regulations of the local authorites whatsoever in
relation to the said Premises . The LESSEE shall hold the Premises peacefully and shall not cause any
disturbance / nuisance to the neghbours and occupant of other floors in any way.

That on the LESSEE paying the rent on the due dates thereof and in the manner herein provided and
observing and performing the convents, conditions and stipulations herein contained and on his part
to be observed and performed, shall peaceably and quietly hold, possess and enjoy the demised
premises during the term without any interruption, disturbance, claim and demand by the Lessor or
any person lawfully claiming under or trust for the Lessor


The LESSEE shall not effect any additions or alterations to the Premises or any part thereof in any
number whatsoever without the prior written consent of the LESSOR. The LESSEE shall be entitled
to erect fittings, fixtures, wooden partitions, cabins or make any such additions or alterations, as
may be necessary for its use by the Lessee; provided that the lessee shall remove the said fittings,
fixtures, wooden partitions, cabins, additions or alterations and restore the demised premises to the
Lessor on the expiry of the term of sooner determination of the lease in the same condition as
existed before making such changes


The LESSEE shall not grant any license/ sub lease of the Premises to anyone else or assign this Deed
or Sub-let, or otherwise part with the possession of the Premises to or In favor or anyone else


The LESSOR or their authorized agent/s only with LESSOR permission shall after reasonable notice to
the LESSEE be entitled to enter upon the Premises at any time, either to inspect the Premises for
satisfying that the Premises is being held in accordance with these presents or for carrying out any
works/repairs therein as may be required.


On expiry of the lease period or earlier termination thereof the LESSEE shall duly deliver back vacant
and safe possession of the Premises to the LESSOR in the same condition in which it is let out,
subject however to normal wear and tear. In the event of any delay in the handing over of the
possession of the Premises by the LESSEE at the expiry of the lease period or earlier termination of
this Lease Deed, the LESSEE shall be liable to pay a rent of Rs 5,000 10,000/-per day for any day or
part thereof till such time the possession is actually handed over to the LESSOR.

The LESSOR has got the Premises done to the satisfaction of the LESSEE. At the time of vacating the
Premises the LESSEE shall hand over the possession of the said Premises in a neat, tidy, clean, and
safe condition to the satisfaction of the LESSOR as is given at the time of renting the Premises .


In the event of the LESSEE committing breach of any of the terms of this lease or failing to pay the
lease rent for a period of two months consecutively, the LESSOR may issue a notice thereof to the
LESSEE. If any such default continues unabated for one month after notice thereof by the LESSOR to
the LESSEE, the LESSOR will be entitled to terminate this lease, notwithstanding the fact that the
contractual period (that is, the term" of this lease has riot expired. In such situation(s) the LESSOR
shall be entitiled to take possession of the Premises including all the items lying in the Premises.

Thereafter, the LESSEE shall vacate the Premises and deliver the peaceful vacant possession to the
LESSOR subject to the LESSOR refunding the Security Deposit subject to deduction of legitimate
dues, if any, Upon handing over of physical vacant possession as contemplated above, the Lessee
shall have no further responsibility for payment of rent except for amounts due and payable prior to
the date of termination by the LESSOR. LESSOR shall also have right to terminate the lease for no
cause by giving at least two months notice to the LESSEE.

In the event the LESSEE is desirous of terminating the Lease before expiry of the lease period, the
LESSEE shall give two three months prior written notice to the LESSOR.

However no such notice can be given by either party during the 3 9 months from the date of the
Lease Deed.


This Deed Is executed in two originals and the LESSOR and LESSEE shall retain one original each. The
LESSEE & LESSOR shall be liable to pay stamp duty on the registration or the Lease Deed in equal
measure, as applicable


This Deed, and all matters arising out of or relating to this Deed, shall be governed by and
interpreted in accordance with Indian Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the
Hon’ble High Court of Delhi at Delhi and its subordinate Courts of Delhi only.

In case of any dispute which arises out of this Deed and is not settled by mutual conciliation
between LESSOR and LESSEE, would be referred to Arbitration in accordance with Arbitration and
Conciliation Act, 1996, The Arbitration shall be conducted in the Englisg Language the place of
Arbitraton shall be New Delhi.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have set and subscribed their hands on this day, month
and year first above written:


(Har Sanjog Singh Anand)


For ______

( Director )

In the presence of

Witnesses :

1- 2-
All that piece and parcel of property bearing – Number K 317, Khasra 318, Third Floor, Near
Gumbad Park, MB Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi 110030

( Har Sanjog Singh Anand) ( )

For ----------