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Instructions – Microsoft Excel


1) Type in all text and numbers shown in the spreadsheet below.

2) Format all numbers with appropriate format's).
3) Center the spreadsheet heading "Weekly Income Schedule" across the spreadsheet.
4) Format all text as displayed in the sample below.
5) Create formulae to display a total for each item in the Lunch Bar.
6) Create formulae to calculate the Total Exp (Total Expenditure).
7) Create formulae to calculate the profit.
8) create formulae to calculate the totals for each column.
9) Apply all borders and shading (colour) shown in the sample below, feel free to experiment
with your own colour schemes.

B) Return a grade

In column E, you have the average result for each student for an exam. In column F, write a function
which determines whether students Pass or Fail, If the average mark > or = 10.
Change your function to display:
1) Fail (when the average is below 10)
2) Pass (when the average is between 10 and 12)
3) Good (when the average is between 12 and 14)
4) Very Good (when the average is between 14 and 16)
5) Excellent (when the average is beyond 16)

Save the Document as Excel followed by your FIRST and LAST name and year. Example EXCEL JOHN DOE 2016

Instructions – Microsoft Word


1. Create a full page advertisement for a local newspaper that informs the public about your carnival band. This must be
designed on letter size paper.

2. Using Microsoft Word, create a document which should be mailed to persons who have paid on full for their
costumes. No more than 10 persons must be used.

3. The document should inform masqueraders of the parade route, the time of assembly and departure of the band
onto the parade.

4. The final paragraph should express the bandleader’s gratitude to masquerades for choosing to join his band for the
carnival celebrations.

5. Design a suitable letterhead for your document which should be placed in a header. A suitable footer must be
inserted, with the words center aligned.

6. The document should be justified. The left margin must be 1.5”.

Save the Document as Word followed by your FIRST and LAST name and year. Example WORD JOHN DOE 2016

Instructions – Microsoft Access

1. You have been asked to create a small information system to administer the records of a small educational
institution using MS Access. The following details need to be stored: students' surname, first name, gender, date
of birth, the date they enrolled in the institution, courses available for study, including the course code and
course title, the enrolments of students in particular curses, including date of enrolment, mark gained, and fee
charged. Create a database with the appropriate number of tables to store the above data and establish
appropriate relationships between them.
2. Create forms for entering and editing data about students, courses and enrolments.
3. Create queries to display the following information:
a) First names beginning with “F”. Save as First Name.
b) Last names containing “A”. Save as Last Name.
c) All male students scoring above 70. Save as 70’s Male.
d) All female students scoring below 60. Save as 60’s Female.
e) All students scoring 90. Save as 90’s Students.
f) All students taking Chemistry. Save as Chemistry.
g) All students who were charged more than $500,000.00. Save as more than 500,000.
h) Students who were charged less than $200,000.00. Save as less than 200,000.
i) Prompt the user to enter a student’s name to reveal all courses done by that student.



Dill Doe SPANISH $200,000
Benn Overr FRENCH $350,000
August Dick SEX EDUCATION $450,000
Candy Krush CHEMISTRY $500,000
Barry Mcdikkin MATHEMATICS $650,000
Schauvonne Perreira ENGLISH LITERATURE $300,000
Mandinga Biggs ENGLISH LANGUAGE $100,000
Fantasia Hooter PHYSICS $111,000
Diamond Thighs ACCOUNTS $152,456
Lola Juggs MANAGEMANET OF $780,000
Mercedes Hipps INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY $1,000,000
Trixie Whip TECHNICAL DRAWING $90,000
Biggie Stones DIGITAL MEDIA $500,000
Adolf Nipples COMPUTER SCIENCE $210,000
French Do’er HISTORY $80,000