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List out any four sacred groves in India?

Zoology 11.
of the Pelvis.
Distinguish between a tendon and a
Eg: Amoeba Proteus.
IMP. Very short Answer Questions ligament? Filopodium: The slender filamentous
A. Tendons are the collagen fibrous tissue of Pseudopodia with Pointed tips,
1. What is cephalization? How is it useful dense regular connective tissue which composed of only ectoplasm are called
to its possessors? attach the skeletal muscles to bones. filopodium.
A. Concentration of nerve (brain) and Ligaments are also the collagen fibrous Eg: Euglypha
sensory cells at the anterior end of the tissue of dense regular connective tissue 21. Distinguish between Proter and
body is called as cephalization. As a which attach bones to other bones. opisthe?
result of cephalization, these animals can 12. Mention any two substances secreted A. During transverse binary Fision in
sence the new environment & move by mast cells & their Functions? Paramecium two daughter individuals are
efficient than the other animals in A. Mast cells secrete heparin - an formed. The anterior one is called Porter
sneaking food, locating mates & in
avoiding/ escaping from Predators.
anticoagulant, histamine, bradykinin -
vasodilators & serotonin ---vasodilators
and the Posterior is called opisthe.
22. How is sexual reproduction
  
2. What is tissue level of organization cause inflammation in response to injury advantageous in evolution?  
among animals? Which Metazoans do
exhibit this organization?
& infection. A. with the sexual reproduction resulting the , , 
advantageous in evolution in genetic
A. Tissue level organization is the lowest
INTERMEDIATE recombination occurs in sexual 9989535675
level of organization among the reproduction
eumetazoans, exhibited by diploblastic s p e c i a l 23. Define the term histology. what is it
animals like cnidarians. J U N I O R otherwise called? All the threatened species are enlisted in
3. Distinguish between exocrine & A. Histology is the study of Microscopic the Red Data Book Published by IUCN.
endocrine glands with examples? 13. Distinguish between osteoblasts & structure of different tissues. It is also 32. What does ICZN stand for?
A. Exocrine glands are Provided with ducts. osteoclasts? called as Micro anatomy. A. ICZN stands for International code of
Secrete Mucus, saliva, earwax, oil, milk, A. Osteoblasts are immature bone cells & 24. What is kinety? Zoological Nomenclature which specifies
digestive enzymes & other cell Products. secrete the organic components of matrix A. In the ciliate Protozoans a longitudinal the mandatory rules to be followed for
Eg: Salivary glands, Liver Endocrine & also play an important role in row of kinetosome together with kine to the naming animals by International
glands are ductless & their Products are mineralization of bone & become desmata constitute a unit called kinety. congress (ICZ) in 1898.
hormones which are not sent out via osteocytes. 25. What are dynein arms? what is their 33. What is meant by tautonymy? Give
ducts but are carried to the target organs Osteoclasts are Phagocytic cells involved significance? two examples?
by blood. in resorption of bone. A. ‘A’ tube of each Peripheral doublet bears A. The Practice of naming the animals/
Eg: Pituitary gland, Thyroid gland 14. What are Pseudo unipolar neurons? Paired arms along its length called organisms in which the generic name &
4. What is enterocoelom? Name the where do you find them? dynein arms made up of Protein dynein. species name are the same is called
enterocoelomate Phyla in the animal A. In a unipolar neuron the same/ cyton is The dynein arms of ‘A’ tubeless face the Tautonymy.
Kingdom? found in the dorsal root ganglion they are tuble ‘B’ of the adjacent doublet. Eg: Axis axis - Spotted dear
A. Animals in which the body cavity if called as Pseudounipolar neurons. these 26. List any two differences between a Naja naja - The Indian cobra
formed from the Mesodermal Pouches of are find in spinal nerves. flagellum and a cilium? 34. What is trinomial nomenclature? Give
archenteron are called enterocoelomates. 15. Distinguish between white matter & Flagellum Cilium an example?
Echinoderms, hemichordates & grey matter of CNS? 1. Flagellum helps in A. The trinomial nomenclature is the
chordates are enterocoelomates. A. Myelinated nerve fibres occur in the 1. Cilium helps in locomotion, feeding extension of the binominal system of
5. Why is the true coelom considered a white matter of CNS & in most and act as sensory structures nomenclature. It Permits the designation
secondary body cavity? Peripheral nerves, & Non-myelinated locomotion only of subspecies with a three worded name
A. During the embryonic development of axons are commonly found in the grey 2. Flagellum produce called trinomen.
the eucoelomates, the blastocoel is matter of the CNS & autonomous 2. Cilium produce Pendular movement Eg: Homo sapiens sapiens
replaced by true coelom derived from the nervous system. undular movement Corvus splendens splendens
mesoderm. so, the true coelom is also 3. Flagellum is about 3. Cilium small 35. Differentiate between Protostomia and
called secondary body cavity. 16. Distinguish between nucleus and in size s-loll in length isolin length Deuterostomia?
6. Mention the animals that exhibited a ganglion with respect to the nervous 27. List out any four sacred groves in A. Protostomia (Gr. mouth first) are the
tube - within-a-tube organization for system? India? organisms in which blastopore develops
the first time? Name their body cavity. A. A group of cell bodies in the central A. The following are the sacred Groves in to mouth.
A. Cnidarians & some flat warms are the nervous system is called a nucleus and in in India Deuterostomia (Gr. second mouth) are
first animals to exhibit a tube-within-a- the Peripheral nervous system, it is called 1. Aravalli Hills the organisms in which blastopore
tube organization. Body cavity is Pseudo a ganglion. - Rajasthan & Gujarat develops into anus, mouth is formed
coelom. 17. cardiac muscle is highly resistant to 2. Khasi & Jaintia Hills - Meghalaya later.
7. Distinguish between holocrine & Fatigue. Justify? 3. Western Ghat region 36. In a given area, remains of animals
apocrine glands? A. The cardiac Muscle is highly resistant to - Karnataka & Maharashtra that lived in the remote past are
A. Apocrine glands in which the apical part Fatigue. because it has numerous 4. Sarghja, Bastar - Chhattisgarh excavated for study. which branch of
of the gland cell in Pinched off along sarcosomes. Many molecules of 5. Chanda - Madhyapradesh science is it called?
with the secretory Product. Myoglobin (Oxygen storing Pigment) & 28. Mentioned any two Products of A. The branch of science Palaeontology
Eg: Mammary glands Copious supply. medicinal importance obtained from deals that in a given area remains of
Holocrine glands, in which the entire cell 18. What is lymph? How does it differ Nature? animal that lived in the remote past
disintegrates to discharge the contents. from Plasma? A. Anticancer drugs - Vinblastine from (Fossilized remains) are excavated for
Eg: Sebaceous glands. A. Lymph is a colourless fluid. It lacks Plant vinca rosea, Digitaline from the study.
8. What are retroperitoneal organs? RBC, Platelets & large Plasma Proteins, Plant for glove are obtained from Nature. 37. Distinguish between embryology &
A. certain organs such as the kidneys of the but has more number of leucocytes. It is 29. Define species richness? ethology?
vertebrates are covered by the Parietal chiefly composed of Plasma & A. The more the number of species in an A. Embryology: It is the study of events
Peritoneum only on their ventral side. lymphocytes. area (unit area) the more is the species that lead to fertilization, cleavages, early
such a Peritoneum is called the 19. Define conjugation with reference to richness. growth & differentiation of zygote in to
retroperitoneum & the organs lined by it ciliates. Give two examples? 30. What is ecological diversity? Mention an embryo.
are called retroperitoneal organs. A. Conjugation is a temporary union the different types of ecological Ethology: The study of the animal
9. Define Osteon? between two senile ciliates that belong to diversities? behaviour based on the systematic
A. In compact bone structure a haversian two different Mating types for the A. Diversity at a higher level of observation, with special attention to
canal & the surround lamella & lacunae exchange of nuclear Material and its organization, i.e., at the ecosystem level Physiological, ecological & evolution
are collectively called a Haversian reorganization - wichterman. is called Ecological diversity. The other aspects is called ethology.
system/ osteon. Eg: Paramecium and Vorticella. ecological diversities are Alpha, Beta & 38. What is the function of Radula? Give
10. What is strongest cartilage? In which 20. Distinguish between lobopodium and Gamma diversities. the name of the group of molluscs
regions of the human body. do you filopodium. Give an example to each of 31. Write the full form of IUCN. In which which do not Possess a radula?
find it? them? book threatened species are enlisted? A. The buccal cavity contains a File - like
A. The fibrous cartilage is the strongest of A. Lobopodium: The blunt & Finger like A. IUCN - International Union for the rasping organ called radula for feeding
all types of cartilages. It occurs in the tubular Pseudo Podia containing both Conservation of Nature and Natural except the bivalves & tusk of
intervertebral discs & public symphysis ectoplasm and endoplasm is called Resources. molluscs.
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Explain surface tension and surface energy?

Short Answers Questions
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Physical science
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Australia Open 2019 Women's Singles winner?

General Awareness 4) Balwant Moreshwar Purandare(Art- 1) Britain adaptation of Euro currency 2) The Chief
Acting - Theatre) 5) All of the above 2) Britain withdrawal from Euro currency Financial Officer
1. Who is new Secretary General of Shanghai 10. Consider the following statements 3) Britain withdrawal from the European (CFO) of the RBI
Cooperation Organization (SCO)? regarding Padma Awards 2019: Union 3) The CEO of
1) Antonio Guterres(portugal) A. Padma Awards - one of the highest 4) Britain withdrawal from the NATO ICICI Bank
2) Patricia Scotland(UK and Dominica) civilian Awards of the country, are con- 5) None of the above 4) The MD & CEO
3) Lim Jock Hoi(Brunei) ferred in three categories, namely, Padma 16. Consider the following statements of PNB
4) Amjad Hussain B. Sial(Pakistan) Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma regarding World Economic Forum 5) None of the above
5) Vladimir Norov (Uzbekistan) Shri. (WEF): 23. Who among the
2. Consider the following statements B. For 2019 year the President of India A. The World Economic Forum (WEF), following is NOT a A.Ravi Prakash Reddy
regarding Shanghai Cooperation has approved conferment of 112 Padma based in Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland, deputy governor of Senior Faculty
Organization (SCO): Awards including one duo case (in a duo was founded in 1971 as a not-for-profit RBI at present?
A. SCO is a permanent intergovernmental case, the Award is counted as one). organization. 1) N. S. Vishwanathan 2) Viral V. Acharya
international organisation, the creation of C. The 2019 padma awards list comprises B. The WEF is the International 3) B.P. Kanungo 4) Mahesh Kumar Jain
which was announced on 15 June 2001 in 4 Padma Vibhushan, 14 Padma Bhushan Organization for Public- Private 5) Sunil Mehta
Shanghai (China) by the leaders of China, and 94 Padma Shri Awards. Cooperation. 24. Match the following:
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, D. The 21 of the awardees are women and C. Klaus Schwab (Germany) is the State Chief Minister
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It was preced- the list also includes 11 persons from the founder and executive chairman of the A) Tripura (i) Conrad Sangma
ed by the Shanghai Five mechanism. category of foreigners/NRI/PIO/OCI, 3 WEF. B) Meghalaya (ii) Biplab Kumar Deb
B. The SCO Secretariat based in Beijing, China. C) Mizoram (iii) Zoramthanga
D) Nagaland (iv) Neiphiu Rio
C. Currently the SCO comprises eight
member states namely, China, India, FOR ALL COMPETITIVE EXAMS E) Sikkim (v) Pawan Kumar Chamling
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan,
Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. D. The 2019 Annual Meeting of World 1) (ii) (iii) (v) (iv) (i)
D. The SCO summit 2018 was held in Economic Forum(WEF) took place on 2) (v) (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)
Qingdao, China. 22-25 January in Davos-Klosters, 3) (i) (iii) (v) (ii) (iv)
Which of the above statements are Switzerland, with theme "Globalization 4) (ii) (i) (iii) (iv) (v)
corect? 4.0: Shaping a Global Architecture in the 5) (iv) (ii) (iii) (v) (i)
1) Only A and B 2) Only B and C Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution". 25. Consider the following statements
3) Only A, C and D 4) All A, B, C and D Which of the above statements are regarding Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD):
5) None of the above corect? A. India celebrates Pravasi Bhartiya
3. Which country's central bank has 1) Only A and B 2) Only B and C Divas on 9 January to mark the contribu-
recently announced the ban of Indian 3) Only A, C and D 4) All A, B, C and D tion of the overseas Indian community
currency notes with denominations 5) None of the above towards the development of India. 9th
above Rs.100? 17. Which of the following tournament is January also commemorates the return of
1) Pakistan 2) Afghanistan 3) Bangladesh the first of the four Grand Slam tennis Mahatma Gandhi from South Africa to
4) China 5) Nepal events held each year? Mumbai on 9 January 2015.
4. Which state has topped the Ease of 1) Australia Open 2) French Open B. The first Pravasi Bhartiya Divas (PBD)
Doing Business(EDB) list compiled by a 3) Wimbledon 4) US Open was held in New Delhi in 2003.
team of researchers led by Tan Khee 5) None of the above C. The 15th Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2019
Giap, who is the co-director of Asia 18. Which country uses "Ringgit" as its was held during 21-23 January 2019 at
competitiveness institute (ACI), and currency? Varanasi, India.
associate professor at Lee Kuan Yew 1) Japan 2) Thailand 3) South Korea D. The theme of the PBD 2019 is "Role of
School of Public Policy, National 4) Malaysia 5) None of these Indian Diaspora in building a New India."
University of Singapore? posthumous awardees and 1 transgender 19. The National Voters Day is observed E. The Prime Minister of Mauritius,
1) Andhra Pradesh 2) Maharashtra person. on… Pravind Jugnauth is the chief guest for
3) Delhi 4) Telangana 5) None of these Which of the above statements are 1) 15th January 2) 23rd January PBD 2019.
5. Who is the chief guest at the India's corect? 3) 24th January 4) 25th January Which of the above statements are
70th Republic Day celebrations 2019? 1) Only A and B 2) Only B and C 5) 26th January corect?
1) Joko Widodo 2) Xi Jinping 3) Only A, C and D 4) All A, B, C and D 20. Find the wrong pair?(Country & its 1) Only A and B 2) Only B and C
3) Vladimir Putin 4) Maithripala Sirisena 5) None of the above Prime Minister) 3) Only A, B, C and D
5) Cyril Ramaphosa 11. Find the wrong pair?(Country & its 1) Canada : Justin Trudeau 4) All A, B, C, D and E
6. Who is the winner of Men's Singles in president) 2) Israel : Benjamin Netanyahu 5) None of the above
Australia Open 2019? 1) Brazil : Jair Bolsonaro 3) Japan : Shinzo Abe
1) Novak Djokovic(Serbia) 2) France : Emmanuel Macron 4) Nepal : Bidhya Devi Bhandari Answers
2) Rafael Nadal(Spain) 3) Indonesia : Joko Widodo 5) Australia : Scott Morrison
4) South Africa : Cyril Ramaphosa 21. The "Geneva" is in which country? 1) 5 6) 1 11) 5 16) 4 21) 5
3) Nicolas Mahut(France) 2) 4 7) 1 12) 1 17) 1 22) 2
4) Pierre-Hugues Herbert(France) 5) Zimbabwe : Muhammadu Buhari 1) Sweden 2) Netherlands 3) Norway
12. On 23rd January 2019, Prime Minister 4) Denmark 5) None of the above 3) 5 8) 4 13) 4 18) 4 23) 5
5) None of the above 4) 1 9) 5 14) 4 19) 4 24) 4
7. Who is the winner of Women's Singles Narendra Modi inaugurated the 22. Who is Sudha Balakrishnan?
Subhash Chandra Bose museum in… 1) The Deputy Governor of RBI 5) 5 10) 4 15) 3 20) 4 25) 4
in Australia Open 2019?
1) Naomi Osaka(Japan) 1) New Delhi 2) Mumbai 3) Kolkata
2) Petra Kvitova(Czech Republic) 4) Chennai 5) None of these
3) Samantha Stosur(Australia) 13. Who has become the first player-ever in MʸÀaΔÊˇÃå˝ sÍÃÒ˝Öså˝ Ú‹Δäˇa M>ÃÙ˝gå˝ ªZΔäˇz CÖyÏ˛ƒÊ˝*
4) Zhang Shuai(China) history to win all three of top ICC awards
Ø˲*≈…Ï˛-Œœ-ÃZ∞ Ú‹ÖrΔäˇ ÁúΔäˇ MʸÀa-ΔÊˇÃå˝ «›˘-Δˇfiã‹ AÖyä˛ M>ÃÙ˝gå˝ ªZΔäˇz&-{Á≥-Ü-øÍ-–ö˛Ö-ô˲$-ÃÒ˝OØ˲ —ßë≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-ÀMʸ$ øÍVʸ

5) None of the above (i.e. the Sir Garfield Sobers Trophy for
8. The winners of Bharat Ratna 2019? ICC Cricketer of the Year, the ICC Men's [sÒ˝O∞ÖVä¸ & "MʸÀa-ΔÊˇÃå˝ sÍÃÒ˝Öså˝ Ú‹Δäˇa ›ÎPÀ-Δäˇ-ÌŸã≥ Ô‹PÖ & ›Î”–ö˛$≈ —‘Ë˝”-—-ßë≈-À-ƒÊ˝*ÃZœ {Á≥–Û˛‘Ë˝Ö MʸյÖ-^Û˛Ö-ßÊ˛$Mʸ$
1) Pranab Mukherjee(13th President of Test Player of the Year and the ICC ODI 2019 M¯Á‹Ö ßÊ˛ΔÊˇ-RÍ-Á‹$¢À$ M¯ΔÊˇ$-ô¯Ö®. ›ÎPÀ-Δäˇ-ÌŸã≥ {¥˘{V>-–í˛$Ø˲$ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝-›˘¢Ö®.
India) Player of the Year awards)? ›ÎPÀΔäˇÌŸã≥À Á‹ÖQ≈: 650 AΔÊˇ·ô˲: CÖrΔäˇ ^˲ßÊ˛$-–ö˛#ô˲* EÖyëÕ. Mʸ$r$Ö∫ –È«¤-
2) Bhupen Hazarika(Play back singer) 1) M.S.Dhoni 2) Kumar Dharmasena ›ÎPÀΔäˇÌŸã≥À MÛ¸sÍΔˇ$$ÖÁ≥#: fØ˲-ΔÊˇÃå˝ AøÊ˝≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-ÀMʸ$ M>-ßëƒÊ˝$Ö ΔÊˇ*.6 ÀÑʸ-ÀMʸ$ —$Ö^˲-Mʸ*-yÊ˛ßÊ˛$.
3) Nanaji Deshmukh(leader of the 3) Aaron Finch 4) Virat Kohli 375, [sÒ˝O∫Ãå˝ MʸÀa-Δäˇ/-GÔ‹t AøÊ˝≈-ΔÊˇ$Æ-ÀMʸ$ 100, {sÒ˝yÏ˛-ÁŸ-Ø˲Ãå˝ GÖÌ≥Mʸ: SAT GV>j–í˛$ ßë”Δ> (–ö˛*«aÃZ GV>j–í˛$)
Bharatiya Jana Sangh) 4) All of the above 5) None of the above B«tã‹t Mʸ$r$Ö-ªÍ-ÀMʸ$ 125, ®–È≈Ö-Vʸ$-ÀMʸ$ 20, {MϸƒÙ˝$-sÏ˝–í˛ «–ÈΔÊˇ$z: –È«¤-M>-ßëƒÊ˝$Ö ΔÊˇ*.6 ÀÑʸ-À-ÃZÁ≥# EØ˲≤
5) None of the above 14. Identify the Constitutional body given
ΔˇOsÏ˝ÖVä¸/ Õr-ΔÊˇ» BΔäˇtfi AøÊ˝≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-ÀMʸ$ 30 —ßë≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-ÀMʸ$ SAT GV>j–í˛$ Ôúk ΔÊˇ*.7,000ÀMʸ$
9. The winners of Padma Vibhushan —øÍV>À$: –ö˛$*≈hMä¸, yë≈Øå˛fi, {yë–ö˛*, Ú≥Δˇ$$Ö-sÏ˝ÖVä¸, —$Ø˲-‡-Δˇ$$ÖÁ≥# C›Î¢ΔÊˇ$. –È«¤-M>-ßëƒÊ˝$Ö ΔÊˇ*.4 ÀÑʸ-À-
2019? 1) National Development Council
1) Ms. Teejan Bai(Art-Vocals-Folk) 2) NITI Aayog Á‹PÃå˝-Á≥aΔäˇ, {M>ãútfi, Õr-ΔÊˇ» BΔäˇtfi ÃZÁ≥# EØ˲≤ —ßë≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-ÀMʸ$ Á≥N«¢ r*≈ÁŸØå˛ ›ÎPÀ-Δäˇ-ÌŸã≥ À¿-
2) Ismail Omar Guelleh(Public Affairs) 3) National Integration Council ›ÎPÀΔäˇÌŸã≥ –ö˛≈–ö˛´®: ΔˇÖyÛ˛‚Ê˝ìœ Á‹$¢Ö®.
3) Anilkumar Manibhai Naik(Trade & 4) Inter State Council ßÊ˛ΔÊˇRÍÁ‹$¢Mʸ$ BQΔÊˇ$ ôÛ˛©: fØ˲-–ö˛« 31 BØå˛ÃÒ˝OØå˛ ßÊ˛ΔÊˇRÍÁ‹$¢Mʸ$ BQΔÊˇ$ ôÛ˛©: Ìú{∫-–ö˛« 8
Industry - Infrastructure) 5) None of the above –˛ªå˝Ú‹Oså˝: –˛ªå˝Ú‹Oså˝:
15. What is Brexit?
www.andhrajyothy com . ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍßä˛ ∑ –ö˛$ÖVʸ‚Ê˝–ÈΔÊˇÖ 29 fØ˲–ö˛« 2019 Á‹tyÓ˛ 17


across the river and climbed up the bank onto the
ENGLISH READING FOR ALL COMPETITIVE EXAMS warm grass. The fox realised that she had been
very selfish and said to her friend, 'I am so sorry
COMPREHENSION over the years. rect (C) Both (I) and (II) are correct (D) for what I did and I promise that you can trust
(IV) Due to demographic establishment Both (I) and (III) are correct (E) All are cor- me forever and that is that. ''And I am sorry that
leading to economic stability. rect I had to teach you a lesson today, but many times
PRACTICE QUESTIONS A) Both (I) and (II) are correct
Directions (6 to 10): Read the passage in life it is often a case of tit for tat. 'Then the two
Directions (1 to 5): Read the following B) Both (II) and (III) are correct friends began to laugh and roll around in the
C) Only (IV) is correct given below and then answer the questions
passage carefully and answer the questions given below the passage. Some words may warm grass while the sunshine dried their wet
given below it. Certain words are given in D) Only (II), (III) and (IV) are correct fur. The fox had learned a valuable lesson that
E) All are correct be highlighted for your attention. Read
bold to help you locate them while answer- carefully. day; she had learned that it was not good to
ing some of the questions. 2. What is the tone of the author in the con- betray a friend, and that if you do wrong by
text of the passage? The camel and the fox were very good somebody then somebody might well do wrong
India is likely to overtake Japan and (A) Acerbic (B) Vindictive (C) Evasive (D) friends and very good thieves. One day, the two
Germany to become the third largest economy in by you.
Caustic (E) Assertive friends decided to cross the river so that they 6. Why did the camel decide to take a bath
the next 10 years but needs to be consistent in 3. Why does the author feel that could travel to a nearby farm to steal food. The
reforms and focus more on the social sector, in the middle of the river?
Demographics and macro stability are the small fox could not swim so the camel said to his (A) The camel wanted to teach the fox a les-
British brokerage HSBC has said. Social capital key strengths for the country? friend, 'Climb up onto my back and I will swim
is "insufficient" in the country and spending on son so he started taking a bath.
(I) It will minimize the repurcussions of across the river.' And so the fox climbed up onto (B)The camel felt hot after walking such a
aspects like health and education "is not just demonetization which have slowed down the camel's back and the strong camel swam
desirable for its [India's] own sake, but is also great distance. (C)The camel and the fox
the GDP. across the river to the other side. When they had decided to take some rest. (D)The camel
central to economic growth and political stabili- (II)It will give a boost to the current econo- crossed the river, the camel and the fox made
ty," it said. India also needs a lot of focus on ease wanted to drown the fox. (E)The camel did
my. their way to the farm. When they finally arrived not want to carry the fox any further.
of doing business and related aspects like con- (III) It will increase the purchasing power of at the farm, the fox caught herself a chicken
tract enforcements. "In over the next ten years, 7. What could have been the possible reason
the consumers drastically, which will result while the camel dug up some lovely fresh veg- of the camel agreeing to carry the fox
India will likely surpass Germany and Japan to in a steep increase in the manufacturing sec- etables. The greedy fox quickly gobbled down
become the world's third largest economy in back?
tor. her chicken and then said to her friend the camel, (A) He wanted to endanger him in a situa-
nominal USD and the transition will happen (A) Only (I) is true (B) Only (III) is true 'When I have finished eating I am accustomed to
even more quickly on a PPP [purchasing power tion.
singing. ''Do not sing just yet,' said the camel as (B) He was waiting for the right situation to
parity] basis," its economists said in a note. he was chewing on his dinner of vegetables. 'I
Demographics and macro stability were pointed teach her a lesson. (C) He was foolish and
have not yet finished eating and if you sing then lacked the intelligence to do so. (D) He took
out as key strengths for the country by the bro- the farmer will hear you. Let me first finish my
kerage. Its estimates show India will be a $7 tril- some time to understand the whole situation.
dinner and then you can sing as we make our (E) The camel knew the fox would escape
lion economy in 2028, as compared to less than way back home.' But the fox did not pay any
$6 trillion and $5 trillion for Germany and from there but would not be able to, from the
attention to her friend and began to sing at the middle of the river.
Japan, respectively. Presently, India's GDP is top of her voice. The farmer soon heard this
around $2.3 trillion (fiscal 2016-17). It stands at 8. What did the camel say was his habit
singing and came running out of his house wav- after eating? (A) To sing a song (B) To take
the fifth spot in global rankings. The brokerage ing a very large stick. 'I will teach you to steal
said the growth rate, which will be lower in a bath (C) To run in water (D) To drown
from me!' exclaimed the angry farmer. Because someone (E) To take some rest in the middle
FY18 as compared to the year-ago's 7.1% due to the fox was small and nimble she was able to run
the introduction of Goods and Services Tax of the river
away from the farmer. But the poor camel was 9. How did the camel fall into trouble
(GST), will recover from next year in a sustain- very slow, and still in the middle of eating his
able fashion. It also made a case against "stray because of the fox?
dinner, and so he did not see the farmer until it (A) The fox let the hens out who started
reforms," terming them as "harmful." "There are was too late. The angry famer set upon the camel
limits to one-off reforms. India needs to create making a noise and the farmer was awak-
with his large stick and the poor camel received ened. (B) The fox refused to help the camel
an ecosystem of continuous change," it said. many blows to his legs and back before he was
Citing the case of GST, it said the informal get the vegetables. (C) The fox started
finally able to escape. When the camel reached singing after eating which awakened the
enterprises that create a bulk of jobs in the coun- (C) Both (I) and (II) are true the river his bones ached and he was very upset
try may respond to higher taxation by shutting farmer. (D) The fox refused to take the
(D) Both (II) and (III) are true with his friend the fox. 'Why did you sing when camel back with her. (E) The fox put the
shop or laying off workmen. With concerns (E) All are true you knew that the farmer would hear you and
being raised about jobless growth, it said the e- whole blame on the camel when the farmer
4. Which of the following statements is true you could see that I was still eating my dinner?' came out.
commerce sector will create 12 million jobs over according to the paragraph? asked the camel. 'Because it is my custom,'
the next decade, which is half of the 24 million 10. What do you mean by the idiom 'tit for
(A) In FY17, 70% of overall retail advances replied the fox in her matter of fact way. Now let tat'?
shortfall. Another avenue of job creation can be sourcing was through bank branches. me climb upon your back so that we may return
the social sector, where a lot of work needs to be (A) The infliction of an injury or insult in
(B) India is likely to be the third largest to our home across the river. The camel agreed return for one that one has suffered.
done on health and education fronts, it said. economy by 2027 as reported by HSBC. and the fox jumped up onto his back. Then the
India will continue to be a services oriented (B) Punishing someone in a worse way.
(C) The Indian story will be different from camel walked slowly down the river bank into (C) Planning a revenge for a long time.
economy but needs to pay extra attention on the export-oriented one of China's, pointing the water and began to swim across to the other
manufacturing and farm sectors as well, it said, (D) Punishing someone out of jealousy.
out that domestic consumption with over side with the fox upon his back. When the camel (E) Insult someone tremendously.
adding that it would be desirable to maintain the 550 million consumers will be the standout was halfway across the river, at the point where
contribution of manufacturing, agriculture and factor. (D) India is likely to overtake Japan
services at the current levels. Apart from servic- and Germany to become the fifth largest
the water was at its deepest and the current at its
fastest, he stopped swimming and said to the
T Sathaiah, Vikas Academy
es, other hallmarks of the India story over the economy in the next 10 years (E) It is fox, 'When I have finished eating I am accus- Answers
next decade will be higher investment and capi- believed that financial illiteracy and finan- tomed to taking a bath.' 'Do not take a bath!'
tal goods flows as its focus on manufacturing cial inclusion are closely linked. pleaded the fox. 'I cannot swim and if you take a 1. (E) All are correct 2. (E) Assertive
increases, Indian consumers forcing foreign Answer: (C) The Indian story will be differ- bath I shall drown!''I am very sorry,' said the 3. (B) Only (III) is true
brands to turn 'glocal' and a two-way human cap- ent from the export-oriented one of China's, camel, 'but I always take a bath after I have 4. (C) The Indian story will be different from
ital footprint that will see many skilled people pointing out that domestic consumption with eaten. It is my custom.' And with that the camel the export-oriented one of China's,
travelling overseas, it said. "It [India] needs to over 550 million consumers will be the lowered his back into the deep water until the pointing out that domestic consumption
broaden its specialization [beyond just IT in standout factor. fox lost her grip on his back and began to splash with over 550 million consumers will be
business and cricket in sports] if it wants to run 5. How Indian consumers are changing the around helplessly against the fast current. 'Help the standout factor.
harder and fly higher," it said. marketing strategies of international me,' cried the desperate fox, 'I am drowning, I 5. (D) Both (I) and (III) are correct
1. Why according to the author the Indian brands now-a-days? am drowning! The camel asked the fox, 'Are you 6. (A) The camel wanted to teach the fox a
economy may overshadow the economies (I)They are making the international brands sorry that you were so selfish and caused me to lesson so he started taking a bath.
of Japan and Germany? to dive deep into the needs of Indians. be beaten by the farmer?''Yes, yes, I am truly 7. Answer: (B) He was waiting for the right
(I) Due to increased job opportunities in the (II)They are putting the Indian cuisine at the sorry!' cried the fox just before her head disap- situation to teach her a lesson.
social sector. international front. (III)They are allowing peared once more beneath the surface of the 8. (B) To take a bath
(II) Due to bulk of IT professionals revolu- the commodities to be of Indo-western touch water. The camel did not have the heart to watch 9. (C) The fox started singing after eating
tionizing the world. and hence fulfilling the needs of consumers his friend drown in the river and so he pulled the which awakened the farmer.
(III) Due to higher investment in manufac- globally. little fox out of the water and placed her upon his 10. (A) The infliction of an injury or insult in
turing, agriculture, health, education etc. (A) Only (I) is correct (B) Only (II) is cor- back. Then the camel swam the rest of the way return for one that one has suffered.
12 eT+>∑fi¯yês¡+ 29.1.2019

Given that tanθ+cotθ=2 find tan θ+ cot θ 1

2 2

Q3. Prove that

1 - sinè
= secè - tanè tan 2 θ + cot 2 θ + 2 tan θ . =4 sinè 1 - cosè Prepared by
tan θ Q2.Prove that +
1 + sinè
tan 2 θ + cot 2 θ = 4 − 2
1 - cosè sinè Mr. K. Kumar
Sol:- LHS =
1- sinè = 2cosecè (0 ≤ è ≤ 90 ) Senior Faculty
1+ sinè tan θ + cot θ = 2
2 2
sinè 1- cosè
1- sinè 1- sinè ∴ value o f tan θ + cot θ = 2
2 2 sol : - LHS = + ph:9492956214
= × 1- cosè sinè
1+ sinè 1- sinè 4 Marks :-
sin 2è + (1- cosè )

(k 2 + 1) = (2k ) + BC 2
2 2
(1- sinè )
(1- sinè )
(1- sinè )
è =
= = = Q1. If tan then prove that
(1- cosè )sinè
(k 2 ) + 12 + 2k 2 (1) = 4k 2 + BC 2
2 2 2 2
1 - sin è 1- sin è cos è 2 2

a sinè - b cosè a 2 - b2 sin è +1+ cos è - 2cosè

= 2 =
 1- sinè  1- sinè
=   = =

a sinè + b cosè a + b 2 (1- cosè )sinè k 4 + 2k 2 + 1 = 4k 2 + BC 2
 cos è  cos è cos è cos è
sol : - Given, tan θ =
a A 1+ (sin 2è + cos 2è )- 2cosè k 4 + 2k 2 − 4k 2 + 1 = BC 2
 sinè  b θ =
= secθ − tan θ ∵ = tan θ  hy
(1- cosè )sinè k 4 − 2k 2 + 1 = BC 2
 cos è  opp b
tan θ =
(k − 1) = BC 2
 1  adj 1+1- 2cosè 2 - 2cosè 2
BC = k 2 − 1
 sceθ  Hence proved B C = =
 cos θ  fromthe fig ;
(1- cosè )sinè (1- cosè )sinè
opp k 2 − 1
2 (1- cosè ) 2 sin θ = = 2
= = hyp k + 1
(1- cosè )sinè sin θ
k 2 −1
= 2 cos ecθ = RHS Hence proved ∴sin θ = 2
k +1
sinè 1- cosè

1- cosè
= 2 cos ecθ kÕÿ\sYwæ|t‡
Q3. Prove that
tanè + secè - 1 sinè + 1
Akshaya Patra Dream
tanè - secè + 1 cosè Project Fellowship
tanè + secè -1 Category: Talent Based
sol : - LHS = Scholarship: Akshaya Patra Dream
tanè - secè +1
Project Fellowship Programme 2019
tanè + secè - (sec 2 θ − tan 2 θ ) Description: Akshaya Patra Foundation
tanè - secè +1 is inviting applications from graduates
tanè + secè 1 − (sec θ − tan θ ) and post-graduates to get trained and
= mentored in the subject of Management.
tanè - secè +1 It is an eight-month management pro-
tanè + secè [1 − sec θ + tan θ ] gramme which provides an opportunity
Q4. If tan (A + B) = 1 and cos(A - B) =
, 10th Class special tanè - secè +1
= tan θ + sec θ
to professionals with excellent leader-
ship skills to work with Akshaya Patra
0 0 < A + B < 900 And A > B, find A and B.
sol : - Given, tan ( A + B ) = 1
sin θ
1  sin θ
= θ
1 
= sec θ 
Foundation and create an impact in the
lives of the beneficiaries.
∵ tan ;
Eligibility: The applicant must be at
cos θ cos θ  cos θ cos θ 
tan 450 = 1 AC 2 = AB 2 + BC 2 sinè +1 least graduate, preferably an MBA of
∴ A + B = 450 ........... 1 = = RHS ∴ LHS = RHS age between 21-35 years with minimum
AC 2 = b 2 + a 2 cosè
1-2 years of work experience.
3 AC 2 = a 2 + b 2 tanè + secè -1 sinè +1
cos ( A − B ) = = Prizes & Rewards: INR 10K p.m. will be
2 tanè - secè +1 cosè given for the duration of 8-month program.
AC = a 2 + b 2 Last Date to apply: February 01, 2019
cos 30 =
3 1
opp a Q4. If secè - tanè = , then show that Application: Online applications are
2 k
sin θ = = accepted.
A − B = 300 .......... 2 hyp a 2 + b2 k2 - 1
sinè = 2 Website:
solving eq 1 and 2 adj b k +1
A + B = 45
cos θ =
a 2 + b2 1
A − B = 30 sol : - Given,sec θ − tan θ = ...... 1 Category: Merit Based
a sin θ − b cos θ k Scholarship: Junior Research Fellow,
2 A = 75 ∴ LHS =
a sin θ + b cos θ sec θ + tan θ = k ....... 2 DRDO, 2019
= 37.5


b×b (∵ sec 2
θ − tan 2 θ = 1)
Description: Defense Institute of Physio
logy and Allied Sciences, DRDO is invit
Sub A = 37.5 in eq 1 = a 2
+ b 2
a 2
+ b 2
Solving 1 and 2 ing applications from researchers for stu
a b×b dy in Basic and Applied Life Sciences.
37.5 + B = 450 a× + 1
B = 45 − 37.5 a 2 + b2 a 2 + b2 sec θ − tan θ = Eligibility: The applicant can be a post-
k graduate in Life Science Physiology,
B = 7.5 a2 b2 sec θ + tan θ = k
− Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences or
∴Value of A = 37.5, B = 7.5
= a 2
+ b 2
a 2
+ b 2
1 Biotechnology, a graduate in B.E. or
a2 b2 2sec θ = + k B.Tech. and valid NET or GATE qualifi-
Q5. Given that tan è + cotè = 2 find + k cation or PG in M.E. or MTech.
a +b
2 2
a 2 + b2 1+ k 2 1+ k 2 Prizes & Rewards: INR 16000 p.m. will
tan 2 è + cot 2 è 2sec θ = = sec θ =
a2 − b2 k 2k be given.
sol : - Given , tan θ + cot θ = 2 Last Date to apply: February 06, 2019
a 2
+ b 2
a2 − b2 hyp k 2 + 1
By squaring on both sides = 2 = 2 ∴ LHS = RHS sec θ = = Application: Applications can be made
a + b2 a + b2 adj 2k online only.
(tan θ + cot θ ) = (2 )
2 2
a 2 + b2 from the fig Website:
tan 2 θ + cot 2 θ + 2 tan θ .cot θ = 4 a sin θ − b cos θ a 2 − b 2 AC 2 = AB 2 + BC 2 Courtesy: /
∴ = 2
(∵ (a + b ) = a 2 2
+ 2ab + b 2 ) a sin θ + b cos θ a + b 2 2 Call: 08448709545, 08527484563
eT+>∑fi¯yês¡+ 29.1.2019 13
@ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·« Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\qT,˝ÀbÕ\qT $e]+#·+&ç?
11. sêC≤´+>∑+ Hê´j·TXÊK Ä~Û|ü‘ê´ìøÏ *œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ neø±X¯+ ªÁ|ü<Ûëq eT+Á‹ Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+µ nì ≈£L&Ü e]íkÕÔs¡T. á ‘·s¡Vü≤ <ësêe‘Y ôd’<äT\T Hêj·Tø˘
ÇdüTÔ+~. Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+˝À Á|ü<ÛëqeT+Á‹ yêdüÔe ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ dæ$ø˘‡ ˝…ø£Ãs¡sY,>∑es¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ pìj·TsY ø±˝ÒCŸ
1) sêC≤´+>±ìï ìs¡«∫+∫ sêC≤´+>∑ \ø£åD≤\qT $e »V”≤sêu≤<é, dü+>±¬s&ç¶ õ˝≤¢
]+#·+&ç? Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«+>±\ eT<Ûä´ |òüTs¡¸D\≈£î M\T ø£*ŒdüTÔ+~. n~Ûø±]>± e´eVü≤]kÕÔ&ÉT. πø+Á<ä πø_HÓ{Ÿ πø+Á<äeT+Á‹ bò˛Hé˘ 9908569970
Constitution nH˚ |ü<ä+ constitutio nH˚ ˝≤{ÏHé dü+πøåeT sê»´kÕú|üq≈£î nqT≈£L\+ ø±<äT. eT+&É*øÏ Á|ü<ÛëqeT+Á‹ eT÷\$sê{Ÿ>± ì\ã&É‘ês¡T.
|ü<ä+ qT+&ç ñ<䓤$+∫+~. ˝≤{ÏHé uÛ≤wü˝À constitutio 3) n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\T ˝ÀbÕ\qT 2)@ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·« Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\qT, ˝ÀbÕ\qT $<Ûëq+ nqTyÓ’+~ ø±<äT.
nq>± ªªkÕú|æ+#·Tµµ nì ns¡ú+. $e]+#·+&ç? $e]+#·+&ç? u≤<Ûä´‘êsêVæ≤‘·´+: @ø£πø+Á<ä e´edüú˝À πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+
1 ˝≤sY¶ Áu…dt: Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ |üì #˚ùd $<ÛëHêìï ‘Ó*ù| ì]›wüº Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\T: 1. X¯øÏÔe+‘·yÓTÆq Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+: @ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ XÊdüq <˚ìøÏ u≤<Ûä´‘· eVæ≤+#·<äT. n+‘˚ø±<äT ÁbÕ+rj·T
ìj·TeT\ düeTT<ëj·Ty˚T sêC≤´+>∑+ Á|ü>∑‹o\ø£ XÊdüq ìsêàD≤ìøÏ n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ eT]j·TT bÕ\Hê|üs¡yÓTÆq n+XÊ\qT ˇπø‘ê{Ïô|’ q&ç|æ Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\T @ $wüj·T+˝ÀHÓ’Hê @ $<Ûä+>±qT πø+Á<ä
2 dæºù|òHé *ø±ø˘: sêC≤´+>∑+ n+fÒ Á|üuÛÑT‘·« s¡÷|ü+µµ <√Vü≤<ä|ü&ÉT‘·T+~. düTÔ+~. ˇπø ˇø£ πø+Á<äÁ|üuÛÑT‘·« ÄBÛq+˝À XÊdüq, Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«ìï ì\Bj·T˝Òe⁄.
sêC≤´+>∑ eTÚ*ø£ \ø£åD≤\T : n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ ø±˝≤qT>∑TD+>± dü+uÛÑ$+∫q |ü]D≤ ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£, Hê´j·T |üs¡yÓTÆq XÊK\T+&É≥+ e\¢ 3) XÊdüq ìsêàDXÊK $<ÛäT\T @$?
1. |”]ƒø£: Á|ü‹ sêC≤´+>∑+ ˇø£ |”]ƒø£qT ø£*– ñ+≥T+~. Ä e÷\≈£î Á|ürø£>± e÷πsÃ+<äT≈£î neø±X¯+ ñ+≥T+~. Á|üuÛÑT‘·« j·T+Á‘ê+>∑+ X¯øÏÔe+‘·+>± |üì #˚düTÔ+~. 1. XÊdüq dü+ã+<ÛäyÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: XÊdüq ìsêàD XÊK
|”]ƒø£ sêC≤´+>∑ \øå±´\T Äø±+ø£å\qT e´ø°Ôø£]düTÔ+~. |”]ƒø£ n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì n+XÊ\T yê´ø√#· dü«uÛ≤yêìï 2. düeTs¡úe+‘·yÓTÆq bÕ\q: @ø£πø+Á<ä bÕ\Hê e´edüú˝À #·{≤º\qT ‘·j·÷s¡T #˚düTÔ+~. neT\T˝À ñqï #·{≤º\qT
sêC≤´+>±ìøÏ Ä‘·à>± ñ+≥T+~. ø±ã{Ϻ sêC≤´+>∑|ü⁄ ø£*– ñ+{≤sTT. ÁbÕ+rj·T Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\T πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·« dü÷#·q\qT, düe]düTÔ+~. n<˚$<Ûä+>± e÷s¡T‘·Tqï Á|üC≤ nedüsê\
ÄeX¯´ø£ \ø£åD≤\˝À |”]ƒø£ n‘·´+‘· eTTK´yÓTÆq~>± Á|ü»\ nedüsê\≈£î Äø±+ø£å\≈£î nqT>∑TD+>± sêC≤´+>∑+ dü\Vü‰\qT bÕ{Ï+#·e\dæ e⁄+≥T+~. nìï s¡ø±\ bÕ\Hê <ä�cÕº´ ø=ìï bÕ‘· #·{≤º\qT s¡<äT› #˚düTÔ+~.
|ü]>∑DÏ+#·e#·Tà ˝Àì n+XÊ\qT düe]+#·Tø√H˚ M\T+≥T+~. |üs¡yÓTÆq n+XÊ\qT n‘·´+‘· X¯øÏÔe+‘·+>±, düeTs¡ú 2. ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ $<ÛäT\T: XÊdüq ìsêàDXÊKô|’ Á|ü‘·´ø£å
n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ nyê+#·˙j·TyÓTÆq $|ü¢yê\T Ç‘·s¡ e+‘·+>± ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. ìj·T+Á‘·DqT ø£*– ñ+≥T+~. Á|üC≤Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\ <ä�cÕº´
Ç+≥sY Á|ü‘˚´ø£+ Ä+<√fi¯q≈£î neø±X¯+ Çe«<äT. Á|ü»\ &çe÷+&É¢qT 3. ‘·≈£îÿe e´j·T+, ‘·≈£îÿe düeTj·T+: @ø£ πø+Á<ä e´edüú
Á|üuÛÑT‘·« j·T+Á‘ê+>∑+˝À ÁbÕ+rj·T Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\T
bÕ\q|üs¡yÓTÆq n+XÊ\ MT<ä XÊdüqdüuÛÑT´\ Á|üX¯ï\qT,
|ü]wüÿ]+#˚ M\T á sêC≤´+>∑+ ø£*ŒdüTÔ+~. ñ|üÁ|üX¯ï\qT eT+Á‘·T\ô|’ dü+~+#·&É+ <ë«sê ‘·–q
yÓTT<ä{Ï dü+e‘·‡s¡+ ˝ÀbÕ\T: n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì Ä+XÊ\qT n~Ûø±s¡+˝À ñ+&Ée#·TÃ, ñ+&Éø£b˛e#·TÃ. ‘·‘·Œ¤*‘·+>± @ø£πø+Á<ä düe÷<ÛëHê\qT, düe÷#êsêìï sêã&É‘ês¡T.
Á|üuÛÑT‘·« ìsêàD+, ìs¡«Vü≤D≈£î ‘·≈£îÿe Ä]úø£ eqs¡T\T
bÂs¡XÊÁdüÔ+ ñqï bÕغ d”«j·T sê»ø°j·T Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\≈£î nqT>∑TD+>±
‘·s¡#·T>± düe]+#˚ neø±X¯+ ñ+≥T+~. dü]b˛‘êsTT.
3. Ä]úø±~Ûø±sê\T: XÊdüq ìsêàD XÊK≈£î ø=ìï Ä]úø£|üs¡
yÓTÆq n~Ûø±sê\T ≈£L&Ü ñHêïsTT. ˇø£ s¡ø£+>± XÊdüq
2. düŒwüº‘· : sê»´bÕ\q, Á|üuÛÑT‘·« $<ÛëHê\qT sêC≤´+>∑+ Á|üC≤kÕ«eT´ sêC≤´\≈£î n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ nqT≈£L\ 4. dü‘·«s¡ ìs¡íj·÷\≈£î neø±X¯+: @ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·« ìsêàD XÊK C≤rj·T ì~ÛøÏ dü+s¡ø£å≈£î&ç>± ñ+≥T+~.
düŒwüº+>± $e]düTÔ+~. sêC≤´+>∑+ m+‘√ düT\uÛÑXË’*˝À. yÓTÆq~ ø±<äT. e´edüú˝À ˇπø ˇø£ Á|üuÛÑT‘·« j·T+Á‘ê+>∑+ ñ+&É≥+ e\¢ n~ dü+πøåeT+, bÕ\q eT]j·TT $$<Ûä s¡ø±\ ÁbÕC…≈£îº\ Ä<ëj·T
düŒwüºyÓTÆq uÛ≤wü˝À *œ+∫ ñ+≥T+~. ø±ã{Ϻ sêC≤´+>∑+ düe÷K´ sêC≤´\≈£î Ç≥Te+{Ï sêC≤´+>∑+ dü]b˛<äT. düeTj·÷qT ≈£L\+>± dü‘·«s¡ ìs¡íj·÷\T rdüTø√H˚ e´j·÷\≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«ìï XÊdüqìsêàD XÊK
˝Àì $$<Ûä n+XÊ\qT ns¡ú+ #˚düTø√e&É+˝À @ s¡ø£yÓTÆq sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì n+XÊ\T ‘·s¡#·T>± dües¡D\≈£î neø±X¯+ m≈£îÿe>± ñ+≥T+~. ìj·T+Á‹düTÔ+~.
dü+<˚Vü‰\≈£î >±˙ ndüŒwüº‘·≈£î >±˙ neø±X¯+ ñ+&É<äT. ˝Àqe⁄‘êsTT.
3. ÁbÕ<∏ä$Tø£ Vü≤≈£îÿ\T: Á|ü‹ sêC≤´+>∑+ ø=ìï ÁbÕ<∏ä$Tø£ n*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ $TøÏÿ* ˝≤+#·q ÁbÕj·TyÓTÆ+~.
Vü≤≈£îÿ\qT ø£*– ñ+≥T+~. ÁbÕ<∏ä$Tø£ Vü≤≈£îÿ\H˚$ 4) <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\qT, ˝ÀbÕ\qT
bÂs¡T\T ùd«#êä kÕ«‘·+Á‘ê´\qT |ü]s¡øÏå+#·T≥≈£î ñ<›˚•+∫ $e]+#·+&ç?
q$. sê»´+˝À bÂs¡T\T dü+‘√wüø£s¡yÓTÆq >ös¡eÁ|ü<äyÓTÆq Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\T:
JeHê˙ï >∑&çù|+<äT≈£î Ç$ düVü‰j·T|ü&É‘êsTT. <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+ sê»ø°j·T dæús¡‘ê«ìï n+~düTÔ+~.
4. ≈£î¢|üÔ‘·: sêC≤´+>∑ n+XÊ\qT ns¡ú+ #˚düTø√e&É+˝Àq÷, <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+ sê»ø°j·T nqTuÛÑyêìøÏ Á|ürø£>± ñ+≥T+~.
yê{Ïì yêU≤´ì+#·&É+˝Àq÷ e´≈£îÔ\˝À >∑+<äs¡>√fi≤ìï XÊdüq ìsêàD+˝À ‘=+<äs¡bÕ≥T‘√ ≈£L&çq Ä˝À#·q
≈£î¢|üÔ‘· ìyê]düTÔ+~. sêC≤´+>∑+˝À nqedüs¡ n+XÊ\T s¡Væ≤‘· |ü<äΔ‘·T\qT ìyê]düTÔ+~.
#˚s¡Ãã&Ée⁄ ø±ã{Ϻ sêC≤´+>∑+ nH˚~ ≈£î¢|üÔ+>± ñ+≥T+~. bÂs¡T\T ÁbÕ<∏ä$Tø£ Vü≤≈£îÿ\qT <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+ |ü]s¡øÏådüTÔ+~.
5. düs¡fi¯‘·«+: Á|ü»\ Äø±+ø£å\qT m|üŒ{Ïø£|ü&ÉT Á>∑Væ≤+∫ <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+ nìï s¡ø±\ Á|ü»\≈£î dü]b˛‘·T+~.
yê{Ïì Ä#·s¡D˝À ù|fÒº+<äT≈£î sêC≤´+>∑+ düs¡fi¯yÓTÆq~>± ˝ÀbÕ\T:
ñ+&Ü*. nedüs¡yÓTÆq|ü&ÉT sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì Á|üø£s¡D\qT <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>±ìï e÷s¡T‘·Tqï nedüsê\≈£î nqT>∑TD+>±
düe]+#˚ M\T ñ+&Ü*. nsTT‘˚ sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì n+XÊ düT\uÛÑ+>± düe]+#·&É+ kÕ<Ûä´+ø±<äT.
\qT |ü\TkÕs¡T¢ düe]+#·≈£L&É<äT n|ü&˚ sêC≤´+>∑ dü÷Œ¤]Ô sê»´ Á|ü>∑‹øÏ <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+ Ä≥+ø£+>± ñ+&˚ neø±X¯+
|ü~\+>± ñ+≥T+~. ñ+≥T+~.
6. XÊX¯«‘·‘·«+: sêC≤´+>∑+ eTTK´\ø£åD≤\˝À¢ XÊX¯«‘·‘·«+ n‘·´edüs¡ |ü]dæú‘·T\˝À m<äTs¡j˚T´ düeTdü´\ |ü]cÕÿsê
ˇø£{Ï. C≤‹ dü+πøåeT+ <ä�cÕº´ sêC≤´+>∑+ düTBs¡Èø±\+ ìøÏ <ä�&ÛÉ sêC≤´+>∑+ dü¬s’+~ ø±<äT.
bÕ≥T |üì#˚ùd $<Ûä+>± ø=ìï $\Te\T ø£*– ñ+&Ü*.
7. sê»´+>∑ dües¡D |ü<䛋: kÕ<Ûës¡D+>± sêC≤´+>∑ 12. Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+
n+XÊ\qT eT÷&ÉT s¡ø±\T>± düe]+#·e#·TÃ. 1). bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ \ø£åD≤\qT $e]+#·+&ç?
n$: 1. ø£]ƒqyÓTÆq |ü<äΔ‹ 1. HêeTe÷Á‘·yÓTÆq, yêdüÔe ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ n~Û|ü‘·T\T: 5. ∫qï <˚XÊ\≈£î Á|üjÓ÷»qø±]: @ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ ∫qï 4. #·sêÃ|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: XÊdüq ìsêàD XÊK #·sêÃ|üs¡yÓTÆq
2. düs¡fi¯yÓTÆq |ü<äΔ‹ bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+˝À ¬s+&ÉT s¡ø±\ ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ n~Û <˚XÊ\≈£î m+‘√ Á|üjÓ÷»qø±]>± ñ+≥T+~. m+<äTø£+fÒ, dü+düú>± ≈£L&Ü e´eVü≤]düTÔ+~. düe÷»+˝Àì $$<Ûä
3. bÕøÏåø£ ø£]ƒqyÓTÆq bÕøÏåø£ düs¡fi¯yÓTÆq |ü<äΔ‹. |ü‘·T\T ñ+{≤s¡T. M]ì HêeTe÷Á‘·|ü⁄, yêdüÔe ø±s¡´ìs¡« ‘·≈£îÿe »HêuÛ≤ |ü]$T‘·yÓTÆq uÛÖ>√[ø£ ÁbÕ+‘·+ ñ+&É≥+ esêZ\, düeT÷Vü≤\ _Ûqï Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\qT e´ø£Ô|üs¡#·&É+˝À
8. $es¡D≤‘·àø£yÓTÆq~: sêC≤´+>∑+ $es¡D≤‘·àø£yÓTÆq Vü≤D n~Û|ü‘·T\T n+{≤s¡T. HêeTe÷Á‘·|ü⁄ ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤D e\¢ n<˚$<Ûä+>± C≤‹, uÛ≤wü, dü+düÿ�‹, ÁbÕ+rj·T|üs¡+>± ˇø£ y˚~ø£>± ñ|üjÓ÷>∑|ü&ÉT‘·T+~. n<˚$<Ûä+>±, $<Ûëq
dü«uÛ≤yêìïø£*– ñ+≥T+~. n<˚ $<Ûä+>± Á|ü»\≈£î n~Û|ü‹øÏ #·ø£ÿ{Ï ñ<ëVü≤s¡D uÛ≤s¡‘· sêÁwüº|ü‹. yêdüÔyêìøÏ düC≤rj·T‘·qT s¡÷bı+~+#˚ neø±X¯+ ñ+≥T+~. ìs¡íj·÷\ s¡÷|üø£\Œq˝À, yê{Ïì neT\T #˚j·T&É+˝À
Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«ìøÏ sêC≤´ìøÏ dü+ã+~Û+∫q nH˚ø£ n+XÊ\qT bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+˝À neT˝À¢ Oqï <˚XÊ\˝À @ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·« <√cÕ\T ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ XÊK≈£î düVü≤j·Tø±]>± ñ+≥T+~.
sêC≤´+>∑+˝À Á|ükÕÔ$+∫ #·]Ã+#·&ÉeTe⁄‘·T+~. ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ n~Ûø±sê\ìï Á|ü<ÛëqeT+Á‹ Hêj·Tø£‘·«+ ìj·T+‘·�‘ê«ìøÏ neø±X¯+: @ø£πø+Á<ä e´edüú˝À nìï s¡ø±\ 5. Hê´j·T|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: nH˚ø£ sêC≤´\T ‘·eT
˝Àì eT+Á‹eT+&É* #˚‹˝À ñ+{≤sTT. n~Ûø±sê\T ˇπø ˇø£ πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·« ÄBÛq+˝À ñ+&É≥+ XÊdüqXÊK\≈£î sêC≤´+>∑|üs¡yÓTÆq dü÷Á‘ê\qT n‹Áø£$T+∫
2) *œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\T, ˝ÀbÕ\T m$? ˝Ò<ë <äT]«ìjÓ÷>∑|ü]#˚ dü+<äs¡“¤+˝À $#ês¡D\T #˚|ü{Ϻ
Á|üjÓ÷»Hê\T: 2. dü$Twæº u≤<Ûä´‘·: dü$Twæº u≤<Ûä´‘· n H˚~ bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø e\¢ n~Ûø±s¡+˝À ñqïe´≈£îÔ\T ‘·eT ÇcÕºqTkÕs¡+>±
Á|üuÛÑT‘·« eTÚ[ø£ \ø£åD+. eT+Á‘·T\+<äs¡÷ XÊdüq ìsêàD ìj·T‘·�‘·« <Û√s¡DÏ˝À ìs¡íj·÷\T rdüTø=H˚ neø±X¯+ ñ+~. n$XÊ«dü rsêàq+ <ë«sê dü<äs¡T e´≈£îÔ\qT |ü<ä$ qT+&ç
*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ $TøÏÿ* düT\uÛÑyÓTÆq~. ‘=\–+#˚ n~Ûø±sêìï Ç#êÃsTT. ñ<ëVü≤s¡D≈£î uÛ≤s¡‘·
*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ ø=+‘·y˚Ts¡≈£î ø£]ƒq dü«uÛ≤yêìï ø£*– XÊK˝Àì ~>∑Te düuÛÑ≈£î dü$Twæº>± u≤<Ûä´‘· eVæ≤kÕÔs¡T. πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ ô|’ n~Ûø£uÛ≤s¡+: á ‘·s¡Vü≤ Á|üuÛÑT‘·« e´edüú˝À
3. sê»ø°j·T düC≤rj·T‘·: bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘·«|ü⁄ πø+Á<ä-sêÁwüº Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\ eT<Ûä´ n~Ûø±sê\ $uÛÑ»q sêÁwüº|ü‹.
ñ+≥T+~. 6. sêC≤´+>∑|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: XÊdüq ìsêàD XÊK ø=ìï
Á|ü»\ bÕ<∏ä$Tø£ Vü≤≈£îÿ\qT ø±bÕ&ÉT‘·T+~. düs¡«ÁX‚wüº eTTK´ \ø£åD+ sê»ø°j·T düC≤rj·T‘·. bÕs¡¢ »s¡>∑<äT. πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ e÷Á‘·y˚T nìï s¡ø±\ $<ÛäT\qT
yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+˝À eT+Á‘·T\+<äs¡÷ kÕ<Ûës¡D+>± ˇπø ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. ‘·‘·Œ¤*‘·+>± πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ô|’ uÛ≤s¡+ sêC≤´+>∑|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\qT ôd’‘·+ ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. XÊdüq
πø+Á<ä, sêÁcÕº\ eT<Ûä´ Hê´j·TyÓTÆq Ø‹˝À n~Ûø±sê\ ìsêàD XÊK sêC≤´+>∑ n~Ûø£s¡D\qT düe]+#·e#·TÃ.
|ü+|æD° <ë«sê düeT‘·T\´‘·qT bÕ{ÏdüTÔ+~. bÕغøÏ #Ó+~q yê¬s’ ñ+{≤s¡T. ô|]– ìs¡íj·÷\T rdüTø√e&É+˝À ìs¡¢ø£å´+, Ä\dü´+
4. XÊdüq ìsêàD, ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ XÊK\ eT<Ûä´ düeTq«j·T+: ø±e{≤ìøÏ m≈£îÿe neø±X¯+ ñ+≥T+~. uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯+˝À nìïs¡ø±\ sêC≤´+>∑ dües¡D\≈£î
Á|üuÛÑT‘·« n~Ûø±sê\ô|’ ø=ìï |ü]$T‘·T\qT $~ÛdüTÔ+~. dü+ã+~Û+∫q Á|ü‹bÕ<äq\T eTT+<äT>± bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥T˝À
düe÷K´e´edüú |ü$Á‘·‘·qT, dü÷Œ]Ôì ø±bÕ&ÉT‘·T+~. bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£, XÊdüq ìsêàD ndüeTs¡ú‘· ô|s¡T>∑T‘·T+~: á ‘·s¡Vü≤ Á|üuÛÑT‘·« e´edüú˝À
XÊK\ eT<Ûä´ düeTq«j·÷ìï @s¡Œs¡TdüTÔ+~. m+<äTø£+fÒ Ä ÁbÕ+rj·T Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\≈£î dü«j·T+ Á|ü‹|ü‹Ô>±˙, dü«j·T+ Á|üy˚X¯ô|≥ºã&É‘êsTT.
˝ÀbÕ\T: 7. mìïø£\ |üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: Á|ü|ü+#·+˝À nH˚ø£ <˚XÊ\
*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑+ yÓTs¡T¬>’q Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«ìï n+~+#·˝Ò<äT. ¬s+&ÉT XÊK\≈£î #Ó+~q düuÛÑT´\T ˇπøkÕ] XÊdüq düuÛÑ˝À ìs¡íj·÷~Ûø±s¡+ >±˙ ñ+&É<äT. ÁbÕ+rj·T Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\T
düuÛÑ´‘ê«ìï ø£*– ñ+{≤s¡T. Á|ü<∏äeT+>± XÊdüq n˙ï πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«+ MT<äH˚ Ä<Ûës¡|ü&Ée\dæ ñ+≥T+~. XÊdüqdüuÛÑ\T ø=ìï s¡ø±\ mìïø£\ $<ÛäT\qT ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ
*œ‘· sêC≤´+>∑|ü⁄ ø£]ƒq dü«uÛ≤e+ sê»´+ n_Ûe�~ΔøÏ HêïsTT. uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯+˝À bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥T sêÁwüº|ü‹, ñ|ü-sêÁwüº
<√Vü≤<ä|ü&É<äT. düuÛÑT´\+<äs¡÷ @<√ ˇø£düuÛÑ˝À düuÛÑT´\T>± ñ+{≤s¡T. n≥T ô|<ä› sêC≤´\≈£î nqTyÓ’+~ ø±<äT: $_Ûqï C≤‘·T\T, |ü\T
‘·s¡Tyê‘· πø_HÓ{Ÿ˝À eT+Á‹>± ø=qkÕ>∑T‘ês¡T. eT‘ê\T, nH˚ø£ uÛ≤wü\T, uÛÖ>√[ø£ |ü]dæú‘·T\T, $$<Ûä |ü‹ mìïø£\≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ uÛ≤>∑kÕ«eT´+ ø£*– ñ+~.
Á|ü»\ Äø±+ø£å\T nedüsê\≈£î nqT>∑TD+>± sêC≤´+>∑+
5. Á|ü<ÛëqeT+Á‹ Hêj·Tø£‘·«+: bÕs¡¢yÓT+≥Ø Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«ìï dü+düÿ�‘·T\T HÓ\ø=ì ñqï <˚XÊ\≈£î @ø£πø+Á<ä Á|üuÛÑT‘·«
˝Àì n+XÊ\qT düe]+#·&É+ kÕ<Ûä´+ ø±<äT. to be continued
÷ªÙÞœüŒî¦ô¢Ù 29 áì÷J 2019 „- email:

Bard of Brahmaputra
Î-v›úd-L-óŸªû ךíû Nâ˶êŸ
On 25th January 2019, ISRO
áÚÁ-N-à launched PSLV C44 from Sathish
îμªöËÀ-ò˺-ôÂoö˺ 2019 áì÷J 27ì áJ-Tì Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota in
Andhra Pradesh. PSLV stands for Polar
Satellite Launch Vehicle.
Îw›úd-L-óŸªû ךíû šíÆjìöËÀö˺ Nâ˶-êŸÞ¥ û•î¦Ú áÚÁ-Nà sšúJ(óŸ«z EL-
It carried Kalamsat V2 and Microsat
à¦è[ª.- šíÆjìö˺x 6n-3, 6n-2, 6n-3êÁ šúpô³-ûÂÚÛª àμÙCì ô¢šíÆöËÀ û¦ë]-öËÀìª
×è…Ù-à¦è[ª.- DÙêÁ ÔèÁ-þ§J Îw›úd-L-óŸªû ךíû ë]Ú¨\Ù-àŸª-ÚÛªìo Îå-Þ¥- R. Kalamsat is a communication satel-
è…Þ¥ JÚ¥ô¢ª“ ú£”ù‡dÙ-à¦è[ª.- áÚÁ-Nà ޜêŸÙö˺ 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, lite, the lightest ever satellite launched
2015, 2016ö˺ Îw›úd-L-óŸªû ךíû Nâ˶-êŸÞ¥ EL-à¦è[ª.- by India. Space Kidz India- a group of
J- û•î¦Ú áÚÁ-Nà 15 vÞ¥ÙèÂ-þ§xîª çËμjæ¨-üŒxêÁ íˆæÀ ú£Ùvð§úà s14z JÚ¥- college students and the members of a
ô¢ª“ìª ÍCÅ-Þœ-NªÙ-à¦è[ª.- í£±ô¢ª-ù£ªõ çËμEo-úÃö˺ ÍêŸu-CÅÚÛ vÞ¥ÙèÂ-þ§xîª Chennai based organization built
çËμjæ¨üŒ‰x ·ÞL-#ì Îå-Þ¥üŒx â°G-ê¦ö˺ ôÁáô šíÆë]-ô¢ô s20z, ô¢šíÆöËÀ Kalamsat. Imaging satellite Microsat R
û¦ë]öËÀ s17z êŸô¦yêŸ ÷´èÁ-þ§–-ìÙö˺ EL-à¦è[ª.- will be used for military purposes. It is a
small Indian earth observation satellite.
J- áÚÁ-N-àÂÚÛª ÏC ÷ô¢ª-ú£Þ¥ ÷´èÁ vÞ¥ÙèÂ-þ§xîª çËμjæ¨öËÀ.- ÞœêŸ Ôè¯C
National Voters Day
Bharat Ratna links with the people of South Africa.
NÙñª-õ“ûÂ, óŸ´Óúà ךíû ·Þõª-àŸª-ÚÛª-û¦oè[ª.-
This year, the overall theme for the India celebrated its 9th National
ÏÙèÁ-û¶-ú‡óŸ« ÷«ú£dôÂq æ˺Ko Pranab Mukherjee, the ex president Republic Day celebrations was the Voters Day (NVD) across the country on
áÚ¥-ô¦hö˺ áì÷J 27ì áJTì ÏÙèÁ-û¶- of India and one of the Congress tallest
leaders for decades, has been awarded
150th birth anniversary of Mahathma 25 January 2019 for enhanced partici-
Gandhi and tableaux of many states, pation of citizens in the electoral
the Bharat Ratna, the country's highest
ú‡óŸ« ÷«ú£dôÂq æ˺Ko šíÆjìö˺x šújû¦ ûμyöËÀ
themed on him. process by encouraging the newly eligi-
Nâ˶-êŸÞ¥ EL-#ÙC.- ví£í£ÙàŸ àŦÙí‡-óŸªû ÚÛôÁ- civilian honour.
ble voters.
The social activist and one of the
Lû¦ ÷«Kû ޥóŸªÙ Ú¥ô¢-éÙÞ¥ êŸí£±p-ÚÁ-÷-
The theme of this year’s NVD is ‘No
è[ÙêÁ šújû¦ÚÛª ·Þõªí£± ë]Ú¨\ÙC.- BJP's senior-most leaders Nanaji
voter to be left behind’.
Deshmukh and music maestro Bhupen
To mark the Foundation day of Election
Hazarika, also have been awarded

÷Ùë¶ òÅ°ô¢ê ÓÚÂq-vší-úÃ
ë¶øŒÙö˺ ê•L ÏÙ>-ûÂ-ô¢-ï‡°êŸ ·ôjõªÞ¥
Commission of India, which was estab-
Bharat Ratna posthumously.
lished on 25th January 1950, the National
Pranab Mukherjee also served as the
ÞœªJhÙí£± ð»ÙCì wçËμjû 18 ›íô¢ªìª Voters’ Day is celebrated all over the
Finance Minister, Defence Minister and
÷Ùë¶ òÅ°ô¢ê ÓÚÂq-vší-úÃÞ¥ ÷«ô¢ª-ú£ªh- country on January 25 every year since
also the Foreign Minister. He was
2011. A quarterly magazine named ‘My
ìoåªx ·ôjö˶y ÷ªÙvA íˆóŸ´ùà ÞÁóŸªöËÀ President of India from 2012 and 2017. Padma Awards
Vote Matters’ was launched by Election
Nanaji Deshmukh played a crucial
ví£ÚÛ-æ¨Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- DEo í£²JhÞ¥ ú£yë¶Q
Padma Awards - one of the highest commission of India on this occasion.
í£J-â‘°-ìÙêÁ ô¢«.-97 ÚÁåx ÷uóŸªÙêÁ role in the social restructuring pro- civilian Awards of the country, are con-
àμûμj¬o-ö˺E ÏÙæ¨-vÞœöËÀ ÚÁà ðƧuÚÛd-Kö˺ gramme in 500 villages in Madhya PBD convention
ferred in three categories, namely,
EJtÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- Ð ·ôjõªö˺ 16 ò˺Uõª Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan On 21 January 2019, the 15th Pravasi
ÑÙæ°ô³.- CMx n- î¦ô¢-é°ú‡ ÷ªëÅ]u and Padma Shri. Bharatiya Divas Convention was com-
ìè…චР·ôjõª îμ³êŸhÙ 755 Ú¨ö˺-Oª- Writer This year the President of India has
menced in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.
PM Modi inaugurated the convention.
Amara Veeraswamy approved conferment of 112 Padma
åô¢x ví£óŸ«-é°Eo ë¯ë¯í£± 8 ÞœÙåö˺x í£²Jh à¶ú£ªhÙC.-
Prime Minister of Mauritius, Mr. Pravind
Awards including one duo case (in a duo
÷ªJÚ•Eo... Subject Expert case, the Award is counted as one).
Jugnauth was the chief Guest of
Convention. The theme of this year’s
H In this entire list of Awards, there are
Õúˆúˆ çËμúÃd ô¦uÙÚ¨Ù-ÞÂqö˺ Þ¥K þ¼ñôÂq s1974z êŸô¦yêŸ ûμÙñô Referred as the "Bard of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas (PBD) conven-
4 Padma Vibhushan, 14 Padma
÷û ÎöËÀ-ô½Ù-è[-ôÂÞ¥ EL-#ì ê•L îμú‡dÙ-è†úà Îå-Þ¥-è…Þ¥ â˶ú£û Brahmaputra", Bhupen Hazarika was a tion was “Role of Indian Diaspora in
Bhushan and 94 Padma Shri Awards.
ï£°Ë ºõ“ô íÆ£ªìêŸ þ§CÅÙ-à¦è[ª.- ê¦â° Õúˆúˆ ô¦uÙÚ¨Ù-ÞÂqö˺ ÎöËÀ-ô½Ù- famous Indian playback singer, lyricist, building New India”.
musician, singer, poet and film-maker 21 of the awardees are women and Himanshu Gulati who is a Member of
è[ô¢x â°G-ê¦ö˺ ù£Ú¨òËÀ ÍöËÀ ú£-ûÂìª ÍCÅ-Þœ-NªÙ# îμ³ë]-æ¨-þ§–ìÙ the list also includes 11 persons from
conferred with Bharat Ratna. Parliament of Norway was the Special
the category of Foreigners/ NRI/ PIO/
H æ°æ° úˆdöËÀ ÷«ú£dôÂq àμúà æ˺Ko çËμjæ¨-öËÀì ª ví£í£ÙàŸ àŦÙí‡-óŸªû Guest whereas Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi,
Republic Day OCI, 3 posthumous awardees and 1 Member of Parliament of New Zealand
÷«Þœoúà ڥôÂx-ú£û þ»ÙêŸÙ à¶ú£ª-ÚÛª-û¦oè[ª.- ûμë]-ô¦xÙ-èÂq-ö˺E NâËÀ transgender person. was the Guest of Honor in the 15th edition
On 26 January 2019, 70th Republic
Ú¥û >ö˺ 2019 áì÷J 27ì áJ-Tì Ð æ˺Koö˺ òÅ°ô¢êŸ Îå- Day celebrated. South African Padma Vibhushan conferred on Ms. of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. The PM of
Þ¥è[ª, Íô³-ë]ª-þ§ô¢ªx ví£í£ÙàŸ àŦÙí‡-óŸªû NøŒy-û¦-ëÇ]û ÎìÙë President Cyril Ramaphosa is the chief Teejan Bai (Art-Vocals-Folk), Anilkumar India and Mauritius discussed ways to
÷´èÁ-þ§–-ìÙö˺ EL-à¦è[ª.- guest for the event. He was chosen for Manibhai Naik (Trade-industry- expand further co-operation in areas of
* êŸNª-üŒ-û¦-è[ª-ö˺E ÷ªë]ª·ôj ú£Oª-í£Ùö˺ ô¢«.-1264 ÚÁåx ÷uóŸªÙêÁ this occasion because India is celebrat- Infrastructure), Balwant Moreshwar blue economy. The day commemorates
EJtÙ-àŸ-ìªìo ÍIõ òÅ°ô¢êŸ îμjë]u Nâ‘°ì ø‹þY§õ ú£Ùú£–ÚÛª sÓô³îªqz ing the 150th birth anniversary of Purandare (Art-Acting-Theatre) and the return of Mahatma Gandhi from South
ví£ëů-ì-÷ªÙvA ì¸ôÙvë] îμ«D áì÷J 27ì øŒÙÚÛª-þ§–-í£ì à¶ø‹ô¢ª.- Mahatma Gandhi who had very close Ismail Omar Guelleh (Public Affairs) Africa to Mumbai on 9 January 1915.
* ë¶øŒ-î¦u-í£hÙÞ¥ Ñìo 330Ú¨ šíjÞ¥ ¸ÚÙvë] ví£òÅ¡ªêŸy ô¢ÙÞœ ú£Ùú£–ö˺x
síˆÓúÃóŸ´z íƇvñ-÷J 1 ìªÙ# Nè[ª-ë]-õó¶ªu ÍEo ví£êŸu¤Û EóŸ«- Model Questions 1) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan 3) Major Arunima Sinha
2) M. Visvesvaraya 4) Major Mithali Raj
÷ª-Ú¥õ ûÁæ¨-íƇ-¸Ú-ù£-ìxÚÛª àŸåd ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù 10%- Ðè[-ñ«x-¬u-Óúà ÚÁæ°
1. Bhupen Hazarika belongs to which
3) Jawahar Lal Nehru 5) Major Smrithi Mandhani
* Íóμ«ëÅ]u ¸Úú£ª ÷ªôÁ-þ§J î¦ô³ë¯ í£è…ÙC.- EKgêŸ šùè[«uöËÀ state?
4) Govind Ballabh Pant 6. SWAT women commandos, mobile
1) Uttar Pradesh 2) Assam
ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù 29÷ ê¶Dì òÅ°ô¢êŸ ví£ëůì û¦uóŸª-÷´Jh áú‡dúà ô¢Ùáû 5) Dhondo Keshav Karve hit teams, snipers are among the
3) Nagaland 4) Meghalaya varied layers of security under which
Þ•Þ•óÀª û¶êŸ”-êŸyÙ-ö˺E ëÅ]ô¦t-ú£ìÙ Ð ¸Úú£ªö˺ î¦ë]-ìõª Nû¦Lq 4. Highest civilian award of the nation,
5)Jammu and Kashmir the national capital has been placed
ÑÙC.- Íô³ê¶ û¦uóŸª-÷´-ô¢ªhö˺x ÖÚÛ-·ôjì áú‡dúà ÓúÃ.-Ó.- ò˺ò˶“ Bharat Ratna instituted in……..?
2. Dhola–Sadiya Bridge, also referred for the Republic Day. In this context,
ÍÙë]ª-ò°-åªö˺ ö˶ìÙë]ª ÷õx Nà¦-ô¢é î¦ô³ë¯ í£è…ÙC.- 1) 1964 2) 1947 3) 1954
* Nvø‹ÙêŸ ÕÎôÂ-Óúà ÍCÅ-Ú¥J ·Ú.-àŸÙvë]-úÃ, Nvø‹ÙêŸ ÕÔ-Óúà ÍCÅ- to as the Bhupen Hazarika Setu is a SWAT stands for......?
4) 1997 5) 1981
beam bridge connecting the north- 1) Sword Weapons and Tactics
Ú¥J è¯.-·Ú.- õ¤©t-û¦-ô¦-óŸªé ÎÙÞœxÙö˺ ô¢#Ù-#ì -cÓFd-ÎôÂ:- Ó east states of Assam and .......? 5. An all-woman contingent of the
ñóμ«-vÞœíƈe- vÞœÙëǯEo ¸ÚÙvë] ÷«@ ÷ªÙvA ÎøËËÁ-ÚÂ-Þœ-á-í£-A-ô¦V ÎN- Assam Rifles led by whom in the 2) Special Ware and Tactics
1) Nagaland 2) Meghalaya 3) Special Weapons and Totals
ù£\-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- šïj°ë]-ô¦-ò°-ëÂ-ö˺E ÷«ë¯-í£²ô šújñô ú‡æ© ÚÛûμy-ì{û 70th Republic Day parade, created
3) Manipur 4) Arunachal Pradesh 4) Special Weapons and Tactics
šúÙå-ôÂö˺ Eô¢y-Ù-#ì ÖÚÛ Ú¥ô¢u-vÚÛ-÷ªÙö˺ Ð í£±ú£hÚÛÙ ê•L history by walking down Rajpath for
5) Tripura the first time? 5) Standard Weapons and Tactics
ví£AE ÓFd-Îô ÚÛª÷«-ô¢ªè[ª ìÙë]-÷´J ô¦÷ª-ÚÛ”-ù£gÚÛª ÍÙCÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- 3. First recipients of Bharat Ratna are 1) Major Khushboo Kanwar
C. Raja Gopalachari, Dr. C.V. Key
2) Major Bachendra Pal
÷ªJÙêŸ ú£÷«à¦ô¢Ù ö˺ Raman and ........?
1-2 2-4 3-1 4-3 5-1 6-4
÷ªÙÞœüŒî¦ô¢Ù 29 áì÷J 2019 „- email:

ñ«è…ë] ô¢ÙÞœª í£ë¯ô¢–Ù ÑÙåªÙC.

ô¢ÚÛhÙö˺ Óvè…ìLû ÓÚÛª\îμjê¶...! H û¦è†ÚÛé°õ ÎÚ¥qìªx îμªë]è[ª ö˺í£õ îμjí£± ÑÙè[åÙ
÷õx ö˺í£L òŰޜ٠êμõxÞ¥ ÑÙåªÙC.
H ÎÚ¥qìx ÚÛådõª îμªë]è[ª ÷ªëÅ]u òÅ°Þ¥Eo ·ôÙè[ªÞ¥

ú£p-ô¦)-ìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ:- ÓÞœ-ò°¸Ú îμ³ÚÛ\ö˺x ìªL-B-Þœõª

î¶ô¢ª ඛúö° Þ¥è… Ôô¢pè… ÑÙåªÙC. Oæ¨E
EóŸªÙ-vêŸén- ú£÷ª-ìyóŸª ÷u÷ú£– û¦è[ªõª ·ôÙè…Ù-æ¨E ÚÛõª-í£±-ê¦ô³.- Oæ¨û¶ -cNªvøŒ-÷ª-û¦- c÷ªú‡hù£\ ÞÁü°ô¦–õªe ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.
ú£ìoÞ¥, ð»è[-÷±Þ¥ ë¯ô¦õ ÷«C-JÞ¥ Ú¥Ùè[Ù-šíjì è[ªõªe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- H ÷ªú‡hù£\Ùšíj òÅ°Þ¥ì Ó꟪hõª n í£ö°xõìª ÚÛLT
Nù£-óŸ«-÷-Þ¥-ì ÑÙè˶ Eô¦t-é°õª Ôëμjû¦ Îëů-ô¢Ù îμjí£± ê¦Ú¨ ë¯E ÑÙåªÙC. Ó꟪hõìª ·ÞjJ ÍF, í£ö°xõìª ú£Lq ÍE
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª. H îμªë]è[ª 3 ÷³ÜuòÅ°Þ¥õìª ÚÛLT
ví£:- Ñ-DÌ-í£-ì-õÚÛª ví£A-ú£pÙ-ë]-ì-õìª àŸ«›í îμ³ÚÛ\õ àŸõ-
àŸªå«d šíì-î¶-ú£ª-ÚÛªE šíô¢-Þœ-è¯Eo ú£pô¦)-ìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÑÙåªÙC.
û¦-õìª Ñë¯--ô¢-éõêÁ ›íô•\-ìÙè…?- s4 ÷«-z ô¢-þ§-óŸª-E-Ú¥-ìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ:- í£±ù£pÙ-ö˺E Ú©ö°-vޜٚíj í£è…ì 1. ÷³Ùë]ª îμªë]è[ª: DEö˺ ÷ªú‡hù£\Ù, ë¯yô¢ÞÁô¢–Ù Íû¶
á:- îμ³ÚÛ\õ òÅ°Þ¥õª ò°ï£°u ÑDÌ-í£û¦-õÚÛª ö˺ûμj-ì-í£±pè[ª í£ô¦Þœ ¸ôéª-÷±õª ú£ªvÚÁ-âËÀìª íˆõªa-ÚÛªE í£ô¦-Þœ-û¦-ü°Eo @÷ø‹ú£YÙ ·ôÙè[ª òÅ°Þ¥õª ÑÙæ°ô³.
H ÷ªú‡hù£\Ù NëÅ]ªõª: ÷«ìú‡ÚÛ Îö˺àŸìõª, â‘°í£Ú¥õª,
àŸõ-û¦Eo ví£ë]-J)-þ§hô³.- Ïö°Ùæ¨ àŸõ-û¦-õìª -cÍìª-
ví£:- šújû¦íÃq ÍÙç˶ ÔNªæ¨? s1 ÷«-z
Ôô¢p-ô¢ª-ú£ªhÙC.- ú£ªvÚÁ-âËÀêÁ ví£òÅ°-N-êŸîμªi í£ô¦-Þœ-û¦üŒÙ
÷-ô¢hì àŸõ-û¦õªe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
á:- ÖÚÛ û¦è†-ÚÛ-éÙ-ö˺E èËμÙwèËμjæÀq ÷ªôÁ û¦è†-ÚÛ-éÙ-ö˺E
ÍÙè[Ù CøŒÞ¥ àŸLÙ-àŸ-è¯Eo ô¢þ§-óŸª-E-Ú¥-ìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ ÒøŒÚ¨h, Ñë¶yÞ¥õª, ÍìªòÅ¡«êŸªõª n àŸL, î¶è…,
H Ú•Eo ú£Ùë]-ô¦(Äö˺x ÑDÌ-í£-û¦õ CøŒ àŸõ-ì-C-øŒìª Eô¦ÌÄ- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ò°ëÅ], ÖAhè….
J›úh, ÷ªJ-Ú•Eo ú£÷ª-óŸ«ö˺x àŸõ-ì-CøŒ ÑDÌ-í£-ìõ ví£:- í£±ì-løŒa-ô¢é óŸ«ÙvA-Ú¥Eo Ñë¯--ô¢-éêÁ êμõ-í£Ùè…? ÎÚ¥q-ûÂêÁ ú£ÙñÙ-ëůEo ÚÛLT ÑÙåªÙC.- Ð ú£ÙñÙ- H ë¯yô¢ÞÁô¢–Ù NëÅ]ªõª: ÚÁí£Ù, ò°ëÅ], ÎìÙë]Ù, ô¢ÚÛhíˆè[ìÙ,
CøŒìª Eô¦ÌÄ-JÙ-àŸë]ª.- Ïö°Ùæ¨ ví£A-ú£pÙ-ë]-ì-õìª - ëůEo -cú‡û¦íÃq/- û¦è†-ÚÛé ú£ÙCÅe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- øŒKô¢ Ñÿ¼gvÞœêŸ, ÎÚÛL, Evë], íˆóŸ´ù£ vÞœÙDÇ þ§–÷ô¢Ù.
2. ÷ªëÅ]u îμªë]è[ª: DEö˺ ë]”ù‡d ÞÁü°õª ÑÙæ°ô³.
s2 ÷«-z
cû¦ú‡dÚ àŸõ-û¦õªe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- á:- øŒK-ô¢Ùö˺ ôÁtìx àŸô¢uìª EóŸªvAÙචóŸªÙvê¦-Þ¥Eo ví£-PoÙ-àŸè[Ùn- í£J-ÚÛ-õpì à¶óŸªè[Ù
H ë]”ù‡d ÞÁü°õ NëÅ]ªõª: ë]”ù‡dÚ¨, Nìè¯EÚ¨
ví£:- ·ôÙèÁ îμªë]-è[ªÞ¥ @ô¢g û¦è†÷u÷-ú£–ìª ›íô•\-ì-÷à¦a?
í£±ì-løŒa-ô¢é óŸ«ÙvAÚÛÙ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ôÁtìx àŸô¢u
á:- ÷ªì øŒK-ô¢Ù-ö˺E @ô¢g û¦üŒÙö˺ ÖÚÛ ví£ê¶u-ÚÛ-îμªiì
ví£AvÚ¨óŸª, ví£AàŸô¢uõª.
3. îμìªÚÛ îμªë]è[ª: DEö˺ Íìª÷ªú‡hù£\Ù, ÷ªâ°b÷³ÜÙ
ô¢àŸô³êŸ ÷õx šíJ-Tì @÷-vÚ¨-óŸªõ ¸ôåªìª þ§ëů-ô¢-é-þ§–-ô³Ú¨
Bú£ª-ÚÛª-ô¦-÷-è[Ùö˺ ÏC Ú©õ-ÚÛ-ð§vêŸ ð¼ù‡-ú£ªhÙC.-
G. P÷LÙÞ¥Þ½è Ñë¯: ô¢ÚÛhÙö˺ Óvè…ìLû ÓÚÛª\÷Þ¥ Nè[ªë]öËμjìí£±pè[ª û¦è† ÷u÷ú£– ÑÙC.- ÏC ¸ÚÙvDóŸª û¦è† ÷u÷ú£– n- Íû¶ ·ôÙè[ª òÅ°Þ¥õª ÑÙæ°ô³.
H Íìª÷ªú‡hù£\Ù
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª ÚÁí£Ù ÓÚÛª\÷÷±êŸªÙC. Óvè…ìLû ôÁtû þ§–ô³ í£J-DÅóŸª û¦è† ÷u÷-ú£–-õêÁ ú£ÙñÙëÅ]Ù ö˶ÚÛªÙè¯ NëÅ]ªõª: øŒKô¢ ú£÷«ê¦ú‡–A,
Ú¥ÙA Íìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ:- Ú¨-æ¨Ú© ë]Þœ_ô¢ šíô¢ª-Þœª-꟪ìo BÞœ êŸT_ì Ú•DÌ ÚÁí£Ù ÚÛ«è¯ êŸÞœª_꟪ÙC. ú£yêŸÙ-vêŸÙÞ¥ í£E à¶ú£ªhÙC.- Ú¥ñæ¨d @ô¢g û¦è† ÷u÷-
ví£:- vÚ¨óŸªìª Íìª-ú£-JÙ# û¦è[ªõª ÓEo ô¢Ú¥õª? ÍN
EóŸªÙvAêŸ àŸõû¦õª
H ÷ªâ°b÷³ÜÙ NëÅ]ªõª: û¦è†ú£pÙë]ì, ô¢ÚÛhíˆè[ìÙ,
ú£–ìª ·ôÙèÁ îμªë]-è[ªÞ¥ ›íô•\-ì-÷àŸªa.-
Ú¥ÙA êŸÞœª-õª-꟪ìo îμjí£±-ìÚÛª šíô¢-Þœ-è¯Eo Ú¥ÙA Íìª- ví£: ÷«ì÷ îμªë]è[ªìª í£åÙ ú£ï£„óŸªÙêÁ ÷JgÙàŸÙè….
á:- ÷«ì÷±è… îμªë]è[ª ÚÛð§õÙö˺ Í÷ªJ ÑÙåªÙC.
á:- NCÅE ñæ¨d û¦è[ªõª 3 ô¢Ú¥õª.- ÍN
÷-ô¢hìÙ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- î¦þ¼îμ«æ°ôÂ, NªÙÞœè[Ù, ë]Þœ_è[Ù, ꟪÷ªtè[Ù,
Þœª-ô¢ª-ê¦y-ìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ:- îμ³ÚÛ\õ î¶üŒ‰x Þœªô¢ª-ê¦y-ÚÛ-ô¢{-é-øŒ-Ú¨hÚ¨
î¦Ù꟪õª à¶óŸªè[Ù.
H îμªë]è[ª àŸªå«d ÷ª”Cy, ö®AÚÛüŒ, ÷ô¦PÚÛ Íû¶
Íìª-ÚÛ«-õÙÞ¥ šíô¢-Þœ-è¯Eo Þœªô¢ª-ê¦y-ìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ â‘°ì-û¦-è[ªõª:- ÏN â‘°û¶Ù-vC-óŸ«õ ìªÙ# ú£÷«-à¦-ô¦Eo ÷´è[ª ð»ô¢õª ÑÙæ°ô³. Oæ¨û¶ cîμªEÙáúÃe ÷ª-J-Ú•Eo ÷³Üu-îμªiì ví£øŒoõª
îμªë]è[ª, îμìªo-ð§-÷³ÚÛª Bú£ª-ÚÛª-E-ð¼-ê¦ô³.- Oæ¨E -c
Fæ¨ Íìª-÷-ô¢hìÙ:- ô¦üŒxìª, ÞÁè[-õìª ÍÙæ¨-ší-åªd-ÚÛªû¶
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª. ÏN c÷ªú‡hù£\ ô¢ªvë]÷ÙêÁ EÙè…
ÍGÅ-î¦--û¦-è[ªõªe- ÍE ÚÛ«è¯ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- H
à¦õ-ÚÛ-û¦-è[ªõª:- ÏN îμªë]è[ª, îμìªo-ð§÷³ ìªÙ# ú£÷«-
ÑÙæ°ô³. û¦è†-ÚÛéÙ í£åÙ Uú‡ òÅ°Þ¥-õìª ÞœªJhÙ-àŸÙè….-
šíJ¸Þ îμ³ÚÛ\ö˺x î¶ô¢ªx ô¦ô³ öË¶ë¯ ÞÁè[-îμjí£± ìªÙ# H îμªë]è[ªö˺ H ú£ï£„-ìª-òÅ¡«êŸ í£ô¢-û¦è† ÷u÷ú£– Eô¢y-ÙචNëÅ]ª-
ë]«ô¢ÙÞ¥ û¶õö˺ Fô¢ª Ñìo vð§ÙêŸÙ îμjí£± šíô¢ª-Þœª- à¦-ô¦Eo Eô¦y-ÚÛ ÍÙÞ¥-õÚÛª Bú£ª-ÚÛªE ð¼ê¦ô³.- ñóŸªåîμjí£±ìÚÛª õìª ÞœªJÙ# Oªô¢ª ÔÙ Íô¢–Ù à¶ú£ª-ÚÛª-û¦oô¢ª?
ú£ï£°-ú£Ù-ñÙ-ëÅ]-û¦-è[ªõª:- ÏN ÍGÅ-î¦ï‡°n- Íí£-î¦ï‡°
ê¦ô³.- Ïö°Ùæ¨ ví£A-ú£pÙ-ë]-ììª -cFæ¨ Íìª-÷-ô¢hìÙe- Oæ¨û¶ -cÍí£-î¦--û¦-è[ªõªe- ÍE ÚÛ«è¯ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- û¦è†ÚÛé°õ ÚÛéë¶ï£„õª Ú¥ÙA Íìª-÷-ô¢hìÙšíj è¯Jyû à¶ú‡ì ví£óμ«ÞœÙ
ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÚÛLT ÑÙè… ö覐٠ÔNªæ¨?

Difinite Integrals sEPaêŸ ú£÷«-ÚÛ-õìÙz

Very short answer type questions

Q. Evaluate ³  dx
E-PaêŸ ú£÷«-ÚÛ-õìÙ ëÅ]ô¦t-õìª êμõª-ú£ª-ÚÛªÙë¯Ù!-
+ x2
sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z
2 1
3 3/2 0 0
Sol: ³  dx = [log (1 + x2)]
3 Short answer type questions cos (x) 1 1
2 2 I = ³  dx = ³ dt = ³ dt
2 1+x x 25  16t 2 5 2  (4t)2
a sinx + b cosx 3/2 1 + e 1 1
= log 10  log 5 = log2 Q. Find ³  dx 3/2 x 0
e cosx
[ ( )]
sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z. 1 5+4t 1
0 sinx + cosx I = ³  dx  (2)
x =  log  =  log9
Writer 3/2 3/2 e + 1 40 54t 40
a sinx + b cosx 1
Sol: Let I = ³  dx (1) (1) + (2) gives 1 1
B. Eswara Rao 0 sinx + cosx = 2 log 3 =  log3
40 20
3/2 3 /2
Subject Expert 3/2
a sin(3/2 x) + b cos (3/2 x)
(1 + ex )cosx
2I = ³  dx = ³ cosx dx
I = ³  dx (1 + ex )
3 sin(3/2 x) + cos (3/2 x) 3/2 3 / 2
Q. Find ³—2 + 2 cosT dTsìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z.
3/2 3/2 Some important Questions
0 3/2
3 3
a cosx + b sinx
I = ³  dx .... (2)
2I = 2 ³cosx dx ŸI = (sinx) 3
  0 0 x
Sol: ³—2 + 2 cosT dT = ³—4 cos2 T2 dT 0 cosx + sinx H Find ³ 
0 0 = sin 3/2  sin 0 = 1  dx sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z.
(1) + (2) gives 0 —x2 + 16

= 2 ³ cos T2 dT = 2. 


1 2 [ ]
(a + b) (sinx + cosx)
2I = ³  dx = (a + b) ³dx
0 (sinx + cosx) 0

H EValute

2 sin5x
Mathematics sin5x + cos5x
0 0
= 4 (sin 3 2  sinT) = 4 (1) = 4 3/2
2I = (a + b) (x) = (a + b)3/2 ŸI = (a + b)3/4
sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z.
1 Long answer type questions 1 log(1+x)
x2 0
Q. Evaluate ³  dx sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z. 3/2
cosx H Evaluate ³ dx
0 x +1 3/4
sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z.
Q. Find ³  dx ìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…. sinx + cosx 0 1 + x2
1 1 2 3/2 1 + ex 1. Find = ³dx sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z. 3
x2 x +11 0 9 + 16sin2x 2
Sol: ³  dx = ³  dx 3/2
cosx H Evaluate ³ dx
0 x +1 0 x2 + 1 Sol: Let I = ³  dx  (1) sol: Put sinx cosx = t Ÿ (cosx + sinx)dx = dt sìª ÚÛìª-ÚÁ\Ùè…z.
0 4 + 5 cosx
1 1 3/2 + ex
1 and sin2x = 1 t 2 upper limit (U.L) is t = 0
³(1   ) dx = (x  tan x)0
1 1
çËμûÂh, ÏÙåôÂÚÛª ú£ÙñÙCÅÙ#ì ÷ªJEo
3/2 lower limit (L. L) is t = 1
cos 3/2 + 3/2 x)
2 x +1 I = ³ dx
÷³Üuîμªiì ví£øŒoõªnáî¦ñªõ ÚÁú£Ù
0 3/4 0
1 3/2 1 + e (3/2 + 3/2 x) sinx + cosx 1
= 1 tan 1 = 1 3 4 ? ³ dx = ³dt
2 àŸ«è[÷àŸªa.
0 9 + 16sin2x 1 9 + 16(1  t )
eT+>∑fi¯yês¡+ 29
2 40. M>º$Ë$ gê† {ç³fË$ H ©-ÑÌZ °Ðèþ-Õ-çÜ$¢-¯é²-Ææÿ$? f. B{õÜt-ÍÄæý*
»qe], 2019

f. çÜ$Ðèþ$-{™é- ©Ñ 66. çÜÐèþ¯é² {ç³fË {糫§é¯èþ Ðèþ–†¢ H¨?

41. AÐðþ$ÇM>ÌZ° íܱ ç³Ç{ÔèýÐèþ$ GMæüPyæþ Ðèþ–¨® ^ðþ…¨…¨? f. ÐèþÅÐèþ-ÝëÄæý$…, ç³Ôèý$-´ù-çÙ×ý
f. M>͸ùDzÄæý* 67. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ¯óþ A™èþÅ-«¨Mæü Æ>W °„óü-´ë-˯èþ$ MæüÍ-W¯èþ
42. EçÙ~ Gyé-Ææÿ$Ë$ Ìôý° Q…yæþ-Ðóþ$-¨? çÜÐé¯èþ² {´ë…™èþç³# §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$-¨?
G. Äæý$*Ææÿ‹³, A…sê-ÇP-sìýM>Ë$ f. gñýOÆŠÿ §óþÔèý…
43. º…V>Ææÿ$ Væü¯èþ$-ËMæü$ {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ M>ÌŒýVæü*ÇÏ, Mæü*ÌŒý- 68. {ç³ç³…^èþ {ç³íܧæþ® Mæü…r…V> Æ>W Væü¯èþ$Ë$ VæüË §óþÔèý…?
V>Èz Væü¯èþ$Ë$ H§óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ E¯é²-Æÿ$$? f. gñýOÆŠÿ
f. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý* 69. ´ëÏsìý-ç³‹Ü f…™èþ$Ðèþ# HQ…yæþ…ÌZ ^èþ*yæþ-Ðèþ-^èþ$a?
1. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ† E™èþ¢Ææÿ, §æþ„ìü×ý VøâêÌZÏ HÄôý$ E…sêÆÿ$$. 44. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ MøMø E™èþµ-†¢ÌZ {ç³£æþ-Ðèþ$-Ýë¦-¯èþ…ÌZ f. B{õÜt-ÍÄæý*
A„>…ÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ Q…yéË ç³ÕaÐèþ$ ¿êVæü…ÌZ HÆæÿµ- 21. çÜÐèþ$${§æþ Ðèþ$sêt-°Mìü A«¨Mæü G™èþ$¢ÌZ E…yóþ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ- E¯èþ² ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$-¨? 70. DMìü…¨-Ðé-°ÌZ B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*ÌZ Ðèþ*{™èþÐóþ$ Mæü°-í³…^óþ
yìþ…¨? §æþÆ> {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ò³ÇVóü Ôèý–…V>-M>-Ææÿç³# ^ðþr$Ï HÑ? f. çœ$¯é f…™èþ$Ðèþ# H¨?
f. 30&40 yìþ{X-Ë A„>…ÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ f. ò³O¯Œþ, çœÆŠ, òÜO{糋Ü, òÜyéÆŠÿ 45. çßýÐéÆÿ$$ ©Ðèþ#Ë$ §óþ° E™èþµ†¢Mìü {ç³íܨª ^ðþ…§éÆÿ$$? f. Mæü…V>Ææÿ$
2. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþ-Æ> Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ† {ç³™óþÅ-Mæü™èþ HÑ$-sìý? 22. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ç³…yóþ {糫§é¯èþ «§é¯èþÅç³# f. A¯éçÜ ç³…yæþ$Ï 71. çÜ*y鯌þ ÆæÿMæüç³# {´ë…™èþ… A° H Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ìê°² ÐèþÅÐèþ-
f. Ö™é-M>-Ë…ÌZ ÐèþÆæÿÛ… Mæü$Ææÿ$-çÜ$¢…¨, ÐóþçÜ-ÑÌZ Ðé™é-Ðèþ- ç³…rË$ HÑ? 46. Ðóþ$ÍÑ$ MæüÆ>Æ> ´ëË-Æ>Æÿ$$ ËÀ…^óþ §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$-¨? çßý-Ç-Ýë¢-Ææÿ$?
Ææÿ×ý… ´÷yìþV> E…r$…¨. f. Vø«§æþ$Ðèþ$, »êÈÏ f. CrÎ f. çÜÐèþ¯é² Ðèþ$…yæþË…
3. §æþ„ìü-×êÆæÿ¦ Vøâæý…ÌZ° HÄôý$ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> 23. Cr-Î-ÌZ° ´ù ¯èþ©-ÌZÄæý$, AÐðþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° M>Í-¸ù- 47. H{´ë…™èþ… ¯èþ$…_ §æþ*Ææÿ… ÐðþâôýÏ MöË© ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ… 72. H¯èþ$-Væü$-Væüyìþz H{´ë…™èþ…ÌZ A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> ò³Ææÿ$-Væü$-
Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ† HÆæÿµ-yìþ…¨? DzÄæý* {´ë…™èþ… H ç³…r E™èþµ-†¢Mìü {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…§é-Æÿ$$? ™èþWY Ayæþ-Ðèþ#Ë$ ç³Ë$-^èþ¯ðþO _Ðèþ-ÆæÿMæü$, çÜÐèþ¯é² A¯óþ Væüyìþz ™èþ$…¨?
f. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*ÌZ §æþ„ìü×ý çÜÐèþ$$-{§æþ- ¡Ææÿ {´ë…™é-Ë$, f. ÐèþÇ ¿æý*Ðèþ$$Ë$ Ðèþ–¨® ^ðþ…§æþ$-™é-Æÿ$$? G. çÜÐèþ¯é² Ðèþ$…yæþË…
¯ðþOÆæÿ$† ¡Ææÿ {´ë…™èþ…, §æþ„ìü×ý AÐðþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° _Î 24. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ çœÌêË$? f. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ… ¯èþ$…_ 73. "Ìê¯ø‹Ü' A¯óþ Væüyìþz ¿æý*Ðèþ$$Ë$ H{´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ò³Ææÿ$-Væü$-
§óþÔèý…, §æþ„ìü-×ê-{íœ-M>-ÌZ° Móü‹³ {´ëѯŒþÞ f. °Ðèþ$Ã, MæüÐèþ$-Ë, ¯éÇ…f, {§é„æü 48. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ A†-ò³§æþª çܯèþ¯é² {´ë…™èþ… H ™é-Æÿ$$?
4. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ò³ÇVóü Ðèþ–„æü gê™èþ$Ë$ HÑ? 25. HÆæÿMæü… ç³…yæþ$Ï Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ¯óþ ËÀ-Ýë¢-Æÿ$$? Q…yæþ…ÌZ ¯ðþË-Mö° E…¨? f. §æþ„ìü×ý AÐðþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° JÇ-¯éMø çßýÇ-Ðé×ý {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ
f. BÍÐŒþ, Ððþ$ÆŠÿ-sñýMŠü, KMŠü, M>ÆŠÿP, ÆøgŒý-Ðóþ$È f. BÎÐŒþ f. B{íœM> 74. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*-ÌZ° çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ç³…yóþ {糫§é¯èþ
5. §óþÔèý…ÌZ ò³ÇVóü MæüÐèþ$Ìê çœÌêË$ Ìôý§é BÆð…gŒý 26. H M>Ææÿ-×êË ÐèþËÏ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™éË$ {糫§é¯èþ 49. çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ÐóþçÜÑÌZ çÜVæür$ EÚù~-{Væü™èþ G°² ç³…r H¨?
ç³…yæþϯèþ$ gê¸ë A…sê-Ææÿ$? ç³Æ>Å-rMæü {´ë…™é-Ë$V> AÀ-Ðèþ–¨® ^ðþ…§é-Æÿ$$? yìþ{XË òÜÍÞ-Äæý$‹Ü E…r$…¨? G. ^ðþÆæÿMæü$
f. C{gê-Äæý$ÌŒý f. Ððþ^èþa° Ö™é-M>-Ëç³# Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ†, çÜ$…§æþ-Ææÿ-Ððþ$O¯èþ çÜÐèþ$$-{§æþ- f. 32&37 yìþ{XË òÜÍÞÄæý$‹Ü 75. B{íœ-M>ÌZ {糫§é¯èþ çÜÐèþ¯é² §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$-¨?
6. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*-ÌZ° HÄôý$ ¯èþVæü-Æ>-ËÌZ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> Ö™ø-çÙ~- ¡-Æ>Ë$, AÀ-Ðèþ–¨® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ AÐèþ-Ýë¦-糯é ÝûMæü-Æ>ÅË$, 50. çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™é-°Mìü Ðèþ$Æø-õ³-Ææÿ$? G. çÜ*y鯌þ
íܦ†° ^èþ*yæþ-Ðèþ-^èþ$a? ÆæÿÐèþ$-×îýÄæý$ {ç³Mæü–† §æþ–ÔéÅË$ f. BÄæý$-¯é-ÆóÿRê Ðèþ$…yæþË Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$Ë$ 76. çÜÐèþ¯é² Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ë…ÌZ Ò^óþ ÐéÅ´ëÆæÿ ç³Ðèþ-¯éË$ H
f. ò³ÆŠÿ¢, Byìþ-ÌñýOyŠþ 27. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*-ÌZ° çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz Ððþ$O§é-¯é-˯èþ$ 51. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿQMæü$ CÆæÿ$-ÐðþO-ç³#Ìê HÄôý$ A„>…ÔéË Ñ«§æþ…V> E…sê-Æÿ$$?
7. A…VøÆ> Ðóþ$Mæü-˯èþ$ {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ §óþÔèý-Ðóþ$¨? HÐèþ$…sê-Ææÿ$? Ðèþ$«§æþÅ çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™èþ… ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_…¨? f. ^èþËÏV> E…sêÆÿ$$
f. rÈP f. yú¯ŒþÞ f. 10&20 yìþ{XË A„>…ÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ 77. çÜÐèþ¯é² Ðèþ$…yæþ-Ëç³# Ayæþ-Ðèþ#-Ë-ÌZ° Ðèþ–„>Ë$ HM>-
8. AÐðþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° H{´ë…™èþ…ÌZ {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ MðüÌêÏ A† Ë…ÌZ BMæü$˯èþ$ Æ>Ë$-Ýë¢-Æÿ$$?
- ò³§æþª ^èþÐèþ$$Ææÿ$ „óü{™èþ… E…¨? f. Ö™é-M>-Ë…ÌZ
f. íÜVæü²ÌŒýíßýÌŒý (M>͸ùDzÄæý* Æ>çÙ‰…)
9. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ-MðüÌêÏ A†-ò³§æþª h…Mæü$ Væü¯èþ$Ë$ B{õÜt-Í-
Äæý*ÌZ H §óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ E¯é²-Æÿ$$?
GENERAL AWARENESS 78. AÐðþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° Ðèþ$–™èþ$Å-ÌZÄæý$ (yðþ™Œþ ÐéÅÎ) Ö™ø-çÙ~-
íܦ† Ë„æü-×êË$ H ÆæÿM>--°Mìü ^ðþ…¨-¯èþ-Ñ?
f. EçÙ~ GyéÇ
f. {»ZMðü-¯Œþ-íßýÌŒýÞ 28. GyéÇ {´ë…™éÌZÏ° B¨Ðèþ$ gê† {ç³fË$, ÐéÇ 52. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ AÐðþ$-ÇM>ÌZ° çܯèþÐé² {´ë…™éË$ HÑ? 79. §æþ„ìü×ý AÐðþ$-Ç-M>ÌZ EçÙ~-Ðèþ$…yæþË GyéÇ ÆæÿMæü… Ö™ø-çÙ~-
10. {§é„æü ™ørË ÝëVæü$¯èþ$ HÐèþ$…sê-Ææÿ$? Ý린Mæü {´ë…™é-˯èþ$ ™ðþË$ç³#Ðèþ$$? f. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ AÐðþ$-ÇM> ç³ÕaÐèþ$ ¡Ææÿ…, ÐðþíÜt…yîþ‹Ü íܦ† E¯èþ² {´ë…™èþ… H¨?
f. Ñsîý-Mæü-ËaÆŠÿ f. º$‹Ù-Ððþ$-¯Œþ&MæüË-àÇ, ¼…yìþ-»ê-Ë$&B{õÜt-ÍÄæý*, soÆóÿ-Væü$- 53. çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ çÜVæür$ ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë-™èþ… G°² f. Ar-M>Ðèþ*
11. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ò³ÇVóü AÆæÿ-×êÅË$ HÑ? Ë$&çÜàÆ>, »ñýyø-°-Äæý$¯èþ$Ï&AÆóÿ-¼Äæý* òÜ….Ò$. E…r$…¨? 80. GyéÇ {´ë…™èþ gê™èþ$-ËÌZ çÜ…^éÆæÿ iÐèþ¯èþ… Væüyìþõ³
f. çÜ™èþ™èþ çßýÇ-™é-Ææÿ-×êÅË$ 29. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Æ>{†, ç³VæüË$ GÌê f. 25&155 òÜ….Ò$. gê™èþ$-Ìôý-Ñ?
12. H§óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ° ò³§æþª ò³§æþª GõÜt-rϯèþ$ "àíÜ-Äñý$…yé' A° E…sê-Æÿ$$? 54. §æþ.A-Ððþ$-ÇM>ÌZ çܯèþÐé² {´ë…™éË$ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_¯èþ f. soÆóÿ-Væü$Ë$, º$‹Ù-Ððþ$-¯ŒþË$, ¼…yìþ-»êË$
A…sê-Ææÿ$? f. çÜÐèþ*¯èþ…V> E…sê-Æÿ$$ §óþÔéË$ HÑ? 81. GyéÇ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ Mæü°-í³…^óþ ±sìý-º$-VæüY-˯èþ$
f. _Î 30. MæüË-çßýÇ GyéÇ {´ë…™éÌZÏ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ º$‹Ù-Ððþ$¯Œþ f. {»ñýhÌŒý, »ŸÍ-ÑÄæý*, ç³Æ>VóüÓ, AÆðÿj…sîý¯é, Ððþ°-kÌê, HÐèþ$…sê-Ææÿ$?
13. {§é„> ÝëÆ>Æÿ$$ E™èþµ-†¢Mìü {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨¯èþ §óþÔéË$? {ç³fË$ H 糄ìü Væü$yæþ$z ò³…Mæü$¯èþ$ ^ðþ…º$-ÌêV> Eç³- VæüÄæý*¯é f. ç³ÏÄæý*Ë$
f. {¸ë¯ŒþÞ, AÎj-ÇÄæý* Äñý*-W…^èþ$-Mæü$…sêÆæÿ$? 55. H§óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ ™èþÄæý*-ÆæÿÄôý$Å ¯é×ýÅ-Ððþ$O¯èþ ^èþ$þrtË$ 82. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ-†Mìü VæüË Ðèþ$ÆöMæü õ³Ææÿ$?
14. Äæý$*Mæü-Í-ç³t‹Ü Ðèþ–„>Ë$ A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> ò³ÇVóü f. B{íÜt^Œþ çßýÐé¯é ^èþ$rt-Ë$V> {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…§é-Æÿ$$? f. B{Ææÿ¦ Ö™é-M>-Ëç³#, Ððþ^èþa° çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË…
§óþÔèý-Ðóþ$-¨? 31. òÜÌêÓË$ A¯èþ-V>? f. Mæü*Å»ê 83. BíÜÄæý* Q…yæþ…ÌZ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ-†° MæüÍ-W¯èþ
f. B{õÜt-ÍÄæý* f. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþç³# AÆæÿ-×êÅË$ 56. Ððþ°-kÌê §óþÔèý…ÌZ ËÀ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ Q°f… H¨? {´ë…™éË$ HÑ?
15. çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz Ððþ$O§é-¯éË Ë„æü×êËMæü$ çÜ…º…«¨…_ 32. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ f¯é¿ê ç³ËaV> E…yæþ- f. ò³{sZ-ÍÄæý$… f. C{gê-Äæý$ÌŒý, íÜÇÄæý*, rÈP
DMìü…¨ -Ðé°ÌZ çÜÆðÿO¯èþ A…Ôèý-Ðóþ$¨? sê-°Mìü VæüË M>Ææÿ×ý… HÑ$-sìý? 57. {»ñýh-ÌŒýÌZ ËÀ…^óþ Q°-f-Ðóþ$-¨? 84. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*-ÌZ° H{´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ†
f. D {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ… ™èþMæü$PÐèþ. M>Ðèþ#¯èþ Mæü$Ææÿ-^èþ- f. §æþ$ÆæÿÂ-Ææÿ-Ððþ$O¯èþ Ö™ø-çÙ~-íܦ† ç³Ç-íܦ-™èþ$-Ë$ f. C¯èþ$Ðèþ$$ E…¨?
Væüyìþz ò³Ææÿ$-Væü$-™èþ$…¨. ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ {´ë…™é-ËÌZ Ayæþ-Ðèþ#Ë$ 33. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ MðüÌêÏ A™èþÅ…™èþ _™èþ¢yìþ 58. çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Væüyìþz G…™èþ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ ò³Ææÿ$-Væü$- f. §æþ„ìü×ý, ¯ðþOÆæÿ$† MøÝë¢ {´ë…™éË$
ò³Ææÿ$-Væü$-™éÆÿ$$. D {´ë…™éË$ AÆæÿ¦-Ôèý$-çÙP-{´ë…™éË$. {´ë…™èþ… H¨? ™èþ$…¨? 85. çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$Ë$ ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-Æóÿ-QMæü$ CÆæÿ$-
16. íÜÆ>Mø EçÙ~ ç³Ðèþ-¯éË$ H {´ë…™èþ… ¯èþ$…_ Äæý$*Ææÿ‹³ f. M>Ððþ$-Ææÿ*¯Œþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ {´ë…™èþ… f. ¯éË$Væü$ Ò$rÆæÿ$Ï ÐðþOç³#Ë HÄôý$ A„>…ÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$?
Q…yæþ… ¨ÔèýV> ÒÝë¢Æÿ$$? 34. Ððþyéz ™ðþVæü-ÐéÆæÿ$ H ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ °Ðèþ-Õ- 59. çÜÐèþ¯é² ¿æý*Ðèþ$$-ËÌZ °Ðèþ-Õ…^óþ {糫§é¯èþ ™ðþVæüË$ HÑ f. 40&50 yìþ{XË A„>…ÔéË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ
f. çÜàÆ> Gyé-Ç ¯èþ$…_ çÜ$¢-¯é²-Ææÿ$? f. Ðèþ$Ýë-Æÿ$$, çßoÝë, MìüMìüÄæý$* 86. çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$Ë$ BíÜ-Äæý*ÌZ HÄôý$
17. Äæý$*Ææÿ‹³ ¯èþ$…_ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> çÜÐèþ$${§æþ… ¨ÔèýV> Ò^óþ f. {ÖË…Mæü 60. {»ñýh-ÌŒý-ÌZ° Væüyìþz ¿æý*Ðèþ$$-˯èþ$ HÐèþ$…sê-Ææÿ$? {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$?
Ö™èþË ç³Ðèþ-¯éË$ HÑ? 35. {¸ë¯ŒþÞÌZ° ºÆæÿY…yìþ H §óþ° E™èþµ†¢Mìü {ç³íܨ® f. Mæü…´ëË$ f. Ðèþ$…^èþ*-ÇÄæý* (^ðþO-¯é), ÆæÿÚëÅ, r$ÈP-Ý뢯Œþ
f. Ñ${çÜtÌŒý, »ZÆ> ^ðþ…¨…¨? 61. §æþ.A-Ððþ$-Ç-M>-ÌZ° JÇ-¯éMø ç³È-Ðéçßý{´ë…™èþ…ÌZ 87. Äæý$*Ææÿ-‹³ÌZ çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$Ë$ HÄôý$
18. Äæý$*Ææÿ‹³ ¨ÔèýV> íÜÆ>Mø EçÙ~ ç³Ðèþ-¯éË$ H{´ë…™èþ… f. ÐðþO¯Œþ ò³ÇVóü çÜÐèþ¯é² Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$-˯èþ$ HÐèþ$…sê-Ææÿ$? {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$?
¯èþ$…_ ÒÝë¢-Æÿ$$? 36. DMìü…¨-Ðé-°ÌZ ^ðþrÏ MöÐèþ$Ã-Ëò³O Væü$yìþ-òÜ-˯èþ$ °ÇÃ… f. Ìê¯øË$ f. §æþ„ìü×ý ÆæÿÚëÅ, çßý…VóüÇ
f. çÜàÆ> Gyé-Ç ¯èþ$…_ ^èþ$-Mæü$° iÑ…^óþ ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê gê† H¨? 62. B{íœ-M>ÌZ çÜÐèþ¯é² {´ë…™éË$ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…_¯èþ §óþÔéË$ 88. E™èþ¢Ææÿ AÐðþ$-Ç-M>ÌZ çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$Ë$ HÄôý$
19. f{Æ>, Mæü{Ç A¯óþ Ðé×ìý-fÅ-ç³-Ææÿ…V> A™èþÅ…™èþ {´ëÐèþ$$- f. ÆðÿyŠþ C…yìþ-Äæý$¯èþ$Ï HÑ? {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$?
QÅ-™èþ-VæüË Ðèþ–„>Ë$ H§óþ-Ôèý…ÌZ ò³Ææÿ$-Væü$-™é-Æÿ$$? 37. Ææÿº¾Ææÿ$ ™ørË f¯èþÃ-Ý릯èþ… H¨? f. çÜ*y鯌þ, òܯðþ-VæüÌŒý, W°, Ðèþ*Í, òÜO½-ÇÄæý*, Ððþ$$gê…¼MŠü f. §æþ„ìü×ý Ðèþ$«§æþÅ Mðü¯èþyé, E™èþ¢Ææÿ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ AÐðþ$-ÇM>
f. B{õÜt-ÍÄæý* f. AÐðþ$-gꯌþ çßýÇ-Ðé×ý… 63. {ç³ç³…^è· ç³…^èþ-§éÆæÿ W¯ðþ² A¯óþ õ³Ææÿ$ VæüË §óþÔèý…? 90. B{íœM>ÌZ çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz-¿æý*Ðèþ$$Ë$ HÄôý$ {´ë…™é-
20. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ-§æþÆ> {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ-° Ðèþ–„>Ë Ë„æü-×êË$ HÑ? 38. §ðþO¯èþ…¨¯èþ EÚù~-{Væü™é ™éÆæÿ-™èþÐèþ$Å… GMæüPyæþ ™èþMæü$P-ÐèþV> f. Mæü*Å»ê ËÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$?
f. CMæüPyìþ ^ðþr$Ï ´÷sìýt-V>¯èþ$, BMæü$Ë$ §æþâæý-çÜ-ÇV>¯èþ$, E…r$…¨? 64. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ M> A™èþÅ-«¨-Mæü…V> E™èþµ†¢ ^óþõÜ f. {sꯌþÞ-ÐéÌŒý {´ëѯŒþÞ (§æþ.-B-{íœ-M>-)
»ñýÆæÿyæþ$ Ðèþ$…§æþ…V>¯èþ$ E…sêÆÿ$$. Ôèý$çÙP ÐóþçÜ-ÑÌZ f. ¿æý*Ðèþ$-«§æþÅ-ÆóÿRê {´ë…™é-ÌZÏ° ç³ËÏç³# ¿æý*Ðèþ$$-Ë-ÌZ §óþÔèý…? 91. B{õÜt-Í-Äæý*ÌZ çÜÐèþ$-Ö-™øçÙ~ Væüyìþz-¿æý*Ðèþ$$Ë$ HÄôý$
¿êÝù¹-™óþÞMæü… §éÓÆ> ±Ææÿ$ BÑÆðÿO ´ùMæü$…yé E…yóþ… 39. EçÙ~ Ðèþ$…yæþË ï³uæÿ-¿æý*-Ðèþ$$-ËÌZ òÜÌêÓË$ Mæü°- f. {»ñýhÌŒý {´ë…™é-ËÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$?
§æþ$Mæü$, ¿æý*Ñ$ ÌZç³Í {´ë…™èþ… ¯èþ$…_ ±sìý° í³…^èþÐèþ#. G…§æþ$-Mæü-°? 65. "çÜiÐèþ ÕÌêgêË ¿æý*Ñ$' õ³Ææÿ$ VæüË Q…yæþ…? f. Ðèþ$${Æóÿ yéÇÏ…VŠü ¯èþ©-ç³-Ç-Ðé-çßýMæü {´ë…™èþ…
{Væüíßý…^óþ…§æþ$Mæü$ ^ðþr$Ï ò³O Ë„æü-×ê-˯èþ$ MæüÍW f. ™èþMæü$PÐèþ ÐèþÆæÿÛ-´ë™èþ…
OÐðlG‹ÜBÆŠæ hÌêÏ l Ð]l$…VýSâ¶æÐéÆý‡… l
f¯]lÐ]lÇ l 29 l 2019 Send your Feedback to
{sìæMŠS Ððl$yìlíܯŒl) GMýSPyýl {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨? • 2018 AMøtºÆŠæÌZ ¿êÆý‡™èl§ólÔèæ…ÌZ yìlhrÌŒæ • 9Ð]l ïÜiyîl ¼yìlz…VŠæ Æú…yŠæÌZ ¿êVýS…V> 129

MýSÆð‡…sŒæ AOòœÆŠæÞ • 6Ð]l C…yìlĶæ$¯Œl ÝùçÙÌŒæ Ð]lÆŠ‡P M>…{VðS‹Ü

(IG‹Üyýlº*ÏÅïÜ) GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨?
f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏ

f: ¯]l*Å ÉìlÎÏ
^ðlÍÏ…ç³#ÌS ÌêÐé§ólÒÌS Ððl¬™èl¢… AMøtºÆŠæ
2016 ¯]l$…_ Ð]lÊyýl$ Æð‡r$Ï ò³ÇW…¨. B
Ððl¬™èl¢… G…™èl? f: 244.81 Mør$Ï
• {糿¶æ$™èlÓ òÜMýS*ÅÇsîæÌS¯]l$ Mö¯]l$VøË$ ^ólĶæ$-
hÌêÏÌS MøçÜ… íÜsîæ V>Å‹Ü yìl{íÜtº*ÅçÙ¯Œl
(ïÜiyîl) {´ëgñæMýS$tMýS$ {糫§é¯]lÐ]l$…{† ¯]lÆó‡…{§ýl
Ððl*© GMýSPyýl Ô¶æ…MýS$Ýë¦ç³¯]l ^ólÔ>Æý‡$?
f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏ

• H Æ>çÙ‰…/ MóS…{§ýl ´ëÍ™èl {´ë…™èl ´ùÎçÜ$Ë$ yé°MìS ÇOsñæÌŒæ ò³r$tºyìl§éÆý‡$ÌSMýS$ ¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ • Oòßæ§ýlÆ>»ê§ŠæÌZ Æ>¯]l$¯]l² Hyé¨ÌZ °Æý‡Óí-
™èlÐ]l$ íܺ¾…¨ Ð]l–†¢VýS™èl Õ„ýS×æ MøçÜ… °ç³#׊æ ÝëtMŠS GMŠæÞból…gŒæ B‹œ C…yìlĶæ* {´ëÆý‡…- íßæ…^ól 50Ð]l "Fí³Ç†™èl$¢ÌS BÆøVýSÅ…Oò³
õ³Æý‡$™ø C&ÌñæDz…VŠæ ´ùÆý‡tÌŒæ¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…- À…_¯]l Ððl¬O»ñæÌŒæ Aí³ÏMóSçÙ¯Œl õ³Æý‡$? ĶæʰĶæ$¯Œl Ð]lÆý‡ÌŒæz M>¯]l¹Æð‡¯ŒSÞ' ¯ólç³£ýlÅ…
À…^éÆý‡$? f: ÉìlÎÏ f: G¯ŒlG‹ÜD Vø¼yŠl HÑ$sìæ?
• ºíßæÆý‡…VýS ^èlÆý‡aÌZÏ ´ëÌŸY¯]lyýl…, 2019 ÝëÆý‡Ó- • A…MýS$Æý‡ çÜ…çÜ¦Ë M>Æý‡ÅMýSÌê´ëË$, Ðésìæ °Æý‡Ó- f: G…yìl…VŠæ ¨ GÐ]l$Æð‡j±Þ: OòܯŒæÞ, ÎyýlÆŠæíÙ‹³,
{†MýS G°²MýSÌS ´ûÆý‡ çܯ]l²§ýl®™èlMýS$ Ķæ¬Ð]l™èl¯]l$ çßæ×æ MøçÜ… C¯ø²ÐólçÙ¯Œl òÜ…rÆŠ‡ HÆ>µr$MýS$ Ķæ*MýSÛ¯Œæ
{´ù™èlÞíßæ…^ól…§ýl$MýS$ sìæÓrtÆŠæ C…yìlĶæ* GƇ¬ÆŠ‡º‹Ü ¼‹ÜÌ껌æ™ø AÐ]lV>çßæ¯é Jç³µ…- • C…yìlĶæ* íÜPÌŒæÞ Ç´ùÆŠ‡t 6Ð]l GyìlçÙ¯Œl
{´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l M>Æý‡Å{MýSÐ]l$… õ³Æó‡Ñ$sìæ? §é°² MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$aMýS$¯]l² Æ>çÙ‰ {糿¶æ$™èlÓ… H¨? {ç³M>Æý‡… E´ë«¨ Æó‡r$ÌZ A{VýSÝ릯]l…ÌZ
2018 (þOÌñæ & yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ) •
f: #ç³Ð]lÆŠ‡B‹œ18
MóS…{§ýl, Æ>Ú‰ëË ÝëtsìæíÜtMýSÌŒæ BÆý‡YO¯ðlgôæçÙ¯ŒlÞ • }çßæÇMør ¯]l$…_ ¿êÆý‡™èl {ç³Äñæ*VýS Ðéçßæ-
f: MóSÆý‡â¶æ E¯]l² Æ>çÙ‰…/ MóS…{§ýl´ëÍ™èl {´ë…™èl… H¨?
f: B…{«§ýl{糧ólÔŒæ
26Ð]l çܧýlçÜ$Þ GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨? ¯]l… iG‹ÜGÎÓ&GÐŒl$MðS 3 yîl2 §éÓÆ> MýS„ýSÅ- • MðSO¯ðl¯Œl yìlòÜt…ç³ÆŠæ OÐðlÆý‡‹Ü ÐéÅí³¢ ™èlÆ>Ó™èl H
→ °¯]l²sìæ "ѧýlÅ' ™èlÆý‡$ÐéƇ¬ GÐ]lÆý‡$ {ç³Ð]l*×æ ïÜÓM>Æý‡… ^ólÔ>Æý‡$? f: «§ýlÆý‡ÃÔ>Ë, íßæÐ]l*^èlÌŒæ{糧ólÔŒæ ÌZMìS {ç³ÐólÔ¶æò³sìæt¯]l ò³§ýlª Eç³{VýSçßæ… õ³Æó‡- f…™èl$Ð]l# ç³ÇÆý‡„ýS×æ MøçÜ… VýS$fÆ>™Œæ {糿¶æ$-
f: {ç³×æÄŒæ$ MýS$Ð]l*ÆŠ‡ Ð]l¬ÝëçßæÆó‡ • ¯ø…VŠS{MðSÐŒl$ ¯]l–™øÅ™èlÞÐ]l… CsîæÐ]lË H Ñ$sìæ? f: iÔ>sŒæ&29 ™èlÓ… Æý‡*.351 MørÏ™ø JMýS {´ëgñæMýS$t¯]l$
• {糿¶æ$™èlÓ Æý‡…VýS çÜ…çܦ WAPCOS.. ´ëÅíÜ…- • Ķæ¬O¯ðlsñæyŠæ õÜtsŒæÞ AsêȲ f¯]lÆý‡ÌŒæV> Csîæ- Æ>çÙ‰…ÌZ fÇW…¨? f: Ðól$çœ*ËĶæ$ • A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ ÔèæMìS¢ çÜ…çܦ (IEA) A¯ól {´ëÆý‡…À…_…¨? f: BíÜĶæ* íÜ…çßæ…
fÆŠ‡ Æø‹³Ðól {´ëgñæMýS$tË çÜÐ]l$çÜÅË ç³ÇÚëP- Ð]lË GÐ]lÆý‡$ Æ>i¯éÐ]l* ^ólÔ>Æý‡$? • ´ëyìlOÆð‡™èl$ËMýS$ ½Ð]l* MýS͵…^èlyé°MìS "Vø õ³Æý‡$™ø Ð]lÆý‡ÌŒæz G¯]lÈj LsŒæË$MŠS 2018 • {MýSÐ]l$Æý‡íßæ™èl, ¯éíÜÆý‡MýS… õÜÐ]lË$ A…¨çÜ$¢¯]l²
Æ>°MìS H çÜ…çܦ™ø Jç³µ…§ýl… MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$a- f: gñæ‹œ òÜçÙ¯ŒlÞ çÜÐ]l$–¨® ç³Ï‹Ü ïÜP…' ¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l °Ðól¨MýS {ç³M>Æý‡… 2030 ¯ésìæMìS ^èlÐ]l¬Æý‡$ M>Æý‡×æ…V> GƇ¬ÆŠ‡´ùÆŠ‡t A£éÇsîæ B‹œ C…yìl-
MýS$…¨? f: yéò³ÌôæÃĶæ$ÆŠ‡ • M>…í³sîæçÙ¯Œl MýSÑ$çÙ¯Œl B‹œ C…yìlĶæ* (CCI) Æ>çÙ‰… H¨? f: MóSÆý‡â¶æ ™èlÆ>Ó™èl »ŸVýS$Y Ý릯ól {ç³ç³…^èl…ÌZ Æð‡…yø Ķæ* H ^úMýS«§ýlÆý‡ ÑÐ]l*¯]l çÜÈÓçÜ$MýS$ Ey鯌l
• Ð]l˜ÍMýS çܧýl$´ëĶæ*ÌS çÜ…çܦÌSMýS$ GMŠæÞr- O^ðlÆŠæç³Æý‡Þ¯ŒæV> GÐ]lÆý‡$ °Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$ÌSĶæ*ÅÆý‡$? • } Æ>Ð]l*Ķæ$×æ GMŠSÞ{ò³‹Ü õ³Æý‡$™ø Æ>Ð]l*- A†ò³§ýlª ÔèæMìS¢ Ð]l¯]lÆý‡$ M>¯]l$¯]l²¨ H¨? (ĶæÊyîlHG¯Œæ) OÌñæòܯŒlÞ¯]l$ Æý‡§ýl$ª ^ólíÜ…¨?
Æý‡²ÌŒæ MýSÐ]l$ÇÛĶæ$ÌŒæ »êÆøƇ¬…VŠS §éÓÆ> Æý‡$×ê- f: AÔZMŠS MýS$Ð]l*ÆŠ‡ VýS$´ë¢ Ķæ$×æ çÜÆý‡*PÅsŒæÌZ ¯]lyìl^ól 800 ïÜrÏ {ç³™ólÅMýS f: çÜçßæf ÐéĶæ¬Ð]l# f: GƇ¬ÆŠ‡ JyìlÔ>
Ë$ ¡çÜ$MøÐ]lyé°MìS MýS±çÜ M>ÌS Ð]lÅÐ]l«¨° • Ð]l¬…O»ñæÌZ° {MìSMðSsŒæ MýSÏ»Œæ B‹œ C…yìlĶæ* ³ç Æ>ÅrMýS ÆO ð‡Ë$, 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 16¯]l H • 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 16, ¯éVýSç³r²… hÌêÏÌZ • 10 òÜMýS¯]l$ÌS Ð]lÅÐ]l«¨ÌZ MýSÏçÜtÆŠæ ºçÜ$ÞÌS {糧ól-
BȾI I§ólâýæÏ ¯]l$…_ G¯ól²â¶æÏMýS$ ™èlWY…_…¨? MøÆý‡$tÌZ GÌŒæ A…yŠæ sîæ Ð]l¬…O»ñæ Kò³¯ŒæÌZ ¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨? f: ¯]l*Å ÉìlÎÏ VýSf ™èl$¸ë¯Œl ½¿¶æ™èlÞ… çÜ–íÙt…_…¨. C¨ H Ô>ÌS¯]l$ VýS$Ç¢…^èlyé°MìS {ç³™ólÅMýSOÐðl$¯]l Kò³¯Œl
f: 3 íÜ…WÌŒæÞ OsñæsìæÌŒæ VðSË$^èl$MýS$¯]l²§ðlÐ]lÆý‡$? • KOOL A¯ól B¯ŒlOÌñ毌l Kò³¯Œl ÌñæDz…VŠS {sñæ•°- Æ>çÙ‰…ÌZ çÜ…¿¶æÑ…_…¨? f: ™èlÑ$â¶æ¯éyýl$ {sê°ÞsŒæ yólsê ´ùÆý‡tÌŒæ¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l
• ¿êÆý‡™èl BǦMýS Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ ç³Æý‡ÅÐól„ýS×æ MóS…{§ýl… f: Ë$MìSÞM> MýS$…Q$ÐŒl$ …VŠS ´ëÏsŒæ¸ëÆŠ‡Ã¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l Æ>[çÙt… • §ólÔ¶æ…ÌZ Ððl¬§ýlsìæÝëÇV> {ç³™ólÅMýS…V> H¯]l$- ™öÍ ¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$ ¯]lVýSÆý‡… H¨? f: ÉìlÎÏ
A«§ýlÅĶæ$¯]l… {ç³M>Æý‡… Ð]l$¯]l§ólÔèæ…ÌZ °Æý‡$- • Ķæ¬O¯ðlsñæyŠæ õÜtsŒæÞ gê¡Ä¶æ$ {MìSMðSsŒæ fr$t H¨? f: MóSÆý‡â¶æ VýS$Ë MøçÜ… {ç³™ólÅMýS…V> BçÜ$ç³{†° GMýSPyýl • ÐéÆý‡… ´ër$ fÇVóS 'Çn$Ç Ðól$âê' ÐéÇÛMSý
§øÅVýS Æó‡r$ 2018 AMøtºÆŠæÌZ Æð‡…yólâ¶æÏÌZ MðSò³t¯ŒlV> °Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$OÌñæ¯]l Ð]l¬…O»ñæ Ò$yìlĶæ$… • 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 17 & 25 Ð]lÆý‡MýS$ fÇW¯]l {´ëÆý‡…À…^éÆý‡$? f: MýS*ÆŠ‡Y, MýSÆ>~rMýS E™èlÞÐ]l… Çn$Ç A¯ól {V>Ð]l$…ÌZ 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…-
G¯]l²yýl* Ìôæ¯]l…™èlV> G…™èl Ô>™èl… ò³ÇW…¨? õ³çÜÆŠæ, ¿êÆý‡™èl§ólÔèæ A…yýlÆŠ‡&19 {MìSMðSrÆŠæ 14Ð]l »êËË ¯érMø™èlÞÐ]l… gñæõÙ² º^Œl糯Œl • H 糧鰲 BMŠSÞçœÆŠ‡z yìlMýSÛ¯]lÈ 2018 糧ýl…V> ºÆý‡$ 23¯]l H Æ>çÙ‰…ÌZ {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨?
f: 6.9% GÐ]lÆý‡$? f: ÝûÆý‡¿Œæ ¯ól{™èlÐéËPÆŠ‡ GMýSPyýl °Æý‡Óíßæ…^éÆý‡$? f: ¯]l*Å ÉìlÎÏ õ³ÆöP…¨? f: sêMìSÞMŠS f: fÐ]l¬Ã MýSÖÃÆŠ‡
• ¿êÆý‡™ŒlOò³ AÐðl$ÇM> Mö°² B…„ýS˯]l$ Ñ$¯]là- • sîæ&20ÌZÏ òÜ…^èlÈ Ý뫨…_¯]l ™öÍ ¿êÆý‡¡- • Ķæ*°Ðól$çÙ¯Œl, VóSÑ$…VŠæ, ÑkÐ]lÌŒæ GòœMŠStÞ • AËà»ê§ýl$ OòßæMøÆý‡$t {糫§é¯]l ¯éÅĶæ$- • 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆý‡$ 23¯]l 10 ÆøkË ´ër$
Ƈ¬…^èlyé°MìS, AÀÐ]l–¨®MìS Ð]lNÅà™èlÃMýS…V> Ķæ$ Ð]l$íßæâê {MìSMðSrÆŠæ GÐ]lÆý‡$? C¯ŒlíÜtr*ÅsŒæ¯]l$ H ¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ HÆ>µr$ Ð]lÊÇ¢V> {ç³Ð]l*×æïÜÓM>Æý‡… ^ólíÜ…¨ GÐ]lÆý‡$? fÇVóS »êÍ Ä¶æ*{™é E™èlÞÐ]l… GMýSPyýl
E¯]l² béºàÆŠ‡ ´ùÆý‡$t H §ólÔ¶æ…ÌZ E…¨? f: çßæÆý‡Ã¯Œl{ï³™Œl MúÆŠ‡ ^ólĶæ$¯]l$¯]l²r$t MóS…{§ýl {糿¶æ$™èlÓ… {ç³MýSsìæ…- f: fíÜt‹Ü VøÑ…§Šl Ð]l*£ýl$ÆŠ‡ {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨? f: MýSrMŠS, JyìlÔ>
f: CÆ>¯Œl • ATP Ð]lÆý‡ÌŒæz r*ÆŠæ AÐéÆŠ‡zÞ&2018ÌZ "MýSÐŒl$ _…¨? f: Ð]l¬…O»ñæ • C¯éÏ…yŠl ÐérÆŠ‡Ðól‹Ü A£éÇsîæ B‹œ C…yìlĶæ* • ¿êÆý‡™èl§ólÔ¶æ…ÌZ Æð‡…yø A†ò³§ýlª 70 Ayýl$VýS$Ë
• ¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$ ÇfÆý‡$Ó »êÅ…MŠæ CsîæÐ]lË G°² »êÅMŠSæõ³ÏĶæ$ÆŠæ B‹œ ¨ CĶæ$ÆŠæ' AÐéÆý‡$z¯]l$ • } ÑÔ¶æÓMýSÆý‡Ã O¯ðlç³#×êÅÀÐ]l–¨® ÑÔ¶æÓ Ñ§éÅË- Mö™èl¢ O^ðlÆý‡Ã¯ŒlV> GÐ]lÆý‡$ °Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$Ë- º$§ýl® Ñ{VýSà°² GMýSPyýl BÑçÙPÇ…^éÆý‡$?
»êÅ…MìS…VŠæ Oòœ¯é¯ŒSÞ MýS…ò³±ÌS Çhõ܉çÙ¯Œl çÜÇt- GÐ]lÆý‡$ VðSË$^èl$MýS$¯é²Æý‡$? Ķæ*°MìS {糫§é¯]lÐ]l$…{† ¯]lÆó‡…{§ýl Ððl*© Ķæ*ÅÆý‡$? f: fÌêgŒæ {ÖÐé™èlÞÐ]l f: Æ>gŒæWÆŠ‡, ¼àÆŠ‡
íœMóSsŒæ¯]l$ Æý‡§ýl$ª ^ólíÜ…¨? f: 31 f: ¯øÐéMŠS gŸMøÑ^Œæ GMýSPyýl Ô¶æ…MýS$Ýë¦ç³¯]l ^ólÔ>Æý‡$? • {¼sìæ‹Ù {糫§é° £ðlÇÝë Ðól$ °Ä¶æ$Ñ$…_¯]l • {ç³ç³…^èl…ÌZ¯ól 221 Ò$rÆý‡Ï A† G™ðl•¢¯]l
• BM>Ôèæ…ÌZ JMýS ¯]lÐ]l#Ó™èl$¯]l² Ð]l¬Q…Ìê MýS°- • 11Ð]l BíÜĶæ* GƇ$$ÆŠæVýS¯Œl ^é…í³Ä¶æ$¯ŒlíÙ‹³ f: Ogñæç³NÆŠ‡, Æ>fÝ릯Œl ¯]l*™èl¯]l {»ñæWjsŒæ òÜ{MðSrÈ GÐ]lÆý‡$? Æ>Ð]l¬yìl Ñ{VýSà°² E™èl¢Æý‡{糧ólÔŒæÌZ° H
í³…^ól VðSÌêMîSÞÌS Æý‡*´ë°² MýS¯]l$Vö¯]l² ¯éÝë GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨? f: MýS$OÐðlsŒæ íÜsîæ, MýS$OÐðlsŒæ • Ð]l$íßæâê ´ùÎ‹Ü gê¡Ä¶æ$ çܧýlçÜ$Þ GMýSPyýl f: ïÜtòœ¯Œl »êÆŠæMóSÏ hÌêÏÌZ ¯ðlËMö˵¯]l$¯é²Æý‡$? f: AÄñæ*«§ýlÅ
sñæÍÝùP‹³ H¨? • ÐðlíÜt…yîl‹Ü™ø fÇW¯]l Ð]l¯ólz íÜÈ‹ÜÌZ Ð]l*ůŒl fÇW…¨? f: Æ>…`, gêÆý‡U…yŠl • Æð‡…yólâ¶æÏ ç³NÇ¢ M>Ìê°MìS G¯Œl¸ùÆŠ‡ÞÐðl$…sŒæ • "Ð]l$¯]l Kr$&Ð]l$¯]l ¿¶æÑ™èl' õ³Æý‡$™ø 5 ÆøkË
f: çßæº$ÌŒæ õܵ‹Ü sñæÍÝùP‹³ B‹œ ¨ Üí È‹Ü™ø Ð]lÆý‡$çÜV> HyøÝëÇ B AÐé- • 2019 ¿êÆý‡™èl VýS×æ™èl…{™èl Ðólyýl$MýSÌZÏ Ð]l¬«QÅ OyðlÆð‡MýStÆó‡sŒæ A«¨ç³†V> GÐ]lÆý‡$ °Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$- {糧ýlÆý‡Ø¯]l GMýSPyýl {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨?
• C…rÆó‡²çÙ¯]lÌŒæ õܵ‹Ü òÜ…rÆŠ‡ Ý릯]l…ÌZ °ÇÃ- Æý‡$z VðSË$^èl$MýS$¯]l² {MìSMðSrÆŠ‡ GÐ]lÆý‡$? A†¤V> ´ëÌŸY¯]l¯]l$¯]l² §ýl„ìS×ê{íœM> A«§ýlÅ- ËĶæ*ÅÆý‡$? f: çÜ…fÄŒæ$ MýS$Ð]l*ÆŠ‡ Ñ${Ô> f: Oòßæ§ýlÆ>»ê§Šæ
™èlÐ]l$Ð]l#™èl$¯]l² íܺ¾…¨™ø MýS*yìl¯]l ™öÍ Ô>Ô¶æÓ- f: ÑÆ>sŒæ MøïßæÏ „ýS$yìl õ³Æó‡Ñ$sìæ? f: íÜÇÌŒæ Æ>Ð]l$¸ùçÜ • C…yìlĶæ$¯Œl Ķæ*Æø‹Ü 1 ÎVŠS OòÜyŠlV> BÑÆý‡Â- • ´ëMìSÝ뢯ŒlÌZ° MýSÆ>¢ÆŠæç³NÆŠæ¯]l$ A¯]l$çÜ…«§é¯]l…
™èl õܵ‹Ü õÜtçÙ¯Œl ¯]lÐ]lʯé¯]l$ BÑçÙPÇ…_¯]l • "ÎVýSÌŒæ çÜÈÓòÜ‹Ü yól'¯]l$ H ™ól©¯]l °Æý‡Óíßæ- • IMýSÅÆ>fÅçÜÑ$† ¿¶æ{§ýl™é Ð]l$…yýlÍ H Ñ…_, gê¡Ä¶æ$ fr$t M>Å…ç³#˯]l$ °Æý‡Ó- ^ólõÜ ¿êÆý‡™ŒæÌZ° "yólÆ> »ê»ê ¯é¯]lMŠS &
§ólÔ¶æ… H¨? f: O^ðl¯é Ýë¢Æý‡$? f: ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆý‡$ 9 §ólÔ¶æ…Oò³ 9 HâýæÏ ™èlÆ>Ó™èl BĶ欫§éÌS °õÙ«§é- íßæ…^ól…§ýl$MýS$ BÌŒæ C…yìlĶæ* çœ#sŒæ»êÌŒæ òœyýl- MýSÆ>¢ÆŠ‡ç³NÆŠ‡ Ýëòß滌æ Æý‡çßæ§éÇ M>ÇyéÆŠ‡'MýS$
• IMýSÅÆ>fÅçÜÑ$† Ð]l*…{sìæĶæ$ÌŒæ {´ùsZM>ÌŒæ • H çÜ…Ð]l™èlÞÆ>°² ¨ÐéÅ…VýS OòÜ°MýS$Ë Hyé¨- Ë$, {ç³Ä¶æ*×æ °õÙ«§éË$, BçÜ$¢Ë çÜ¢…¿¶æ¯]l Æó‡çÙ¯Œl™ø AÐ]lV>çßæ¯é Jç³µ…§é°² MýS$§ýl$- ¿êÆý‡™èl Eç³Æ>çى糆 G…. Ððl…MýSĶæ$ůéĶæ¬-
¯éË$VóSâ¶æÏ çÜÒ$„ýS ™èlÆ>Ó™èl KgZ¯Œl ´÷Æý‡ §ýlÔ>- V> ´ësìæ…^éË° ¿êÆý‡™èlOòܯ]lÅ… ¡Æ>ð…- ÌS„ýSÅ…V> E¯]l² B…„ýSÌS¯]l$ G†¢ÐólĶæ$yé°MìS Æý‡$aMýS$¯]l² Æ>çÙ‰ {糿¶æ$™èlÓ… H¨? f: JyìlÔ> yýl$ H Æ>[çÙt…ÌZ Ô¶æ…MýS$Ýë¦ç³¯]l ^ólÔ>Æý‡$?
»êª°MìS G…™èl Ô>™èl… ^öç³#µ¯]l ç³#¯]lÆý‡$§ýl®Æý‡×æMýS$ _…¨? f: 2018 HMýS{XÐ]l…V> A…XMýSÇ…_…¨? • Æð‡…yólâ¶æÏ Eç³çÜ…çßæÆý‡×æ ™èlÆ>Ó™èl M>Ð]l$¯ðlÓÌŒæ¢MýS$ f: ç³…g껌æ
¯ø^èl$MýS$…sZ…¨? f: 1&3 % • 38Ð]l C…yìlĶæ* C…rÆó‡²çÙ¯]lÌŒæ {sôæyŠæ òœÆ‡$$- f: GÇ{sìæĶæ* †ÇW Ð]l_a¯]l §ólÔ¶æÐól$¨? f: Ð]l*ΪÐ]l#Ë$ • gê¡Ä¶æ$ BÆøVýSÅ çÜ…çܦ {ç³M>Æý‡… "BĶæ¬ÚëÃ-
• MóS¯]lÞÆŠæ MýS×ê˯]l$ HMýSM>ÌS…ÌZ VýS$Ç¢…_, ¯éÔèæ- ÆŠæ¯]l$ GMýSPyýl °Æý‡Óíßæ…^éÆý‡$? f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏ • 33Ð]l BíÜĶæ*¯Œl(AÝùíÜÄôæ$çÙ¯Œl B‹œ Ýû™Œl • ¿êÆý‡™ŒlÌZ gê¡Ä¶æ$ Ð]l¬{§ýl×æ ¨¯é°² ¯Œl ¿êÆý‡™Œl & {糫§é¯ŒlÐ]l$…{† f¯Œl BÆøVýSÅ
¯]l… ^ólõÜ ¸ùÏÇòÜ…sŒæ M>Æý‡¾¯Œl ¯é¯ø&^èl$MýSP- • {†Ð]lÆý‡~ ç³™éM>ÑçÙPÆý‡×æ 75Ð]l ÐéÇÛMø™èlÞ- D‹Üt HíÙĶæ$¯Œl ¯ólçÙ¯ŒlÞ) çܧýlçÜ$Þ GMýSPyýl (¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ {ò³‹Ü yól) G糚yýl$ °Æý‡ÓíßæÝë¢Æý‡$? Äñæ*f¯]l' ç³£ýlMýS… AÐ]l$Ë$ÌZ E™èl¢Ð]l$ Æ>çÙ‰…-
ÌS¯]l$ H çÜ…çܦ ç³ÇÔZ«§ýlMýS$Ë$ AÀÐ]l–¨® Ðé°² ç³#Æý‡çÜPÇ…^èl$MýS$° MóS…{§ýl BǦMýS Ð]l$…- fÇW…¨? f: íÜ…VýSç³NÆŠ‡ f: ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 16 V> AÐ]l™èlÇ…_…¨? f: VýS$fÆ>™Œl
^ólÔ>Æý‡$? f: IIsîæ&Æý‡*ÈP {†™èlÓ Ô>Q Æý‡*.75 ¯é×ôæ°² GÐ]lÇ VúÆý‡- • Ð]lÆý‡ÌŒæz MýSçÜtÐŒl$Þ BÆý‡YO¯ðlgôæçÙ¯Œl {´ë…¡Ä¶æ$ • 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 19¯]l °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l Ð]lÆý‡ÌŒæz • C…yìlĶæ* BsìæfÐŒl$ òÜ…rÆŠ‡ (IHïÜ) Æý‡*.
• Ð]l$°íÙ Ððl$§ýlyýl$ Ð]l*¨ÇV>¯ól ç³°^ólõÜ {ç³ç³…- ÐéÆý‡¦… Ñyýl$§ýlË ^ólĶæ$¯]l$¯]l²r$Ï {ç³MýSsìæ…- çÜÐ]l*ÐólÔ¶æ… GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨? sêÄŒæ$ÌñæsŒæ yól 2018 ¯ólç³£ýlÅ… HÑ$sìæ? 500 MørÏ Ð]lÅĶæ$…™ø {ç³ç³…^èl {Ôóæ×ìæ Bsìæ-
^èl…ÌZ° Ððl¬rtÐðl¬§ýlsìæ A†ò³§ýlª çÜ*ç³ÆŠ‡ _…¨? f: ¯ól™éi çÜ$¿ê‹Ù ^èl…{§ýl »Z‹Ü f: Ogñæç³NÆŠ‡, Æ>fÝ릯Œl f: {ç³MýS–† í³Í_¯]l糚yýl$ fÐŒl$ so¯ŒlíÙ‹³¯]l$ H Æ>çÙ‰ {糿¶æ$™èlÓ…™ø
MýS…ç³NÅrÆŠ‡ õ³Æó‡Ñ$sìæ? • Æý‡çÜVýS$ÌêÏMýS$ ¿oVøãMýS VýS$Ç¢…ç³#&GI sêÅVŠS • IíÜ‹Ü(ISIS) §ýl$Æ>VýS™é˯]l$ Ayýl$zMýS$¯ól…- • ¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$ Ô>ï܈Ķæ$ çÜ…X™èl… çÜ$ç܅糯]l²™èl, MýSÍíÜ °ÇÃ…^èl¯]l$…¨?
f: òÜ•µMìS…VŠS ¯]l*ÅÆý‡ÌŒæ ¯ðlrÓÆŠ‡P BÇPsñæMýSaÆŠæ ËÀ…_ Hyé¨ ç³NÆð‡•¢¯]l çÜ…§ýlÆý‡Â…V> Æý‡çÜ- §ýl$MýS$ ¿êÆý‡™Œl, H §ólԶ慙ø ç³Æý‡çܵÆý‡ {ç³^éÆý‡… MøçÜ… ´ër$ç³yìl¯]l…§ýl$MýS$ V>¯]l$ f: ç³ÕaÐ]l$ »ñæ…V>ÌŒæ
(SpiNNaker) VýS$ÌêÏ ¨¯é°² °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l Æ>çÙ‰… H¨? ^èlrtç³Æý‡OÐðl$¯]l çÜçßæM>Æý‡…, Æý‡„ýS×æ çÜçßæM>Æý‡ ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏÌZ° M>Ð]l*° ByìlsZÇĶæ$…ÌZ • WÇf¯]l B«¨ç³™èlÅ hÌêÏÌZÏ {´ë«£ýlÑ$MýS ´ëuý‡Ô>-
• ç³…yýl$Ï, MýS*Æý‡V>Ķæ$˯]l$ °ËÓ ^ólĶæ$yé°MìS f: ç³ÕaÐ]l$ »ñæ…V>ÌŒæ Jç³µ…§ýl… MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$aMýS$…¨? f: Ððl¬Æ>Mø "çÜ$Ñ${™èl ^èlÆý‡™Œæ Æ>ÐŒl$ iÑ™èl ÝëçœËÅ ËÌSMýS$ ºçßæ$¿êÚë ѧýlÅÌZ {ç³Äñæ*f¯éÌS
´ùÆý‡tº$ÌŒæ ÝûÆý‡Ô¶æMìS¢ MøÌŒæz ÝùtÆó‡gŒæ yìlOÐðlgŒæ¯]l$ • Ð]lÄñæ*Ð]l–¨® A«§ýlÅĶæ$¯]l Ô>ç܈…, Ð]l–-§é®ç³Å • E™èl¢Æý‡{糧ólÔŒæÌZ° Æý‡n*±ÞÌZ »ê¼¯é OòÜ°MýS ç³#Æý‡ÝëPÆý‡…' GÐ]lÇMìS {糧é¯]l… ^ólÔ>Æý‡$? MøçÜ… 21 WÇf¯]l ¿êçÙÌS 糧ýlMøÔ>ÌS¯]l$ H
AÀÐ]l–¨® ^ólíܯ]l çÜ…çܦ H¨? ÐéÅ«§ýl$ËMýS$ çÜ…º…«¨…_¯]l LçÙ«§éËOò³ 4Ð]l MóS…{§ýl… Ð]l§ýlª H §ólԶ慙ø MýSÍíÜ ¿êÆý‡™Œl f: EÝ뢧Šl AÐ]l$j§Šl AÎ Rꯌl Æ>çÙ‰ {糿¶æ$™èlÓ… Ñyýl$§ýlÌS ^ólíÜ…¨?
f: IIsîæ& Ð]l${§é‹Ü A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ çܧýlçÜ$Þ (C…rÆó‡²çÙ¯]lÌŒæ EÐ]l$Ãyìl OòÜ°MýS M>Æý‡Å{MýSÐ]l$… C…{§ýl¯]l$ • íÜÓrjÆ>Ï…yŠlMýS$ ^ðl…¨¯]l {ç³RêÅ™èl IG…yîl ¼h- f: JyìlÔ>
• Ðól$çœ*ÌSĶæ$ ™öÍ ÌZM>Ķæ¬MýS¢ O^ðlÆŠæç³Æý‡Þ¯ŒæV> M>…{VðS‹Ü B¯Œl fÆð‡…sêËi A…yŠl gñæÇĶæ*- °Æý‡Óíßæ…_…¨? f: Æý‡ÚëÅ ¯ðl‹Ü çÜ*PÌŒæ VøϺ̌æ Ķæ*¯]l$ÅÐ]lÌŒæ sêÌñæ…sŒæ • ç³Æ>ÅrMýS ´ù΋ܯ]l$ {ç³ÐólÔ¶æò³sìæt¯]l Æð‡…yø
• OòßæïܵyŠl OÆð‡ÌŒæ OÌñ毌l¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l Ððl¬§ýlsìæ Æ>Å…MìS…VŠSÞÌZ ¿êÆý‡™Œl Æ>Å…MŠS G…™èl? DÔ>¯]lÅ Æ>çÙ‰… H¨? f: ¯éV>Ìê…yŠl
B{íœM> §ólÔ¶æ…? f: Ððl¬Æ>Mø f: 53 • A™èlÅÐ]lçÜÆý‡ çܵ…§ýl¯]l MóS…{§ýl… (GÐ]l$Æð‡j±Þ
Vidya Weekly Test- 4 SAKSHI EDUCATION
• Ogñæç³NÆŠ‡ÌZ 12 ÆøkË EÐ]l$Ãyìl OòÜ°MýS M>Æý‡Å- • C…sñæMŠSÞ Ýû™Œl HíÜĶæ* ¯éË$Vø GyìlçÙ¯Œæ Æð‡Ý뵯ŒlÞ òÜ…rÆŠ‡) §éÓÆ> ´ùÎçÜ$Ë$, AW²-
{MýSÐ]l$… Ð]l{f {ç³àÆŠ‡¯]l$ ¿êÆý‡™Œl H §ólԶ慙ø GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨? f: MöË…»Z, }Ë…MýS Ð]l*ç³MýS õÜÐ]lË$, BÆøVýSÅ…, C™èlÆý‡ òßæÌŒæµOÌñæ¯]lÏ-
Current Affairs- 2018 Grand Test MýSÍíÜ °Æý‡Óíßæ…_…¨? f: AÐðl$ÇM> • BíÜĶæ* ç³íÜíœMŠS GMýS¯]lÑ$MŠS Mø Bç³Æó‡çÙ¯Œl ¯]l$ MýSÍõ³ JMýS A™èlÅÐ]lçÜÆý‡ çÜ…QÅ "112'¯]l$
� Students can write exam at any time& at any place. • Kò³¯Œl Ð]l*Æð‡PsŒæ Bç³Æó‡çÙ¯ŒlÞ §éÓÆ> ¿êÆý‡¡- (APEC) çÜÐ]l*ÐólÔ¶æ… 2018 GMýSPyýl {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l ™öÍ Æ>çÙ‰… H¨?
Ķæ$ ÇfÆŠ‡Ó »êÅ…MŠS G°² MørÏ Æý‡*´ë- fÇW…¨? f: íßæÐ]l*^èlÌŒæ {糧ólÔŒæ
� Statewide Ranks will be announced Ķæ$˯]l$ ^èlÌêÐ]l$×ìæÌZMìS ¡çÜ$Mö_a…¨? f: ´ùÆŠ‡t Ððl*ÆŠ‡ÞO»ñæ, ´ëç³#Ðé, ¯]l*ÅW°Ä¶æ* • VøÐéÌZ° 糯éiÌZ Ð]l¬Wíܯ]l 40Ð]l ¿êÆý‡™èl
� Exciting Prizes for Top Rankers f: Æý‡*.12 ÐólË Mør$Ï • MóS…{§ýl Ð]l*¯]lÐ]l Ð]l¯]lÆý‡$ÌS AÀÐ]l–¨® Ô>Q Ð]l$…- A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ ^èl˯]l _{™ø™èlÞÐ]l… &2018ÌZ
� Only first time attempted score will be considered for Ranking • ºr¯ŒæÞ™ø ç³°^ólõÜ ¯ólÐŒl$z ¯ðlMŠSÞsŒæ {MðSyìlsŒæ M>ÆŠ‡z {† {ç³M>ÔŒæ fÐ]l§ólMýSÆŠæ E¯]l²™èl ѧéÅçÜ…çܦ Mø- "õÜtsŒæ B‹œ ¸ùMýSÜ‹ 'V> °Í_¯]l Æ>çÙ‰… H¨?
A¯ól Ððl¬§ýlsìæ C…sñæÆ>MìStÐŒl M>ÆŠ‡z¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…- çÜ… "C¯ŒlíÜtr*ÅçÙ¯ŒlÞ C¯ø²ÐólçÙ¯Œl Mú°ÞÌŒæ' f: gêÆý‡U…yŠl
For registration visit À…_¯]l »êÅ…MŠS H¨? ¯]l$ H ¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ {´ëÆý‡…À…^éÆý‡$?
Ñ$VýS™é Æó‡ç³sìæ "ѧýlÅ'ÌZ... →
f: C…yýl‹ÜC…yŠl »êÅ…MŠS f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏ
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Æý‡MýS¢…ÌZ Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË$ ÌôæMýS´ù™ól HÐ]l$Ð]l#™èl$…¨?

í³. ±ËMýS…uý‡Ä¶æ$Å MìSMýSË$, Oòœ{½¯Œæ,{™é…¼¯Œæ Ìê…sìæÑ ™øyýlµyýl™éƇ¬. Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlz- 3. Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË Eç³Äñæ*V>Ë$ Æ>Ķæ$…yìl?
MýSrtyé°MìS ÑrÑ$¯Œæ&MðS MýS*yé AÐ]lçÜÆý‡…. Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlz 4. íÜÝùtÌŒæ & yýlÄñæ*ÝùtÌŒæ Ð]l$«§ýlÅ ¿ôæ§éË$ Æ>Ķæ$…yìl?
çÜ*PÌŒæ AíÜòÜt…sŒæ, MýSrtMýS´ùÐ]lyé°² "ïßæÐðl*ïœÍÄñæ*' A…sêÆý‡$. C¨ 5. »Ÿ¨ª…MýSÌZ BÐ]l$Ïf°.. Æý‡MýS¢… §éÓÆ> M>MýS$…yé
fyîlµòßæ^ŒæG‹Ü, MýSÐ]l$ÃMýS…{yìlVýS Ð]l…Ô¶æ´ëÆý‡…ç³Æý‡Å ÐéÅ«¨. Ô>ÓçÜÐ]lÅÐ]lçܦ §éÓÆ> A…§ýl$™èl$…¨. G…§ýl$MýS$?
6. JMýS ^ðlr$tÌZ çÜV>°MìS Oò³V> »ñæÆý‡yýl$ ¯]lÕ…_´ùƇ¬¯]lç³µsìæMîS
Ððl¬MýSPÌZÏ ç³§éÆý‡¦ Æý‡Ðé×ê A¨ º†MóS E…r$…¨. M>Æý‡×æ… HÑ$sìæ?
{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ & 糧éÆý‡¦ Æý‡Ðé×ê Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ ±Æý‡$.. Ð]l$–†¢M>gêË… ¯]l$…_ Ð]lÊËMóSÔ>Ë §éÓÆ> 7. ¯éyîl çܵ…§ýl¯]l Ð]lËÏ Ð]l$¯]lMýS$ HÑ$ ™ðlË$çÜ$¢…¨?
ÔZçÙ×æ… AÐ]l#™èl$…¨. ©°MìS ÐólÆý‡$ ï³yýl¯]l…, »êÚùµ™ólÞMýS… 8. «§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë VøyýlË$ §ýl–Éýl…V>, íÜÆý‡Ë VøyýlË$ ç³Ë$^èlV>
iÆý‡~OÐðl$¯]l BàÆý‡… ÑÑ«§ýl MýS×êËMýS$ A…¨…^èlyé°MìS Ð]l$¯]l çÜàĶæ$ç³yýl™éƇ¬. ç³{™é-Ë ¯]l$…_ BÑÇ Æý‡*ç³…ÌZ ±Æý‡$ E…sêƇ¬. G…§ýl$MýS$?
Ô¶æÈÆý‡…ÌZ HÆý‡µyìl¯]l Ð]lÅÐ]lõܦ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ. ÐðlË$ç³ÍMìS Ððlâ¶æÏyýlÐól$ »êÚùµ™ólÞMýS…. A§ólÑ«§ýl…V> Q°f ËÐ]l- 9. GyìlÐ]l* HÆý‡µyýlsê°MìS M>Æý‡×êÌôæ…sìæ?
iÐ]l#Ë°²…ÌZ¯]l* 糧é-Æ>¦Ë Æý‡Ðé×êMýS$ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ ×êË$, ™èlĶæ*OÆð‡¯]l BàÆý‡… Æý‡Ðé×ê fÆý‡$VýS$™èl$…¨. Bà- 10. ÔZçÙÆý‡çÜ… GÌê HÆý‡µyýl$™èl$…¨?
E…r$…¨. Ð]l*¯]lÐ]l#yìl{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦÌZ çßæ–§ýlĶæ$…, Æý‡MýS¢…, Æý‡ç³§éÆ>¦Ë Æý‡Ðé×êÌZ ´ùçÙMýS MýS×ægêË… {ç³Ð]l¬Q ´ë{™èl ºÄ¶æ*Ëi 11. ÐólÆý‡$ÌZ MýSÍVóS ï³yýl¯]l… Ððl¬MýSPMýS$ GÌê çÜà
Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$ Ð]l¬QÅOÐðl$¯]l ¿êV>Ë$. ´ùíÙçÜ$¢…¨. iÐ]l#Ë°²…sìæÌZ "{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ' Ð]l¬QÅ {ç³{MìSĶæ$. Ķæ$ç³yýl$™èl$…¨?
VýS$…yðl.. EÆý‡@MýS$çßæÆý‡…ÌZ GyýlÐ]l$OÐðlç³# E…yól {†Mø×êM>Æý‡ 12. Æý‡MýS¢´ùr$ GMýS$PÐ]l, ™èlMýS$PÐ]l A…sôæ HÑ$sìæ?
MýS…yýlÆý‡ °ÇÙèl…. VýS$…yðl¯]l$ BÐ]lÇ…_ ò³ÇM>ÇzĶæ$ÌŒæ ™èlÓ^éË$ VýS$Æý‡$¢…^èl$MøÐ]lËíܯ]l A…Ô>Ë$ 1. çÜ*Æý‡ÅM>…†,
E…sêƇ¬. Ñ¿êfM>Ë$ VýS$…yðl¯]l$ ¯éË$VýS$ VýS§ýl$Ë$V> Ñ¿¶æh- ◆ VýS$…yðl A…™èlDzÆ>Ã×æ…ÌZ° ÑÑ«§ýl VýS§ýl$Ë$, Ñ¿êfM>Ë$, 2. MýS$…yîl Ððl¬MýSP, 2 Ð]l*Æý‡$PË {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$
Ýë¢Æ‡¬. Oò³ Æð‡…yýl$ VýS§ýl$˯]l$ "MýSÇ~MýSË$', MìS…¨ Æð‡…yýl$ VýS§ýl$˯]l$ Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$, MýSÐésêË$. 3. ´ëÍ¥¯Œæ çÜ…_ ÌZç³Í A…^èl$Oò³MìS Ððl¬MýSP ¯]l$…_ 1. ¯éyîl çܵ…§ýl¯]lMýS$, çßæ–§ýlĶæ$ çܵ…§ýl¯]lMýS$ HOÐðl$¯é
"fuý‡ÇMýSË$' A° A…sêÆý‡$. MýSÇ~MýSË VøyýlË$ ç³Ë$^èlV>, ◆ VýS$…yðl A…™èlDzÆ>Ã×æ… & ç³r… Ð]l_a ^ólǯ]l ±sìæ ¼…§ýl$Ð]l#Ë$ ™ólyéË$¯é²Ä¶æ*? ™ðl˵…yìl.
fuý‡ÇMýSË VøyýlË$ Ð]l$…§ýl…V> E…sêƇ¬. VýS$…yðlMýS$ Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$ ◆ «§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë$, íÜÆý‡Ë Ð]l$«§ýlÅ ¿ôæ§éË$ 4 Ð]l*Æý‡$PË {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ 2. »Ÿ¨ª…MýSÌZ VýS$…yðl E…r$…¨. M>± Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$ E…yýlÐ]l#.
A†MìS E…sêƇ¬. §ýl–«Éýl…V> E¯]l² Æý‡MýS¢¯éâê˯]l$ "«§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë$' ◆ àǪMýS Ð]lËĶæ$…, ¨ÓÐ]lËĶæ$ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ M>Æý‡×æÐól$…sìæ?
A…sêÆý‡$. CÑ çßæ–§ýlĶæ$… ¯]l$…_ ºÄ¶æ$Ë$§ólÇ Ô¶æÈÆý‡ ◆ ÔZçÙÆý‡çÜ…, ÔZçÙÆý‡çÜ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ 1. Ð]l*¯]lÐ]l#yìlÌZ Æý‡MýS¢çÜP…§ýl¯]l… fÇVóS ¡Æý‡$¯]l$ ÑÔóæÏíÙ…^èl…yìl. 3. ´ùçÙMýS MýS×ægêË… Mö°² f…™èl$Ð]l#ËMýS$ BàÆý‡…V>
¿êV>ËMýS$ BÐ]l$Ïf°Ä¶æ¬™èl Æý‡M>¢°² ¡çÜ$MðSâ¶æ™éƇ¬. ç³#ç³#çÜ ◆ Ððl¬MýSPÌZÏ ´ùçÙM>Ë Æý‡Ðé×ê f. Æý‡M>¢°MìS çÜ…º…«¨…_¯]l ÑçÙĶæ*ÌZÏ Ð]l¬QÅOÐðl$¯]l A…Ô¶æ… Eç³Äñæ*VýSç³yýl$™èl$…¨. ©°² Ò$Æð‡Ìê çÜÐ]l$ǦÝë¢Æý‡$?
«§ýlÐ]l$° ™èlç³µ A†ò³§ýlª «§ýlÐ]l$°° "º–çßæ™Œæ «§ýlÐ]l$°' A…sêÆý‡$. ◆ ^ðlr$Ï »ñæÆý‡yýl$¯]l$ çÜV>°MìS Oò³V> ™öËW…^ól f…™èl$Ð]l#Ë$ Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlzMýSrtyýl…. Ô¶æÈÆ>°MìS §ðlº¾ ™èlWͯ]lç³#µyýl$ Æý‡MýS¢… 4. Gí³yŠæËOò³ Ô>{çÜ¢Ðól™èl¢Ë$ ^ólíܯ]l {ç³Äñæ*V>Ë ÝëÆ>…Ô¶æ…
«§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë$ ò³§ýlªÑV> ºÄ¶æ$Ë$§ólÇ MóSÔ¶æ¯éãMýSË$V> A…™èlÐ]l$Ð]l#- Mö…^ðl… Ð]l*{™èlÐól$ M>Æý‡$™èl$…¨. ™èlÆ>Ó™èl Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlzMýSsìæt, HÑ$sìæ?
™éƇ¬. A§ólÑ«§ýl…V> ™èlMýS$PÐ]l §ýl–Éýl™èlÓ… E¯]l² ¯éâê˯]l$ {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ V>Ķæ$OÐðl$¯]l ^ør JMýS G{Æý‡° VýSyýlzÌê HÆý‡µyýl$™èl$…¨. ©¯ól² 5. Ððl¬MýSPË Ð]lÊË MóSÔ¶æ MýS×êÌZÏ° MýS×æ{§ýlÐ]lÅ… V>Éýl™èl
"íÜÆý‡Ë$' A…sêÆý‡$. CÑ Ô¶æÈÆý‡ ¿êV>Ë ¯]l$…_ BÐ]l$Ïf°Æý‡íßæ™èl "Æý‡MýS¢ çÜP…§ýl¯]l…' A…sêÆý‡$. Æý‡MýS¢…ÌZ E…yól Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË$ GMýS$POÐðl™ól HÐ]l$Ð]l#™èl$…¨?
Æý‡M>¢°² çßæ–§ýlĶæ*°MìS ¡çÜ$MðSâ¶æ™éƇ¬. MýSÇ~MýSË$, fuý‡ÇMýSË$ 1. Æý‡MýS¢…ÌZ Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË$ ÌôæMýS´ù™ól HÐ]l$Ð]l#™èl$…¨? Æý‡MýS¢çÜP…§ýl¯]l {MìSĶæ$¯]l$ {´ëÆý‡…ÀÝë¢Æ‡¬. V>Ķæ$… ¯]l$…_ 6. «§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë$ & íÜÆý‡ËMýS$ E¯]l² ¿ôæ§éÌôæ…sìæ?
MýS…yýlÆý‡Ä¶æ¬™èl Ñ¿êfM>Ë™ø Ñyýl©íÜ E…sêƇ¬. MýSÇ~MýSË$ fuý‡- f. Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË$ Æý‡MýS¢çÜP…§ýl¯]lMýS$ ™øyýlµyýl™éƇ¬. V>Ķæ$… Æý‡MýS¢… M>ǯ]lç³#µyýl$ Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË ¯]l$…_ {™é…»ZOMðS¯ólgŒæ A¯ól 7. Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlzMýSrtyé°² VýS$Ç…_ ™ðlË$çÜ$MøÐ]lyé°MìS
ÇMýSË Ð]l$«§ýlÅ Æý‡…{«§éË$ E…sêƇ¬. A{VýS§ýlÓĶæ$, A{VýS{™èlĶæ$, ™èlWͯ]lç³#µyýl$ Æý‡MýS¢… M>Æý‡$™èl$…¨. C¨ 3 ¯]l$…_ 8 °Ñ$Úë- G…OgñæÐŒl$ Ñyýl$§ýlË AÐ]l#™èl$…¨. D C¨ Æý‡MýS¢…ÌZ° Ò$Æð‡Ìê…sìæ {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ Ayýl$VýS$™éÆý‡$?
AÆý‡®^èl…{§éM>Æý‡ MýSÐésêË$ E…yìl Æý‡M>¢°² MýSÇ~MýSË ¯]l$…_ ËÌZç³Ë VýSyýlz MýSsìæt BW´ù™èl$…¨. D Æý‡MýS¢çÜP…§ýl¯]lMýS$ {´ù{™é…¼¯Œæ¯]l$ {™é…¼¯ŒæV> Ð]l*Æý‡$çÜ$¢…¨. {™é…¼¯Œæ 8. ÑÐ]l–™èl, çÜ…Ð]l–™èl Æý‡MýS¢{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ˯]l$
fuý‡ÇMýSÌZ°MìS, fuý‡ÇMýSË ¯]l$…_ Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêÌZÏMìS HMýSÐ]l¬Q…V> Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË$, {™é…¼¯Œæ, Oòœ{½¯Œæ, Ñr-Ñ$¯Œæ&MðS G…™ø Æý‡MýS¢…ÌZ {§ýlÐ]lÆý‡*ç³…ÌZ E¯]l² Oòœ{¼¯øf¯Œæ¯]l$ çœ$¯]l °Æý‡Ó_…^èl…yìl.
{ç³Ä¶æ*×ìæ…^ólÌê ^ólÝë¢Æ‡¬. çÜàĶæ$ç³yýl™éƇ¬. M>ºsìæt Æý‡MýS¢çœËMìSMýSË$ ÌôæMýS$…sôæ Æý‡*ç³…ÌZ E…yól Oòœ{¼¯Œæ ™èl…™èl$Ð]l#Ë$V> Ð]l*Æý‡$çÜ$¢…¨. D 9. íÜÆý‡Ë$ ç³Æý‡«©Ä¶æ$ ¿êV>ÌZÏ E…sôæ «§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë$ Ô¶æÈÆý‡…
Æý‡MýS¢{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]l*¯]lÐ]l#yìlÌZ ¨ÓÐ]lËĶæ$…V> fÆý‡$VýS$™èl$…¨. V>Ķæ$… ¯]l$…_ Æý‡MýS¢… M>Æý‡$™èl*¯ól E…r$…¨. C¨ ™èl…™èl$Ð]l#ÌZÏ Æý‡MýS¢MýS×êË$ _MýS$PMýS$° çÜP…§ýl… ÌZç³Í ¿êV>ÌZÏ E…sêƇ¬. ©° M>Æý‡×êÌôæ…sìæ?
MýSÇ~MýSË$, fuý‡ÇMýSË$ JMýSÝëÇ çÜ…Mø_…_ ™èlÆ>Ó™èl Ķæ$«£éíܦ†MìS {´ë×êËMýS$ à° MýSÍWçÜ$¢…¨. HÆý‡µyýl$™èl$…¨. 10. ¨ÓÐ]lËĶæ$ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ A° §ól°² A…sêÆý‡$?
Ð]lõÜ¢ §é°² "àǪMýS Ð]lËĶæ$…' A…sêÆý‡$. A§ólÑ«§ýl…V> Æý‡MýS¢… 2. «§ýlÐ]l$¯]l$Ë™ø ´ùÍõÜ¢ íÜÆý‡ÌZÏ Æý‡MýS¢{ç³ÐéçßæÐ]l*Æý‡Y…
VýS$…yðl §éÓÆ> Æð‡…yýl$ ÝëÆý‡$Ï {ç³Ð]líßæõÜ¢ §é°² "¨ÓÐ]lËĶæ$ ç³ÇÐ]l*×æ… ò³§ýlªV> E…r$…¨. G…§ýl$MýS$? {´ù{™é…¼¯Œæ  →{™é…¼¯æŒ
{™é…»ZMOðS¯ólgæŒ l
4 Ð]l*Æý‡$PË {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$
{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ' A…sêÆý‡$. VýS$…yðl §éÓÆ> Ô¶æÈÆý‡ ¿êV>ËMýS$, f. íÜÆý‡Ë$ ç³Ë$^èlsìæ VøyýlË™ø HÆý‡µyìl E…sêƇ¬. A…™ólM>MýS
Fí³Ç†™èl$¢ËMýS$ Æý‡MýS¢ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ fÆý‡$VýS$™èl$…¨. íÜÆý‡Ë Ð]l$«§ýlÅ Rêä {糧ólÔ¶æ… GMýS$PÐ]lV> E…r$…¨. ©° òOœ{½¯øf¯Œæ →
{™é…¼¯Œæ l
òO œ{¼¯æŒ 1. Ð]lÊËMóSÔ>Ë §éÓÆ> {§ýlÐéÀçÜÆý‡×æ 糧ýl®†-ÌZ Ððl¬MýSPË$
Ô¶æÈÆý‡…ÌZ ÔZçÙÆý‡çÜ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ Ð]l$Æø Ð]l¬QÅ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ. Ð]lËÏ Æý‡MýS¢{ç³Ðéçßæ Ð]l*Æý‡Y… ç³ÇÐ]l*×æ… ò³§ýlªV> E…r$…¨. ±sìæ° {VýSíßæ…^ól Ñ«§é¯é°² ÑÐ]lÇ…^èl…yìl.
´ùçÙM>Ë™ø MýS*yìl¯]l Æý‡MýS¢…ÌZ° {§ýlÐ]l… Æý‡MýS¢ MóSÔ¶æ¯éãMýSË §éÓÆ> Ô¶æÈÆý‡ ¿êV>Ë ¯]l$…_ õÜMýSÇ…_¯]l Æý‡MýS¢… ™èlMýS$PÐ]l ï³yýl¯]l…™ø 2. «§éÆý‡$Ð]l# §éÓÆ> Ððl¬MýSPÌZÏ ±sìæ Æý‡Ðé×ê fÆý‡$VýS$™èl$…§ýl°
MýS×ægêÌêÌZÏMìS ^ólÆý‡$™èl$…¨. ©°² "MýS×ægêË {§ýlÐ]l…' A…sêÆý‡$. íÜÆý‡Ë §éÓÆ> {ç³Ä¶æ*×ìæçÜ$¢…¨. Oòœ{½¯Œæ §éÆ>Ë$ §ðlº¾†¯]l² Æý‡MýS¢¯éâ¶æ A…^èl$ËMýS$ ™ðlËç³yé°MìS Ò$Æý‡$ GÌê…sìæ {ç³Äñæ*VýS… ^ólÝë¢Æý‡$?
D MýS×ægêË {§ýlÐé°² †ÇW {糫§é¯]l Æý‡MýS¢ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦÌZMìS A™èl$MöP° çÜ…Mø_…^èlyýl… Ð]lËÏ Ðésìæ A…^èl$Ë$ §ýlVýSYÆý‡MýS$ 3. çßæ–§ýlĶæ$… A…™èlDzÆ>Ã×ê°² ç³r… §éÓÆ>
^ólÆý‡ayé°MìS HÆý‡µyìl¯]l çÜÐ]l*…™èlÆý‡ Ð]lÅÐ]lõܦ "ÔZçÙÆý‡çÜ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ'. 2 Ð]l*Æý‡$PË {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$ Ð]lÝë¢Æ‡¬. Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlzMýSsìæt¯]l ™èlÆ>Ó™èl Ñ$Wͯ]l VýSyìlz ç³çÜ$ç³# ÑÐ]lÇ…^èl…yìl.
Æý‡M>¢°² MýS×êËMýS$ gZyìl…^ól {糫§é¯]l 糧éÆý‡¦… ÔZçÙÆý‡çÜ…. 1. ÐólÆý‡$ ï³yýl¯]l… A…sôæ HÑ$sìæ? A¨ Ððl¬MýSPËMýS$ GÌê Æý‡…VýS$ {§ýlÐé°² ïÜÆý‡… A…sêÆý‡$. Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlzMýSrtyé°MìS 4. HMýSÐ]lËĶæ$, ¨ÓÐ]lËĶæ$ Æý‡MýS¢{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ¯]l$ ™ðlÍõ³ ç³r… XíÜ,
Eç³Äñæ*VýSç³yýl$™èl$…¨. Ý뫧éÆý‡×æ…V> çÜ$Ð]l*Æý‡$ 3 ¯]l$…_ 6 °Ñ$ÚëË çÜÐ]l$Ķæ$… Æð‡…yìlsìæ Ð]l$«§ýlÅ ™ólyéË$ Æ>Ķæ$…yìl.
Æý‡MýS¢ï³yýl¯]l… f. Ððl¬MýSPË$.. Ð]lÊËMóSÔ>Ë §éÓÆ> ±sìæ° {VýSíßæ…^ól ç³yýl$™èl$…¨. 5. G™èl¢Æ‡¬¯]l ^ðlrÏÌZ fÇVóS {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ¯]l$
Æý‡MýS¢….. Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË §éÓÆ> {ç³Ä¶æ*×ìæ…^èlyé°MìS Mö…™èl çÜÐ]l$Ķæ$…ÌZ ±Æý‡$ {§ýlÐéÀçÜÆý‡×æ §éÓÆ> «§éÆý‡$¯éâêÌZÏMìS 2. {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ A…sôæ HÑ$sìæ? C¨ iÐ]l#ËMýS$ HÑ«§ýl…V> VýSÐ]l$°…_¯]lç³#µyýl$ Ò$MýS$ HÐ]l$°í³çÜ$¢…¨?
J†¢yìl M>ÐéÍ. D J†¢yìl çßæ–§ýlĶæ$ çܵ…§ýl¯]l §éÓÆ> ^ólÆý‡$™èl$…¨. ©°Ð]lËÏ «§éÆý‡$¯éâ¶æ…ÌZ ï³yýl¯]l… HÆý‡µ- Eç³Äñæ*VýSç³yýl$™èl$…§ø Æ>Ķæ$…yìl. 6. VýS$…yðl A…™èlDzÆ>Ã×ê°² ç³ÇÖÍ…^èlyé°MìS Ò$Æý‡$
ËÀçÜ$¢…¨. D J†¢yìl¯ól Æý‡MýS¢ï³yýl¯]l…(¼.í³.) A…sêÆý‡$. Æý‡MýS¢ yýl$™èl$…¨. ©¯ól² "ÐólÆý‡$ ï³yýl¯]l…' A…sêÆý‡$. ÐólÆý‡$ï³yýl¯]l… f. Ô¶æÈÆý‡…ÌZ iÆý‡~OÐðl$¯]l ´ùçÙM>Ë$, Q°f ËÐ]l×ê˯]l$ A°² {ç³Äñæ*VýSÔ>ËÌZ °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l MýS–™éÅ°² ÑÐ]lÇ…^èl…yìl.
ï³yýl¯é°² "íܵVøÃÐ]l*¯øÒ$rÆŠæ' §éÓÆ> ÌñæMìSPÝë¢Æý‡$. Ý뫧é- ±sìæ° Oò³MìS ¯ðlrtyé°MìS Eç³Äñæ*VýSç³yýl$™èl$…¨. ©° Ð]lËÏ MýS×êËMýS$ A…¨…^èlyé°MìS E¯]l² {ç³™ólÅMýS Ð]lÅÐ]lõܦ "{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ 7. VýS$…yðl ¯]l$…_ ºÄ¶æ$Ë$§ólÆó‡ Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$, VýS$…yðlMýS$ ^ólÆó‡
Æý‡×æ…V> Æý‡MýS¢ï³yýl¯]l… 120/80V> E…r$…¨. ©° MýS…sôæ GMýS$PÐ]l ÐólÆý‡Ï §éÓÆ> ±Æý‡$ Ððl¬MýSP ÕQÆý‡¿êV>°MìS ^ólÆý‡$™èl$…¨. Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ'. Ð]l*¯]lÐ]l#yìlÌZ ©°² "Æý‡MýS¢{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ' ¯éâê˯]l$ Ð]lÈYMýSÇ…^èl…yìl.
E…sôæ "Oòßæç³ÆŠæ sñæ¯]lÛ¯Œæ'MýS$ §éÇ¡çÜ$¢…¨. ™èlMýS$POÐðl™ól "ÌZ ¼.í³.' 2. BMýS$Ë §éÓÆ> fÇVóS ¿êÚùµ™ólÞMýS…, ÐólÆý‡Ï §éÓÆ> fÇVóS ±sìæ A…sêÆý‡$. 8. AÒ$»ê, çܵ…hMýSË$, Oòßæ{yé, òßæÍÃ…¤‹Ü, MîSrM>Ë$,
A…sêÆý‡$. D Æð‡…yýl* {ç³Ð]l*§ýlMýSÆý‡Ðól$. ÔZçÙ×æ¯]l$ ™ðlÍõ³ ¯]lÐ]lʯé ç³r… XĶæ$…yìl. Ðé¯]l´ëÐ]l¬, ^ólç³ÌZÏ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ¯]l$ ç³sìætMýS Æý‡*ç³…ÌZ
{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ Ð]lËÏ Ìê¿êË$: Æ>Ķæ$…yìl.
Æý‡MýS¢çÜP…§ýl¯]l… 1. ´ùçÙM>˯]l$ Ô¶æÈÆý‡…ÌZ° A°² MýS×êËMýS$ A…¨…^èlyýl…. 9. A«¨MýS, A˵ Æý‡MýS¢ ï³yýl¯]l… E¯]l²ÐéÆý‡$ G§ýl$ÆöP…r$¯]l²
V>Ķæ$… ™èlWͯ]lç³#yýl$ 3 ¯]l$…_ 6 °Ñ$ÚëÌZÏ Æý‡MýS¢… VýSyýlz 2. iÆý‡~… M>° 糧éÆ>¦Ë¯]l$ ÐðlË$ç³ÍMìS ç³…ç³yýl…. çÜÐ]l$çÜÅË VýS$Ç…_ °Ðól¨MýS Æ>Ķæ$…yìl.
MýSyýl$™èl$…¨. ©¯ól² Æý‡MýS¢ çÜP…§ýl¯]l…A…sêÆý‡$. C…§ýl$MýS$ Æý‡MýS¢çœË- 3. Fí³Ç†™èl$¢Ë ¯]l$…_ BÐ]l$Ïf°° {VýSíßæ…_ Ô¶æÈÆý‡ 10. VýS$…yðl A…™èlDzÆ>Ã×æ ç³r… XíÜ, A…§ýl$ÌZ Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$,
¿êV>ËMýS$ A…¨…^èlyýl…. MýSÐésê˯]l$ VýS$Ç¢…^èl…yìl.
ÑÑ«§ýl iÐ]l#ÌZÏ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ 4. -Ô¶æÈÆý‡ ¿êV>ÌZÏ HÆý‡µyìl¯]l M>Æý‡¾¯Œæ Oyðl BOMðSÞyŠæ¯]l$ 11. Ð]lÊËMóSÔ>Ë$ Ð]l$–†¢MýSgêË…™ø ^èl*õ³ çÜ…º…«§é°²
Fí³Ç†™èl$¢ËMýS$ A…¨…^èlyýl…. ç³sê°² XĶæ$…yìl.
iÑ õ³Æý‡$ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ Ñ«§é¯]l… 5. Ô¶æÈÆý‡…ÌZ HÆý‡µyól ÑÑ«§ýl
HMýSMýS×æ iÐ]l#Ë$, {»o°Ä¶æ$¯Œæ ^èl˯]l… Ð]lÅÆ>¦Ë$, à°MýSÆý‡ 糧éÆ>¦Ë¯]l$
AÒ$»ê Ñ_e¯]l²… ^ólĶæ$yýl….
çܵ…hMýSË$ MýSÔ>¿êË MýS§ýlÍMýS 6. A…™èl{ÝëÐ]l {VýS…«£ýl$Ë$ {çÜÑ…^ól
Oòßæ{yé, gñæÎÏ ^ólç³ fuý‡Æý‡ {ç³çÜÆý‡×æ àÆøïŒæ {MìSĶæ$ËMýS$
MýS$çßæÆý‡… çÜàĶæ$ç³yýlr….
HÍMýS ´ëÐ]l¬Ë$ Ñ$£éÅ Ô¶æÈÆý‡ Ð]l¬QÅOÐðl$¯]l {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$
»Ÿ¨ª…MýS ÑÐ]l–™èl Æý‡MýS¢ 1 Ð]l*Æý‡$P {ç³Ô¶æ²Ë$
M>Æó‡zsê iÐ]l#Ë$ çÜ…Ð]l–™èl Æý‡MýS¢ 1. Ð]l*¯]lÐ]l Ô¶æÈÆý‡…ÌZ E…yól {糫§é¯]l Æý‡MýS¢-
¯éâê˯]l$ õ³ÆöP¯]l…yìl.
{ç³çÜÆý‡×æ 2. BMîSÞMýSÆý‡×æ ^ðl…§ýlyýl… MøçÜ… Æý‡M>¢°²
¡çÜ$MðSâôæÏ Æý‡MýS¢¯éâêË$ HÑ?