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An Executive Summary of the Universal Characteristic
Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP)
Dr. Alvin Ang

Abstract The Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling (UCMHP) is a numerical method used to profile
individuals’ character based on their birth dates. This method is claimed to be used widely and is also said to be accurate
and robust. This paper is a concise yet critical summary of the UCMHP.
Keywords Human Behavior Profiling, Personality Profiling, Numerology, I-Ching, Birth Dates Analyses

the Universal Character (UC) number through the UCMHP

1. Introduction chart. This number is able to foretell a person’s character in
a general way. However, the UCMHP chart contain more
The Universal Characteristic Method of Human Profiling numbers and each of them has a specific meaning. [1] did
(UCMHP), developed by [1], is a numerical method used to not mention them in his book. Rather, he encouraged people
profile individuals’ character based on their birth dates. This to attend his workshops/seminars to uncover them. Some
method stems from various branches of philosophy such as parts of the book not only gives an account of individuals’
metaphysics and numerology [1]. Since these branches of characters, they foretell a person’s future too.
philosophy are not “exact” sciences [2], it is impossible to This paper has five sections. Section 1 is the introduction,
verify its universal veracity. The only way to test its truth- followed by Section 2 which describes the UCMHP chart.
fulness is by empirical statistical sampling. To give further Section 3 explains the Universal Character (UC) number
evidence on the accuracy of UCMHP, [1] attempted to use and Section 4 gives interpretations of additional number
Pythagorean Numerology [3] to demonstrate how it was combinations. Finally, Section 5 is a summary and options
derived. for future works.
[1]’s work, as claimed in his book, comes in two folds:
1. Examining UCMHP’s accuracy and robustness
by analyzing four hundred thousand individuals’ birth 2. UCMHP Chart
dates1 and
2. Developing the method further through new interpreta- D E F G H I J K
tions of the number patterns found within. L
Thus, assuming claim 1 is true, his hypothesis that the D+E F+G H+I J +K

UCMHP is robust is intuitively (possibly) valid – since the P Q

= =
sample size tested appears large enough (even though we do L +M N+O

not have information on the individuals’ profiles). However, S T R U V

[1] also suggests to readers that “your character strengths =
P +Q
N +Q

and weaknesses are not carved in stone”, thereby giving a

probabilistic chance for the model’s inaccuracy. That is, the
UCMHP model is not hundred percent accurate all the time. W
Throughout the book, the “subjective probability” [4] stated
by [1] is most often cited as ninety percent, whereas in other C
cases, eighty percent. This percentage appears to be [1]’s W+X

subjective probability stemming from his experience. Thus, Y Z

= =
assuming his claims are true, the UCMHP method should X+C W+C

be accurate eighty to ninety percent “of the time”. 9

The focus of the UCMHP model is on the derivation of =


Figure 1 UCMHP Chart [1]

This data was not published in the book. It was merely mentioned.
1|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
Figure 1 above shows the UCMHP chart developed by • 6 – That person is a Pragmatic (logical, practical,
[1]. In the first line of the figure, “DD-MM-YYYY” relates down-to-earth and commonsensical).
to “Day–Month – Year”. This is where the individual’s birth • 9 – That person is a Realist (a person who tends to
date is placed. The rest of the alphabets (D to Z) intuitively view or represent things as they really are e.g. a natu-
suggests simple additions to form the chart. However, if any ralist or rationalist).
addition ends up with a double digit ( ≥ 10 ), simply add the
two digits to form a single digit. Example 1: If any alphabet 3.2. Paired Numbers
ends up as 13, we take 1 + 3 = 4 as the single digit. Exam- These paired numbers come only in the form of 29 com-
ple 2: If any alphabet ends up as 16, we take 1 + 6 = 7 as binations. The interpretation of these Paired Numbers can
the single digit. be found in Appendix B.
Furthermore, Yeo [1] suggested two ways to double
check the UCMHP chart. 3.3. Special Number Pairs
1. Method 1: Referring to Figure 1, the bottom most number Special Number Pairs are
should always be 9. i. “Finger Gap” Numbers
2. Method 2: By checking R: ii. “Meat Eater” Numbers
a. If R is 1, 4 or 7, then C can only be 3. iii. Marital/Relationship Problem Numbers
b. If R is 2, 5 or 8, then C can only be 6. iv. Extra Martial Affair Numbers
c. If R is 3, 6 or 9, then C can only be 9. v. Emotionally Sensitive Numbers
Although every alphabet (and its corresponding number) vi. “Cherry Blossom” Numbers
suggests a specific meaning, [1] did not mention them in his vii. “Professor-type” and “Separation” Numbers
book. Rather, the book’s emphasis was on the alphabet “R”, viii. “Life-time Challenges” and “Obstacles” Numbers
which is also known as the Universal Character (UC) ix. Vice Numbers
Number. Details of the other alphabets can only be known
through [1]’s workshops/courses Each of them can only be found in special areas of the
UCMHP, unless otherwise stated. Their numbers and
meanings can be found in Appendix C.
3. Universal Character (UC) Number
[1] mentioned that “R” can only take on the values 1 to 9. 5. Summary and Future Work
For each of these numbers, a character type is attached to it.
They are: This paper is a critical summary of [1]’s UCMHP method
• UC Type 1: The Extrovert Innovator of defining individuals’ character through their birth dates. It
• UC Type 2: The Extrovert Negotiator is claimed to be accurate and widely used. The future work
• UC Type 3: The Extrovert Task-Oriented for this could be: 1) to seek practical applications for this
• UC Type 4: The Extrovert Administrator method. For example applying this method to business
• UC Type 5: The Unpredictable Developer management theories or using it to improve talent searching
• UC Type 6: The Introvert Protector in Human Resource Management (HRM) strategies. 2) To
• UC Type 7: The Introvert Entrepreneur conduct statistical analyses on this method, validating the
• UC Type 8: The Introvert Responsible model. 3) Comparing UCMHP with the Enneagram person-
• UC Type 9: The Introvert Creator ality model.

Details of each UC Type can be found in Appendix A.

4. Interpretations of Additional Num- [1] B. Yeo, Know Your Numbers, Know Yourself.
ber Combinations Singapore: UCMHP Academy, 2013.
[2] P. v. Inwagen. (2013). Metaphysics. Available:
Although it was mentioned earlier that the meanings of
the other numbers (or rather, alphabets besides “R”) can metaphysics/
only be found in [1]’s workshops, the book did give away a [3] U. Dudley, Numerology, or, What Pythagoras
couple of interpretations of some numbers and their combi- wrought. Washington, DC: Mathematical
nations. They are: Association of America, 1997.
1. The alphabet “C” on the UCMHP chart (Figure 1). [4] R. Jeffrey, Subjective Probability: The Real Thing /
2. Paired Numbers Richard Jeffrey: Cambridge : Cambridge
3. Special Number Pairs University Press, 2004, 2004.
3.1. The Alphabet “C”
If the alphabet “C” is:
• 3 – That person is an Idealist (a dreamer, visionary,
optimist and utopian).

2|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
Appendix A – Interpretation of UC Other Traits:
Type Numbers • Likely to get married after the age of 28.
• May to have digestive problems, causing them to
This Appendix gives the corresponding character traits of be overweight.
the nine UC Type numbers stated in [1]. • When they put their fingers together, there may be
gaps. These gaps signify their many life challeng-
A1 UC Type Number 1 – Extrovert Innovator
Character Strengths:
• An extrovert and natural leader. Advisable Career Choices:
• Good looking, charismatic and connected with his • Automotive
or her own emotions. • Transportation
• Influential. • Financial institutions and stockbroking
• Subconsciously take on leadership roles. • Mechanical engineering
• Concerned about social harmony. • Legal enforcement
• Persistent. • Jeweler
• Connect well with others and command authority. • Research-based sciences
• Strong sense of justice and righteousness.
• Considerate, generous and helpful. Willing to
compromise their personal interests for the good of A2 UC Type Number 2 – Extrovert Negotiator
others. Character Strengths:
• Optimists. • An extrovert and a good communicator.
• Generous with praises and rightfully credits the • People-oriented and in tune with situations.
deserving ones. • Strategist.
• Excellent interpersonal and public relation skills. • Excels in self-expression and persuasion, making
• Mild-mannered. them very good salespersons, trainers, coaches,
• Able to make others feel at ease. consultants, presenters and advisors.
• Ability to draw out another person‘s sense of • Good at verbal sparring, but always thinking first
compassion and initiate their empathy for others. before speaking.
• Believe that people are honest, decent and trust- • Appearing to be outgoing on the outside, but con-
worthy in general. ventional and traditional on the inside.
• Selfless and prioritizes other people’s interests • Likes simplicity and straightforwardness.
ahead of his or her own. • Dislikes complexity and ambiguousness.
• Compassionate, sympathetic, kind, affectionate, • Hardworking, mature and charismatic.
friendly, and cooperative. • Get along well with elders.
• Suspicion and antagonism are foreign to his or her • Independent and may not follow advice given.
nature. • Friendly and calm with a pleasant personality.
• Genuinely interested in helping others out with • Persistent and dedicated to tasks. Able to success-
their problems. fully direct and complete what they set out to do.
• Wise, with a flair for showing their knowledge. • Appreciate arts and unusual ideas but conversely
• Enjoy exploring uncharted territories and have a regard them as unimportant subjects.
strong desire to be first in everything they do. • Adventurous.
• Analytical prowess. • Creative and aware of their emotions.
• Creative while being detailed and meticulous. • Hold unconventional beliefs
Character Weaknesses: Character Weaknesses:
• Attract backstabbing because they tend to be • Appears slow in responding during discussions
trustworthy, and straightforward. because of his/her trait of thinking first before
• Lack of foresight may lead them to career or busi- speaking.
ness failures. • Softhearted and a likely targets for cheats.
• May be involved in a couple of relationships • Obstinate.
throughout their lifetime. • Unable to keep secrets and love carrying tales.
• Bad at managing personal finances. This attracts bad mouthing from those around
• Their youth period may be a difficult time because them.
they are likely to be dissatisfied with their circum- • Very emotional and “loud” in expressing negative
stances and long for self-sufficiency. feelings. Cries a lot when upset.
• Having a strong and independent character may • Constant dissatisfaction with their own accom-
result in lead to being bossy, demanding, selfish, plishments impedes their personal progress.
egotistical and self—serving. • Nervous and extremist tendencies.

3|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
• Oversensitivity and pessimism delude their com- • Impatient with slow thinkers and indecisiveness,
mon sense and blur their lines of fantasy and reali- leading to frustrating working relationships.
ty, impeding their potential. • Mischievous.
• Passive, lethargic and apathetic. • Unserious and take things lightly.
• Indecisive. • Not firm in making decisions or actions.
• Extremely particular about tidiness and hold high • Bluntness of speech, causing relationships to be
hygiene standards. cyclical. May lead to disastrous results.
• If a number 5 is found near alphabet “R” (the UC • Unpredictable during times of emotional stress.
Number) in the UCMHP chart, he or she is likely • Sensitive and will retreat into a "shell” of morose
to be a nagger. silence for long periods when hurt.
• Attract demanding partners in relationships. De-
Other Traits: mand - balance in their relationship is hard to
• Likely to be head hunted by their companies’ achieve.
competitors, or end up competing with previous • Over emphasize matters during happy times such
employers in business. that he or she becomes frivolous and superficial.
• Likely to have two major affairs of the heart in • Tend to be overweight in the later years of life.
their lifetimes. • Likely to suffer from digestive issues and heart
• Achievement in life comes only after the age of 45. problems.

Advisable Career Choices: Other Traits:

• Broadcasting • Often rich and prosperous.
• Diplomat • Likely to face a number of adversities in life.
• Service-based Insurance • Tendency to marry young, usually below 28 years
• Internet-based businesses of age.
• Shipping • Very good looking during younger days.
• Travel • Love eating meat and fried food.
• Water-related industries
Advisable Career Choices:
• Advertising and branding
A3 UC Type Number 3 – Extrovert Task Oriented • Apparel and fashion-related accessories
Character Strengths: • Fast food chain
• An extrovert with a happy-go-lucky personality. • Talent recruitment agencies
• Sporty and likes a vigorous lifestyle.
• Able to deliver promises.
• Optimistic. A4 UC Type Number 4 – Extrovert Administrator
• Tends to seek stimulation in the company of others Character Strengths
and enjoys being with others. • An extrovert born with leadership qualities such as
• Forward-looking. self-discipline, responsible, reliable, and dutiful
• Focused to know exactly what they want out of and achievement – oriented.
life. • Prefers to plan first rather than spontaneous action.
• Action-orientated. Full of energy and enthusiasm, • Protects company interests.
frequently portraying a “Yes!” or “Let’s go!” atti- • Gets along well with superiors.
tude. • Independent, task-oriented, highly-capable, trust-
• Sociable, interactive and talkative. Conversation worthy, conscientious and focused.
starters as well as good listeners. Mingles well • Aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.
with people from all walks of life. • Works effectively and efficiently.
• Exudes unrestrained confidence. • Systematic, thorough, meticulous, practical and re-
• Enjoys organizing or mobilizing people. alistic.
• Assertive and vibrant. • Prefers hands on approach to life and relationships.
• Naturally placed under the limelight. • Uses facts, figures and logic.
• Manipulative and influential, being able to con- • Very successful at the things they do. For example,
vince others with their tactically-planned agendas. if he/she is a student, he/she will achieve high
• Able to enforce traditional practices inherited from scores in examinations.
traditions handed down to them from a higher au- • Highly knowledgeable, loves knowledge and street
thority. smart.
• Very loyal and ardent lovers. • Calculative, always wanting to find out the bene-
fits before carrying out a task.
Character Weaknesses: • Prefers to report to only one person at work.
• Aggressive and possesses bad temperament.
4|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
• Exceedingly law-abiding. Does everything in ac- • Natural leaders who blend well with others.
cordance to regulations and directives. • Builders and architects of the organization they are
• Great at devising systems for others to follow. a part of.
• If wrongly accused without facts or figures, they • Strong character.
will retaliate aggressively without hesitation. • Possesses sharp instincts.
• Enjoys looking good and can become good pre- • Unswayable.
senters. • Principled – based work ethics.
• Friendly, outgoing demeanor and charisma make • Charismatic and engaging,
them easy to get along with. • Pushes himself or herself hard to achieve goals.
• Compassionate individuals. • This hardworking trait, combined with a strong
• Find it easy to recover quickly after encountering sense of realistic practicality and firm beliefs often
setbacks or failures. places him or her in positions of status and author-
• Loves traveling and enjoys a carefree lifestyle. ity.
• Keeps a low and discreet profile regarding person- • Not likely to be in clerical or administrative posi-
al life. Only shares personal information with close, tions.
lifetime friends. • Boldly vocal.
• Loyal and devoted lovers. Work hard to build and • Pragmatic. Not a dreamer.
maintain their marriages. If he’s a male, he will be • Ability to experience “sudden rushes of energies”
a good provider. for them to function at peak performance. Yeo [1]
calls this “the optimal state of the mind and being”.
Character Weaknesses: • Soft-hearted.
• Unable to accept defeat. • Risk-taker both in business and life ventures.
• Perfectionist, compulsive, overly driven and • Well-travelled. Enjoys venturing and exploring
workaholic. various geographical locations.
• Self-absorbed, listening only to self praises. • Trustworthy and loyal in courting or spousal rela-
• Difficulty in accumulating wealth. tionships.
• Cautious in relationships and making rash mar-
riage decisions, resulting in undesirable outcomes. Character Weaknesses:
• Arrogant, excessively narrow-minded and repres- • Requires restraint to his adventurous nature in or-
sive. der to accomplish peak performance in life.
• Finds it difficult to restraint broadcasting their • Though he or she is inwardly soft-hearted, others
feelings. may find it difficult to tell from the outwardly be-
• Gets caught up in the daily grind easily and forgets havior.
the “big picture”, thus missing good opportunities • In courting or spousal relationships, his/her partner
crossing his/her path. may have a wrong impression that he/she is
un-dutiful because he/she is not constantly physi-
Other Traits: cally available. However, this is untrue as he/she is
• Have a loud voice. still trustworthy. It is only because he/she is born
• Eighty percent of them have gaps between their an adventurist that his need for freedom thrives.
fingers when they close them. These gaps signify Thus, he/she needs an understanding partner.
the many challenges they face in life. • High expectations of others to be as driven as
• A rather good cook and enjoys eating good food. he/she is, even though this is sometimes not possi-
• Exceedingly visual and have a habit of rubbing ble.
his/her eyes. • Speaks in an arrogant manner.
• Enjoys shaking legs subconsciously. • Lacks focus and direction in life due to his/her
multi-talented character. The result may be emo-
Advisable Career Choices: tional restlessness, discontentment and impulsive
• Education job-hopping.
• Medical and pharmaceutical • Irresponsible regards to tasks and decisions con-
• Woodwork cerning home and business.
• Traditional Chinese Medicine • The thrill-chase may get to the point of becoming
• Landscaping and horticulture self-indulgent and excessive, which is detrimental
• Philosophy and religious based ministries to his/her relationships.
• Publishing • Uncompromising and hard-headedness, especially
if he/she comes from a less well-to-do background
A5 UC Type Number 5 – Unpredictable Developer • Difficulty in learning to relax and letting go of
small issues.
Character Strengths: • Needs to maintain composure and learn how to be
• In between an extrovert and an introvert. flexible on issues pertaining to principles. This is

5|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
in order to earn the respect of people around • Compassionate and cooperative.
him/her. • Takes good care of their subordinates.
• Easily stressed out especially in a learning envi- • Generous.
ronment. • Optimistic.
• Easily irritable, disturbed and melancholic. Wor- • Respects individual differences while working to-
rying all the time and constantly tensed. wards social harmony.
• Show signs of negative and unpleasant feelings • Genuinely concerned for others’ problems.
like anxiety, depression and impulsiveness. • Amiable and soft-hearted.
• Emotionally reactive and unstable. Black moods • His/her presence makes people feel at ease.
persist for long periods. • Good-looking, well-mannered and sympathetic.
• Misinterprets ordinary situations as threatening His/her kindness makes him/her popular in society.
and minor frustrations as hopelessly difficult. This • Affectionate, trustworthy, compliant and modest.
hampers their ability to think clearly and objec- • Not likely to trade insults.
tively. • Spends time with others.
• When faced with a difficult problem or situation, • Charismatic and likeable.
he/she will try to find an escape route first. If una- • Friendly and cooperative.
ble to escape, he/she breaks down rather than ral- • Not suspicious and antagonistic.
lying to the situation. Thereafter, he/she gets af- • Family-oriented and willing to compromise per-
flicted by their inability to deal with the situation sonal interests for others.
and finds it difficult to recover from this guilt. • Compliant to rules and regulations.
• If he/she gets involved in gambling or drugs, it will • If she’s a woman, she would be very clear in ac-
be very difficult to get out. counting finances.
• Constant resentment of him/herself and/or anyone • Good looking and have a fine taste for dressing
around them. Finds it difficult to pinpoint the rea- makes him/her attractive even in their older years.
son for this. • Attracts a lot of attention from the opposite sex
• Tricky and unpredictable personality with extreme throughout their lives.
mood swings. Difficult for others to work with • Caretaker nature. Thus attracting partners who are
him/her. weaker and needier than themselves
• Either being the very best, or very worst in what- • Six is a survival number which controls wealth and
ever they do. prosperity.
• Successful in the corporate world.
Other Traits: • Wise, balanced and understanding.
• Traditional and conservative, unless he/she has a • Assumes important roles from young.
number 5 in the alphabet “P”, also known as the • Ability to bridge generation gaps.
weakness number.
• Eighty percent of Type 5 men are physically stout, Character Weaknesses:
while females are petite. The other twenty percent • Proud and are unwilling to take on simple tasks.
are medium built. • Does not like to listen to or take instructions from
• Eighty percent of them show gaps between their others, especially their superiors.
fingers when placed together, signifying the many • Has a taste for the finer things in life.
challenges they have to face in life. • Materialistic. He/she loves money and branded
• Tends to have longer index fingers, signifying their goods.
innate ability to take charge, command and direct • If he’s a man, he will be haphazard in accounting
others. his finances.
• Having bigger noses, suggesting a very good sense • Being overly critical of others.
of direction. • Very hard on him/herself.
• Late bloomers, achieving success only in the later • Lacks humility and modesty
parts of their lives. • Always meddling and interfering with others is-
Advisable Career Choices: • If he/she tries to shake off responsibilities, or seek
• Building and construction escape from burdens, he/she will suffer damages to
• Antiques, previous stones and collectibles then relationships with others.
• Landscaping and horticulture
• Real estate, metaphysics, and mining Other Traits:
A6 UC Type Number 6 – Introvert Protector • Builds closer relationships with subordinates and
Character Strengths: co-workers instead of superiors.
• An emotional and introvert leader. • Not everyone can hold a conversation with
• Believes that people are generally honest, decent him/her.
and trustworthy. • If she’s female, she will be controlling and naive.

6|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
• Fickle-minded. He/she changes mind about issues
Advisable Career Choices: multiple times, even overnight.
• Automotive and transportation • Indecisive and lacks commitment in relationships,
• Financial institutions and stock brokerage leading to marital problems.
• Electrical engineering • Good at pushing the envelope and leveraging upon
• Law enforcement others to fulfil their desires.
• Jeweler and precious metals • Likely to get entangled in legal matters.
• Research based sciences • Goes after fame and fortune.
• Eighty percent of them have gaps between their
fingers when placed together. These gaps signify
A7 UC Type Number 7 – Introvert Entrepreneur the many challenges they face in life.
• If he’s a man, he will be a chauvinist and egois-
Character Strengths:
• An introvert with entrepreneurial, opportunistic
and innovative streaks.
Other Traits:
• Highly skilled and learn things very quickly.
• Dietary preference for seafood.
• Enterprising
• Tendency to perspire easily while eating.
• Excellent troubleshooters and problem solvers.
• Eighty percent of them have a stout figure, while
• Talkative and good at communicating.
the remaining twenty percent are medium built.
• Naturally skilled at winning arguments with an in-
herent ability to sway the topic to his/her favor.
Advisable Career Choices:
• Pampered.
• Broadcasting
• Holds important positions within organizations.
• Diplomatic relations
• Highly driven.
• Service based and insurance
• Pays close attention to details.
• Internet based business
• Domineering. Preference leans towards having
• Trading and shipping
“the bigger share”.
• Travel
• Compared to his/her peers, he/she more likely to
• Water related industries
be head hunted for jobs.
• Competitive. Including competing with their pre-
A8 UC Type Number 8 – Introvert Responsible
vious employers, even if the purpose is solely for
excitement. Character Strengths:
• Entrepreneurial. May result in him/her getting in- • An introvert.
volved in a couple of businesses or concurrent • Highly responsible.
projects. • Career-minded.
• Exhilarates when encountering new and exciting • Tough exterior coupled with a strong sense of jus-
things. tice and righteousness, yet conservative and pas-
• Enjoys pushing boundaries. sive.
• More likely to set up businesses rather than being • Good with paperwork.
an employee. • Most comfortable working under just one boss,
• Able to multi-task effectively. thus not found in leadership roles in their work-
• Attracted to a having many options. place.
• Gets bored easily, resulting in reduced efforts in • Soft-hearted and family-oriented, which makes
some areas, leading to fewer achievements. him/her a trustworthy friend.
• Appreciates gratitude. Never forgets the people • If he’s a man, he will be very responsible and
who have helped them in the past. However, it is make a good husband.
not his/her style to express gratitude through take • Quiet and low-key individual.
financial means unless a loved one is involved. • His/her counterpart will be an extrovert who will
• Full of passion and love. have high social exuberance.
• Holds unconventional beliefs. • But his/her reservations does not mean he/she is
shy. He/she simply requires more stimulation to
Character Weaknesses: open up.
• Attracts gossip and bad mouthing from others due • Enjoys spending time alone.
to their ability to "twist and turn" words to get their • Talks and opens up only to people that they are
way. familiar with. But does not mind being the center
• Expects others to work as hard as them. Thus, of attention when among friends. During then,
he/she is not always welcomed. he/she can be very lively and engaging.
• Competing with previous employers also earns • Able to initiate and hold conversations with multi-
him/her the reputation of a traitor or betrayer. ple people at parties, but only if he/she is prepped
for it or if he/she feels at ease with the crowd.
7|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
him/herself, and also when and how to attack to
Character Weaknesses: gain advantage.
• Overly careful. • While they appear to be tough, he/she is actually
• Entrenched in his/her own perspective. soft-hearted and can be mild-mannered.
• May miss good opportunities unconsciously. • Civilized, intelligent, cultured and sensitive.
• May get obsessed to success, resulting in isolation • Likes to look good and appearance is important to
and loneliness. him/her.
• Often stressed workaholics. • Prefers a tranquil environment.
• Can be dictatorial, suppressing people’s enthusi- • Tends to hoard a lot of items.
asm around him/her. • Highly emotional.
• His/her strong personality gets in the way to those • Has a knack for winning the hearts of others.
he/she comes in contact with. • Creative, good at piecing concepts together and
integrating them Into one great idea
Other Traits: • A copycat. Seldom comes up with original ideas.
• Dietary preference for meat. Opposite to UC Type 1.
• Not likely to take up leadership roles nor going in-
to business because he/she feels comfortable being Character Weaknesses:
“second-in-command" or taking up the second • Gets along well with upper management but ne-
place in a hierarchical ranking. glects the welfare and interests of subordinates.
• Compulsive workaholic and perfectionist.
Advisable Career Choices: • Self-centered and only perform tasks that further
• Advertising and branding self-interests.
• Apparels and accessories. Fashion-related. • Only has a few good friends and will be lonely in
• Fast food chain the later years of his/her life.
• Talent recruitment
Other Traits:
• Gets “lucky" around his/her middle age—35 years
A9 UC Type Number 9 – Introvert Creator of age and older.

Character Strengths: Advisable Career Choices:

• An introvert. • Education
• Creative and visual. • Medical and pharmaceutical
• Optimistic and open-minded. • Woodwork
• Pays attention to details • Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Meticulously neat. Always putting things back to • Landscaping and horticulture
its proper place and seldom leaves belongings • Philosophy and religious-based ministries
around or make a mess. • Publishing.
• Focused, efficient and effective workers. Do things
very quickly and are capable in their work.
• Calculative and hold strongly to their personal be-
liefs and principles.
• Never compromises when executing duties.
• Self-disciplined, meticulous at organizing and
• Achievement oriented.
• Prefers to plan first rather than having spontaneous
• Belongs in the corporate world and is often associ-
ated with high society.
• Has a reputation for being responsible and reliable.
• Very conscientious. Always well prepared and
follows a detailed schedule.
• Executes chores right away instead of procrasti-
• Gifted with a lot of business ideas well as opportu-
nities to be wealthy in their lifetime.
• Likely to own more than two properties throughout
their life.
• Always on guard. Difficult to catch him/her off
guard. He/she knows when and how to defend
8|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
Table B2. Interpretation of Paired Numbers [1]

• An independent and emotional person

Appendix B – Interpretation of Paired • Found anywhere in the UCMHP chart.
Numbers • Indicates separation in the family,
This Appendix gives the interpretation of the twenty nine which could be a temporary or perma-
Paired Numbers shown in Table B1. Note that these twenty nent form; or a divorce.
nine pairs of alphabets are combinations. That is, LM can • Likely to attract backstabbers.
also be read ML, and NO can also be read ON. • A good planner
• Ambitious and action-oriented leader.
Table B1. Combinations of Paired Numbers [1]
• Good sense of direction.
1 LM • Focused.
• Able to rise to challenges and complete
2 NO
3 PQ • If the number pair appears more than three
4 ST 1–2 times in the UCMHP chart, it indicates
that he/she is likely to change jobs fre-
5 UV
6 WX • Extremely straightforward and aggressive.
7 OQ • Will not mince words even if the truth
8 QR
• Frequently hurts other people's feelings
9 RW without realizing it.
10 LP • A fast and aggressive mover
• A good planner.
11 PR
• An effective and reliable person.
12 RX • Attracts backstabbers.
13 NQ 1–3 • Multiple relationship issues may occur in
his/her lifetime.
14 QU
• Task-oriented and deliver promises.
15 QV • Temperamental, emotional and impatient
16 UX • Very creative.
• Faces many obstacles and challenges in
17 VX
life because his/her plans are likely to be
18 XC stolen or sabotaged.
19 MP 1–4 • However, hard work will pay off in the
20 PT
• Risk-taker.
21 PS • Systematic and well-organized planner
22 TW • Financially independent
• Good at business negotiations. Attracts
23 SW
people when talking about work or busi-
24 WC ness.
25 TR • Needs to overcome obstacles to see wealth
1–5 flourish.
26 RU
• Stands by principles and beliefs.
27 OP • Sticks strongly to principles.
28 QS • Stubborn.
• Tendency to travel due to work.
29 VW
• Very charismatic.
• Able to attract good friends and support-
Table B2 below shows the interpretation of the paired
numbers from Table B1. Likewise, these number pairings are
• Charismatic, normally found in a consult-
also combinations. That is, 1 – 2 can also be read as 2 – 1 and
ant role.
so forth. 1–6
• Financially independent.
• Great at relationship management.
• Very conscious of appearances, even in
old age.
• A natural entrepreneur.
• Always lucky.
9|P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r. A l v i n A n g a t w w w. A l v i n A n g . s g
• Always traveling due to work. • Good at twisting his or her words around
• Attracts supporters and investors. to gain an advantage.
• Caution is required needed in relationships • Career-mindedness and good planning
as legal and financial issues may surface. skills.
• Hard work pays off for him/her in the end. 2–9 • Likely to be involved in aspects of busi-
• His/her social circle is always expanding. nesses that relate to communications or
• Career-minded workaholic, always busy people matters.
and often feels pressured. • Extremely emotional
1–8 • Loner • Very impatient and aggressive, often
• Should be careful of legal, monetary and leading to heart problems.
relationship issues. • Money comes and goes very quickly.
• “One-man show”. 3–3 • Has three affairs of the heart.
• Able to manage financial, relationship and • If male, likely to have a son.
legal issues well. • When putting fingers together, gaps may
• Hard work eventually pays off for be seen between them.
1–9 him/her. • Meat eaters.
• Independent. • Fast, enterprising and aggressive planner.
• Most likely to be in a career or area of • Straightforward consultant
business that requires working alone. 3–4 • Attracts many supporters and investors,
• Straightforward. • Has a few relationships within his/her life-
• Vocal, charismatic and creative. time.
• Soft-hearted and gentle. • Impatient, emotional and unpredictable.
• Often indecisive in both speech and ac- • Easily provoked.
tion. • Suffers from mood swings
• Able to deliver promises. • Has heart problems due to love for eating
• An impatient and aggressive communica- 3–5 meat.
tor. • Money will comes and goes very quickly.
• Easily agitated. • Has three affairs of the heart in his/her
• Effective and reliable. lifetime. lf
• Faces many obstacles in life. • If male, likely to have a son.
• Hard work reaps handsome rewards. • Willing to risk money on investments.
• Offends others through blunt speech. 3–6 • Keen sense in identifying opportunities
• A good communicator—a great presenter. that yields handsome rewards.
• Caution is needed in relationships as legal • Aggressive, independent and workaholic.
2–4 and financial issues may surface. • Impatient.
• Good at planning. • Faces multiple relationship, financial and
• Usually stressed up. legal challenges in life.
• Able to attract supporters and investors. • Financially independent.
• Naggy. • Aggressive.
• Observes principles while communicating. • Impatient.
• Stubborn and self-centered. • Vocal.
• Family – oriented. • Naggy.
• Money – minded. • Encounters lots of challenges in life.
• Should be careful in marriage, relation- • Experiences three downfalls in his/her life.
ships, money and legal issues. • Latter part of life will be better.
• “Cherry blossom numbers”. Attracts the 3–9 • Better for him/her to deal with short-term
attentions of the opposite sex. businesses.
• Attracts supporters and investors. • Hard work pays off in the end for him/her.
• Charismatic. • Highly intelligent and skilled.
2–7 • Enterprising. • Obsessive planner.
• May become someone‘s mistress, marry a • Not likely to go into business unless as-
divorcee, or have a third party in his/her sured of a good partner.
marriage. • May end up sleeping separately from
• Vocal. his/her spouse.
• Caution is needed in financial and legal • Very focused and success oriented.
matters. • Challenges obstacles head-on.
2–8 • Good and independent communicator, ef- • Strong principles.
fectively persuasive and a natural sales- • Effective planner.
person. 4–6 • Financially independent.
10 | P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r . A l v i n A n g a t w w w . A l v i n A n g . s g
• Able to attract many investors and friends. • Faces a few downfalls in life before seeing
• Cautious, spending money only when success.
necessary. • Very straightforward.
• Faces many relationship or marital prob- • Charismatic.
lems. • Creative.
• Enjoys learning and taking advice from 6–7 • Aggressive.
older people. • Enterprising consultant.
• Entrepreneurial. • Makes a good administrative planner.
• Faces many relationship or marital prob- • Takes care of other's interests.
lems. • Very commanding.
• Good communication skills. • Vocal.
• When he/she gets older, he/she can be- • Emotional.
come a good consultant. • Impatient.
• Always stressed out and under pressure to • Always on the go
deliver work. • “Never- say-die" attitude.
• Busy planner or organizer. • His/her money is earned through hard
• Faces many marital or family challenges. work.
• Always planning for success. • Avoid getting too stressed out as this can
• Creative and intelligent business builder. take a serious toll.
• Faces many relationship or marital prob- • Risk-taker especially with investments.
lems. • Hard work will pay off.
• Career minded. • Good results will come after a series of
• Faces many obstacles and challenges in risky endeavors.
his/her lifetime. • Gifted with the “Midas touch”, likely to
• Needs to avoid high-risk sports and fast achieve great wealth and success.
5–5 cars. Should avoid mountain climbing. • Always presented with the right business
• Second half of his/her life will be better. opportunities.
• Self – centered, leading to self-destruction. • Very grounded.
• Stubborn. • Stubborn.
• Very independent. • Emotional.
• Charismatic but naggy • Charismatic.
• Hard work will pay off in the end. 7–7 • Lucky.
• May be labelled a miser by others. • Knows people from all walks of life.
5–6 • Observes principles. • Likely to have multiple affairs of the
• Should take note on marital and relation- heart.
ship matters. • May suffer from heart problems.
• Spends money only necessarily. • Successful.
• Many opportunities to do well because of • Enterprising.
good connections with people. But some • Charismatic.
5–7 of them may prove to be trouble. • Definitely suited for the business world.
• May have multiple relationships, marital, • Able to thrive under pressure.
legal or financial issues. 7–8 • Likely to experience multiple relation-
• Observes principles. ships, financial and legal issues.
• Stubborn. • Hard work pays off.
• Creative. • Lots of stressed related to people issues.
• Very emotional. • Should learn to delegate work to lighten
• Likely to have multiple relationships, mar- work load.
ital, legal or financial challenges. • Very enterprising.
• Financially independent. • Charismatic.
• Stubborn. • Lucky.
• Traditional mind-set that may impede 7–9 • Can succeed in people related businesses.
success. • Receives lots of support and referrals.
• Limits his/her own achievements due to • Should learn to manage people relation-
self-limiting beliefs. ships well for a long-term good.
• Belongs to what we call the “winner‘s cir- • Successful.
cle. • Enterprising.
• Have many opportunities to become 8–8 • Lucky.
6–6 wealthy. • Charismatic.
• Very aggressive and emotional person. • Hard work pays off after several attempts.
11 | P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r . A l v i n A n g a t w w w . A l v i n A n g . s g
• Should be attentive to relationship, finan-
cial and legal matters.
• Very responsible. Appendix C – Interpretation of Special
• Always stressed-out during work. Number Pairs
• Hard work pays off in the end.
8–9 This Appendix gives the interpretation of the eight Spe-
• Able to manage relationships well.
cial Number Pairs as stated in [1].
• Blessed with many business opportunities
to be rich. C1 “Finger Gap” Numbers
• Gifted with many business opportunities
and idea to make him/her wealthy and This pair is only referring to the alphabet pair “P” and
9–9 successful “Q” of the UCMHP chart.
• Greedy, thus may result in loneliness. Ninety percent of individuals with the number pairs:
• Hard work pays off in the end. • 1 – 1,
• 2 – 2,
• 3 – 3,
• 4 – 4,
• 5 – 5 and
• 6–6
Show gaps between their fingers when they put all their
digits straight up together.

C2 “Meat Eater” Number

The “Meat Eater” Number refers solely to a single digit
within the inverted triangular region of the UCMHP chart.
That is, it can only be “L”, “M”, “N”, “O”, “P”, “Q” or “R”.
Ninety percent of those who have a “3” or an “8” in this
region have a strong preference for eating meat, while the
remaining ten percent tend to eat only oily or fried vegeta-

C3 Marital / Relationship Problem Numbers

Referring to the inverted triangular region, individuals
who have these numbered pairs are likely to have marriage
or relationship problems:
• 1–1
• 4 – 8 or 8 – 4
• 5–5
• 6–6
• 1 – 5 or 5 – 1
• 1 – 6 or 6 – 1
• 5 – 6 or 6 – 5
• 2 – 7 or 7 – 2
• 8–8

C4 Extra Marital Affair Numbers

Extra Marital Affair Numbers may be found anywhere on
the UCMHP chart. The numbers are:
• 1–1
• 3–3
• 2 – 7 or 7 – 2
• 4 – 8 or 8 – 4
• 1 – 5 or 5 – 1
• 1 – 6 or 6 – 1
• 5 – 6 or 6 – 5
• 8–8
Ninety percent of individuals with these numbers have
numerous relationships in their lifetimes. Usually, they are
the third party.
12 | P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r . A l v i n A n g a t w w w . A l v i n A n g . s g
C5 Emotionally Sensitive Numbers
Emotionally Sensitive Numbers may be found anywhere
on the UCMHP chart. The numbers are:
• 3–3
• 3 – 5 or 5 – 3
Ninety percent of individuals with these number pairs
have the following characteristics:
• Very emotional
• Spendthrifts
• Gaps can be found in their fingers if they line their digits
• Money comes and goes easily
• Having three relationships within their lifespan
• If he’s a male, likely only to have one son
• Heart-related health problems

C6 “Cherry Blossom” Numbers

“Cherry Blossom” Numbers can be found anywhere on
the UCMHP chart. The numbers are:
• 2 – 7 or 7 – 2
• 3–3
• 3 – 5 or 5 – 3
If these numbers occur in a man’s UCMHP chart, it
would indicate that he has a huge appetite for sexual grati-

C7 “Professor-type” and “Separation” Numbers

These numbers can be found anywhere on the UCMHP
chart. The numbers are: 4 – 4. Individuals who carry this
number pair on their charts are very likely to end up sleep-
ing separately from their partners.

C8 “Life-time Challenges” and “Obstacles” Numbers

These numbers can be found anywhere on the UCMHP
chart. The numbers are: 4 – 5 or 5 – 4. Individuals with
these numbers are:
• Likely to suffer from hair loss and/or skin problems
• Very success – driven
• Do not allow others to sway or stop them from achieving
their goals

C9 Vice Numbers
These numbers can be found anywhere on the UCMHP
chart. The numbers are:
• 4–5–6
• 6–5–4
• 6–4–5
Individuals with these numbers are:
• Most likely corrupt
• Having bad eating habits
• Womanizers
• Alcoholic
• Gamblers

13 | P a g e C r e a t e d b y D r . A l v i n A n g a t w w w . A l v i n A n g . s g

Dr. Bernard Yeo is a researcher and founder of the Universal Characteristic Method of Human
Profiling (UCMHP). He had spent over 5 years engaged in deep intensive studies of human behaviour
and their personalities. He has analysed more than 12,000 people's birth numbers from different
cultures, genders and background. According to him, the accuracy is up to 90%. In 2012, Dr. Yeo was
acknowledged in Asia Pacific Outstanding Business Professional Award for his hard work and
contributions to the Human Profiling subject. He was also conferred the Honorary Doctor of
Philosophy in Human Capital Development and Human Profiling in 2013 in recognition for his
outstanding research.


Dr. Alvin Ang earned his Ph.D., Masters and Bachelor degrees from NTU, Singapore. He is a
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