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MARK R. WARNER FINANCE BANKING, HOUSING, AND URBAN AFFAIRS: United States Senate baat January 29, 2019 Ms. Emily W. Murphy Administrator USS. General Services Administration (GSA) 1800 F Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20405-0001 Dear Administrator Murphy Following my meeting in December 2018 with you and Commissioner Dan Mathews, [ am ‘writing to ask for an update on the lease procurement process for the VA"s new outpatient clinic in Hampton Roads. I am increasingly concerned that the project is moving far too slowly for our veterans in the Commonwealth. As you know, Hampton Roads is home to one of the largest and fastest growing veteran populations in the country and urgently needs a new outpatient clinic to deliver services to the growing veteran population. In August 2017, alter years of spearheading a bipartisan effort, my colleagues and I were finally able to achieve authorization of the overdue lease for the Hampton Roads facility as part of the larger VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017. In order to expedite the process for the construction, it was decided that the General Services Administration (GSA) would lead the procurement and construction of the facility. I was dismayed to hear that the GSA’s newest timeline states that the facility may not be completed until 2023, and potentially not open for business until late 2023 or early 2024. This timelin unacceptable, and we must find ways to build this needed facility more quickly In our most recent meeting, you stated that the GSA was still identifying potential properties and sites to ensure sufficient competition. And that following this, a number of steps would still need to be undertaken, including another Congressional authorization, before the lease could be awarded and design and construction could occur. cannot stress enough how important itis to me, and the veterans I represent in the Hampton Roads area, that every effort be made to expedite the procurement and building process for this facility. lam concemed that VA facilities in the area are already stretched thin, and additional years without the relief of this outpatient clinic puts strains on these veterans and their families, who rely on the services provided for them at these facilities. To think that this building will be built approximately ten years after the need was identified is a disservice to our veterans and reflects poorly on the U.S. government. We must do better. ask that you provide an update on the process and most importantly, to identify specific phases of the timeline where the process can be expedited. We made a commitment to our veterans, and it is my hope that they will not have to wait another five years to receive the services they deserve. I also stand ready to help in any way to move this forward. Sincerely, Wek C Wevez Mark R. Warner United States Senator