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You’re very, very good, but not very happy; you’re sometimes happy, but always broke; you’re looking, but not finding; finding, but not interested. Meanwhile, world-wide staffing is on the rise, killer companies are in competition for hires and star-seeking employers are hungrier than ever. How does one navigate this window of opportunity? Welcome to TalentWorks at AdAge.com. AdAge.com/TalentWorks is the premier crossroads for top advertising, marketing and media talent — and the HR professionals trying to bring them on board. Torn from the pages of our weekly publication, AdAge.com/TalentWorks — the on-line version — is an effervescent, all-inclusive, interactive jobs boutique featuring leads, perspective, expertise and advice. And we are very much open for business. So whether you’re looking to climb, or looking to hire, the King of All Advertising Industry Media is also the place to grab your piece of the pie. AdAge.com/TalentWorks. Brand new jobs. With a cherry on top.
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Miami Ad School THIRD ROW. And then. Savannah College of Art and Design Adam Gold General Manager. From the printed page to digital media.com Richard K. Sincerely. marketing and media.com Adam Gold General Manager 212-210-0241 agold@creativity-online. from product design to illustration and more. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . LEFT TO RIGHT: Leatherman. The Creative Circus Kowalski Kowality. effervescent jobs boutique at www. check out TalentWorks. Skews Associate Editor Barbara Knoll Proofreader Jeanine Dunn Art Director Hara Allison Associate Art Director Suzanne Fleischman Production Manager MAY . the schools in Creativity’s 2008 Ad & Design School Guide are among the finest in the nation and represent a great opportunity when it comes to finding the best and brightest—and finding them first.com/talentworks. S3 . Advertising Age’s online. Ringling College of Art and Design Fanta. Creativity 212-210-0241 agold@creativity-online. page by page. LEFT TO RIGHT: Computer Animation. COVER TOP ROW. creative directors. Today’s top students will become tomorrow’s award-winning creative professionals. allinclusive. design and best business practices to the next generation of stars. pixel by pixel. make sure you’re represented in the TalentWorks Career Guide. our special annual supplement featuring the very best places to work in the fields of advertising. Chicago Portfolio School Fine Art. Academy of Art University SECOND ROW. For more ways to win the battle for today’s top talent. a handful of schools are going about the business of teaching art. Enjoy the guide—and happy hunting.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE TABLE OF CONTENTS S4 Academy of Art University S6 Chicago Portfolio School S8 College for Creative Studies S10 S12 S14 The Creative Circus Miami Ad School Ringling College of Art and Design S16 S18 Savannah College of Art and Design VCU Brandcenter THE SHAPES OF THINGS TO COME As the media industries shake and quake about the shortage of talented creatives in the market. and HR recruiters. They are nothing less than a dedicated road map to your future staffing success. Frame by frame. Custom Marketing Solutions 312-649-5239 kegolf@crain.adage. give me a call or send me an e-mail. 08 . marketers and media types of most every kind would do well to study the pages that follow. Ringling College of Art and Design Korean Air. LEFT TO RIGHT: Saturn. the story is unfolding—and the 2008 Guide is the place to start to find gold in the form of future award winners.com Karen Egolf Editorial Director. VCU Brandcenter Atomicola. For more information on any of the above. College for Creative Studies Milk-Bone. to complete the recruitment trifecta.

A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY 79 NEW MONTGOMERY ST. Computer Arts: New Media. copywriter. S4 . PC” campaign. Chris Bull and Mike Lee. Pierre Chan. Tor E. makes it the perfect place to study advertising. and Publicis & Hal Riney. only).A. art director. Additionally. Fashion. with almost 12. art direction and copywriting. students will get to mingle with top professionals and have their work reviewed.edu] [www. copywriter. The university’s location in San Francisco. only). It pulls instructors from top agencies around the Bay Area and routinely flies in top professionals. Fine Art. On May 22. interactive advertising and more. Animation/Visual Effects. Fosberg. Interior Architecture & Design. Advertising was the first program established by founder Richard S. art director. where technology. Stephens. Addy. copywriter. Attik. Jason Sperling was the copywriter for Apple’s “Mac vs. Ian Kirkpatrick. integrated communications. TV and radio commercials. art and business intersect.edu] Programs offered > Architecture (M. Recent graduates have found work with top agencies such as Crispin Porter+Bogusky. you can count on having a competitive portfolio.F. 08 Milk-Bone: Sheri Meyer. CALIF. Academy of Art University alumni have worked on some of the most innovative campaigns out there.academyart. Mark Edwards. art director. One Show and CMYK awards every year. Illustration. and Mike Brenner and Greg Coffin teamed up for Scion’s “Little Deviant” campaign. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . Motion Pictures & Television/Acting and Photography Degree offered > Academy of Art University offers accred- ited Associate of Arts. SAN FRANCISCO. Academy of Art University is the nation’s largest private accredited art and design university. copywriting. instructor . advertising students win numerous Andy. campaign design. ad students have worked with Electronic Arts and Fuse Beverages. Bachelor of Fine Arts. art direction. Tony Johnson. Art Directors Club. Clio. Curriculum > Courses in account planning. Courses are available on campus and online. Silverstein & Partners. Digital Arts & Communications (B. Most recently. instructors Starving students: Phuong Le.000 students. Collaborate with the best: Students graduate with portfolios applying clever concepts to stylish magazine ads. Overview: Established in 1929. Industrial Design. Pick a real-world emphasis: The curriculum emphasizes the three main jobs in an ad agency creative department: account planning. Goodby.academyart. Arch. The school functions like a fast-paced downtown ad agency. Learn from pros: The School of Advertising faculty has spent decades in the industry. Find out more about the School of Advertising at www. illustrator.edu. netting a wealth of experience. You may have the chance to collaborate with actual clients. Master of Fine Arts degrees and certificates. MAY . and interactive pieces. You’ll have access to the academy’s extensive multimedia resources. By graduation. Rebekah Smith. instructor Benjamin Moore: Jessica Kaihoi. Succeed far and wide: To help advertising students get their work seen. the academy hosts an annual industry reception. Graphic Design. 94105 800-544-2787 Fax: 415-618-6287 [info@academyart.

San Francisco will give you more than a degree. www.academyart. the vision and the experience necessary to build your portfolio. They’ll give you the skill. whether you study online or on campus.800.2787 .A n y o n e o f t h e 1 2 m a j o r s a va i l a b l e f ro m t h e Ac a d e m y o f A r t Un i ve r s i t y. So. you’ll be ready to pursue the career you’re passionate about.544.edu 1.

Copywriting. 08 . ILL. 60610 312-321-9250 [www. The Chicago Portfolio School is the only one-year full-time program in the U. PHP and Ruby on Rails.S.com Chicago Portfolio School is a one-year portfolio program for students who want to work in the advertising industry. parked cars.chicagoportfolio. CSS. Chicago Portfolio School’s Web Development curriculum includes courses in basic Web development languages such as HTML. HUBBARD ST. (What are we waiting for? Advertising and design are trades. So our students start making concepts and ads Week 1. Web Development All advertising students take a year’s worth of courses that include account planning. Computer classes > Adobe InDesign. call Maria Scileppi at 312-321-9250 or e-mail maria@chicagoportfolio. and we are eligible to accept international students. Please visit us at www. Photoshop and Flash. poster design. Flash.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE CHICAGO PORTFOLIO SCHOOL 25 W.com or call 312-321-9250.. we receive more applications than we can accept so we encourage students to apply early. In short. of course. For more information or to arrange a visit. viral video. print campaigns.” Ideas. strategic thinking and even stand-up comedy. Illustrator. Students can start Chicago Portfolio School at the beginning of any quarter.) Our instructors are awardwinning working professionals who use real-world industry standards to judge student work. microsites and virtually any place that can jump-start a brand (and is legal).com] Programs offered > Art Direction. Bang & Olufsen Leatherman Mad Croc Sony Cyper-shot Trump Int’l Hotel & Tower Montblanc S6 . on subway station platforms. But our students also create ideas that appear inside pizza boxes. 360° campaigns. and the only way to really learn is by doing. MAY . airport luggage carousels.” But we’re really an “idea school. at our school.chicagoportfolio. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . we are an “ad school. Web design. Design. typography. start with concepts and finish with lots of print ads. CHICAGO. logos. in storefront windows and parks. on Web banners. However. along highways.

Project1 5/6/08 11:46 AM Page 1 .

designers. Rubin Postaer. Our client list includes the Boy Scouts of America. Chrysler. Chevrolet. campaign development. Graphic Design. was commercial art. Carmichael Lynch. Honda. digital advertising. Product Design. Dozens of agencies attend annual portfolio reviews. Real brands. photographers and animators to produce campaigns. Corporate partners and sponsored projects bring the real world into the classroom by connecting students with actual clients. marketing. copywriting. MAY . McCann Erickson. Crafts. Transportation Design Degrees offered > Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts Curriculum > The Advertising Design curriculum provides a challenging program that addresses the needs of today’s advertising agencies and responds to the current dynamic marketing environment. The second degree we offered. our graduates have impacted every part of advertising and design in America. Doner. real experience: Under the guidance of the faculty of creative directors. They regularly partner with transportation and product designers to bring products to market. and many students receive offers before graduation. Courses include: art direction. To find out more. MICH. real clients. Our large concentration of national agencies is an added benefit. after transportation design. Since that time. Interior Design. JWT. 08 . Organic. DETROIT. Indy Racing League and Nike. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . Illustration. Mars. digital filmmaking. briefs and competition provide realworld experience. Fine Arts.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE COLLEGE FOR CREATIVE STUDIES 201 E. Agencies sponsor our courses where the classroom is the creative department and the clients. S8 . we were the first art institution to embrace the Arts and Crafts movement. illustrators. designers and copywriters Advertising Design students receive an interdisciplinary education second to none. Lowe. Photography. television production. integrated marketing. Overview: Established in 1906. call 313-664-7870. GlobalHue. Entertainment Arts. art directors. time-based media and presentation skills. KIRBY. 48202 Programs offered > Advertising Design. diversity marketing. guerrilla marketing. Art Education. Leo Burnett USA. Ogilvy and Young & Rubicam. Students team with film majors. Campbell-Ewald. Agencies with CCS talent span the advertising world: BBDO. as well as portfolio development. Students regularly intern to earn college credit and valuable experience.

. Art school? Try ad school. 0% Advertising Design Department That’s because 100% of our students are prepared to go to work when they graduate. For more information on getting it done in four years instead of six.of our graduates go on to portfolio schools. please call 313-664-7870.

Classes are taught by working professionals who uphold industry standards for all students. And that’s pretty much the whole point of the Creative Circus: the work. graphic designer Steamies collectible figurines: Jarrel Fudickar. Find out more. Art Direction. professional and relevant. success. packaging. So students have the best tools possible to succeed and compete. graphic designer NoDoz: Raquel Salaro. In fact. bright and energetic. Web design. And the Creative Circus is an environment like no other. And it shows. Advertising courses stress real-world strategic thinking and creation of unexpected concepts. Lance Parrish. each with its own 23-inch cinema display and CRT palette monitor. Our digital imaging lab is second to none. Chances are you already have. it even speaks for the whole school. ultimately. And it speaks for itself. Rick Williams. Stephen Lum. The Creative Circus is a school firmly rooted in reality but loose enough to change the world. photographer Look around this page. NE. Graphic Design or Image Ace Hardware (rebranding): Jeff Hester. experimentation. And it produces work that’s powerful. Justin Bajan. But great work doesn’t come in a bottle. It’s fresh. with the best technology available today: Twelve dual G5 Macs. It’s open. MAY . creative thinking and pushing the limits of students’ creativity. copywriter S10 . And it’s no wonder we have almost a 100 percent placement record. Call 404-607-8880 or visit www. copywriter. Students Graduate With > A portfolio and a Certificate in Copywriting. the Creative Circus is also a leader. One Show pencils and Clios to fill a small planet. failure. No wonder Circus graduates have won enough Cannes Grand Prix awards.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE THE CREATIVE CIRCUS 812 LAMBERT DRIVE. Image classes focus on commercial photo applications and digital work flow and processes. This creates portfolios that are polished. Josh Fuehner. ATLANTA. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . Graphic Design and Image Curriculum > Classes are focused on real-world marketing and advertising problem-solving. smart and relevant. That focus also comes from our instructors. It’s nurtured in an environment that encourages growth. since the ad campaign we’re running has also been created entirely by current students. memorable. who all work in the communication arts industry. GA. more and more work and. and brand and collateral development. photographer Magical Thinking: Jeff Previdi. All classes ultimately lead to pieces that can be used in a portfolio. graphic designer. The Graphic Design curriculum includes bookmaking. In the ever-evolving world of digital image-making. It’s collaborative. undeniable.creativecircus. 08 . Saturn: Charles Austin. art director. Art Direction. It’s powerful. fresh and smart. 30324 404-607-8880 [www. art directors. They present challenges that prepare students for the rigors of the business while they maintain standards that aren’t simply pulled from a textbook.creativecircus.com. logos.com] Programs offered > Copywriting.


“To be Typical is to be invisible. tweet or Digg. art directors Gold Type Directors’ Club winner: Jennifer Barger. People we call “pop culture engineers. Ian Hart. Graphic Design. we certainly have. we call our program the School of Pop Culture Engineering from Miami Ad School. “Typical doesn’t know anything about social media. 123: 5o Andar Villa Mariana MIAMI AD SCHOOL MADRID Santa Cruz de Marcenado 4—local 4 Programs offered > Copywriting. We do. seed. art director. And here’s where we give Typical some credit. trendsetters and game-changers. Rosser Reeves said.miamiadschool. graphic designer .” But while it’s easy to say. Gold Clio winner for Jeep: Sebastian Kauffman. Fashion Photography/Editorial Design Degrees offered > Associate of Science in Mass Communications. Typical is not partnered with a network of proven thought leadership. Suite B MIAMI AD SCHOOL EUROPE Finkenau 35. art director.com] [www. “We’re not your Typical portfolio school..” And to be sure. Alvaro Alvim.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE MIAMI AD SCHOOL MIAMI AD SCHOOL The School for Pop Culture Engineering 800-858-3190 [info@miamiadschool.com] MIAMI AD SCHOOL 955 Alton Road. With our Quarter Away program. why is Typical so typical? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a soul who’ll argue with the fact that Typical just doesn’t cut it. blog. Which is why we’re anything but. “Typical is completely lost when it comes to making brands popular in popular culture—it doesn’t post. written everywhere we look.” Moreover.” Here’s where we prove it. Master of Science in Mass Communications If everybody agrees Typical blows. It’s calling for fame-generators.” And who can forget when Alex Bogusky muttered at a urinal in Cannes. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . Suite 201 MIAMI AD SCHOOL SAN FRANCISCO 415 Jackson St. And those graduates often show up ready to work with decent portfolios. But the problem is Typical doesn’t seem to realize that today the industry is calling for more. We have. copywriter Silver Clio winner for Skyy Vodka: Croix Gagnon. MAY . “There’s nothing Typical about us. S12 . Here’s where we say it. Account Planning. We are. It’s a universal truth. Miami Beach MIAMI AD SCHOOL MINNEAPOLIS 25 North 4th St.: Croix Gagnon and Siavosh Zabeti. copywriter What a scrappy little tiger cub! This ruff and tumble furball loves to scamper and pounce! This moment of purity brought to you by Skyy Vodka. Now we give this an ending that isn’t Typical either: Chocolate chip cookies kill kittens. (Does Crispin Porter+ Bogusky ring a bell?) Typical hasn’t compiled a roster of guest instructor rock stars. Ricardo Wolff. 08 Students in Miami attend class with students in Minneapolis via video conferencing “Face2Face” technology.” Next there’s “Typical doesn’t think the way we think. Typical does produce graduates. See? Even our name isn’t Typical. Typical doesn’t even know what Digg is. Typical doesn’t invest in a technology infrastructure that can put pupils face to face with instructors all over the world. So we’ll do both. it can’t write a sitcom or produce a Web film. reach into the jar marked Typical. Art Direction. upload. “If you want to suck an egg. Gold Clio guerrilla winner for Williams Electric Co. 22081 Hamburg MIAMI AD SCHOOL/ESPM SÃO PAULO Rua Dr. and it’s about as i-savvy as your grandmother.. Hell. the world’s purest spirit.” Which is why.” it’s quite another matter to prove it. So you can go with Typical if you want. in an effort to put our money where our mouth is (also not Typical). Typical hasn’t made it possible for students to gain work experience all over—from Shanghai to Amsterdam. We’ll start with. “We’re not your Typical portfolio school.” Then.

But with hard work and perseverance. Just ask Ben Miller. LEARNING HOW TO POST STUPID VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE TAKES CONSIDERABLY LESS DISCIPLINE. If you’ve never heard it. we’re pretty sure we can help Ben’s future attempts at changing pop culture hit closer to the mark. you’re not alone.com/maspopculturevids If changing pop culture were as easy as posting a video on YouTube® there would be no need for the Miami Ad School of Pop Culture Engineering. Ben wrote and recorded “Driveway Love” for his class . Not many people have. or seen its accompanying video. by MIAMI AD SCHOOL .youtube. But changing pop culture is hard.LEARNING HOW TO EFFECTIVELY CHANGE POP CULTURE TAKES DISCIPLINE.Music and its Effect on Pop Culture. ® http://www. As a first quarter student.

art history and liberal arts. 1. Photography & Digital Imaging and Sculpture *Beginning fall 2009 Degrees offered > Bachelor of Fine Arts. Game Art & Design. 41-acre residential campus. Founded in 1931 by noted art collector. 08 Nicole Mauser Kelly Versaggi Nicole Fernandez Jane Radstrom Kristyna Tylova Joshua M. In 2007.edu] Programs offered > Advertising Design.* Business of Art & Design. regional and national levels. and our computer animation program was ranked No. Join us in our creative revolution. Walt Disney Co. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . FLA. 1 in North America by the acclaimed 3D World Magazine and among the top 20 programs in the country by Variety.ringling. Study in the subtropics: Today.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN 2700 N.edu or visit our Web site at www. Make a name for yourself: Students showcase their superior talents in various competitions on the local. For a copy of our latest catalog e-mail admissions@ringling. Courses are concentrated on the concepts. ideas and skills essential to succeed as an artist. TAMIAMI TRAIL SARASOTA. Digital Film. Computer Animation. and is also recognized as a leader in the use of technology in the arts. © Greg Hall For more than 76 years. Broadcast Design/Motion Graphics. And there is no better place to reach that goal than Ringling College of Art and Design—changing the way the world thinks about art and design. MAY . the Society of Illustrators accepted 27 Ringling student works into its Scholarship Competition—more than double that of any other art college in the nation. Interior Design. Target Stores. BusinessWeek magazine named us one of the top design schools in the world. Almost 60 percent live on the lush.200 students study here. Graphic & Interactive Communication. not-for-profit college is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.ringling.. Illustration. Be among the top tier: Ringling College has evolved into one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind in the U. Fine Arts. Hallmark and even the CIA. 34234-5895 941-351-5100 800-255-7695 (Toll-free U. Help us change the world: There has never been a better time to be an artist or designer than today. demanding visual arts-based cur- riculum engages innovation and tradition through a strong. Garcia . in Sarasota. Bachelor of Arts Curriculum > Rigorous. Fla. real estate magnate and circus impresario John Ringling. Noted recruiters include Apple Computer. the private.S. Ringling College of Art and Design has cultivated the creative spirit in students from around the globe. only) [www. subtropical. computer animation alumna Bevin Carnes won a Student Academy Award—one of only 11 given worldwide. This spring. Painting. designer or creative professional. Ringling has 140 talented faculty members—all practicing artists.. Printmaking. designers and scholars—who share their broad backgrounds and professional expertise in the classroom. DreamWorks. well-rounded first-year program focusing on studio courses. coming from 43 states and 31 countries.S.edu. S14 .

We think you’ll agree we’re one of the hottest art and design colleges in the nation! www. Ringling College of Art and Design has cultivated the creative spirit in students from around the globe. If you think you have what it takes to be one of the world’s leading artists and designers and are ready to pursue your passion. we invite you to join our creative community at Ringling College.ringling.Project2 5/2/08 1:15 PM Page 1 Changing the Way the World Thinks About Art and Design For more than 76 years. Ringling is recognized as being among the best and most innovative visual arts colleges in the United States as well as a leader in the use of technology in the arts.5100.edu . For info on campus tours and a copy of our latest catalog. Florida.edu. email admissions@ringling. visit us online at www.351. Today. located in Sarasota.edu.ringling. or call us at 941.

scad. business and integrated brand marketing in addition to primary career preparation. Jefferson. Port-au-Prince. Ogilvy and Vanity Fair. a fast-paced. The roster features professionals who are experienced and well-known in their fields. Haiti. Faculty: Of the 523 faculty members at SCAD. SCAD has locations in Atlanta and Savannah. the program prepares students to join the industry as creative professionals who will become leaders and principals of design.. undergraduate student in advertising design S16 .A. 80 percent are full time. Advertising design graduates are prepared to work at the leading edge of the advertising business. strategic planning. MAY . Advertising design at SCAD: The advertising design program at SCAD prepares students for careers in the advertising profession. under the leadership of involved professors.A. as well as Lacoste. Nelson. Goodby Silverstein & Partners.A. The goal of the college is to nurture and cultivate the unique qualities of each student through an interesting curriculum. Merkley+Partners. Going beyond the fundamental skills training it takes to get a job.edu] ATLANTA: ADMISSION DEPARTMENT P. dynamic and ever-changing industry.F. Career preparation: The advertising design program at SCAD produces graduates with superior capabilities and potential. SCAD students learn the most current. France.edu] [www. Miracle-Gro (outdoor): Nelson Outdoor–James P. Advertising design faculty members bring to the classroom their professional experience from major agencies and their own companies. BOX 2072.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE SAVANNAH COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN SAVANNAH: ADMISSION DEPARTMENT P. 30357-1300 404-253-2700 or 877-722-3285 [scadatl@scad. Students graduate with strong portfolios featuring work that is in sync with the advertising profession. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . Deutsch. Droga 5.) Bachelor of Fine Arts (B. Some employers of SCAD alumni include: Boone-Oakley.O.) Modernista! Executive Creative Director Gary Koepke reviews an advertising design student’s portfolio.edu/atlanta] Degrees offered > Bachelor of Arts (B.” the Savannah College of Art and Design exists to prepare talented students for professional careers.) Master of Arts (M. progressive advertising principles and practices through coursework that parallels professional practice with actual clients. 08 .scad. teaching creative copywriting. emphasizing learning through individual attention in a positively oriented university environment. 31402-2072 912-525-5100 or 800-869-7223 [admission@scad. Overview: Named one of Kaplan’s “25 cutting-edge schools with an eye toward the future..edu] [www. JWT. undergraduate student in advertising design Korean Air: Dodard Paris–Fabian Dodard. BOX 77300. Ind. ATLANTA. and offers degree programs online through SCAD-eLearning.O. SAVANNAH. GA. in an inspiring environment.) Master of Fine Arts (M.A. Ga. GA.F.


brandcenter. 1 ad school—overall and in all three categories (quality of program. culture. University of California-Berkeley and Dartmouth. and we approach each business or communications problem with complete media neutrality. Communications Strategy. Contact > If you have any questions about the program or if you’d like to schedule a visit to the school. please call 800-311-3341 and ask to speak with: Karen Berndt. Creativity. Take a look at the next page to see what recruiters.rm116.com] Programs offered > Art Direction. We believe in the idea. Not to mention the fact that Creativity magazine ranked us the No. MAY . And Advertising Age just named us the No. the business of advertising. strategic thinking. RICHMOND. 23284 [www. Writers and art directors solve business problems.edu) or Katherine Keogh. strategic brand concepts. Creative Technology Degree offered > Master of Science in Mass Communication Curriculum > Includes classes such as creative thinking. film storytelling.edu] [www. JEFFERSON STREET.A SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION OF CREATIVITY AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE VCU BRANDCENTER 103 S. planning directors and creative directors have to say about hiring our graduates. is creativity.edu) Though the work here is a fair representation of what is being done at VCU Brandcenter. Creative Brand Management. S18 . quality of graduates and innovation).vcu. No other school challenges its students to think the way our students think. qualitative and quantitative research techniques. 1 digital media and marketing school. after all. Stanford. and strategists and brand managers are taught to think creatively. alongside great schools such as Harvard. Copywriting. building brands in international cultures. admissions coordinator (kberndt@vcu. But don’t take our word for it. visual communications. BusinessWeek named us one of the top business/design schools in the world. In November. AD & DESIGN SCHOOL GUIDE . it is worth noting that it is difficult to put much of the larger problem solving that happens at the school on this page. presentation skills. 08 . VA. student affairs coordinator (kkeogh@vcu.

” David Droga / Creative Chairman. There are many good creative schools out there. Shine. VCU rocks. and those ” kids come out knowing the realities of working in the ad business and can hit the ground running. constantly evolving program that addresses our constantly evolving industry makes these grads trump most juniors. I am. It’s a darn good school and it’s obvious that it strives to strengthen and reinvent itself constantly. Modernista! “Brandcenter is a favorite resource of ours because the grads always arrive talented. ” Nancy Vonk / Co-Chief Creative Officer. constantly in awe of it. As a result. and thoughtful. but only one that cocoons this creativity in the necessary strategic and business sensibilities. We hired grads from the beginning and have had a 100% hit rate. Droga5 “VCU Brandcenter is miles ahead of the other options. The true art in this business is done by those who take client restraints like budgets. Goodby.that rare mix of fresh thinking about what brands and communication need in order to thrive today. Ogilvy Toronto “The VCU program graduates students with books that reflect VCU’s unique structure: creative students working with students studying strategy and brand management in a close-to-real-world setting. but it’s creating the people who will undoubtedly lead it. however. agendas. ” Gareth Kay / Head of Planning. TBWA\Chiat\Day “VCU churns out some of the freshest thinking of all the schools as far as I have seen. They go beyond ‘make believe’ ads and reflect work that has been put through the same paces. John Butler / Creative Director. I can see why your program is so highly regarded. Their exposure to different disciplines. very nervous. And they make the seniors very. world-class teachers. ” Anne Hubben / Creative Recruiter “The students who come from the VCU Brandcenter are well prepared and comfortable working with planning and account management from day one. criticisms and constraints that we deal with in the real world. They’d much rather solve big problems than simply make ads. It’s exactly what we look for in all portfolios. And the portfolios show it. etc. Stern & Partners “The VCU Brandcenter manages to continually produce the planning talent that is desperately needed today . GSD&M “I have hundreds of books in my office. ” Luke Sullivan / Group Creative Head. and has been since the day it opened. Silverstein & Partners “I’m never surprised by the quality of talent that grows from the VCU ad program because I’ve learned to expect it. they hit the ground running faster and contribute far more than you could hope for. ” Casey Mooney / Recruiter. yet the books I find most appealing are from VCU. It’s refreshing to see a portfolio that is so integrated. They get that this business is about problem solving and can look way beyond traditional media solutions. They’re big thinkers. ” Kevin Roddy / Executive Creative Director. ” Linda Harless / Recruiter. and a sophisticated. Especially thoughtful. and turn them on their head. hungry.“If I were a young student aspiring to break into advertising. legal issues. BBH NY . The VCU program seems to not only have embraced the future. combined with the practical understanding of how business and agencies work. Butler. The thing that really impresses us is that the program is structured to replicate real world agency experience. I would go out of my way to become part of the VCU alumni. ” Amanda Vendal / Recruiter. The Richards Group “After looking at one of your recent graduate’s book.

210. • Partners will also be able to place their own recruitment videos on the site. THE AD AGE TALENTWORKS CAREER GUIDE IS THE VERY BEST WAY FOR AGENCIES. tabloid-sized TalentWorks Career Guide will be poly-bagged with Ad Age.210.com for 12 months. MARKETERS AND MEDIA COMPANIES TO ATTRACT TOP TALENT! WORKS! • Advertising partners can enjoy a full-page.880 Online Audience: 440.com . Print circulation (58. and expertise that Ad Age readers have come to expect. • The Career Guide will live on AdAge.438 monthly unique visitors). Source: ABC Consolidated Media Report (12/06).THE TalentWorks CAREER GUIDE Now you can showcase your company’s best attributes to the premier talent pool in the world — The Ad Age Nation! Hire Education.438 PLUS: Bonus Distribution at key industry events (including ANA. custom-developed marketing profile directly adjacent to their ad. Online audience (440. Ad:Tech and more) and to students in advertising and marketing programs at top universities nationwide. iMedia.com or Greg Altieri: 212. • Advertisers will be provided with a cache of complimentary job listing opportunities. But in this case it’s all been cleverly developed to help HR recruiters get the results they need.0752 or galtieri@adage. 2008 Space Close: August 4 Adjacency Creative Due: August 15 Materials Due: August 22 Print Audience: 256. and offers numerous ways to communicate your corporate message — and ensure that message stands out.0158 or jwhelan@adage. What You’ll Get: Issue Date: September 22. perspective.979) plus RPC. The Ad Age Talent Works Career Guide is replete with all the advice. The free-standing. For more information contact: Jim Whelan: 212.

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