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‘Alan S. Mandelt Andrew L. Mandel Daniel J, Marsh, dr* Micha! J. Sudekurn* Annette K. Mandel Bryan J, Sanger Michael J. Kelley” IMI Mandel ¢ Mandel LLP ATTORNEYS & COUNSELURS AT Law Edward Davicsson (1906 - 1999) John J. Schluster (1838 - 2005) Todd A. Baker (1964 - 2011) Donald L. Wolff (1935-2015) * Also liconced in Minis January 29, 2019. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE On behalf of'S.D.. weare encouraged by recent criminal charges against Officers Joseph Schmitt and William Olsten of the Metropolitan Police Department in the City of St. Louis for the serious crimes they committed against §.D. on April 27,2017. We stand willing fo assist the Circuit Attorney's Offioe in their prosecution to seck justice for their wrongful acts of police conduct. Officers Schmitt and Olsten, acting with other olficcrs, failed to identify themselves as police officers, used police issued firearms and police taeties, to investigate and approach 8... Their acts of aggression caused scrious, disabling, and permanent physical and emotional damage to $.D... We are saddened the criminal acts of Olficers Schmitt and Olsten are a negative inference on the fine men and women of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department who do the tough and necessary work to keep us safe. We are confident thal the Circnit Attorney's Office will fight for and achieve justice for $.D.. ésf Brvan J. Sanger Allomey forS.D, 1108 Olive Street, 5th Floor - Saint Louis, Missouri 63101 » Telephono: 314-621-1701 + Fax: 344-621-4800 anaes