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January 30, 2019
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Ryerson fired Black staff member on leave R$U: How it
and Staff Community Network, said all adds up
By Zena Salem Sutherland’s firing was unexpected.
“I did not see this coming at all. I
A Black union worker was fired by and many others saw her as an asset By Emma Sandri
Ryerson University’s administration to this institution. Instead of firing
while on medical leave, The Eyeopener her, I wish the institution had used In the days since The Eyeopener
has learned. her skills and strengths to help push confirmed Ryerson Students’
Carol Sutherland, a union employ- their equity agenda forward.” Union (RSU) credit card state-
ee at Ryerson’s Equity and Commu- Arlain added that Sutherland had ments totalling thousands,
nity Inclusion office, was terminated always selflessly supported racial- many students are asking how
from her position on Jan. 8. ized workers. this all happened.
She said that after believing she “She understands the lived expe- Here is a short breakdown
was having a heart attack, she went riences of racialized workers. Those of what led up to last week:
to Michael Garron Hospital to get Sutherland said she was terminated on Jan. 8 | COURTESY: CAROL SUTHER- incidents and instances that some of It all begins
examined. She was told she was us will inevitably face in this super The Ryerson Students’
having a panic attack as result of Ryerson declined a request for immediately,’” she said. polite society that publicly endorses Union (RSU) fired their gen-
workplace stress, she said. comment, stating that human re- “Effective immediately [means] messages of equity, community and eral manager (GM) on their
Sutherland said she had to go all source issues are addressed as con- my benefit is gone. My medication inclusion, however, still seems to first day in office in May 2018.
the way to Thornhill for an inde- fidential matters. is $200. I couldn’t afford to buy my need some time to catch up to those At the time, the GM had a
pendent medical exam with a par- “It is the expectation of the uni- medication,” she added. noted ideals,” she added. credit card with $20,000, said
ticular psychiatrist recommended by versity that all Ryerson employees’ Josh Lamers, the co-founder of president Ram Ganesh.
Ryerson. She said her psychologist behaviour reflect the values and stan- “The termination of Carol is Ryerson’s Black Liberation Collec- Split in two
called Ryerson, informing them that dards of conduct held by the univer- both jarring and awakening” tive (BLC), said Sutherland’s firing The GM’s $20,000 card was
this request would cause more stress sity,” public affairs said in a statement. is a wake up call. divided between Ganesh and
and anxiety and asked if she could Sutherland said Ryerson sent a let- “The termination of Carol is both the RSU’s vice-president of
see a doctor close to her home. The ter to her home saying she would be Sutherland was the founder of jarring and awakening for some operations, Savreen Gosal, ac-
request was ignored, she added. terminated if she didn’t meet with the Ryerson Black Faculty and Staff to what BLC Ryerson has always cording to Ganesh. This means
Following a 21-page report from HR. She said she attended the Jan. 8 Community Network, an initiative known, which is that spaces like the that each executive has a card
the psychiatrist, Sutherland said Ry- meeting and was told she was fired. that works to support Black faculty Office of Equity and Community with $10,000.
erson terminated her. She said she signed a contract and staff members of the university. Inclusion are implicated in the on- Execs raise their salaries
“They disregarded what my doc- guaranteeing a return to her home The group works to enhance Ry- going anti-Black climate on Ryerson In a private board meet-
tor has sent, they disregarded ev- position as a customer client ser- erson’s academic and cultural diver- campus,” he said. ing on May 27, a motion was
erything,” she said. “They termi- vices ambassador at the ServiceHub sity, according to the Office of the “Carol was well known for being passed increasing the ex-
nated me based on an independent on Jan. 14. Vice President Equity and Commu- one of the few Black staff at Ryer- ecutives’ salaries by $11,000.
medical exam, a medical exam that “I called my union representative nity Inclusion‘s website. son who would actually open up her Brought forward in April by
Ryerson forced me to go [to], and and he came with me. [HR] said Mandissa Arlain, Ryerson’s library office to Black students and support Tajinder Kaur, the motion
Ryerson said if I don’t go to that, I ‘Carol you are fired, we are termi- technician and an executive mem- in quite literally any [or] every way raises the executives’ salary
[would] be fired,” she said. nating your employment effective ber of the Ryerson Black Faculty possible,” he added. from $36,000 to $47,000. The
Eyeopener has been unable to
find anyone who knows Kaur.

RSU board of directors say executive’s
Eye receives tips about fi-
nancial mismanagement
Since October, Eye editors

suspension of president, vp, ‘illegitimate’ had been receiving tips to look
into the RSU’s finances, spe-
cifically spending on frivolous
By Raneem Alozzi BoD members said the suspen- get away with any misconduct.” expenses. The Eyeopener was
and Sherina Harris sion violated several bylaws includ- In a response emailed to BoD also informed that the RSU has
ing article 2.5 which states the BoD members, Faruqi said the suspen- not been releasing their quar-
The Ryerson Students’ Union shall administer the affairs of the sion did not violate bylaws. He cited terly financial reports, as man-
(RSU) executives are consulting students’ union. bylaw 4.5, part of which states the dated by RSU bylaws.
with their lawyer to determine “The executives can’t make that RSU president can “[act] on be- Eye learns access to financ-
whether their president and vice- decision and [the board] rejected it,” half of the Board of Directors and es were denied
president operations were sus- said Student groups director Mak- the Executive Committee between In January, The Eyeopen-
pended, according to vice-presi- lane deWever in an interview. meetings, and where action is im- er learns that RSU student
dent equity Karolina Surowiec. mediately necessary.” groups director Maklane
Some Board of Directors (BoD) In a previous interview with The deWever asked to meet with
members called the meeting, in “Action was immediately Eye, Surowiec cited the same bylaw. Dharshini Jay, the financial
which the two executives were sus- necessary, obviously” “Action was immediately neces- controller. In emails obtained
pended, illegitimate. sary, obviously,” she said. by The Eye, deWever was de-
In an email thread obtained by The Faruqi added that because Ganesh nied a meeting.
Eyeopener, several BoD members re- Several other articles in section and Gosal’s names are on the credit Jan. 24 BoD meeting
quested to overrule the motion to sus- 8 of the RSU’s bylaws outline the cards, them being in the RSU office At the the Board of Directors
pend RSU president Ram Ganesh and board’s authority and ability to meet could interfere with the audit into (BoD) meeting, deWever reads
vice-president operations Savreen quorum for a meeting, and call and the unions’ finances. line items off credit card state-
Gosal. The messages were sent on approve new business. In the emails, “This does not take away from exec team came into office in May. ments with Ganesh’s name on
Jan. 26, one day after the emergency board members said the emergency the fact that they still must hand in Purchases on statements show- them, including over $3,000 to
executive meeting took place. executive meeting was not open to their cheque reconciliations and be ing the president’s name included a credit risk management com-
The Eye previously reported that the BoD and they were not provided held accountable to the RSU and $2,280.89 to the club EFS Toronto, pany. The Eye later confirms the
the five-member executive team with a notice prior to the meeting. its membership,” he wrote. “It’s $2,507.18 at a Cineplex Rec Room validity of the statements.
voted to suspend Ganesh and Gosal In the RSU policies, some of the by- still their duty to come to the board in Toronto and $1,375.21 at Nick’s Feb. 1 deadline for receipts
during an emergency meeting. Ga- laws only apply for board meetings. meeting on February 1st.” Sport Shop. Jay sets a Feb. 1 deadline
nesh, as well as vice-president edu- “We are unyielding in our efforts to Dharshini Jay, the RSU’s finan- Several directors who The Eye for the RSU to reconcile their
cation Salman Faruqi and Surowiec, bring justice to students at Ryerson,” cial controller, set a Feb. 1 deadline reached out to could not confirm finances and present receipts
voted in favour of the suspension. said Cristal Hines, community servic- for executives to submit receipts for whether Ganesh and Gosal were for expenses. An emergen-
Gosal voted against the motion and es director, in a previous interview. their purchases. At a Jan. 24 BoD still suspended at the time of publi- cy board meeting has been
the vice president student life & “We won’t accept any bylaw viola- meeting, Jay said no receipts have cation. Faruqi was not available for scheduled for this day.
events Edmund Sofo abstained. tions and we won’t let any executive been submitted since the current comment in time for publication. With files from Sherina Harris.

The writing was on the wall Circulation Manager
Igor “...Yes” Magun

On May 1, 2018, the current execu- The same day, they fired their Alexander “Slam” Moore
By tive and board of the Ryerson Stu- general manager (GM) and termi- Christopher “’Dunk” Sarkar
Jacob dents’ Union (RSU) came into pow- nated the position. One of the GM’s
Dubé er. The executives campaigned on a responsibilities is overseeing the Editor-in-Chief General Manager
platform of being more transparent RSU’s financial decisions. Jacob “Hope crusher” Dubé Liane “Will objectify Ford”
toward students, as well as their The same month, at a secluded McLarty
own board, and to quell infighting. meeting away from the public (and News
our reporters), the RSU’s board of Raneem “Hopes” Alozzi Advertising Manager
directors voted to give their execu- Sherina “Switchblade sisters” Harris Chris “Snowed in” Roberts
tive team an $11,000 raise. Emma “Dreams” Sandri
All the while, RSU president Ram Design Director
Ganesh and vp operations Savreen Photo J.D. “Arsenal heritage” Mowat
Gosal split a $20,000 credit card—de- Alanna “Weed.Face.Mask.” Rizza
signed only to be used by the GM— Celina “Watching you” Gallardo Contributors
in two, and gave it to themselves. Elana “24 hours early” Emer Sam “Doesn’t leave my house”
Last week, The Eye reported that Harley
thousands of dollars were being spent Online Eli “ALWAYS” savage
from Ganesh’s RSU credit card on Skyler “Sophie’s choice” Ash Cassy “Becoming” morrison
booze, clubs and at a sporting goods Bryan “Hates Emma’s toast” Meler Connor “Don’t eat that snow”
store, among many, many others. He Thomas
said at a meeting that several people Features Katarina “Nice Backyard” Ziervogel
had access to, and used, the card. Sarah “NOT THE DOOR” Krichel Kiara “This is kinda fun” Rudder
In hindsight, what the fuck did Elif “Go green or die” Akkuyu
we expect was going to happen? Arts and Life Victoria “ew Brockville” Merianos
If the line from A to B was any Tyler “Jasper” Griffin Anastasia “78/10” Andric
straighter, it’d be wearing cargo Alex “Hey man!” Ramsay
shorts in a snowstorm. Sports Megan “Dasey 4ever” Mullen
You have every right to get royally Peter “Ozzy Pawsborne” Ash Keisha “He ate the yellow paint :)”
pissed when the RSU fail to do right Christian “Call me Bleep me” Ryan Balatbat
by you. Now is the right time to get Kashish “We live in a democracy”
angry. But so was when they fired Biz and Tech Hura
their GM, or gave themselves raises, Izabella “Is here sometimes” Tamara “Greed, sex and murder”
or failed to provide financial reports. Balcerzak Zayachkowski
People in positions of power will Zena “I hate winter” Salem
always try and abuse it if they think Communities Kiernan “Calculating interest”
nobody’s watching. We always are, Lidia “Frozen AirPods” Abraha Green
but nothing sets a fire under a stu- Jonathan “eBanking” Bradley
dent politician’s ass more than 33,000 Fun Kelly “It be like that” Skjerven
voters rapping on their office door. Nathaniel “Clothelined” Crouch Valerie “Steal your fries” Dittrich
Show up to this week’s RSU board Elizabeth “Where’s the policy”
meeting on Feb. 1, vote in droves, Media Sargeant
bring forward your own motions at Parnika “Smells like onions” Raj Grace “Icelandic surgery” Desoe
the upcoming AGM. Katie “Edwin” Swyers Sofia “f**k you” Ramirez
If you want to make sure dump- Pernia “Works at the EDC” Jamshed Libaan “Killa” Osman
ster fires like this don’t happen Raine “Rams Live” Hernandez
again, you’re going to have to do Chris “Comeback Szn” Sanders
something about it. Copy Editor and Khaled “Pomeranian” Badawi
Taylor “Poodle” Ball
Isabelle “Corgi” Espaldon
Mah-Noor “Border Collie” Mubarik
Joe “Labrador” Mastromatteo
Valentina “Shiba Inu” Passos
Catherine “Chihuahua” Cha
Julia “trippy” Mastroianni
Rabia “Multi-tasker goddess” Tahir
Zachary “Mo Bamba” Roman
Lyba “Cracktastic” Mansoor
Andrea “I RESPECT YOU” Josic

This week’s annoying talking coffee
mug is all the people who didn’t take
AT LEAST a few minutes to prance
around in the snow like a carefree ga-
zelle Monday night. It was like Narnia
but without the weird religious subtext.

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Students’ future uncertain after Ford cuts free tuition
Newman supports her widowed enough to cover all of her fees and people who did not need help, instead
mother, who has multiple sclerosis she might have to put her degree on of targeting the money exclusively on
and lives in Newman’s home town hold for a year to pay off her loans, those that did need help,” Lee said.
of Cambridge, Ont. She says she she said. “Of course, low income people
doesn’t have “much of a community Simon Farrington, a first-year should not be paying tuition,” he
to back her up,” as resources in her psychology student, said part of the said. “We’re gonna have to make
area for Indigenous students are “re- reason he went back to school after tough choices and say, ‘look, we’re
ally low.” Along with the proposed graduating from OCAD in 2005 was going to make sure we protect the
OSAP rollbacks, she said her “entire because he qualified for the free tu- people at the bottom.’”
life crumbled.” ition program. “Tuition has gone Gyllian Phillips, president of the
Newman isn’t the only one feeling up quite a bit from when I was last Ontario Confederation of Univer-
the pressure from Ford’s announce- in post-secondary. My total tuition sity Faculty Associations, says while
ment. The Eyeopener previously re- was about $3,000 a year. And now I these cuts will affect all students
ported that over 14,500 Ryerson think it’s up around [$9,000].” who received free tuition, students
students benefited from the pro- from low-income households will
gram in the 2018-19 year. The pro- “I just wish [Ford would] suffer the most.
posed changes to tuition fees and “There’s no doubt this is going to
By Valerie Dittrich come of $50,000 must have at least OSAP grants go into effect for the
understand that he’s not have an adverse effect on students
10 per cent of their assistance come 2019-20 academic year. doing anything right” being able to complete degrees to
Two years ago when the previous in the form of a loan. Second-year Ryerson social work get access to education in the first
Ontario government announced the “That extra grant was literally what student Rachel Archibald said she Farrington said he wasn’t shocked place,” she said.
new free tuition program, Alexus enabled me to survive,” Newman said. felt worried about paying for rent to hear the news—as a returning Incurring large amounts of debt
Newman was ecstatic. As an Indig- “I could actually go to school without and school when she graduated high student, he said he’s grown to “ex- will limit students from having eco-
enous student who had to support having to live through so much debt school. However, the grant she re- pect” drastic rollbacks to financial nomic independence, she added.
not only herself but her family, the and never be able to get myself out ceived allowed her to pay tuition aid. “It’s not preventing my access to “We know [when] folks graduate
extra money meant she was able to from under it.” and help cover some of her $1,400 education, but it’s certainly chang- with these massive debts, it takes
go to university without worrying monthly rent at Parkside Student ing the outcome in terms of the debt much longer to have a start econom-
about the cost. “That extra grant is Residence near Ryerson campus. load that I’m going to be carrying.” ically, especially in an unchangeable
Following the Doug Ford govern- Archibald receives a grant to cov- According to the Ontario audi- job market.”
ment’s recently-announced rollbacks literally what enabled me er the cost of her tuition along with tor general’s 2018 annual report, the Archibald and Newman said they
to the Ontario Student Assistance to survive” a loan for living expenses. “It was previous OSAP plan would cost the live in fear of having to take time off
Program (OSAP) grants, the first- easier for me to handle,” she said. province about $2 billion by 2020. of school to work to pay debts—or
year social work student is afraid she When the news of the cut to the Archibald said the free tuition Carleton University associate busi- not being able to finish their degrees
won’t have the funds to finish. free tuition program broke, New- program was vital to her being ness professor Ian Lee said the free at all.
Over 210,000 students benefited man said she was furious. “I [knew able to move away from her single- tuition program wasn’t sustainable— “I just wish [Ford would] under-
from the program in its first year, I] would no longer be able to be a family household in St. Catharines, however, he said he thinks the gov- stand that he’s not doing anything
according to a press release by the part of anything because I just won’t Ont. to attend Ryerson. Although ernment should still provide grants to right,” Newman said. “When so
previous Ontario Liberal govern- be able to afford school or my rent she considers herself lucky to have students who are struggling. many students online are talking
ment. Under the new framework, and I’d most likely have to move some support from her mother and “The program went off the rails. It about protesting [this], obviously
students from a family with an in- back home.” grandmother, it still wouldn’t be was giving far too much assistance to you’re doing something wrong.”

Rye will not have a cannabis-specific smoking policy
By Elizabeth Sargeant and procedures, as well as health counsellor and director of student
promotion programming to ensure support services at Algonquin Col-
Since the legalization of cannabis Ryerson is “ready for the changes” lege, said the policies regarding can-
in October 2018, several university that may occur due to the legaliza- nabis use on campus offer a form
and college campuses across Can- tion of cannabis, according to presi- of protection against impaired stu-
ada have created cannabis-specific dent Lachemi. dents operating in the classroom.
smoking policies—but Ryerson Uni- According to Ryerson Public Algonquin College is one of sev-
versity will not be one of them. Affairs, “the [Cannabis Steering] eral post-secondary institutions in
Last semester, Ryerson president Committee has representation from Ontario with a smoke-free policy,
Mohamed Lachemi told The Eyeopen- various administrative units across including the University of Toronto
er that Ryerson’s cannabis policy the university.” This includes ad- and George Brown College.
would be announced in December. ministration and operations, resi- “We adjusted our policies at Al-
However, according to a January dence life and housing, student af- gonquin to look at impairment,” | ILLUSTRATION: ADRIAN BUENO
statement from Ryerson’s public af- fairs, environmental health and said Bridgstock. “We are focusing on
fairs office, the university will not safety, community safety, facilities managing the symptoms [of canna-
have a cannabis-specific policy. management and human resources. bis use]. We don’t want anyone un- Ryerson community members are sometimes hard to define so that
“[The Ryerson website] includes Brett Porter, a first-year Ryer- der heavy impairment in labs, class- also prohibited from smoking canna- may make things a bit more difficult
information on the laws in Ontario son student, said he is personally rooms and learning environments.” bis inside any residence buildings or to regulate.”
and the rules on Ryerson campus,” concerned about the dangers of Ryerson buildings. If students choose In regards to next steps, Girard
said Lachemi. “Our rules are in line secondhand smoke. Porter said he “Campus is sometimes hard to to smoke cannabis on campus, it must suggests Ryerson continues what it
with other campuses in Canada and also believes the lack of specific define...that may make things be nine metres away from any exits or is already doing.
the Smoke Free Ontario Act.” policies on cannabis use can have entrances to a building. “I have seen that there’s been a
The Smoke Free Ontario Act other repercussions.
more difficult to regulate” “I have noticed there are other ramp up of harm reduction and
(SFOA), passed in 2017, prohibits us- “I think a bigger issue is that if [Ry- campuses that have much stricter drug awareness campaigns which is
ing e-cigarettes for tobacco or medi- erson] tried to punish someone for policies—[not allowing smoking any- important. I’m definitely in support
cal cannabis in any enclosed space. using weed on campus without clear- Although Ryerson doesn’t have a where] on campus at all—which I was of that,” said Girard.
According to the SFOA, the legis- ly defined policies,” said Porter, a pro- specific policy, there are still rules in thinking about,” said Todd Girard, a According to Lachemi, the steer-
lation was created to protect work- fessional communications student. place regarding cannabis use. psychology prof at Ryerson Univer- ing committee will continue to meet.
ers and the public from “the dangers “People may get themselves into In accordance with SFOA, Ryer- sity and expert on the effects of rec- “We’re watching what’s going on
of secondhand smoke.” trouble without knowing what rules son’s website outlines that it is ille- reational drug use and mental health. and of course the committee meets
Ryerson’s cannabis steering com- they’re actually breaking,” he added. gal for anyone under 19 to possess “We’re really integrated in the with discuss issues and also get
mittee has been examining policies Ben Bridgstock, an addictions or consume cannabis on campus. downtown,” he said. “Campus is feedback from our community.”
wholesome content for ur hectic week p.6

n a regular day, El Patey paus-
es their schedule to give their
12-year-old tabby cat Merlin a
the her name, she rushes over with her long pink
tongue falling out of the side of her mouth,
tail wagging. But Johri could tell that Juno

few scratches. But a hot afternoon this knew she was leaving.
past summer was different. Patey noticed Juno is familiar with what suitcases mean
Merlin lying in a patch of sunlight on the because of how often Johri’s dad travels for
kitchen floor, looking peaceful as he sun- work, so she knew that her owner must be

we left behind
bathed. Patey decided to lie down on the leaving now, too.
ground beside Merlin, giving him extra “I wish I could communicate to her that I
belly rubs and scratches. would be back again soon,” Johri says.
Half an hour passed by, laying there on the Johri thought about the fact that she
floor, enjoying the small patch of sun that would easily be able to call and video chat
peeked through the window. “He got all of the her family and friends but it wouldn’t be the
belly rubs and scratches and sun he wanted,” same with Juno.
Patey says. “He had me all to himself for ages Moving to the city is hard, but leaving Metz points this out as well: “At least
and he was purring like a monster truck.” with human friends, we can stay in touch
Starting the next day, Patey would be away your pets is harder. via texting or video-chatting, thus increas-
from their cat for the next two months—they ing ‘psychological proximity,’ if not physical
were starting a new job as an assistant stage
manager at a theatre in Stephenville, N.L.—a Anastasia Andric proximity. But because it can’t be that way
with pets, “we can’t feel the warmth and
12-hour bus ride away from their hometown connection we are looking for, and also feel
of St. John’s. In addition, this September writes about the Ryerson students who guilty that they might not understand where
would mark their first year at Ryerson in the we have gone.”
performance production program. had to say goodbye to their best friends With a busy school schedule ahead, Johri
Saying goodbye to family and friends be- knew she wouldn’t be able to visit home more
fore moving away to an out-of-town uni- than once a month. As she was petting Juno,
versity can be hard. People miss their close needs for belongingness are not met. It makes break home was exactly what she needed. she started to also think about how differ-
relatives, but being away from their pets is perfect sense that being away from a pet It was a cool spring day when Fawcett ar- ent things would be once she graduates and
harder. For many, they are family members, evokes the same negative responses.” She adds rived back in Mattawa. The moment she finds a full-time job. “I feel very anxious when
the same as parents and siblings. The grief that this feeling could be exacerbated during walked through the door of her house was a thinking about starting a new job because I
that comes with saying goodbye is just as university, especially at the beginning when moment that she will never forget. She walked will visit her even less.”
real—even though oftentimes it isn’t taken students are building new social networks and in and Cooper immediately began wagging While it can be difficult for people to
as seriously. navigating new environments. his tail and ran straight into her arms. Faw- leave their pet behind, White says there are
According to a 2017 study by the Canadian When the time came to start her move to cett dropped to the floor and hugged Cooper ways to be with your pet even when you’re
Animal Health Institute, 41 per cent of Ca- Toronto, Fawcett couldn’t stop crying over tightly with a smile stretched across her face. in another city. “If people are worried about
nadian households have at least one dog and leaving Cooper. “I bawled my eyes out.” Warm tears pooled in her eyes. leaving their pets because they are overly at-
about 37 per cent have at least one cat. Fawcett couldn’t help but feel guilty for be- tached, one method of staying connected is
A 2005 study by Iowa State University ing far away from him. And it didn’t help Merlin is not Patey’s only cat. Patey adding a camera with an app that connects to
shows more than 70 per cent of pet owners that her new life in the city was proving to was in a lecture when they received a call your phone so you can check on them,” she
see their pets as children and 48 per cent re- be horrible. from their mom. She said she took seven- says. White says that certain apps allow pet-
port being emotionally dependent on their Fawcett constantly found herself think- year-old Chex to the vet for the last time. owners to see what their pet is doing when
pet. The study also says that pets “may pro- ing of Cooper. She’d had him since he was a Chex had been suffering from stomach can- they’re alone and even interact with them
vide security and meet the emotional needs of puppy, born from a litter birthed by the dog cer for a while. They didn’t think the call and offer treats.
many pet owners in ways that resemble chil- she owned before, Xena. White-pawed and would come so soon. Johri is now in her fourth year at Ryer-
dren and parents.” green-eyed, Cooper is often asocial and barks Sadness and guilt struck in Patey. While son and still shares a special relationship
Having pets can also be good for one’s men- at people out of a need to protect Fawcett. Chex was suffering from cancer, Patey was with Juno. She is very attached and loves her
tal health. According to a study by Live Sci- Fawcett thought she’d be okay living on her 3,000 kilometres away, and now they knew golden retriever with all her heart. “I feel so
ence, people benefit from having pets because own, but after only a few days, the homesick- they’d never see Chex again. happy when I’m back in my hometown with
“pets are good sources of social and emotional ness hit as she was consumed by worry and White says people’s reactions to the death her. When I come home, she is so excited
support for everyone.” The study said that pet anxiety. She kept thinking about her family of a pet can often be devastating. “The loss to see me.” She makes sure to spend a lot
owners tend to be just as close to their pets as and friends that she left behind. “I was wor- of a pet for some people is no different than of time with Juno when she’s at home, but
they are to key people in their lives. With this ried I would fail this step of my life.” losing a close family member or dear friend.” always dreads the moment when she must
in mind, it is no wonder why some Ryerson The only way Fawcett made it through It can sometimes be more difficult for those leave again.
students find it difficult to cope with leaving those first few months was by having her dad who are away from their family, like Patey Dr. Marty Becker told VetStreet, a website
their best buddies behind. send her pictures of Cooper on a daily basis. was, as they can’t grieve with family mem- for pet health and care resources, that there
Because of Merlin’s old age, Patey cher- Fawcett isn’t alone in this. According to bers going through the same loss. In these are numerous ways to cope with separation
ishes the memory of that moment in the sun Heather White, community outreach and cases, White suggests bereavement groups anxiety when leaving your pets. Becker says
on the kitchen floor. “It was 10 out of 10, education manager at the Oakville and Mil- for those who are experiencing the loss of a to leave prepared—making sure that your pet
time well spent.” ton Humane Society, separation anxiety in pet pet and who wish to spend time with “like- is in good hands and to communicate while
owners is not uncommon. White says that minded people and feel comfortable sharing away to hear how they are doing. Dr. Becker
A five-year-old chocolate Labrador just it’s normal for pet owners to feel guilty when their feelings.” also recommends to take photos of your pet
happens to be Jessie Fawcett’s rock. Her they’re away from their pet. She said that in After a few weeks, Patey’s family got a with you—that way you can see their faces
best friend Cooper is always there to console some cases, when people are separated from new playmate—a small tuxedo cat named when you’re away.
her in a time of crisis or when she’s feeling their pals, they can experience shame for not Eva. Patey was happy to have a new family As Johri was leaving with her luggage in
lonely. But September 2017 was Fawcett’s being able to take care of them, have panic at- member when they visited home. In an ef- hand, she looked back and saw Juno laying flat
first year at Ryerson in the social work pro- tacks or have difficulty sleeping. fort to keep Chex’s memory alive, his veter- on her stomach in the living room, with her
gram—the beginning of a new life in Toronto But the pet owners aren’t the only ones ex- inarian made plaster casts of his pawprints. head rested between her paws.
away from her home in Mattawa, Ont. De- periencing this—pets can often feel anxious Patey took the plaster casts, printed a few of
spite all the exciting changes in her life, Faw- when separated from their owners too, White Chex’s photos and put them all in a shadow Merlin has a way of punishing Patey
cett found herself constantly thinking about says. Dogs often have physical reactions, some box. They gave it to their family that year when they’ve been gone for too long. He
Cooper. “I’m very attached,” Fawcett says. She of the most common include being fearful, ag- for Christmas. has a 12-hour cold-shoulder period. “It’s not
longs for him any time she’s away. gressive, panting, hiding, pacing, shaking, at- like a dog who’s all over you when you step
According to a study by the National Cen- tempting to escape and some might look for On a fall day in 2015, Janhvi Johri was in the door,” Patey says. He lets Patey hug
tre for Health Research, people who have their owner when they are taken outside, or prepping for her move from Oakville to him, but he refuses to let them be too cuddly.
pets have “healthier hearts, stay home sick pull towards cars in the parking lot to check downtown Toronto. The then-first-year It takes him a couple days to forgive Patey
less often, make fewer visits to the doctor, get for their owner. business management student was in her bed- for leaving.
more exercise, and are less depressed.” Molly By the time Easter weekend rolled around, room packing her bags when she noticed six- But after that short period, Merlin goes
Metz, an associate professor of psychology at Fawcett finished her first semester at Ryer- year-old golden retriever Juno staring at her back to being a friendly cat. He “turns into a
the University of Toronto, says that as social son and was halfway through her second. She with a pouting face. Juno’s dark brown eyes big sook,” and is insistent on close contact for
creatures, “we are sad when we are away from was wrapped up in schoolwork, projects and avoided Johri’s glance as she tried to call her a few consecutive hours.
important others, and feel lonely when our studying for exams. Seeing Cooper during a over to pet her. Normally when Juno hears “He likes to be the little spoon.”
p.7 wholesome content for ur hectic week

illustrations by CATHERINE CHA

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The MTax advantage

Life after Derek Ram in the Rye trivia host Danny Mags
reflects on his childhood stardom
By Megan Mullen Vancouver Film School. He and his Mags accidentally stumbled into
group of friends took part in trivia acting at the age of five, when a tal-
“I’d get a little stoned and it would nights at a local bar once a week un- ent agent scouted his younger sis-
be on TV, and I’d trip out watching der the team name ‘Bingpot,’ a refer- ter. He then landed minor roles on
young me.” ence to the police television sitcom TV shows and movies—including
Daniel Magder laughs over a pint Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Boy on Raft in the original X-Men.
of beer after hosting Ram in the As he hosts Bingpot, Mags’ in- Eventually, he was cast in Life with
Rye’s trivia night. He’s thinking back ner entertainer shines through. He Derek as Edwin, the youngest boy in
to his time working as a bartender in shouts out questions on topics rang- the McDonald-Venturi household.
Vancouver, when he would make it ing from Batman to popular songs, Life with Derek follows the story of
home late enough to catch reruns of engaging with the crowd as if he’s five step-siblings adjusting to their
his old show, Life with Derek. friends with everyone there. “When newly blended family. The show
The Family Channel show, which I started doing Bingpot, I was like, was never expected to be successful
spanned four seasons from 2005 to ‘I need to be in front of people, it’s outside of Canada, but after being | PHOTO COURTESY: DANNY MAGS
2009, saw Danny Mags—as he now what gets me going.’” picked up by Disney, it reached au-
prefers to go by—playing the title But as a recurring face on the diences worldwide. “That’s not lost admits he was too stubborn to listen age of five wasn’t hard enough, by
character’s younger brother Edwin. TV screens of Canadian teens and on me,” Mags notes. to people trying to give him career the time Mags was 12, he was al-
Now sitting in a booth at Ryer- young adults growing up, Mags still Mags has only recently come advice. The acting game changes ready one of the biggest child stars
son’s student pub, the 27-year-old struggles with being recognized for to appreciate his part on Life with once you become an adult, Mags in Canada. He wasn’t able to go to
is winding down after spending the his childhood acting career. Espe- Derek, as success took its toll on him says—and even a leading role in a Wonderland or the movies without
past two hours entertaining stu- cially when it happens on Tinder. early in his life. Family Channel show isn’t enough to a crowd of people recognizing him.
dents during Bingpot Trivia’s first “Being successful at a young age... stay successful. “I just wanted to be a kid,” Mags says.
round of a semester-long league. is not always a good thing,” Mags “What do you mean I need to take After years of dealing with the re-
Bingpot began two years ago while “Being successful at explains. “It set me up for unrealistic this more seriously? Fuck off, I’m percussions of childhood stardom,
Mags studied broadcasting at Hum- a young age is not high standards and unrealistic expec- getting work!” Mags says, referenc- Mags has come to appreciate the
ber College, after applying too late always a good thing” tations of the things that I would have ing his past attitude. impact he had on so many people
to Ryerson’s RTA program. What to do to be successful in my career.” Stubbornness wasn’t the only fac- through Life with Derek. Now, he’s
started out as some fun at a college Life with Derek wrapped after 70 tor hindering Mags’ acting career focused on growing Bingpot, but
bar in his free time soon became a episodes and a Family Channel origi- following Life with Derek. Work- isn’t writing off a career in entertain-
paid gig at multiple locations. In ad- “Somebody asked me earlier to- nal movie, 2010’s Vacation with Derek. ing throughout his childhood took ment for good.
dition to Monday nights at the Ram, day, ‘you were on [Life with Der- Mags starred briefly in a handful of away parts of his childhood that he’ll “You could never get me out of
Mags can be found entertaining ek], what happened? I figured you TV shows and movies, including a never regain, like the experience of entertainment, but I had to do it on
crowds at Pennies, 3 Brewers Liberty would have gone on to bigger and 2011 leading role opposite to Steve going to summer camp. “What if my own terms,” Mags says.
Village and The Olde Stone Cottage. better things,’” Mags reveals. “But Austin in Knockout. Mags hasn’t been there were auditions in the middle “I’m just trying every single day to
Mags’ interest in trivia goes back he’s not wrong. Because at 15 that’s involved in any major productions of the week?” do something that puts me a little bit
to his time studying screenwriting at what I thought.” since 2012. After Life with Derek, he If constantly working from the ahead of where I was yesterday.”

AT ’ S N E X T T

Practice... On the rocks
Rather than orchestrate their own practices, the Ryerson Rams curling club joins others
across the city to further improve their craft. Peter Ash has the story

When it comes to practice, most labeled as a “club” and not a varsity gave some of the members a new
sports teams train with each other team at Ryerson, they have to orga- perspective on the game. To some
or host the occasional special guest nize all of their activities themselves. of the members, it’s a big deal. But
to give them some experience. Without varsity status, the team some of the others look at it as more
The same can’t be said of the Ry- doesn’t receive full-funding from of a challenge, if anything.
erson Rams curling club. Since their the school’s athletic department. “I’m used to curling on the Ontario
beginning, the team has taken it Recently, the team has tried to circuit,” said Wallbank. “[So], I do
upon themselves to practice against achieve varsity status through Ryer- think that there’s an element of pride
a range of talent, regardless of age, son’s athletic department. Although when you’re able to beat someone
experience or skill level. they haven’t received that label, like that.”
“Training with all sorts of age they’ve been determined to get to When they go up against these
groups could be beneficial for our that status one day. world-class curlers, the team’s abil-
group,” Rams head coach Perry “It’s a little disheartening to see,” ity to come together also plays a huge
Marshall said. “That’s why they said fourth-year Audrey Wallbank. part in their confidence.
While playing in these clubs, the team can go up against players who are nearly two or sometimes play against people twice “Because we definitely have some In one particular match, Marshall
three times their age | COURTESY: ALEX D’ADDESE their age or double their experience.” room to grow and I definitely think remembers the women’s team ral-
When Marshall started the club that the sport is growing.” lying together when they went up
in 2015, he envisioned having a With the team now at the To- against the Carleton Ravens, who
program that was stable and fairly ronto Cricket Skating and Curling happened to have professional curler
successful. Knowing that there was Club, the program has made sure to Karen Sagle.
a lot of talent around Ryerson, he build a steady relationship with all “We went up against the
wanted to make sure that his team of these establishments, something undefeated Brock Badgers and
got to see a diverse amount of that is incredibly important to both defeated them,” Marshall said. “Then,

DIRECTOR OF talent from a large range of players.
Sometimes, they can find
the team and its members. we took on the Carleton Ravens…
who had [Sagle].”

BUSINESS themselves up against people up to
three times their age. To put that “Training with all
Sagle, a two-time women’s pro-
vincial champion, was looking

DEVELOPMENT into perspective, five members of
the Rams’ squad are entering their
sorts of age groups
could be beneficial
to get the Ravens to their second
OUA (Ontario University Athletics)
Where do you stand in your current career? Are you fine
first year of university. for our group” championship final in three years.
Even though they might be much Unfortunately for her, Ryerson had
with status quo, or do you want an opportunity to make older, most of these curlers have a other plans. They took a 5-4 victory
an impact? At Chandos, it’s about alliances and ideas not great amount of experience and are “The people here have years and in the OUA semi-final.
in good shape. years and years of experience,” “A lot of the members on the team
egos or agendas. We are a leading Canadian builder that Over the last five years, the team Wallbank added. “People here have play together outside of school,”
seeks a new graduate for regional sales opportunities. has played in a few different clubs, been to 10-15 provincial tourna- Marshall said. “So, they’re familiar
with the first being the Leaside ments....our relationship with the with each other’s game.”
WOULD YOU LIKE TO START YOUR CAREER Curling Club. Toronto Curling Association is Now, with the club having two
WORKING CLOSELY WITH THE WHO’S WHO OF Even before the Rams curling amazing, because it’s not only good full men’s and women’s teams, Mar-
club first hit the ice, fourth-year for us, but for Ryerson.” shall says that it’s only going to get
THE DEVELOPMENT INDUSTRY? IT’S NOT ENOUGH business management student and As time went on, it seemed as better as time continues. Both teams
IF YOU’RE AMBITIOUS, TENACIOUS, DRIVEN, curler Alex Champ found himself though joining clubs and playing have seen some success, with the
at Leaside with a friend of his. against a wide selection of talent men’s team winning a provincial sil-
SMART AND A GREAT COMMUNICATOR. IF YOU Although Champ was stoked the was starting to pay off. To this day, ver medal in 2018 and the women’s
ALSO HAVE A MIND FOR BUSINESS, TALENT Ryerson club got into the rotation, the club has gone up against some squad winning same thing in 2017.
FOR DEALS AND A HEART FOR PEOPLE THEN WE he knew that it was more of a privi- of the very best in the world, which Although winning champion-
lege than anything else. include Olympic gold medalist Brad ships is something that is fairly
HAVE AN AMAZING CAREER FOR YOU. ”Some of these clubs aren’t as ac- Jacobs, Olympic silver medalist important to the team, most of the
cepting to newcomers,” Champ add- Mike Harris and former World Ju- members and Marshall have also
Our unique culture attracts a high caliber employee, ed. “So knowing that we have clubs nior champion Brendan Bottcher. agreed that building strong relation-
whether it’s in the field or in the office. Those who thrive who are generous enough to let us Although they didn’t have their ships amongst each other and with
at Chandos do so because they understand that their into the club is a huge plus.” regular teams with them, play- different clubs have helped them de-
Because the team is technically ing against curlers of their calibre velop as a program.
success is dependent on the collective effort. That’s
because every Chandos employee has an opportunity to
own a stake in the company and it shows.
Are you inspired by mutual respect and solid relationships?
Do you have a desire to learn and to share what you’ve
learned? Want to be part of something bigger than yourself?
If you’re looking for the opportunity to make your mark, we
should talk. Because opportunity is one thing we’re very big
on at Chandos.


Apply to TIM COLDWELL, President Both the men’s and women’s curling teams have had success over the last two years; with the men’s team taking the silver medal in
last year and the women’s squad winning the same thing in 2017 | ILLUSTRATION: TAYLOR BALL

Hey, everyone! This week has very fucking long. In hopes of

Through the crack in the stall making everyone feel better about everything, this week’s prize is a $25
gift card to Bath & Body Works. Our office is where ya need to go
with the completed sudoku below. You can find our office on the sec-
group has the shared goal of banding ond floor of the SCC. Right by our front door, you can find an X-Men
together in the face of the pure terror decorated Box of Destiny. Cheers Ryerson, hope you have a great week.
that is “through crack eye contact.”
“I know I can’t be the only one sub-
ject to the horrible eye contact, and I
think a support group like SSWME-
COSTCCBSA is essential. We need
to talk about this,” Mooney said.
The group’s first meeting was
held on Friday, and was met with a
large turnout. About thirty students
came out to share their stories.
“I once made eye contact with
someone while they were in the loo
and then had to stand next to them
Hello, motherfucker | PHOTO: ALANNA while we washed our hands. It still
keeps me up at night,” said Grace
By Lyba Mansoor one walks into the bathroom, they Ridnak at the meeting.
turn perfectly to look at the stall. It’s One third-year student explained Name:
Have you ever gone to an on-cam- like one of their eyes meet both of that they never use the Student
pus bathroom and found all stalls mine and then neither of us can look Learning Centre (SLC) bathroom
occupied by others? away,” Mooney said. anymore, after having someone Email:
While standing in wait to relieve After a particularly harrow- wink back at them through the
your bladder of the five iced coffees ing experience last week, wherein crack in the stall. Ford announces changes to OSAP will
you managed to drink, have you Mooney made eye contact with “I knew this issue was bigger than
ever had the traumatizing experi- someone who was engaged in a par- myself. Why do those slits exist any- just be him trying to lower its self-worth
ence of making eye contact with the ticularly long bathroom break in- way? Can’t we ask for stalls that dif-
occupant in the stall you are stand- volving a plunger, 64-ply toilet pa- fer from the ones we had to suffer
ing outside of? per, a seance and a Wilhelm scream, through in high school? Is it some
Ryerson University student Katie she decided she needed to start a sort of sick game university plan-
Mooney has experienced this mul- support group. ners are playing?” Mooney said.
tiple times, but enough is enough. Known as Supporting-Students Whatever the reason behind the
“It happens to me almost every Who-Make-Eye-Contact-with- cracks, students now have a safe
time. Those cracks are just too big Other-Students-Through-Cracks- space to work out the life-altering
and the stalls are perfectly arranged in-Campus-Bathroom-Stalls-Anon- scars awkward bathroom eye con-
in a room so that the moment some- ymous (SSWMECOSTCCBSA), the tact can leave on us all.

The Office of the Ombudsperson at Ryerson presents its

2017/18 Annual Report
to the Ryerson Community

Read the report online at:

The Ombudsperson’s
Office is:
• Independent
• Impartial
• Confidential
• Fair
63 Gould Street, Oakham House
416.979.5000 ext. 7450

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Meatless Monday Grilled Short Ribs Wing Night
$7.99 $8.99 $8.99
Craft Pints Tall Cans Whiskey
$5 $5 $4

Thursday Friday
Ram & Vegan Fish & Chips
Curry $8.99
$8.99 Domestic
Bar Rail Bottle
$4 $5