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DARK MATTER MOTOR PATENT APPLICATION FILE DAVID RICHARD SANNES INVENTOR dune 11, 2006 Re: GLOBAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROLIFERATION IMPLICATIONS OF MY MARCH 14, 2003 SUCCESSFUL TESTING OF AN EXEMPLARY DARK MATTER POWERED MOTOR/GENERATOR Dear Everyone knows that extraordinary claims require extraordinary proofs. Please peruse patiently my perhaps inartfully expressed articulations of elements of my most recent work. Assume arguendo that you were sitting in a tavern near the Trinity Test Site, in the early morning hours of July 16, 1945. Further assume that my father-in-law, Dr. Edward Held, a biologist member of the Manhattan Project (and later the A.E.C. and N.R.C.) sat next to you. Finally, assume that Dr. Held told you that, within hours, a most unusual test would take place. It would be an attempt to explode a medium grapefruit sized lump of an isotope of a metal, uranium. The weight of said lump of metal would be less than 25 pounds. It was expected to explode with the force of over 20,000 tons of TNT. That would be equivalent to an @ 8.5 mile long train loaded with 100 tons of TNT on each railroad car. Weeks later, after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you would slowly start to believe the beer talk of Dr. Held. Today, | stand in Dr. Held's shoes. It is incumbent upon me, moreover, to accomplish an even more daunting task. | must try to convince the movers and shakers of the White House and Congress to immediately embark upon a new Manhattan Project. The very existence of human life on this planet demands it. But the problem and the pity of this situation is that | am no Einstein writing a warning letter to Roosevelt The promises offered by my work, on the other hand, are also too awesome to contemplate. My dark matter motor/generator will provide radiation and pollution free, incredibly inexpensive energy — replacing hydrocarbon fueled devices within a matter of a few years. My attached rotary motor drawings, if built for a few hundred dollars, would power any automobile or pickup truck for hundreds of years with minimal maintenance. | ask first that you have DARPA retain the finest engineers and scientists in America to debunk my test results. When they fail, common sense would impel them to build one of my motor/generators and test it for themselves. At that point, | will be happy to forward to the Department of Defense all of my design drawings for commercial aircraft, military aircraft, and weapons systems. | have pondered the merits of disclosing my inventions for over three years. The United States should develop this technology before it is discovered by enemies of our nation. | stand ready to help. If | get no response within the next sixty days, | will assume that | have been dismissed as a dithering fool or an escapee from a lunatic asylum. Sincerely, Lm Gorse CONSULTING ENGINEER 1751 N. WINONA BLVD. LOS ANGELES, CA 90027-3824

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