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Find the height of the tower?

Maths Senior Faculty

10th Class
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10 Class Maths (Paper-1) Model Paper


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What is the least number which...

B.Krishna Kishore
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IBPS PO & Clerk Prelims

Answers with Explanation

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The stems of herbaceous plants have...

G.Srawana Chandra
UNIT 2 Senior Faculty
Exchange of Gases
For aerobic respiration; organisms need a
continuous supply of oxygen, and carbon
dioxide produced during the process needs to
be removed from the body. Different organ-
isms use different methods for intake of oxy-
10th - BIOLOGY
gen and expulsion of carbon dioxide. part of throat between the mouth and wind
Diffusion is the method which is utilized by pipe is called pharynx. From the nasal pas-
unicellular and some simple organisms for sage, air enters into pharynx and then goes
this purpose. In plants also, diffusion is uti- into the wind pipe. Trachea does not collapse
lized for exchange of gases. In complex ani- even when there is no air in it because it is
mals, respiratory system does the job of supported by rings of soft bones called carti-
exchange of gases. Gills are the respiratory lage.
organs for fishes. Fishes take in oxygen; The trachea runs down the neck and divides
which is dissolved in water; through gills. into two smaller tubes called bronchi at its
Since availability of oxygen is less in the lower end. The bronchi are connected to the
aquatic environment so the breathing rate of two lungs. The lungs lie in the chest cavity or
aquatic organisms is faster. Insects have a thoracic cavity which is separated from
system of spiracles and tracheae which is the leaves takes place by the process of diffu- Amoeba lives in water. This water has oxy- abdominal cavity by a muscular partition
used for taking in oxygen. sion through stomata. gen dissolved in it. The oxygen from water called diaphragm. Each bronchus divides in
Respiration In Plants Net gaseous exchange in the leaves of diffuses into the body of Amoeba through its the lungs to form a large number of still
the plant cell membrane. Since the amoeba is very smaller tubes called ‘bronchioles’. The
Like animals, plants also need energy. The
small in size, so the oxygen spreads quickly pouch-like air sacs at the ends of the smallest
plants get this energy by the process of respi- During day time, when photosynthesis into the whole body of Amoeba. This oxygen bronchioles are called alveoli. The walls of
ration. Plants also use oxygen of air for respi- occurs, oxygen is produced. The leaves use is used for respiration inside the Amoeba cell. alveoli are very thin and they are surrounded
ration and release carbon dioxide. The respi- some of this oxygen for respiration and rest of The process of respiration produces carbon by very thin blood capillaries. It is in the alve-
ration in plants differs from the animals in the oxygen diffuses out into air. dioxide gas continuously. This carbon diox- oli that gaseous exchange takes place.
three respects: Again, during the day time, carbon dioxide
Respiration in plants ide gas diffuses out through the membrane of
produced by respiration is all used up in pho-
All the parts of a plant(like root, stem and tosynthesis by leaves. Even more carbon
amoeba into the surrounding water.
Respiration in Earthworm
"5h' sÒ˝M>≤Ài"ÃZ
leaves) perform respiration individually. dioxide is taken in from air.
During respiration in plants, there is a little
transport of respiratory gases from one part of
Thus, net gas exchange in leaves during day
time is: O2 diffuses out; CO2 diffuses in.
The earthworm exchanges the gases through
its skin. The earthworm absorbs
ºGã‹GØå˛GÃå˝ Ô≥i yÏ˛¥˜œ–ö˛*
the plant to the other. At night time, when no photosynthesis occurs the oxygen is needed for respiration through A¥ÎΔÊˇ A–ö˛-M>-‘È-À$Ø˲≤ sÒ˝ÕMÊ¸Ö ΔÊˇÖVʸÖÃZ "5h' sÒ˝M>≤-Ài
The respiration in plants occurs at a slow rate. and hence no oxygen is produced, oxygen is moist skin. The oxygen is then transported ô˲”ΔÊˇÃZ AÖßÊ˛$-ªÍ-r$-ÃZMϸ Δ>Ø˲$Ø˲≤ ô˲ΔÊˇ$-◊˝ÖÃZ ºGã-‹-G-Øå˛-
Respiration in animals from air diffuses into leaves to carry out res- to all the cells of the earthworm by its blood GÃå˝ "Ô≥i yÏ˛¥˜œ–ö˛* CØå˛ sÒ˝ÕMÊ¸Ö sÒ˝M>≤-Ài AÖyä˛ –Û˛$ØÛ˛-
An animal performs respiration as a single piration. And carbon dioxide produced by where it is used in respiration. The carbon gå˝-–˛$Ö-så˝(-Ì≥-h-yÏ˛-sÏ˝-sÏ˝GÖ)" M¯ΔÊˇ$fiØ˲$ BÁúΔäˇ ^Û˛›˘¢Ö®. ºGã-‹-
unit. respiration diffuses out into air. dioxide produced during respiration is carried G-Øå˛-G-Ãå˝Mʸ$ ^˛Ö®Ø˲ EØ˲≤ô˲ ›Î¶Δˇ$$ –Û˛$ØÛ˛-gå˝-–˛$Öså˝ {sÒ˝Δˇ$$-
Respiratory gases are usually transported Thus, net gas exchange in leaves at night is: back by the blood. This CO2 is expelled from
over long distance inside an animal during O2 diffuses in; CO2 diffuses out. the body of the earthworm through its skin.
∞ÖVä¸ Ú‹ÖrΔäˇ AΔˇ$$Ø˲ GØå˛-G-sÏ˝-Gã-ú-Gã-úGÖ (ØÛ˛ÁŸ-Ø˲Ãå˝
respiration. AM>-yÊ˛“$ Bãú sÒ˝ÕMÊ¸Ö ÚúOØÈØå˛fi AÖyä˛ –Û˛$ØÛ˛gå˝ –˛$Öså˝)
Respiration in Animals Respiration in Fish ßë”Δ> Ú‹Ö{rÃå˝ ƒÊ˝$*∞-–ö˛-«fisÓ˝ Bãú ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍ-ßä˛(-Úfl˝-^å˛-
The respiration in animals occurs at a much
faster rate. Different animals have different modes of The fish has special organs for breathing Ì‹-ƒÊ˝$$)ô¯ MʸÕ-Ì‹ D M¯ΔÊˇ$fiØ˲$ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝-›˘¢Ö®. Hyë® M>À-
respiration. called ‘gills’. The fish has gills on both the –ö˛≈-–ö˛´® EØ˲≤ D M¯ΔÊˇ$fiØ˲$ ßÊ˛*ΔÊˇ —ßë≈ —´ßë-Ø˲ÖÃZ AøÊ˝≈-
Plants get Oxygen by Diffusion Animals Respiratory organ sides of its head. The fish lives in water and
Plants have a branching shape, so they have
Ì‹Ö-^˲-–ö˛^˲$a. ΔˇÖyÊ˛$ Ú‹—$-Á‹t-ΔÊˇœÃZ M¯ΔÊˇ$fiØ˲$ Á≥N«¢ ^Û˛ı‹
Unicellular animals Cell membrane this water contains dissolves oxygen in it. “À$Ö-r$Ö®. {Á≥Ü Ú‹—$-Á‹tΔÊˇ$ _–ö˛Δ¯œ BΔÊˇ$ Δ¯kÀ {¥ÎMÓ¸t-
quite a large surface area in comparison to like Amoeba, Planaria The fish breathes by taking in water through
their volume. Therefore, diffusion alone can Earthworm Skin its mouth and sending it over the gills. When
MʸÃå˝fi ßë”Δ> AøÊ˝≈-«¶Mϸ A–ö˛-Á‹-ΔÊˇ-–˛$OØ˲ ›ÎÖMÛ¸-ÜMʸ —gÍqØ˲Ö
supply all the cells of the plants with as much Aquatic animals like Gills water passes over gills, the gills extract dis- AÖßÊ˛$-ô˲$Ö®. ºGã-‹-G-Øå˛-GÃå˝ —Á‹¢ñô˲ Ø˛så˝-–ö˛ΔäˇP, ÃÍ≈ªå˝fi,
oxygen as they need for respiration. Diffusion Fish, Prawns solved oxygen from this water. The water ØÛ˛ΔÊˇ$V> ºsÏ˝-Gã‹, KGã-úÌ‹ {sÍØå˛fi-—$-ÁŸØå˛ Ì‹Á‹t-–í˛$Ú≥O AøÊ˝≈-ΔÊˇ$¶-
occurs in the roots, stems and leaves of Insects like Spiracles and then goes out through the gill slits. The ÀMʸ$ {¥ÎMϸt-MʸÃå˝fi ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝-›Î¢ΔÊˇ$. Cô˲ΔÊˇ ßÊ˛*ΔÊˇ —ßë≈ —´ßë-
plants. Grasshopper, Cockroach tracheae extracted oxygen is absorbed by the blood Ø˲ÖÃZ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝-Á‹$¢Ø˲≤ M¯ΔÊˇ$fi-Àô¯ ¥˘ÕaôÛ˛ D M¯ΔÊˇ$fi
Respiration in Roots Land animals like Lungs and carried to all the parts of the fish. The car- ¿Ø˲≤ÖV>, A´ßÊ˛$-ØÈ-ô˲-Ø˲ÖV> EÖr$Ö®. {Á≥Ü Ú‹—$-Á‹t-ΔÊˇ$Mʸ$
Air occurs in soil interspaces. Root hairs of Humans, Birds bon dioxide produced by the respiration is ΔÊˇ*.20,000 M¯ΔÊˇ$fi ÔúkV> EÖr$Ö®. ßÊ˛ΔÊˇ-RÍÁ‹$¢, Cô˲ΔÊˇ
the roots are in direct contact with them. All the respiratory organs have three brought back by the blood into the gills for Á≥N«¢ —–ö˛-Δ>-ÀMʸ$ –˛ªå˝-Ú‹O-
Oxygen of the soil air diffuses through root common features expelling into the surrounding water. så˝Ø˲$ ^˲*yÊ˛-–ö˛^˲$a. M¯ΔÊˇ$fiÃZ ^Û˛ΔÊˇ-yë-∞Mϸ _–ö˛« ôÛ˛©: 2019
hair and reaches all internal cells of the root Note: Diffusion is insufficient to meet the
All the respiratory organs have a large surface oxygen requirements of large multicellular
Ìú{∫-–ö˛« 28.
for respiration. Carbon dioxide produced by area to get enough oxygen. All the respiratory
root cells diffuses in the opposite direction. In organisms like humans because the volume of
organs have thin walls for easy diffusion and human body is so big that oxygen cannot dif-
water-logged conditions, soil air becomes exchange of respiratory gases. All the respira-
deficient. In the absence of oxygen, metabol- fuse into all the cells of the human body
ic activity of the root declines and the plant
tory organs like skin gills, and lungs have a
rich blood supply for transporting respiratory
quickly. ΔÛˇÁ≥sÏ˝ Ø˲$Ö_ "_[ÀzØå˛fi BΔäˇt Úúã‹t'
may wither. gases. Terrestrial animals can breathe the oxy- Respiratory system in Humans
ªÍÀ-ÃZœ∞ Á‹ñf-ØÈ-ô˲√-Mʸ-ô˲Ø˲$ {¥˘ô˲fi-Ìfl˝Ö-^Û˛Ö-ßÊ˛$Mʸ$ "_{ÀtØå˛fi
Respiration in Stems gen in the atmosphere, but animals that live in In human beings, many organs take part in BΔäˇt Úúã‹t&2019'Ø˲$ _ÀâØå˛fi ÚúOØå˛ BΔäˇt V>≈À» B´ßÊ˛”-ΔÊˇ≈ÖÃZ
The stems of herbaceous plants have stomata. water (aquatic animals) need to use the oxy- the process of respiration. These organs are
gen dissolved in water.Since the amount of called organs of respiratory system. The main
fØ˲-–ö˛« 31 Ø˲$Ö_ Ìú{∫-–ö˛« 2 –ö˛ΔÊˇMʸ$ ÚflO˝ßÊ˛-Δ>-ªÍ-ßä˛-ÃZ∞
The oxygen from air diffuses into the stem of ô˛ÀÖ-V>◊˝ ı‹tså˝ ÚúOØå˛ BΔäˇt V>≈À-»ÃZ ∞ΔÊˇ”-Ìfl˝-Á‹$¢-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$.
a herbaceous plant through stomata and dissolved oxygen is fairly low compared to organs of human respiratory system are:
reaches all the cells for respiration. The car- the amount of oxygen in the air, the rate of Nose, Nasal passage, Trachea(wind pipe), Á‹$–ö˛*ΔÊˇ$ 5000 –ö˛$Ö® ªÍÀ-Àô¯ ¥Îr$ ı≥ΔˆÖ-®Ø˲
bon dioxide gas produced during respiration breathing in aquatic organisms is much faster Bronchi, Lungs and Diaphragm. The human –˛$ÖsÍΔÊˇ$œ, sÓ˝^˲ΔÊˇ$œ ô˲®-ô˲-ΔÊˇ$À$ D Eô˲fi-–ö˛ÖÃZ ¥ÎÃüY-Ø˲-Ø˲$-
diffuses out into the air through the same than that seen in terrestrial organisms. respiratory system begins from the nose. The ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$. D Eô˲fi-–È∞≤ IÌ≥-Gã‹ A´®-M>« yëMʸtΔäˇ BΔäˇ.-Gã-‹.-{Á≥-
stomata. In woody stems, the bark has Respiration in Amoeba air then goes into nasal passage. The nasal “-◊ä˝-Mʸ$-–ö˛*Δäˇ {¥ÎΔÊˇÖ-¿Ö-^˲-Ø˲$-ØÈ≤ΔÊˇ$. 14 Ø˲$Ö_ 16 Á‹Ö–ö˛-ô˲fi-
lenticels for gaseous exchange. passage is lined is lined with fine hair and Δ>À –ö˛ƒÊ˝$-Á‹$Ø˲≤ ªÍÀ-ªÍ-Õ-MʸÀ$ D M>ΔÊˇ≈-{Mʸ-–ö˛$ÖÃZ ¥ÎÃüY-
Amoeba is single-celled animal. Amoeba mucus. When air passes through the nasal
Respiration in Leaves depends on simple diffusion of gases from Ø˲-–ö˛^˲$a. {Á≥–Û˛‘Ë˝ ΔÊˇ$Á‹$Ö ΔÊˇ*.200. Á≥N«¢ —–ö˛-Δ>-ÀMʸ$
passage, the dust particles and other impuri- 9014611326, 9014657808 ∏˘Øå˛ Ø˛Ö∫-ΔÊˇœÃZ Á‹Ö{Á≥-®Ö-^˲-
The leaves of a plant have tiny pores called breathing. The exchange of gases in Amoeba ties present in it are trapped by nasal hair and
stomata. The exchange of respiratory gases in takes place through its cell membrane. mucus so that clean air goes into lungs. The
12 ãT<Ûäyês¡+ 30.1.2019

n‘·´edüs¡ ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\qT ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ XÊK m|ü&ÉT #˚|ü&ÉT‘·T+~?

4) ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ XÊK $<ÛäT\qT #·]Ã+#·+&ç? Ç+≥sY Á|ü‘˚´ø£+ dües¡D\T nedüs¡eTì uÛ≤$+∫q≥¢sTT‘˚ yê{Ïì <ësêe‘Y ôd’<äT\T Hêj·Tø˘
bÕ\Hê|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: #˚j·Te*‡+~>± XÊdüq ìsêàD XÊK≈£î $qï$düTÔ+~. dæ$ø˘‡ ˝…ø£Ãs¡sY,>∑es¡ïyÓT+{Ÿ pìj·TsY ø±˝ÒCŸ
1. #·{≤º\qT, Hê´j·TXÊK rs¡TŒ\qT neT\T |üs¡#·&É+.
2. XÊ+‹uÛÑÁ<ä‘·\qT ø±bÕ&É≥+.
yÓTT<ä{Ï dü+e‘·‡s¡+ Ä]¶HÓHé‡\ C≤Ø: nH˚ø£ sêC≤´\˝À ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ XÊK
Ä]¶HÓHé‡\qT C≤Ø #˚düTÔ+~. øÏ¢wüºyÓTÆq düeTdü´\qT
»V”≤sêu≤<é, dü+>±¬s&ç¶ õ˝≤¢
bò˛Hé˘ 9908569970

3. $~Û$<ÛëHê\qT s¡÷bı+~+#·&É+. bÂs¡XÊÁdüÔ+ n‘·´edüs¡+>± |ü]wüÿ]+#·&ÜìøÏ á ‘·s¡Vü≤ u≤<Ûä´‘·\qT bÂs¡Vü≤≈£îÿ\qT Vü≤]kÕÔs√ yê]ì •øå±s¡TΩ\T>± #˚j·T&É+
4. dæ$˝Ÿ düπs«+{Ÿ‡ ìj·÷eTø£+, |ü<√qï‹, ‘=\–+|ü⁄ es¡Tdü>±, á XÊK yê]¸ø£ Ä<ëj·T e´j·T|ü{Ϻø£qT m+‘√ n~ ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. <ë«sê yê{Ïì ø±bÕ&ÉT‘·T+~. ñ<ëVü≤s¡D≈£î uÛ≤s¡‘·
yÓTT<ä˝…’q $<ÛäT\T. C≤>∑s¡÷ø£‘·‘√ ‘·j·÷s¡T #˚düTÔ+~. $$<Ûä s¡ø±\ s¡÷bÕ\˝À bÕ\q|üs¡yÓTÆq Hê´j·T ìs¡íj·T $<ÛäT\T: nH˚ø£ dü+<äsꓤ\˝À sêC≤´+>∑+˝Àì 32e Á|üø£s¡D eT]j·TT 226e Á|üø£s¡D\
<Í‘·´|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ XÊK $<˚o dü+ã+<Ûë e#˚à Á|üuÛÑT‘·« sêã&ÉT\qT >∑T]Ô+#˚+<äT≈£î ø£�wæ#˚düTÔ+~. |ü]bÕ\q≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫q πødüT\˝À, $yê<ë\˝À Á|üø±s¡+ uÛ≤s¡‘· düTÁ|”+ø√s¡Tº eT]j·TT ôV’≤ø√s¡Tº\T bÂs¡T\
\qT H˚s¡|ü≥eTT, $<˚XÊ˝À¢ <Í‘ê´~Ûø±s¡T\qT ìj·T$T+ |üqTï\ edü÷fi¯fl≈£î ø±e*‡q j·T+Á‘ê+>±ìï @s¡Œs¡TdüTÔ+~. ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ XÊK bÕ\Hê|üs¡yÓTÆq Hê´j·Tìπsí‘·>± ÁbÕ<∏ä$Tø£ Vü≤≈£îÿ\≈£î dü+s¡ø£å≈£î\T>± e´eVü≤]kÕÔsTT.
#·&É+, <Í‘·´e´eVü≤sê\qT #·ø£ÿu…≥º&É+. n<˚$<Ûä+>±, Hê´j·T|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: nH˚ø£ sêC≤´\˝À ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ Á|üeTTKbÕÁ‘·qT ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. Ç˝≤+{Ï #·s¡´\qT 4. düe÷K´ düeT‘Í\´‘·: düe÷K´˝À Hê´j·TXÊK n‘·´+‘·
<˚XÊ\ eT<Ûä´ »]π> #·sêÃ-düe÷˝À#·q\qT, n+‘·sê®rj·T XÊK ñqï‘· Hê´j·TkÕúHê\ Hê´j·TeT÷s¡TÔ\ ìj·÷eT #˚|ü≥º&É+ <ë«sê á XÊK ø=ìï Hê´j·T dü+ã+<ÛäyÓTÆq ø°\ø£ bÕÁ‘·qT b˛wædüTÔ+~. Hê´j·TXÊK πø+Á<ä-sêÁcÕº\
ˇ|üŒ+<ë\qT, dü<ädüT‡ rsêàHê\qT neT\T |üs¡#·&É+. ø£+‘√bÕ≥T yê]ì ãB* #˚j·T&É+ e+{Ï $<ÛäT\qT n~Ûø±sê\qT ôd’‘·+ ø£*– ñ+<äì #Ó|üŒe#·TÃ. eT<Ûä´ >±ì, |ü\T sêÁcÕº\ eT<Ûä´>±˙ ‘·˝…‘˚Ô $yê<ë\qT
ôd’ìø£ |üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: Á|ü|ü+#· <˚XÊ\˝Àì nH˚ø£ ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. n<˚$<Ûä+>± <√wüß\T>± ìsêú]+#·ã&ɶ yê] dü+πøåeT $<ÛäT\T: H˚&ÉT nH˚ø£ sêC≤´\T dü+πøåeT <ä�ø£Œ<∏ëìï |ü]wüÿ]düTÔ+~. πø+Á<ä-sêÁwüº Á|üuÛÑT‘ê«\T sêC≤´+>∑
sêC≤´\˝À eTTK´ ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤D≤~Û|ü‹ s¡ø£åDXÊK≈£î •ø£å\qT ‘·–Z+#·&É+ ˝Ò<ë ‘=\–+#·&É+, s¡<äT›#˚j·T&É+ ø£*– ñHêïsTT. ‘·<ë«sê Á|üC≤dü+πøåeT+˝À yê{Ï |ü]$T‘·T\qT <ë≥≈£î+&Ü Ç~ #·÷düTÔ+~.
n‘·T´qï‘· <˚XÊ~Ûø±]>± ñ+{≤&ÉT. Ç‘·s¡ <˚XÊ\‘√ e+{Ï $<ÛäT\qT ôd’‘·+ á XÊK #˚|ü&ÉT‘·T+~. ø£s¡Ôyê´\qT HêHê{ÏøÏ $X‚wü+>± ô|s¡T‘·THêïsTT. 5. dü\Vü≤s¡÷|üø£ $<ÛäT\T: ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ ˝Ò<ë XÊdüq
eTTK´+>± dü+πøåeT+˝À |üP]Ô>± $düà]+#·ã&ɶ esêZ\T, ìsêàDXÊK ø√]ø£ y˚Ts¡≈£î Hê´j·TXÊK ‘·–q
ìsêø£]+#·ã&ɶ ø£˙dü kÂø£sê´\≈£î ≈£L&Ü H√#·Tø√ì dü\Vü‰*düTÔ+~. ñ<ëVü≤s¡D≈£î uÛ≤s¡‘· sêÁwüº|ü‹ sêC≤´+>∑+
Á|ü»\qT ñ<˚›•+∫ XÊdüHê\qT s¡÷bı+~+∫ neT\T ˝À #·{≤º\≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ @<Ó’Hê dü+<˚Vü≤+ ñ‘·ŒqïyÓTÆq≥¢
|üs¡TdüTÔ+~. sTT‘˚, uÛ≤s¡‘· düTÁ|”+ø√s¡Tº dü\Vü‰qT rdüTø√e#·TÃ.
n‘·´edüs¡ ø±s¡´Áø£e÷\T: XÊ+‹ uÛÑÁ<ä‘·\T ø°åDÏ+#·&É+, 6. n|”Œfi¯fl $#ês¡D |ü]~: øÏ+~ ø√s¡Tº\T Ç∫Ãq rs¡TŒ\ô|’
Á|üø£�‹ yÓ’|üØ‘ê´\T, $<˚o #=s¡u≤≥T¢ ˝Ò<ë eTπs$<ÛäyÓTÆq n‘·T´qï‘· ø√s¡Tº n|”Œfi¯flqT d”«ø£]düTÔ+~. øÏ+~ ø√s¡Tº\T
n‘·´edüs¡ |ü]dæú‘·T\T $$<Ûä düeTj·÷\˝À $$<Ûä yÓ\Te]+∫q rs¡TŒ\qT nìïy˚fi¯\ |ü⁄q'düMTøÏådüTÔ+~.
ÁbÕ+‘ê\˝À ñ‘·ŒqïyÓTÆq≥¢sTT‘˚ yê{Ïì #·ø£ÿu…fÒº ø=ìï dü+<äsꓤ\˝À yê{Ïì e´‹πsø£+>± ≈£L&Ü rs¡TŒ\qT
u≤<Ûä´‘·qT ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ XÊK #˚|ü&ÉT‘·T+~. yÓ\Te]düTÔ+~.
5) Hê´j·TXÊK $<ÛäT\qT ù|s=ÿq+&ç? 7. ]ø±s¡T¶\ ìsê«Vü≤D: Hê´j·TXÊK ‘·q rs¡TŒ\≈£î
1. #·{≤º\qT yê´U≤´ì+#·&É+: #·{≤º\qT yê´U≤´ì+#·≥+ dü+ã+~Û+∫q ]ø±s¡T¶\qT ôd’‘·+ uÛÑÁ<ä|üs¡TdüTÔ+~. dü<äs¡T
Hê´j·TXÊK ÁbÕ<∏ä$Tø£ $~Û. Hê´j·TXÊK #·{≤º\qT ]ø±s¡T¶\T uÛÑ$wü´‘·TÔ˝À Hê´j·Tyê<äT\≈£î, Hê´j·TeT÷s¡TÔ
yê´U≤´ì+∫ yê{Ïì Á|ü‘˚´ø£ πødüT\˝À e]Ô+|ü#˚düTÔ+~. \≈£î n<˚ ‘·s¡Vü‰ πødüT\T yê~+#·&ÜìøÏ ˝Ò<ë rs¡TŒ\T
kÕ+Á|ü<ëj·÷\≈£î, $\Te\≈£î sêC≤´+>∑ dü÷Á‘ê\qT yÓ\Te]+#·&ÜìøÏ ÁbÕ‹|ü~ø£>± ñ|üjÓ÷>∑|ü&É‘êsTT.
e]Ô+|üCÒdüTÔ+~. 8. sêC≤´~Û|ü‹>± e´eVü≤]+#·&É+: n‘·T´qï‘· Hê´j·TkÕúHê
2. sêC≤´+>∑ dü+s¡ø£åD $~Û: düe÷K´e´edüú˝À Hê´j·TXÊK \˝À Á|ü<Ûëq Hê´j·TeT÷]Ô ø=ìï Á|ü‘˚´ø£ dü+<äsꓤ\˝À ø=ìï
sêC≤´+>∑ dü÷Œ]Ôì, |ü$Á‘·‘·qT ø±bÕ&ÉT‘·T+~. düe÷K´ <˚XÊ\˝À sêÁwüº|ü‹-ñ|üsêÁwüº|ü‹ Äj·÷ kÕúHê\˝À
Hê´j·Te´edüú˝À sêC≤´+>∑ dü÷Á‘ê\≈£î e´‹πsø£+>± >±ì, ˝Òq|ü&ÉT sêC≤´~Û|ü‹>± e´eVü≤]kÕÔs¡T.
sêC≤´+>∑|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: #ê˝≤ <˚XÊ˝À¢ ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ XÊK $s¡T<äΔ+>± >±ì ñqï≥¢sTT‘˚ n$ sêC≤´+>∑ $s¡T<ä›eTì 9. |ü]bÕ\q $<ÛäT\T: düTÁ|”+ø√s¡Tº, ôV’≤ø√s¡Tº\T ø=ìï
j·TT<ëΔìï >±ì, ˝Ò<ë XÊ+‹ dü+~Ûì>±ì ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ sê»´+>∑ dües¡D≈£î dü+ã+~Û+∫ XÊdüqìsêàD XÊK≈£î Á|üø£{Ï+#˚ n~Ûø±s¡+ Hê´j·TXÊK≈£î ñ+~. |ü]bÕ\Hê|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\qT ìs¡«Væ≤kÕÔsTT. ñqï‘·
XÊK Á|üø£{Ï+#·e#·TÃ. dü\Vü‰<ës¡T>± e´eVü≤]düTÔ+~. sêC≤´+>∑ dü÷Á‘ê\qT 3. bÂs¡Vü≤≈£îÿ\ |ü]s¡ø£åD: Hê´j·TXÊK Á|ü»\ bÂs¡Vü≤≈£îÿ Hê´j·TkÕúHê\T øÏ+~ Hê´j·TkÕúHê\ Hê´j·TeT÷s¡TÔ\
Ä]úø£|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\T: ø±s¡´ìsê«Vü≤ø£ XÊK ø=ìï neT\T |ü]#˚ Áø£eT+˝À düeTdü´\T ñ‘·ŒqïyÓTÆq≥¢sTT‘˚ \≈£î |ü]s¡ø£å≈£î&ç>± e´eVü≤]düTÔ+~. @ e´≈£îÔ˝…’‘˚ ìj·÷eTø£+˝À ø±s¡´ìs¡«Vü≤ø£ n~Û|ü‹øÏ dü\Vü‰ ÇkÕÔsTT.
Ä]úø£|üs¡yÓTÆq $<ÛäT\qT ≈£L&Ü ìs¡«Væ≤düTÔ+~. n$ yê{Ïì n~Û>∑$T+∫ Á|ü>∑‹ì kÕ~Û+#·&ÜìøÏ sêC≤´+>∑

CIFAR Azrieli Global kÕÿ\sYwæ|t‡ ing class 10-12, graduation, Educat ion and Science,
diploma, vocational training and Denmark is giving scholarships
Scholars Program post-graduation. Candidates must to certain applicants in recogni-
Category: Talent Based Last Date to apply: February 05, 2019 have scored 50% in their previ- tion of the important investment
Scholarship: CIFAR Azrieli Application: Online applications ous annual examination. that overseas students make dur-
Global Scholars Program 2019 only. Prizes & Rewards: ing their education.
Description: Short Source URL: http:// Up to INR 6000 for class 10-12 Eligibility: The applicant must
Canadian Institute of Advanced and up to INR 18000 for higher have Bachelor's degree and have
Research is inviting applications studies. Special incentive of up to an offer of place of study in
from researchers currently study- CLP India Scholarship INR 5000 for girls and INR 2500 University of Southern Denmark.
ing within the first five years of a Category: Means Based
Scholarship: CLP India Schola for boys is also available. Total Prizes & Rewards: The selected
full-time academic position in 850 students will receive scholar- students will receive a full tuition
order to provide funds, support rship Scheme 2019
Description: CLP India has ships. fee waiver and a grant, to help
and essential skills to the schol- Last Date to apply: March 31, 2019 cover living costs amounting to
ars. announced scholarships for the
students pursuing their higher Application: Online applications DKK 6090 per month before
Eligibility: Ph.D. degree holder are accepted. taxes and accommodation.
having work experience of five- education from class 10 to post
graduation, including diploma Short Source URL: http:// Last Date to apply: February 01,
years in academic position with nava/CIS10 2019
fluency in written and spoken and vocational training. This
Application: Applications can be
English can apply. scheme provides a partial finan-
cial support to aspiring students
Danish Government made online only.
Prizes&Rewards: CAD 1,00,000
for research support, travel expe for their study with added Scholarship Short Source URL:
emphasis on girl students. Category: International Level
nse coverage for personal two-
day interview and special train- Eligibility: Candidates residing Scholarship: Danish Governm
ing to develop leadership and in CLP plant locations in 7 states ent Scholarship 2019-20 Courtesy: /
communication skills. including Telangana and pursu- Description: Ministry of Higher Call: 08448709545, 08527484563
ãT<Ûäyês¡+ 30.1.2019 13

Á>±+&é bòÕ<äsY Ä|òt Ç+&çj·THé H˚wüq*»+>± me]ì |æ*#˚yês¡T?

1. uÛ≤s¡‘· C≤rj·T ø±+Á¬>dt≈£î |üPs¡« HêeT+? 14. ◊mHéd” @s¡Œ&çq|ü⁄&ÉT uÛ≤s¡‘· sê»´ e´eVü‰sê\
m) Ç+&çj·THé H˚wüq˝Ÿ j·T÷ìj·THé ø±s¡´<ä]Ù?
_) Ç+&çj·THé nk˛dæj˚TwüHé m) ˝≤sY¶ Áø±dt _) ˝≤sY¶ nyÓTΩ¬sdtº
dæ) H˚wüq˝Ÿ ø±qŒ¤¬sHé‡ &ç) @Bø±<äT dæ) HêsYÔÁã÷ø˘ &ç) CÒyéT‡ ìø£\‡Hé
2. uÛ≤s¡rj·TT\ Ä˝À#·Hê $<Ûëq+ô|’ bÕXÊÑ·´ Hê>∑] 15. ◊mHéd” @sêŒ≥T≈£î ø£èwæ #˚dæq Á_{°wt ø£$T{°˝À
ø£‘· Á|üdü]+∫q Á|üuÛ≤e |òü*‘·y˚T ø±+Á¬>dt nì ˝Òì~?
ù|s=ÿqï~? m) m.y√. VüA´yéT _) HÍs√J
m) C≤]®j·T÷˝Ÿ _) &ÉÁ|òæHé dæ) yÓ&ÉsY ãsYï &ç) mdt.mHé. u…qØ®
dæ) yÓ&ÉsY ãsYï &ç) ◊¬sdtº 16. øÏ+~yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç?
3) øÏ+~yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç? |üÁ‹ø£ q&ç|æq yês¡T
dü+düú kÕú|üq m) Ä˝ŸVæ≤˝≤˝Ÿ 1) _|æHé #·+Á<äbÕ˝Ÿ
1) Ç+&çj·÷©>¥ |æ) 1866 _) Væ≤+<ä÷kÕúHé 2) eT<äHé yÓ÷Vü≤Hé e÷\e´
2) ádtº Ç+&çj·÷ nk˛dæj˚TwüHé ≈£L´) 1875 dæ) yêsTTdt Ä|òt Ç+&çj·÷ 3) nãT˝Ÿ ø£˝≤+ ÄC≤<é
3) Ç+&çj·THé nk˛dæj˚TwüHé ÄsY 1883 &ç) e+<˚e÷‘·s¡+ 4) ˝≤˝≤\»|ü‹sêjYT
4) Ç+&çj·THé H˚wüq˝Ÿ ø±qŒ¤¬sHé‡ mdt 1876 Ç) ~ Á{Ïã÷´Hé 5) HÍs√J
5) eTÁ<ëdt eTVü≤»q düuÛÑ {Ï) 1843 m) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`ÄsY, 4`mdt, 5`{Ï
6) u…+>±˝Ÿ Á_{°wt Ç+&çj·÷ dü+düú j·TT) 1884 _) 1`ÄsY, 2`≈£L´, 3`{Ï, 4`mdt, 5`|æ
m) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`ÄsY, 4`mdt, 5`{Ï, 6`j·TT dæ) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`ÄsY, 4`{Ï, 5`mdt
_) 1`≈£L´, 2`|æ, 3`mdt, 4`ÄsY 5`j·TT, 6`{Ï &ç) 1`≈£L´, 2`ÄsY, 3`mdt, 4`{Ï, 5`|æ 25. Á_{°wt ø±eTHé‡ düuÛÑ≈£î ‘=* uÛ≤s¡rj·TT&ç>± Ä+»H˚j·TT\T bÕ{Ï$Tì
dæ) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`ÄsY, 4`j·TT 5`mdt 6`{Ï 17. HÍs√J øÏ+~ @ dü+e‘·‡s¡+˝À ◊mHéd”øÏ n<Ûä´ø£å‘· HÍs√J bÕغqT+∫ mìïø£j·÷´&ÉT? m+.m. Væ≤düºØ
&ç) 1`≈£L´, 2`|æ,3`ÄsY 4`j·TT, 5`{Ï, 6`mdt eVæ≤+#·˝Ò<äT? m) *ãs¡˝Ÿ bÕغ _) &ÓyÓTTÁø£{Ïø˘ bÕغ
dæ ) ˝Ò ã sY bÕغ &ç ) ]|ü _ ¢ ø ˘ bÕغ eq|ü]Ô bò˛Hé: 9701623874
4) s¡ø£åø£ ø£yê≥ dæ<ëΔ+‘· ø£s¡Ô>± me]ï |æ\TkÕÔs¡T? m) 1886 _) 193 dæ) 1906 &ç) 1911
m) m.y√. VüA´yéT _) HÍs√J 18. ªdü+e‘·‡sêìø=ø£kÕ] ø£|üŒ\e˝… u…ø£u…ø£eTì 26. ~ Ä]ÿ{Ïø˘ ôVAyéT Ä|òt y˚<ëdt Á>∑+<∏ëìï s¡∫+∫ 4) yÓTT<ä{Ï eTVæ≤fi≤ n<Ûä´≈£åîsê*>± nì_ôd+{Ÿ
dæ) &ÉÁ|òæHé &ç) ]|üŒHé n]ùdÔ $»j·T+ kÕ~Û+#·˝ÒeTTµ nì ø±+Á¬>dtqT q~?
m) <ä j · ÷ q+<ä dü s ¡ d ü « ‹ _) sêeTø£ è wü í |ü s ¡ e TVü ≤ +dü mìï¬ø’+~.
5) s¡cÕ´ uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯+ô|’ <ä+&Ó‘˚Ô Á|üe÷<ä+ O+<äì $eT]Ù+∫q~? ô|’yê{Ï qT+∫ dü¬s’q <ëìï mqTïø=q+&ç?
uÛ≤$+∫ ˇø£ eTT+<äT C≤Á>∑‘·Ô #·s¡´>± ø±+Á¬>dtqT m) ‹\ø˘ _) _|æHé #·+Á<äbÕ˝Ÿ dæ ) ‹\ø˘ &ç ) ns¡ _ +<√|ò ü T Àwt
27. 1905˝À $uÛ Ñ õ +∫q ‘· ÷ s¡ T Œ u… + >±˝Ÿ ≈ £ î sê»<Û ë ì m) 1, 2 _) 2, 3 dæ) 3, 4 &ç) 1, 4
kÕú|æ+#ês¡T nì ù|s=ÿqï~? dæ) ns¡_+<√|òüTÀwt &ç) |òæs√CŸcÕ yÓTVü≤‘ê 34. øÏ+~ yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç?
m) Oy˚TXŸ #·+Á<ä u…qØ® _) ‹\ø˘ 19. u…+>±˝Ÿ $uÛÑ»qô|’ n~Ûø±]ø£ Á|üø£≥q #˚dæq ‘˚B? @~?
m) &Û Ü ø± _) ∫{Ÿ >±+>¥ C≤_‘ê`1 C≤_‘ê`2
dæ) HÍs√J &ç) q+<ä˝≤˝Ÿ #Û·≥Ø® m) 1905 pHé 5 _) 1905 p˝…’ 10 1) ÁbÕãyéT‡ Ä|òt ~ ádtº |æ) >∑T˝≤+ VüQùd‡Hé
6. øÏ+~ yê{Ïì »‘·|üs¡#·+&ç? dæ) 1905 pHé 10 &ç) 1905 p˝…’ 20 dæ ) MTsY |ü P sY &ç ) &É + &É +
28. dürwt#·+Á<äãdüT nqTo\Hé dü$T‹ì @ dü+e‘·‡ 2) Ç+øÏ«˝≤uŸ ≈£L´) ˝≤sY¶ø£s¡®Hé
◊mHéd” düe÷y˚X¯+ y˚~ø£ 3) ã+~ JeHé ÄsY) ns¡_+<√ |òüTÀwt
s¡+˝À kÕú|æ+#ês¡T?
1) yÓTT<ä{Ï düe÷y˚X¯+ (1885) |æ) u§+u≤sTT
2) ¬s+&√düe÷y˚X¯+ (1886) ≈£L´) eTÁ<ëdüT
môd’‡, ø±ìùdºãT˝Ÿ Á|ü‘˚´ø£+ m) 1903 _) 1905 dæ) 1904 &ç) 1902 &ç) ˝…’|òt &çyÓ’Hé mdt) düN+Á<äHê<∏é düHê´˝Ÿ
m) 1`≈£L´, 2`|æ, 3`ÄsY, 4`mdt
3) eT÷&√ düe÷y˚X¯+ (1887) ÄsY) ø£\ø£‘êÔ uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚X¯ #·]Á‘· 29. u…+>±˝Ÿ C≤rj·T ø£fi≤XÊ\≈£î ‘=* Á|æì‡|ü˝Ÿ mes¡T?
m) |æ.dæ.sêjYT _) mdt.mHé u…qØ® _) 1`≈£L´, 2`|æ, 3`mdt, 4`ÄsY
4) Hê\T>√düe÷y˚X¯+(1888) mdt) n\Vü‰u≤<é dæ) 1`ÄsY, 2`≈£L´, 3`mdt, 4`|æ
m) 1`|æ, 2`ÄsY, 3`≈£L´, &ç`mdt 20. u…+>±˝Ÿ $uÛÑ»q Hê{Ï uÛ≤s¡‘· sê»´e´eVü≤sê\ dæ ) ns¡ _ +<√ |ò ü T Àwt &ç ) sƒ ê >∑ ÷ sY
30. C≤_‘ê 1ì C≤_‘ê 2‘√ dü ] b˛*Ã dü ¬ s ’ q <ëìï &çç) 1`ÄsY, 2`|æ, 3`mdt, 4`|æ
_) 1`≈£L´, 2`ÄsY, 3`mdt, &ç`|æ ø±s¡´<ä]Ù? 35. øÏ+~ yê{Ïì O|üjÓ÷–+∫ dü¬s’q ø√&éqT ø£qT>=q+&ç?
dæ) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`mdt, &ç`ÄsY m) ˝≤sY¶ Vü≤]¶+CŸ _) ˝≤sY¶ m&çHéãsYZ m+|æ ø £ #˚ j · T +&ç ?
1) $TÁ‘· y ˚ T fi≤ |æ ) $.&ç . kÕes¡ ÿ sY C≤_‘ê`1 C≤_‘ê `2
&ç) 1`mdt, 2`|æ, 3`≈£L´, &ç`ÄsY dæ) ˝≤sY¶ C≤ø˘ÁuÀ&çø˘ &ç) $*j·T+ <∏ëeT‡Hé 1) Ç+&çj·THé $TÁs¡sY |æ) mHé.mHé. ùdHé
7. Ç+>±¢+&é˝À uÛ≤s¡‘· Á|ü‹ì~Û düuÛÑT´&ç>± me]ì 21. øÏ+~yê{Ï qT+∫ dü¬s’q ø√&éqT m+#·Tø=q+&ç? 2) n_Û q e uÛ ≤ s¡ ‘ Y ≈£ L ´) >∑ D Ò w t kÕes¡ ÿ sY
3) uÛ ≤ s¡ ‘ · ùd«#êä dü e ÷K´ ÄsY ) mdt . mHé . u… q Ø® 2) ~ kÕºsY Ä|òt Ç+&çj·÷ ≈£L´) eTTdæ¢+ ©>¥
|æ*#˚ yês¡T? C≤_‘ê`1 C≤_‘ê 2 3) »qàuÛÑ÷$T ÄsY) |ü{≤º_Û d”‘êsêeTj·T´
m) C≤]®j·TT˝Ÿ _) yÓ&ÉsY ãsYï 1. Äq+<éeTsƒY qe\ |æ) 1906 4) Ç+&ç j · T Hé ©>¥ mdt ) ••sY ≈£ î e÷sY |ò ü T Àwt
m) 1`|æ , 2`≈£ L ´, 3`ÄsY , 4`mdt 4) uÛ≤s¡‘Ye÷‘ê mdt) nõ‘Ydæ+>¥
dæ) #ê¬s¢dt Áu≤&é˝≤ &ç) Hês¡ÔHé 2. C≤rj·T $<ë´ eT+&É* ≈£L´) 1882 m) 1`≈£L´, 2`ÄsY, 3`mdt, 4`|æ
8. ø±+Á¬>dt ø√]ø£\qT HÓs¡y˚s¡Ã&ÉeT+fÒ uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚XÊìøÏ 3) u…+>±˝Ÿ $uÛÑ»q s¡<äT› ÄsY) 1911 _) 1`|æ , 2`≈£ L ´, 3`mdt , 4`ÄsY
dæ ) 1`≈£ L ´, 2`|æ , 3`mdt , 4`ÄsY _) 1`ÄsY, 2`mdt, 3`|æ, 4` ≈£L´
dü«|ü]bÕ\q Ç∫ÃqfÒ¢qì ‘·q |üÁ‹ø£˝À Á|ü#·T]+ 4) sê»<Ûëì e÷s¡TŒ mdt) 1912 dæ) 1`|æ, 2`mdt, 3`≈£L´, 4`ÄsY
∫+~? m) 1`≈£L´, 2`|æ, 3`mdt, 4`ÄsY &ç ç ) 1`ÄsY , 2`|æ , 3`≈£ L ´, 4`mdt
31. dü « <˚ o O<ä ´ e÷ìøÏ dü + ã+~Û + ∫ øÏ + ~ yê{Ï ì &çç) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`ÄsY, 4`mdt
m) Ç+&çj·÷ _) Ç+&çj·THé $TÁs¡sY _) 1`≈£L´, 2`ÄsY, 3`mdt 4`|æ 36. øÏ+~ n+XÊìï |ü]o*+#·+&ç?
dæ) u≤+uÒ ¬>õ{Ÿ &ç) f…ÆyéT‡ Ä|òt \+&ÉHé dæ) 1`ÄsY 2`|æ, 3`≈£L´, 4`mdt »‘· | ü s ¡ # · + &ç ?
ÁbÕ+‘· + Hêj· T ≈£ î &É T 1) dü«<˚o O<ä´e÷\≈£î ‘√&ÜŒ≥T≈£î: Ç+>±¢+&é qT+∫
9. <˚X¯+˝Àì nXÊ+‹, nsê#·ø±ìøÏ eT÷\ø±s¡≈£î&ÉT &ç) 1`|æ, 2`ÄsY 3`mdt,4`≈£L´ e#˚à O‘êŒ~‘· edüTÔe⁄\qT ãVæ≤wüÿ]+#ê\ì πødü]
‹\ø˘ nì f…ÆyéT‡ |üÁ‹ø£˝À sêdæ+~ mes¡T? 22. Á>±+&é bòÕ<äsY Ä|òt Ç+&çj·THé H˚wüq*»+>± 1) u≤+uÒ |æ ) ‹\ø˘
2) eTÁ<ëdt ≈£ L ´) ∫<ä + ãs¡ + |æ fi Ë ’ fl |üÁ‹ø£˝À sêdæ+~ ‹\ø˘.
m) yê˝…+f…ÆHé ∫s√˝Ÿ _) ◊¬sdtº |æ*∫q yês¡T? 2) ns¡TD√<äj·T nH˚ eTsê؃ |üÁ‹ø£ $<˚o edüTÔ
dæ) VüA´yéT &ç) &ÉÁ|òæHé m) KTBsê+ uÀdt _) nX¯«˙ ≈£îe÷sY <ä‘êÔ 3) |ü + C≤uŸ ÄsY ) dü j · T ´<é ôV’ ≤ <ä s Y s¡ C ≤
4) &Û ç © ¢ mdt ) nõ‘Y dæ + >¥ ãVæ≤wüÿs¡DqT düeT]údü÷Ô yê´kÕ\T sêdæ+~.
10. <äT]“¤D°˝À qT+∫ #·÷&Ée\dæq+‘· ∫qï n\Œ dæ) |òæs√CŸcÕ yÓTVü≤‘ê &ç) sêCŸ Hêsêj·TDY uÀdt 3) u…+>±˝Ÿ≈£î #Ó+~q Á|ü|ü⁄\¢ #·+Á<äsêjYT u…+>±˝Ÿ
dü+K´>∑\ dü+düú ø±+Á¬>dt nì yêU≤´ì+∫+~? 23. Ç+&çj·THé ôVAyéTs¡÷˝Ÿ ©>¥qT 1914˝À kÕú|æ+ m) 1`≈£ L ´, 2`|æ , 3`ÄsY , 4`mdt
_) 1`≈£ L ´, 2`mdt 3`ÄsY 4`|æ ¬ø$Tø£˝Ÿ‡ nH˚ |ü]ÁX¯eTqT HÓ\ø=˝≤Œ&ÉT.
m) ø£s¡®Hé _) &ÉÁ|òæHé ∫+~? 4) á O<ä´eT+ <ë«sêH˚ u≤jYTø±{Ÿ |ü<ëìøÏ
dæ) ]|üŒHé &ç) ◊¬sdtº m) nX¯«˙≈£îe÷sY <ä‘êÔ _) ˝≤˝≤\»|ü‹sêjYT dæ ) 1`|æ , 2`≈£ L ´, 3`mdt , 4`ÄsY
&ç ç ) 1`ÄsY , 2`|æ , 3`≈£ L ´, 4`mdt ÁbÕ#·Ts¡´+ \_Û+∫+~.
11. sêE\ ø±\+˝À ≈£L&Ü Á|ü»\≈£î n≥M eqs¡T\ô|’ dæ) ns¡_+<√|òüTÀwt &ç) eTùV≤+Á<ä Á|ü‘ê|t ô|’yê{ÏqT+∫ dü¬s’q <ëìï ø£qT>=q+&ç
$ìjÓ÷>±ìï ìùw~Û+#·˝Ò<ä˙ Á_{°wtyê] <√|æ&û 24. øÏ+~ yê{Ï qT+∫ dü¬s’q ø√&éqT >∑T]Ô+#·+&ç? 32. øÏ + ~ yê{Ï ì Áø√Hê\J Á|ü ø ±s¡ + neTs¡ à +&ç ?
1) n~Û ø ±s¡ s¡ V ü ≤ kÕ´\ #· ≥ º + m) 1, 2, 3 _) 3, 4
n&Ée⁄\≈£î ≈£L&Ü yê´|æ+∫+<äì yê´U≤´ì+∫+~? C≤_‘ê 1 C≤_‘ê 2 dæ) 1, 2, 3, 4 &ç) 1, 3, 4
m) düTπs+Á<äHê<∏é u…qØ® _) ÄsY.dæ. <ä‘Y 1) uÛ≤s¡‘· $|ü¢e e÷‘ê |æ) ns¡_+<√|òüTÀwt 2) uÛ ≤ s¡ ‘ · $&Ü≈£ î \ #· ≥ º +
dæ) |”≥sY bÕ˝Ÿ |æfiË’fl &ç) HÍs√J 2) <äøÏåD uÛ≤s¡‘· ≈£îs¡Teè<äTΔ&ÉT ≈£L´) ‹\ø˘ 3) uÛ≤s¡‘· •øå± düàè‹ 4) @CŸ Ä|òt ø£HÓ‡+{Ÿ j·÷ø˘º
m) 1, 2, 3, 4 _) 2, 1, 3, 4 düe÷<ÛëHê\T
12. Á_{°wt uÛ≤s¡‘· bÕ\q uÛÑ>∑eìïπs›X¯+` uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚XÊ 3) n‹yê<ä |æ‘êeTVüQ&ÉT
ìøÏ kÕ«‘·+Á‘ê´ì«&É+ uÛÑ>∑e~#·Ã¤≈£î $s¡T<äΔ+ nì ÄsY) y˚T&ÉyéT _ø±J ø±e÷ dæ) 3, 2, 4, 1 &ç) 2, 1, 4, 3 1.m 2.dæ 3._ 4.m 5.&ç
Á|üø£{Ï+∫+~? 4) uÛ≤s¡‘·<˚XÊìøÏ øÏØ≥+ ˝ÒìsêE 33. øÏ+~yê{Ïì |ü]o*+#·+&ç? 6.m 7.dæ 8.&ç 9.m 10._
m) &ÉÁ|òæHé _) u…+{Ï+ø˘ mdt) düTÁãeTD´+ nj·T´sY 1) ◊.mHé.dæ øÏ n<Ûä´ø£å‘· eVæ≤+∫q ‘=* bÕØÙ _.m+. 11.dæ 12.&ç 13.dæ 14.m 15.&ç
dæ) Äø±¢+&é &ç) ø£s¡®Hé m) 1`ÄsY, 2`mdt, 3`≈£L´, 4`|æ eT\u≤Ø 16._ 17.&ç 18.m 19.&ç 20.dæ
13. uÛ≤s¡‘· C≤rj·T ø±+Á¬>dt˝À N*ø£ @s¡Œ&çq dü+e‘·‡s¡+? _) 1`ÄsY, 2`mdt, 3`|æ, 4`≈£L´ 2) ‘=* düe÷y˚XÊìøÏ 78 eT+~ Vü‰»s¡j·÷´s¡T 21.m 22.&ç 23._ 24._ 25.m
m) 1906 _) 1916 dæ) 1`ÄsY, 2` ≈£L´, 3`|æ, 4`mdt 3) C≤rj·T ø±+Á¬>dt≈£î n<Ûä´ø£å‘· eVæ≤+∫q ‘=* 26.dæ 27.m 28.&ç 29.dæ 30.m
dæ) 1907 &ç) 1908 &ç) 1`|æ, 2`≈£L´, 3`mdt, 4`ÄsY Ä+π>¢j·TT&ÉT C≤]®j·T÷˝Ÿ 31.dæ 32.dæ 33.dæ 34._ 35.&ç
ñªëÅ]î¦ô¢Ù 30 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:

ÞœêŸ í£K¤Ûö˺x Íè…-Tì ví£øŒoõª

EÙU, û¶ö°, Þ¥M, Fô¢«.. ÍFo Ú¥õªù£uÙ 1. â°BóŸª ÷ìu-vð§é¨ ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-
ÚÁô¢ö˺x #ÚÛª\ÚÛªE ú£yàŸaÄêŸìª øŒÙö˺ Óí£±pè[ª Í÷ª-ö˺xÚ¨ ÷#aÙC? sÔÐ,
1) 1972 2) 1974 3) 1981 4) 2002
ÚÁö˺p꟪û¦oô³. ÍÙë]ª¸Ú í£ô¦u÷ô¢é
ú£÷ªê½ö°uEo Ú¥ð§è[æ°EÚ¨ ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ 2. òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-øŒÙ-ö˺E í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Ûé àŸæ°d-õìª
Ú•Eo ví£ê¶uÚÛ àŸæ°dõìª ô¢«ð»ÙCÙ#ÙC. -ÎôÁ-é vÚÛ÷ªÙö˺ Í÷ª-ô¢aÙè….- sÔÓúÃîËÁ,
í£ô¦u÷ô¢é í£Jô¢¤Ûé ÚÁú£Ù Ôó¶ª àŸæ°dõìª 2018z
à¶ø‹ô¢ª.. î¦æ¨ N÷ô¦õìª NNëÅ] ð¼æ© a) â°BóŸª ÷ìu-vð§é¨ àŸådÙ
í£K¤¥ô¢ª–õª Þœªô¢ªhÙàŸªÚÁî¦L. b) @÷ îμjNëÅ]u àŸådÙ
c) î¦óŸ³- Ú¥-õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ

í£-ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ n- òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶øŒÙ d) Fæ¨ Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ

1) a, b, c, d 2) d, c, b, a
í£-ô¦u-÷-ô¢é ú£Ù꟪-õ-û¦Eo í£J-ô¢¤¨Ù# @÷-ô¦-PE Ú¥ð§- 3) a, d, c, b 4) a, d, b, c
è[-æ°-EÚ¨ í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é óŸ«á-÷«-û¦u-EÚ¨ í£æ¨ù£’îμªiì ø‹ú£-
û¦õª, àŸæ°dõª Í÷-ú£ô¢Ù.- ÷ªì-ë¶-øŒÙö˺ Ú¥õªù£u 3. Ú¨ÙC-î¦-æ¨ö˺ @÷-îμj-NëÅ]u ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé ¸ÚÙvë¯-õêÁ
ú£ÙñÙ-CÅêŸ ú£÷ª-ú£uõª šíìª-ú£-î¦-üŒ‰xÞ¥ ÷«ô¦ô³.- Oæ¨ òÅ®ÞÁ-RÚÛ ú£J-ë]ªÌ ö˶EN? svÞœ«íà 4, 2018z
EóŸªÙ-vêŸé, í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢-é°Eo ô¢¤¨Ù-àŸ-è¯-EÚ¨ ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ 1) â°BóŸª ð§ô¢ª\õª
Ú•Eo àŸæ°d-õìª ô¢«ð»Ù-CÙ-#ÙC.- Íë¶-N-ëÅ]ÙÞ¥ í£ô¦u- 2) @÷-ÞÁüŒ ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé vð§Ùê¦õª
÷-ô¢é Ú¥õª-ÿ§uEo Eî¦-JÙ# ví£ÚÛ”A ú£ï£°-á-ú‡ë]ÌÄ õ¤Û- 3) ÍòÅ¡-óŸ«-ô¢-é°uõª 4) áõ ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé vð§Ùê¦õª
é°-õìª Ú¥ð§-è[åÙ; Íè[-÷±õª, ÷ìuvð§-éªõ vøË™óŸªú£ªq 4. òÅ°ô¢-êŸ-ë¶-øŒÙö˺ 2016 î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é ÷«ô¢ªp
ë]”ÿ§d¬u í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Û-éìª ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ ò°ëÅ]u-êŸÞ¥ â°BóŸª Ú¥ô¦u-àŸ-ô¢é ví£é°-R-ÚÛö˺ òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ ÓEo
ÞœªJhÙ-#ÙC.- â°BóŸª Nªù£ìªx vð§ô¢Ù-GÅÙ-à¦ô¢ª? svÞœ«íà 1,
õ¤¥uõª 2017z

Óz í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é ú£÷ª-ê½-ö°uEo Ú¥ð§-è[åÙ.- 1) 6 2) 8 3) 10 4) 12

Gz Ú¥õªù£u Ú¥ô¢-Ú¥õ ÷õx ÚÛL¸Þ E-ÚÛô¢ ví£òÅ°-î¦õ ú£÷«-ëů-û¦õª
H 1938
ìªÙ# @÷-ô¦-øŒ‰-õ-EoÙ-æ¨F Ú¥ð§-è[åÙ.-
ú‡z ú£ï£°á ÷ì-ô¢ª-õìª í£J-ô¢¤¨Ù-àŸè[Ù.-
è…z ÚÛª\õª, ›úyàŸaÄ, ú£÷«-ì-ê¦y-EÚ¨ òÅ¡Ùޜ٠î¦æ¨-õx- H 1946
îμ«æ°ô¢ª î¦ï£°-û¦õ àŸådÙ
Gô Eô¢ª-í£-óμ«Þœ òÅ¡«÷³õ àŸådÙ Óšúj¬q & Ú¥E›údñªöËÀq 1- 1; 2 - 3; 3 - 3; 4 - 2
- - -
ÚÛªÙè¯ ví£á-õÙ-ë]ô¢« ú£Þ½-ô¢-÷ÙÞ¥, Ùë¯Þ¥ þ§y-êŸÙvêŸuÙ êŸô¦yêŸ í£K¤Ûõ ví£ê¶uÚÛÙ í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é Ú¥õªù£u Eî¦-ô¢-éÚÛª Ñí£-óμ«-Þœ-í£-è[-ö˶-ë]E
@NÙචÍ÷-Ú¥-ø‹Eo ÚÛLpÙ-àŸè[Ù.- ¸ÚÙvë] ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ vޜÙ-#ÙC.- ÍEo ô¢Ú¥õ Ú¥õª-ÿ§uõ
ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ Í÷ªõª à¶ú‡ì àŸæ°dõª EóŸªÙ-vêŸé, í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é û¦éuêŸ Ú¥ð§-è[åÙ ÚÁú£Ù
ÚÛô¦t-Þ¥-ô¦õ àŸådÙ n 1948 í£ô¦u÷ô¢é í£Jô¢¤Ûé ¸ÚÙvë]Ù ð§ô¢x-îμªÙåª ë¯yô¦ 1986ö˺ ÖÚÛ ú£÷ªvÞœ, þ§ô¢y-
1887 àŸæ°dEo ú£÷-JÙ# ÚÛô¦t-Þ¥-ô¦ö˺x í£E-ඛú Ú¥Jt-
vAÚÛ àŸæ°dEo ví£î¶-øŒ-ší-æ¨dÙC.- DEo í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Ûé
·Ú. ÞÁ÷ô¢–û ·ôè…“ ÚÛªõ ÎôÁÞœuÙ, òÅ¡vë]êŸ, ú£Ù¸¤÷ªÙ ÚÁú£Ù 1948ö˺ ÚÛô¦t- î¦óŸ³ Ú¥õªù£u Eî¦-ô¢é, EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ n- 1981- àŸådÙ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.-
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª Þ¥-ô¦õ àŸæ°dEo ô¢«ð»Ù-CÙ-#ÙC.- í£J-vøŒ-÷ªõ àŸªåªd-í£- ð§-J-vø‹-NªÚÛ Nú£-Jb-ê¦õª öË¶ë¯ î¦ï£°-û¦õ ìªÙ# îμõª-
@÷ îμjNëÅ]u àŸådÙ n- 2002
ÚÛ\õ E÷-ú‡Ùචví£áõ ÎôÁÞœuÙ, òÅ¡vë]êŸ, í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢éÙ
ÞœªJÙ# Ð àŸådÙö˺ EñÙ-ëÅ]-ìõª ô¢«ð»Ù-CÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- ÷è˶ NNëÅ] Ñë¯_-ô¦-õìª EóŸªÙ-vAÙ-àŸ-è¯-EÚ¨ 1981ö˺ N-NëÅ] â°êŸª-õÚÛª àμÙCì @÷±õª ÑÙè˶ ú£÷´ï£°
ô¦â°uÙÞœ ví£þ§h-÷ì ¸ÚÙvë] ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ î¦óŸ³ Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸæ°dEo vð§Ùê¦-õª öË¶ë¯ òÅ®÷ª, ú£÷³vë], ÏêŸô¢ áö°÷ô¢é ÷u÷-
í£-ô¦u-÷-ô¢-é°Eo í£J-ô¢¤¨ÙචNù£-óŸªÙö˺ ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ, vÚ¨Nª-ú£Ù--ô¢ÚÛ ÷ªÙë]ªõ àŸådÙ n- 1968- ô¢«ð»Ù-CÙ-#ÙC.- Ð EñÙëÅ]ìõìª ÍA-vÚÛ-NªÙ-#ì ú£–-ö˺xE NGÅìo @÷-ô¦-øŒ‰õª, î¦æ¨ ÷ªëÅ]u ÑÙè˶ îμjNëůuõ
÷ªÙ-ë]ªõ êŸóŸ«K, CÞœª-÷ªA, NvÚÛóŸªÙ, ô¢î¦é°, ÷uÚÛªhõª, ú£Ùú£–õª P¤¥-ô¢ª|õª.- OJÚ¨ Ôè¯-C-ìoô¢ ìªÙ# ú£yô¢«-ð§û¶o @÷-îμj-NëÅ]uÙ ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÷ªì ë¶øŒÙö˺ DEo
ví£áõª ò°ëÅ]uêŸ ÷Ù-à¦-õE ô¦â°uÙޜ٠E¸ôÌPÙ#ÙC.-
îμ³ë]å ô¦â°uÙ-ÞœÙö˺ Ð ví£þ§h-÷ì ö˶ë]ª.- Ú¥F 1972 í£Ùí‡é©, NE-óμ«ÞœÙ ö°Ùæ¨ Ú¥ô¢u-ÚÛ-ö°-ð§-õìª vÚ¨Nª-ú£Ù-- ÞœJ-ù£’ÙÞ¥ 6 ú£Ù÷êŸq-ô¦õª âËμjõª P¤Û, í£C-î¶õ áJ-÷«û¦ îμ³ë]-æ¨-þ§-JÞ¥ 2002 ð§ô¢x-îμªÙåª àŸådÙ ë¯yô¦ Îîμ«-
WûÂö˺ ÕÚÛu-ô¦áu ú£NªA ÎëÅ]yô¢uÙö˺ þ§dÚÂ˺٠ô¢ÚÛ ÷ªÙë]ªõ àŸådÙ n- 1968 ë¯yô¦ EóŸªÙ-vAÙ-àŸ-÷àŸªa.- NCÅ-þ§hô¢ª.- CÙ-àŸÞ¥ 2003, ÍÚÁdñô¢ª 1 ìªÙ# Í÷ª-ö˺xÚ¨ ÷#aÙC.-
DE ví£ëůì Ú¥ô¦uõóŸªÙ àμûμj¬oö˺ ÑÙC.- ví£ú£ªhêŸÙ
súˆyè[ûÂzö˺ Eô¢y-Ù-#ì í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é ú£ë]-ú£ªqö˺ DEo ÷ìu-vð§é¨ ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ n- 1972- í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ n- 1986 ví£í£Ù-àŸÙ-ö˺E @÷îμjNëÅ]u ë¶ø‹ö˺x 17÷ šíë]Ì ë¶øŒÙÞ¥
ú£÷-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- 1976ö˺ 42÷ ô¦â°uÙÞœ ú£÷-ô¢é ë¯yô¦ 1972ö˺ þ§dÚÂï£°Ë ºÙ súˆyè[ûÂzö˺ Eô¢y-Ù-#ì í££-ô¦u-÷- 1974 Fæ¨ Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ, 1981 òÅ°ô¢ê ޜªJhÙí£± ð»ÙCÙC.-
48(A), 51(A) (g) EñÙëÅ]ìõ Ú¨Ùë] í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Û-
éìª ð»Ùë]ª-í£-J-à¦ô¢ª.- Ïö° @÷-îμj-N-ëůuEo Ú¥ð§-è[-æ°- ô¢é ú£ë]ú£ªq êŸô¦yêŸ ë¶øŒÙö˺ îμ³ë]æ¨ ÷ìu-vð§-éªõª, î¦óŸ³ Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ ·ôÙè[« ú£÷ªô¢–ÙÞ¥ ÍåO ÚÛª\õ ÞœªJhÙí£± àŸådÙ n- 2006
EÚ¨ ví£òÅ¡ª-ê¦y-EÚ¨ ú£ô¢y ÚÛª\-õìª Ï#aì îμ³ë]æ¨ ë¶øŒÙ í£Éõª ÍÙêŸ-JÙ-#-ð¼-ÚÛªÙè¯ ô¢¤¨Ùචõ¤ÛuÙêÁ â°BóŸª 1988ö˺ ¸ÚÙvë] ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ ÍåO ÍGÅ-÷”-CÌÄö˺ TJ-á-
òÅ°ô¢êÂ.- ÷ìu-vð§é¨ ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ n- 1972ìª ô¢«ð»Ù-CÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- â°BóŸª Ú¥ô¦u-àŸ-ô¢é ìª-õÚÛª òÅ°Þœ-þ§y÷ªuÙ ÚÛLpÙ-à¦-õE Bú£ª-ÚÛªìo Eô¢g-óŸ«-
Ñë¯:- ÷ìu ÷ª”Þ¥-õìª î¶æ°-è[-æ°Eo Ð àŸådÙ í£²JhÞ¥ E›ù-CÅ- ví£é°-RÚÛ n- 2016- EÚ¨ ð»è…-TÙ-í£±Þ¥ 2006, è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 18ì ð§ô¢x-îμªÙæÀ
Óz ô¦â°uÙ-ÞœÙ-ö˺E 21÷ EñÙ-ëÅ]ì ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù @NÙචú£ªhÙC.- DEo 2002ö˺ ú£÷-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- Ð àŸådÙ Ú¨Ùë] ë¯yô¦ ÍåO ÚÛª\õ Í÷ªõª àŸådÙ Îîμ«ë]Ù
2015, è…šúÙ-ñ-ô¢ªö˺
ví£ëů-ì-÷ªÙvA ÍëÅ]u-¤Û-êŸì ÖÚÛ â°BóŸª ÷ªÙè[-LE Ôô¦påª î¦-ê¦-÷-ô¢é ÷«ô¢ªp-õšíj ð»ÙCÙC.- ÏC 2007, è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 31 ìªÙ# Í÷ªö˺xÚ¨
ÚÛª\ö˺ òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ ÎôÁ-Þœu-ÚÛ-ô¢-îμªiì í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é
ÚÛª\ìª ú£ªvíˆÙ-ÚÁô¢ªd ÖÚÛ þ§ëÅ]-ìÙÞ¥ ›íô•\ÙC.- à¶óŸª-÷àŸªa.- êŸô¦yêŸ Ð àŸæ°dEo 2006ö˺ ÷ªôÁ-þ§J COP-21 ú£ë]-ú£ªqìª Eô¢y-Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- DEÚ¨ ÷#aÙC.- Ð àŸådÙ ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù Íû¦-CÞ¥ Eî¦-ú£-÷³Ù-åªìo
Gz ô¦â°uÙ-ÞœÙö˺ 47÷ EñÙ-ëÅ]ì Ú¨Ùë] ví£áõ @÷ì
ð§ô¢x-îμªÙåª ë¯yô¦ ú£÷-JÙ# í£±õªõ Jáô¢ªy æÀ-þ§p-æÀ- ÍìªÞœªéÙÞ¥ òÅ°ô¢êŸ ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ 2016 è…šúÙ-ñ- NNëÅ] â°êŸªõ ú£Ùví£-ë¯óŸª ÚÛª\-õìª ÞœªJhÙ# 2005,
ví£÷«-é°õª, ÎôÁ-Þ¥uEo îμªô¢ª-Þœª-í£-ô¢-àŸè[Ù; õö˺ -cçËμjÞœô æ°úÃ\ ðƼôÂqe-õìª Ôô¦p-åª-à¶-ø‹ô¢ª.- DE ô¢ªö˺ â°BóŸª Ú¥ô¦u-àŸ-ô¢é ví£é°-R-ÚÛìª è…šúÙ-ñô¢ª 13ÚÛª ÷³Ùë]ª, Î êŸô¦yêŸ ÚÛ«è¯ ÍåO
ð¿ù‡dڥô¢ þ§–ô³E šíÙàŸè[Ù ö°Ùæ¨ ÍÙø‹-õìª ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù áÙ꟪÷±õª ví£ëů-ìÙÞ¥ í£±õªõ àŸô¢tÙ, ÞÁô¢ªx ô¢«ð»ÙCÙ#ÙC.- DEö˺ òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ 8 â°BóŸª Nªù£- òÅ¡«÷³õª ›úë]uÙ à¶ú£ªh-ìo-î¦-JÚ¨ î¦æ¨ Oªë] ÚÛª\ õGÅ-
à¶JaÙC.- ö°Ùæ¨ î¦æ¨êÁ î¦uð§ô¢Ù à¶óŸªè[Ù àŸåd ÷uA¸ôÚÛÙ.- ûÂ-õìª vð§ô¢Ù-GÅÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- ú£ªhÙC.-
ú‡z ô¦â°uÙ-ÞœÙö˺ 48(A) EñÙ-ëÅ]-ìö˺ Íè[-÷±õª, ÷ìu- Fæ¨ Ú¥õªù£u Eî¦-ô¢é, EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ n- 1974- 1. þ¼ö°ô Nªù£û 2. øŒÚ¨h þ§÷ª-ô¢–¬u Nªù£û â°BóŸª ï£°JêŸ vçËμj-ñªu-ìöËÀ àŸådÙ n- 2010-
vð§-éªõª, ú£ï£°á í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é í£J-ô¢¤Ûé ví£òÅ¡ªêŸy F-æ¨ö˺ E÷-ú‡Ùà¶, Fæ¨E NE-óμ«-TÙච@÷-ô¦-øŒ‰-õÚÛª 3. ú£ªú‡–-ô¦-GÅ-÷”CÌÄ Îî¦ú£ Nªù£û ô¦-â°uÙ-ÞœÙ-ö˺E 21÷ EñÙ-ëÅ]-ìÚÛª ú£«pÄJhÞ¥ í£ô¦u-÷-
ò°ëÅ]u-êŸ ÍE ›íô•\ÙC.- E ÚÛõ-Þœ-ÚÛªÙè¯; í£J-vøŒ-÷ªõ ë¯yô¦ ìë]ªõª, àμô¢ª-÷±-ö˺xÚ¨ 4. î¦åô Nªù£û 5. ÷«-õóŸª Î÷-ô¢é Nªù£û ô¢é ú£÷ª-ú£u-õìª í£J-ù£\-JÙ-à¶Ù-ë]ªÚÛª òÅ°ô¢êŸ ð§ô¢xîμªÙæÀ
è…z ô¦â°uÙ-ÞœÙö˺ 51(A) EñÙ-ëÅ]ì Ú¨Ùë] vð§ëÇ]-NªÚÛ í£Ù›í Nù£-í£²-JêŸ ô¢þ§-óŸªì ÷uô¦–õ ÷õx Fæ¨ Ú¥õªù£uÙ 6. vUû ÏÙè…óŸ« Nªù£û 2010,  5ì DEo Îîμ«-CÙ-#ÙC.- Ð àŸådÙ
NëÅ]ªö˺x òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ àμô¢ª-÷±õª, ìë]ªõª, ú£ô¢-ú£ªqõª, šíô¢-Þœ-è¯Eo E›ùCÅú£«h 1974ö˺ ¸ÚÙvë] ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ Ð 7. ú£ªú‡–-ô¦-GÅ-÷”CÌÄ ÷u÷-þ§óŸª Nªù£ûÂ
ì«uCMx ¸ÚÙvë]ÙÞ¥ 2010, ÍÚÁdñô¢ª 28ì Í÷ª-ö˺xÚ¨
÷ìu-vð§-éªõª, ÷ì ú£Ù-ô¢¤Ûé, @÷-îμj-N-ëůuEo Ú¥ð§- àŸæ°dEo ô¢«ð»Ù-CÙ-#ÙC.- ÏC Ú¥õªù£u Eî¦-ô¢é ÷#aÙC.- 2011, VöËμj 4 ìªÙ# NëÅ]ª-õìª Eô¢y-Jh-
è[åÙ ð¿ô¢ªõ NCÅÞ¥ ›íô•\ÙC.- 8. î¦ê¦-÷-ô¢é ÷«ô¢ªp ÷²u-êŸtÚÛ Nªù£û ú£ªhÙC.- Ð vçËμj-ñªu-ìöËÀ @÷ îμjNëÅ]uÙ, ÷ìu-vð§-éªõª;
îμ³ë]æ¨ â°BóŸª àŸådÙ.- DE ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù Fæ¨ û¦éu-êŸìª
ví£òÅ¡ªêŸyÙ Í÷ªõª à¶ú‡ì àŸæ°dõª Ú¥ð§-è[ªêŸ« ìë]ªõª, ú£ô¢-ú£ªqõª, àμô¢ª÷±õª, Ú¥õª-÷-ö˺xE ÷ª-J-Ú•Eo àŸæ°dõª.-.-.-.- ÍåO, í£ô¦u-÷-ô¢é ú£÷ª-ú£u-õìª òËμÙà ë¯yô¦ í£J-ù£\-J-
1. E-ÚÛô¢ ÷uô¦–õ EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ n- 1989
Fæ¨ Ú¥õª-ÿ§uEo EóŸªÙ-vAÙ-à¦L.- Ð àŸådÙ ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù ú£ªhÙC.- DE Ú¨Ùë] û¦õªÞœª vçËμj-ñªu-ìöËÀ òËμÙàÂõª
H 1857 ð§J-vø‹-NªÚÛ ÷uô¦–õ àŸådÙ 2.
¸ÚÙvë] n- ô¦ù£Z Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙvêŸé ÷ªÙè[-üŒxìª Ôô¦påª Ñû¦oô³.- ÍN:-
H 1879
ñóμ« îμªè…-ÚÛöËÀ ÷uô¦–õ Eî¦-ô¢é EñÙ-ëÅ]-ìõ
ÔìªÞœª ú£Ùô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ 1. šúÙvåöËÀ òËμÙà n- òÅ˺ð§öËÀ
à¶ø‹ô¢ª.- àŸådÙ n- 1998
H 1897 ÷ªêŸq¬u-ú£Ù-í£ë] í£J-ô¢¤Ûé àŸådÙ H- â°-BóŸª Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé ÷ªÙè[L ì«uCMx 2. í£Pa÷ª òËμÙà n- í£±éËμ
3. ëÅ]yE Ú¥õªù£u EóŸªÙ-vêŸé àŸådÙ n- 2000
H 1905 òËμÙÞ¥öËÀ ð»Þœ Ïñ(Ù-ë]ªõ Eî¦-ô¢é àŸådÙ ¸ÚÙvë]ÙÞ¥ í£E-à¶-ú£ªhÙC.- DE Ú¨Ùë] 7 vð§ÙBóŸª 3. ꟫ô¢ªp òËμÙà n- ÚÁöËÀ-ÚÛê¦
4. ð§xú‡dÚ Kšúj-Ú¨öËÀ, ÑêŸpAh, î¦è[ÚÛ àŸådÙ n- 2003
H 1927 òÅ°ô¢-BóŸª Íè[-÷±õ àŸådÙ Ú¥ô¦u-õ-óŸ«õª Ñû¦oô³.- 4. ë]¤¨é òËμÙà n- àμûμj¬o
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ñªëÅ]î¦ô¢Ù 30 áì÷J 2019 - „ email:ÎCî¦ô¢Ù ÎÞœú£ªd 12, 2018 - „ email:

H Ñë¯u-ì-÷ì Eô¦t-éÙö˺ Nõ¤Û-é-îμªiì NªëμÌõ OªC

÷vâ°õÚÛª í£±æ¨dEõªx.. ÞÁõÚ•Ùè[! H
êÁåõª ÑÙè˶N.-
Fæ¨ Ú¥õª-÷õª, áö°-øŒ-óŸ«õª, þ§oì î¦æ¨-ÚÛõª, áõ-
ð§-ê¦õª ÎøŒa-ô¢uÙÞ¥ Nõ-ú‡-õªx-꟪Ù-è˶N.-
H î¶ú£N Ú¥õÙö˺ Þ•í£p-î¦-JÚ¨ Nô¢ òÅ¡«NªÞ¥ ÚÛæ˺ô¦
ví£:- ë•è[“ ò°ö˺(î¦ ÷”¤Û ví£ê¶u-ÚÛêŸ êμõ-í£Ùè….- ëÅ]ô¢ ÚÛN -cêŸí£B ú£Ù÷-ô¢-éËÁ-ð§-Ý°uìe- Ú¥÷uÙ ô¢#Ù# ÷±V ÑÙè˶C.-
á:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙö˺ ÷ªWo ñªô¢ª-VÚÛª î¦óŸ³÷u
ÞÁ-õ-Ú•Ùè[ í£ådéÙ H
ví£:- -cí£åd-é-÷ª-ìÞ¥ ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-é-÷ª-Eó¶ª ë]¤¨-é°-í£-ëÇ]-
Ïvñ٠Ú۪꟪-òËÀ-ÿ§ÚÛª ÍÙÚ¨êŸÙ Ïà¦aè[ª.- ÷ªï£°-ñ«- ë•è[“ ò°ö˺(î¦ Íû¶ ÷”¤ÛÙ ví£ê¶uÚÛ ÎÚÛ-ô¢{-éÞ¥
CøŒö˺ Ñìo ÷”¤ÛÙ ë•è[“ ò°ö˺(î¦.- ÏC 80 Íè[ª- òËÀ-ì-Þœô >ö°x î¦ú‡-óμiªì Îú£«J ÷ªJÙ-ÞœÙæ¨ ú‡ÙÞœ- ÑÙè˶C.-
÷³ì ví£ú‡CÌÄe- ú£÷ª-J–ú£«h ô¦óŸªÙè….- H
á:- í£åd-é-÷ªÙç˶ Îû¦æ¨ Ú¥õÙö˺ ë]¤¨-é°-í£-ëÇ]Ùö˺ ÞÁõ-
Þœªõ àŸªåªd-Ú•-õ-êŸêÁ Nú£h-JÙ# ÑÙè˶C.- Ð àμåªd ô¦-à¦ô¢u ÷ªï£„-ÚÛ-NÚ¨ -c÷ªêŸh-ÞœÙ-ëŶ-òÅ¡-ú‡-êŸ-àÅŸvêŸ ÷³êŸh- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙö˺ ë•ô¢-ÚÛE ÷ú£ªh÷± ÑÙè˶C Ú¥ë]ª.-
ð§ë]Ù ê•vô¢ö˺ ÖÚÛ ÞœªÙvè[E ñõx, ë¯E àŸªå«d ÷«øŒy å-Ú¥Ù-ñô¢ àŸêŸª-ô¢Ù-êŸ-óŸ«ìe- ÍvÞœ--ô¦-õìª êμõÙ-Þ¥é ÍÙêŸ-æ¨Ú© ÷³Üu ¸ÚÙvë]ÙÞ¥ ÷ô¢hÚÛÙ þ§Þœª-
Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-é Þ•í£p-ë]û¶ ›íô¢ª ÑÙè˶C.- DEo û¦õªÞœª ÚÛªKaõª î¶ú£ª-Ú•E ìõª-Þœªô¢ª ÚÛ«ô¢ªaÙè˶ Ïvñ٠Ú۪꟪-òËÀÿ§ Ï#a ú£êŸ\-JÙ-à¦è[ª.- Ïvñ٠꟪Ù-è˶C.-
÷´è[ª ÚÁå-õêÁ EJtÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- ÏN ÖÚÛ-ë¯-E-Ú•-ÚÛæ¨ þ¿ÚÛô¢uÙ, Íö°p-ô¢Ù Bú£ª-ÚÛªû¶ OõªÙ-è˶C.- Î ê•vô¢ ð§ë]ªÿ§ ›úû¦E ÍOª-ôÂ-Ý°û ð»ìo-ÞœÙæ¨ êμõ-Þœ-û¦- H ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ ð§ë]ª-ÿ§õª ÚÛ÷±õª, ÚÛü°-Ú¥-ô¢ª-õìª vð¼êŸq-
àŸªåªd-ÚÛªE ÑÙæ°ô³.- ú£ª÷«ô¢ª Ôè[ª îμªiüŒx Núˆh- ÞœC-ö˺ڨ Þ¥L, îμõª-꟪ô¢ª ÚÛ«è¯ àŸÚÛ\Þ¥ ÷à¶aN.- Ð ô¢ªuè… ÍàŸa êμõªÞœª Ú¥÷uÙ -cóŸªóŸ«A àŸJvêŸe-ìª ï‡°Ù-à¶-î¦ô¢ª.-
ô¢gÙêÁ Óì-òÅËμj-Ôè[ª ñªô¢ª-Võª, ÓE-NªC ë]ô¦y-â°-õêÁ àμåªdìª ú£ªö°hû ÍñªÌ-ö°x-ÚÛª-꟪-òËÀÿ§ ÎvíƇڥ ìªÙ# úˆyÚÛ-JÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- ÍñªÌö°x ð§ë]ªÿ§ vò°ï£°té òÅ¡Ú¨h Ñìo- H í£åd-éÙö˺ vë¯¤Û êÁåõª Nþ§h-ô¢ÙÞ¥ ÑÙè˶N.-
ÑÙè˶C.- ÍEo þ¿ÚÛ-ô¦uõ« ÑÙè[åÙ ÷õx ÓÙêÁ êμí‡pÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- Ð ÷”¤ÛÙ ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙö˺ ÎÚÛ-ô¢{- î¦è[ª.- êμõªÞœª îμjòÅ¡-î¦Eo ìõª-C-øŒö° à¦æ°ô¢ª.- ÚÛ÷±- í£±ô¢ª-ù£ªõª, wúˆhõª ÎÚÛ-ô¢{-é©-óŸªÙÞ¥ ÑÙè˶-î¦ô¢ª.-
Þ•í£pÞ¥ Nô¦->-LxÙC.- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£ådéÙ ·ôÙè[ª é©-óŸªÙÞ¥ ÑÙè˶C.- õìª Îë]-Jú£«h êμõªÞœª òÅ°ÿ§ î¦uí‡hÚ¨ ÚÛ”ù‡ à¶ø‹ô¢ª.-
ví£:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙö˺ ëÅ]ô¢-õìª ñæ¨d Oª¸ôÙ vޜÙ-
ÚÁåõ ÷ªëÅ]u ÷³Üu òÅ°ÞœÙÞ¥ EL# ÑÙè˶C.- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ î¦uð§-ô¢ÙêÁ ꟪õ-꟫-ÞœªêŸ« ÑÙè˶C.-
þ§ï‡°êŸu ÍGÅ-÷”-CÌÄÚ¨ ð§åª-í£-诓ô¢ª.- õL-êŸ-ÚÛ-üŒõ ÍGÅ- ÷vâ°-õÚÛª í£±æ¨d-E-õªxÞ¥ ví£ú‡CÌÄ àμÙCÙC.-
à¦ô¢ª? ÷”-CÌÄÚ¨ êÁè[p-诓ô¢ª.-
ô¢àŸô³êŸ á:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙö˺ ëÅ]ô¢õª à¦ö° êŸÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ ÷ª-J-Ú•Eo Ú•êŸh ví£øŒoõª
TJo ÍÙâ°Þ½è Ñìoåªx êμõª-ú£ªhÙC.- ï£°Ëºìª Íû¶ ñÙÞ¥ô¢ª û¦éËμÙ
ÑÙè˶C.- ÖÚ•\ÚÛ\ ï£°Ëºìª Nõª÷ û¦õªÞœª ô¢«ð§- H- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙ-ö˺E ÚÛåd-è¯õ ìªÙ# Oªô¢ª
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª óŸªõª ÑÙè˶C.- í£éÙ Íû¶C î¦è[ª-ÚÛö˺ ÑÙè˶C.- vޜÙ-#-ì-ë¶-Nªæ¨?
H- ñÙâ°ô¦ ë]ô¦yâ° ÞœªJÙ# ô¦óŸªÙè….-
ví£:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£ådé Eô¦t-é°õ ÞœªJÙ# Oª ÍGÅ-
í£é٠˺ìªö˺ 16÷ òŰޜ٠ÑÙè˶C.- ·ôÙè[ª
˺ìªõª Üô¢ªa šíè…ê¶ Óë]ªÌìª Ú•ìª-ÚÁ\-÷àŸªa.- ÖÚÛ êμõªÞœª H šïj°ë]-ô¦-ò°ë Eô¦téÙ vÚÛ÷«-GÅ-÷”CÌÄ ÷õx ÞÁõ-
vð§óŸªÙ ÔNªæ¨?
á:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£ådé Eô¦t-é°Eo ÍA ú£ªÙë]-ô¢ÙÞ¥ BJa- ví£:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£ådé ví£ê¶u-ÚÛ-êŸ-õìª N÷-JÙ-àŸÙè….-
í£é°-EÚ¨ 80 Þœªè[ªx ÷à¶aN.- ëÅ]ô¢õª þ§÷«ìu ví£á- Ú•Ùè[ vð§ëůìuÙ êŸT_ÙC n- Ú¥ô¢-é°õª Ôîμªi
á:- H ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ ë]¤¨-é°ì Ñìo ví£ú‡ë]ÌÄ í£ådéÙ.- ÏC
õÚÛª à¶ô¢ª-÷ö˺ ÑÙè[åÙ ÷õx ú£ªÜ-÷ªóŸª @÷ìÙ ÑÙæ°óμ« ô¦óŸªÙè….-
H- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£åd-éÙ-ö˺E Fæ¨ þ¿ÚÛô¢uÙ ÞœªJÙ#
C-ë¯Ìô¢ª.- í£åd-é°Eo Íû¶ÚÛ òÅ°Þ¥-õªÞ¥ NòÅ¡->Ù-à¦ô¢ª.- ÑÙè˶-ë]E êμõª-ú£ªhÙC.-
OëÅ]ªõª Nø‹-õÙÞ¥ ÑÙè[åÙ ÷õx ÍCÅÚÛ ú£ÙÜuö˺ ÷´è[ª ÚÁå-õêÁ îμõ-ú‡ÙC.-
H 87 ñªô¢ª-Võª, 8 ë]ô¦y-â°-õêÁ û¦õªÞœª îμªiüŒx îμjø‹-
áìÙ ú£ÙàŸ-JÙ-à¶-î¦ô¢ª.- ÔD êŸÚÛª\÷ Ú¥ÚÛªÙè¯ ÍÙë]- î¦u-ú£-ô¢«í£ ví£øŒoõª þ»ÙêŸ ÷«åö˺x ô¦óŸªÙè….-
JÚ© Í÷-ú£-ô¢-îμªiì òÅ¡÷-û¦õª EJtÙ-à¦ô¢ª.- ÚÛà¶J, ÑëÁu- ví£: ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ ìî¦-ñªõ Ú¥õÙö˺ êμõªÞœª îμjòÅ¡-î¦Eo H à¦Jt-û¦ô ÚÛåd-è¯-EÚ¨ ë¯J-B-ú‡ì í£J-ú‡–-꟪õª
õuÙö˺ Nú£h-JÙ# ÑÙC.-
H ÚÛà¶J òÅ¡÷-û¦õª, ÑëÁu-Þœ-ú£ª–õ òÅ¡÷-û¦õª, ë¶î¦-õ-
Þœ-ú£ª–õ òÅ¡÷-û¦õª, ë¶î¦-õ-óŸ«õª, ÷ªúˆ-ë]ªõª, ëÅ]ô¢t-ø‹- ÔNªæ¨?
H- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ ð§ë]ª-ÿ§ö˺x Ïvñ٠Ú۪꟪-òËÀÿ§ Në¯u
õõª, GŤ¥-Þœ”-õª, ô¢÷ªu-îμªiì Ñë¯u-ì-÷-û¦õª, ð§ôÈ¢- á:- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ ð§ë]ª-ÿ§õª ÚÛNê¦ ví‡óŸ³õª.- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ óŸ«õª, ÷ªúˆ-ë]ªõª, ëÅ]ô¢t-ø‹-õõª, G¤¥ Þœ”õª, ð§ôÈ¢-
ø‹-õõª, þ§oì ÷ªÙC-ô¦õª EJtÙ# ÎÚÛ-åªd-ÚÛª-û¦oô¢ª.- ví‡óŸ³è[ª n- DEšíj Oª ÍGÅ-vð§óŸªÙ ÔNªæ¨?
H- ÞÁõ-Ú•Ùè[ í£ådéÙ ð§ôÈ¢Ù Îëůô¢Ù ví£áõ @÷ì
ð§ë]ª-ÿ§ö˺x Ïvñ٠Ú۪꟪-òËÀÿ§ Në¯u ví‡óŸ³è[ª.- ø‹-õõª, þ§oì ÷ªÙC-ô¦õª ÑÙè˶N.-
H ìUû¦ ò°Þ Íû¶ ô¢÷ªu-îμªiì Ñë¯u-ì-÷ìÙ, ô¦á
CöËÀ-ÚÛªÿ§ òÅ¡÷ìÙ, óŸ³ë]ÌÄ òÅ¡åªõ ò°ô¢-Ú¥-ú£ªõª, ÎÚÛ- ÏêŸè … Îþ§– -ìÙö˺ ÚÛ÷±õª, í£ Ùè…-꟪õª ÑÙè˶-î¦ô¢ª.-
ô¢{-é©-óŸª-îμªiì NªëμÌõ OªC êÁåõª ÷ªûÁ--ô¢ÙÞ¥ êμõªÞœª òÅ°ÿ§-GÅ-÷«ìÙ Ñìo-î¦è[ª.- Íë]ÌÙÚ¨ ÞœÙÞ¥- ÷ªÙC-ô¦õª, CöËÀ-ÚÛªÿ§ òÅ¡÷ìÙ ÑÙè˶N.- Nëů-û¦Eo NøË™x-ù‡Ù-àŸÙè….-
l l
êŸ-ô¢ÙÞœ ë]”ø‹-ø‹ú£YÙ
ì«uåû Íû¶ òÅ®AÚÛ ø‹ú£Y-î¶êŸh Ú¥ÙAÚ¨ ÚÛé ú£yòÅ°÷Ù ì¤ÛvêŸÙ ÷ªì -îμjí£± ÚÛCLê¶..!
ÑÙåªÙ-ë]E êŸì -cÎí‡dÚÂqe -vÞœÙëÇ]Ùö˺ ví£A-ð§-CÙ-à¦è[ª.-
êŸô¦yA Ú¥õÙö˺ šïj°·ÞûÂq Íû¶ ø‹ú£Y-î¶êŸh Ú¥ÙAÚ¨ êŸô¢ÙÞœ
ú£yòÅ°÷Ù ÑÙåªÙ-ë]E Ú¥ÙA êŸô¢ÙÞœ ú‡ë¯ÌÄÙ-ê¦Eo
N÷JÙà¦è[ª. Ïö° Nî¦-ë¯õª áô¢ª-Þªœ -꟪ìo û¶í£-ëÇ]uÙö˺
1801ö˺ ëǯ÷ªúà óŸªÙÞ Íû¶ ø‹ú£Y-î¶êŸh ví£Ý°uêŸ ÷uA-ÚÛ-ô¢é ÷³Üu-îμªi-Ùë]E àμí£p-÷àŸªa.- Ú¥ÙA-î¶ÞœÙ c, áì-Ú¥Eo Ó꟪hö˺ Óè[÷ª ìªÙ# ÚÛªè…-îμj-í£±ìÚÛª ÍA-Ú¨Ù-àŸª-ÚÁ-
ví£óμ«-Þ¥Eo áJí‡ Ú¥ÙA EáÙ-Þ¥û¶ ÖÚÛ êŸô¢ÙÞœ ë]”Ty-ù£- í£J-Q-õ-ÚÛªè…E ÚÛL›í ¸ôÜ îμÙñè… í£J-Q-õ-ÚÛªè… í£ô¢ÙÞ¥ î¦L.- îμ³ë]-å ìõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\ìª ÍA-Ú¨Ù# ë¯E -
óŸª-÷ªE Eô¢«-í‡Ù-à¦è[ª.- Íí£p-æ¨-÷-ô¢ÚÛª ÚÛ«è¯ Ú¥ÙA áìÚÛÙ î¶Þ¥ÙøŒÙ J¸ôè…-óŸªöËÀ Íô³ê¶ ÚÛªè… í£ÚÛ\ì 0.-1 šúÙ.-Oª îμè[-õªp- Ñìo êμõªí£±
'J J¸ôè…-óŸªöËÀ ÷³ÚÛ\ìª, êŸô¦yêŸ ÷ªSx ìõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\ìª, ë¯E
êŸô¢Ùޜ٠ví£þ§-ô¦-EÚ¨ óŸ«ìÚÛÙ Í÷-ú£-ô¢-÷ªE ÍÙë]ô¢«
òÅ°NÙ-à¶-î¦ô¢ª.- Ú¥F ÷«ÚÂq-îμöËÀ Íû¶ ø‹ú£Y-î¶êŸh Ú¥ÙA ÖÚÛ J- c í£ÚÛ\ì 0.-2 šúÙ.-Oª îμè[-õªp- Ñìo êμõªí£±
Në]ªu-ë]-óŸª-þ§\ÙêŸ êŸô¢Ù-Þœ-÷ªE, øŒŠìuÙö˺ ÚÛ«è¯ Ú¥ÙA šíj ú£«vêŸÙ ÷JhÙ-à¦-õÙç˶ Ú¥ÙA áìÚÛÙ àŸLÙච÷³ÚÛ\ìª.-.-.- Ïö° ví£A ·ôÙè[ª ìõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\õ
ví£óŸ«-é¨Ù-àŸ-Þœ-õ-ë]E N÷-JÙ-à¦è[ª. ÷«ÚÂqîμöËÀ ví£Ú¥ô¢Ù î¶ÞœÙ, Ú¥ÙA î¶ÞœÙêÁ ð¼La-ì-í£±pè[ª êŸÚÛª\-÷Þ¥ ÑÙè¯L.- ÷ªëÅ]u êμõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\-õìª îμè[õªp vÚÛ÷ªÙÞ¥ šíJ¸Þ
Ú¥ÙA êŸô¢Ù-ÞœÙö˺ Ú¥õÙêÁ ð§åª ÷«¸ô Në]ªuêÂ, ÍóŸª- ú£÷ªêŸõ êŸô¢ÙÞ¥vÞ¥õª DEo Ñí£-óμ«-TÙ# ë]«ô¢Ù-ö˺ Ñìo ·Þö°Ú©qõ ¸ôè…-óŸªöËÀ NëÅ]ÙÞ¥ ÍA-Ú¨Ù-àŸª-ÚÁ-î¦L.-
ví£: Ú¥Ù-Aö˺ è¯í£xô ví£òÅ°-î¦Eo N÷-JÙ-àŸÙè….
þ§\ÙêŸ ¸¤vê¦õª Íìª-ñÙ-CÅ-êŸîμªi ÑÙæ°ô³.- î¶Þ¥-õìª Ú•õ-÷àŸªa.- Ïí£±pè[ª ÞÁè[ ìªÙ# Óë]ª-ô¢ªÞ¥ Ú•ÙêŸ- ë]«-ô¢Ùö˺ Eõ-
ñè… ÖÚÛ ÚÛìªo- ÷´ú‡, ÖÚÛ ÚÛìªoêÁ B¤Û-éÙÞ¥ ÍA-Ú¨Ù-
ô¢àŸô³êŸ á: ëÅ]yE êŸô¢Ù-Þ¥õ ú£Ùë]-ô¢(ÄÙö˺ ÷«C-J-Þ¥û¶ Ú¥ÙA #ì ÷³ÚÛ\-õšíj ë]”ù‡dE Eõ-ð§L.- Ïí£±pè[ª ÷³Ùë]ªÚÛª
êŸô¢Ù-Þ¥õ Nù£-óŸªÙö˺ ÚÛ«è¯ è¯í£xô ví£òÅ°÷Ù Ú¥F, îμìª-ÚÛÚÛª Ú¥F ûμ÷ªt-CÞ¥ ÚÛë]ª-õªêŸ« Ô ú£yõp
ÓÙ. šíë]ÌóŸªu ú£ÙòÅ¡÷÷ª÷±-꟪ÙC.- Ñë¯--ô¢-éÚÛª ú£«ô¢ªu-è[ª-Ú¥F îμè[õªp Ñìo êμõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\ ë¯EÚ¨ Íå«, Ïå«
Nù£óŸª Eí£±éªõª öË¶ë¯ Ôîμjû¦ ì¤Û-vê¦õªÚ¥F òÅ¡«NªÚ¨ ú£Oª-í£ÙÞ¥ öË¶ë¯ ÑÙè˶ ·ôÙè[ª ìõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\-õìª ú£pù£dÙÞ¥ î¶ô¢ª-à¶-ú£ªh-
ë]«ô¢ÙÞ¥ ÚÛë]ª-õª-꟪-ìo-í£±pè[ª í£J-Q-õ-ÚÛªè[ª ìîμ«ë]ª ÙëÁ Þœ÷ª-EÙ-à¦L.-
Ú¥ÙA êŸô¢Ùޜ٠ví£óŸ«-é¨ÙචCøŒÚÛª õÙñÙÞ¥ Ôô¢pè˶ ඛú î¦æ¨ ÷ô¢g- í£-åÙö˺ Ú¥ÙA êŸô¢Ù-Þœ-ëμjô¦+¬uõª öË¶ë¯ Ð Eô¦ÌÄJêŸ êμõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\ÚÛª Óè[-÷ª-îμj-í£±ì ìõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\-
êŸö°-õìª -cêŸô¢Ù-Þ¥-vÞ¥õªe- ÍE ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- GÙë]ª áìÚÛÙ ð¿ì:-í£±û¦uõª ÷«ô¢ªp àμÙë]ªê¦ô³.- ð¿ì:-í£±ìuÙö˺ òÅ®AÚÛø‹ú£YÙ õFo ÚÛL-ú‡-ð¼ô³ î¶ô¢ª-à¶-óŸª-ö˶-ì-åªxÞ¥ ÑÙæ°ô³.- Íë¶
ìªÙ# îμ³ë]å Ôô¢p-è˶N ÞÁü°-Ú¥ô¢ êŸô¢Ù-Þ¥-vÞ¥õª.- ÞÁü°- ÚÛL¸Þ ÷«ô¢ªp-û¶ è¯í£xô Nþ§hí£ìÙ s'J z ÍÙæ°ô¢ª. ÚÛªè…-îμj-í£±-ûμjê¶ ìõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\õª ÷ªJÙêŸ ú£pù£dÙÞ¥ î¶ô¢ª
Ú¥ô¢ êŸô¢Ù-Þ¥-vÞ¥õª ÷³Ùë]ªÚÛª ví£óŸ«-é¨ÙචڕDÌ ú£«hð§- ð¿ìlí£±û¦uö˺x ÚÛL¸Þ ÷«ô¢ªpõìª ìîμ«ë]ª ඛú ví£: ÚÛìªo í£”ëÇ]-ÚÛ\-ô¢é þ§÷ª-ô¦–-¬uEo Óö° Eô¦ÌÄJ-þ§hô¢ª? à¶ú‡ìåªx ÑÙæ°ô³.- Eô¦ÌÄ-JêŸ êμõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\ îμè[õªp d,
Ú¥ô¢ êŸô¢Ù-Þ¥-vÞ¥-õª-Þ¥, ÏÙÚ¥ ú£ªë]«-ô¢ÙÞ¥ îμü™x-Ú•DÌ ú£÷ª- ví£vÚ¨óŸª à¦ö° ôÁV-õª, ú£Ù÷-êŸq-ô¦õ ð§åª í£J-Q- á: ìõª-í£±-, êμõªí£± ô¢ÙÞœª ›íí£ô¢xìª ÖÚÁ\æ¨ Bú£ª-ÚÁ- ÞÁè[ ìªÙ# ÷ªì ÚÛÙæ¨Ú¨ Ñìo ë]«ô¢Ù D õìª ìîμ«-ë]ª-
êŸõ êŸô¢Ù-Þ¥-vÞ¥õªÞ¥ ví£óŸ«-é¨-þ§hô³.- LÙ# êŸë¯yô¦ ì¤Û-vê¦õ Þœ÷ª-û¦Eo Eô¦ÌÄ-J-þ§hô¢ª.- î¦L.- ìõªí£± ô¢ÙÞœª ›íí£ô¢ªìª ÍEo ú£÷«ì à¶-ú£ª-ÚÛªE d/Dìª öËμÚ¨\›úh ÷ªì ÚÛìªo í£”ëÇ]-ÚÛ\-ô¢éÙ Í÷±-
ë]”ø‹ vð§ÙêŸ ÷ô¢g-í£-åÙ-ö˺E ÷ªëÅ]u êŸô¢Ù-Þœ-ëμj-ô¢+¬uÙ îμè[õªpõª Ñìo së¯ë¯í£± 1 šúÙ.-Oª îμè[õªpz àŸêŸª- ꟪ÙC.- ÚÛL-ú‡-ð¼-ô³-ìåªx ÍA- ë]-Þœ_-ô¢Þ¥ ÑÙè˶ ·ôÙè[ª
šíJT Óô¢ª-í£±-ô¢Ù-Þœª- îμjí£± áJ-Tê¶ ë¯Eo -cÍô¢ªé ô¢-vþ§-Ú¥ô¢ ÷³ÚÛ\-õªÞ¥ ÚÛAh-JÙ-àŸª-ÚÁ-î¦L.- Ïí£±pè[ª GÙë]ª-÷±-õìª î¶ô¢ª à¶ú‡ àŸ«í£-ÞœõÞœè¯Eo Î í£JÚÛô¢Ù
Nþ§hí£ìÙe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- ÍÙç˶ ì¤Û-vêŸ- Þœ-÷ªìÙ ÷ªì êμõªí£± ›íí£ô¢ª Bú£ª-ÚÛªE êŸÚÛª\÷ ìªÙ# ÓÚÛª\÷ óμ³ÚÛ\ cí£”ëÇ]ÚÛ\-ô¢é þ§÷ª-ô¢–¬uÙe ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- l

çËμûÂh, ÏÙåôÂÚÛª ú£ÙñÙCÅÙ#ì ÷ªJEo

ìªÙ# ë]«ô¢ÙÞ¥ îμüŒ‰-꟪ìoåªx Íô¢–Ù.- ÖÚÛî¶üŒ ÷ªëÅ]u îμè[-õªp ÍÙç˶ 0.-1 šúÙ.-Oª, 0.-2 šúÙ.-Oª, 0.-3 šúÙ.-
ÞÁü°Ú¥ô¢ ÷³Üuîμªiì ví£øŒoõªnáî¦ñªõ ÚÁú£Ù
êŸô¢Ù-Þœ-ëμj-ô¢+¬uÙ êŸT_ê¶ -cFL Nþ§hí£ìÙe- ÍÙæ°ô¢ª.- Oª..- Ïö° 1 šúÙ.-Oª îμè[õªp ÷ô¢ÚÛª ÷³ÚÛ\-õª ÚÛAh-
Íí£±pè[ª ì¤ÛvêŸÙ ÷ªì -îμjí£± ÚÛë]ª-õª-꟪Ù-ë]-ìo-÷«å.- àŸ«è[÷àŸªa.
JÙ-àŸª-ÚÁ-î¦L.- Ð ìõªí£±, êμõªí£± ÷³ÚÛ\-õìª
Ð NëÅ]ÙÞ¥ ÜÞÁ-üŒ-ø‹-ú£YÙö˺ è¯í£xô ví£òÅ°÷Ù à¦ö° ÞœCö˺ ÖÚÛ ÞÁè[- Oªë] ÷ªì ÚÛìªoÚÛª ú£÷«-ì-îμªiì
ãß<Ûäyês¡+ 30
2 »qe], 2019
^èþÌŒý {糧óþÔŒýÌZ Ñ$íÜÑ$, yé¸ëÏ, Ñ$Ç, A¿ZÆŠÿ Mö… {糫§é¯èþÐðþ$O¯èþÑ MðüOºÆŠÿ, »Z˯Œþ Mæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$Ë$. CÑ
yæþË° ¯óþ´ë-ÌŒýÌZ yé…VŠü {Ôóý×ýË$, §æþ$…§éÓ {Ôóý×ý$Ë$, ´ëMìüÝ뢯ŒþÌZ E¯é²Æÿ$$. ¯é£æþ$Ìê Mæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$ íÜMìüPÐŒþ$ÌZ
^èþ$ÇÄæý* çœ$sìý Mö…yæþ-Ë° A…sêÆæÿ$. E…¨. ©° Mæü$…yé {ç³çÜ$¢™èþ… ¿êÆæÿ™Œþ, ^ðþO¯éË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ
G™èþ$¢¯èþ$ ºýsìýt íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë ÆæÿM>Ë$ Ðé×ìýfÅ… Mö¯èþÝëVæü$™ø…¨.
1. ÐéÅí³¢° ºsìýt íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*˯èþ$ ¯éË$Væü$ ¿êV>Ë$V> E™èþ¢Ææÿ Ððþ$O§é¯èþ…
Ñ¿æýh…^èþÐèþ^èþ$a. AÑ : ç³…g껌ý íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$, 1. C¨ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë ¯èþ$…_ ©Óç³Mæü˵… ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ ÑçÜ¢
Mæü$Ðèþ$Äæý$$¯Œþ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$, ¯óþ´ëÌŒý íßýÐèþ*Ë Ç…_…¨.
Äæý*Ë$, ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ Ìôý§é AÝù… íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$. 2. C¨ ç³…g껌ý, çßýÆ>ůé, E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒý, ½àÆŠÿ,
2. íÜ…«§æþ*, çÜsñýÏgŒý ¯èþ§æþ$Ë Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ¯ðþËMö¯èþ² ç³è…g껌ý ç³ÕaÐèþ$ »ñý…V>ÌŒý, º…V>ϧóþÔŒý, AÝù…ËÌZ ÑçܢDž
¯ðþOçÜÇYMæü çÜÓÆæÿ*´ëË$ õÜPsìý…VŠüMæü$ {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨…¨. íÜ…«§æþ$ ¯èþ¨ò³O¯èþVæüË Ìôý íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ {糫§é¯èþ…V> fÐèþ$*ÃM>ÖÃÆŠÿÌZ _…¨.
Ðèþ$¯èþ§óþÔèý…ÌZ° ¯ðþOçÜÇYMæü çÜÓÆæÿ*´ë˯èþ$ {糫§é¯èþ…V> BÆæÿ$ ¯èþVæüÆæÿ… ËyæþMŠü ç³Ç´ë˯èþ {´ë…™èþ…. ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. Òsìý ÐðþyæþË$µ 560 MìÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿ$Ï. 3. íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*˯èþ$…_ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$ ¡çÜ$Mæü$Ðèþ_a¯èþ
¿êV>Ë$V> Ñ¿æýh…^èþÐèþ^èþ$a. AÑ : íßýÐèþ*-{¨-ÌZ- E…yóþ Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$-Ë$ 3. Mæü$Ðèþ$Äæý$$¯Œþ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ çÜsñýÏgŒý, M>ä ¯èþ§æþ$Ë °„óü´ëË ÐèþËÏ B ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$, ©Óç³Mæü˵… Ðèþ$«§æþÅVæüË
1. íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$Ë$ A¯èþV> íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*ÌZÏ E…yóþ íßýÐèþ$- Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. CÑ Ðèþ$$QÅ…V> E™èþ¢Æ>… {´ë…™èþ… ³æNyìþ´ùÆÿ$$ E™èþ¢ÆæÿÐðþ$O§é¯èþ… AÐèþ™èþÇ…_…
2. E™èþ¢ÆæÿÐðþ$O§é¯èþ… „óü{™éË ÐèþËÏ A™èþÅ…™èþ çÜçßý-f…V> HÆæÿµ-yìþ¯èþ Ææÿçßý-§é- ^èþÌŒýÌZ ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. Òsìý ÐðþyæþË$µ 320 MìÌZÒ$- §æþ° Ôé[çÜ¢Ðóþ™èþ¢Ë AÀ{´ëÄæý$….
3. ©Óç³Mæü˵… Ææÿ$˯èþ$ Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$Ë$ A…sêÆæÿ$. rÆæÿ$Ï. ¯èþ…§é§óþÑ E™èþ¢Æ>…^èþÌŒýÌZ A† {糫§é¯èþÐðþ$O¯èþ 4. ÕÐéÍMŠü ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË ¨Væü$Ðèþ#¯èþ {V>ÐðþÌŒý, A{Ôóý×îýMæü–™èþ
4. ¡ÆæÿÐðþ$O§é¯éË$ 1. ºÇjÌŒý ´ë‹Ü, gZhÌê Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$-Ë$&fÐèþ$*Ã-M>-ÖÃÆŠÿ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ ÕQÆæÿ…. AÐèþ„óü´ëË™ø Mæü*yìþ¯èþ çÜ_e{§æþ ´ë…™é°² »êºÆŠÿ
5. ©Ðèþ#Ë$ 2. »êÆ> Ë´ëa-Ìê&íÙí³P-Ìê&íßýÐèþ*-^èþÌŒý 4. ¯óþ´ëÌŒý íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ M>ã, ¡Ýët ¯èþ§æþ$Ë Ðèþ$«§æþÅ A…sêÆæÿ$. D {´ë…™èþ… ÑçܯèþMæü{Ææÿ BM>Ææÿ…ÌZ HÆæÿµ
6. Ðèþ$à GyéÇ 3. £æþVŠüÌê, °† Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$Ë$, Íç³# ÌñýRŒý&E™èþ¢-Ææÿ-{ç³-§óþ-ÔŒý ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. Òsìý ÐðþyæþË$µ 800 MìüÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿ$Ï. yìþ…¨. D°„óü´ë˯èþ$ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý$ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$ ¡çÜ$Mæü$°
íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ 4. ¯é£æþ$Ìê, gñýÌñý-‹³-Ìê&íÜMìüP… A¯èþ²³æNÆæÿ~ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþÕQÆæÿ… ¯óþ´ëÌŒý íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*ÌZÏ Ðèþ_a °„óüí³™èþ… ^óþÔéÆÿ$$.
1. íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZMðüÌêÏ G™ðþ•¢¯èþÑ, ¯èþÒ¯èþ D Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$-˱² Ý뫧é-Ææÿ-×ý…V> 4570 Ò$rÆæÿÏ G™èþ$¢ÌZ E…¨. 5. »êºÆŠÿ {´ë…™èþ… ç³…g껌ý, çßýÆ>ůé, E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒý
Ðèþ$$yæþ$™èþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$, BÐèþÕçÙt ÕËË™ø HÆæÿµyézÆÿ$$. HÆæÿµ-yézÆÿ$$. sìý»ñýsŒý, C…yìþ-Äæý*-ËMæü$ Ðèþ$«§æþÅ D Mæü¯èþ$- 5. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ ¡Ýët, {ºçßýÃç³#{™èþ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë ËÌZ E™èþ¢Ææÿ Ððþ$O§é¯èþ… E™èþ¢Ææÿ çÜÇçßý§æþ$ª Ððþ…ºyìþ 8
Òsìý ÐðþyæþË$µ 150&400 MìüÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿÏ ÐðþyæþË$µ Ðèþ$Ë$ Ðèþ$…_ ÆæÿÐé×ê çÜ…º…«§é-˯èþ$ HÆæÿµ-Ç-^éÆÿ$$. Ðèþ$«§æþÅ 720 MìüÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿÏ ´÷yæþ-Ðèþ#¯é ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. ¯èþ$…_ 16 MìüÌZÒ$rÆæÿÏ ÐðþyæþË$µVæüË çܯèþ²° Ðóþ$QËV>
E…r$…¨. Ðèþ$à-íßý-Ðèþ*-Ë-Äæý*-ËMæü$ ç³Õa-Ðèþ*¯èþ fçÜPÆŠÿ ç³ÆæÿÓ- 6. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ ç³ÕaÐèþ$ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë HÆæÿµyìþ…¨.
2. íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*ÌZÏ A™èþÅ-«¨Mæü {Ôóý×ý$Ë$ ¿êÆæÿ™Œþ, ¯óþ´ëÌŒý, ™éË$ E¯é²Æÿ$$. Dç³-ÆæÿÓ-™é-ËMæü$ ÐéÄæý$$-ÐèþÅ çÜÇ-çßý- Mæü…sôý G™èþ$¢ ™èþMæü$PÐèþ MæüËÑ. ç³ÕaÐèþ$ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*- 6. »êºÆŠÿ {´ë…™èþ… çÜÇçßý§æþ$ªÌZVæüË _™èþ¢yìþ {´ë…™é°²
¿æý*sê-¯Œþ-ËÌZ ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^éÆÿ$$. íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë E™èþ¢Ææÿ §æþ$ªÌZ ¯èþ…V> ç³Ææÿ¾-™Œþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ ÕQÆæÿ… (8126 Ò$) ˯èþ$ ¯éË$Væü$ {´ë…™é-Ë$V> Ñ¿æý-h…^èþ-Ðèþ^èþ$a. sñýÆ>ÄŒý$ A° A…sêÆæÿ$. »êºÆŠÿ Ðèþ$…yæþË… ¨Væü$Ðèþ#¯èþ
ÐéË$Ë$ ´ë„ìü-Mæü…V> sìý»ñý-sŒý-ÌZMìü ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^éÆÿ$$. E…¨. ¿oVø-ã-Mæü…V> ©°° M>ÖÃ-ÆŠÿ&íßýÐèþ*-^èþÌŒý {糧óþ- ç³ÕaÐèþ$ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*-˯èþ$ ç³ÕaÐèþ$… ¯èþ$…_ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ç³Ë$ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý$ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$ {ç³ÐèþíßýçÜ$¢¯é²Æÿ$$.
ç³ÕaÐèþ$ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë A…^èþ$ {´ë…™éË$ ´ëMìü- ÔŒý&VæüÆ>ÓÌŒý {´ë…™èþ-Ðèþ$° A…sêÆæÿ$. ©° ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ¨ÔèýV> E™èþ¢Ææÿ M>ÖÃÆŠÿ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$, §æþ„ìü×ý M>ÖÃÆŠÿ & CÑ »êºÆŠÿ Eç³Ç™èþÌê°Mìü Ðèþ_a °™èþÅ… ÐðþË$ÏÐðþO
Ý뢯Œþ, B眃-°-Ý뢯Œþ, Ðèþ$«§éÅ-íÜ-Äæý*ÌZÏ ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. {´ë…™èþ… £úÌê-«§æþÆŠÿ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éÌZÏ A…™èþ-Ðèþ$-Ðèþ#-™èþ$…¨. íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$, ç³…g껌ý íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$, Mæü$Ðèþ$- {ç³Ðèþíßý…^èþr… Ðèþ˯èþ AMæüPyæþ 15 ¯èþ$…_ 30 Mìü.Ò$.
D ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éË$ íßýÐèþ*-^èþÌŒý {糧óþ-ÔŒý, M>ÖÃ-ÆŠÿ-Ë-ÌZ Ýëõ³- íßýÐèþ*^èþÌŒý Äæý$$¯Œþ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*-Ë$V> Ñ¿æý-h…^èþ-Ðèþ^èþ$a. ÐðþyæþË$µVæüË sñýÆ>ÄŒý$ {´ë…™èþ… HÆæÿµyìþ…¨. D
„ìü-Mæü…V> A™èþÅ-«¨Mæü Ððþyæþ-Ë$µ¯èþ$ MæüÍW E¯é²Æÿ$$. 1. íßýÐèþ*^èþÌŒý ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ E™èþ¢Ææÿ, §æþ„ìü×ý íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë & ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë ç³ÕaÐèþ$ ¿êV>-Ë$V> íÜMìüP… {´ë…™èþ… A«¨Mæü ™óþÐèþ$™ø¯èþ*, §æþrtÐðþ$O¯èþ AyæþÐèþ#Ë
™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ¯óþ´ë-ÌŒýÌZ Òsìý G™èþ$¢ A«¨Mæü…. {Ôóý×ý$Ë Ðèþ$«§æþÅ ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. íßýÐèþ*^èþÌŒý ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$, yéÇj-Í…VŠü íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$, ™ø¯èþ*, ç³Ë$ ÆæÿM>Ë ÐèþůèþÅ{´ë×ìý Ðèþ$–V>Ë™ø¯èþ*
3. G™èþ$¢, ÐéÅí³¢° ºsìýt Òsìý° ç³Ë$ ÆæÿM>Ë$V> Ñ¿æýh… °…yìþ E…¨.
^èþÐèþ^èþ$a. G™èþ$¢¯èþ$ ºsìýt Òsìý° E¯èþ²™èþ íßýÐèþ*Ë 7. E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒýÌZ° sñýÆ>Æÿ$$Mìü §æþ„ìü×ý…V> HÆæÿµyìþ¯èþ
Äæý*Ë$, íßýÐèþ*^èþÌŒý, §æþ„ìü×ý íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ Ìôý§é
ÕÐéÍMŠüÞ A° Mæü*yé A…sêÆæÿ$. GENERAL AWARENESS ÐèþÆæÿ§æþ Ððþ$O§é¯éÌZÏ° ¯èþÒ¯èþ J…yæþÍ° Q§æþªÆŠÿ A°,
{´ë`¯èþ J…yæþÍ° ¿æý…VæüÆŠÿ A° A…sêÆæÿ$.
E¯èþ²™èþ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ 8. ç³ÕaÐèþ$ E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒý, çßýÆ>ůé Æ>[ÚëtÌZÏ° Ôèý$çÙP
1. E¯èþ²™èþ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*˯èþ$ Ðèþ$à íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ çÜÆ>çÜÇ G™èþ$¢ 1,000 Ò$rÆæÿ$Ï ¯èþ$…_ 4,500 ¿æý*sꯌþ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*-Ë$ ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. Ñ$W-ͯèþ {糧óþÔéÌZÏ VæüË ^èþÐèþ#yæþ$, ËÐèþ×îýÄæý$, çܹsìýMîüÄæý$
Ìôý§é E™èþ¢Ææÿ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ A° Mæü*yé A…sêÆæÿ$. Ò$rÆæÿÏ G™èþ$¢ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ E…r$…¨. ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$V> AÝù… íßýÐèþ*-Ë-Äæý*Ë$ ¿æý*¿êV>˯èþ$ Æóÿ Ìôý§é MæüÌêÏÆŠÿ A° A…sêÆæÿ$.
D ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË çÜÆ>çÜÇ G™èþ$¢ 6100 Ò$rÆæÿ$Ï. -& Òsìý ÐðþyæþË$µ 60&80 MìüÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿÏ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ HÆæÿµ-yézÆÿ$$. 9. E™èþ¢ÆæÿÐðþ$O§é¯èþ…ÌZ {糫§é¯èþ…V> íÜ…«§æþ*, Væü…V>,
2. Ðèþ$…^èþ$ HÆæÿµyóþ Mæü±çÜ G™èþ$¢Ýë¦Æÿ$$ AÆÿ$$¯èþ íßýÐèþ$ E…r$…¨. ³æNÆ>Ó^èþÌŒý {ºçßýà ç³#{™èþ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$ {ç³ÐèþíßýçÜ$¢¯é²Æÿ$$.
ÆóÿQ¯èþ$ D ç³ÆæÿÓ™éÌZϯóþ ^èþ*yæþÐèþ^èþ$a. CMæüPyæþ BÆæÿ$ & ç³Õa-Ðèþ*¯èþ ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ íßýÐèþ*-^èþÌŒý ç³ÆæÿÓ-™é-˯èþ$ í³ÆŠÿ- íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ÐðþO³æ# §æþ„ìü×ý… ¨ÔèýV> ÑçܢDž 10. íÜ…«§æþ*, Væü…V> Ððþ$O§é¯é˯èþ$ ÐóþÆæÿ$ ^óþçÜ*¢ Äæý$Ðèþ$$¯é
ÐóþË Ò$rÆæÿÏ G™èþ$¢ ò³O¯èþ$…_ Ðèþ$…^èþ$ HÆæÿµyæþ$™èþ$…¨. ç³…gÌŒý, §úÌê-£æþ-ÆŠÿ, Ðèþ$à-¿ê-Ææÿ-™Œþ, Ðèþ$$ÝùÞÇ ç³ÆæÿÓ™é- ^éÆÿ$$. DÔé¯èþÅ {´ë…™èþ…, Ðèþ$Äæý$¯éÃÆŠÿ çÜÇçßý§æþ$ªÌZÏ ¯èþ¨ Jyæþ$z Ððþ…ºyìþ çÜ$Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ 278 Ò$rÆæÿ$Ï G™èþ$¢VæüË
D çÜÆ>çÜÇ G™èþ$¢¯óþ íßýÐèþ$ÆóÿQ A° A…sêÆæÿ$. E¯èþ²™èþ Ë$V> HÆæÿµ-yézÆÿ$$. ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ Òsìý° ³æNÆ>Ó^èþÌŒý Ìôý§é ´ësŒýM>ÄŒý$ JMæü _¯èþ² fËÑ¿êfMæü „óü{™èþ… ÉìþÎÏMìü E™èþ¢Ææÿ…V> HÆæÿµ
íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë ¯èþ$…^óþ Ðèþ$à¯èþ§æþ$ÌñýO¯èþ íÜ…«§æþ$, Væü…Væü, & í³ÆŠÿ-ç³…gÌŒý ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éË$ ç³…g껌ý, M>ÖÃÆŠÿÌZÏ iË… ¿æý$ÐŒþ$ A° A…sêÆæÿ$. ³æNÆ>Ó^èþÌŒýMæü$ DÔé¯èþÅ yìþ¯èþ¨.
{ºçßýÃç³#{™èþ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$ f°…^éÆÿ$$. ¯èþ¨ ¯èþ$…_ GVæü$Ðèþ ¼Äæý*‹Ü ¯èþ¨ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ 300 MìüÌZ- {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ ç³Ë$ Ý린Mæü õ³Ææÿ$Ï E¯é²Æÿ$$. 11. E™èþ¢Ææÿ Ððþ$O§é¯èþ… ÐðþyæþË$µ 150 Mìü.Ò$.¯èþ$…_ 300
3. {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ° 糨 A™èþÅ…™èþ G™ðþ•¢¯èþ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ Ò$-rÆæÿÏ Ðóþ$Ææÿ ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. í³ÆŠÿ-ç³…gÌŒý {Ôóý×ý$Ë$ 1. ¯éV>Ìê…yŠþ : ¯éV> Mö…yæþË$ Mìü.Ò$.ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ E…r$…¨. Væü…V>¯èþ¨ Ðèþ$$Q§éÓÆæÿ…
D {Ôóý×ìýÌZ¯óþ E¯é²Æÿ$$. GÐèþÆðÿçÜ$t {ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ¯óþ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ¨ÔèýV> §úÌ£æþÆŠÿ {Ôóý×ý$-Ë$V> ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^é-Æÿ$$. 2. Ðèþ$×ìý³æNÆŠÿ : Ðèþ$×ìý³æ#Ç Mö…yæþË$ ¯èþ$…_ íÜ…«§æþ$¯èþ¨ Ðèþ$$Q§éÓÆæÿ… ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ 3200 Mìü.Ò$.
A† G™ðþ•¢¯èþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ ÕQÆæÿ…. ©° G™èþ$¢ 8848 Ò$. Òsìý-ò³O¯èþ íÜÐèþ*Ï, í³ÆŠÿ-ç³…gêÌŒý ÐóþçÜÑ Ñyìþ¨ Móü…{§é-Ë$- 3. Ñ$gZÆ>… : Ñ$gZ Mö…yæþË$ ´÷yæþÐèþ# ÐéÅí³…_ E…¨.
C¨ ¯óþ´ëÌŒý, ^ðþO¯é çÜÇçßý§æþ$ªÌZÏ E…¨. ¯óþ´ëÌŒý ¯é²Æÿ$$. 4. Ðóþ$çœ*ËÄæý* : 12. Ðèþ$¯èþ§óþÔèý…ÌZ D Ððþ$O§é¯èþ… ç³ÕaÐèþ*¯èþ Æ>Ñ, çÜsñýÏgŒý
§óþÔèý…ÌZ GÐèþÆðÿçÜ$t¯èþ$ ÝëVæüÆŠÿÐèþ*™èþ A…sêÆæÿ$. & §úÌê-£æþÆŠÿ {Ôóý×ý$ÌZÏ í³ÆŠÿ-ç³…fÌŒý, º°²-àÌŒý Mæü¯èþ$-Ðèþ$-Ë$- RêïÜ, V>Æø, gñýO…†Äæý* Mö…yæþË$ ¯èþ§æþ$Ë Jyæþ$z¯èþ$…_ ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ¯èþ Væü…V>¯èþ© yðþÌêt _ÐèþÇ
4. GÐèþÆðÿçÜ$t ™èþÆ>Ó™èþ A™èþÅ…™èþ G™ðþ•¢¯èþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ ÕQÆæÿ… ¯é²Æÿ$$. í³ÆŠÿ ç³…fÌŒý, fçÜPÆŠÿ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éË Ðèþ$«§æþÅ MìüÆ>¢ÆŠÿ, çÜ$ÌôýÐèþ*¯Œþ, {sꯌþÞ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ çÜ$Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ 2,400 Mìü.Ò$. ´÷yæþÐèþ#¯é ÑçÜ¢-
^øVøÇ Ìôý§é V>yìþÓ¯Œþ BíÜt¯Œþ. ´ëMìüÝ뢯ŒþÌZ° í³JMðü {ç³ç³…^èþ {ç³íܧæþ® M>ÖÃÆŠÿ ÌZÄæý$ çÜ$Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ 150 MìüÌZ-
& ´ëMìüÝ뢯ŒþÌZ ÐéÅí³…_¯èþ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*˯èþ$ MìüÆ>¢ÆŠÿ, Ç…_…¨. ©° ÐðþyæþË$µ Æ>gŒýÐèþ$çßýÌŒý Mö…yæþË §æþVæüYÆæÿ
Ìôý§é ´ëMŠü B{MæüÑ$™èþ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ VæüË ^øVøǯóþ Mðü2 Ò$-rÆæÿÏ ´÷yæþ-Ðèþ#-¯é, 80 MìüÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿÏ Ððþyæþ-Ë$µ¯èþ ÑçÜ¢-
çÜ$ÌôýÐèþ*¯Œþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$V> í³Ë$Ýë¢Ææÿ$. B眃°Ý뢯ŒþÌZ A† ™èþMæü$PÐèþV> (90100 Mìü.Ò$.), E™èþ¢Ææÿ{糧óþÔŒýÌZ
A° Mæü*yé A…sêÆæÿ$. Ç…_…¨. §úÌê-£æþÆŠÿ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éË$ C…M> ™èþ*Ææÿ$µ ÐðþOç³# ÑçܢDž_¯èþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™é˯èþ$ íßý…§æþ*Mæü$‹Ù ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$V> AËà»ê§Šþ §æþVæüYÆæÿ A™èþÅ…™èþ ÐðþyæþË$µV> (280)
{ç³ç³…^èþ…ÌZ° A† G™ðþ•¢¯èþ G°-Ñ$-¨ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ ÕQ-Æ>-Ë$, VæüÆ>Ó-ÌŒý&Mæü$Ðèþ$-Äæý$$-¯Œþ {´ë…™èþ…ÌZMìü ¯éVŠüsìý»ê¾, õ³ÆöP¯èþÐèþ^èþ$a. E…¨.
Ðésìý G™èþ$¢¯èþ$ D ¨Væü$-Ðèþ#¯èþ CçÜ$¢¯é²…. Ðèþ$$ÝùÞÇ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™é-Ë$V> ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. & {sꯌþÞ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$ E™èþ¢Ææÿ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*ËMæü$ E™èþ¢ÆæÿÐðþ$O§é¯èþ… Ñ¿æýf¯èþ
1. GÐèþ-Æðÿ-çÜ$t& 8848 Ò$. & CÑ çÜ$Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ 2000&3000 G™èþ$¢ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ GVæü$Ðèþ#¯é ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. M>Æ>Mæü$ÐŒþ$, MðüOÌê‹Ù ç³ÆæÿÓ™é 13. ç³…g껌ý&çßýÆ>ůé Ððþ$O§é¯éË$ :
2. V>yìþÓ¯Œþ BíÜt-¯Œþ& 8611 Ò$. ÐéÅí³…^éÆÿ$$. Ðèþ$$ÝùÞÇ {Ôóý×ý$-ËMæü$ Mö¯èþ-Ýë-W…ç³#V> ˯èþ$ {sꯌþÞ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë$V> õ³ÆöP¯èþÐèþ^èþ$a. CÑ Äæý$Ðèþ$$¯é¯èþ¨ ç³ÕaÐèþ$ Jyæþ$z¯èþ {´ëÆæÿ…¿æýÐðþ$O
3. M>…^èþ-¯Œþ-f…Væü&8598 Ò$. Ðèþ$à-¿ê-Ææÿ™Œþ {Ôóý×ý$Ë$ §æþ„ìü×ý ¯óþ´ëÌŒý ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ ÑçÜ¢-çÜ…çÜP–™èþ Ýëíßý-™èþÅ…ÌZ M>Æ>-Mæü$ÐŒþ$ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™é-˯èþ$ ç³ÕaÐèþ*¯èþ ´ëMìüÝ뢯Œþ Ððþ$O§é¯éË ÐèþÆæÿMæü$, §æþ„ìü×ý…V>
4. Ðèþ$M>-Ë$&8481 Ò$. Ç…^é-Æÿ$$. Mæü–çÙ~-WÇ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™é-Ë$V> õ³ÆöP-¯é²Æÿ$$. Æ>fÝ릯Œþ Ððþ$O§é¯éË ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. D
5. £úÌê-«§æþ-Ç&8172 Ò$. & Ðèþ$à-¿ê-Ææÿ™Œþ {Ôóý×ý$-ËMæü$ E™èþ¢-Æ>¯èþ QrÃ…yæþ$ ÌZÄæý$
& CÑ íÜ…«§æþ$ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™é-ËMæü$ GVæü$-Ðèþ¯é ÑçÜ¢-Ç…^éÆÿ$$. Ððþ$O§é¯éÌZÏ Æ>Ñ, ¼Äæý*‹Ü, çÜsñýÏgŒý ¯èþ§æþ$Ë$
6. Ðèþ$¯éÞ-Ë$&8156 Ò$. E…¨. C¨ M>ÖÃÆŠÿ ÌZÄæý$-ÌêV> »êV> {ç³íܨ® ^ðþ…¨…¨. CÑ ´ëÑ$ÆŠÿ ç³ÆæÿÓ-™éË ¯èþ$…_ {´ëÆæÿ…¿æýÐðþ$O, WÍY™Œþ {ç³ÐèþíßýçÜ$¢¯é²Æÿ$$.
7. ¯èþ…V>-ç³-Ææÿ¾-™Œþ&8126 Ò$. ÕÐéÍMŠüÞ ¯èþ¨Mìü ™èþ*Ææÿ$µV> ç³Äæý$-°…_, M>ÖÃ-ÆŠÿÌZ WÍY™Œþ, ºÍ- 14. Æ>fÝ릯Œþ Ððþ$O§é¯éË$ :
8. A¯èþ²-ç³N-Ææÿ~&8026 Ò$. 1. ÕÐéÍMŠüÞ Ìôý§é »êçßýÅ íßýÐèþ*ËÄæý*Ë çÜÆ>-çÜÇ G™èþ$¢ç Ý뢯Œþ, ËyæþMŠü {´ë…™é-˯èþ$ §ésìý, çÜ$Ðèþ*Ææÿ$ Ððþ$$™èþ¢… D Ððþ$O§é¯éÌZÏ Ðèþ$Ææÿ$çÜ¦Í Ìôý§é Ðèþ*Æ>ÓÆŠÿ, BÆ>Ðèþã
5. fÐèþ$*ÃM>ÖÃÆŠÿÌZ {糫§é¯èþ {´ë…™éË$ : fÐèþ$*ÃÌZ 600 Ò$rÆæÿ$Ï ¯èþ$…_ 1500 Ò$rÆæÿÏ ÐèþÆæÿMæü$ 600 MìüÌZ-Ò$-rÆæÿÏ ´÷yæþ-Ðèþ#¯é HÆæÿµ-yézÆÿ$$. ç³ÆæÿÓ™éËMæü$ ç³ÕaÐèþ$…V> E¯èþ² çÜÒ$ç³ {´ë…™éË$
íßý…§æþ$Ðèþ#Ë ÐðþOçÙ~Ò§óþÑ BËÄæý$… {ç³ç³…^èþ {ç³Rêņ E…r$…¨. & M>Æ>Mæü$ÐŒþ$ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ Ðèþ$«§éÅíÜÄæý* ¯èþ$…_ {´ëÆæÿ… E¯é²Æÿ$$. CMæüPyìþ ÑÔéËÐðþ$O¯èþ CçÜ$Mæü ¨º¾Ë$¯é²Æÿ$$.
V>…_…¨. {ç³Ðèþ$$Q ÐóþçÜÑ Ñyìþ¨ Móü…{§æþÐðþ$O¯èþ 2. ¯èþ© °„óü´ëË™ø ÕÐéÍMŠüÞ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ HÆæÿµyézÆÿ$$. ¿æýÐðþ$O, fÐèþ$*ÃM>ÖÃÆŠÿÌZMìü ÑçܢDž^éÆÿ$$. MðüOÌê‹Ù D CçÜ$Mæü ¨º¾ÌZÏ ºíßýÆæÿY™èþÐðþ$O¯èþ Mö°² íÙ‹Üt, {V>¯ðþOsŒý
{Ö¯èþVæüÆŠÿ fÐèþ$*Ã, M>ÖÃÆŠÿ Æ>f«§é°. {ç³ç³…^èþ 3. íßýÐèþ*^èþÌŒý, ÕÐéÍMŠüÞ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË Ðèþ$«§æþÅVæüË ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éË$ sìý»ñýsŒýÌZ ¯ðþMö¯é²Æÿ$$. {ç³ç³…^èþ {ç³Rêņ ÕËË B«§éÆæÿ…V> D {´ë…™èþ…ÌZ Mö…™èþ {´ë…™èþ…
{ç³Rêņ V>…_¯èþ yéÌŒý çÜÆæÿçÜ$Þ D¯èþVæüÆæÿ…ÌZ E…¨. ÌZÄæý$˯èþ$ yæþ*¯èþ$Ë$ A…sêÆæÿ$. E§é: yðþ{àyæþ*¯Œþ, V>…_¯èþ Ðèþ*¯èþçÜçÜÆøÐèþÆæÿ… MðüOÌê‹Ù ç³ÆæÿÓ™éÌZϯóþ ©Óç³Mæü˵ ï³uæÿ¿æý*Ñ$Mìü, Ðèþ$ÇMö…™èþ ¿êVæü… A«¨Ðèþ–¨®
AÐèþ$ÆŠÿ¯é£ŠþÌZ° Mö…yæþ Væü$çßýÌZÏ Hyé¨ÌZ Mö¨ª ´ësìýÏyæþ*¯Œþ, MøsìýÏyæþ*¯Œþ E…¨. CMæüPyæþ E¯èþ² MðüOÌêçÜ ç³ÆæÿÓ™èþ…ò³O §óþÐèþ™èþË$ Ððþ$O§é¯é°Mìü ^ðþ…¨…¨. Ë*° çßýÇÐé×ý…ÌZ J…yæþÍ
ÆøkË$ HÆæÿµyóþ Ðèþ$…^èþ$ ÕÐèþÍ…Væü… íßý…§æþ$ ¿æýMæü$¢Ë 4. ÕÐéÍMŠüÞ ç³ÆæÿÓ™éËMæü$ Mö°² Ý린Mæü õ³Ææÿ$Ï E¯é²Æÿ$$. MöË$ÐðþO E…sêÆæÿ° íßý…§æþ$Ðèþ#Ë ÑÔéÓçÜ…. íßýÐèþ*Ë Ððþ$O§é¯éË$¯é²Æÿ$$.
³æNf˯èþ$ A…§æþ$Mæü$…r$…¨. Væü$ÌŒýÐèþ*ÆŠÿY {´ë…™èþ… Òsìý° fÐèþ$*ÃM>ÖÃÆŠÿÌZ fÐèþ$$à Mö…yæþË°, AÆæÿ$×ê Äæý*ÌZÏ ç³Ë$ Mæü¯èþ$Ðèþ$Ë$ MæüËÐèþ#. ÒsìýÌZÏ A†
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Oò³ gê¡Ä¶æ$ çܧýlçÜ$Þ "BĶ欋Ù^èlÆý‡Å'¯]l$ H
¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ °Æý‡Óíßæ…^éÆý‡$? f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏ

A«¨VýSÑ$…_¯]l ¿êÆý‡™èl ™öÍ C…f¯Œæ Æý‡íßæ™èl õܵ‹Ü GMŠæÞ çÜ…çܦ 18 §ólÔ>ËMýS$ ^ðl…¨¯]l 63 • H Æý‡…VýS…ÌZ Ô>ç܈, Ýë…MóS†MýS çÜçßæM>Æý‡…
OÆð‡Ë$ õ³Æó‡Ñ$sìæ? f: {Osñ毌æ 18 MýS–{†Ð]l$ Eç³{VýSàË™ø´ër$ ¿êÆý‡™ŒæÌZ ™öÍ- MøçÜ… ¿êÆý‡™Œl&AÐðl$ÇM> Ð]l$«§ýlÅ AÐ]lV>çßæ¯]l
• {ç³gê Æý‡Ðé×êÌZ ¿êVýS…V> çÜ$Ë¿¶æ {ç³Ä¶æ*- ÝëÇ [Oò³ÐólsŒæV> Æý‡*´÷…¨…_¯]l Ô>sìæOÌñæsŒæ¯]l$ Jç³µ…§é°MìS MóS…{§ýl Ð]l$…{†Ð]lÆý‡Y… BÐðl*§ýl…
×ê°MìS "Ð]l¯Œæ' õ³Æý‡$™ø M>Ð]l$¯Œæ Ððl¬¼Ísîæ A…™èlÇ„ýS…ÌZMìS {ç³Äñæ*W…_…¨. §é° ™ðlÍí³…¨?
M>Æý‡$z¯]l$ {ç³ÐólÔ¶æò³sìæt¯]l Æ>[çÙt…/ MóS…{§ýl ´ëÍ™èl õ³Æó‡Ñ$sìæ? f: GMîSÞyŠæ Ô>sŒæ 1 f: ¿¶æ* Ñgêq¯]l Ô>ç܈… (GÆŠæ¢ OòܯðlÞ‹Ü)
{´ë…™èl… H¨? f: ÉìlÎÏ • C…yìlĶæ$¯Œæ {ï³Ñ$Ķæ$ÆŠæ ÎVŠæ (Iï³GÌŒæ)ÌZ • BMŠSÞçœÆŠæz GMýS¯éÑ$MŠSÞ °Ðól¨MýS {ç³M>Æý‡…,
• ÑÑ«§ýl {糿¶æ$™èlÓ ç³£ýlM>ËOò³ {ç³fËMýS$ AÐ]lV>- ´ëÌŸY¯ól ÉìlÎÏ yólÆŠæ yðlÑÌŒæÞ fr$t Mö™èl¢ õ³Æý‡$ ¿êÆý‡™èl§ólÔèæ…ÌZ 2019 ¯]l$…_ 2035 Ð]lÆý‡MýS$
çßæ¯]l MýS͵…^èlyé°MìS, ´ëÆý‡§ýlÆý‡ØMýS™èl MøçÜ… HÑ$sìæ? f: ÉìlÎÏ MóSí³rÌŒæÞ {ç³ç³…^èl…ÌZ A™èlÅ…™èl ÐólVýS…V> AÀÐ]l–¨®
2018 (þOÌñæ & yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ) PEETHA (ï³ç³#ÌŒæÞ G…ç³Ð]lÆŠæÐðl$…sŒæ G¯]l-
¼Ï…VŠæ {sê¯]lÞç³Æð‡±Þ A…yŠæ AMú…r¼Ísîæ)
• gêÇjĶæ* ™öÍ Ð]l$íßæâê A«§ýlÅ„ýS$Æ>ÍV>
»ê«§ýlÅ™èlË$ ^ólç³sìæt¯]l ÐéÆð‡Ð]lÆý‡$?
^ðl…§ýl$™èl$¯]l² 10 ¯]lVýSÆ>ÌS gê¼™éÌZ H
¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$ ¯]lVýSÆý‡… A{VýSÝ릯]l…ÌZ E…¨?
õ³Æý‡$™ø JMýS M>Æý‡Å{MýSÐ]l*°² {ç³ÐólÔ¶æò³sìæt¯]l f: çÜÌZÒ$ kÆ>¼íÙÓÍ f: çÜ*Æý‡™Œl, VýS$fÆ>™Œl
→ °¯]l²sìæ "ѧýlÅ' ™èlÆý‡$ÐéƇ¬ Ķæ*ÅÆý‡$? f: AÆý‡Ñ…§Šl çÜMóSÞ¯é Æ>[çÙt… H¨? f: JyìlÔ> • 2018 yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 1¯]l Ððl$MìSÞMø ¯]l*™èl¯]l • ѧólÖ Ð]lÅÐ]làÆ>ÌS Ô>Q Ð]l$…{† çÜ$ÚëÃ
• {MìSMðSsŒæ çÜÇMö™èl¢ ¸ëÆ>ÃsŒæ sîæ-10 ÎVŠæ ^èlÇ{™èl- • ¯]l*™èl¯]l…V> °Ä¶æ$Ñ$…_¯]l "±¡ ¸ùÆý‡… çœÆŠæ A«§ýlÅ„ýS$yìlV> {ç³Ð]l*×æ… ïÜÓM>Æý‡… ^ólíܯ]l çÜÓÆ>gŒæ "V>…«© & fÄôæ$§Šl yìlhrÌŒæ Ð]lÊÅh-
• A{MýSÐ]l$ Æý‡Ðé×ê¯]l$ °Æø«¨…^ól…§ýl$MýS$, çÜÇçßæ- ÌZ àÅ{sìæMŠS Ý뫨…_¯]l ™öÍ ¿êÆý‡™èl {MìSMðSrÆŠ‡ ¯éÆŠæ¢ D‹Üt' Æð‡…yø çÜÐ]l*ÐólÔ>°² GMýSPyýl ÐéÆð‡Ð]lÆý‡$? Ķæ$…'¯]l$ GMýSPyýl {´ëÆý‡…À…^éÆý‡$?
§ýl$ª °Æý‡Óçßæ×æ¯]l$ Ððl$Æý‡$VýS$ç³Æý‡^èlyé°MìS, Ðé×ìæ- GÐ]lÆý‡$? f: {ç³Ò×Šæ ™é…»ôæ °Æý‡Óíßæ…^éÆý‡$? f: VýS$Ðéçßæsìæ, AÝù… f: B…{yýl*‹Ü Ð]l*¯]l$ÅÄñæ$ÌŒæ ÌZõ³gŒæ J{»ôæyýlÆŠæ f: Aº$§é½, ĶæÊHD
gêÅ°² çÜ$ÌS¿ýæ™èlÆý‡… ^ólĶæ$yé°MìS ¿êÆý‡™Œæ H • ÐðlíÜt…yîl‹Ü °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ {MìSMðSsŒæ • ïÜÓyýl¯ŒæMýS$ ^ðl…¨¯]l Ýûµyîl (Spowdi), ¿êÆý‡™Œæ- • Ð]lÊyólâ¶æÏ M>Ìê°MìS V>¯]l* Aí³µÌôæsŒæ [Osñæº$Å- • Ðé×ìæfÅ, Ýë…MóS†MýS çÜçßæM>Æý‡…Oò³ ¿êÆý‡™Œl
§ólÔèæ…™ø MýSÍíÜ àsŒæOÌñ毌l¯]l$ HÆ>µr$ ^ólĶæ*- Ð]l$…yýlÍ (IïÜïÜ) Ð]l$íßæâýæÌS sîæ-20 {ç³ç³…^èl ÌZ° GÐŒl$Ò (EMVEE) A¯ól Üç …çÜ˦ $ H ¯]lÌŒæ çœÆŠæ GË{MìStíÜsîæÌZ sñæMìS²MýSÌŒæ Ððl$…ºÆŠæV> ĶæÊHD Ð]l$«§ýlÅ gêƇ¬…sŒæ MýSÑ$çÙ¯Œl
ÌS° °Æý‡~Ƈ$$…^èl$MýS$…¨? f: ¯ól´ëÌŒæ MýS³‹ 6Ð]l GyìlçÙ¯Œl Ñgôæ™èl GÐ]lÆý‡$? ¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ Ķæ$…{™èl ç³ÇMýSÆ>Ë ™èlĶæ*È »ê«§ýlÅ™èlË$ ^ólç³sìæt¯]l ÐéÆð‡Ð]lÆý‡$? Ò$sìæ…VŠS (JCM) GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨?
• "BÝëPÆŠ‡ B‹œ ÝùµÆŠ‡tÞ'V> õ³Æö…¨ "ÌêÆð‡‹Ü f: B[õÜtÍĶæ* ĶæÊ°sŒæ¯]l$ ¯ðlËMö˵yé°MìS JMýS AÐ]lV>- f: Æý‡Ò…{§ýl MýS$Ð]l*ÆŠæ Ð]lÆý‡Ã f: Aº$§é½, ĶæÊHD
Ð]lÆý‡ÌŒæz ÝùµÆŠ‡tÞ AÐéÆŠæzÞ&2019' M>Æý‡Å{MýSÐ]l*- • ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏÌZ HI½H °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l Ð]l$íßæâýæÌS çßæ¯]l Jç³µ…§é°² MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$aMýS$¯é²Æ‡¬? • MóS…{§ýl {糿¶æ$™èlÓ… BǦMýS Ô>Q M>Æý‡Å§ýlÇØV> • Æý‡çßæ§éÇ ¿ýæ{§ýl™èlOò³ °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l VøϺ̌æ
°MìS 2019 œí {ºÐ]lÇ 18¯]l B†£ýlÅ… CÐ]lÓ- {ç³ç³…^èl »êMìSÞ…VŠæ ^é…í³Ä¶æ$¯ŒlíÙ‹³&2018& f: »ñæ…VýSâ¶æ*Æý‡$ CsîæÐ]lË GÐ]lÇ° °Ä¶æ$Ñ$…_…¨? õÜtr‹Ü Ç´ùÆŠæt {ç³M>Æý‡…, 2016ÌZ 1.51
¯]l$¯]l² §ólÔ¶æÐól$¨? f: Ððl¬¯éMø Ð]l$íßæâýæÌS OÌñæsŒæOòœÏÌZ(45&48 MóSiË) MóSrWÈ- • ÉìlÎÏ Æ>f«§é° {´ë…™èl ç³Æ>ÅrMýS$Ë MøçÜ… f: AfÄŒæ$ ¯éÆ>Ķæ$׊æ Æý‡n* ÌS„ýSÌS Æøyýl$z {ç³Ð]l*§ýl Ð]l$Æý‡×êË™ø H §ólÔ¶æ…
• "íßæÐ]l*ÌSĶæ*ÌS çßæ–§ýlĶæ$…ÌZ íßæÐ]l*ËĶæ$ ÌZ Üç ÓÆý‡~ ç³™èlMýS… Ý뫨…^èlyýl… §éÓÆ> 6 Æ>Ƈ¬¡° A…¨…^èlyé°MìS ÉìlÎÏÌZ° Ðól$yýl… • §ýl„ìS×ê{íœM>ÌZ° ¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ ç³¼ÏMŠæ {´ëíÜMýS*Å- A{VýS Ý릯]l…ÌZ E…¨? f: ¿êÆý‡™Œæ
ç³Æý‡Ó™èl LçÙ«§ýl…' A¯ól ¯ólç³£ýlÅ…™ø ç³Æý‡Ó™èl {ç³ç³…^èl ^é…í³Ä¶æ$¯ŒlíÙ‹³ Osñæsìæâ¶æϯ]l$ VðSË$^èl$- r$ÝëÞyŠæÞ ÐéÅMŠæÞ Ð]lÊÅhĶæ$…™ø AÐ]lV>- çÙ¯ŒæÞMýS$ ¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ OyðlÆý‡MýStÆŠæ (G¯Œæyîlï³ï³)V> °Ä¶æ$- • 2019 ¯ésìæMìS {ç³gê Æý‡Ðé×êOò³ A°² béÈj-
LçÙ«§éËOò³ ¯éË$VýS$ ÆøkË´ër$ 12Ð]l MýS$¯]l² ¿êÆý‡™èl ™öÍ Ð]l$íßæâê »êMýSÞÆŠ‡ GÐ]lÆý‡$? çßæ¯]l Jç³µ…§ýl… MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$aMýS$¯]l² Ð]lÊÅh- Ñ$™èl$Æ>OÌñæ¯]l Ððl¬rtÐðl¬§ýlsìæ ¿êÆý‡™èl çÜ…™èl† ÌS¯]l$ Æý‡§ýl$ª ^ólíܯ]l ™öÍ §ólÔèæ…V> H §ólÔèæ…
¨ÓÐéÇÛMýS {ç³ç³…^èl çܧýlçÜ$Þ H §ólÔèæ…ÌZ f: Ðól$È MøÐŒl$ Ķæ$… H¨? f: gê¡Ä¶æ$ OÆð‡ÌŒæ Ð]lÊÅhĶæ$… Ð]l$íßæâê ¯éÅĶæ$Ðé¨ GÐ]lÆý‡$? AÐ]l™èlÇ…^èl¯]l$…¨? f: ËMðSÞ…ºÆŠæY
fÇW…¨? f: RêrÃ…yýl$, ¯ól´ëÌŒæ • ç³#Æý‡$çÙ$Ë àMîS {ç³ç³…^èl MýS‹³ 14Ð]l GyìlçÙ¯Œl • 2018 yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 3 ¯]l$…_ 14 Ð]lÆý‡MýS$ ç³ÕaÐ]l$ f: ÚëÑ$Ìê º™øíßæ • {ç³ç³…^èl…ÌZ¯ól A†ò³§ýlª AÆý‡¼MŠS ByìlÄñæ*
• h»osîæÌZ ¿êÆý‡™Œæ °ÇÃ…_¯]l ™öÍ Ð]lÅÐ]l- GMýSPyýl {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨? »ñæ…V>ÌŒæÌZ ¿êÆý‡™èl OÐðlÐ]l*°MýS §ýlâ¶æ… H §ólÔ¶æ • {¸ë¯ŒæÞÌZ° ´ëÇ‹ÜÌZ 2018 ºÌZ¯Œæ yìl KÆŠæ OÌñæ{ºÈ GMýSPyýl {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æOÐðl$…¨?
Ýë¦ç³MýS, BÑçÙPÆý‡×æ MóS…{§é°² {´ëÆý‡…À…- f: ¿¶æ$Ð]l¯ólÔ¶æÓÆŠ‡, JyìlÔ> ÐéĶæ¬õܯ]l™ø MýSÍíÜ "M>‹³ C…yìlĶæ* 2019' AÐéÆý‡$z A…§ýl$MýS$¯]l² çœ#sŒæ»êÌŒæ {MîSyéM>Æý‡$yýl$? f: §ýl$»êÄŒæ$, ĶæÊHD
_¯]l h»osîæ A«§ýlÅ„ýS$yýl$ GÐ]lÆý‡$? • 2018 ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 23¯]l ™öÍ íÜMýS$P VýS$Æý‡$Ð]l# õ³Æý‡$™ø ç܅Ķæ¬MýS¢ OÐðlÐ]l*°MýS ѯéÅçÜ…ÌZ f: Ë*M> Ððl*{yìlMŠæ • ÑÔ>Qç³r²…ÌZ ¿êÆý‡™Œl H §ólԶ慙ø MýSÍíÜ
f: CÝëÃƇ¬ÌŒæ JÐ]l$ÆŠ‡ VýS$Ìôæ‹ßæ õ³Æý‡$™ø 549Ð]l fĶæ$…† E™èlÞÐéË$ °Æý‡Ó- ´ëÌŸY…sZ…¨? f: ĶæÊG‹ÜH • MóS…{§ýl Ð]lÅÐ]lÝëĶæ$ Ð]l$…{† Æ>«§é Ððl*çß毌l 10 Ð]l Ñyýl™èl "C…{§ýl ¯ólÒ' O§ðlÓ´ë„ìSMýS ¯éÑM>
• "B[õÜtÍĶæ$¯Œl Oòœ¯é°ÛĶæ$ÌŒæ ÇÐ]lNÅ C…yìlĶæ* íßæ…^éÆý‡$. B VýS$Æý‡$Ð]l# õ³Æý‡$ HÑ$sìæ? • A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ sñæ‹Üt {MìSMðSsŒæÌZ A™èlÅ…™èl ÐólVýS- íÜ…VŠæ IïÜHBÆŠ‡&Ð]lÅÐ]lÝëĶæ$ Ýë…MóS†MýS ѯéÅçÜ…ÌZ ´ëÌŸY…¨? f: Æý‡ÚëÅ
¼h¯ðl‹Ü çÜÑ$ÃsŒæ'¯]l$ E§ólªÕ…_ ¿êÆý‡™èl f: VýS$Æý‡$ ¯é¯]lMŠS Ð]l…™èl…V> 200 ÑMðSr$Ï ¡íÜ, 82 Hâ¶æÏ ÇM>Æý‡$z çÜÐ]l*^éÆý‡ MóS…{§ýl…& ç³#Ýë MìSÝ믌l çßæsŒæMýS$ • OòÜ°MýS Ýëíßæ™øÅ™èlÞÐ]l… (Ñ$ÍrÈ ÍrÆó‡^èlÆŠæ
Æ>çى糆 Æ>ÐŒl$¯é£Šl MøÑ…§Šl GMýSPyýl {ç³çÜ…- • ¿êÆý‡™èl Æ>gêÅ…VýS AÐ]l$Ë$ ¨¯é°MìS VýS$Æý‡$¢V> ^ðlÇõ³íܯ]l {MìSMðSrÆŠæ GÐ]lÆý‡$? f: Ķæ*íÜÆŠæ Úë H ¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ Ô¶æ…MýS$Ýë¦ç³¯]l ^ólÔ>Æý‡$? òœíÜtÐ]lÌŒæ) & 2018 GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨?
W…^éÆý‡$? f: íÜyîl², B[õÜtÍĶæ* çÜ…Ñ«§é¯Œl ¨Ð]l‹ÜV> õ³ÆöP¯ól 69Ð]l Æ>gêÅ…VýS • ¿êÆý‡™ŒæÌZ ÝëĶ欫§ýl §ýlâêË ç³™éMýS ¨¯ø™èlÞ- f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏÏ f: ^èl…yîlVýSÉŠl
• VøÐéÌZ fÇW¯]l O§ðl´ë„ìSMýS ¯úM>§ýlâ¶æ M>Æý‡Å- ¨¯ø™èlÞÐé°² G糚yýl$ fÆý‡$ç³#Mö…sêÆý‡$? Ðé°² H ™ól©¯]l °Æý‡ÓíßæÝë¢Æý‡$? • VøϺ̌æ Ððl…^èlÆŠæ MóSí³rÌŒæ çÜÑ$ÃsŒæ GMýSPyýl • §ólÔèæ…ÌZ M>ÇÃMýS$Ë MöÆý‡™èl¯]l$ ™èlWY…^èlyé°MìS
{MýSÐ]l$… "Mö…MýS׊æ&2018'ÌZ ¿êÆý‡™Œl H §ólÔ¶æ…- f: ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 26 f: yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 7 fÇW…¨? f: VøÐé 2019 H{í³ÌŒæ ¯]l$…_ ѧólÖ º*Ï&M>ËÆŠ‡
™ø MýSÍíÜ ´ëÌŸY…¨? • ÔóæÓ™èl Ñç³ÏÐ]l í³™éÐ]l$çßæ$yýl$ yéMýStÆŠ‡ Ð]lÈY‹Ü • ™ðlË$VýS$ MýSÑ™èlÓ Ñ¿êVýS…ÌZ MóS…{§ýl Ýëíßæ™èlÅ • ¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ ÐérÆŠ‡Ðól‹Ü&1ÌZ MýS…Osñæ¯]lOÆð‡gŒæz M>ÆøY M>ÇÃMýS$˯]l$ A¯]l$Ð]l$†…^ól Mö™èl¢ ^èlsêt°²
f: Ķæ¬O¯ðlsñæyŠl MìS…VŠæyýlÐŒl$ MýS$ÇĶæ$¯Œl fĶæ$…†MìS VýS$Æý‡$¢V> ¿êÆý‡™ŒlÌZ AM>yýlÒ$ AÐéÆý‡$z&2018MýS$ G…í³OMðS¯]l MýSÑ Æý‡Ðé×êMýS$ ¿êÆý‡™èl§ólÔ¶æ Æð‡…yø C¯éÏ…yŠl ÐérÆŠ‡ BÐðl*¨…_¯]l §ólÔèæ… H¨? f: f´ë¯Œl
• OÌñæ‹œ C¯]l*ÞÆð‡¯ŒSÞ M>ÆöµÆó‡çÙ¯Œl B‹œ C…yìlĶæ* gê¡Ä¶æ$ ´ëË ¨¯ø™èlÞÐé°² G糚yýl$ °Æý‡Ó- GÐ]lÆý‡$? f: MöËMýSË*Ç C¯éMŠæ {sꯌlÞ´ùÆŠ‡t BÇh¯Œl yðlíÜt¯ólçÙ¯ŒlV> °Í_¯]l • çßæÐéÌê ¯]lVýS§ýl$, E{VýSÐé§ýl$ËMýS$ BǦMýS çÜçßæ-
™èl¯]l ´ëÏsê¹ÆŠ‡ÃOò³ B¯ŒlOÌñ毌l ½Ð]l* {ï³Ñ$Ķæ$… íßæÝë¢Æý‡$? f: ¯]lÐ]l…ºÆŠæ 26 • {òœ…^Œæ VýSĶæ*¯øÌZ° õܵ‹Ü´ùÆŠæt ¯]l$…_ f…r ¯]lVýSÆ>Ë$ HÑ? M>Æý‡… ™èl¨™èlÆý‡ BǦMýS ¯ólÆ>˯]l$ G§ýl$ÆøP-
^ðlÍÏ…ç³#ÌS¯]l$ A…¨…^èlyé°MìS H yìlhrÌŒæ • Ð]l*i {糫§é° Ð]l$¯øÃçß毌l íÜ…VŠS BÑçÙPÇ…- ÑfĶæ$Ð]l…™èl…V> {ç³Äñæ*W…_¯]l C{ÝùMýS$ f: MøÌŒæMýS™é & ´ësê² Ð]lyé°MìS E§ólªÕ…_¯]l A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ çÜ…çܦ&
^ðlÍÏ…ç³#ÌS õÜÐé {糧é™èl¯]l$ ¿êVýSÝëÓÑ$V> _¯]l "õœº$ÌŒæÞ B‹œ {¸ëMýSaÆŠ‡z OsñæÐŒl$Þ' ç³#çÜ¢MýS ^ðl…¨¯]l A™èlÅ…™èl ºÆý‡$OÐðl¯]l, A«§ýl$¯é™èl¯]l • GË$VýS$º…rÏOò³ ™öÍ A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ çܧýlçÜ$Þ "Oòœ¯é°ÛĶæ$ÌŒæ Ķæ*MýSÛ¯Œl sê‹ÜP¸ùÆŠ‡Þ (G‹œH-
^ólçÜ$MýS$…¨? f: õ³sîæĶæ$… Æý‡^èlƇ¬™èl GÐ]lÆý‡$? f: Ð]l$±‹Ù †ÐéÈ MýSÐ]lÊÅ°MóSçÙ¯]l Ô>sìæOÌñæsŒæ õ³Æó‡Ñ$sìæ? GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨? f: B{V>, E™èl¢Æý‡{糧ólÔŒæ sîæG‹œ)'ÌZ 38Ð]l çÜ¿¶æŧólÔèæ…V> ^ólǯ]l §ólÔ¶æ…
• {´ë…¡Ä¶æ$ çÜÒ$MýS–™èl ºçßæ$â¶æ & {ç³Ð]l*§ýl • yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 1 ¯]l$…_ 10 Ð]lÆý‡MýS$ 19Ð]l àÆŠæ²- f: i Ô>sŒæ 11 • ¿êÆý‡™èl ¡Æý‡ {´ë…™èl Æý‡„ýSMýS§ýlâ¶æ… "MîSϯŒl ïÜ&- H¨? f: C{gêÄñæ$ÌŒæ
Ð]l¬…§ýlçÜ$¢ òßæ^èlaÇMýS Ð]lÅÐ]lçܦ 2018 AMøtºÆŠæ ¼ÌŒæ òœíÜtÐ]lÌŒæ&2018 (JMýS 糄ìS õ³Æý‡$™ø ^ólõÜ • Ogñæç³NÆŠæÌZ °Æý‡Óíßæ…_¯]l ç܅Ķæ¬MýS¢ OòÜ°MýS 2018' õ³Æý‡$™ø {´ë…¡Ä¶æ$ Ýë¦Æ‡¬ çÜÐ]l¬{§ýl • 2018 yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 12¯]l ÑÐéçßæ ç³…^èlÑ$
ÌZ JyìlÔ> ¡Æ>°² ™éMìS¯]l H ™èl$¸ë¯]l$¯]l$ E™èlÞÐ]l…)¯]l$ fÆý‡$ç³#Mö¯]l² Æ>[çÙt… H¨? ѯéÅçÜ… Ð]l{f {ç³çßæÆŠæ&2018ÌZ ¿êVýS…V> ^èlÐ]l¬Æý‡$ M>Ë$çÙÅ °ÐéÆý‡×æ ѯéÅÝë°² õ³Æý‡$™ø ïÜ™éÆ>Ð]l¬Ë MýSÌêÅ×ê°² GMýSPyýl
A™èlÅ…™èl AÆý‡$O§ðl¯]l¨V> õ³ÆöP…¨? f: †¡Ï f: ¯éV>Ìê…yŠæ ¿êÆý‡™Œæ H §ólԶ慙ø MýSÍíÜ "Ð]l{fM>Ķæ$' GMýSPyýl °Æý‡Óíßæ…_…¨? °Æý‡Óíßæ…^éÆý‡$? f: gê¯]lMŠSç³NÆŠ‡, ¯ól´ëÌŒæ
• õÜtsŒæ »êÅ…MŠS B‹œ Ð]l*ÇçÙ‹Ü (G‹Ü½G…)MýS$ • ¿êÆý‡™èl Ððl¬rtÐðl¬§ýlsìæ A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ çÜÓ§ólÖ õ³Æý‡$™ø Ð]lÊyýl$ ÆøkË Ä¶æ¬§ýl® Ð]lNÅçßæ f: ´ùÆŠ‡t»ñæÏƇ¬ÆŠ‡, A…yýlÐ]l*¯Œl& °Mø»êÆŠ‡ ©Ð]l#Ë$ • ĶæÊHD òÜ…{rÌŒæ »êÅ…MŠS™ø H ¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$
G…yîl, ïÜDÐøV> °Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$OÌñæ¯]l ÐéÆý‡$? ^èl˯]l _{™ø™èlÞÐé°² 2019 íœ{ºÐ]lÇÌZ H ѯéÅçÜ…ÌZ ´ëÌŸY…¨? f: AÐðl$ÇM> • ¿êÆý‡™èl ¯úM>§ýlâ¶æ… Eç³çÜ…çßæÇ…^èl$MýS$¯]l² »êÅ…MŠæ ¯]lVýS§ýl$ Ð]l*Æý‡$aMýS$¯ól (MýSÆð‡±Þ ÝëÓ‹³)
f: íܧé®ÆŠæ¦ Æý‡£Šl Æ>[çÙt…ÌZ °Æý‡Óíßæ…^èl¯]l$¯é²Æý‡$? f: JyìlÔ> • ÍMìSÓOòœyŠæ ¯ól^èl$Æý‡ÌŒæ V>Å‹Ü (GÌŒæG¯Œæi) GVýS$- IG¯ŒlG‹Ü MýSyýlË*Æý‡$ A¯ól ¯úMýSÌZ ™öÍ A…- Jç³µ…§é°² MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$aMýS$…¨?
• 2018 yìlòÜ…ºÆŠæ 2¯]l ¯]l*™èl¯]l G°²MýSË • ¿êÆý‡™èl {糿¶æ$™èlÓ…, G‹œIïÜïÜI ç܅Ķæ¬MýS¢…- Ð]l$†Oò³ §ýl–íÙt MóS…{©MýSÇ…^èlyýl… MøçÜ… ò³{sZ- yýlÆŠ‡ ÐérÆŠ‡ Ð]lÊÅhĶæ$… H Æ>çÙ‰…/ MóS…{§ýl- f: ¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$ ÇfÆŠ‡Ó »êÅ…MŠæ
{糫§é¯]l A«¨M>Ç (ïÜDïÜ)V> »ê«§ýlÅ™èlË$ V> Æð‡…yýl$ ÆøkË VøϺ̌æ HÑÄôæ$çÙ¯Œæ çÜÑ$Ã- ÍĶæ$… GVýS$Ð]l$† §ólÔ>Ë çÜ…çܦ ¯]l$…_ 2019 ´ëÍ™èl {´ë…™èl…ÌZ {´ëÆý‡…¿¶æ… M>¯]l$…¨? • ¿êÆý‡™Œl ¨VýS$Ð]l$† ^ólçÜ$MýS$¯ól Ð]l¬yìl ^èlÐ]l¬Æý‡$MýS$
ïÜÓMýSÇ…_¯]lÐéÆý‡$? f: çÜ$±ÌŒæ AÆøÆ> sŒæ¯]l$ 2019 f¯]lÐ]lÇ 15, 16Ð]l ™ól©ÌZÏ H ¯]lVýS- f¯]lÐ]lÇÌZ OÐðl§öËVýS¯]l$¯]l²r$Ï {ç³MýSsìæ…_¯]l f: ç³#§ýl$^ólaÇ Æý‡*´ëĶæ$ÌZÏ ^ðlÍÏ…^èlyé°MìS H §ólԶ慙ø
• AsêÑ$MŠS G¯]lÈj Æð‡VýS$ÅÌôærÈ »ZÆý‡$z(HD- Æý‡…ÌZ °Æý‡Óíßæ…^èl¯]l$¯é²Æ‡¬? f: Ð]l¬…O»ñæ §ólÔ¶æ… H¨? f: Q™éÆŠæ • Ķ欰òÜ‹œ (Ķæ¬O¯ðlsñæyŠl ¯ólçÙ¯ŒlÞ C…rÆó‡²çÙ- Jç³µ…§ýl… MýS$§ýl$Æý‡$aMýS$…¨? f: CÆ>¯Œl
BÆŠæ½)MýS$ Ð]lÊyólâ¶æÏ M>Ìê°MìS O^ðlÆŠæç³Æý‡Þ¯ŒlV> • {ç³™ólÅMýS…V> Ð]l$íßæâ¶æË MøçÜ… "112 C…yìl- • ¿êÆý‡™Œæ, çÜ$yé¯Œæ §ólÔ>Ë Ð]l$«§ýlÅ O§ðlÓ´ë„ìSMýS ¯]lÌŒæ _[Ëz¯Œl GÐ]l$Æð‡j±Þ 眅yŠl) 71Ð]l Ð]lÅÐ]l- • 200Ë §ólÖĶæ$ ÑÐ]l*¯]l çÜÈÓçÜ$Ë$ MýSÍW¯]l
°Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$OÌñæ¯]l ÐéÆý‡$? Ķæ*' Ððl¬O»ñæÌŒæ Ķæ*‹³ÌZ "ÚûsŒæ' (SHOUT) çÜ…º…«§é˯]l$ çÜÒ$„ìS…^èlyé°MìS ¸ëǯŒæ Ýë¦ç³MýS ¨¯ø™èlÞÐé°² H ™ól©¯]l °Æý‡Óíßæ…- ™öÍ ¿êÆý‡¡Ä¶æ$ ÑÐ]l*¯]lĶæ*¯]l çÜ…çܦ H¨?
f: ¯éVóSÔ¶æÓÆý‡Æ>Ð]l# VýS$…r*Æý‡$ A¯ól ïœ^èlÆŠæ¯]l$ {ç³ÐólÔ¶æò³sìæt¯]l Æ>[çÙt… H¨? Bïœ‹Ü MýS¯]lÞÌôætçÙ¯Œæ 8Ð]l çÜÐ]l*ÐólÔ>°² H ^éÆý‡$? f: yìlòÜ…ºÆý‡$ 11 f: C…yìlVø
• ĶæʰĶæ$¯Œl ç³¼ÏMŠS çÜÈÓ‹Ü MýSÑ$çÙ¯Œl (ĶæÊï³- f: ¯éV>Ìê…yŠæ ¯]lVýSÆý‡…ÌZ °Æý‡Óíßæ…^éÆý‡$? f: ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏ • çÜòÜ•t¯]lº$ÌŒæ ÐérÆŠ‡ Ðól$¯ólgŒæÐðl$…sŒæOò³ ™öÍ • ÍMìSÓOòœyŠl ¯ól^èl$Æý‡ÌŒæ V>Å‹Ü(GÌŒæG¯Œli) GVýS$-
GïÜÞ) O^ðlÆý‡Ã¯ŒlV> GÐ]lÆý‡$ °Ä¶æ$Ñ$™èl$Ë- • ¿êÆý‡™ŒæÌZ {yø¯Œæ Bç³Æó‡rÆý‡Ï B¯ŒæOÌñæ¯Œæ ¯]lÐðl*§ýl$ • E™èl¢ÆŠæ{糧ólÔŒæÌZ° B{V>ÌZ "íÙ¯]l*Å OÐðl${† A…™èlÆ>j¡Ä¶æ$ çܧýlçÜ$Þ GMýSPyýl fÇW…¨? Ð]l$†ÌZ {ç³ç³…^èl…ÌZ¯ól ™öÍÝëÇV> A{VýS-
&18' õ³Æý‡$™ø {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l Ððl¬rt-Ððl¬§ýlsìæ f: Ððl¬àÎ, ç³…g껌æ V>Ñ$V> BÑÆý‡ÂÑ…_¯]l §ólÔ¶æ…?
5 ÆøkË O§ðlÓ´ë„ìSMýS ÐéÄ¶æ¬ Ñ¯éÅçÜ…ÌZ • MóS…{§ýl Ð]lÅÐ]lÝëĶæ$ Ô>Q Ð]l$…{† Æ>«§é Ððl$çßæ- f: B[õÜtÍĶæ*
Vidya Weekly Test- 4 SAKSHI EDUCATION
¿êÆý‡™Œæ H §ólԶ慙ø MýSÍíÜ ´ëÌŸY…¨? ¯Œl íÜ…VŠS {´ëÆý‡…À…_¯]l ¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ OÌñæÐŒlÝëtMŠS • ¯]l*ÅÉìlÎÏÌZ ÝùP^Œl AÐéÆŠ‡z çœÆŠ‡ ¯ólçÙ¯]lÌŒæ
f: f´ë¯Œæ Ñ$çÙ¯Œl & CyîlCi & G¯ŒlÙç *ÅÆŠ‡ (ENS- íÜW²íœMðS¯ŒlÞ¯]l$ H MóS…{§ýl Ð]l$…{†™èlÓ Ô>QMýS$
Current Affairs- 2018 Grand Test • 2022ÌZ i&20 §ólÔ>Ë 17Ð]l çÜÐ]l*ÐólÔ>°² URE) ´ùÆý‡tÌŒæ¯]l$ AÀÐ]l–¨® ^ólíܯ]l çÜ…çܦ? {ç³MýSsìæ…^éÆý‡$?
Students can write exam at any time& at any place. H §ólÔ¶æ… °Æý‡Óíßæ…^èl¯]l$…¨? f: ¿êÆý‡™Œæ f: ¯é»êÆŠæz f: ¯]l*™èl¯]l, ç³#¯]lÆý‡$™éµ§ýlMýS Ô¶æMìS¢ Ð]l$…{†™èlÓÔ>Q
• • çÜÌôæÏQ¯é {Ð]l™é°² °Æý‡Óíßæ…^ól Ogñæ¯]l çܯéÅ- •

2019ÌZ {¼MŠæÞ §ólÔ>Ë 11Ð]l çÜÐ]l*ÐólÔ>°² H OòܺƊæ òÜMýS*ÅÇsîæ Gyýl$ÅMóSçÙ¯ŒlÌZ õÜÐ]lËMýS$
� Statewide Ranks will be announced §ólÔ¶æ… °Æý‡Óíßæ…^èl¯]l$…¨? f: {»ñæhÌŒæ çÜ$ÌS gêqç³M>Æý‡¦… gêÈ AƇ¬¯]l 12Ð]l Ôèæ™éºª… V>¯]l$ ¿êÆý‡™èl çÜÐ]l*^éÆý‡ ¿ýæ{§ýl™é Ð]l$…yýlÍ
� Exciting Prizes for Top Rankers • AÆ>t¯Œæ MóSí³rÌŒæ Ñyýl$§ýlË ^ólíܯ]l VøÏºÌŒæ ¯ésìæ °Ö«¨ ÕÌê Ô>çܯ]l… GMýSPyýl ËÀ…- (yîlG‹ÜïÜI) C^óla yîlG‹ÜïÜI GMýSÞÌñ毌SÞ
Only first time attempted score will be considered for Ranking ´ë‹Ü´ùÆŠæt ç³Ð]lÆŠæ Æ>Å…MŠæ & 2018 {ç³M>Æý‡… _…¨? f: ÕÐ]lÐðl¬VýSY, MýSÆ>~rMýS AÐéÆý‡$z & 2018¯]l$ H çÜ…çܦ VðSË$^èl$MýS$…¨?
• Ð]l*i {糫§é° ArÌŒæ ¼àÈ ÐégŒæõ³Æ‡¬

{ç³ç³…^èl…ÌZ H §ólÔ¶æ ´ë‹Ü´ùÆŠæt A™èlÅ…™èl f: IIsîæ, QÆý‡VŠSç³NÆŠ‡
For registration visit Ô¶æMìS¢Ð]l$…™èlOÐðl$…¨? õ³Æý‡$™ø JMýS A…{¼ÌêÏ Ä¶æÊ°Ð]lÇÞsîæ°
Ñ$VýS™é Æó‡ç³sìæ "ѧýlÅ'ÌZ... →
f: Ķæ¬O¯ðlsñæyŠæ AÆý‡»Œæ GÑ$Æó‡sŒæÞ HÆ>µr$ ^ólĶæ$¯]l$¯]l²r$Ï H Æ>çÙ‰ {糿¶æ$™èlÓ…
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f¯]lÐ]lÇ l 30 l 2019 11

The book written by Adolf Hitler was...

A. Tsar.
MýS*¯ésìæ VýS$Æý‡$-§ólÐé çÜ$Æó‡‹Ù 3. What is civil war?
´ëuý‡Åç³#çÜ¢MýS Æý‡^èlƇ¬™èl, Multiple Choice Questions
A. A war between the people and the
çÜ*PÌŒæ AíÜòÜt…sŒæ, hÌêÏ ç³Ç-çÙ™Œl E¯]l²-™èl -´ë-uý‡- government in a country. 1. Three R's with reference to the 'New
Ô>Ë, FÆý‡…§ýl*Æý‡$, _™èl*¢Æý‡$ hÌêÏ. 4. Name the International Organisation Deal'?
formed by the communists? A) Religion, Reform, Recovery
WORLD BETWEEN WARS-1900-1950-II A. Commintern. B) Relief, Recovery, Reform
ii. Observe the timeline chart and answer the C) Racism, Revolution, Religion
questions given below. (AS3) D) Rural, Reform, Revolution
One Mark Questions 2. The New Deal policy was announced by:
1. What does the term "Great Depression“ Proclamation of the weimar
Nov. 9th
A) Roosevelt B) Lincoln
A. 1) There was a World wide economic
ÝùçÙÌŒæ çÜtyîl‹Ü (C….Ò$.) Republic 1918 C) Jefferson D) Nelson
3. Germany's 'Genocidal war' was against:
decline triggered by a decline in Hitler becomes chancellor of Jan. 30th 1. Gypsies 2. Polish civilians
demand and fall in prices. It was called functioning in India today? (AS1) Germany 3. Jews 4. Disabled
"Great Depression". 6. “A world based on equality, freedom and Germany invedes Poland. Sept. 1st
A) 1, 2 only B) 3,4 only
2) The Great Depression began around the prosperity is successful like USSR”. Do Begining of the World War-II 1939 C) 1, 3, 4 only D) 1,2,3,4
end of 1929 and lasted almost till 1939. you agree? (AS2) 4. Match the following:
2. When the British women got the right to 7. Do you think it is justified to execute Germany invedes USSR June 22nd i. Communism a. Nuremberg trials
vote after a long struggle? (AS1) thousands of people for the sake of such ii. DIET b. Japan
A. 1918 experiments? June 23rd
iii. Nazi leaders c. MN Roy, Tagore, Nehru
3. When was established the United Nations (AS1) iv. Duma d. Russia
Mass murder of Jews begins
Organisation? (AS1) 8. What were the new alternative models of A) i-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d
A. 24th Oct, 1945 national development after the experience The USA joins World War-II Dec. 8th B) i-c, 2-b, 3-a, 4-d
4. What is Socialism? (AS1) of war and depression? (AS1) C) i-d, 2-c, 3-b, 4-a
A. The system of production, distribution and 9. What challenges did the Russian society D) i-c, 2-a, 3-d, 4-b
Soviet troops liberate Jan. 27th
exchange are owned by the government. face after the revolution? (AS1) Auschwitz 1945 5. _____ played an important role in
5. What was the demand of 1917 Russian 10. “In every country some people are 'Commintern'
revolution? (AS1) differentiated because of their identity”. Allied victory in Europe May 8th A) Tagore B) Nehru
A. ‘Peace and Bread’. Do you agree?(AS4) 1945 C) M. N.Roy D) All
6. Which country escaped from the effect of 11. What challenges were faced by Germany 6. ____ countries emerged after World War -
the Depression? How? (AS1) during great depression? (AS1) 1. In which country the Weimar republic was II
A. USSR was able to escape the effect of the established? 1. Japan 2. France 3. England
Depression because it was not integrated Four Mark Questions A. Germany. 4. USA 5. Russia
with the international market and a 1. How the Nazi party was raised in Germany? 2. What is the immediate cause for the World A) 1, 2, 3 B) 3,4,5
planned economy. (AS1) War – II? C) 4,5 only D) All
7. Who wrote the famous satire novel 2. Revolution brought many changes in the A. Germany invades Poland on Sept. 1, 1939. 7. The book written by Adolf Hitler was
"Animal Farm"? (AS1) Russian society. What were they? (AS1) 3. Expand USSR. ____
A. George Orwell wrote the famous satire 3. What were the results of the Great A. Union of Soviet Socialist Republic- A) Mein Kampf B) Animal farm
‘Animal Farm’ to highlight how the ideals Depression? Russia. C) lnPraise of Folly D) None
of Russian Revolution were compromised (AS1) 4. Who was the cause for the mass murders 8. ____ suffered least during Depression
in USSR. 4. How far the Soviet experiment was of the Jews? A) Russia B) Germany
8. What is Relief - Recovery – Reform? successful after 1924? (AS1) C) Britain D) USA
(AS1) MAPPING SKILL (AS-5) 9. ______ led the Bolshevik group in Russia
A. Relief: Immediate action taken to halt the INFORMATION SKILL (AS-3) i. Observe the above map and answer the A) Lenin B) Karl Marx
economies deterioration. i. Observe the timeline chart and answer the questions. C) Louis Blanc D) None
Recovery: Temporary programs to restart questions given below. (AS3) 10. Russian Parliament is known as _____.
the flow of consumer demand. A) Diet B) Duma
Reform: Permanent programs to avoid C) Reichstag D) Assembly
another depression. Debets over socialism in 1850s - 11. ____ started collective farming in Russia.
9. What is Enabling Act? (AS1) Russia A) Stalin B) Lenin
A. On 24th March 1933, the famous Enabling Formation of the Russian Social C) Putin D) Karl Marx
Act gave Hitler dictatorship in Germany. Democratic Workers Party 1898
10. What is Marshall Plan? (AS1) ANSWERS
A. USA came up with Marshall Plan to fund The bloody sunday and the
their economic revival. USSR came up with Revolution 1) B 2) A 3) D 4) B 5) C
a package for the revival of East European 6) C 7) A 8) A 9) A 10) B
2nd March - Abdication of the Tsar. 24th
countries. 1917
11) A
Two Mark Questions
October Bolshevik uprising in the Petrograd
1. Write any two countries which were under
Japan control.
1. What is your response on “that women The Civil War 1920 A. Burma and Thailand.
should confine house hold work? (AS6) 2. Name the area of China
2. “Often people argue that a single powerful was under Japan control.
leader can resolve the problems of a A. Manchuria.
Formation of Comintern
country”. Based on the experiences of 3. Write any two countries
Nazi Germany how do you respond? Begining of Collectivisation 1929
which were notunder
(AS4) Japan control.
3. Do you think men and women can A. India, USSR
participate equally in all aspects of life? 1. Which country introduced Socialism first 4. Write any two islands
(AS1) in the world? which were underJapan
4. How Hitler policies were responsible for A. Russia. control.
the Second World War? (AS1) 2. What was the name of the Russian A. Indonesia and Philippines.
5. What are the welfare programmes emperor?