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Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat LIP Ministry, ILO evaluate 2018 labour
receives ROK Ambassador migration projects in Myanmar

Vol. V, No. 289, 10 th Waning of Pyatho 1380 ME Wednesday, 30 January 2019

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi Gov’t takes

steps to ease
receives Republic of Serbia First Deputy Prime regulations in bid
Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs to attract foreign

U THAUNG TUN, the Union

Minister for Investment and
Foreign Economic Relations and
the Chairman of the Myanmar
Investment Commission, attend-
ed the second day of the Invest
Myanmar Summit 2019 in Nay
Pyi Taw, and re-affirmed plans to
establish standard operating pro-
cedures (SOPs) and a Land Bank
to ease investment procedures.
The setting up of the Min-
istry of Investment and Foreign
Economic Relations, which was
formed recently to attract foreign
investment, is among the signifi-
cant changes being made in My-
anmar, said the Union Minister.
The ministry’s MyCo Sys-
tem is offering online registration
to companies, he added.
He also stressed the impor-
tant role played by the youth in
the Fourth Industrial Revolution,
appreciating the aptitude dis-
played by Myanmar youths who
achieved success in the Robot
“Myanmar’s enviable ge-
ographical location makes the
country a strategic place as it
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi holds talks with Mr. Ivica Dacic, the Republic of Serbia First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign is sitting between China and
Affairs, in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA India, and both countries are
developing at the highest pace.

R EPUBLIC of the Union of

Myanmar State Counsellor
and Union Minister for Foreign
Mr. Ivica Dacic at the Presiden-
tial Palace yesterday morning.
At the meeting promoting bilat-
established coordination meet-
ings between the two foreign
ministries on a regular basis,
were openly discussed.
The meeting was attended
by Union Minister for Interna-
Understanding the importance
of the Belt and Road Initia-
tive, Myanmar is making the
Affairs Daw Aung San Suu Kyi eral relations and economic co- increasing bilateral cooperation tional Cooperation U Kyaw Tin, necessary investments to im-
received the Republic of Serbia operation in accordance with the in areas of mutual benefit in the officials from Office of the Presi- prove its infrastructure,” said
First Deputy Prime Minister historically long and friendly bi- international arena and coop- dent and Ministry of Foreign Af- U Thaung Tun.
and Minister of Foreign Affairs lateral relations, conducting the eration in news media matters fairs.— MNA (Trs: Zaw Min) SEE PAGE-4



MPs to discuss Union Minister for Investment Domestic gold price
committee proposal and Foreign Economic hits record high
for constitutional Relations receives Chairman of tracking positive
amendments Japan – Myanmar Association global trend

Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

MPs to discuss committee proposal for constitutional amendments

Aung Ye Thwin, Aye Aye Thant and discussions and review of

the Constitution should be made
HE third day of the in the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw. He
11th Regular session therefore supports the motion
of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw and urge the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw
was held yesterday at to discuss the proposal.
10 am in the Main Hall of the
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.

An urgent proposal to form a

joint Committee consisting
of Hluttaw members in order
to expeditiously implement
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat.  PHOTO: MNA Dr Myat Nyanna Soe.
the steps to be taken towards
amending the 2008 Consti- Nyunt stated that there are also order to expeditiously implement The Secretary of the Joint
tution provisions in the Constitution the tasks of amending the Con- Bill Committee Dr Myat Nyanna
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw repre- which impede the establishment stitution. U Aung Kyi Nyunt ex- Soe stated that at this moment
sentative U Aung Kyi Nyunt from of a multiparty democracy, that plained that what he is proposing it is not the case that a Bill to
Magway Region constituency 4 unbalances the checks and bal- now does not involve or deal with amend the Constitution is being
submitted an urgent proposal to ances required in the three pillars Articles 433, 434, 435 in Chapter submitted. Since a multiparty
Brig-Gen Maung Maung.
form a joint Committee consist- of democratic governance as well XII of the Constitution. He stated system is being practiced if a rep-
ing of Hluttaw members in order as provisions that do not provide that he was not proposing a draft Representative from the Tat- resentative, or a group of politi-
to expeditiously implement the for the equal protection of the laws bill to amend the Constitution but madaw Brig-Gen Maung Maung cal parties were to submit such
steps to be taken towards amend- of its citizens and also provisions only proposing a mechanism to stated that he was not asserting a proposal it could have deviated
ing the 2008 Constitution. which impair the holding of free systematically implement his pro- that the Constitution should not from the wishes of the majority
and fair elections. posal in conformity with Rule 66. be changed. He agreed that it of the people, citizens and the
The best way to protect the needs to be changed. Because indigenous people. This proposal
Constitution is to draft a Consti- of this agreement he was pro- could be discussed by all political
tution where the aspirations of posing that amendments should parties (representatives) in the
the citizens and the indigenous be made in conformity with the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw including
people are implemented in the procedures. All of the represent- the Tatmadaw personnel. Hence
future State. In order to smoothly atives in the Hluttaw are here in it is in conformity with the laws,
work towards such an outcome accordance with the provisions by laws and rules of the Hluttaw
the main duty falls on the Leg- of the 2008 Constitution. Proce- and therefore he solemnly re-
islative branch which is the Py- dural rule 135 states that a draft quested the Speaker to put into
idaungsu Hluttaw, U Aung Kyi bill be first proposed that a joint effect that this proposal be de-
Nyunt stated. committee of the Pyithu Hluttaw cided by the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw.
He continued to say that this and Amyotha Hluttaw have to re- The Speaker of the Pyidaungsu
U Aung Kyi Nyunt. is a time where under the auspic- view the draft Bill. If a Commit- Hluttaw asked the views of the
es of the 21st century Panglong Dr Wei Phyo Aung. tee were to be formed it would Hluttaw Members as to whether
U Aung Kyi Nyunt stated that Conference to establish perpetual Afterwards, the represent- not be known which Articles or the proposal should be consid-
amending provisions of the 2008 peace and national reconciliation ative of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw provisions of the Constitution ered through the electronic voting
Constitution is an important task it has already been agreed that from Thaketa constituency Dr would be reviewed, what would system. There were 394 votes for,
for the people of Myanmar in the the Union must be based on De- Wei Phyo Aung spoke in support the Committee do and how expan- 17 against and 3 abstentions. As
current situation. This task needs mocracy and Federalism. In order of the proposal. He stated that it sively would the Committee con- more than 1/3 of the Pyidaungsu
to be noted by and decided by the to smoothly implement such tasks has been over ten years since the sider such issues. Those in the Hluttaw members supported the
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw. He stated and to achieve mutual confidence 2008 Constitution was practised. Legislature should conduct their proposal the Speaker announced
that when a review is made of the it is necessary to amend the Con- Since more than a decade has actions in accordance with the that the Hluttaw has agreed to
2008 Constitution it is found that stitution. passed since its implementation laws and procedures and Brig- discuss the proposal.
there are provisions in the Consti- U Aung Kyi Nyunt stated that necessary changes should be adier Maung Maung stated that The Speaker also stated that
tution which are not in conformity he is making this solemn propos- made in order to keep up with this issue is not a task to be de- those Hluttaw representatives
with democratic norms, inconsist- al in conformity with the wishes the times. The people’s repre- cided by votes. who wish to discuss the proposal
ent provisions within the Constitu- of the entire people of Myanmar sentatives are conferred this duty After the Speaker of the Py- can put forward their names.
tion, provisions that would impede and in order to review the 2008 under the democratic system idaungsu Hluttaw stated that the It is learnt that the fourth day
the implementation of a genuine Constitution a joint Committee and they should take into con- statement of Brig-Gen Maung of the 11th regular session of the
democratic Federal Union which should be urgently formed with sideration the true wishes of the Maung is not accepted all the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw will be held
is a sine qua non to establish in- suitable representatives of the people and they would have the Tatmadaw personnel in the Py- on 1 February 2019.
ternal peace. Pyidaungsu Hluttaw. That Com- opportunity to do so in this era idaungsu Hluttaw stood up in
In addition, U Aung Kyi mittee could consider issues in where it is now ‘time for change’ protest. (Translated by Myint Zan)

2nd Pyidaungsu Hluttaw approves Replacement and reassignment of members of committees

A T the meeting Pyidaungsu Hluttaw

Speaker U T Khun Myat obtained
the agreement of Hluttaw on replac-
of Natmauk constituency as member of
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw’s Legal Affairs and
Special Cases Assessment Commission
of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Joint Public
Accounts Committee members. Com-
mittee members U Bo Gyi of Chauk
were being replaced by U Kan Myint of
Thayet constituency, Daw Ni Ni Don
of Paukkaung constituency, U Sit Aye
ing U Tin Htway of Waw constituency member. constituency, Daw Cho Cho Win of Maw- of Taungtha constituency and U Kyaw
who was reassigned as chairman of Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speaker also laik constituency, U Lin Zaw Tun of Tint of Tatkon constituency.
Pyithu Hluttaw Judicial and Legal Af- informed and obtained the agree- Mongphyat constituency and Tatmadaw
fairs Committee with U Aung Tin Lin ment of the Hluttaw on the replacing representative Brig-Gen Ye Naing Myo SEE PAGE-6
30 JANUARY 2019

Pyithu Hluttaw
Speaker U T Khun
Myat receives
ROK Ambassador
PYITHU HLUTTAW Speaker U parliaments and the peoples of
T Khun Myat received Ambas- the two countries, cooperation
sador Mr. Lee Sang-hwa from in development and establishing
the Republic of Korea at the friendship associations in the
Pyithu Hluttaw Building in Nay two parliaments were discussed
Pyi Taw, yesterday afternoon. in a friendly and open manner.
During the meeting matters — MNA
relating to strengthening rela- Pyithu Hluttaw Speaker U T Khun Myat shakes hands with ROK Ambassador Mr. Lee Sang-hwa in Nay Pyi Taw. 
tions between the governments, (Translated by Zaw Min) PHOTO: MNA

Union Minister for

Investment and Foreign
Economic Relations
receives Chairman of Japan
– Myanmar Association

UNION MINISTER for Invest- During the meeting, both

ment and Foreign Economic Re- sides cordially discussed mat-
lations U Thaung Tun received ters relating to the investment
Mr. Hideo Watanabe, Chairman in the sector of electricity and
of Japan – Myanmar Associ- energy which is the utmost im-
ation yesterday at 4:30 PM at portance for the development of
Ministry of Investment and Myanmar and further coopera-
Foreign Economic Relations, tion between the two countries, Union Minister U Thaung Tun holds talks with Japan – Myanmar Association Chairman Mr. Hideo Watanabe in
building No.(1), in Nay Pyi Taw. Myanmar and Japan.—MNA Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA

Union Minister U Kyaw Tin receives Republic of Serbia First

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
UNION MINISTER for Interna- of the Union of Myanmar and
tional Cooperation U Kyaw Tin Republic of Serbia was signed by
received the Republic of Serbia Union Minister U Kyaw Tin and
First Deputy Prime Minister the Republic of Serbia First Dep-
and Minister of Foreign Affairs uty Prime Minister and Minister
Mr. Ivica Dacic at the Union of Foreign Affairs Mr. IvicaDacic.
Minister’s guest hall in Minis- The agreement will enable
try of Foreign Affairs yesterday the holders of Diplomatic and
afternoon. Official Passports of the two
During the meeting, the countries to get the duration of
two sides exchanged views on stay not exceeding 90 days and
exchanging high level visits, will facilitate travel procedure
conducting regular coordina- for the holders.
tion between the two foreign Later in the afternoon
ministries, increasing bilateral Union Minister for Interna-
cooperation in sports, education, tional Cooperation hosted a
news media and culture and re- luncheon to the delegation led
gional and international matters by Republic of Serbia First
were discussed. Deputy Prime Minister and
After the meeting the Mu- Minister of Foreign Affairs at
tual Visa Exemption Agreement Park Royal Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw.
Union Minister U Kyaw Tin meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Ivica Dacic in Nay Pyi Taw for Diplomatic and Official Pass- — MNA
yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA port Holders between Republic (Translated by Zaw Min)

LIP Ministry, ILO evaluate labour migration projects

MINISTRY OF Labour, Immigra- who can work to reduce pov-
tion and Population and Interna- erty and to create appropriate
tional Labour Organization (ILO) works for them. Policy related
with the support of Australia’s to labour that are appropriate for
Department of Foreign Affairs development of qualified human
and Trade (DFAT), Global Affairs resources were established and
Canada (GAC), Developing Inter- implemented in accordance to
national Internal Migration Gov- the nation’s development policy
ernance (DILM) and Livelihood and courses on systematic man-
and Food Security Trust Fund agement of job opportunities ap-
(LIFT) hold a Labour Migration propriate to the labour resources
Stakeholders meeting at Thinga- were conducted to create skilled
ha Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw yesterday and discipline workforce and sus-
morning. tainable job opportunities said the
In his address at the meeting Union Minister.
Union Minister for Labour, Immi- Next, ILO Liaison Officer
gration and Population U Thein Mr. Rory Mugoven and an official
Swe said this meeting was held Union Minister for Labour, Immigration and Population U Thein Swe addresses Labour Migration Stakeholders from LIFT delivered messages
with the aims of evaluating 2018 meeting in Nay Pyi Taw on 29 January 2019.  PHOTO: MNA of greetings.
ILO Labour Migration projects, The opening ceremony was
modifying works and strategies tions in Labour Migration pro- zation is setting up appropriate in the world is becoming impor- attended by Pyithu and Amyotha
of 2019 Labour Migration projects jects and to share project works. policies and work processes to tant and Myanmar government Hluttaws representatives, de-
with suggestion of stakeholders The relation between Myan- press on in raising the protection is setting up and implementing partmental heads, officials from
and obtaining approval of the 2019 mar and ILO is clearly seen to of the rights of migrant labour reform work processes while ILO-Yangon, representatives of
work programs. Labour Migra- be progressing in a positive way and to reduce social and econom- placing emphasis on develop- civil society organisations and
tion Stakeholders meetings were through mutual cooperation and ic expenses in labour migration. ment of socio-economic of the invited guests. — MNA
held since 2016 to provide sugges- understanding. The UN organi- Creating job opportunities people, create jobs for anyone (Translated by Zaw Min)

Gov’t takes steps to ease regulations MOHS, Gavi discuss improving

in bid to attract foreign investment vaccination works in Myanmar
UNION MINISTER for vided by Gavi group in and Sports and the Unit-
Health and Sports Dr. the vaccination works, ed Nations Children’s
Myint Htwe met with status of strengthening Fund (UNICEF) on ‘The
Gavi, The Vaccine Alli- Vaccine Preventable Dis- Vaccine Independence
ance Chief Executive Of- ease Surveillance and Initiative-VII held in Park
ficer Dr. Seth Berkley and to improve vaccination Royal Hotel, Nay Pyi Taw.
Senior Country Manager coverage by prioritizing The Union Minister and
Mr. Dirk Gehi at Ministry ethnic national regions UNICEF Executive Di-
of Heatlh and Sports in were discussed. rector Ms. Henrietta H.
Nay Pyi Taw yesterday After the meeting the Fore signed the MoU at
morning. Union Minister attended the Signing Ceremony. —
During the meet- the Signing Ceremony of MNA
ing vaccination for dis- Memorandum of Under-
ease free and healthy standing (MoU) between (Translated by Zaw
children, supports pro- the Ministry of Health Min)

Union Minister U Thaung Tun take part in discussion at the Invest Myanmar Summit in
Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA

FROM PAGE-1 in the state. It has also set state rather than trading
up the Union Enterprise blame, he said.
When it comes to for Humanitarian Assis- The Union Minister
making and receiving tance, Resettlement and also praised the investors
investments, a win-win Development in Rakhine in Rakhine State, espe-
situation is important for State (UEHRD), the com- cially in the agriculture,
both sides, and all need to mittee for repatriation and production, education and
work together to achieve resettlement of displaced health sectors, and called
it, he said. people in Rakhine State, attention to the Invest-
Regarding the situa- and the Rakhine State ment Forum in Rakhine
tion in Rakhine, U Thaung Advisory Commission led State, which will be held
Tun said the Union Gov- by Dr. Kofi Annan, and is next month.
ernment understands carrying out development Afterwards, Union
the situation in the State works in the state. Minister U Thaung Tun
and has formed the Cen- Lack of development replied to queries raised
tral Committee led by the is one of the main chal- by participants of the sum-
State Counsellor to focus lenges faced by the state, mit. — MNA
Union Minister Dr. Myint Htwe holds talks with Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance Chief
on implementing peace, and it is important to work (Translated by Tun Executive Officer Dr. Seth Berkley and Senior Country Manager Mr. Dirk Gehi in Nay Pyi
stability, and development for the development of the Tun Naing) Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
30 JANUARY 2019

Union Minister for Information urges broad participation

in upcoming Children’s Literary Festival in Bago
THE Ministry of Information pledged that the Bago Region
and Bago Region Government Government provide assistance
coordinated a meeting in Bago for holding the festival meeting
yesterday in preparation for the with success.
holding of the Children’s Liter- At the meeting, Bago Re-
ary Festival at Bago University, gion Kayin Ethnic Affairs Min-
to be held from 28 to 30 March. ister Daw Naw Pwe Say and
Speaking at the meeting, Director-General of the Infor-
Union Minister for Information mation and Public Relations De-
Dr. Pe Myint said the reason partment U Ye Naing reported
for organizing children’s liter- on arrangements for holding the
ary festivals at universities and children’s literary festival and
convocation halls is to enable Secretary of the Bago Region
children to be exposed to the Government U Toe Win on work
atmosphere at the universities plan for the festival.
and to have the opportunity to Those attendees at the
envy university students. meeting also took part in the
Children’s literary festivals discussion.
have been held successfully Following the meeting, Un-
throughout the country thanks ion Minister Dr. Pe Myint and
Union Minister for Information Dr. Pe Myint addresses the coordination meeting for holding Children’s
to the efforts made not only by Bago Region Chief Minister
Literary Festival at Bago University from 28 to 30 March in Bago yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
the Ministry of Information, U Win Thein visited the Bago
but also by the Ministry of Ed- University.
ucation, respective region and departments to cooperate in in the festival. the university, but also to seek Bago’s Children’s Litera-
state governments, as well as conducting a similar festival in Regarding the booths at the participation of ethnic busi- ture Festival will be held from
cooperation by town officials Bago. the festival, the Union min- nessmen and ethnic traditional 28 to 30 March. — Hein Htet
and donors, said Union Minister Further, the Union minister ister called for setting up not cultural groups. (Bago)
Dr. Pe Myint. urged officials to invite alumni only those booths representing Afterwards, U Win Thein, (Translated by
He also urged various and town elders to participate governmental departments and Chief Minister of Bago Region, Tun Tun Naing)

Union Minister Dr. Myint Htwe addresses opening UN Secretary-General’s

ceremony of MRCS 81st Central Council Meeting Special Envoy on
Myanmar concludes visit
UNITED Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy on Myan-
mar Ms. Christine Schraner Burgener departed from Yangon
by air last night.
The UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy was seen off at
the Yangon International airport by U Zaw Phyo Win, Deputy Di-
rector-General of the Strategic Studies and Training Department
and U Zaw Tun Oo, Deputy Director-General of the Protocol
Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. — MNA

Union Minister Dr. Myint Htwe delivers the opening speech at the 81st Central Council Meeting of the
Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) in Nay Pyi Taw on 29 Jaunary 2019.  PHOTO: MNA

UNION MINISTER for Health the previous year, the possible and future works.
and Sports Dr. Myint Htwe at- situations that can be faced in Afterwards Union Minister
tended and addressed the open- the future are to be envisioned presented honorary medals and
ing ceremony of the 81st Central and practical strategies, work document of honors to full time
Council Meeting of the Myan- processes and plans are to be central council member U Khin
mar Red Cross Society (MRCS) drawn and implemented. Maung Hla, U Myo Min Naung
was held at the assembly hall Review the work of the past and U Bone Kyaw who had
of MRCS head quarter in Nay year and strengthen the weak- served for ten years as central
Pyi Taw. nesses. Do more where required council members and Deputy
The Union Minister called and reduce where there are ex- Minister Dr. Mya Lay Sein pre-
on the MRCS to lay down work cesses. The views and sugges- sented document of honors to
plans and objectives with innova- tions of the people on the ground donors – Coca Cola Company
tive vision as part of its efforts for are to be taken into considera- and U Tin Maung (Sandi offic-
speeding up its work, for quick tion said the Union Minister. inal material). The 81st Central
response to emergency situation Next MRCS President Prof. Council Meeting will be held for
and in cooperating with the min- Dr. Daw Mya Thu explained two days, it is learnt. — MNA   PHOTO: MNA
istry. Based on the experience of about the society’s works in 2018 (Translated by Zaw Min)

Hluttaw decides on bills

2nd Pyidaungsu Hluttaw 11th session 3rd day meeting After this the Hluttaw tabled
uency, Daw Htu May of Rakhine
State constituency 11, U Aung
motions and discussed by para- Hlaing Win of Mingaladon con-
FROM PAGE-2 the report. publishing 2018 Medium-term graph Myanmar Gemstone Bill stituency, Dr. Tin Tin Win of Bago
Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speak- Debt Management Strategy as and a bill to amend the Myan- Region constituency 5, U Sein
Joint Public Accounts Com- er announced for Hluttaw rep- well as discussion of the Hluttaw mar Accountancy Council Law Han of Kanma constituency, Dr.
mittee report 2/2019 read resentatives who want to dis- representatives. returned with comments by the Than Win of Mandalay Region
and motion tabled cuss the report to register their Following this Pyidaungsu President and decided on it. constituency 1, Dr. Than Aung
Next Joint Public Accounts names. Hluttaw Joint Public Accounts Hluttaw discusses National Soe of Minhla constituency, U
Committee’s findings and com- Hluttaw approves Joint Pub- Committee Vice Chairman U Education Policy Commis- Win Myint of Magway Region
ments report 2/2019 on the lic Accounts Committee re- Aung Min tabled a motion for the sion six-month report constituency 8, U Shwe Hla @
status of 2018 tax revenue for port 1/2019 Hluttaw to approve and accept Following the decision on U Shwe Hla Win of Thingang-
the six months of 2018 April to Afterwards, Deputy Minis- the report 1/2019. the bills, National Education Pol- yun constituency, Daw Naw
September sent by Union Gov- ter for Planning and Finance U Pyidaungsu Hluttaw Speak- icy Commission report on works Chris Tun @ Dr. Arr Kar Moe of
ernment was read by committee Maung Maung Win explained er then announced the Hluttaw’s conducted during the six-month Kayin State constituency 7 and
Joint Secretary Dr. Sai Hseng and discussed about Joint Public approval of the report after ob- period (10 April 2018 to 9 October Tatmadaw Pyithu Hluttaw rep-
Kyauk Hsam and a motion ta- Accounts Committee findings taining the decision of the Hlut- 2018) was discussed by Dr. Hla resentative Maj Htin Lin Oo.
bled for the Hluttaw to discuss and comments report 1/2019 on taw. Moe of Aungmyethazan constit- (Translated by Zaw Min)

Mekong-Lancang Cultural Exchange Youth Camp launched

News – Min Htat Aung kong-Lancang first special fund spoke of his happiness and honor
(Mann Sub Printing and Ministry of Religious Affairs for holding the Mekong-Lancang
House) and Culture is conducting two Cultural Exchange Youth Camp
Photo – Aung Phyo Kyaw projects. These two projects are in the cultural capital of Man-
workshop on Managing Cultural dalay.
OPENING ceremony of Me- Heritage in Lancang-Mekong Afterwards, Ambassador of
kong-Lancang Cultural Ex- Countries to be organized by De- People’s Republic of China to
change Youth Camp jointly partment of Archaeology and Myanmar Mr. Hong Liang and
hosted by Ministry of Religious National Museum in February Mekong-Lancang Cooperation
Affairs and Culture and National 2019 and this Mekong-Lancang Chairman Ministry of Foreign
University of Arts and Culture Cultural Exchange Youth Camp Affairs International Organisa-
(Mandalay) was held at Manda- organized by Culture and Na- tions and Economic Department
lay Hotel Shwepyitha yesterday tional University of Art and Cul- Director General U Chan Aye
morning. ture (Mandalay). delivered speeches.
The event kicks off with On behalf of the Republic of Following the speeches en-
playing of the Lancang-Mekong Union Minister Thura U Aung Ko presents a gift to a group leader from Union of Myanmar Ministry of tertainments were performed by
theme song. In his opening re- Mekong - Lancang at the Cultural Exchange Youth Camp event. Religious Affairs and Culture, students from National Univer-
mark Union Minister Thura U the Union Minister thanked the sity of Arts and Culture (Man-
Aung Ko said Cambodia, Laos, increase mutual understanding five cooperation sectors of Sanya Government of the People’s dalay) and group leaders from
Myanmar, Viet Nam, Thailand through exchange of culture so- Declaration. Republic of China that assisted Lancang-Mekong Cooperation
and China were depending on cial environs such as religion, The three pillars are public toward holding the Mekong-Lan- member countries were present-
and living together in the Me- language, traditions, practices policy and security; economic cang Cultural Exchange Youth ed with commemorative gifts.
kong-Lancang basin since years and transparency. and sustainable development; Camp and artistes youth repre- Artistes youth and officials from
past and member countries As such this project is being and social, cultural, and peo- sentatives from Lancang-Me- six member countries of Lan-
were still facing challenges in initiated with an aim to establish ple-to-people exchanges and kong countries who cooperated cang-Mekong region then took
constructing basic infrastruc- a Mekong-Lancang cultural ex- the five cooperation sectors are enthusiastically. It is hoped that commemorative group photo.
tures, raising industrial works change region through coopera- connectivity; expand production through this event artistes from Mekong-Lancang Cultural
and sustainable development tion of cultural groups and youth capacity; cross border econom- Lancang-Mekong countries in- Exchange Youth Camp will be
works in economy and social. artistes from six member coun- ic cooperation; cooperation in crease friendship, trust, realize held from 27 to 31 January in
As cooperation mechanism tries of Mekong-Lancang region. sustainable water resources the value and respect the cul- Mandalay Hotel Shwepyitha and
among the six member coun- When Mekong-Lancang region management and utilization; tures of others, cooperate and is attended by groups from six
tries need to be raised as soon countries conduct projects with and cooperation in agriculture exchange new views and ideas Mekong-Lancang countries with
as possible, meeting of artistes Mekong-Lancang special fund, and poverty reduction. said the Union Minister. each group consisting of four
from the six countries was being drawing up of the projects and Myanmar was granted Next, Mandalay Region min- youth artistes and one group
held. Furthermore, at this age, it requesting of funds are done permission to conduct ten pro- ister for agriculture, livestock leader.
is important to strengthen and according to three pillars and jects by five ministries with Me- and irrigation Dr. Soe Than (Translated by Zaw Min)

Myanmar, Israel discuss ways of

cooperation in agriculture
UNION MINISTER for Agriculture, using fertilizers, teaching tempera-
Livestock and Irrigation Dr. Aung ture control technology in universities
Thu received Israel Ambassador to of the two countries, increasing coop-
Myanmar H.E. Mr. Ronen Gilor at eration in research and conducting
the ministry’s guest hall yesterday agriculture technology cooperation
morning. projects were discussed. –—MNA
At the meeting technical cooper- (Translated by Zaw Min)
ation between Israel and Myanmar
Yezin Agricultural University, status Union Minister Dr. Aung Thu meets with
of conducting water management and Israel Ambassador Mr. Ronen Gilor in
Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA
irrigation test plots, irrigating crops,
30 JANUARY 2019
30 JANUARY 2019

Myanmar is open Hailing 72 Anniversary of Union Day nd 72nd Anniversary (2019)

Union Day National Objectives
for investment
The sublime spectacle of the Union spirit 1. All ethnic nationals to work with collective strength for

S Southeast Asia’s final frontier market, Myanmar has no non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of
dearth of investment opportunities. There is a growing national unity, perpetuation of national sovereignty; and to
domestic market, abundant natural resources, cheap work for preservation and protection of the above.
labour, and great agricultural potential. By Maung Nyein Aye We have different types of sources. Forests cover about 40% 2. To strive for the emergence of a Constitution that is in align-
Myanmar not only possesses significant potential for ag- landscape such as that of dry- of the total land area. They are ment and harmony with the Democratic Federal Union.

ricultural production, it also has rich reserves of minerals and ELIEVING with firm zone, plain, wetland area, moun- traditionally classified into two cat- 3. To strive for the success of the Union Peace Conference
natural gas. conviction of interna- tain, mountain range, cliff, coast, egories such as reserved forests – 21st Century Panlong and thence till the success of the
Business opportunities in the country are abundant in pro- tional boundaries, we littoral zone, shrub-land, forest, and unclassified (or public) forests. internal peace process.
portion to the critical need for foreign direct investment. all are residing in the rainforest, woodland walks, jungle, Forest exploitation is controlled 4. All union nationals to cooperate and work in “Unity and
We recently launched the Myanmar Investment Promotion Union of Myanmar with awesome moors and rough lands. by law, but the government allows Harmony” for rule of law and for the people to be secure
Plan (MIPP) which aims to attract more than US$200 billion in wonder in the spirit of a nation as a The Shan Hills, also known as rural communities to use various and free from danger.
investment through responsible and the quality business over the large family like brothers and sis- Shan Highland, elevated (3,000) to forest products. 5. All union citizens to be able to enjoy good education and
next 20 years, to help Myanmar’s transition to a middle-income ters of various ethnic nationalities. (5,000) feet, is a vast mountainous The sea in the southern part adequate health care protection.
country. Assessing in a broader aspect zone that extends through Yunnan of Myanmar has abundant re-
“I stand here to reaffirm our commitment to continue our on the ethnic nationalities in shap- to Myanmar and Thailand. The sources and creates fine weather
reform and to build an investment-friendly environment,” said ing into a nation, we are related to whole region is made up of numer- to the country.
State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi at the Invest Myanmar each other that could be seen in ous mountain ranges separated With regard to Myanmar gem-
Summit 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw on 28 January. the chronicle of the Union. mostly by narrow valleys as well stones, the first thing that springs
Our priority investment as a few broader intermountain to mind is high quality rubies and
areas include agriculture and Geographical situation basins. sapphires from Mogok in the Man-
We only ask related services, production
of value-added goods from
In the recorded history of the
world, the people moved to new
Inle Lake is in the Shan Hills
of Myanmar. At its southwestern
dalay Region.
The jade trade in Myanmar
investors to agricultural products, live- places where the grass is greener edge, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda consists of the mining, distribution, Myanmar Daily Weather Report
stock production, breeding and have comfortable landscape. with gilded Buddha statues. In and manufacture of the variety of (Issued on Tuesday 29 January 2019)
ensure that and production of fishery Naturally, people loved good soil the hills, near the market town of jade, called jadeite, which is pro-
products, export promotion and fresh water with fine weather Indein, the Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda duced in the nation. SUMMARY OF OBSERVATIONS RECORDED AT 09:30 hrs
they make industries, import substitu- where abundant harvests prevail, resembles a field of gold spires. As Myanmar still have plenty MST: During the past (24) hours, rain have been scattered
tion industries, power sector, and called it home. the time of noon in Myanmar is It has international boundary of heart and soul of the nation has all Myanmar Leg-Rowers are of vast lands in the country, it could in Upper Sagaing Region, isolated in Kachin and Chin states.
responsible logistics industries, education Large population moved to being slotted on. (3800) miles. the natural functioning capacities seen at Inle Lake. With an acro- provide its people with space of Weather has been partly cloudy in Mandalay, Magway, Bago,

investments by services, healthcare indus-

try, construction of affordable
such places and settled down, and
that Myanmar is one of the lands Geography Adorable Structure
of the anatomy of an individual.
Being defended by mountains
bat's alertness, an Intha fisherman
stands upright with one leg locked
comfort without the worrisome of
food, clothing and shelter.
Yangon and Taninthayi regions, Shan and Kayah states and
generally fair in the remaining regions and states. Night tem-

incorporating housing, and establishment of

industrial estates.
that people rushed in for settle-
ments. Since the ancient times, the
The country covers an area of
677,000 square kilometers (261,228
Myanmar consists of 14
states and regions; or 7 states
as well as high lands, they are like
the natural warriors of the coun-
around a beautiful long oar and the
other foot firmly gripping the flat
By fully utilizing the natural
resources with modern technol-
peratures were (3°C) below January average temperature in
Taninthayi Region, (2°C) above January average temperatures
environmental, We have created a busi-
ness environment conducive
population to become Myanmar
people had moved to that place,
square miles) ranging 936 kilom-
eters (581 miles) from the east to
representing the areas of 7 main
ethnic nationalities and 7 regions.
try with the Bago Yoma Mountain
standing tall in the middle.
bed of his boat as he rows along
the lake.
ogy, the nation is poised for de-
in Lower Sagaing and Bago regions and Kayah State, (3°C) to
(4°C) above January average temperatures in Upper Sagaing
social and to mutually beneficial invest- and the landscape of the whole west and 2051 kilometers (1275 All 7 states 1, whilst the regions The famous and mighty Ay- There are many mountains and Mandalay regions, Kachin and Chin states and about
ments by simplifying busi- areas is stable and secure for hab- miles) from north to south. are mainly plain areas with the eyawaddy River is flowing as the in Myanmar coming down from Stability January average temperature in the remaining regions and
governance ness rules and regulations, itation in terms of geographical It is a land of hills and valleys exception of Sagaing, Bago and life blood of the nation with the Himalayan Mountains standing The boundary demarcations states. The significant night temperatures were (3°C) in Heho,
and welcoming all forms of situation until today. and is rimmed in the north, east Taninthayi Regions. sister rivers namely Chindwin tall as defence columns with the of Myanmar and the geographical (4°C) in Haka, (5°C) in Nyaungshwe, (6°C) each in Hsipaw and
factors in their responsible investment: pub- and west by mountain ranges States and Regions are struc- condition of the country indicate Pinlaung and (7°C) in Nawnghkio. The noteworthy amount of
lic and private, national and To be noted forming a giant horseshoe. En- tured as follows. the fine and secured sovereign rainfall recorded was Mawlaik (0.24)inch.
undertakings. global, in the form of capital
as well as capacity.
At the southern end of the har-
bor lies the beautiful cape, named
closed within the mountain barri-
ers are the flat lands of Ayeyawad-
Ayeyawaddy Region; Bago
Region; Chin State; Kachin State; The notion of 'one heart, one soul, status, as a nation requires solid
and firm grounds of her territorial
BAY INFERENCE: Weather is partly cloudy over the Andaman
Sea and Southeast Bay of Bengal and a few cloud elsewhere in
We do not want to be a
resource-exporting country. The only resource that we want to
for King Bayint Naung, a Burmese
monarch, and that Khakaborazi
dy, Chindwin and Sittaung River
valleys where most of the country's
Kayah State; Kayin State; Magway
Region; Mandalay Region; Mon
one nation forever, one aim, one goal, integrity. The adorable geograph-
ical condition must remain intact
the Bay of Bengal.
truly develop is human resources. Snowcapped Mountain is believed agricultural land and population State; Rakhine State; Shan State; one determination for all' must be for the sovereignty and independ- Rain will be widespread in Upper Sagaing Region and Kachin
With a fairly large population of 53 million, half of whom are to be Myanmar's highest mountain are concentrated. Sagaing Region; Tanintharyi Re- ence of a nation. State and isolated in Lower Sagaing Region, Northern Shan
aged 30 or below, Myanmar also has a sizeable and expanding in the north, and with its height of The Myanmar Standard gion; Yangon Region; Nay Pyi Taw deeply ingrained in the minds of all and Chin states. Degree of certainty is (80%). Weather will be
internal market which will surely benefit from greater cooperation
and integration with external markets.
5,881. The peak is enclosed within
Khakaborazi National Park.
Time, taken as on East Longitude
97 degree 30', is 6 hours 30 minutes
Looking at states in clockwise,
the citizens of the country. One heart one soul
Sovereignty is the power of a
partly cloudy in Mandalay, Magway and Taninthayi regions,
(Southern and Eastern)Shan, Rakhine and Kayah states and
Therefore, we must increase collaboration with the private sec- Maungdaw is a town in Ra- ahead of Greenwich meantime. we can see Rakhine State; Chin state to do everything necessary generally fair in the remaining regions and states.
tor, an important partner and the most reliable engine for growth. khine State, in the western part of Country with spacious land State; Kachin State; Shan State; to govern itself, such as making, STATE OF THE SEA: Sea will be slight to moderate in Myan-
In addition, we have the opportunity to play a major role in Myanmar, and that Kyaing Tong is Myanmar is the second larg- Kayah State; Kayin State, and Mon River, Sittaung River, Sanlween fertile lands namely Bago Region, executing, and applying laws; im- mar waters. Wave height will be about (3-5) feet off and along
supporting the expansion of trade and investment across the far from the rest of Myanmar in the est country in South East Asia with State in a horseshoe shape. Up and River and other rivers running Yangon Region and Ayeyawad- posing and collecting taxes; mak- Myanmar Coasts.
Asia-Pacific region and even the world, by offering access to the heart of the Golden Triangle in the (167) million acres of land, larger inside, we can find Sagaing Re- down from north to south. dy Region. Since the inception of ing war and peace; and forming OUTLOOK FOR SUBSEQUENT TWO DAYS: Likelihood of
Indian and Pacific Oceans via the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman far east of Shan State. Kyaing Tong than Japan and double the size of gion; Mandalay Region; Magway The head like feature of Mighty Ayeyawaddy River, it has treaties or engaging in commerce isolated rain in Upper Sagaing and Taninthayi regions and
Sea, as well as to the neighboring economies of Cambodia, Laos, is set in the far east of the country. Britain. The country accommo- Region. We can see Bago Region; the country stands out with the created deltic region with excel- with foreign nations. Kachin State.
Viet Nam and, of course, China. dated her people with comfortable Yangon Region; Ayeyawaddy Re- snowcapped mountain Khakabo- lent soil for cultivation, especially Therefore, the notion of 'one FORECAST FOR NAY PYI TAW AND NEIGHBOURING AREA
The World Bank has acknowledged the positive change in Location land spaces for many years. gion, down and inside, and Tanin- razi with the elevated level of over rice crops. heart, one soul, one nation forev- FOR 30 January 2019: Generally fair weather.
Myanmar’s investment climate brought about by the current re- Myanmar is situated in South- Myanmar has a long coastal tharyi Region in the lower part of (19,000) feet rising up in the sky er, one aim, one goal, one deter- FORECAST FOR YANGON AND NEIGHBOURING AREA
forms and those implemented in 2017, the year we earned the Star east Asia and located between line of (1,385) miles from Naff River the country. On the world map, it is along with Gamlang Razi Moun- Balanced Prosperity mination for all' must be deeply FOR 30 January 2019: Generally fair weather.
Reformer Award. But we cannot and will not rest on our laurels. latitudes 09 32'N and 28 31'N and to King Bayunt Naung Cape in the like a human form of the head, the tain, showing the natural beauty. With all the available rivers ingrained in the minds of all the FORECAST FOR MANDALAY AND NEIGHBOURING AREA
We will continue to strive to improve the investment climate. longitudes 92 10'E and 101 11'E. south. The country is bordered by body, the waist line, and the limbs. and creeks in the whole of the citizens of the country. Let us FOR 30 January 2019: Partly cloudy.
We only ask investors to ensure that they make responsible Kyaing Tong is situated near China to the north and northeast, Natural Gifts country, many dams and reser- united and save the beauty of our
investments by incorporating environmental, social and govern- Mekong River, and that Tropic of Laos to the east, Thailand to the Good Feature Snowcapped mountains, deep voirs have been built, releasing nation and land from vulnerability
ance factors in their undertakings.
We are confident that investing in Myanmar will bring good
Cancer runs near Ma Bane, Kut
Khaing, Ta Gaung and Tiddim.
southeast, the Andaman Sea and
Bay of Bengal to the south and
Geographical structure and
physical condition of Myanmar
valleys, twists and turns of the riv-
ers and creeks, and all the splen-
water for cultivation and gener-
ating electricity.
so that we stayed on in the land
of awesome wonder in the spirit
Adver t is e w it h us/ Ho t L ine
returns to investors. The East Longitude 96 degree is southwest, Bangladesh to the is very much resembled like a dors of lakes large and small can Myanmar is well endowed of Union. : 09974 4 24 84 8
the most remarkable line, where west, and India to the northwest. human being, and moreover, the be enjoyed in the country. with forests and other natural re- Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

Republic of the Union of Myanmar

Office of the President
Press Release No. 4/2019
8th Waning of Pyatho, 1380 ME
(28 January 2019)

Additional statistical bulletin on drug seizures, acting on information

1. In order to prevent and eradicate the dangers of narcotic drugs and psychotropic drugs, the Office of the President has formed the Drug Activity Special Complaint
Department on 26 June 2018 to systematically accept and respond to reports on drug abuses and other related cases from the general public.
2. With orders from the Office of the President, the Drug Activity Special Complaint Department relayed information on reports on drug-related offenses up to 26 January
2019 to the Ministry of Home Affairs to take action, as displayed below:

No Nature of report Details on seizure and legal action taken So far 6 cases have been opened files as of last weeks, 12
On 20-1-2019, police searched Ma Mi Toke (a) Ma Nan men have been arresting, together with heroin and stim-
Moe Aye’s house in Ma Pyin Village, Mohnyin Tsp, Kachin ulant tablets.
Information received of Ma On 22-01-2019, police searched Yan Htet Tin Win, 18, son of U
State, then police found out 88/1 stimulant tablets. A case
Mi Toke living in Ma Pyin Vil- Aung Tint, living at No. 206, Pannaykyar Street, Payarphyu
1 has been opened with Ma Mi Toke (a) Ma Nan Moe Aye, Na Information received of sell-
lage, Mohnyin Tsp, Kachin Ward, Taungyi Tsp.
Ma Sa (Loneton) ing illegal drugs in Payar
State, selling illegal drugs. 8 It was found out that Nyi Nyi Htwe, 17, Ward 15, Yayayekwin
MaYa(Pa) 4/2019 under Section 16-C of the Anti-Narcotic Phyu ward, Taunggyi Tsp,
Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. Ward, and Zaw Nyein Thu, 17, son of U Law Oo, together
Shan State.
On 24-1-2019, police searched in the paddy fields of Myo with WY stimulant tablets and opium.
Haung Ward, Beelu Myo Village, Mohnyin Tsp, then police A case has been opened with four of them in accordance
Information received of with NaMaSa(Taunggyi) MaYa(Pa)11/2019 under Section
searched for Moe Oo, 30, daughter of U San Thaung, and
selling illegal drugs in Myo 19(A)/21 of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Sub-
found out 88/1 stimulant tablets, together with Tun Nu, 40,
Haung Ward, Beelu Myo Vil- stances Law.
2 son of U Aung Htwe, lived in Kantawgone village.
lage, Mohnyin Tsp, Kachin On 21-01-2019, police searched Daw Aye Aung @ Thidar
State. Aung, 46, daughter of U Bahar Du, living in Zatsu Ward,
A case has been opened with MaMaSa(Moehyin),
MaYa (Pa) 11/2019 under Section 16 (C) /21 of the Hspw Tsp, it was found out that Ma Htet Htet Naing, 19,
Anti-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. daughter of U Kyaw Naing Tun and Ma Tadar Myo Lwin, 19,
Information receiving of Daw
On 21-1-2019, police searched Hla Moe @ Pauksi, 40, daughter daughter of U Myo Lwin, together with ‘88/1’ psychotropic
Aye Aung selling illegal drugs
of U Nyunt Shaung, whose house in Butar (A) Ward, No. 1 9 tablets.and opium.
in the Zatsu Ward, Hsipaw
Information received of Pauk Ward, Shwebo Tsp, Sagaing Region, and found out 88/1 Tsp, Northern Shan State.
Si, selling narcotic drugs at stimulant tablets. A case has been opened with NaMaSa(Hsipaw)
3 his house in Butar (A), No.1 A case has been opened with MaMaSa(Shwebo), MaYa(Pa)1/2019 under Section 19(A)/21 of the Anti-Narcotic
Ward, Shwebo Tsp, Sagaing MaYa(Pa)2/2019 under Section 18(c) of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.
Region. Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.

On 25-01-2019, police searched Zaw Min Oo @ Sakhan Koneyi,

Information received of Zaw
On 26-1-2019, police searched Myint Aung, 40, son of U Aung 35, son of U Sai Aik Lone, and arrested him, together with
Min Oo who lives at 3/3, Aung
Tin, and found out heroine, together with Min Aung, 30, son ‘88/1’ psychotropic tablets.
Information received of Myint 10 San Street, Ward 3, Kyaukme
of U Ohn Thein, at his house. A case has been opened with NaMaSa(Kyaukme) MaYa(Pa)
Aung, selling illegal drugs in Tsp, and Northern Shan
6/2019 under Section 19(A)/21 of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs
ThaYaung Village, Phaung- State, selling illegal drugs.
4 A case has been opened with MaMaSa (Phaungpyin) MaYa and Psychotropic Substances Law
pyin Tsp, Sagaing Region.
(Pa) 6/2019 under Section 16(C)/20(A)/21of the Anti-Narcotic
Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.
On 25-01-2019, police searched Sal Bo’s house in Pya Chaung
Information received of Village, Ngwe Oo tract, Mabein Tsp, and discovered Sawbo,
On 23-1-2019, police searched Daw Ei Yat @ Daw Hla Tin, selling illegal drugs in Pya 41, son of U Bo Oo, together with opium.
Information received of living at No. (4/28), Ward 4, Lamaing, Yay Tsp, Mon State, 11 Chaung Village, Ngwe Oo A case has been opened with NaMaSa(Mabein) MaYa(Pa)
Daw Ei Yat, who lives at No. and found WY stimulant tablets at his house. tract, Mabein Tsp, Northern 8/2019 under Section 16(C) of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and
(4/28), Ward 4, Lamaing, Yay Police searched Thein Han @ Ah Nyone, 42, son of U Maung Shan State. Psychotropic Substances Law
Tsp, Mon State, together with Pyu and found WY stimulant tablets and ICE at No. 4/27,
5 Ahnyone and his wife Ma Ward 4, Lamaing, Yay Tsp, Mon State.
Khin San Win, selling illegal On 22-01-2019, police searched the house of Aung Paing Oo,
drugs. A case has been opened with NaMaSa (Lamaing) MaYa
(Pa) 4/2019 under Section 19-A/20(A)/21 of the Anti-Narcotic 44, son of U Aung Myint Swe, and arrested him, together
Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law. Information received of Aung with ‘88/1’ psychotropic tablets and marijuana. Police found
Paing Oo living at No. 3, 3rd Moe Aung, 27, son of U Kyaw Soe, of selling illegal drugs.
12 Street, Ward 3, Maubin Tsp, A case has been opened with NaMaSa(Maubin) MaYa(Pa)
On 25-01-2019, police searched Thet Oo, 59, son of U Tun
Kyi, living in 2nd Zayyawaddy, 10/South, 13 Ward, Thakayta Ayeyarwady Region. 3/2019 under Section 19(A)/20(A)/21 of the Anti-Narcotic
Tsp, together with his sons Naing Oo who is 31, and Nway Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.
Information received of Thet Oo who is 29,
Oo, Naing Oo, Nway Oo, Wing Ma Zin Mi Mi Oo @ Wine Ohn Chit, 20, daughter of U Min
Ohn Chit and Myo Thandar Thiha, living at 2102 (A), Zayawaddy 2nd Street. It was found
6 Tun, selling illegal drugs in out that they bought it from Myo Thandar Tun, 25, daughter On 25-01-2019, police searched Than Htwe Soe’s house at at
Zayyawaddy 2nd Street, 13 of U Aung Kyi Tun. Information received of Than 67, Bogyoke Road, Yonegyi Ward, Hinthada Tsp, Ayeyarwady
Ward, Thakayta Tsp, Yangon A case has been opened with
Region. Htwe Soe, living at 67, Bo- Region, then police discovered Than Htwe Soe, 50, son of U
NaMaSa (Takayta) MaYa (Pa) 1/2019 under Section 19(A)/21 13 gyoke Road, Yonegyi Ward, Sit Kway, together with marijuana.
of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Hinthada Tsp, Ayeyarwady A case has been opened with NaMaSa(Hinthada) MaYa(Pa)
Region, selling illegal drugs. 1/2019 under Section 16 (c) of the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and
So far 37 cases have been opened files as of last weeks, 35 Psychotropic Substances Law
men and 3 women have been arresting, together with heroin
and stimulant tablets.

On 20-01-2019, police searched Aik Ngo, 28, son of U Aik

3. Out of the information sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs, so far 479 cases have
Saing, and Aik Sam, 45, son of U Maw Hein, and found 88/1 been opened as of 26-1-2019, and 632 men and 119 women have been arrested
stimulant tablets and herorin. A case has been opened with with seizures of 5,673.92 g of heroin, 67.141 g of ICE, 38,606.44 g of opium, 329.6 g
Information received of sell-
MaMaSa(Kutkai) MaYa(Pa)11/2019 under Section 19(A)/21 of
ing illegal drugs in Ward 4, of low-quality opium, 18,795.28 g of speciosa powder, 7,273.99 g of speciosa, 211,693
7 the Anti-Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.
Group 10 on hill, Ward 4, Kut- stimulant tablets, 3,8764.04 g of marijuana, 0.1 liters of opium tincture, 278.06 g of
kai Tsp, Northern Shan State.
On 25-01-2019, police searched Ma Le Site Yin, 23, daughter opium blocks, 60 g of poppy seeds, 3.45 g of crushed stimulant tablet powder, 0.001
of U Le Shwin Paung, together with Arr Kyu@Yan Khite g of crushed ecstasy powder, 14 firearms, 211 different bullets, and 1 grenade.
Kyu, 36, son of U Tan Kwe Ann, and 88/1 stimulant tablets.
A case has been opened with Ma MaMaSa(Kutkai) Efforts for fighting the drug trafficking has been stepped up and the ministry
MaYa(Pa)12/2019 under Section 19(A)/21 of the Anti-Nar- will report on further exposed cases.
cotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Law.
30 JANUARY 2019

Additional statistical bulletin on drug seizures, acting on information

FROM PAGE-10 Taninthayi Region, three men were arrested with 7840 stimulant tablets. One man
who lived in Yanmyolon village, Magway Region, was arrested with 115 stimulants.
4. In addition to the investigations and arrests conducted on drug related complaints In the Myauksetyeik village, Patheingyi Township, Mandalay Region, one man was
mentioned above, the Tatmadaw and Myanmar Police Force have also carried out arrested with 20 bottles of Diazepam Injection, 0.002 g of heroin and 11 motorbikes.
separate investigations on drug complaints, search and arrests at border gates, At the 16-mile gate, Mandalay Region, two women were arrested with 2000 stimulant
and searches of vehicles acting upon given information. tablets and 550 g of opium. Near the Leigyi Bridge, Mogok Township, two men were
During the previous week, multiple arrests were made in the border regions and arrested with 440 stimulant tablets, 2490 g of heroin, low-quality opium 16 g and a
joint-surveillance gates. motorcar. At a hotel in Kuthoseik Ward, Mingalartaungnyunt Township, four men
In Myothit Ward, Myitkyina Tsp, Kachin State, one man was arrested with 41963 were arrested with 1014 stimulant tablets and 15 g of ICE. Ward 1, Labutta Township,
stimulant tablets, 1796 g of heroin and a car. In Sal mile village, Mohnyin Township, Ayeyawady Region, one woman was arrested with 656 stimulant tabets, 2.41 g of
two men were arrested with 5130 stimulant tablets and 1111 g of Heroin. In Kyauk- stimulant powder, 34.34 g of marijuana. Pawthoke village, Kawthaung Township,
thwetaung village, Hpakant Townshp, a man was arrested with 2000 stimulant an illegal Thailand man was arrested with 900 stimulant tablets and ICE 4 g.
tablets, a motorbike. Investigation was made at his house, where police found out There have been 3 measures of ammunition. In Market ward, Hsisang Township,
76000 stimulant tablets, 990 g of heroin. In Wakah village, a man was arrested with Shan State, a man was arrested with 9800 stimulant tablets, one revolver, 9 mm
2755 stimulant tablets, 100 g of heroin. While police was patrolling on the Ponchaung bullets and one grenade, a Vigo car. One man was arrested with 17 stimulant tablets,
Bridge, Ponchaung village, Shartaw Township, Kayah State, a man was arrested one revolver, 12 bullets and one pistol. In Tharyargone village, Kungtung Township,
with 1925 stimulant tablets and a motorbike. On Zaythabyin-Kyarkalaythwar road one man was arrested with 220 stimulant tablets and one home-made gun.
Kayin State, police arrested a man, together with 975 stimulant tablets, a motorbike. There have been 257 cases being opened between 20-1-2019 and 26-1-2019, and 305
In Razadarit Street, Myaingthayar ward, Mawlamyine, one man was arrested with men and 47 women have been arrested. Seizures were made of 7587.738 g of heroin,
668 stimulant tablets. In Kyetyonepyin village, Maungtaw Township, Rakhine State, 89.44 g of ICE, 24.75 g of low-quality opium, 19474.291 g of opium, 9 g of opium block,
investigation team had found a total of 194805 stimulant tablets. Investigation team 0.1 liter of Toluene, 534474 stimulant tablets, 2.41 g of stimulant tablet powder, 489.59
had found 29250 stimulant tablets near the Naf River, Rakhine State. In Ward 3, g of marijuana, 20 Diazepan Injestiction, 4 guns, 16 bullets, two bullet caskets and
Kunling Township, Shan State, one woman was arrested with 1625 stimulant tablets, one handgrenade.
17200 g raw opium. At the Oriental Toll gate in Lashio Township, four people were 5. To seize further drugs and to arrest drugs dealers, people are urged to inform
arrested with 7800 stimulants, 132 g heroin, a motor car. On the Muse-Mandalay the Ministry of Home Affairs, region and state governments and to inform huge
Highway, two people were arrested with 100000 stimulant tablets, one motor car. cases of drug trafficking and other suspicious cases directly to the Drug Activity
Near the Oriental Toll gate, two people were arrested together with 10000 stimulant Special Complaint Department of the Office of the President via following contact
tablets. In the Pansankya village, Kungtung Township, a woman was arrested to- numbers:
gether with 1603 stimulant tablets. Ohntaw village, Sagaing Region, a woman was
arrested with 499 stimulant tablets. On the road to Kawlin Township, two people Contacts
were arrested together with 1000 stimulant tablets and two motor bikes. Near the Auto telephone No. —067-590200
Tawpone village, Pinlebu Township, one man was arrested with 570 stimulant Fax Phone No. — 067-590233
tablets, 1306.4 g raw opium and one motorbike. At Ward C, Longlon Township, Email Address —

Ethnic youth to promote Mekong-Lancang

Cultural Exchange
friendly ties in Nay Pyi Taw Youth Camp 2019
A DELEGATION of 150 Forum in Mandalay
ethnic people from re-
mote areas began an ex- THE Mekong-Lancang and tourism industry.
cursion to foster better Cultural Exchange Youth Mekong-Lancang
ties with a visit to Nay Camp 2019 Forum, organ- countries such as Cam-
Pyi Taw 28 January. ized by National Univer- bodia, China, and Laos
The group is making sity of Arts and Culture, conducted paper-reading
tour several destinations Mandalay, the Ministry of sessions on the ‘Tradition-
from 28-31 January, un- Religious Affairs and Cul- al Culture of Lancang-Me-
der an arrangement with ture in collaboration with kong Region’ at the forum.
the Ministry of Border the Directorate of Hotels At the event, Me-
Affairs. and Tourism (Mandalay kong-Lancang countries
The ministry has branch) and the Manda- also discussed sustaina-
arranged the program lay Region government, ble development goals in
with the aim of enhanc- was held at the Shwe Pyi relation with the culture
ing friendship and under- Tha hotel in Mandalay on and tourism industry,
standing among ethnic 28 January. promoting their culture
people. The forum was at- and tourism industries,
As part of the sixth tended by over 200 people, increasing cooperation
ethnic youth excursion including officials from on managing the tour-
program, the 150-mem- Ethnic youth excursion group pose for a documentary photo in front of the Maha Setkya the Ministry of Religious ism route along the Me-
ber group comprising Yanthi Pagoda in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.  PHOTO: MNA Affairs and Culture, the kong-Lancang border,
30 people each from Directorate of Hotels and providing techno-
the Naga Self-Adminis- in Yezin, the Zoological Then, they paid a visit to visited the Defence Ser- and Tourism (Mandalay logical assistance, and
tered Zone, Mon State, Garden, and the Safari the Maha Setkya Yanthi vices Museum, where branch), and the Manda- ensuring successful co-
Kachin State, Shan State Park in Nay Pyi Taw. Pagoda yesterday morn- they viewed documen- lay Region government, operation. They also for-
(North), and Taninthayi They were accompa- ing and donated cash. tary photos of the peace and representatives from mulated future plans and
Region visited the Maha nied by officials from the Thereaf ter, they process, other military China, Viet Nam, Laos, shared information about
Bawdi Pagoda (Buddha Department of Develop- headed to the Mausole- documents, and weap- Cambodia, Thailand, and their culture and tourism
Gaya), the Department ment for Border Areas um for Heroes (Nay Pyi ons.—MNA Myanmar, and represent- industries. —MNA
of Agricultural Research and National Races. Taw). Later, the group (Translated by JT) atives from the cultural (Translated by Hay Mar)

w w w.glob al n ewl i g hto f myan mar.c o m

FDA conducting surprise checks every month
Aye Min Soe
on drinking water plants in four townships
By Nyein Nyein failing to follow GMP are being were running without production business address on the label,
SENIOR EDITORIAL CONSULTANT disqualified and production is certificates and were not comply- while some labels include only a
Kyaw Myaing THE Department of Food and being temporarily halted. The ing with GMP guidelines. phone number and a brand name.
Drug Administration (FDA) has factories are being permitted to “The unlawful factories were Consumer must check how clean
Zaw Min been carrying out surprise in- resume business once they pass directed not to distribute their the water bottle is, and avoid us-
Zaw Htet Oo spections at drinking water plants an assessment and are found water. If they are found to violate ing water bottles without proper
Win Ko Ko Aung
in four townships of Yangon Re- complying with the standard rules and regulations, action will labels. The public must file a com-
INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR gion every month, said Dr. Min guidelines. be taken against them under the plaint if they find unlicensed man-
Ye Htut Tin, Wun, the head of FDA (Yangon). “We inspected around 16 existing laws,” according to Yan- ufacturers running their business “The plan is expected to factories this month. We have gon Region FDA. in the market,” said Dr. Min Wun.
cover the whole region, so, the not made the monthly report At present, the Yangon FDA The FDA Yangon inspect-
Tun Tun Naing (Editor), FDA is inspecting factories in four yet. Some factories have been has increased the frequency of ed 16 drinking water factories in townships in the four districts of terminated. Some businesses inspections to clamp down on un- December and found two were
Nwe Nwe Tun (Sub-editor),
Yangon Region. We are checking changed their production pro- registered factories. Consumers running their businesses with-
three or four factories in each cess, bringing it in line with pu- are also being encourage to buy out a licence. Of the remaining
TRANSLATORS township. The inspection is not rification procedures and GMP only FDA-certified drinking water factories, 11 were disqualified
Khaing Thanda Lwin, concerned with any complaint. guidelines, and then, they were and lodge complaints against it for not following GMP guidelines
Hay Mar Tin Win,
Ei Myat Mon
We are just making surprise permitted to restore production,” if they find any unlicensed busi- and were temporarily shut down,
Kyaw Zin Lin checks on factories,” he said. said Dr. Min Wun. nesses. “We can easily detect while three cleared the inspec-
Kyaw Zin Tun During the inspections, of- Additionally, acting on com- legal and illegal distributors. tion, according to data from FDA
ficials with the FDA have been plaints from the public, the FDA For example, if a water bottle is Yangon.
Nyein Nyein Ei, checking whether factories are inspected two drinking water tagged with the FDA certificate There are about 400 drinking producing drinking water in line factories namely Kaung Kaung number on the label, it has been water enterprises approved by
with good manufacturing prac- and Shwe Myanmar brands. The approved by the FDA. Illegal dis- the FDA in Yangon.
Kyaw Zeya Win @ Phoe Khwar
tices (GMP). Factories which are officials found the some factories tributors do not mention their (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

Tun Zaw, Thein Ngwe,
Zaw Zaw Aung, Ye Naing Soe,
Hnin Pwint, Kay Khaing Win,
Sanda Hnin, Thein Htwe
Bat cave conservation area is home to
(+95) (01)8604529,
Fax — (+95) (01) 8604305
1.1 mln bats, 99 bird species: research
AN estimated 1.1 million bats
San Lwin, (+95) (01) 8604532,
Hotline - 09 974424114 and 99 species of birds have
been registered in the bat cave
ADVERTISING & MARKETING conservation area in Kanbalu
( +95) (01) 8604530,
Hotline - 09 974424848
Township of Sagaing Region, according to a research paper. The Forest Department
teamed up with the Wildlife
Printed and published at the Global New
Light of Myanmar Printing Factory at Conservation Society (Myan-
No.150, Nga Htat Kyee Pagoda Road, Bahan mar Program) to carry out
Township, Yangon, by the Global New Light research on the population
of Myanmar Daily under Printing Permit No.
00510 and Publishing Permit No. 00629.
size of bats dwelling in the bat
cave conservation area. The count was conducted The entrance of Bat Cave in Kanbalu Township, Sagaing Region.   PHOTO: NYI TU
between 16 and 19 January.
The research found the species of birds, including rare while some can eat flowers ulations and contribute to the
bat cave conservation area and endangered species, have and fruits. ecosystem. —Nyi Tu
is home to an estimated 1.1 also been recorded in the area. They play a significant
million bats. Additionally, 99 Bats generally eat insects, role in controlling insect pop- (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

Over 360 people killed in road accidents

in Magway in one year
Write for us
We appreciate your feedback and A TOTAL OF 367 deaths were ple died and 2,799 were injured people were not using helmets tion in Magway Region. The
contributions. If you have any comments reported in road accidents in in 1,610 accident cases report- while driving their motorbikes. traffic police have filed charg-
or would like to submit editorials,
analyses or reports please email Magway Region in 2018, ac- ed in Magway Region in 2018. To reduce the number of road es against suspected reckless cording to the region’s traffic “When we analyse the ac- accidents, the traffic police are drivers at any time under sec-
with your name and title.
Due to limitation of space we are only and road safety council. cident records, we found that conducting awareness talks tions 279, 337, 338 and 304 (A)
able to publish “Letter to the Editor” According to the council’s in most cases people were regularly and distributing of the Penal Code.—Zeyatu
that do not exceed 500 words. Should
you submit a text longer than 500 words report, 386 people were killed driving vehicles after consum- pamphlets to the public,” said (Magway)
please be aware that your letter will be and 2,844 injured in 1,602 road ing alcohol and flouting traffic U Tin Nwe Oo, the Minister of
mishaps in 2017, while 367 peo- rules. In some cases, we found Construction and Transporta- (Translated by Hay Mar)
30 JANUARY 2019

Domestic gold price hits record high tracking positive global trend
By Nyein Nyein the rise. Otherwise, the The price of local gold
price of domestic gold could declined to K1,027,100 per
WITH the price of the have crossed K1,060,000 per tical on 30 November from
yellow metal strengthen- tical,” said U Ohn Myaing. K1,044,500 per tical on 2 No-
ing in the global markets, The price of domestic vember. The price of gold
domestic gold prices too gold has been gradually in- increased to K1,043,000
have registered an increase creasing in the local mar- per tical on 29 December
to touch a record high of ket since mid- December from Ks987,000 per tical on
K1,059,000 per tical (0.578 on the back of the positive 4 December, according to a
ounce) on 28 January, said trend in global gold prices. gold dealer.
U Ohn Myaing, the gener- The domestic gold Starting from 21 July,
al secretary of Myanmar price reached a record high 2017, domestic gold price
Gold Entrepreneurs Asso- of K1,050,000 per tical on 4 has remained above
ciation. January, and touched an- K900,000 per tical. With
“As a consequence of other record of K1,059,000 PHOTO: PHOE KHWAR the rise in the global gold
the rising global gold price, per tical on 28 January, price, the domestic price
the price of domestic gold according to gold traders. domestic gold price is due in domestic prices,” said U the local market, he add- also peaked at K1,047,700
has also increased. But we “Now, the global gold price to the increase in the global Myo Myint, the Chairman ed. The price of domestic million on 20 September,
are lucky that the US dollar is skyrocketing. Currently, gold price. An increase of of the Yangon Region Gold gold reached K1,040,000 per 2017, after touching a high
rate has remained cool in the gold price is set at over one dollar in the global gold Entrepreneurs Association. tical on 31 October from a of K989,000 in August the
the local market, although US$1,300 per ounce in the price translates to an aver- Moreover, there is a low of K969,000 per tical on same year.
the global gold price is on global market. The rise in age increase of K180-200 high demand for gold in 1 October. (Translated by Hay Mar)

Muse rice depot to close during THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNION OF MYANMAR

Chinese New Year

1. Open tenders are invited for supply of the following respective items in Myanmar
By Nyein Nyein Kyats and United States Dollars.
Sr No. Tender No. Description Remarks
THE Muse rice depot will (a) DMP/L-172(18-19) Spares for 3rd Stages SAFE Compressor (HP) Ks
be closed for 12 days when (9) Items
merchants stop purchas- (b) DMP/L-173(18-19) Spares for 3rd Stages Intermech Compressor Ks
(6) Items
ing rice from Myanmar
(c) DMP/L-174(18-19) 2”, 3”, 4” & 6” Pipe Fittings and Accessories Ks
during the Chinese New (11) Items
Year. (d) DMP/L-175(18-19) Accessories for Gas Control & Metering System Ks
“The Muse rice de- (13) Items
pot will be temporarily (e) DMP/L-176(18-19) Geological Survey Instrument & Field Equipment, Ks
closed from 1 to 12 Febru- Mud Testing Equipment and Mud Logging Unit
ary. The export of rice will (14) Items
(f) IFB-042(18-19) Mud Logging Unit (3) Items US$
completely stop because
PHOTO: PHOE KHWAR 2. The Open Tender forms including Description of Materials / Qtty with details
there are no Chinese
specifications and Tender Terms & Conditions can be available free download at the Ministry
traders to purchase rice “There will be no sale Last year, Myanmar
of Electricty and Energy Website Portal ( as from 29 January 2019.
from Myanmar. They have in the market during the exported over 3.6 million Tender forms will not be sold.
already returned to their New Year holidays. On tons of rice, nearly half of 3. The interested Bidders should submit the Technical Specifications with Original Bid
native regions. The only the other hand, the price which were exported to Bond and Commercial Quotation in each separate sealed envelopes on which to be addressed
thing we can do is store the of rice has been declining China through the border to the Managing Director, Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise and should reach in Tender Box of
bags of rice at warehous- since Myanmar was faced gate. the Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise not later than 14:00 pm on 25 February 2019.
es,” said U Min Thein, vice with economic sanctions (Translated by Hay 4. Tender Closing Date & Time – 25-2-2019, 14:00 pm
imposed by the EU. There- Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise
chairman of the Muse rice Mar)
Ph No. + 95 67 – 411206
depots association. fore, the merchants are
“Myanmar mainly only storing rice by pur-
exports some agricultural chasing it at a lower price,”
products to China via the said U Than Oo. CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE CLAIM’S DAY NOTICE
Muse border trade camp The volume of rice ex- M.V MCC SHANGHAI VOY. NO. (903W/905E) M.V ISEACO GENESIS VOY. NO. (009 N/S)
along the Myanmar-Chi- ports has declined since Consignees of cargo carried on M.V MCC Consignees of cargo carried on M.V ISEACO
na border. During the Chi- October 2018 because of SHANGHAI VOY. NO. (903W/905E) are hereby notified GENESIS VOY. NO. (009 N/S) are hereby notified that
nese New Year, exports of the intensified crackdown that the vessel will be arriving on 30-01-2019 and cargo will the vessel will be arriving on 30-01-2019 and cargo will
rice, sugar and corn, which on Myanmar’s exported be discharged into the premises of M.I.T.T/T.M.T where it be discharged into the premises of H.P.T where it will lie
are mainly exported to rice in China, according will lie at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to at the consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the
China, will be completely to the Myanmar Rice Fed- the byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon. byelaws and conditions of the Port of Yangon.
stopped”, he added. eration. Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am
Although there will be From April to Decem- to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now
to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claim’s Day now
regular sales of rice in the ber 2018, Myanmar export- declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo
market, the price of rice is ed over 1.7 million tons of from the Vessel.
No claims against this vessel will be admitted after from the Vessel.
likely to decline because of rice to China, a decrease No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
the three year imposition of over 800,000 tons of rice the Claims Day.
of taxes on exported rice compared to the same pe-
by the European Union, riod last year, according
said U Than Oo, secretary to the official statistics
of the Bayintnaung com- released by the Myanmar
Phone No: 2301185 Phone No: 2301185
modity depot. Rice Federation.

Ethnic Culture Festival in Yangon

Kachin ethnic dance troupe performs traditional Manaw

dance at the Ethnic Culture Festival in Yangon which end

Kachin ethnic dance troupe performs traditional Manaw dance at the Ethnic Culture Festival in Yangon which end Kachin ethnic women demonstrate traditional weaving at the
today.   PHOTO: PHOE KHWAR Ethnic Culture Festival in Yangon.  PHOTO: PHOE KHWAR

‘Glass’ tops N America box office for second week Chris Brown’s
accuser files
LOS ANGELES (United States)
— M Night Shyamalan’s latest
breakable” (2000) and “Split”
(2016), and stars Bruce Willis,
who hires ex-convict Kevin
Hart as his caretaker — earned
Comics adaptation of all time,
according to industry tracker
complaint after
thriller “Glass” bested the com-
petition at the North American
Samuel L Jackson and James
$11.9 million.
Superhero flick “Aqua-
Exhibitor Relations.
A new release from Fox,
police photo
box office for a second straight The second and third spots man,” starring Jason Momoa “The Kid Who Would Be King,” leaked
weekend, taking in $18.9 mil- at the box office remained un- as the underwater king, hauled placed fourth with $7.2 million
lion, industry figures showed changed from last weekend. in another $7.3 million. for the three-day weekend. PARIS (France) — A woman
on Monday. Buddy drama “The Up- It has now generated $1.09 That would be a “potential- who accused US singer Chris
The film unites the nar- side” — starring Bryan Cran- billion in global box office reve- ly disastrous result for a film Brown of rape has filed a new
ratives of the director’s “Un- ston as a wealthy quadriplegic nues, making it the largest DC that cost over $60 million” to complaint in France after her
make, according to Variety. police photo was leaked on the
The movie stars Louis internet, a judicial source said
Ashbourne Serkis (son of Andy on Monday.
Serkis, Gollum in the “Lord of The 25-year-old woman,
the Rings” trilogy) as a boy identified in media reports as
living in modern times who “Karima”, alleges that the im-
stumbles upon King Arthur’s age, taken by police as she filed
legendary sword Excalibur. the complaint, was posted on
It has drawn largely positive social media.
reviews. An investigation for violation
In fifth spot — and hang- of judicial secrets, violation of a
ing strong in its seventh week professional secret and distribu-
out — was Sony’s “Spider-Man: tion of images or information on
Into the Spider-Verse,” with tak- the identity of a victim of sexual
ings of $6.1 million. The film is aggression, has been launched
the favourite to win an Oscar by the Paris prosecutor’s office,
for best animated feature next the source said.
month. The woman’s lawyer, Jean-
Rounding out the week- Marc Descoubes, said the pho-
end’s top 10 were: tograph in question was taken
“Green Book” ($5.5 million) by police to be used only in con-
“A Dog’s Way Home” ($5.1 nection with the investigation.
million) “We have reasons to believe
“Serenity” ($4.4 million) that someone took a photo of
“Escape Room” ($4.1 mil- the photo of my client during
lion) a detention or a hearing and it
(l-r) Actors Sarah Paulson, James McAvoy, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson attend the premiere of Universal “Mary Poppins Returns” is circulating on social media,”
Pictures’ “Glass” at SVA Theatre on 15 January, 2019 in New York City.   PHOTO: AFP ($3.3 million).—AFP Descoubes told AFP.—AFP
30 JANUARY 2019

Russian scientists test world’s first aluminum engine

NOVOSIBIRSK — Scientists of be designed and tested in the
Novosibirsk State Technical Uni- summer of this year.
versity have tested the world’s The use of aluminum instead
first internal-combustion engine of steel has enabled scientists to
fully made of aluminum. The test cut the engine’s weight by 30-40%
results will enable scientists to compared to the standard steel
design a smaller engine, Profes- engines of the comparable ca-
sor of the Aircraft-and Helicop- pacity. At the same time, the new
ter-Making Chair at the Universi- engine’s rated capacity has risen
ty’s Aircraft Faculty Ilya Zverkov by 40 horsepower to 400 hp while
told TASS on Monday. fuel consumption has dropped by
As was reported earlier, the about 15%
University’s scientists designed The engine’s development is
the world’s first engine fully made being financed using the Domes-
of aluminum and weighing about tic Aviation Revival Fund. Novosi-
200 kg. The engine that uses birsk State Technical University
standard automobile gasoline is also receiving scientific and
was expected to be mounted on technological assistance from the
Yak-52 two-seat planes whose Institute of Theoretical and Ap-
old engines have used up their plied Mechanics at the Siberian
potential. branch of the Russian Academy
“During the trials, flaws were of Sciences. Earlier, aluminum was already used in aircraft and auto engines but its parts operating under the high load are
detected in the engine’s design As the University’s press of- now made of steel.  PHOTO: AFP
and, considering these faults, we fice reports, all the basic details
will design a new engine smaller of the new engine will be cast in the Russian Air Force. the plasma-electrolytic oxidation item. The corundum is known
by its dimensions. We do not give aluminum in Novosibirsk, which Earlier, aluminum was al- technology, under which alumi- for its high firmness and melting
up the basic ideas and the task is will make it possible to give up ready used in aircraft and auto num parts are treated by plas- temperature and that is why pre-
to obtain the stated characteris- imported components that were engines but its parts operating ma discharges, which results in cisely aluminum parts with the
tics by the [engine’s] capacity and used in the experimental engine. under the high load are now made a thin layer of aluminum oxide corundum surface have made it
firmness,” Zverkov said, adding In a perspective, this will allow of steel. However, the Novosi- known as the corundum forming possible to replace steel items in
that the improved engine would using the engine on aircraft of birsk scientists have employed on the surface of an aluminum the engine.—Tass

iPhone FaceTime bug lets callers eavesdrop Scientists find why

SAN FRANCISCO (United and was shared 14,000 times by When a phone number is feathered dinosaurs in
States) — A newly discovered late evening in California. dialed on FaceTime — the iP-
FaceTime bug lets people hear
and even see those they are
Some Twitter users offered
advice to disable the FaceTime
hone’s internet-based voice and
video calling feature — the caller
China cannot fly like birds
reaching out to on iPhones us- application until a fix was in place. can swipe up from the bottom of
ing the video calling software, An Apple support page list- the screen and tap an option to WASHINGTON — Chinese and beta ones.
sparking privacy fears. ed Group FaceTime calling as add a person, according to video American scientists found that The modern bird feathers
The bug, initially outlined by “temporarily unavailable” as of demonstrations. Anchiornis, one of the earliest are composed primarily of flex-
Apple product and review website 7:16 PM here (03:16 GMT) due If a caller enters their num- feathered dinosaurs, cannot ible beta-keratins and at cer-, was reported by to an ongoing “issue” that was ber as also being the added caller, fly like modern birds due to tain time during the evolution
several media outlets. not specified. a group call begins even though lacking of a kind of protein in of feathers, one of the beta-ker-
A video posted at Twitter ac- An Apple statement quot- the person being called has not its feathers. atin genes was deleted, mak-
count @BmManski showing how ed in US media said the iPhone answered yet. The study published on ing the protein slightly smaller,
simple it is to take advantage of maker was aware of this issue The caller can then eaves- Monday in the journal Proceed- according to the researchers.
the flaw and listen in on an iPhone and has “identified a fix that will drop on the person being called, ings of the National Acade- Anchiornis, a small, feath-
being called using FaceTime be released in a software update and in some demonstrations peek my of Sciences showed that ered, four-winged dinosaur
logged nearly two million views later this week.” through the front-facing camera. a protein called beta-keratin that lived in China around 160
Declining a call breaks the con- gave modern birds special million years ago, is a key link
nection. “Disable FaceTime for bio-mechanical properties to as dinosaurs transformed into
now until Apple fixes,” Twitter fly, such as flexibility, elasticity birds.
co-founder and chief executive and strength, but the Anchior- The gene deletion, ac-
Jack Dorsey advised in a tweet. nis lacked those properties. cording to the researchers,
Dorsey’s message included Pan Yanhong from Nan- happened around 145 million
a forwarded post by technologist jing Institute of Geology and years ago, millions of years
Andy Baio. “Want to see a really Palaeontology of the Chinese later than Anchiornis lived,
bad bug?” Baio asked in his post. Academy of Sciences and so this kind of feathered di-
“You can FaceTime any iOS American researchers exam- nosaurs had no shortened
device running 12.1 and listen ined fossilized feathers using protein form to give them
in remotely—WITHOUT THE high-resolution microscopy functional flight feathers.
OTHER PERSON ANSWERING and determine the molecular “The data also give us
THE CALL.” composition of those feathers. more information about how
Apple did not immediately They found that Anchior- feathers evolved to enable
respond to requests for comment. nis feathers were made mainly flight,” said the paper’s co-au-
FaceTime software enables of thicker alpha-keratins rath- thor Mary Schweitzer, profes-
An Apple Inc. employee demonstrates FaceTime, a video chat voice or video calls using iPhones, er than thinner beta-keratins, sor of biological sciences at
application on the newly-announced iPhone 4, at the Apple Worldwide iPads, iPod Touch, and Macintosh although they contain some North Carolina State Univer-
Developers Conference in San Francisco on 7 June, 2010.   PHOTO: AFP computers.— AFP of the molecular structures of sity.—Xinhua
16 SPORT 30 JANUARY 2019

Korean ‘Monster’ Kim signs for

Beijing despite Watford bid
SHANGHAI (China) — South Watford reported to be about $8 the established international can
Korean defender Kim “Monster” million, instead plumped for the stiffen a leaky defence that con-
Min-jae on Tuesday snubbed in- Chinese Super League (CSL). ceded 45 goals in the CSL last
terest from the Premier League Guoan, who finished fourth in season.
and the advice of his team-mates the CSL last season after falling Kim missed the 2018 World
to sign for Beijing Guoan in Chi- out of the title race, announced Cup because of injury but is a stal-
na. Kim’s signing but did not disclose wart of the South Korean side and
The 22-year-old centre-back, the size of the transfer fee. was in the team for their surprise
whose club Jeonbuk Motors said Coached by Germany’s Rog- 1-0 loss to Qatar in the Asian Cup
they had received a bid from er Schmidt, Guoan will be hoping quarter-finals last week. Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova.  PHOTO:AFP
Kim, whose “Monster”
nickname stems from his pow-
erful physique, had put all talk
Sharapova wins her 1st
WTA match in Russia
of his next move off while at the
tournament in the United Arab
But team-mates had encour-
aged him to take his chance and for 13 years
follow in the footsteps of Totten-
ham Hotspur’s Son Heung-min, MOSCOW — Russian tennis face her compatriot Daria Ka-
who has excelled in the Premier star Maria Sharapova claimed satkina. Sharapova had only met
League. her first WTA victory in her coun- Kasatkina once when she won
Even Korean players plying try for 13 years in the first round in straight sets in Montreal in
their trade in the CSL had told of the St. Petersburg Ladies Tro- August.
the defender to go to England. phy on Monday. Sharapova has rarely played
“I thought that he was going Sharapova, five-time Grand the Russian tour events during
to China but then I heard good Slam winner, beat Daria Gavrilo- her career, and when she has
news and I hope he can make the va of Australia 6-0, 6-4 to make she’s never got past the quar-
better choice,” said Kwon Kyung- the second round. She will next terfinals. — Xinhua
won, who plays for Tianjin, after
Watford’s interest surfaced.

Holders Chelsea
South Korea’s defender Kim Min-jae celebrates after scoring a goal
during the 2019 AFC Asian Cup group C football match between South China is attractive to Asian
Korea and China at the al-Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi on 16 January, players because of its high wages
2019.   PHOTO: AFP and proximity to home.—AFP

draw Man Utd in FA

Keane links up with O’Neill at Nottingham Forest
Cup fifth round
LONDON (United Kingdom) — challenge ahead and 20 years out he guided Sunderland back to the
Roy Keane will once again link of the Premier League. It will be Premier League during his first LONDON (United Kingdom) City if they upset Boro in next
up with Martin O’Neill to become tough but I am looking forward season in charge at the Stadium — Defending champions Chel- week’s replay.
Nottingham Forest assistant to it.” Keane joins with Forest of Light in 2006 before resigning sea will host Manchester Unit- Only seven top-flight
manager, the Championship club four points off the playoff places in December 2008 and then went ed in the fifth round of the FA sides remain in contention,
announced on Monday. in ninth after a first victory under on to manage Ipswich from 2009 Cup, while fourth-division side with Crystal Palace handed a
The 47-year-old was part O’Neill, who was appointed as to 2011. However, his most recent Newport County could meet trip to Doncaster and Watford
of the backroom staff during manager earlier this month, over role was working under O’Neill Manchester City. away to Portsmouth or QPR,
O’Neill’s five-year spell in charge Wigan on Saturday. The former as Ireland reached the last 16 of United defeated Arsenal while Wolves and Brighton face
of the Republic of Ireland be- Ireland captain has experience of Euro 2016 but failed to qualify for in the fourth round last week fourth-round replays.
tween 2013 and 2018. working in the Championship as last year’s World Cup.—AFP to record an eighth straight Full draw for the fifth
Keane, like O’Neill, is a fa- victory under caretaker boss round of the English FA Cup
vourite at the City Ground as a Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but conducted on Monday:
former player. He made more face another tough tie af- Bristol City v Shrewsbury
than 100 appearances for the club ter Monday ’s draw paired or Wolves
between 1990 and 1993 before them with Maurizio Sarri’s AFC Wimbledon v Millwall
moving to Manchester United, Chelsea. Doncaster v Crystal Palace
where he won seven Premier Welsh club Newport, Middlesbrough or Newport
League titles. who are 14th in League Two, County v Manchester City
“Obviously, I had great mem- forced a replay at home to Mid- Chelsea v Manchester United
ories of my career here as a play- dlesbrough after scoring an Swansea City v Barnet or
er, the club gave me my chance injury-time equaliser in a 1-1 Brentford
and I will always remember them draw at the Riverside over the Portsmouth or QPR v Wat-
for that,” Keane told the club’s weekend. ford
website. “But it is a different chal- Newport beat Premier Brighton or West Brom v
lenge now and I am in a different League opponents Leicester Derby
position coaching the players. I in round three and could book — Ties to be played from 15-18
am looking forward to it, a huge a clash with Pep Guardiola’s February.—AFP