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We have to know who we are, then we'll know everything else.

So we shouldn't concern
ourselves with history too much, or get involved in the world situation too much, because it can
pull you into it, but rather we should work on ourselves and then everything will take care of

- Robert Adams, Ts 4

The tragedy and comedy of the human condition is that

we spend most of our lives thinking, feeling, acting, perceiving
and relating on behalf of non-existent self.

~Rupert Spira


A visitor asked Bhagavan, “When I try to be without all thoughts, I pass into sleep. What should
I do about it?”

Bhagavan: Once you go to sleep, you can do nothing in that state. But while you are awake, try
to keep away all thoughts. Why think about sleep? Even that is a thought, is it not? If you are
able to be without any thought while you are awake, that is enough.

When you pass into sleep, that state, in which you were before falling asleep, will continue and
again, when you wake up, you will continue from where you had left off when you fell into

So long as there are thoughts of activity, so long would there be sleep also. Thought and sleep
are counterparts of one and the same thing.


Bhoga Vasanas

AS: Nothing can cause bondage for the jnani because his mind is dead. In the absence of a mind,
he knows himself only as consciousness. Because the mind is dead, he is no longer able to
identify himself with the body. But even though he knows that he is not the body, it is a fact that
the body is still alive. That body will continue to live, and the jnani will continue to be aware of
it until its own karma is exhausted.

Because the jnani is still aware of the body, he will also be aware of the thoughts and vasanas
that arise in that body. None of these vasanas has the power to cause bondage for him because he
never identifies with them, but they do have the power to make the body behave in certain ways.

The body of the jnani enjoys and experiences these vasanas although the jnani himself is not
affected by them. That is why it is sometimes said that for the jnani there are bhoga vasanas but
no bhanda vasanas. (Vasanas that are enjoyable but not binding).
Living by the Words of Bhagavan, p. 273

The best sollution to any problem is to FOGIVE.

"Speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence."

All of the gods that you've been praying to all of your life,
all of the buddhas you've taken refuge in,
the krishnas, the Kali-mas, the Shivas, the Christ, Allah,
they're all within you. You are That!
There is no god that is external to you.
There is no Buddha and god and you.
There is only the one Self and you are That.
Ponder this.

The knowledge of this brings you eternal infinite happiness, instantly.

When you begin to understand who you are, your divine nature,
that you are not the body, you are not the mind.
Once you understand your infinite nature,
who you really are and there is nothing else,
you immediately become instantly happy.
For happiness is your very nature.
Happiness, the Self, are synonymous.
Consciousness, absolute reality, pure awareness, are all synonymous.
There is only one, has many names.
But the one pervades all of space and time.
That is the only existence and you are That.
There is no other existence.
Awaken to this truth.
You are the only one that doesn't exist and you are Consciousness.

Do you realize the implications?

This is what Moses meant in the old testament when he said,

"The ground upon which I stand is holy ground."
Everything is Brahman.
Everything is God so-to-speak, everything.
Nothing is excluded.
When you truly understand this
you have reverence for all of life, everything.
You have reverence for the animals, the vegetables,
the minerals, the human beings,
the astral bodies, causal bodies.
Everything that exists is Brahman. It's wonderful.
What peace this gives you, what joy this gives you.
— Robert Adams, from Transcript 247: The Ground Upon Which I Stand
Is Holy Ground, 18 March, 1993