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Changes DC-Pilegroup for Windows

Date Version Changes

Dec. 18 2.80 In rare cases it could be possible, that the safety factors for the resistances skin friction
and end bearing had the value of 1.0 in the program. This did not happen for bore
piles, only for driven piles, micro piles and CFA piles. This case only occurred if
Eurocode 7 was selected and only if just the proposed standard selection from the first
start of the program was used and the selection of the analysis standard was not done
any more after that. Available project files with EC 7 should be switched to the desired
standard again to set the safety factors to the correct values.

Nov. 18 2.79 For the calculation of design section forces for piles which are inclined in a direction
different from x and y axis, the ratio values d/k have to be calculated for the section
forces in the direction of inclination and rectangular to this direction, not for the
section forces in x and y direction.

Nov. 18 2.78 For driven piles with circular hollow steel section, predefined pipe profiles may be
selected. If single parameters like wall thickness are changed, the profile is used as
user defined.

Okt. 18 2.77 Improvement for the iteration method and the consideration
DLL V. 2.02 of the pile stiffness and pile inclination. Especially for inclined piles this may result in
a different distribution of pile forces.

Aug. 18 2.76 Improved output for the verification against punching:

DLL V. 2.01 if there are piles where several punching cones intersect, but piles with separate
punching cone as well, only the results for the latter ones are printed, for the cones
with intersection no automatic verification against punching is possible.

May 18 2.75 Different improvements in the graphics output (possibly missing pages or wrong
graphics display corrected).

Apr. 18 2.73 Improvements for the determination of the required pile length, use of the safety
factors incl. psi combination coefficients of the different load case combinations.

Mar. 18 2.72 Extraordinary loads have to be applied with gamma = 1.0 and without psi1 (in
contrary to variable loads).

Mar. 18 2.71 Improvement for load case combinations with extraordinary loads: if an extraordinary
load case is applied, the complete combination has to be calculated in DS-A, for
variable loads the combination coefficients psi1 or psi2 have to be used instead of
psi0. Acc. to DIN 1054:2010 an additional safety factor of 1.10 has to be used for BS-

Jan. 18 2.70 Use of a new compiler. Minimum requirement for the programs is now Windows 7,
Windows XP is not supported any more. Graphic functions for drawing and labelling
in the graphics, separate handling of graphics elements in the input window (displayed
in every geometry graphics) and single result graphics (displayed only in this page),
DXF import with support of layers to use the graphics as a background for the input of
elements. The ground water depth is considered correctly referring to the depth of the
pile head = bottom edge of the slab for the analysis of the piles. For the pile ring the
distance to the edge of the slab may be changed.
Nov. 17 2.60 Analysis of a slab with elastic support without piles is possible. Reinforcement may be
displayed alternatively with numbers As,t/As,b in a selectable distance (see Settings –
Configuration – Result output). Punching design at the pile heads, if required. For
driven piles as H girders and for micro piles the section types resp. selected pile types
(GEWI/Ischebeck Titan) are printed. For GEWI tension piles the option „Use < 2
years or double corrosion protection“ is supported, otherwise for tension piles with
DS-P a reduced stress has to be applied acc. to the certification.

Feb. 17 2.50 New analysis approach „CPRF with pile failure“ is available, see under Project –
Name/Parameters: piles may be loaded up to their characteristic capacity. With a
higher load the piles „fail“ and further load is taken by the soil pressure under the slab.
This way, the deformations will be larger and the pile group factor smaller.

Nov. 16 2.03 Improvement for sorting the load cases. Depending on their order, especially the
combination of alternative load cases could be composed incorrectly.

Oct. 16 2.01 Improved behavior for enlarging/reducing the display in the 3D view by dragging the
mouse with pressed left mouse button: the movement is slower and the model should
not leave the field of vision accidentally.

Aug. 16 2.00 New analysis approach with correct fixing moments at the pile head due to horizontal
loads. Search function in the result output (Edit – Search or Ctrl-F) and Goto function
(View – Goto or Ctrl-G). Improvement for the labelling of sections. Support of the
T2W interface for import and restart of projects in VCmaster.

Jan. 16 1.18 Correction for the sign of the normal force for sectional design of the piles.

Jan. 16 1.16 Bore piles and driven piles can only take normal forces for hinged fixing at the slab, if
the modulus of foundation along the pile is = 0 (consideration like for micro piles).

Dez. 15 1.15 Improvements for the FEM mesh with small distances of piles and concentrated loads
to the edge of the slab.

Nov. 15 1.13 The design situations DS-P, DS-T, DS-A are printed in the table of load case
combinations. Display of inclined piles in the plan view for quadratic piles as well.

Oct. 15 1.12 Acc. to DIN 1054:2010 / Eurocode 7 the combination factors psi have to be used for
the foundation engineering verifications as well. The reduced safety factors for design
situations DS-T and DS-A are used for the foundation engineering verifications and
for the design.

May 15 1.11 Improved convergence for the stiffness modulus method.

May 15 1.10 Analysis of micropiles available. Split and Join of the slab and of sections, different
slab areas with different thickness and modulus of foundation are possible. The
verifications of the piles in horizontal and vertical direction are printed for any pile
(Ed <= Rd, for skin friction and end bearing and for horizontal bedding < passive
earth pressure). The soil layer depths are now related to the top edge of the slab =
ground surface instead of the top of the piles (for existing projects the soil layer depths
are converted automatically).

Mar. 15 1.08 Improvement for the display of linear loads in the 3D view.

Nov. 14 1.06 In the print dialog there are two separate options for the selection of the slab
reinforcement as color areas and in sections.

Nov. 14 1.05 Larger systems are possible (more elements for the FEM system
DLL V. 1.01 of the slab). Program aborts in special cases are solved. Changes of the system during
a running analysis are not possible any more.
Oct. 14 1.01 Moments as a load for the piles have to be applied in the different load steps like the
vertical loads.

Sep. 14 1.00 Program DC-Pilegroup is available.