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Mickey, Millie and Mut (4) the things Millie asks about. France polar bears | sport 7 rubber || winter [penguins |v’ theusa | | Australia 7] catfes |i Here's the first question Do penguins five in a the Arctic, b the Antarctic or ¢ both? bb How do they get the answers? @ Work in small groups. Act the story. Good idea, OK. Here's the second question. Vihat do people in the USA celebrate on 4 July: a Independence Day, A\__b Thanksgiving or ¢ Cotumbus Day? ‘No. Maybe that’s the answer. Two woofs mean its b, the Antarctic. Tthink ite. What do you think, Nut? Right. Third question. Boss ruber come from GK, Last question. When does a oil, b animals or ¢ trees: summer start in Austrafia 2 April, b June or ¢ December? Hm not sure, but Mut thinks it’s ¢ December. i eo Weil done, Mut! Kak \ Youre avery te lever aoe Stan =| OK. Let's check the answers. Copy and complete the table with questions from the story. subber Yes, it does. from trees? No, it doesn’t. oon Penguins Yes, they do. in the Arctic?! No, they don't. ® Complete the questions with the verbs in brackets in the correct form. 1. Does Nite read the questions? (read) 2 they... all the answers right? (get) 3 the cat _____ into the garden? (juyp) 4 they all the answers? (know) 5. the postman — Mut? (sce) 6 mut the cat? {ike “Answer the questions. Use short answers. © Boes filhe read the questions? 8 Yes, she does, © Complete the questions from the story. What is the difference between Yes /No questions and Wh- questions? Mut? What When _—______in Australia? > Work with a partner. Ask and answer about soe - Monica. Put the words in the correct order to make Where does she five? questions. ¢ She les in 1 do/Americans / When / Thanksgiving / celebrate ? ¢ When Wihen da Americans celebrate thanksgivig? 4 interview your partner, Use the questions from 2. polar beats /do/ Where ve ? the chart 3. your naine / How / spell do/ you ? : 4 Henry /does/ leave hatne / When ? 2 Work in a group. Write four more questions for 5. What time / does / school start ? Mickey and Millie's quiz. ©: Answer the questions. 8p Read your questions to another group. How many do they get right? ae) 1 load the 2. cook the dinner cishwesher @ take the dog for 10 take aut the a walk recycling © set the table 7 teed the cat 's. @391.19 | Listen. What is Henry doing? Choose the correct picture. This i our robot His name's Quasar He does lots Quasar ofuays fidies my Which jobs don't you hear? of jobs in the house. He room, but he doesn’t often normaliy sets the table, but ‘put things in the right \Weintcurnrice fhe never pits the knives aces dy chairs usa and forks in the right place. pe rat gauale Answer the questions. 1. What's the robot's name? 2. What jobs dows he da? 3 Whicl jot she good at? b what things does Quasar do wrong? Quasar normally loads the dishwasher, but he always He normaily makes breaks some plates and cups. | | bag my bed, but he sometimes makes the But Ike Quasar, ve usually gota lot of homework and Quasar helps me with ft. He's always brant at ae that! Se, Quasar, you're great!