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Chapter 4

Production Plan

4M’s (Materials, Money, Manpower, Machine)

 Materials

Assuming that we will make 300 pizza rolls’ per/month.

Pizza Roll for 300 pieces:

Ingredients: Quantity:
9 packs(35
loaf bread pieces
Egg 9 dozen
Bread crumbs 18 packs
Cheese 15
Hotdog 15 packs
Ham 15 packs
Chocolate 15packs
Cooking Oil 20kgs

Utensils: Quantity:
Knife 2
Frying Pan 2
thongs 2
toothpicks 3 packs
Rolling pin 2
bowls 2
Cutting board 2

 Money

Here is the breakdown of our estimated capital:

1. Expenses:
Business Permit: PHP 3000
Rental (Roxas Night Market): PHP25/day including light usage and space.
Machine: Coleman Camp Bistro one-burner butane PHP 1,569.68

2. Materials
Total cost of ingredients (300 pieces): PHP 6,619.00
Utensils: N/A (already covered)
Electricity: N/A (already covered)

3. Manpower
Salary: PHP 100/day, PHP 2,000/month

Total of estimated capital needed: PHP 13,938.68

We need at least PHP 15,000 to run our business for a month at Roxas Night

 Manpower

Cashier- Mr.Jonald Paner

Production Manager- Mr. Rendell James Moreno

Auditor- Mr. Abraham Tan

Assistant Cashier- Mr. Joshua Marcos

Resources Manager-Mr. Ian Miguel Lancian

Carpenter: all five (5) of us

 Machine

Machine: Specs: Qty:

One-burner Butane 7,650 BTU adjustable 2
Extension wire 3gang extension cord 1
Incandescent light bulb 15-watt A72 bulb 1

We will run our business every Monday-Saturday starting at 5:00pm-10:00pm.

Chapter 5

Organizational Plan

Form of Business Organization

Our business organization has a sole proprietorship who is Mr. Rendell James Moreno
with a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in which the profit will be equally shared
to the other members of the organization.

Roles and Responsibility

General Manager- the general manager will be the one who will control the business
and the one who is in-charge of everything. He is also the one who will make the
products with the help of the other members. He will look and check everything what is
happening within the business. Before making an action that is concerning the
business, it must be consulted to the general manager who is also the owner of the

Purchasing Manager- the purchasing manager is the in-charge of buying the

resources needed for the business and for making the product. He will also accompany
the general manager in making the products. Whenever he goes out to buy supplies, he
is accompanied with the accounting manager to audit and strictly budget the money. If
ever there is a shortage of budget when buying the supplies, the purchasing manager
will be the one to cover it and afterwards must report it to the general manager.

Accounting Manager- the accounting manager is the in-charge of everything involving

money. He is the one who will compute the profit for the day, the total cost of buying the
resources, the cost of rental, and he is assisted by the sales manager.

Sales Manager- the sales manager is the one must be always at the stall, for he will be
the cashier and the one who will manages the marketing sales.

Assistant Sales Manager- the asst. sales manager is the one who will assist the sales
manager in everything that he is tasked to do. Whenever the sales manager is not
around, he will be the in-charge of the stall and be the cashier. He is also the one who
will manage the accounts receivable.
Organizational Structure