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37 5. The Goslings F. E. Weatherley FREDERICK BRIDGE Allegro con moto (J = 138) p stace, . f soPRaNo Gee (SS SS es] ALTO See : 5 =a rte i eat She was a pret-ty lit-tle gos-litg, And a gay young— gos - ling + Ji $b 2 my yy ‘TENOR Pa aaae sj J J pass | H a = stace f f rit. 4 p dolee ¢ legato And‘I love you 100,” a = oe je} 7 : = a a =| ° fe he: p doleee legato mo car - yy said — ‘And ‘I love you," he said, ay | pod ag a =} =| z con espress she, "Bota last we must part? BE Wis Pereds Tm of 1 Is) yt 4 Jd aati S| ee aa + = BP f 1g ral ‘Tempo ala marcia : Jy 4 Satay == ot Saar aH love, don’t fear, Pll ore ‘And make you, and make 233i Jd. Ly“ * =a a == : Ee =e a oF (© Oxford University Press 1998 38 The Gostings f pepe oe SS bride.’ (To be humme: ye y ral, molto P dolce e legato con espress. late you've come,” met his _ true love’s_ mo ther, And__ oh! she was weep - ing sore. it de a2 4148 WwW Sd SS re = K aan = whispered, ‘They’ a4 = bale, ak, me! Forshe’s go - ing she’s go-ing to be cooked. _ to- $3 jug 2d dd <——$ bt cae = * If preferred, the hummed section may be played instead, with octave reinforcement in the left hand and the first two notes of the tenor taken up the octave by the right hand. ‘The Gostings 39 Lento e con molto espress. 40 Tempo I accel. ed agitato em eee _ bs 3 f oa oe ere oe ert te er FP ‘Then up he went to the farm-house: ‘Where is my love?” he said; But the 1d 3 fd je —— Pee ——T =. o 2 2 i ——-f fr = = nook 88 49 A » : luna and she a — ec id cut off his lit - tle__ head. addi Td _— Bp fp SSS Ss = == 5 : = =F Set PS ee f = Ani Grave P 4 — eh Sno? eft eae ea Semone §, ough ja life theywere part ag iy: 2