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The following questions listed below only serve as the guide of the
researcher during the process of Data Collection through the use of the Interview
method in line with the Qualitative Design of this study. The questions are all
based on the problems of the study. All of the above listed questions will be
subjected to Validity and Reliability Test. This is to ensure that the instrument
intends what it intends to measure specifically on the construction and accuracy
of the questions to be raised.

Thesis Title: Behind the Mask: Phenomenological Study on the Real Life
Situations of People Suffering from Anxiety

Research Design: Qualitative Research (Coding, Categorization, Themes)

1. How are you? Are you feeling well?

2. I found out that you have been suffering from extreme anxiety. Is that
3. If so, when did you start feeling such?
4. What do you think are the causes of your anxiety?
5. Does anxiety affect you greatly in terms of and why:
 Communication
 Social Belongingness (Family, Friends, Society)
 Self-Worth
 Productivity (Work)
6. How do you then deal with those complexities?
7. Do you receive support from your family and friends? If yes, in what
way? If no, why did you say so?