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The symposium held at barangay Rizal immaculate conception parish church on Friday 8:30 in

the morning we started the program by a prayer and the national anthem singing production by
a teacher and then they introduce Mr. LITO ARRABIS the owner of the Nora’s enterprises he
share his experiences in life that how god prepare him in his life and how he become successful
in his business career and he gave as an example how networking works and how to handle a
business After Mr. LITO ARRABIS share his experience they prepare singing production by the
student of Sogod National High School(SNHS). After the production Mrs. Joan Gatcho explain
us what is the 5 keys of marketing strategy like what is the category business exist and she
explain to us what is 4p’s in business the product, price, promotion etc. and after that lesson we
went home and then we would return at exact 12:30 pm in the afternoon and we started the other
remaining topic about the key elements of a business plan and we make a group activity about
the market strategies and presented it lastly we tackled about the financial requirement of a
business and also we make an activity by section and we went home at exactly 5pm in the