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This page lists ID codes for items in Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and their

respective DLC. They can be used to add these items, including some that are unobtainable via
normal in-game means, to your inventory.

To add item:

Download and install AddItem with Console Improved mod.

Open the console and type:

runscript additem <item code> [count]

For example, to add Nugbane to the inventory run:

runscript additem gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_dus 1

To add 20 Potent Health Poultices:

runscript additem gen_im_qck_health_401 20

Note: You always need to put a [count] or a blank space in the end for the command to work.

To specify the material (and tier) of the item, use runscript additemwmat command. Generally,
items that always have the same material and tier in the game (e.g. unique equipment, potions,
reagents) should be added with runscript additem, not with runscript additemwmat, since you
would need to specify the correct material and tier for the item when using the latter. If you don't
have a toolset or a similar program, it will be hard to find.

It is recommended to use the improved additem mod, as using the older additem or additemwmat
mods, ".uti" must be appended to all item ID codes. Additionally, the old versions do not work with
the later DLCs (The Darkspawn Chronicles, Leliana's Song, The Golems of Amgarrak or Witch Hunt) or
their rewards. However, regardless of the version of the additem mods, Dragon Age: Origins -
Awakening items cannot be added, as well as its plot items.

To add items of specific materials (not needed for any items other than armor, shields, and
weapons) use:

runscript additemwmat <item tag> <count> <material code>

For example, to add a Redcliffe kite shield of red steel to the inventory run:

runscript additemwmat gen_im_arm_shd_kit_red 1 50

Material codes for tiers 1 through 9 (1-7: Origins; 1-9: Awakening) for their respective material types


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Tier Material Armor Weapon Shield

1 Iron 1 40 47

2 Grey Iron 2 41 48

3 Steel 8 43 48

4 Veridium 4 42 81

5 Red Steel 5 44 50

6 Silverite 3 45 51

7 Dragonbone 6 46 52

8 White Steel 20010 20050 20060

9 Volcanin Aurum 20011 20051 20061

- Starmetal - 10000 -


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Tier Material Armor Weapon Shield

1 Elm - 33 79

2 Ash - 34 9

3 Yew - 35 11

4 Whitewood - 36 15

5 Ironbark - 37 13

6 Sylvanwood - 38 7

7 Dragonthorn - 39 10

8 Vhenadahl - 20040 20020

9 Ancestral heartwood - 20041 20021


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Tier Material Armor Weapon Shield

1 Rough 60 - -

2 Cured 28 - -

3 Leather 29 - -

4 Hardened 30 - -

5 Reinforced 31 - -

6 Inscribed 17 - -

7 Drakeskin 32 - -

8 Dragonwing 20030 - -

9 High Dragon Hide 20031 - -



Plot items Edit

Dwarf Noble Origin Edit

bdn100im_scholar_book - A History of Aeducan: Paragon, King, Peacemaker

bdn120im_credit_note - Note of Credit

bdn200im_ballista_bolt - Ballista Bolt

bdn200im_shield - Aeducan Shield

bdn200im_trian_ring - Aeducan Signet Ring

bdn300im_prison_clothes - Tattered Prison Clothes

Dwarf Commoner Origin Edit

bdc110im_drug - Drug

bdc110im_proving_pass - Proving Pass

bdc120im_cell_key - Cell Key (Origins)

bdc120im_lock_pick - Splintered Key

bdc130im_lyrium_ore - Lyrium Nugget

bdc140im_dagger - Dagger

bdc140im_dwarfmace - Dwarven Mace

bdc140im_everd_armor - Everd's Armor

bdc140im_everd_axe - Everd's Axe

bdc140im_everd_boots - Everd's Boots

bdc140im_everd_gloves - Everd's Gloves

bdc140im_everd_helm - Everd's Helm

bdc140im_everd_mace - Everd's Mace

bdc140im_everd_shield - Everd's Shield

bdc140im_everd_sword - Everd's Sword

bdc140im_fight_schedule - Fight Schedule

bdc140im_longsword - Dwarven Longsword

bdc210im_wine_mother - Mosswine

City Elf Origin Edit

bec100im_duncan_crossbow - Crossbow

bec100im_duncan_longsword - Borrowed Longsword

bec100im_soris_wedding - Soris' Wedding Attire

bec110im_wedding_f - Wedding Clothes (female version)

bec110im_wedding_m - Wedding Clothes (male version)

bec210im_brandy - Brandy

bec210im_cleanser - Cleanser

bec210im_drinks - Brandy (Cheap)

bec210im_rat_poison - Rat Poison

Dalish Elf Origin Edit

bed100im_elven_artifacts - Elven Artifact

bed200im_key_heirloom - Key

Magi Origin Edit

bhm000im_signed_form - Signed Rod of Fire Request Form

bhm000im_unsigned_form - Rod of Fire Request Form

bhm200im_rodoffire - Rod of Fire

bhm200ip_laboratory_key - Laboratory Storage Key

bhm600im_fade_healing_salve - Shimmering Orb of Light

bhm600im_valor_sword - Valor's Staff

Human Noble Origin Edit

bhn200im_treasury_key - Key (treasury)

Ostagar Edit

pre100im_food - Food

pre100im_gravity_arrows - Gravity Arrows

pre100im_gravity_bows - Gravity Longbow

pre100im_key_wizards_chest - Key to Mages' Chest

pre100im_kings_armor - Chevalier's Armor

pre100im_kings_boots - Chevalier's Boots

pre100im_kings_gloves - Chevalier's Gloves

pre100im_muzzle - Dog Muzzle

pre100im_water - Water

pre200im_darkspawn_blood - Vial of Darkspawn Blood

pre200im_documents - Ancient Scrolls

pre200im_flower - Wilds Flower

pre200im_key_flemeth - Flemeth's Key

pre200im_treaties - Ancient Treaties

Korcari Wilds Edit

lite_kor_ash_pouch - Pouch of Ashes

lite_kor_lastwill_amulet - Beloved Amulet

lite_kor_lastwill_lockbox - Sealed Lockbox

lite_kor_lastwill_will - Rigby's Last Will and Testament

lite_kor_localmyths - Excerpt from Local Myths and Legends

litim_kor_miss_letter - A Letter

litim_kor_miss_letter2 - A Letter

litim_kor_signs_note - Rigby's Field Journal

Lothering Edit

lot100im_knights_locket - Knight's Locket

lot100im_knights_note - Knight's Note

lot100im_magenote - Sealed Note

lot100im_miriams_note - Miriam's Note

lot100im_sarhas_keepsake - Sarha's Keepsake

lot100im_stens_cage_key - Sten's Cage Key

lot105im_knights_favor_note - Knight's Journal

lot110im_cabinet_key - Chantry Cabinet Key

Broken Circle Edit

cir000im_litany - Litany of Adralla

cir200im_abom_note1 - Scrap of Paper

cir200im_abom_note2 - Scrap of Paper

cir200im_abom_note3 - Scrap of Paper

cir200im_abom_note4 - Scrap of Paper

cir200im_abom_note5 - Scrap of Paper

cir200im_abom_note6 - Scrap of Paper

cir200im_censurenote - Notice of Censure

cir200im_fore_book - Arl Foreshadow's Journal

cir210im_lt_paintedbox - Small Painted Box

cir210im_rev_note - Scrap of Paper

The Arl of Redcliffe Edit

arl100it_signet_ring - Signet Ring

arl110it_holy_symbol - Holy Symbol

arl120it_stash - Bundle of Equipment

arl120it_stash_key - Owen's Key

arl130it_lockbox_key - Dwyn's Lockbox Key

arl140it_chest_key - Bevin's Key

arl150it_spy_letter - Letter (Berwick)

arl220it_vault_key - Redcliffe Vault Key

The Urn of Sacred Ashes Edit

lot185im_justine_scroll - Ancient Encrypted Scrolls

urn000im_cultist_robes - Cultists Robe

urn110ip_medallion - Cultist Medallion

urn200im_dragons_blood - Vial of Dragons Blood

urn200im_pearl - Black Pearl

urn200im_southeast_key - South-East Chamber Key

urn200im_taper - Taper

urn200im_wraith_key - Main Hall Key

urn210im_dragon_horn - Kolgrim's Horn

urn230im_armor_reward - Heavy Chainmail

urn230im_sacred_ashes - Pinch of Sacred Ash

urn230im_weapon_reward - Magic Greatsword

urn270im_research - Genitivi's Research

Nature of the Beast Edit

ntb100im_cammen_book - The Tale of Iloren

ntb100im_halla_antlers - Halla Antlers

ntb100im_ironbark_bracer - Ironbark Bracer

ntb100im_lanaya_songbook - Song Book

ntb200im_deygan_figurine - Figurine

ntb200im_ironbark - Ironbark

ntb210im_grand_oak_heart - Grand Oak Acorn

ntb210im_hermit_book - Book

ntb210im_hermit_pelt - Magical Werewolf Pelt

ntb220im_danyla_scarf - Scarf

ntb330im_earthen_jug_empty - Empty Earthen Jug

ntb330im_earthen_jug_full - Full Earthen Jug

ntb330im_puzzle_tablet - Tablet

ntb330im_rev_note - Scrap of Paper

ntb340im_rev_note - Scrap of Paper

ntb340im_witherfang_heart - Heart of the Forest (item)

Orzammar Edit

lit_im_carta_jam_key - Jammer's Stash Key

lit_im_carta_open_irn - Iron Letter Opener

lit_im_carta_open_red - Red Steel Letter Opener

lit_im_carta_open_ste - Steel Letter Opener

lit_im_carta_ring_emd - Emerald Costume Ring

lit_im_carta_ring_gld - Gold Costume Ring

lit_im_carta_ring_sil - Silver Costume Ring

lit_im_carta_trkt_flo - Fluorspar Trinket

lit_im_carta_trkt_gar - Garnet Trinket

lit_im_carta_trkt_mal - Malachite Trinket

orz_lite_bodypart1 - Head in a Bag

orz_lite_bodypart2 - Torso in a Bag

orz_lite_bodypart3 - Bag of Limbs

orz200im_guard_boots - Orzammar Guard Boots

orz200im_guard_chest - Orzammar Guard Chestplate

orz200im_guard_gloves - Orzammar Guard Gloves

orz200im_guard_helm - Orzammar Guard Helmet

orz200im_guard_shield - Orzammar Guard Shield

orz200im_nug - Box o' Nugs

orz230im_jail_key - Jail Key

orz230im_jarvia_key - Carta Key

orz230im_trian_evidence - Incriminating Evidence

orz260im_baizyl_letters - Baizyl's Love Letters

orz260im_myajas_key - Myaja's Key

orz300im_dace_map - Aeducan Thaig Map

orz300im_dace_ring - Dace Signet Ring

orz310im_proving_receipt - Proving Receipt

orz310im_stolen_tome - A Volume of Shaper History

orz320im_rev_note - Scrap of Paper

orz340im_letter_dace - Promissory Note for Lady Dace

orz340im_letter_helmi - Promissory Note for Lord Helmi

orz340im_planted_papers - Forged Documents

orz400im_rogek_lyrium - Smuggled Lyrium

orz410im_carta_key - Finger Bone Token

orz510im_rev_note - Scrap of Paper

orz510im_topsider_blade - Topsider's Blade

orz510im_topsider_hilt - Topsider's Hilt

orz510im_topsider_pommel - Topsider's Pommel

orz530im_ortan_records - Ortan Records

orz540im_kings_crown - Paragon-Forged Crown

orz540im_registry_tracing - Golem Registry Tracing

orz550im_legion_insignia - Dead Caste Insignia

orz550im_legion_key - Legionnaire Key

Denerim Edit

The Trial of Crows Edit

den100im_paedan_order - Paedan's Orders

den200im_assassin_letter - Anonymous Letter

den200im_contract_gainley - Contract for Ambassador Gainley

den200im_contract_kadanfe - Contract for Kadan-Fe Mercenaries

den200im_contract_paedan - Contract for Paedan

den200im_contract_ransom - Contract for Captain Chase

den200im_ignacio_dagger - Ignacio's Dagger

Crime Wave Edit

den200im_pick1_gem_purse - Pouch of Gems

den200im_pick2_sword_orn - Ser Nancine's Ornamental Sword

den200im_pick3_silver_key - Silversmith's Key

den200im_pick4_loghain_crwn - Teyrn Loghain's Crown

den260im_silver_bar - Silver Bar

den970im_fran_captain_key - Captain Key

den970im_tears_andraste - Tears of Andraste

Unrest in the Alienage Edit

den300im_apartment_key - Key

den300im_beggar_amulet - Worn Amulet

den300im_hospice_key - Hospice Key

den300im_otto_journal - Ser Friden's Journal

den340im_note - Note

den350im_fazzil_sextant - Free Sailor Sextant

den360im_slaver_documents - Slaver Documents

Captured! Edit

den400im_disguise - Guard Uniform

den400im_disguise_boots - Guard Boots

den400im_disguise_gloves - Guard Gloves

den400im_disguise_helm - Guard Helmet

den400im_key_cage - Key to Cell Doors

den400im_key_hall_front - Key to Front Hall Door

den400im_key_hall_rear - Key to Rear Hall Door

den400im_key_reception - Key to Reception Door

den400im_password_list - List of Passwords

den400im_regulation_sword - Regulation Sword

Rescue the Queen Edit

den511im_howe_key - Arl Howe's Key

den511im_irminric_ring - Irminric's Signet Ring

den511im_low_prison_key - Key to Lower Prison

den511im_riordan_papers - Grey Warden Documents

den511im_vaughan_key - Vaughan's Key

The Landsmeet Edit

den600im_loghain_ring_1 - ring (worn by Loghain during Landsmeet duel)

den600im_loghain_ring_2 - ring (worn by Loghain during Landsmeet duel)

The Last Request Edit

den961im_boss_bedroom_key - Bedroom Key

den961im_entry_door_key - Entry Door Key

Chanter's Board Edit

gen_it_corpse_gall - Corpse Gall

Blackstone Irregulars Edit

lite_fite_condolences - Letter of Condolence

lite_fite_conscription - Letter of Conscription

lite_fite_grease - Letter of Appreciation

lite_fite_orders - Sealed Orders

lite_fite_supplies - Guild Supplies

lite_fite_tylora - Letter from Tylora

The Mages' Collective Edit

lite_mage_banastor - Scroll of Banastor

lite_mage_feldsparring - Feldspar Ring

lite_mage_goatsblood - Vial of Goat's Blood

lite_mage_powerglyph - Glyph of Krebulash

lite_mage_renoldbook - Renold's Journal

lite_mage_termination - Notice of Termination

lite_mage_testimony - Bundled Testimony

Favors for Certain Interested Parties Edit

lite_rogue_bodybag - Body Bag

lite_rogue_decisions_docs - Incriminating Documents

lite_rogue_directions - Hideout Directions

lite_rogue_letter - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_1 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_10 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_11 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_12 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_2 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_3 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_4 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_5 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_6 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_7 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_8 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_letter_9 - Love Letter

lite_rogue_terms_note - Folded Missive

Unbound Edit

liteim_unbound_journal - Adventurer's Journal

liteim_unbound_letter - Sealed Letter

Random encounters Edit

ran401_im_lt_jenletter - Letter

ran900im_note - Tattered Note

ran920im_metal - Meteor Metal Ore

rnd600ar_soldiers_diary - Soldier's Diary

den922im_rev_note - Scrap of Paper

Accessories Edit

Amulets Edit

gen_im_acc_amu_am6 - Lifedrinker

gen_im_acc_amu_am7 - Faulty Amulet

gen_im_acc_amu_am8 - Gateway Amulet

gen_im_acc_amu_am9 - Smith's Heart

gen_im_acc_amu_am10 - Shaper's Amulet

gen_im_acc_amu_am11 - Aneirin's Token

gen_im_acc_amu_am12 - Spirit Charm

gen_im_acc_amu_am13 - Sailor's Charm

gen_im_acc_amu_am14 - Spirit Ward

gen_im_acc_amu_am15 - Mud Idol

gen_im_acc_amu_am16 - Magister's Shield

gen_im_acc_amu_am17 - Apprentice's Amulet

gen_im_acc_amu_am18 - Amulet of Accord

gen_im_acc_amu_am19 - Silver Cord

gen_im_acc_amu_ath - Athras's Pendant

gen_im_acc_amu_cir1 - Charm of Flame

gen_im_acc_amu_cir2 - Charm of Still Waters

gen_im_acc_amu_cld10 - Hearthstone Pendant

gen_im_acc_amu_cld20 - Shiver

gen_im_acc_amu_dal - Dalish Pendant

gen_im_acc_amu_ele10 - Caridin's Cage

gen_im_acc_amu_hal - Halla Horn

gen_im_acc_amu_lel - Seeker's Circle

gen_im_acc_amu_men10 - Temperament

gen_im_acc_amu_men20 - North Ward

gen_im_acc_amu_mor - Wildstone Clasp

gen_im_acc_amu_nck - Heirloom Necklace

gen_im_acc_amu_phs20 - Deadhead Charge

gen_im_acc_amu_spl - The Spellward

gen_im_acc_amu_urn - Reflection

gen_im_acc_amu_var - Varathorn's Amulet

gen_im_acc_amu_war - Warden's Oath

gen_im_acc_amu_wil - Par Vollen Willstone

gen_im_acc_amu_wit - Heart of Witherfang

Belts Edit

gen_im_acc_blt_and - Andruil's Blessing

gen_im_acc_blt_c1a - Ephemeralist's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_c1b - Destructionist's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_c1c - Creationist's Cord

gen_im_acc_blt_cir1 - Earthen Cinch

gen_im_acc_blt_cir2 - Buckle of the Winds

gen_im_acc_blt_d1a - Dwarven Merchant's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_d1b - Dwarven Smith's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_d1c - Dwarven Warrior's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_e1a - Elfrope

gen_im_acc_blt_e1b - Dalish Leather Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_e1c - Dalish Hunter's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_f1a - Hardy's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_f1b - Fencer's Cinch

gen_im_acc_blt_f1c - Longbowman's Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_f2a - Sword Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_f2b - Swordsman's Girdle

gen_im_acc_blt_f2c - Ornate Leather Belt

gen_im_acc_blt_log - Borders Yet to Be

gen_im_acc_blt_ogh - One for the Ditch (Origins)

gen_im_acc_blt_t1a - Belt of the Magister Lords

gen_im_acc_blt_t1b - Magister's Cinch

gen_im_acc_blt_t1c - Archivist's Sash

gen_im_acc_blt_wyn - Silver Aron

gen_im_acc_blt_zev - Mixed Metal Rounds

Rings Edit

gen_im_acc_rng_age - Ring of Ages

gen_im_acc_rng_ali - Runic Worry Token

gen_im_acc_rng_bld - Blood Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_cir1 - Focus Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_cir2 - Iced Band

gen_im_acc_rng_cld10 - Frostshear

gen_im_acc_rng_cld5 - Hailstone

gen_im_acc_rng_ele10 - Dalish Battery

gen_im_acc_rng_ele5 - Twitch

gen_im_acc_rng_exp - Memory Band

gen_im_acc_rng_fir10 - Ember

gen_im_acc_rng_gld - Gold Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_kep - Keeper's Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_key - Key to the City

gen_im_acc_rng_lif - Lifegiver

gen_im_acc_rng_mag - Lloyd's Magic Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_mph - Seal of Rat Red

gen_im_acc_rng_nat10 - Ring of Selection

gen_im_acc_rng_nat5 - Thorn

gen_im_acc_rng_r02 - Silver Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_r03 - Emerald Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_r04 - Ring of Resistance

gen_im_acc_rng_r05 - Surveyor

gen_im_acc_rng_r06 - Ring of Study

gen_im_acc_rng_r07 - Ring of Faith

gen_im_acc_rng_r09 - Morrigan's Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_r11 - Dusk Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_r12 - Dawn Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_r14 - Iron Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_r15 - Ring of the Warrior

gen_im_acc_rng_r16 - Silverleaf

gen_im_acc_rng_r18 - Golden Ring

gen_im_acc_rng_spr10 - Dreamsever

gen_im_acc_rng_spr5 - Spiral Band

gen_im_acc_rng_wed - Wedding Ring

Armor Edit

Boots Edit

gen_im_arm_bot_hvy_cer - Ceremonial Armored Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_hvy_dil - Boots of Diligence

gen_im_arm_bot_hvy_drb - Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_hvy_drw - Wade's Heavy Dragonscale Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_hvy_dwv - Dwarven Heavy Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_hvy_hch - Heavy Chainmail Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_ada - Adaia's Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_ant - Antivan Leather Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dal - Dalish Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dex - Silverhammer's Tackmasters

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dey - Deygan's Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_df1 - Enchanter's Footing

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_df2 - Magus War Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dod - Imperial Weavers

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_drb - Wade's Superior Drakeskin Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_drw - Wade's Drakeskin Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_dus - Duster Leather Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_ltr - Leather Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_mag - Fade Striders

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_msl - Silverhammer's Evaders

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_new - Bard's Dancing Shoes

gen_im_arm_bot_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_chv - Chevalier's Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_cpl - Commander's Plate Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_drb - Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_drw - Wade's Dragonbone Plate Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_dwv - Dwarven Massive Armored Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_eff - Effort's Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_hpl - Heavy Plate Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_jug - Juggernaut Plate Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_leg - Boots of the Legion

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_log - Armor of the River Dane Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_mas_tmp - Templar Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_chn - Chainmail Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_drb - Wade's Superior Dragonskin Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_drw - Wade's Dragonskin Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_dwi - Dwarven Noble Armored Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_dwv - Dwarven Armored Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_elv - Ancient Elven Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_scl - Scale Boots

gen_im_arm_bot_med_spl - Splintmail Boots

Chestpieces Edit

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_cer - Ceremonial Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_dil - Armor of Diligence

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_drb - Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_drw - Wade's Heavy Dragonscale Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_dwg - Dwarven Guard Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_dwv - Dwarven Heavy Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_evn - Evon the Great's Mail

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_hch - Heavy Chainmail

gen_im_arm_cht_hvy_sdg - Superior Dwarven Guard Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_dal - Dalish Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_drb - Wade's Superior Drakeskin Leather Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_drw - Wade's Drakeskin Leather Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_dus - Duster Leather Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_fel - The Felon's Coat

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_ltr - Leather Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_new - Shadow of the Empire

gen_im_arm_cht_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_chv - Chevalier's Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_cpl - Commander's Plate Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_drb - Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_drw - Wade's Dragonbone Plate Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_dwv - Dwarven Massive Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_eff - Effort

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_hpl - Heavy Plate Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_jug - Juggernaut Plate Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_leg - Armor of the Legion

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_log - Armor of the River Dane

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_tem - Armor of the Divine Will

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_tmp - Templar Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_tmp_a - Templar Armor (Origins)

gen_im_arm_cht_mas_tmp_b - Knight Commander's Plate

gen_im_arm_cht_med_chn - Chainmail

gen_im_arm_cht_med_drb - Wade's Superior Dragonskin Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_drw - Wade's Dragonskin Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_dwi - Dwarven Noble Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_dwv - Dwarven Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_elv - Ancient Elven Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_scl - Scale Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_sdw - Shielded Dwarven Armor

gen_im_arm_cht_med_spl - Splintmail

gen_im_arm_cht_med_var - Varathorn's Armor

Gloves Edit

gen_im_arm_glv_all - Elementalist's Grasp

gen_im_arm_glv_bsb1 - Angled Strikers

gen_im_arm_glv_bsb2 - Backhands

gen_im_arm_glv_bsb3 - Red Jenny Seekers

gen_im_arm_glv_crt1 - Coarse Cut Gauntlets

gen_im_arm_glv_crt5 - Pushback Strikers

gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_cer - Ceremonial Armored Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_dil - Gloves of Diligence

gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_drb - Wade's Superior Heavy Dragonscale Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_drw - Wade's Heavy Dragonscale Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_dwv - Dwarven Heavy Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_hvy_hch - Heavy Chainmail Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_ap1 - Imperial Reinforced Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_ap3 - Qunari Siege Gauntlets

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_ap5 - Gloves of Guile

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_cld1 - Polar Gauntlets

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_cld2 - Ashen Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_dal - Dalish Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_drb - Wade's Superior Drakeskin Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_drw - Wade's Drakeskin Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_dus - Duster Leather Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_ele1 - Charged Mitts

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_ele2 - Storm Talons

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_fir1 - Pocketed Searing Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_fir2 - Cinderfel Gauntlets

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_ltr - Leather Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_nat1 - Lend of the Lion

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_nat2 - Silk Weave Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_new - Katriel's Grasp

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_spr1 - Spirit Hands

gen_im_arm_glv_lgt_spr2 - Black Hand Gauntlets

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_chv - Chevalier's Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_cpl - Commander's Plate Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_drb - Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_drw - Wade's Dragonbone Plate Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_dwv - Dwarven Massive Armored Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_eff - Effort's Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_hpl - Heavy Plate Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_jug - Juggernaut Plate Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_leg - Gloves of the Legion

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_log - Armor of the River Dane Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_mas_tem - Templar Gauntlets

gen_im_arm_glv_med_chn - Chainmail Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_drb - Wade's Superior Dragonskin Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_drw - Wade's Dragonskin Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_dwi - Dwarven Noble Armored Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_dwv - Dwarven Armored Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_elv - Ancient Elven Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_scl - Scale Gloves

gen_im_arm_glv_med_spl - Splintmail Gloves

Helmets Edit

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_com - Commander's Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_dsl - Corruption

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_dwv - Heavy Dwarven Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_exc - Executioner's Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_grf - Griffon's Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_gry - Grey Warden Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_leg - Helm of the Legion

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_prv - Proving Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_quc - Qunari Commander Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_red - Helm of the Red

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_sol - Soldier's Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_hvy_tha - Thane Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_aim - Armsman's Tensioner

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_crn - Paragon Crown

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_crt - The Long Sight

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_cun - Quicksilver Arming Cap

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_dex - Free Scout Arming Cap

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_ltr - Leather Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_men1 - Qunari Thickened Cap

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_men2 - Conspirator's Foil

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_own - Owen's Remasterwork

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_sta - Longrunner's Cap

gen_im_arm_hel_lgt_std - Studded Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_app - Apprentice Cowl

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_con - Collective Arming Cowl

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_enc - Enchanter Cowl

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_fen - First Enchanter's Cowl (Origins)

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_joa - Cameo Cowl

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_lib - The Libertarian's Cowl

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_men - Enchanter's Arming Cap

gen_im_arm_hel_mag_mn2 - Reinforced Magus Cowl (Origins)

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_com - Knight-Commander's Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_dty - Duty (helmet)

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_inf - Heavy Infantry Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_jug - Juggernaut Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_phy - Rock-Knocker

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_sol - Soldier's Heavy Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_sta - Standard Bearer's Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_mas_tmp - Templar Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_med_bar - Barbarian Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_med_dwv - Dwarven Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_med_elv - Ancient Elven Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_med_hel - Helmet

gen_im_arm_hel_med_new - Camenae's Barbute

gen_im_arm_hel_med_qui - Qunari Infantry Helm

gen_im_arm_hel_men - Dead Metal Bucket

Shields Edit

Bucklers Edit

gen_im_arm_shd_smal_gry - Warden Recruit Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_aed - Aeducan Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_car - Caridin's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_cln - Clan Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_crt - Carta Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_crw - Crow Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_dal - Dalish Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_drk - Small Darkspawn Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_gor - Gorim's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_har - Harrowmont Guard Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_how - Howe Guard Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_knf - Bloodstained Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_met - Small Metal Round Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_mth - Mythal's Blessing

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_ruk - Ruck's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_sml_wdn - Small Shield

Targes Edit

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_aed - Aeducan Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_aef - Aeducan Family Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_bra - Branka's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_chm - Champion's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_drk - Large Darkspawn Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_dwv - Dwarven Large Round Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_leg - Shield of the Legion

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_rev - Dead Coat of Arms

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_tev - Tevinter Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_lrg_wdn - Large Wooden Round Shield

Kite shields Edit

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_com - Knight-Commander's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_cus - Cousland Guard Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_eam - Eamon's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_hig - Shield of Highever

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_lgd - Loghain's Guardsmen

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_log - Loghain's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_met - Metal Kite Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_new - Havard's Aegis

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_rde - Redcliffe Elite Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_red - Redcliffe Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_swf - Swiftrunner's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_tmp - Templar Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_kit_wdn - Wooden Kite Shield

Heavy shields Edit

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_att - Earthheart's Portable Bulwark

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_den - Denerim Guard Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_how - Howe's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_kng - King's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_lcs - Greagoir's Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_met - Heavy Metal Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_rev - Fade Wall

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_wdn - Heavy Wooden Shield

gen_im_arm_shd_twr_wrd - Duncan's Shield

Mage Robes Edit

Note: See the second note in the opening paragraph for an existing issue regarding the Mage Robes
with the additemwmat command.

gen_im_cth_mag_app - Apprentice Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_arc - Archon Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_cha - Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_chs - Chasind Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_cht - Chanter Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_fen - First Enchanter Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_gft - Robes of the Gifted

gen_im_cth_mag_lrd - Robes of the Magister Lords

gen_im_cth_mag_mag - Mage Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_mor - Morrigan's Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_mor2 - Robes of Possession

gen_im_cth_mag_rpr - Reaper's Vestments

gen_im_cth_mag_smg - Senior Enchanter's Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_tra - Tranquil Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_tv1 - Tevinter Robe

gen_im_cth_mag_tv2 - Lesser Tevinter Robe

gen_im_cth_mag_tve - Tevinter Enchanter's Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_tvm - Tevinter Mage Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_wit - Robe of the Witch

Weapons Edit

Staves Edit

gen_im_gift_pwood - Piece of Wood

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_aco - Acolyte's Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_bhs - Blackened Heartwood Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_drk - Darkspawn Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_fi1 - Torch of Embers

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_fi2 - Pyromancer's Brand

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_gen - Malign Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_har - Harrowmont's Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_ic1 - Wintersbreath

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_li1 - Lightning Rod

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_li2 - Heaven's Wrath

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_mag - Staff of the Ephemeral Order

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_mgc - Magic Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_mgs - Magister's Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_mld - Staff of the Magister Lord

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_mor - Enchanter's Staff

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_oak - Oak Branch

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_po1 - Sylvan's Mercy

gen_im_wep_mag_sta_shp - Shaperate's Blessing (staff)

Waraxes (one handed) Edit

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_ash - Ash Warrior Axe

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_axe - Axe

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_dal - Dal'Thanu

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_dey - Deygan's Dal'Thanu

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_drk - Darkspawn Waraxe

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_dss - Bloodline (Origins)

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_dwv - Dwarven Waraxe

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_gry - Axe of the Grey

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_how - Biteback Axe

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_new - Aodh

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_spi - Axameter

gen_im_wep_mel_axe_ves - The Veshialle

Battleaxes (two handed) Edit

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_bar - Barbarian Axe

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_bax - Battleaxe

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_crt - Maetashear War Axe

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_dal - Dal'Thanaan

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_drk - Darkspawn Battleaxe

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_grf - Griffon's Beak

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_mgc - Faith's Edge

gen_im_wep_mel_bax_vas - Axe of the Vashoth

Daggers Edit

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_crw - Crow Dagger

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_dag - Dagger (Origins)

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_dar - Dar'Misu

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_drk - Darkspawn Dagger

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_enc - Enchanted Dagger

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_fng - Fang

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_gry - Gift of the Grey

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_nob - Noble's Dagger

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_qun - Beastman's Dagger

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_ros - The Rose's Thorn

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_thh - Thorn of the Dead Gods (best properties)

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_thn - Thorn of the Dead Gods (average properties)

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_ths - Thorn of the Dead Gods (worst properties)

gen_im_wep_mel_dag_var - Varathorn's Dar'Misu

Greatswords Edit

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_drk - Darkspawn Greatsword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_gsw - Greatsword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_jor - Balanced Greatsword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_met - Meteor Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_mg1 - Magic Greatsword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_mg2 - Chasind Flatblade

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_orn - Ornamental Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_qun - Qunari Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_shp - Shaperate's Blessing (greatsword)

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_stn - Asala

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_sum - The Summer Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_gsw_yus - Yusaris

lite_caged_sword - Ageless

Longswords Edit

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_arw - Spellweaver

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_dar - Dar'Misaan

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_drk - Darkspawn Longsword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_dwv - Dwarven Longsword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_fam - Family Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_fdb - Fine Dwarven Blade

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_gor - Gorim's Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_hon - Topsider's Honor

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_hro - Dwyn's Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_lsw - Longsword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_mar - King Maric's Blade

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_mes - Ser Garlen's Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_oth - Oathkeeper

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_rev - Keening Blade

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_rwd - The Green Blade

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_saw - Saw Sword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_sw2 - Imperial Edge

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_unl - Longsword

gen_im_wep_mel_lsw_war - Warden's Longsword

Maces Edit

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_aed - Aeducan Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_bar - Barbarian Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_bra - Vanguard

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_chv - Chevalier's Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_drk - Darkspawn Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_dwv - Dwarven Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_end - Endrin's Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_gry - High Constable's Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_lan - Engraved Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_mac - Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_mgc - Liberator's Mace

gen_im_wep_mel_mac_shp - Shaperate's Blessing (mace)

Mauls Edit

gen_im_wep_mal_cha - Chasind Great Maul

gen_im_wep_mal_for - Forge Master's Hammer

gen_im_wep_mal_new - Thorval's Luck

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_cha - Chasind Crusher

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_dmd - Diamond Maul

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_drk - Darkspawn Maul

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_exl - Exalted Maul

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_hvy - Heavy Maul

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_mal - Maul

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_spk - Spiked Maul

gen_im_wep_mel_mal_tri - Trian's Maul

Arrows & Bolts Edit

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_and - Andraste's Arrows

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_elf - Elf-Flight Arrow

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_exp - Explosive Bolt

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_far - Fire Arrow

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_fbl - Fire Bolt

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_fil - Arrow of Filth

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_iar - Ice Arrow

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_ibl - Ice Bolt

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_knk - Knockback Bolt

gen_im_wep_rng_amm_sur - Sureshot Bolt

gen_im_arrow - Arrow

gen_im_arrow_flame - Flame Arrow

gen_im_arrowds_a - Arrow





gen_im_bolt - Bolt

Crossbows Edit

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_ant - Antivan Crossbow

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_ap1 - Precision-Geared Recurve

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_cbw - Crossbow

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_drk - Darkspawn Crossbow

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_dus - Nugbane

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_dwv - Dwarven Defender

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_imp - Imperium Crossbow

gwb_im_wep_rng_cbw_sge - Antique Warden Crossbow

gen_im_wep_rng_cbw_slr - Sailor's Crossbow

Longbows Edit

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_ant - Antivan Longbow

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_dal - Dalish Longbow

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_drk - Darkspawn Longbow

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_eye - Mage's Eye

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_fal - Falon'Din's Reach

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_for - Spear-Thrower

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_fsn - Far Song

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_lbw - Longbow

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_maj - Marjolaine's Recurve

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_sun - Bow of the Golden Sun

gen_im_wep_rng_lbw_wlf - Wolf-Killer

Shortbows Edit

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_drk - Darkspawn Shortbow

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_mgc - The Fox's Bow

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_new - The Dark Moon

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_orl - Orlesian Bow

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_sbw - Shortbow

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_sct - Scout's Bow

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_stl - Whitewood Bow

gen_im_wep_rng_sbw_wld - Wilds Bow

Crafting Edit

Recipes Edit

Herbalism Edit
gen_im_cft_hrb_101 - Mabari Crunch Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_102 - Lesser Health Poultice Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_104 - Rock Salve Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_105 - Incense of Awareness Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_201 - Double-Baked Mabari Crunch Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_202 - Health Poultice Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_206 - Lesser Lyrium Potion Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_207 - Lesser Ice Salve Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_208 - Lesser Warmth Balm Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_209 - Lesser Elixir of Grounding Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_210 - Lesser Nature Salve Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_211 - Lesser Injury Kit Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_212 - Swift Salve Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_301 - Greater Health Poultice Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_305 - Lyrium Potion Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_310 - Lesser Spirit Balm Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_311 - Injury Kit Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_403 - Greater Lyrium Potion Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_404 - Greater Ice Salve Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_405 - Greater Warmth Balm Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_406 - Greater Elixir of Grounding Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_407 - Greater Nature Salve Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_408 - Greater Spirit Balm Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_409 - Greater Injury Kit Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_410 - Potent Health Poultice Recipe

gen_im_cft_hrb_411 - Potent Lyrium Potion Recipe

Poison-Making Edit
gen_im_cft_psn_101 - Venom Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_102 - Deathroot Extract Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_103 - Acid Flask Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_104 - Acidic Coating Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_201 - Concentrated Venom Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_202 - Crow Poison Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_203 - Concentrated Deathroot Extract Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_204 - Soldier's Bane Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_205 - Magebane Poison Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_206 - Fire Bomb Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_207 - Freeze Bomb Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_208 - Shock Bomb Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_209 - Flaming Coating Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_210 - Freezing Coating Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_211 - Shock Coating Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_301 - Adder's Kiss Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_302 - Demonic Poison Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_303 - Concentrated Crow Poison Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_304 - Fleshrot Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_305 - Concentrated Soldier's Bane Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_306 - Concentrated Magebane Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_307 - Soulrot Bomb Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_308 - Soulrot Coating Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_401 - Concentrated Demonic Poison Recipe

gen_im_cft_psn_402 - Quiet Death Recipe

Trap-Making plans Edit

gen_im_cft_trp_101 - Small Grease Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_102 - Small Caltrop Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_103 - Small Claw Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_104 - Spring Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_105 - Acidic Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_201 - Large Grease Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_202 - Large Caltrop Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_203 - Mild Choking Powder Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_204 - Mild Lure Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_205 - Small Shrapnel Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_206 - Large Claw Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_207 - Mild Sleeping Gas Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_208 - Fire Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_209 - Freeze Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_210 - Shock Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_301 - Acidic Grease Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_302 - Poisoned Caltrop Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_303 - Choking Powder Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_304 - Interesting Lure Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_305 - Large Shrapnel Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_306 - Sleeping Gas Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_307 - Soulrot Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_401 - Choking Powder Cloud Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_402 - Overpowering Lure Trap Plans

gen_im_cft_trp_403 - Sleeping Gas Cloud Trap Plans

Unique Edit

gen_im_cft_uni_dwv - Dwarven Regicide Antidote Recipe

Resources Edit

gen_im_cft_reg_charm - Glamour Charm

gen_im_cft_reg_concentrator - Concentrator Agent

gen_im_cft_reg_corrupter - Corrupter Agent

gen_im_cft_reg_deathroot - Deathroot

gen_im_cft_reg_demonicichor - Demonic Ichor

gen_im_cft_reg_distillation - Distillation Agent

gen_im_cft_reg_elfroot - Elfroot

gen_im_cft_reg_firecrystal - Fire Crystal

gen_im_cft_reg_flask - Flask

gen_im_cft_reg_frostrock - Frostrock

gen_im_cft_reg_lifestone - Lifestone

gen_im_cft_reg_lightning - Frozen Lightning

gen_im_cft_reg_lyriumdust - Lyrium Dust

gen_im_cft_reg_metalshard - Metal Shard

gen_im_cft_reg_mushroom - Deep Mushroom

gen_im_cft_reg_spiritshard - Spirit Shard

gen_im_cft_reg_traptrigger - Trap Trigger

gen_im_cft_reg_venom - Toxin Extract

Clothing Edit

gen_im_copper - Bit

gen_im_cth_cha_a00 - Chantry Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_a01 - Chantry Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_a02 - Chantry Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_a03 - Chantry Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_b00 - Revered Mother's Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_b01 - Revered Mother's Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_b02 - Revered Mother's Robe

gen_im_cth_cha_b03 - Revered Mother's Robe

gen_im_cth_mag_gcl - Grand Cleric Robes

gen_im_cth_mag_mth - Revered Mother's Robe

gen_im_cth_com_a00 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_a01 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_a02 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_a03 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_b00 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_b01 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_b02 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_b03 - Commoner Clothing

gen_im_cth_com_c00 - Clothing (human)

gen_im_cth_com_c01 - Clothing (human)

gen_im_cth_com_c02 - Clothing (human)

gen_im_cth_com_c03 - Clothing (human)

gen_im_cth_com_d00 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_d01 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_d02 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_d03 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_e00 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_e01 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_e02 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_e03 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_f00 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_f01 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_f02 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_f03 - Clothing (elf)

gen_im_cth_com_g00 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_g01 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_g02 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_g03 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_h00 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_h01 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_h02 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_h03 - Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_i00 - Commoner Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_i01 - Commoner Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_i02 - Commoner Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_com_i03 - Commoner Clothing (dwarf)

gen_im_cth_nob_af0 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_af1 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_af2 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_af3 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_am0 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_am1 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_am2 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_am3 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_b00 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_b01 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_b02 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_b03 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_c00 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_c01 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_c02 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_c03 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_d00 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_d01 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_d02 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_d03 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_e00 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_e01 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_e02 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_e03 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_f00 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_f01 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_f02 - Noble Clothing

gen_im_cth_nob_f03 - Noble Clothing


Gems Edit

gen_im_gem_ame - Amethyst

gen_im_gem_dia - Diamond

gen_im_gem_emr - Emerald

gen_im_gem_flu - Fluorspar

gen_im_gem_gar - Garnet

gen_im_gem_grn - Greenstone

gen_im_gem_mal - Malachite

gen_im_gem_qrt - Quartz

gen_im_gem_rby - Ruby

gen_im_gem_sap - Sapphire
gen_im_gem_top - Topaz

gen_im_gem_var - Varathorn's Gems

Gifts Edit

gem_im_gift_gar - Remarkable Garnet

gen_im_gift_ale - Ale

gen_im_gift_alistair_amulet - Alistair's Mother's Amulet

gen_im_gift_ame - Remarkable Amethyst

gen_im_gift_antivan_boots - Antivan Leather Boots (gift)

gen_im_gift_armband - Armband

gen_im_gift_blkgrimoire - Black Grimoire

gen_im_gift_book - The Search for the True Prophet

gen_im_gift_book2 - The Rose of Orlais

gen_im_gift_book4 - Discovering Dragon's Blood: Potions, Tinctures, and Spicy Sauces

gen_im_gift_book5 - The Guerrins of Ferelden: A Genealogical History

gen_im_gift_bracer - Steel Bracers

gen_im_gift_brclet - Gemmed Bracelet

gen_im_gift_brclet2 - Silver Bracelet

gen_im_gift_brooch - Silver Brooch

gen_im_gift_cake - Found Cake

gen_im_gift_chantam - Chantry Amulet (gift)

gen_im_gift_dalish_gloves - Dalish Gloves (gift)

gen_im_gift_dia - Remarkable Diamond

gen_im_gift_dogbone - Lamb Bone

gen_im_gift_dogbone2 - Ox Bone

gen_im_gift_dogbone3 - Beef Bone

gen_im_gift_dogbone4 - Large Bone

gen_im_gift_dogbone5 - Veal Bone

gen_im_gift_dppant - Dirty Pair of Pantaloons

gen_im_gift_duncan_shield - Duncan's Shield (gift)

gen_im_gift_earring - Diamond Earrings

gen_im_gift_earring2 - Gold Earrings

gen_im_gift_emr - Remarkable Emerald

gen_im_gift_fanbot - Garbolg's Backcountry Reserve

gen_im_gift_fanbot2 - Chasind Sack Mead

gen_im_gift_fanbot3 - Legacy White Shear

gen_im_gift_fanbot4 - Sun Blonde Vint-1

gen_im_gift_fanbot5 - Golden Scythe 4:90 Black

gen_im_gift_fanscrl - Fancy Scroll

gen_im_gift_flmgrimoire - Flemeth's Grimoire

gen_im_gift_flower_andraste - Andraste's Grace

gen_im_gift_grn - Remarkable Greenstone

gen_im_gift_hdband - Headband

gen_im_gift_hlysymb - Bronze Symbol of Andraste

gen_im_gift_hlysymb2 - Silver Sword of Mercy

gen_im_gift_hlysymb3 - Golden Symbol of Andraste

gen_im_gift_hlysymb4 - Etched Silver Symbol

gen_im_gift_hlysymb5 - Steel Symbol of Andraste

gen_im_gift_locket - Locket

gen_im_gift_mal - Remarkable Malachite

gen_im_gift_map - Ancient Map of the Imperium

gen_im_gift_map2 - Current Map of Ferelden

gen_im_gift_map3 - Map of the Anderfels

gen_im_gift_map4 - Botanist's Map of Thedas

gen_im_gift_map5 - Map of Occupied Ferelden

gen_im_gift_mdpnt1 - Portrait of a Goosegirl

gen_im_gift_mdpnt2 - Painting of the Rebel Queen

gen_im_gift_mgold - Medium Gold Bar

gen_im_gift_mirror - Golden Mirror

gen_im_gift_msilver - Medium Silver Bar

gen_im_gift_ncklace - Gold Amulet

gen_im_gift_ncklace2 - Golden Rope Necklace

gen_im_gift_ncklace3 - Silver Chain

gen_im_gift_ncklace4 - Silver Medallion

gen_im_gift_ncklace5 - Golden Demon Pendant

gen_im_gift_nugg - Cute Nug

gen_im_gift_paintsky - Painted Skyball

gen_im_gift_pitcher - Alley King's Flagon

gen_im_gift_rby - Remarkable Ruby

gen_im_gift_ring - Shiny Gold Ring

gen_im_gift_ring2 - Small Silver Ring

gen_im_gift_ring3 - Heavy Gold Ring

gen_im_gift_ring4 - Black Gemmed Ring

gen_im_gift_ring5 - Silver Demon Head Ring

gen_im_gift_runston - White Runestone

gen_im_gift_runston2 - Black Runestone

gen_im_gift_sap - Remarkable Sapphire

gen_im_gift_sgold - Small Gold Bar

gen_im_gift_shoe - Blue Satin Shoes

gen_im_gift_smlpnt1 - Water-Stained Portrait

gen_im_gift_smlpnt2 - Silver-Framed Still Life

gen_im_gift_ssilver - Small Silver Bar

gen_im_gift_stat - Stone Dragon Statuette

gen_im_gift_stat2 - Stone Warrior Statuette

gen_im_gift_stat3 - Small Carved Statuette

gen_im_gift_stat4 - Onyx Demon Statuette

gen_im_gift_sword_sten - Sten's Sword

gen_im_gift_tatbook - Tattered Notebook

gen_im_gift_tiara - Tiara

gen_im_gift_top - Remarkable Topaz

gen_im_gift_totem - Totem

gen_im_gift_trbneck - Tribal Necklace

gen_im_gift_tyarn - Tangled Ball of Yarn

gen_im_gift_wine - Wine

Companion romance items Edit

gen_im_gift_alistair_rose - Alistair's Rose

gen_im_misc_zevearring - Zevran's Earring

Manuals Edit

gen_im_manual_assassin - Manual: Assassin

gen_im_manual_bard - Manual: Bard

gen_im_manual_berserker - Manual: Berserker

gen_im_manual_ranger - Manual: Ranger

gen_im_manual_shapeshifter - Manual: Shapeshifter

gen_im_manual_spirithealer - Manual: Spirit Healer

gen_im_manual_templar - Manual: Templar

Tomes Edit

gen_im_qck_book_attribute - Tome of the Mortal Vessel

gen_im_qck_book_attribute2 - Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel

gen_im_qck_book_formari - Formari Tome

gen_im_qck_book_prm1 - Formari Tome

gen_im_qck_book_skill - Tome of Skill and Sundry

gen_im_qck_book_talentm - Tome of Arcane Technique

gen_im_qck_book_talentw - Tome of Physical Technique

Usable items Edit

Weapon coating Edit

gen_im_qck_coating_101 - Acidic Coating

gen_im_qck_coating_201 - Flame Coating

gen_im_qck_coating_202 - Freezing Coating

gen_im_qck_coating_203 - Shock Coating

gen_im_qck_coating_301 - Soulrot Coating

Food for Dog Edit

gen_im_qck_dogfood_101 - Mabari Crunch

gen_im_qck_dogfood_201 - Double-Baked Mabari Crunch

Bombs Edit

gen_im_qck_grenade_101 - Acid Flask

gen_im_qck_grenade_201 - Fire Bomb

gen_im_qck_grenade_202 - Freeze Bomb

gen_im_qck_grenade_203 - Shock Bomb

gen_im_qck_grenade_301 - Soulrot Bomb

Health Poultices Edit

gen_im_qck_health_101 - Lesser Health Poultice

gen_im_qck_health_201 - Health Poultice

gen_im_qck_health_301 - Greater Health Poultice

gen_im_qck_health_401 - Potent Health Poultice

Injury kits Edit

gen_im_qck_injury_101 - Lesser Injury Kit

gen_im_qck_injury_201 - Injury Kit

gen_im_qck_injury_301 - Greater Injury Kit

Lyrium Potions Edit

gen_im_qck_mana_101 - Lesser Lyrium Potion

gen_im_qck_mana_201 - Lyrium Potion (Origins)

gen_im_qck_mana_301 - Greater Lyrium Potion

gen_im_qck_mana_401 - Potent Lyrium Potion

Poisons Edit

gen_im_qck_poison_101 - Venom

gen_im_qck_poison_102 - Deathroot Extract

gen_im_qck_poison_201 - Concentrated Venom

gen_im_qck_poison_202 - Crow Poison

gen_im_qck_poison_203 - Concentrated Deathroot Extract

gen_im_qck_poison_204 - Soldier's Bane

gen_im_qck_poison_205 - Magebane

gen_im_qck_poison_301 - Adder's Kiss

gen_im_qck_poison_302 - Demonic Poison

gen_im_qck_poison_303 - Concentrated Crow Poison

gen_im_qck_poison_304 - Fleshrot

gen_im_qck_poison_305 - Concentrated Soldier's Bane

gen_im_qck_poison_306 - Concentrated Magebane

gen_im_qck_poison_401 - Concentrated Demonic Poison

gen_im_qck_poison_402 - Quiet Death

Salves, Incenses, Balms Edit

gen_im_qck_misc_101 - Rock Salve

gen_im_qck_misc_102 - Incense of Awareness

gen_im_qck_misc_201 - Swift Salve

gen_im_qck_resistance_101 - Lesser Ice Salve

gen_im_qck_resistance_102 - Lesser Warmth Balm

gen_im_qck_resistance_103 - Lesser Elixir of Grounding

gen_im_qck_resistance_104 - Lesser Nature Salve

gen_im_qck_resistance_105 - Lesser Spirit Balm

gen_im_qck_resistance_301 - Greater Ice Salve

gen_im_qck_resistance_302 - Greater Warmth Balm

gen_im_qck_resistance_303 - Greater Elixir of Grounding

gen_im_qck_resistance_304 - Greater Nature Salve

gen_im_qck_resistance_305 - Greater Spirit Balm

Traps Edit

gen_im_qck_trap_101 - Small Grease Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_102 - Small Caltrop Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_103 - Small Claw Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_104 - Spring Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_105 - Acidic Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_201 - Large Grease Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_202 - Large Caltrop Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_203 - Mild Choking Powder Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_204 - Mild Lure

gen_im_qck_trap_205 - Small Shrapnel Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_206 - Large Claw Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_207 - Mild Sleeping Gas Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_208 - Fire Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_209 - Freeze Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_210 - Shock Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_301 - Acidic Grease Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_302 - Poisoned Caltrop Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_303 - Choking Powder Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_304 - Interesting Lure

gen_im_qck_trap_305 - Large Shrapnel Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_306 - Sleeping Gas Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_307 - Soulrot Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_401 - Choking Powder Cloud Trap

gen_im_qck_trap_402 - Overpowering Lure

gen_im_qck_trap_403 - Sleeping Gas Cloud Trap

Unique Edit

gen_im_qck_uni_dwv - Dwarven Regicide Antidote

Dog's accessories Edit

Collars Edit

gen_im_spc_dog_col_c01 - Black Leather Collar

gen_im_spc_dog_col_c02 - Mabari Dog Chain

gen_im_spc_dog_col_c03 - Steel Spiked Collar

gen_im_spc_dog_col_c04 - Mabari War Harness

gen_im_spc_dog_col_co5 - Pure Bitch Braid

gen_im_spc_dog_col_co6 - Blackmetal Torque

gen_im_spc_dog_col_co7 - Lord's Hunting Jabot

gen_im_spc_dog_col_co8 - Throwback Harness

gen_im_spc_dog_col_str - Worn Studded Braid

Kaddis Edit

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p01 - Warpaint of the Wolfhound

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p02 - Kaddis of the Courser

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p03 - Warpaint of the Vanguard

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p04 - Warpaint of the West Hills

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p05 - Kaddis of the Siege-Breaker

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p06 - Warpaint of the Waking Sea

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p07 - Kaddis of Hakkon Wintersbreath

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p08 - Warpaint of the Tempest

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p09 - Kaddis of the Lady of the Skies

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p10 - Kaddis of the Trickster

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p11 - Kaddis of the King's Hounds

gen_im_spc_dog_pnt_p12 - Kaddis of the Mountain-Father

Weapon runes Edit

gen_im_upg_cry_exp_dwe - Expert Dweomer Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_exp_flm - Expert Flame Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_exp_frs - Expert Frost Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_exp_par - Expert Paralyze Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_gdm_dwe - Grandmaster Dweomer Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_gdm_flm - Grandmaster Flame Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_gdm_frs - Grandmaster Frost Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_gdm_par - Grandmaster Paralyze Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_jny_dwe - Journeyman Dweomer Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_jny_flm - Journeyman Flame Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_jny_frs - Journeyman Frost Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_jny_par - Journeyman Paralyze Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_mas_dwe - Master Dweomer Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_mas_flm - Master Flame Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_mas_frs - Master Frost Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_mas_par - Master Paralyze Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_nov_dwe - Novice Dweomer Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_nov_flm - Novice Flame Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_nov_frs - Novice Frost Rune

gen_im_upg_cry_nov_par - Novice Paralyze Rune

gen_im_upg_run_exp_chr - Expert Lightning Rune

gen_im_upg_run_exp_cir - Expert Cold Iron Rune

gen_im_upg_run_exp_hal - Expert Hale Rune

gen_im_upg_run_exp_sil - Expert Silverite Rune

gen_im_upg_run_exp_slw - Expert Slow Rune

gen_im_upg_run_gdm_chr - Grandmaster Lightning Rune

gen_im_upg_run_gdm_cir - Grandmaster Cold Iron Rune

gen_im_upg_run_gdm_hal - Grandmaster Hale Rune

gen_im_upg_run_gdm_sil - Grandmaster Silverite Rune

gen_im_upg_run_gdm_slw - Grandmaster Slow Rune

gen_im_upg_run_jny_chr - Journeyman Lightning Rune

gen_im_upg_run_jny_cir - Journeyman Cold Iron Rune

gen_im_upg_run_jny_hal - Journeyman Hale Rune

gen_im_upg_run_jny_sil - Journeyman Silverite Rune

gen_im_upg_run_jny_slw - Journeyman Slow Rune

gen_im_upg_run_mas_chr - Master Lightning Rune

gen_im_upg_run_mas_cir - Master Cold Iron Rune

gen_im_upg_run_mas_hal - Master Hale Rune

gen_im_upg_run_mas_sil - Master Silverite Rune

gen_im_upg_run_mas_slw - Master Slow Rune

gen_im_upg_run_nov_chr - Novice Lightning Rune

gen_im_upg_run_nov_cir - Novice Cold Iron Rune

gen_im_upg_run_nov_hal - Novice Hale Rune

gen_im_upg_run_nov_sil - Novice Silverite Rune

gen_im_upg_run_nov_slw - Novice Slow Rune

Miscellaneous Edit

gen_im_misc_backpack - Backpack (Origins)

gen_im_misc_backpack_pre - Backpack (Ostagar)

gen_im_misc_badlck - Bad Luck Charm

gen_im_misc_demonbook - Tome of Ethereal Suggestion

gen_im_misc_dragonscale - Dragon Scale

gen_im_misc_drakescale - Drake Scale

gen_im_pelt_werewolf - Werewolf Pelt

gen_im_pelt_wolf - Wolf Pelt

gen_im_staff_projectile - Staff Projectile

gen_im_trash_blank - Blank Vellum

gen_im_trash_private - Private Documents

gen_im_trash_rare - Manuscript Copy

gen_im_trash_trade - Trade Manifest

gen_im_treas_engsilvbwl - Engraved Silver Bowl

gen_im_treas_fancyvase - Fancy Vase

gen_im_treas_silkcarp - Silk Carpet

gen_im_treas_silvchal - Silver Chalice

Warden's Keep Edit

The generic armors available in Mikhael Dryden's shop have a unique color, and the shields have the
Grey Warden Commander heraldry on them.

gwb_im_acc_blt_sny - Shadow Belt

gwb_im_arm_bot_hvy_hch - Heavy Chainmail Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_hvy_wdn1 - Warden Heavy Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_lgt_wdn - Studded Warden Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_lgt_wdn2 - Warden Scout Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_mas_hpl - Heavy Plate Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_mas_wcm - Warden Commander Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_med_spl - Splintmail Boots

gwb_im_arm_bot_med_wdn1 - Warden Splintmail Boots

gwb_im_arm_cht_hvy_hch - Heavy Chainmail

gwb_im_arm_cht_hvy_wdn1 - Warden Heavy Armor

gwb_im_arm_cht_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Armor

gwb_im_arm_cht_lgt_wdn1 - Studden Warden Armor

gwb_im_arm_cht_lgt_wdn2 - Warden Scout Armor

gwb_im_arm_cht_mas_hpl - Heavy Plate Armor

gwb_im_arm_cht_mas_wcm - Warden Commander Armor

gwb_im_arm_cht_med_spl - Splintmail

gwb_im_arm_cht_med_wdn1 - Warden Splintmail

gwb_im_arm_glv_hvy_hch - Heavy Chainmail Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_hvy_wdn1 - Warden Heavy Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_lgt_rlr - Studded Leather Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_lgt_wdn1 - Studded Warden Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_lgt_wdn2 - Warden Scout Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_mas_hpl - Heavy Plate Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_mas_wcm - Warden Commander Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_med_spl - Splintmail Gloves

gwb_im_arm_glv_med_wdn1 - Warden Splintmail Gloves

gwb_im_arm_hel_hvy_gry - Grey Warden Helmet

gwb_im_arm_hel_lgt_std - Studded Helmet

gwb_im_arm_hel_lgt_wdn1 - Studded Helmet

gwb_im_arm_hel_mag_enc - Enchanter Cowl

gwb_im_arm_hel_mas_sol - Soldier's Heavy Helm

gwb_im_arm_hel_med_hel - Helmet

gwb_im_arm_shd_kit_met - Metal Kite Shield

gwb_im_arm_shd_lrg_tev - Grey Warden Shield

gwb_im_arm_shd_smal_gry - Warden Recruit Shield

gwb_im_arm_shd_sml_wdn1 - Warden Scout Shield

gwb_im_arm_shd_twr_met - Heavy Metal Shield

gwb_im_arm_shd_twr_wdn1 - Warden Tower Shield

gwb_im_cth_mag_wdn1 - Robes of Avernus

gwb_im_cth_mag_wdn2 - Warden Apprentice Robes

gwb_im_wep_mag_sta_icy - Winter's Breath

gwb_im_wep_mel_gsw_stm - Starfang (greatsword)

gwb_im_wep_mel_lsw_ast - Asturian's Might

gwb_im_wep_mel_lsw_stm - Starfang (longsword)

gwb_im_wep_rng_cbw_sge - Antique Warden Crossbow

The Stone Prisoner Edit

Large crystals for Shale Edit

shl_arm_fir_00 - Large Chipped Fire Crystal

shl_arm_fir_01 - Large Flawed Fire Crystal

shl_arm_fir_02 - Large Clear Fire Crystal

shl_arm_fir_03 - Large Flawless Fire Crystal

shl_arm_fir_04 - Large Brilliant Fire Crystal

shl_arm_ice_00 - Large Chipped Ice Crystal

shl_arm_ice_01 - Large Flawed Ice Crystal

shl_arm_ice_02 - Large Clear Ice Crystal

shl_arm_ice_03 - Large Flawless Ice Crystal

shl_arm_ice_04 - Large Brilliant Ice Crystal

shl_arm_lit_00 - Large Chipped Lightning Crystal

shl_arm_lit_01 - Large Flawed Lightning Crystal

shl_arm_lit_02 - Large Clear Lightning Crystal

shl_arm_lit_03 - Large Flawless Lightning Crystal

shl_arm_lit_04 - Large Brilliant Lightning Crystal

shl_arm_nat_00 - Large Chipped Natural Crystal

shl_arm_nat_01 - Large Flawed Natural Crystal

shl_arm_nat_02 - Large Clear Natural Crystal

shl_arm_nat_03 - Large Flawless Natural Crystal

shl_arm_nat_04 - Large Brilliant Natural Crystal

shl_arm_spi_00 - Large Chipped Spirit Crystal

shl_arm_spi_01 - Large Flawed Spirit Crystal

shl_arm_spi_02 - Large Clear Spirit Crystal

shl_arm_spi_03 - Large Flawless Spirit Crystal

shl_arm_spi_04 - Large Brilliant Spirit Crystal

Small crystals for Shale Edit

shl_wpn_fir_00 - Small Chipped Fire Crystal

shl_wpn_fir_01 - Small Flawed Fire Crystal

shl_wpn_fir_02 - Small Clear Fire Crystal

shl_wpn_fir_03 - Small Flawless Fire Crystal

shl_wpn_fir_04 - Small Brilliant Fire Crystal

shl_wpn_ice_00 - Small Chipped Ice Crystal

shl_wpn_ice_01 - Small Flawed Ice Crystal

shl_wpn_ice_02 - Small Clear Ice Crystal

shl_wpn_ice_03 - Small Flawless Ice Crystal

shl_wpn_ice_04 - Small Brilliant Ice Crystal

shl_wpn_lit_00 - Small Chipped Lightning Crystal

shl_wpn_lit_01 - Small Flawed Lightning Crystal

shl_wpn_lit_02 - Small Clear Lightning Crystal

shl_wpn_lit_03 - Small Flawless Lightning Crystal

shl_wpn_lit_04 - Small Brilliant Lightning Crystal

shl_wpn_nat_00 - Small Chipped Natural Crystal

shl_wpn_nat_01 - Small Flawed Natural Crystal

shl_wpn_nat_02 - Small Clear Natural Crystal

shl_wpn_nat_03 - Small Flawless Natural Crystal

shl_wpn_nat_04 - Small Brilliant Natural Crystal

shl_wpn_spi_00 - Small Chipped Spirit Crystal

shl_wpn_spi_01 - Small Flawed Spirit Crystal

shl_wpn_spi_02 - Small Clear Spirit Crystal

shl_wpn_spi_03 - Small Flawless Spirit Crystal

shl_wpn_spi_04 - Small Brilliant Spirit Crystal

Other Edit

shl100im_bloodykey - Bloodied Bronze Key

shl100im_cheeseknife - Olaf's Prized Cheese Knife

shl100im_control_rod - Golem Control Rod (Origins)

shl100im_councilnote - A Note from the Honnleath Village Council

shl200im_demon_belt - Cord of Shattered Dreams

shl200im_harvest_fest_ring - Harvest Festival Ring

shl200im_helm_of_honn - Helm of Honnleath

shl200im_wilhelms_brew - Wilhelm's Special Brew

shl200im_wilhelms_staff - Wilhelm's Magus Staff

shl300im_cadash_amulet - Blood-Gorged Amulet

shl300im_cadash_dagger - Dead Thaig Shanker

shl300im_cadash_mboots - Cadash Stompers

Return to Ostagar Edit

kcc_im_arm_bot_mas_cai - Cailan's Greaves

kcc_im_arm_cht_mas_cai - Cailan's Breastplate

kcc_im_arm_glv_lgt_spd - Repeater Gloves

kcc_im_arm_glv_mas_cai - Cailan's Gauntlets

kcc_im_arm_hel_mas_cai - Cailan's Helm

kcc_im_arm_shd_kit_cai - Cailan's Shield

kcc_im_spc_dog_col_cld - Firestone Harness

kcc_im_spc_dog_pnt_sft - Swiftrunner Warpaint

kcc_im_wep_mag_sta_crp - Corrupted Magister's Staff

kcc_im_wep_mal_nug - Nug Crusher

kcc_im_wep_mel_dag_dun - Duncan's Dagger

kcc_im_wep_mel_lsw_dun - Duncan's Sword

kcc_im_wep_mel_lsw_mar - Maric's Blade

kcc100im_cailans_docs - Secret Correspondence

kcc100im_chest_key - Key to the Royal Arms Chest

kcc100im_joining_chalice - Joining Chalice

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

Plot items Edit

int100im_triage_supplies - Medical Supplies

coa100ip_smugglers_key - Smugglers' Key

coa100im_poison - Poison

coa100im_sniper_cage_key - Cell Key (Awakening)

coa100im_guardhouse_key - Guardhouse Key

coa100im_orphans_hammer - Hammer

coa100im_orphans_toy - Doll

coa100im_orphans_scarecrow - Scarecrow

coa100im_orphans_pie - Pie

coa100im_orphans_pitchfork - Pitchfork

coa110im_kristoffs_room_key - Inn Key

coa110im_orphans_irritant - Pouch of Herbs

coa110im_orphans_bottle - Antivan Brandy

coa110im_orphans_soles - Shoe Soles

coa110im_orphans_knife - Kitchen Knife

coa140im_orphans_sermons - The Sermons of Justinia II

coa140im_orphans_flowers - Flowers

coa150im_orphans_moonshine - Moonshine

stb100im_key_to_docks - Dock Storage Key

stb100im_sutiors_poison - Empty Poison Bottle

stb100im_suitors_end - Letter of Proposal

stb100im_suitors_start - Tattered Letter

rxa110im_note - Diary Page

rxa130im_note - Assassin's Mark

rxa150im_note - Wanted List

rxa230im_salvaged_goods - Salvaged Trade Goods

trp100im_merchant_goods - Fine Silks

trp100im_puzzle_stone - Strange Stone

trp100im_scholar_note - Battered Journal

trp100im_ines_herb - Northern Prickleweed Seeds

trp100im_sylvanwood_sample - Ancient Sylvanwood

trp200im_architects_key - Architect's Key

trp200im_jail_key - Holding Cell Key

trp200im_wedding_ring - Keenan's Wedding Ring

stb100im_betrayal_start - Ancient Note

stb100im_dragon_bone_01 - Dragon Bone

stb100im_dragon_bone_02 - Dragon Bone

stb100im_dragon_bone_03 - Dragon Bone

stb100im_dragon_bone_04 - Dragon Bone

stb100im_dragon_bone_05 - Dragon Bone

stb100im_sutiors_poison - Empty Poison Bottle

vgk310ip_key_crypt_ent - Key to the Crypt

vgk320ip_puzkey_haakon - Key of Haakon

vgk320ip_puzkey_kiviel - Key of Kiveal

vgk320ip_puzkey_korth - Key of Korth

vgk320ip_puzkey_thelady - Key of the Lady

ltl300im_control_rod - Golem Control Rod (Awakening)

ltl000im_damaged_1 - Broken Sword

ltl000im_damaged_2 - Damaged Axe

ltl000im_damaged_3 - Shattered Maul

ltl000im_damaged_4 - Cracked Breastplate

ltl000im_damaged_5 - Ancient Boots

ltl100im_hunter_trinket - Micah's Lucky Deer Foot

ltl400im_casteless_marker - Stone Marker

ltl100im_excavator_start - Discarded Letter

vgk100im_catgut - Catgut

vgk100im_dragon_egg_fresh - Fresh Dragon Egg

vgk100im_dragonbone - Eldest Dragonbone

vgk100im_golem_shell - Inferno Golem Shell

vgk100im_heartwood - Heartwood

vgk100im_iron - Iron Ore

vgk100im_iron_pure - Pure Iron

vgk100im_lyrium_sand - Lyrium Sand

vgk100im_oil - Oil

vgk100im_silverite - Silverite Ore

vgk100im_veridium - Veridium Ore

vgk100im_wool_padding - Wool Padding

vgk330ip_korth_dicon - Corrupted Icon

vgk330ip_korth_gicon - Golden Idol of Korth

ltm200im_socket_crystal - Crystal

Shield heraldries Edit

gxa_im_her_shd_aeducan - Heraldry: Aeducan

gxa_im_her_shd_amaranthine - Heraldry: City of Amaranthine

gxa_im_her_shd_bear_paw - Heraldry: Bear's Paw

gxa_im_her_shd_cousland - Heraldry: Cousland

gxa_im_her_shd_cross - Heraldry: Cross

gxa_im_her_shd_crows - Heraldry: Antivan Crows

gxa_im_her_shd_dragonmount - Heraldry: Dragon's Peak Bannorn

gxa_im_her_shd_grey_wardens - Heraldry: Grey Wardens

gxa_im_her_shd_legion - Heraldry: Legion of the Dead

gxa_im_her_shd_templars - Heraldry: Templars

Accessories Edit

Amulets Edit

gxa_im_acc_amu_001 - Nature's Blessing

gxa_im_acc_amu_002 - Illumination

gxa_im_acc_amu_and - Fox's Pendant

gxa_im_acc_amu_g01 - Seeker's Chain

gxa_im_acc_amu_g02 - Scout's Medal

gxa_im_acc_amu_jus - Kristoff's Locket

gxa_im_acc_amu_m01 - Magus Ward

gxa_im_acc_amu_m02 - Will of the Unyielding

gxa_im_acc_amu_m03 - Talisman of Restoration

gxa_im_acc_amu_r02 - Spirit Cord

gxa_im_acc_amu_w01 - Blood of the Warrior

gxa_im_acc_amu_w02 - Rough-Hewn Pendant

Belts Edit

gxa_im_acc_blt_001 - Girdle of Kal'Hirol

gxa_im_acc_blt_002 - Gladiator's Belt

gxa_im_acc_blt_g01 - Sash of Power

gxa_im_acc_blt_g02 - Panacea

gxa_im_acc_blt_m01 - Lucrosian's Silken Cord

gxa_im_acc_blt_m03 - Battlemage's Cinch

gxa_im_acc_blt_m04 - Belt of the Architect

gxa_im_acc_blt_ogh - One for the Ditch (Awakening)

gxa_im_acc_blt_r01 - Doge's Dodger

gxa_im_acc_blt_sig - Deep Roads Girdle

gxa_im_acc_blt_w01 - Enduring Faith

gxa_im_acc_blt_w02 - Wasp's Sting

Rings Edit

gxa_im_acc_rng_001 - Sleeper

gxa_im_acc_rng_002 - Tingler

gxa_im_acc_rng_003 - Corin's Proposal

gxa_im_acc_rng_m01 - Golden Cog

gxa_im_acc_rng_m02 - Silver Cog

gxa_im_acc_rng_m03 - Ring of Mastery

gxa_im_acc_rng_m04 - Ring of Discipline

gxa_im_acc_rng_m05 - Soulbound

gxa_im_acc_rng_m06 - Earthbound

gxa_im_acc_rng_m07 - Icicle

gxa_im_acc_rng_m08 - Ash (ring)

gxa_im_acc_rng_nat - Worn Golden Ring

gxa_im_acc_rng_r01 - Ring of Subtlety

gxa_im_acc_rng_r02 - Ring of Severity

gxa_im_acc_rng_vel - Keeper's Charm

gxa_im_acc_rng_w01 - Blessing of the Divine

gxa_im_acc_rng_w02 - Mark of the Divine

gxa_im_justice_lyrium_ring - Lyrium Ring

Mage Robes Edit

Note: See the second note in the opening paragraph for an existing issue regarding the Mage Robes
with the additemwmat command.

gxa_im_cth_mag_001 - Lorekeeper's Robe

gxa_im_cth_mag_002 - Blood Promise

gxa_im_cth_mag_003 - Vestments of Urthemiel

gxa_im_cth_mag_004 - Spellminder
gxa_im_cth_mag_005 - Robes of the Architect

gxa_im_cth_mag_pl2 - Grey Warden Robes

gxa_im_cth_mag_pla - Robes of the Orlesian Magister

gxa_im_cth_mag_vel - Skins of the Keeper

Armor Edit

Boots Edit

gxa_im_arm_bot_hvy_001 - Stormchaser Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_hvy_002 - Fleet Feet

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_001 - Trickster's Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_002 - Feet of the Nimble

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_003 - Blackblade Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_004 - Wolf Treads

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_m01 - Lorekeeper's Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_m02 - Mage's Running Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_m03 - Firestompers

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_m04 - Winter Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_m05 - Fadewalker

gxa_im_arm_bot_lgt_pl2 - Grey Warden Leather Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_mas_001 - Greaves of Hirol's Defense

gxa_im_arm_bot_mas_002 - Boots of the Sentinel

gxa_im_arm_bot_mas_pl2 - Grey Warden Plate Boots

gxa_im_arm_bot_med_leg - Legionnaire Scout Boots

Chestpieces Edit

gxa_im_arm_cht_hvy_001 - Stormchaser Mail

gxa_im_arm_cht_hvy_002 - Venture

gxa_im_arm_cht_hvy_jus - Sturdy Heavy Chainmail

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_001 - Trickster's Tunic

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_002 - Vest of the Nimble

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_003 - Blackblade Tunic

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_004 - Rainswept

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_nat - The Bear's Embrace

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_pl2 - Grey Warden Light Armor

gxa_im_arm_cht_lgt_pla - Orlesian Warden's Light Armor

gxa_im_arm_cht_mas_001 - Breastplate of Hirol's Defense

gxa_im_arm_cht_mas_002 - Armor of the Sentinel

gxa_im_arm_cht_mas_003 - Clamshell Plate Armor

gxa_im_arm_cht_mas_pl2 - Grey Warden Plate Armor

gxa_im_arm_cht_mas_pla - Orlesian Warden's Plate Armor

gxa_im_arm_cht_med_leg - Legionnaire Scout Armor

vgk100im_golem_shell_armour - Golem Shell Armor

Gloves Edit

gxa_im_arm_glv_hvy_001 - Stormchaser Gauntlets

gxa_im_arm_glv_hvy_002 - Barbed Fists

gxa_im_arm_glv_hvy_jus - Sturdy Chainmail Gloves

gxa_im_glv_lgt_001 - Trickster's Gloves

gxa_im_glv_lgt_002 - Fingers of the Nimble

gxa_im_glv_lgt_003 - Blackblade Gloves

gxa_im_glv_lgt_004 - The Slippery Ferret's Gloves

gxa_im_glv_lgt_m01 - Lorekeeper's Mittens

gxa_im_glv_lgt_m02 - Shock Treatment

gxa_im_glv_lgt_m03 - Elementalist's Grasp (Awakening)

gxa_im_glv_lgt_m04 - Spirit of the Woods

gxa_im_glv_lgt_m05 - Oven Mitts

gxa_im_glv_lgt_nat - Ornate Leather Gloves

gxa_im_arm_glv_lgt_pl2 - Grey Warden Light Gloves

gxa_im_arm_glv_mas_001 - Gauntlets of Hirol's Defense

gxa_im_arm_glv_mas_002 - Gauntlets of the Sentinel

gxa_im_arm_glv_mas_pl2 - Grey Warden Plate Gauntlets

gxa_im_arm_glv_med_leg - Legionnaire Scout Gloves

Helmets Edit

gxa_im_arm_hel_hvy_001 - Stormchaser Helm

gxa_im_arm_hel_hvy_002 - Helm of Dragon's Peak

gxa_im_arm_hel_lgt_001 - Trickster's Cap

gxa_im_arm_hel_lgt_002 - Cap of the Nimble

gxa_im_arm_hel_lgt_003 - Blackblade Helm

gxa_im_arm_hel_lgt_004 - Quicksilver

gxa_im_arm_hel_lgt_pl2 - Grey Warden Light Helm

gxa_im_arm_hel_mag_001 - Lorekeeper's Cowl

gxa_im_arm_hel_mag_002 - Lucky Cap

gxa_im_arm_hel_mag_003 - First Enchanter's Cowl (Awakening)

gxa_im_arm_hel_mag_004 - Sage's Fuzzy Head-Sweater

gxa_im_arm_hel_mag_005 - Toque of the Oblivious

gxa_im_arm_hel_mag_pl2 - Grey Warden Cowl

gxa_im_arm_hel_mas_001 - Helm of Hirol's Defense

gxa_im_arm_hel_mas_002 - Helm of the Sentinel

gxa_im_arm_hel_mas_pl2 - Grey Warden Plate Helm

gxa_im_arm_hel_med_leg - Legionnaire Scout Helm

Shields Edit

Bucklers Edit
gxa_im_arm_shd_sml_drk - Small Darkspawn Shield (Awakening)

Targes Edit

gxa_im_arm_shd_lrg_001 - Mage-Hunter

gxa_im_arm_shd_lrg_drk - Large Darkspawn Shield (Awakening)

gxa_im_arm_shd_lrg_pl2 - Large Grey Warden Shield

Kite shields Edit

gxa_im_arm_shd_kit_001 - Landsmeet Shield

gxa_im_arm_shd_kit_jus - Griffon's Crest

vgk100im_heartwood_shield - Heartwood Shield

Heavy shields Edit

gxa_im_arm_shd_twr_001 - Partha

Weapons Edit

Staves Edit

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_001 - Charlatan's Walking Stick

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_002 - Flemeth's Broomstick

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_003 - Lightning Rod (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_004 - Lamppost in Winter

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_005 - Call of the Inferno

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_006 - Staff of the Lost

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_007 - Staff of Vigor

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_008 - Spellfury

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_drk - Darkspawn Staff (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_pl2 - Staff of Shadows

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_pla - The Dragon's Call

gxa_im_wep_mag_sta_vel - Heart of the Forest (staff)

Waraxes Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_axe_001 - Heirsplitter

gxa_im_wep_mel_axe_002 - Daisycutter

gxa_im_wep_mel_axe_drk - Darkspawn Waraxe (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mel_axe_sig - Ancient Dwarven Axe

Battleaxes Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_bax_001 - Frenzy

gxa_im_wep_mel_bax_002 - Darkspawn Ravager

gxa_im_wep_mel_bax_drk - Darkspawn Battleaxe (Awakening)

Daggers Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_001 - Dumat's Claw

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_002 - Talon of the Skies

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_003 - Tooth of the Mountain-Father

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_004 - Voice of Velvet

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_drk - Darkspawn Dagger (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_pl2 - Twinblade

gxa_im_wep_mel_dag_sig - Scout's Dirk

Greatswords Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_gsw_001 - Ser Alvard's Sword

gxa_im_wep_mel_gsw_002 - Dragonbrand

gxa_im_wep_mel_gsw_003 - The Mother's Chosen

gxa_im_wep_mel_gsw_drk - Darkspawn Greatsword (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mel_gsw_pl2 - Warden's Reach

vgk100im_dragonbone_gswd - Vigilance (greatsword) (no enchantments)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_01 - Vigilance (greatsword) (flexible/sharp)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_02 - Vigilance (greatsword) (flexible/defence)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_03 - Vigilance (greatsword) (flexible/easy to swing)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_04 - Vigilance (greatsword) (flexible/whatever you think is best)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_05 - Vigilance (greatsword) (raw power/sharp)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_06 - Vigilance (greatsword) (raw power/defence)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_07 - Vigilance (greatsword) (raw power/easy to swing)

vgk100im_drgnbn_grtswd_08 - Vigilance (greatsword) (raw power/whatever you think is best)

Longswords Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_lsw_001 - Dumat's Spine

gxa_im_wep_mel_lsw_002 - The Winter Blade

gxa_im_wep_mel_lsw_003 - Kallak

gxa_im_wep_mel_lsw_drk - Darkspawn Longsword (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mel_lsw_pla - Warden's Companion

vgk100im_dragonbone_lngswd - Vigilance (longsword) (no enchantments)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_01 - Vigilance (longsword) (flexible/sharp)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_02 - Vigilance (longsword) (flexible/defence)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_03 - Vigilance (longsword) (flexible/easy to swing)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_04 - Vigilance (longsword) (flexible/whatever you think is best)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_05 - Vigilance (longsword) (raw power/sharp)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_06 - Vigilance (longsword) (raw power/defence)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_07 - Vigilance (longsword) (raw power/easy to swing)

vgk100im_drgnbn_lngswd_08 - Vigilance (longsword) (raw power/whatever you think is best)

Maces Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_mac_001 - Skullcrusher

gxa_im_wep_mel_mac_drk - Darkspawn Mace (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_mel_mac_jus - The Lamented

gxa_im_wep_mac_torch - Torch

Mauls Edit

gxa_im_wep_mel_mal_001 - Demonslayer

gxa_im_wep_mel_mal_002 - Valos Atredum

gxa_im_wep_mel_mal_drk - Darkspawn Maul (Awakening)

trp200im_wep_mel_mal - Leg-Crusher

Crossbows Edit

gxa_im_wep_rng_cbw_001 - Beastmaster

gxa_im_wep_rng_cbw_002 - Longshot

gxa_im_wep_rng_cbw_drk - Darkspawn Crossbow (Awakening)

Longbows Edit

gxa_im_wep_rng_lbw_001 - Chasind Arm

gxa_im_wep_rng_lbw_002 - Misery

gxa_im_wep_rng_lbw_drk - Darkspawn Longbow (Awakening)

gxa_im_wep_rng_lbw_nthnl - Howe Bow

gxa_im_wep_rng_lbw_pl2 - Commission

vgk100im_heartwood_bow - Heartwood Bow

Shortbows Edit

gxa_im_wep_rng_sbw_001 - Dragonspite

gxa_im_wep_rng_sbw_drk - Darkspawn Shortbow (Awakening)

Recipes Edit

gxa_im_cft_hrb_101 - Lesser Stamina Draught Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_201 - Stamina Draught Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_301 - Greater Stamina Draught Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_401 - Potent Stamina Draught Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_402 - Superb Health Poultice Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_403 - Superb Lyrium Potion Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_404 - Superb Stamina Draught Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_405 - Master Health Poultice Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_406 - Master Lyrium Potion Recipe

gxa_im_cft_hrb_407 - Master Stamina Draught Recipe

gxa_im_cft_psn_401 - Dispel Grenade Recipe

gxa_im_cft_psn_402 - Dispel Poison Recipe

gxa_im_cft_psn_403 - Elemental Grenade Recipe

gxa_im_cft_psn_404 - Elemental Poison Recipe

Runecrafting tracings Edit

Armor rune tracings Edit

gxa_im_cft_run_110 - Journeyman Barrier Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_111 - Journeyman Stout Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_112 - Journeyman Tempest Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_113 - Journeyman Immunity Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_114 - Journeyman Reservoir Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_210 - Expert Barrier Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_211 - Expert Stout Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_212 - Expert Tempest Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_213 - Expert Immunity Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_214 - Expert Reservoir Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_310 - Master Barrier Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_311 - Master Stout Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_312 - Master Tempest Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_313 - Master Immunity Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_314 - Master Reservoir Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_410 - Grandmaster Barrier Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_411 - Grandmaster Stout Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_412 - Grandmaster Tempest Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_413 - Grandmaster Immunity Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_414 - Grandmaster Reservoir Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_510 - Masterpiece Barrier Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_511 - Masterpiece Stout Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_512 - Masterpiece Tempest Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_513 - Masterpiece Immunity Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_514 - Masterpiece Reservoir Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_610 - Paragon Barrier Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_611 - Paragon Stout Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_612 - Paragon Tempest Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_613 - Paragon Immunity Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_614 - Paragon Reservoir Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_315 - Amplification Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_415 - Evasion Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_215 - Endurance Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_115 - Diligence Rune Tracing

Weapon rune tracings Edit

gxa_im_cft_run_101 - Journeyman Dweomer Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_102 - Journeyman Flame Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_103 - Journeyman Frost Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_104 - Journeyman Paralyze Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_105 - Journeyman Lightning Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_106 - Journeyman Cold Iron Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_107 - Journeyman Hale Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_108 - Journeyman Silverite Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_109 - Journeyman Slow Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_201 - Expert Dweomer Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_202 - Expert Flame Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_203 - Expert Frost Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_204 - Expert Paralyze Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_205 - Expert Lightning Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_206 - Expert Cold Iron Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_207 - Expert Hale Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_208 - Expert Silverite Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_209 - Expert Slow Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_301 - Master Dweomer Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_302 - Master Flame Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_303 - Master Frost Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_304 - Master Paralyze Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_305 - Master Lightning Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_306 - Master Cold Iron Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_307 - Master Hale Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_308 - Master Silverite Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_309 - Master Slow Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_401 - Grandmaster Dweomer Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_402 - Grandmaster Flame Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_403 - Grandmaster Frost Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_404 - Grandmaster Paralyze Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_405 - Grandmaster Lightning Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_406 - Grandmaster Cold Iron Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_407 - Grandmaster Hale Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_408 - Grandmaster Silverite Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_409 - Grandmaster Slow Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_501 - Masterpiece Dweomer Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_502 - Masterpiece Flame Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_503 - Masterpiece Frost Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_504 - Masterpiece Paralyze Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_505 - Masterpiece Lightning Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_506 - Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_507 - Masterpiece Hale Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_508 - Masterpiece Silverite Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_509 - Masterpiece Slow Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_601 - Paragon Dweomer Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_602 - Paragon Flame Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_603 - Paragon Frost Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_604 - Paragon Paralyze Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_605 - Paragon Lightning Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_606 - Paragon Cold Iron Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_607 - Paragon Hale Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_608 - Paragon Silverite Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_609 - Paragon Slow Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_316 - Elemental Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_216 - Intensifying Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_116 - Menacing Rune Tracing

gxa_im_cft_run_416 - Momentum Rune Tracing

Trap-Making plans Edit

gxa_im_cft_trp_401 - Dispel Trap Plans

gxa_im_cft_trp_402 - Elemental Trap Plans

gxa_im_cft_trp_403 - Gravity Trap Plans

gxa_im_cft_trp_404 - Misdirection Cloud Trap Plans

Manuals Edit

gxa_im_manual_battlemage - Manual: Battlemage

gxa_im_manual_bloodmage - Manual: Blood Mage

gxa_im_manual_guardian - Manual: Guardian

gxa_im_manual_keeper - Manual: Keeper

gxa_im_manual_legionnaire - Manual: Legionnaire Scout

gxa_im_manual_reaver - Manual: Reaver

gxa_im_manual_shadow - Manual: Shadow

gxa_im_manual_spiritwarrior - Manual: Spirit Warrior

runes Edit

Armor runes Edit

gxa_im_upg_run_ar1_arm - Novice Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar1_con - Novice Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar1_mis - Novice Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar1_rst - Novice Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar1_spl - Novice Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar2_arm - Journeyman Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar2_con - Journeyman Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar2_mis - Journeyman Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar2_rst - Journeyman Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar2_spl - Journeyman Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar3_arm - Expert Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar3_con - Expert Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar3_mis - Expert Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar3_rst - Expert Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar3_spl - Expert Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar4_arm - Master Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar4_con - Master Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar4_mis - Master Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar4_rst - Master Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar4_spl - Master Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar5_arm - Grandmaster Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar5_con - Grandmaster Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar5_mis - Grandmaster Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar5_rst - Grandmaster Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar5_spl - Grandmaster Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar6_arm - Masterpiece Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar6_con - Masterpiece Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar6_mis - Masterpiece Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar6_rst - Masterpiece Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar6_spl - Masterpiece Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar7_arm - Paragon Barrier Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar7_con - Paragon Stout Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar7_mis - Paragon Tempest Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar7_rst - Paragon Immunity Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_ar7_spl - Paragon Reservoir Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_uni_dis - Evasion Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_uni_ele - Amplification Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_uni_fat - Endurance Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_uni_flk - Diligence Rune

Weapon runes Edit

gxa_im_upg_cry_uni_crt - Intensifying Rune

gxa_im_upg_cry_uni_ele - Elemental Rune

gxa_im_upg_cry_uni_has - Momentum Rune

gxa_im_upg_cry_uni_thr - Menacing Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_chr - Masterpiece Lightning Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_cir - Masterpiece Cold Iron Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_dwe - Masterpiece Dweomer Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_flm - Masterpiece Flame Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_frs - Masterpiece Frost Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_hal - Masterpiece Hale Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_par - Masterpiece Paralyze Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_sil - Masterpiece Silverite Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp6_slw - Masterpiece Slow Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_chr - Paragon Lightning Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_cir - Paragon Cold Iron Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_dwe - Paragon Dweomer Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_flm - Paragon Flame Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_frs - Paragon Frost Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_hal - Paragon Hale Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_par - Paragon Paralyze Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_sil - Paragon Silverite Rune

gxa_im_upg_run_wp7_slw - Paragon Slow Rune

Consumable items Edit

gxa_im_qck_coating_401 - Dispel Coating

gxa_im_qck_coating_402 - Elemental Coating

gxa_im_qck_grenade_401 - Dispel Grenade

gxa_im_qck_grenade_402 - Elemental Grenade

gxa_im_qck_health_402 - Superb Health Poultice

gxa_im_qck_health_403 - Master Health Poultice

gxa_im_qck_health_fade - Ethereal Health Poultice

gxa_im_qck_mana_402 - Superb Lyrium Potion

gxa_im_qck_mana_403 - Master Lyrium Potion

gxa_im_qck_mana_fade - Ethereal Lyrium Potion

gxa_im_qck_stamina_101 - Lesser Stamina Draught

gxa_im_qck_stamina_201 - Stamina Draught (Awakening)

gxa_im_qck_stamina_301 - Greater Stamina Draught

gxa_im_qck_stamina_401 - Potent Stamina Draught

gxa_im_qck_stamina_402 - Superb Stamina Draught

gxa_im_qck_stamina_403 - Master Stamina Draught

gxa_im_qck_stamina_fade - Ethereal Stamina Draught

gxa_im_qck_trap_401 - Dispel Trap

gxa_im_qck_trap_402 - Elemental Trap

gxa_im_qck_trap_403 - Gravity Trap

gxa_im_qck_trap_404 - Misdirection Cloud Trap

gxa_im_tome_unlearning - Manual of Focus

vgk100im_explsv_high_risk - Dworkin's High Explosives

vgk100im_explsv_moderate - Dworkin the Mad's Explosives

vgk100im_explsv_safe - Dworkin's "Safe" Explosives

Crafting ingredients Edit

gxa_im_cft_reg_blankrune - Blank Runestone

gxa_im_cft_reg_bldlotus - Blood Lotus

gxa_im_cft_reg_madcap - Madcap Bulb

gxa_im_cft_reg_rashvine - Rashvine Nettle

gxa_im_cft_reg_reduction - Etching Agent

Flawless Gems Edit

gxa_im_gem_diamond_flawless - Flawless Diamond

gxa_im_gem_emr_flawless - Flawless Emerald

gxa_im_gem_sapphire_flawles - Flawless Sapphire

vgk100im_ruby_flawless - Flawless Ruby

Gifts Edit

gxa_im_gift_anders_1 - Knitted Scarf

gxa_im_gift_anders_2 - Gold Earring

gxa_im_gift_anders_3 - Engraved Silver Bracers

gxa_im_gift_anders_4 - Bell Collar

gxa_im_gift_anders_5 - Phylacteries: A History Written in Blood

gxa_im_gift_anders_kitten - Kitten

gxa_im_gift_grandfather_bow - Howe Bow

gxa_im_gift_justice_1 - Lyrium: The Voice of the Maker

gxa_im_gift_justice_2 - Kristoff's Locket

gxa_im_gift_justice_3 - Verses of Dreams

gxa_im_gift_justice_4 - Kristoff's Mementos

gxa_im_gift_justice_5 - Elven Prayer for the Dead

gxa_im_gift_lyrium_ring - Lyrium Ring

gxa_im_gift_nathaniel_1 - Delilah Howe's Letters

gxa_im_gift_nathaniel_2 - Locksmith's Tools

gxa_im_gift_nathaniel_3 - Bronze Sextant

gxa_im_gift_nathaniel_4 - Golden Vase

gxa_im_gift_nathaniel_5 - Whetstone
gxa_im_gift_oghren_1 - Mackay's Epic Single Malt

gxa_im_gift_oghren_2 - "Dragon Piss"

gxa_im_gift_oghren_3 - Hirol's Lava Burst

gxa_im_gift_oghren_4 - West Hill Brandy

gxa_im_gift_oghren_5 - Aqua Magus

gxa_im_gift_oghren_pony - Toy Horse

gxa_im_gift_sigrun_1 - Snow Globe

gxa_im_gift_sigrun_2 - Toy Chariot

gxa_im_gift_sigrun_3 - Potted Plant

gxa_im_gift_sigrun_4 - The Warrior's Heart

gxa_im_gift_sigrun_5 - Soap on a Rope

gxa_im_gift_sigrun_spyglass - Spyglass

gxa_im_gift_velanna_1 - Discarded Journal

gxa_im_gift_velanna_2 - Shiny Malachite

gxa_im_gift_velanna_3 - Ornate Silver Bowl

gxa_im_gift_velanna_4 - Elven Runestone

gxa_im_gift_velanna_5 - Carved Greenstone

gxa_im_gift_velanna_book - Blank Journal

trp100im_elventrinket - Elven Trinket

Miscellaneous Edit

gxa_im_anders_kitten - Ser Pounce-a-lot

Feastday Gifts and Pranks Edit

Feastday Gifts Edit

val_im_gift_amulet - Amulet of Memories (gift)

val_im_gift_ball - Stick (gift)

val_im_gift_brandy - Rare Antivan Brandy (gift)

val_im_gift_cookie - Qunari Prayers for the Dead (gift)

val_im_gift_doll - Alistair Doll (gift)

val_im_gift_flask - Beard Flask (gift)

val_im_gift_horse - Grey Warden Hand Puppet (gift)

val_im_gift_lute - Fat Lute (gift)

val_im_gift_rock - Pet Rock (gift)

val_im_gift_shield - King Maric's Shield (gift)

val_im_gift_parfait - Sugar Cake

val_im_gift_thoughtful - Thoughtful Gift

Feastday Pranks Edit

val_im_gift_boots - Ugly Boots (gift)

val_im_gift_chant - The Chant of Light, Unabridged

val_im_gift_chastity - Chastity Belt (gift)

val_im_gift_mask - Orlesian Mask

val_im_gift_muzzle - Protective Cone (gift)

val_im_gift_pigeon - Uncrushable Pigeon (gift)

val_im_gift_sermon - Compleat Geneaology of the Kyngs of Ferelden

val_im_gift_skull - Butterfly Sword (gift)

val_im_gift_soap - Scented Soap (gift)

val_im_gift_stick - Cat Lady's Hobble-Stick (gift)

val_im_gift_coal - Lump of Charcoal

val_im_gift_onion - Rotten Onion

Converted items Edit

val_im_qck_amulet - Amulet of Memories

val_im_qck_ball - Stick

val_im_qck_brandy - Rare Antivan Brandy

val_im_qck_doll - Alistair Doll

val_im_qck_flask - Beard Flask

val_im_qck_horse - Grey Warden Hand Puppet

val_im_qck_lute - Fat Lute

val_im_qck_prayer - Qunari Prayers for the Dead

val_im_qck_rock - Pet Rock

val_im_qck_soap - Scented Soap

val_im_spc_dog_col_shame - Protective Cone

val_im_wep_mag_sta_cat - Cat Lady's Hobble-Stick

val_im_wep_mel_gsw_stn - Butterfly Sword

val_arm_shl_pigeon - Uncrushable Pigeon

val_im_arm_bot_lgt_ugl - Ugly Boots

val_im_arm_shd_twr_mrc - King Maric's Shield

val_im_acc_blt_chs - Chastity Belt & Key to Zevran's Chastity Belt

val_im_chastity_key - Key to Zevran's Chastity Belt

DLC rewards Edit

The Golems of Amgarrak Edit

prc_im_gib_acc_amu_dao – The High Regard of House Dace (Origins)

prc_im_gib_acc_blt_dao – Sash of Forbidden Secrets (Origins)

prc_im_gib_wep_mac_dao – The Reaper's Cudgel (Origins)

prc_im_gib_acc_amu_ep1 – The High Regard of House Dace (Awakening)

prc_im_gib_acc_blt_ep1 – Sash of Forbidden Secrets (Awakening)

prc_im_gib_wep_mac_ep1 – The Reaper's Cudgel (Awakening)

Witch Hunt Edit

prc_im_reward1 – Dragonbone Cleaver (Origins)

prc_im_reward2 – The Sorrows of Arlathan (Origins)

prc_im_reward3 – Vestments of the Seer (Origins)

prc_im_reward4 – Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering (Origins)

prc_im_ep1_reward1 – Dragonbone Cleaver (Awakening)

prc_im_ep1_reward2 – The Sorrows of Arlathan (Awakening)

prc_im_ep1_reward3 – Vestments of the Seer (Awakening)

prc_im_ep1_reward4 – Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering (Awakening)

Leliana's Song Edit

prc_dao_lel_im_arm_cht_01 – Battledress of the Provocateur (Origins)

prc_daep1_lel_im_arm_cht_01 – Battledress of the Provocateur (Awakening)

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

prc_im_wep_mel_lsw_drk_dao – Blightblood (Origins)

prc_im_wep_mel_lsw_drk_ep1 – Blightblood (Awakening)

Promotional items Edit

prm000im_band_of_fire - Band of Fire

prm000im_bergens_honor - Bergen's Honor

prm000im_bulwarktk - Bulwark of the True King (Origins)

prm000im_dalish_ring - Dalish Promise Ring

prm000im_dragon_blood_boots - Blood Dragon Plate Boots

prm000im_dragon_blood_glove - Blood Dragon Plate Gauntlets

prm000im_dragon_blood_helm - Blood Dragon Plate Helmet

prm000im_dragon_blood_plate - Blood Dragon Plate

prm000im_edge_ - The Edge

prm000im_embri - Embri's Many Pockets

prm000im_ep1_bulwarktk - Bulwark of the True King (Awakening)

prm000im_ep1_griffbeak - Bregan's Bow (Awakening)

prm000im_ep1_pearlan - Pearl of the Anointed (Awakening)

prm000im_final_reason - Final Reason

prm000im_gm_belt - Guildmaster's Belt

prm000im_griffbeak - Bregan's Bow (Origins)

prm000im_grimoire_frozen - Grimoire of the Frozen Wastes

prm000im_helmdeep - Helm of the Deep

prm000im_lionspaw - Lion's Paw

prm000im_luckystone - Lucky Stone

prm000im_pearlan - Pearl of the Anointed (Origins)

prm000im_vigilance - Mark of Vigilance

prm000im_warmage - Amulet of the War Mage

prm000im_wickedoath - The Wicked Oath

prm000im_wolf_charm - Feral Wolf Charm

The Golems of Amgarrak Edit

gib100im_darion_note - Darion's Notes

gib100im_research_buff - Golem Research Notes: Mechanics

gib100im_research_elec - Golem Research Notes: Lightning

gib100im_research_fire - Golem Research Notes: Fire

gib100im_research_heal - Golem Research Notes: Healing

gib_im_acc_amu - The High Regard of House Dace (Golems of Amgarrak)

gib_im_acc_blt - Sash of Forbidden Secrets (Golems of Amgarrak)

gib_im_acc_rng_mage - Brother Bedine's Mnemonic

gib_im_arm_cht_hvy_001 - Dace Family Armor

gib_im_arm_hel_hvy_001 - Dwarven Full Helm

gib_im_arm_shd_twr_001 - The Crafthall's Wall

gib_im_carmor_gibgolem - Heavy Plate Armor

gib_im_carmor_gibgolemhead - Chainmail

gib_im_control_rod - Golem Control Rod (Golems of Amgarrak)

gib_im_tome_unlearning - Memoirs of the First Wardens

gib_im_wep_mac - The Reaper's Cudgel (Golems of Amgarrak)

gib_im_wep_mel_lsw_001 - Dumat's Spine

Witch Hunt Edit

str100it_hut_key - Flemeth's Key

str200im_badluck_charm - Bad Luck Charm

str200im_basement_key - Basement Key

str200im_book - Understanding the Ancients

str200im_payment_note - Letter of Payment

str200im_research_key - Onyx Key

str200im_stamina_draught - Potent Stamina Draught

str210im_janitor_key - Repository Key

str300im_mirror_shard - Mirror Shard

str300im_shard_room_key - Key (Witch Hunt)

str310im_mirror_shard - Mirror Shard

str400im_arianes_blood - Ariane's Blood

str400im_lantern - Elven Lantern

str400im_lore_1 - Worn Note

str400im_lore_2 - Worn Journal

str400im_lore_3 - Torn Letter

str400im_lore_4 - Ancient Scroll

str_im_ariane_armor - Ariane's Dalish Chain

str_im_ariane_belt - Ariane's Bearskin Belt

str_im_ariane_boots -Ariane's Favorite Boots

str_im_ariane_bow - Modified Dalish Longbow

str_im_ariane_gloves - Gauntlets of the True Path

str_im_ariane_helmet - Helm of the Arlathvenn

str_im_ariane_necklace - Amulet of Protection

str_im_ariane_ring_1 - The Keeper's Ring

str_im_ariane_ring_2 - Band of Gold

str_im_ariane_sword_l - Rain of Petals

str_im_ariane_sword_r - Girl's Best Friend

str_im_battleaxe - Dragonbone Cleaver (Awakening)

str_im_belt - Cinch of Skillful Maneuvering (Awakening)

str_im_finn_belt - Stylish, Yet Functional Belt

str_im_finn_boots - Fur-Lined Boots

str_im_finn_gloves - Fur-Lined Gloves

str_im_finn_hat - Ghastly Hat

str_im_finn_necklace - Symbol of Zazikel (Replica)

str_im_finn_ring_1 - Decoder Ring

str_im_finn_ring_2 - Finn's Memory Band

str_im_finn_robe -Finn's Immaculately Clean Robe

str_im_finn_staff - Vera

str_im_longbow - The Sorrows of Arlathan (Awakening)

str_im_robes - Vestments of the Seer (Awakening)

str_im_wep_mag_sta_aco - Magic Staff

str_im_tome_unlearning - Memoirs of the First Wardens

Leliana's Song Edit

lel000im_sketch_robes - Chanter Robes

lel100im_magequest - Note From the Collective

lel100im_magesymbol - Mages' Collective Signet

lel100im_noblenote - Note from the Chantry

lel100im_snitchbody - Jovi Merice's Corpse

lel100im_snitchdagger - Bastard Thorn

lel100im_stolengood1 - Fenced Tevinter Antiquities

lel100im_stolengood2 - Fenced Historical Costumes

lel100im_stolengood3 - Fenced Fereldan Jewelry

lel100im_underwear - Suspect Underthings

lel200im_guardbody - A Soldier's Body

lel210im_key_route1 - Set of Keys

lel220im_jail_key - Iron Key

lel_im_acc_amu_am01 - Rivaini Grace

lel_im_acc_amu_am02 - Lightning Chain

lel_im_acc_amu_am03 - Deep Sawtooth

lel_im_acc_rng_r01 - Blackhand Pouch

lel_im_acc_rng_r02 - Hotspur

lel_im_acc_rng_r03 - Madstone

lel_im_acc_rng_r04 - Progenitor Crosscut

lel_im_arm_bot_hvy_01 - Heavy Hobnails

lel_im_arm_bot_hvy_02 - Long Road Soles

lel_im_arm_bot_lgt_01 - Silverhammer's Light Heel

lel_im_arm_bot_lgt_02 - High Court Shoe

lel_im_arm_cht_hvy_01 - Hard Line Coat

lel_im_arm_cht_hvy_02 - The Practical Plates

lel_im_arm_cht_hvy_03 - The Initiate's Blessing

lel_im_arm_cht_lgt_01 - Buckle-Over Leather

lel_im_arm_cht_lgt_02 - Battledress of the Provocateur (Leliana's Song)

lel_im_arm_glv_hvy_01 - Favor of the White

lel_im_arm_glv_lgt_01 - Lambskin Gauntlets

lel_im_arm_hel_lgt_01 - Orlesian Circlet

lel_im_arm_hel_lgt_02 - Trouble's Braid

lel_im_arm_shd_twr_01 - Half-Cask Ward

lel_im_cth_mag_rob - Artificer's Canopy

lel_im_gift_sword_tug - Tug's Edge (gift)

lel_im_plt_orlesian_trinket - Masterwork Leather Piece

lel_im_qck_book_talentw - Unused

lel_im_qck_book_attribute - Tome of the Mortal Vessel

lel_im_qck_book_skill - Tome of Skill and Sundry

lel_im_qck_book_talentm - Tome of Arcane Technique

lel_im_wep_axe_01 - Tug's Edge (first version, initially equipped on Tug)

lel_im_wep_axe_02 - Tug's Edge (second version, after completing Honoring Tug)

lel_im_wep_dag_01 - Pelerine Slip-Knife

lel_im_wep_dag_02 - Orlesian Purse-Cutter

lel_im_wep_lbw_01 - Mont-de-glace Strand

lel_im_wep_lsw_01 - Royeaux One and Two (Origins)

lel_im_wep_mag_sta_01 - Sketch's Split-Shaft

lel_im_wep_mel_dag_gry2 - Young Grey Band

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

drk_im_acc_amu_war - Warden's Oath

drk_im_acc_rng_drk - Spiral Band

drk_im_arm_bot_hvy_drk - Darkspawn Plate Boots

drk_im_arm_bot_mas_drk - Vanguard Plate Boots

drk_im_arm_cht_hvy_drk - Darkspawn Plate Armor

drk_im_arm_cht_mas_drk - Vanguard Plate Armor

drk_im_arm_glv_lgt_ogre - Studded Leather Gauntlets

drk_im_arm_glv_mas_drk - Vanguard Plate Gloves

drk_im_arm_glv_med_shriek - Shriek Bracers

drk_im_arm_hel_mas_drk - Vanguard Plate Helm

drk_im_arm_shd_kit_red - Redcliffe Shield (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_qck_grenade_201 - Fire Bomb

drk_im_qck_health_101 - Lesser Health Poultice

drk_im_qck_health_201 - Health Poultice

drk_im_qck_health_301 - Greater Health Poultice

drk_im_wep_lsw_war - Warden's Longsword (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mag_sta_drk - Darkspawn Staff (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mag_sta_gen - Malign Staff (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mel_axe_drk - Darkspawn Waraxe (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mel_axe_how - Biteback Axe

drk_im_wep_mel_bax_drk - Darkspawn Battleaxe

drk_im_wep_mel_dag_drk - Darkspawn Dagger (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mel_gsw_drk - Darkspawn Greatsword

drk_im_wep_mel_lsw_saw - Saw Sword (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mel_mac_drk - Darkspawn Mace (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_mel_mal_drk - Darkspawn Maul (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_rng_cbw_drk - Darkspawn Crossbow

drk_im_wep_rng_lbw_drk - Darkspawn Longbow (Darkspawn Chronicles)

drk_im_wep_rng_sbw_drk - Darkspawn Shortbow (Darkspawn Chronicles)

Debug items Edit

armor_rune - (armor_rune)










E3 demo items Edit


zzz_gen_im_arm_cht_med (Flamescale armor)

zzz_gen_im_arm_glv_mas (Warden Gloves)

zzz_gen_im_arm_hel_hvy (Grey Warden Helmet)

zzz_gen_im_arm_shd_kit (Warden Shield)

zzz_gen_im_arm_shd_lrg (Large Wooden Round Shield)

zzz_gen_im_wep_mel_lsw (Sword of Ogre Strength)

Cut content Edit

arl150it_control_stone - Golem control rod

arl160it_circle_letter - Circle Letter

arl170it_note_of_sale - Note of Sale

































Unusable enemy weapons Edit











































Other / Unsorted Edit

cli000_assassin_buffs - (cli000_assassin_buffs)

cod_hst_ferelden2 - Codex Book

cs_arrow - Arrow

gem_im_catapult_rock -

lit_im_wep_mel_mac_bar - Barbarian Mace

lite_anumon_book - The Heirs of Anumon

lite_anumon_eagleglyph - Glyph of the Eagle

lite_anumon_owlglyph - Glyph of the Owl

lite_anumon_serpentglyph - Glyph of the Serpent

lite_den_stolengoods - Stolen Goods

lite_fbm_cabbages - Sack of Cabbages

lite_sod_propaganda_page - Propaganda Page


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