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Date: 24/10/2018

Milan Kidane Brahane

Tele (mobile) 0938167997
To: IHE delfit for hydrology and water resource
Dear Sir/Madam

First, I would like to have my heartfelt greetings. I am Milan Kidane Brahane, a degree graduate
with a Bachelor of Science (BSC) in Hydraulic and Water Resource engineering on July 04,
2018 from Aksum University with CGPA of 3.65 and I have been working in Aksum University
since July13, 2018 as an Assistances lecture. I am writing this cover letter because I would like
to apply for the M.Sc. program. With this cover letter I’m also attaching my resume for your
consideration. I really want to enjoy on the specified M.Sc. program at your institutes so that I
can develop my professional skill and techniques.

I look forward to hearing from you

Milan Kidane Brahane

Curriculum vita (CV)

1. Objective
Seeking for scholarship to apply the knowledge that I will acquire during my stay in IHE delfit to
develop scientific and engineering knowledge needed to reduce the human and socio -economic
2. Personal information
Full Name: Zelalem Niguse Kflay

Date of Birth 1995

Place of Birth Axum, Tigray, Ethiopia

Nationality Ethiopia

Marital Status Single

Sex Male

phone: +251932050395

Current Position: Assistance Lecturer

Position held Since July 13, 2018 Lecturer

Name and address of employer Aksum University, School of Water Technology,

Department of Water Resources and Irrigation

Main activities & responsibilities Involves in Teaching, learning, researcher and

community services.

Physical condition Normal

3. Educational Background

Name of Institution Duration of Stay Field of Study Award

Aksum University 2013-2018 BSc. In Water Resource and Irrigation BSc Degree


Axum Preparatory School 2011-2013 Natural science Certificate

Kaleb secondary school 2009-2011 Natural science Certificate

4. Language Proficiency

Tigrigna Excellent (in writing, reading, speaking and listening)

Amharic Excellent (in writing, reading, speaking and listening)

English V. Good (in writing, reading, speaking and listening)

5. Personal Skills

Basic computer knowledge and engineering software’s in:-

 MS-WORD  Software Application in WRIE

 MS-EXCEL (Water cad)

 AutoCAD application in WRIE  Advanced GIS and remote sensing

6. Behavior
 Ethical, Sociable, respectful, hard-working, honest, and reliable, ability to work with
others and easy to get along with as well as being a quick learner and I possess excellent
communication skills and I am well presented.
7. Hobbies and Interests
 Participating in professional workshops and seminars, involvement in workshops,

research organization, educational quality assurance and laboratory experimental studies

for better Engineering understand related to water resource development.

8. Project involved
 Mini project on “gerebsegen water supply project in mekelle, Tigray”.

 Final project B.Sc. on “assessing the impact of soil and water conservation measures on

sediment yield in baskura watershed”.