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Albert the Great School

Mauled district, Dagupan city

General Physics 2

Aquino, Marion

Castulo, Dino

Dalope, Nesthel

De Guzman, Angelo

Garcia, Lloyd

Gorospe, Leonila

Mislang, Wilson

Osilla, Jorge

Siapno, Kim

Tibule, Harvey

Ugaban, Maynard

Ugaban, Roel

Teacher: Jeraldine M. Pasaoa

Electrostatic Game Write-Up

I. NAME OF THE GAME: Shoot the Water

Description: The game “Shoot the Water” is an example of an electrostatic game wherein 2 groups must
fill the bottle as fast as they can for 8 minutes. Or at least fill it as many as they can to win the game.


*The materials needed for “Shoot the Water” electrostatic game are :

a.) 2 pieces of PVC Pipes

b.) 2 pieces of 1liter bottles
c.) 2 Towels
d.) 4 pieces of styro cups
e.) 2 Basins
f.) And water

*These materials are readily available and are easy to find. Almost all materials can be easily seen or find
inside our houses and will not be requiring us to go buy in stores. It costs nothing.


Rule 1 : There will be four groups competing in the game. Each group must have five members. One styro
cup holder with a water in it as a backup. One who holds the PVC pipe and rubbing it with the towel. And
the rest will depend on the group if they want to change roles. To be fair, each group will have one of our
members who will hold a styro cup. The styro cup will have a small hole below the cup wherein water can
flow. Flowing water from the styro cup must not flow directly at the hole of the bottle.

Rule 2 : The players must wait for the Go signal before rubbing the PVC Pipes with the towels. Each group
must start at the same time.

Rule 3 : . The PVC Pipe must not touch the water. The PVC pipe must attract the water and flow inside the

Rule 4: Each round only has 8 minutes to fill the bottle. When the time is already up, the player must put
down the PVC pipe and the towel.

Rule 5 : The first group who can fill the bottle as many as they can within 8 minutes will be declared as the

The image shows how the round must go on during the game. There will be 2 rounds.
The first round will be played by the first 2 teams, and the second round will be played by the last
2 teams. The team who wins per round will be competing against each other to win the game.

*Rubbing a PVC pipe with a cloth is one of the examples of electrostatic. Coming from the word “Electro”
which means “Electricity” and “Static” meaning “at rest”. If two charged conductors will be joined together,
electricity flows from one conductor to another. In this game, the two conductors are the PVC pipe and the
towel in which rubbing the PVC pipe with the towel will produce an electric current. This electric current
will last only for how many seconds. Redistribution of electrical charge in an object happens.