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Certificate of Internal Guide

This is to certify that the project titled

Analysis of Hyundai MotorCompany

is a bonafide work carried out by

candidate for the award of Bachelor of Business

Administration ofGGSIP University, Delhi under
my guidance and direction.
Signature of
guideDate: 16/04/13 Name: Ms Garima ChauhanPla
ce: Gurgaon Designation: Sr. LecturerInstitute: AIT,
GurgaonSignature of External
Name:Place: Designation:Institute:
The present report is based on the study of
“Market Analysis of Hyundai Motor Company”.
First of all, I express my thanks to
Ms. Garima Chauhan
for his invaluable guidance andsupport.A special note of
thanks goes to all the members of Reliance Industries
Ltd., who have provide
me valuable information Booklets and other required
information’s which form the basis of this
report. I am very thankful to my parents for their support.I
am also highly thankful to my parents, family members,
relatives, friends and colleagues who provided me their
much needed support and inspiration and when required
during the preparationof this project.
NISHANT BAGHEL(11510601710)