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Mathematics in the Modern World

What new ideas in mathematics have you learned or changed your previous beliefs about mathematics?

Mathematics is one of the major subjects and it is one of the most discussed subjects in the world. It is the
study of relationships of different quantities, magnitudes and properties. Mathematics evolved in simple number
counting, measurements of areas, calculations, studies of shapes and etc. Mathematics started in 3600 BCE in the
Fertile Crescent. Mathematics started as writing also started.

Mathematics was my most favorite subject since I was young, even if I’m not too intelligent in answering
mathematical problems, I am willing to do everything I can to improve my mathematical abilities. What I have learned
and have changed my previous beliefs in mathematics is that all I know years earlier, mathematics is just a subject that
you are going to encounter when you are going to study, to solve, to formulate equations, to derive functions, to add,
subtract, multiply and divide and etc., but what I didn’t realized was its true essence in our lives. I didn’t expect that
mathematics would change everything about me. It made me learn things in its mathematical way. I didn’t expect
more about mathematics but as I learn and explore more about it, I finally found the answer that mathematics is
everything. It helps us do our everyday works, helps us in making plans, helps us to do large infrastructures, helps us
measure large scale areas and helps us to become a better human being.

What is most useful in mathematics for human kind?

There are many things that are very useful in mathematics for the human being. But the most the most useful
one are the numbers.

Numbers are not just counting numbers. They can be studied in time, music, rhythms, frequencies and etc. It
does apply not just in the subject mathematics but also in our everyday being. It is used in defining relationship
between one thing and another.

Nowadays, mathematics is used everywhere, computers, gadgets, schools, workplaces and etc. Numbers are
used globally in every aspect of our lives. It is true for all people nowadays that mathematics are learned at lower level
as it helps us for our living.

Numbers can do a lot in the community. It can be used in building large infrastructures and highways, used
when planning, designing and budgeting expenses and design of a certain project. Numbers are not just for counting
and solving.

As scientists say, mathematics is not only for numbers and equations, but they say that mathematics is also for
our own living.

Francisco Tabaniag Jr Professor: Eulogio Neil Addun Mallillin