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To design a Beach facing Five Star Hotel at Allepy, Kerala, with a particular style and also
which will facilitate the attraction of foreign and Indian guests and render the services to their
highest satisfactions.


 To create a structure which would reflect a specific architectural style that stands out
and attract the eye of the entire area.
 To design a hotel responding to the site conditions
 To provide visual refreshments.
 To provide the best hospitality, while promoting functional efficiency of space and


 The scope of the design is the study of spacing, function, proper circulations and
spaces for services are given utmost importance.
 Design to suite the location and typography of the site.
 Design with respect to New technology and Emerging Needs.


 Choose a site and gather information on the chosen site regarding climate, soil
quality, lifestyle, trending architecture and economy of the place
 To study various technological developments in the field, and to be incorporated in
the design.
 Energy Efficient Design and Sustainable design.

Five star hotels, the world over, are meeting-places for the rich and powerful-place which
reverberate with business and politics. The hotel industry has its roots in the past in almost
over country of the world. The development in the hotel industry leads to a major break-
through in the tourism of the country.

The large and increasing flow of tourist coupled with rapidly changing social and cultural life
of Indian community at large has resulted in great demands for hotels. Today India has
about 59000 approved hotel rooms against the requirement of 120000 hotels. By the turn of
the century, it laid emphasis on encouraging private sector investment in developing tourism.

No. of tourists visiting India

 5 million – 2007-2008
 10 million – 2010

The total number of FTA (Foreign Tourist Arrival) to India reached 5.77 million in 2010.


Kerala the “God’s Own Country”, is the land of rivers and backwaters is a green strip of land,
in the South west corner of Indian peninsula. Kerala is a state with full literacy, higher health
care and lower mortality ratio. In Kerala you experience freshness and touch of mother earth
everywhere. The backwaters of Kerala are unique attraction to tourists. The state has
Backwaters, historic structures, cultures, wildlife, natures beauty and much more. The major
tourist destination in the state include Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, Kovalam, Thissur,
Kozhikode, Munnar, Palakad, Alappuzha (Alleppy), Kollam, Kannur, Periyar Wildlife
Sanctuary and Sabrimalai.


Alleppey is one of the most important tourist centers in the state, with a large network of
inland canals earning it the sobriquet "Venice of the east". These large network of canals
provide Alleppey its lifeline. Alleppey was one of the busiest centers of trade in the past with
one of the best known ports along the malabar coast. Even today it retains its charm as the
centre for Coir carpet industries and prawn farming. I would like o design a five star hotel in
the fresn nature of Alleppey,with an architectural style that would attract the entire tourism.

1. ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.

2. Leela palace , bangalore
3. The Atlantis, Dubai.
4. Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur


Hence the project is to design a Five Star Hotel with particular style and also to provide
visual refreshments, which will attract both foreign and local guests.