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‘Seen eas fo he doy of U0 €xPOsHE 5.| FUNCTIONS OF THE INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM ee 'A Describe the gesera functions of the integumentary system, “The Integumentary Gi ep-nen 6) sytem consists of te skin sou aces) setae, soeh sa lands and nals. tegument tear covering andthe inegumenary system is one ofthe more familiar stems ofthe body to everyone beause it covers the ou side ofthe ody ands easily oberved. Weare also familiar wih this system because we ae concered withthe appearance ofthe Jotegumenary sytem Skin without blemishes considered tac tive wees acne sa sourc of embarassment for many teenagers The development of wrinkles and the graying ot loss of hair are sig of aging tht cme peopl find unatacive, Because ofthese flings, we invest much time, efor, and money on changing the appearance ofthe imegumenary system, Many of us apy lotion {0.00 skin color our ha an in our as, We also yo prevent seating by wsnganiperspirants and oreduce or mask by odoy by washing and by wing deodorants and perfumes The appearance of the integumentary system can indicate Piysiolgicalimbalmees in te body, Some disorders, such ne ene OF wars, ale! jus the imepumentry system, Other orden af die prs o ebay bla ec legumenay system, providing wef signs for eames Simple, relied bod flow through the skin diego a 8 | Mode inssumeniay Siem | Fes attack can cause a person to look pale, whereas incasd ts flow as a result of fever can cause a flushed appearance, Abe ‘some diseases cause skin rashes, such as those characteristi measles, chicken pox, and allergic reactions. In addition, the it ‘mentary system and the ober systems often imerac in 0 ‘Ways in both healthy and diseased states (see Systems Puls "Bums," ltr in hs chapte, Although we are often conceed with how the integumes™®! system looks, it has many important functions that 0 2% appearance, Major functions of the integumentary system in |. Protection. The skin provid me in provides protection agains aba And ulavitet ght. also prevents micrsorganst ‘entering the body and reduces water loss, thus orevestifé dehydration, cn POA): Rek ta tapas ed a 2 area ooo 8 oa oe ari sen ee ee eee a ci ean em ta ere om a rte tcc at t wr rate)? ager poe | me nn nam eta Lsecta eee at Powe 52 WEIS ees dun — ‘ote mannan nneamamnen rime et eg seam oars i eomeu cted (0 fF oti nou Par ages. Nerves, hair vessels extend cs perms pyned ees 2 ad a oii ee est ec smile ft te srt i ge at ne ye dermis is de part of an animal of sollagen fibers of the dermis aS ee Sener ons and cn resist seamless 2 ene oo ice a eines on es See eats rare ag ein Se ml ete sero ee ee mae asthe lesan lines i kel 9 ied ae oat te acme ‘with the Fines tends 40 gap less ar Ti Mpc ovrced fr any reaton se amg ving tines at are vse teh Be Se atten el reth mark can develop wena eae tetas Fe ee cacti ‘mam ne ln te ahomen ad ress f 2 rs Shae pep) oo e sin of aletes who have uch) ‘Scam ey nee vl ung Spt ei spree ale derma at pH nit, un own he ees ety ee mal opie contain many blod veh Seah tig spits vin ments emt ie png he MY PEE. The Jemal ae ns lf he and ‘ le, curving ridges that shape Sid ng EEN and Forint, The He" ‘the grip of the hands and feet. a Figure 5.3 cleava [The orienta