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I. DIRECTION: Read each item thoroughly. In your answer sheet, write only the letter of the correct answer.
For item 1-5: Mr. Antonio Cinco opens up his own furniture and sash factory business. He knows that his
personal entrepreneurial characteristics are insufficient to ensure a successful operation of the business
that he has in mind.
1. What PECs must he possess if there are customers who complain about the quality of his product?
A. Hardworking B. Trustworthy C. Patience D. Versatile
2. Which of the following is NOT considered as a characteristic of an entrepreneur?
A. Copes with failure B. Opportunity seeker C. Dependent D. Persistent
3. If he wants to ensure a profitable business, what characteristic will he maintain?
A. Commitment B. Goal oriented C. Futuristic D. Opportunity seeker
4. Mr. Cinco follows the advice of a friend to be flexible especially if he intends to open a furniture and
sash factory business. What PECs has been demonstrated by Mr. Cinco?
A. Open to feedback B. Reliable C. Persistent D. Self-confidence
5. He tells his best friend that he has strong will and does not give up to find a solution to a business
problem. What PEC has been demonstrated by Mr. Cinco?
A. Hard work B. Risk taking C. Persistence D. Self-confidence
6. When an entrepreneur improves and alter a product to make it more appealing to target costumers,
he/she is doing an____________of the product.
A. alteration B. improvisation C. innovation D. invention
7. Tony plans to put a furniture business in their locality. Which of the following will help him determine a
successful plan for setting up his business?
A. Checking for similar business to avoid competition C. Conduct a SWOT analysis
B. Getting feedback on the quality of service D. Survey of consumer associations
8. One of the materials made of metal used for fastening woods
A. G.I. wire B. nails C. cement D. lumber
9. A fine gritty, substance found in the shore and desert
A. gravel B. sand C. cement D. water
10. It is used for measuring long distances
A. ruler B. meter stick C. Caliper D. pull-push-rule
11. It is thin cross laminated sheet of wood
A. lumber B. timber C. plywood D. screw
12. It is tool used for cutting across the grain
A. bolo B. ripsaw C. cross cut saw D. compass saw

Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6

13. What is the use of the tool in Figure 1?
A. to drill holes B. for vertical alignment C. test sugariness D. for horizontal alignment
14. When can we use the tool shown in Figure 2?
A. driving and pulling nails C. driving screws
B. pulling screws D. holding nails
15. For what purposes is the tool shown in Figure 3?
A. to measure short distance C. to measure long distances
B. to transfer measurements to the work D. to test squareness of a stock
16. What is the use of the tool shown in Figure 4?
A. cut metals and pipe C. rip, cross, and cut curve in lumber
B. cutting irregular shape in small board D. cut very fine joints
17. Which of the following gives the purpose of the tool shown in Figure 5.
A. for fashion B. eye protection C. prevent inhalation of fumes D. to clearly see the work
18. What is the use of the tool in Figure 6?
A. drive and pull nails B. drill holes C. drive other tools D. drive and loose screws
19. Ear protector is for the ears as googles is for the_________.
A. nose B. eyes C. ears D. hands
20. What is the use of oil stone?
A. Smoothen metal surface C. sharpen edge of cutting tools
B. Smoothen wood surface D. sharpen saws
21. Which of the following is use to apply paint or varnish on wood surfaces?
A. file B. roller C. paint brush D. metal file

22. In what classification of handtools does apron belong?

A. Miscellaneous Tools B. Portable Tools C. Holding Tools D. PPE
Figure 1 Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 4 Figure 5
23. In Figure 1, what tool is use by the girl to flatten the surface of the wood?
A. chisel B. planer C. spoke shave D. cabinet scraper
24. In Figure 2, what tool is being use to trim the wood?
A. chisel B. planer C. spoke shave D. cabinet scraper
25. In Figure 3, what tool does the boy use to cut the plywood?
A. googles B. cross cut saw C. circular saw D. jigsaw
26. What tool is use by the man in Figure 4 to smoothen the surface of the lumber?
A. pile B. planer C. sander D. router
27. What tool is use in Figure 5 to draw marking in the plywood?
A. compass B. carpenter’s chalk C. Marker D. pencil
28. Which is the best way to keep the tools in good condition?
A. Keep them immediately without cleaning C. Clean them while they are in the tool cabinet
B. Clean them before storing D. Place them in a bucket of water
29. What is the best way to prevent tools from rusting?
A. Wipe the tools with oil C. Keep the tools in an air conditioned room
B. Keep them in their boxes always D. Keep the tools clean and dry in the storage
30. What do you do when a wooden handle needs to tighten up?
A. Ignore it C. Tie it around with a rope or a tie wire
B. Insert another wedge or immerse the hammer D. Bring it immediately to the carpenter for repair
head into the bucket of water overnight
31. Which is an advantage of the proper use of tools and equipment?
A. Accuracy in job/task performance is achieved C. Shop efficiency is promoted
B. There is high quality of work D. All of the above
32. What will happen if mortar is not cleaned off from the tools?
A. The mortar will build up and harden. C. The mortar will build up but can be removed too easily.
B. The tools cannot anymore be used. D. Just ignore it for it won’t matter anyway.
33. What is the equivalent of 1 foot in inches?
A. 15 in. B. 12 in. C. 10 in. D. 6 in.
For Nos. 34-36, refer to the figure at the right. Identify the correct
reading in each item. Use the choices below
A. ¼ in B. ½ in C. 1 ¾ in D. 1 ½ in (34) (35)
E. 2 cm F. 2.5 cm G. 2.3 cm D. 2.6 cm

37. Convert 236.22 inches into meters.

A. 5.89 m B. 5.90 m C. 5. 99 m D. 6.00 m
38. How many centimeter are there in 30 inches
A. 25.4 cm B. 50.8 cm C. 76.2 cm D. 101.6 cm
39. Ruel cut 9 feet lumber. How many meters are there in the lumber he cut?
A. 2.74 m B. 2.75 m C. 29.52 m D. 29.53 m
40. Convert 375 centimeter to meter.
A. 0.375 m B. 3.75 m C. 37.5 m D.37500 m
II. Compute the number of board feet of lumber whose dimensions are 3” x 12” x 3’. Show the following
steps in solving. Do not forget to write the unit measure in your final answer and always align the equality
sign in your solution
Step 1: Given
Step 2: Asked
Step 3: Formula
Step 4: Solution