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Tender Overview Summary

1. Recommendation as to whether to Bid: (circle) Bid / No Bid

has received a tender enquiry from to bid for the H2S MONITORING SERVICES FOR DRILLING WELLS PLANNED IN
The pioneer of the natural gas industry in the country has been a frontline player in
the energy sector since the mid-1950s. As a major supplier of natural gas, today contributes over 20 percent of
the country’s total natural gas supplies besides producing crude oil, Natural Gas Liquid and Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
has acquired 100 percent shareholding of MND E&P Limited, a company incorporated in England and Wales. The
name of the subsidiary has been changed

Contract Strategy:

Financial bids of only technically responsive bidders based on evaluation criteria / compliance to ITB shall be publicly
opened in presence of the bidders. Financial bids will be evaluated based on given evaluation criteria and contract
will be awarded to commercially / financially lowest evaluated bidder. Company reserves the right to award backup
contracts if required

If Awarded:

In case of award of contract, contract will be executed as per terms and conditions of this tender document for which
the Bidder has to provide Revenue Stamps for the contract value

2. Assignment of Responsibility
Tender Owner (i.e. lead person responsible for tender):

Where will Bid be Assembled?

Legal & Tax (Who):

Radioactive Sources required (Yes or No):

QHSE (Who):

Legal Entity (Company Name in which bid will be submitted):

3. General Information on Tender & Project

Country: Tender Reference No:

Operator: Issue Date:

Project Name:

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Tender Overview Summary
Submission Date: Project Location: On-shore

Type of Services Requested:

Is this a new project or a contact roll-over?

In case of roll over, who is current contractor? N/A

Does customer have good payment record? Is a formal credit rating required?

4. Bid Bond / Bank Guarantee

Is a Bid Bond / Guarantee required? If so, what value:

5. Specifics of Work Scope

from BIDDER for a duration of three years.


1. Bids Preparation/ General Requirements

2. Organisational Chart
3. Quality Requirements
4. Technical Evaluation Criteria
5. Financial Evaluation Criteria
6. Company History
7. Facilities
8. Key Personnel
9. HSE


Key Acceptance Criteria needs to be filled in and comply as provided in Tender Docs

6. Any Other Relevant Information

Bid Submission Details:

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