You are on page 1of 62 2015 GENERAL STUDIES (TEST CODE : 633) Name of Candidate | T] ny A, o @ VISION IAS ce Medium Hindi/eng. | £N GLISH tegration ember [43773 | | center RN. Date [ao-m -15 INDEX TABLE Q..No. | Maximum Marks | Marks Obtained | 1. po furnish the appropriate details in the answer sheet (viz. =z ory Name, Registration Number and Test Code) ; ae sae gfe FRM sem sara tC, HET ATE, ———— ja = feremet armies safe) | 3 128 2. There are TWENTY questions printed in HINDI and ENGLISH * ee) | we ate ver & oer fest ait ots HF vt 5 25 | | 3. All questions are compulsory. =F Tas ant we send = oe 4. The number of marks carced by a queston/part is indicated : against it. xz 2s soe wea sie at at fey Te eH 9 125 5. Answers must be written in the medium authorized in the 70 fas Admission Certificate, which must be stated clearly on the i |} cover ofthis question-Cum-Answer (QCA) Booklet in the space # eer provided. No marks will be given for answers written in | [2 ms medium other that the authorited one = as fe ome nA mum Y feed oh afte fren ake rT} i save whe va a fear t oft sa mem a ere sete cry ae FR-aT-em (HRD yew Fy TSK airs Ake 5 Sr fr orf ater mea fees or | 7 Bs - fret arom erg my a we BIE sie eT Ft bs = 6. Word limit in questions if specified, should be adhered to 2B) see | wet Yowe vim, wel faite tw seer fret ar 19 is = 20 125 7. Any page of portion of the page left blank in the Question- Cummanswer Bolt must be cary struk ot Total Marks Obtained: rac yrs are aie) on yes ae in wh eae eT 8 wre on fe Remarks: | Signature of Examiner 75, 3" Floor, Old Rajinder Nagar Market, Near Axis Bank, New Delhi ~ 110060 103, 1" Floor, B/1-2, Ansal Building, Behind UCO Bank, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi — 110009 EVALUATION INDICATO! Alignment Competence Context Competence Content Competence Language Competence Introduction Competence Structure - Presentation Competence Conclusion Competence Overall Macro Comments / feedback / suggestions on Answer Booklet: | 4 All the Best 633, Dont write VISION IAS" es caret quer) ‘All the questions are compulsory and carry 12.5 marks each. NOT MORE THAN 200 WORDS. 1, How are SDGs an improvement over MDGs? What are the challenges that are foreseen in the implementation of SDGs? What are the lessons that India can learn from the progress made on MOGs that could inform and enhance its performance on SDGs? we dtsfh., THA SAY, & ee ware sae 82 watt oft arate art aitaat strat 22 wrth. # gg vale a area fee ware ate ara F stu dt ott. & daft Prone Ht agae aa waAT? Subtamolele Developme Goals ($068) prvcioeel tr Mmtermaotional tos duccdeel to follow mndir tre acqis of United Nations , at Hu te™peansof Surennnit celdbesating 70 yront of its extstenee - Tre SDGs wor oolepted to aplace Hie MiUliniumn Develepwrumt Gaole (mpos) [2000-2015], write Hw MDG ow rrcluctren Spee mansitiny | ocattvondeoamaaly ete 9 the SDGs go o Step furntrer to Cam Luar brew MoGe ue trat we need to ctaat arecpten Puruiig SDG5 ak Aspen Call us : 9650617807, 9968029039 Visit us : www. Blog! www visionias. Email: ajay.visionias@gmaicom a " Page 1 of 60 = oe