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FLUTE AUDITION REQUIREMENTS 2013-2016 PRELIMS: Excerpts (6 minites) - see attached ‘Beethoven Leonore Overture No. 3 principal fut, excerpts 1 & 2 (mm. 1-96 ‘& 278-360) ‘Also found in Orchestral Excerpts for Fula, ed. by Jeanne Baxtresser, pub. Theodore Presser. ‘Strauss —Saiome's Dance — principal fute (2 botore 0-3 after H) ‘Also found in Orchestral Excerpts for Flula, ed. by Jeanne Baxtresser, pub. Theodore Presser. CALL BACKS: Please note that you will be REQUIRED to play flute AND plocolo excerpts for this Part ofthe audition, Excerpts (5 minutes selected from the following) - 90e attached Beethoven - Leonore Overture No. 3 principal flute, excerpts 1 & 2 (mm. 1-96 ‘& 278-360) ‘Strauss ~Selome's Dance — principal fute (2 before 0-3 after H) ‘Also found in Orchestral Excerpts for Euta, ed, by Jeanne Baxtresser, ‘Pub, Theodore Presser. Brahms —Symphony No. 2, mvt. I~ principal fute, mm. 149-178, ‘Also found in Complete Orchestral Pars, Brahms, fute 1, pub. Frangipani Press ‘Tehalkoveky Bluebird Varlation from “Sleeping Beauty”— principal fute ‘Also ‘ound in = Fut, ed. by Harold Clarke, pub. ‘Trinity College of Music London. ‘Shostakovich — Symphony No. 8, mvt. ll ~ piceolo (2 before rehearsal no. 59- 4 after rehearsal no. 58) ‘Also found in Orchestral Excomte for Plezalo, ed. by Jack Wellzaum, pub. ‘Theodore Presser ‘Shostakoviet — Symphony No. 10, mvt1—plecolo 1 (rehearsal no. 69-14 aftr rehearsal n0. 70) ‘Also found in Orchastral Excerpte for Plomio, ed. by Jack Welbaum, pub. ‘Theodore Presser ‘Sightreading (1 minuto) Salome’s Dance Jance of the Seven Veils Ds ‘the Veils) it nn “ase i045) ‘The Oriental Navor ofthis Biblical tale sotto music thick with a sensual and seductive atmoephere. There should alvays be forward motion, ev ward in thelong notes with a vibrato that Brrotum: Tn the third bar of H, there should bea tie between the fist two B's ‘Glussary of German musical tems: eae jengpem ely sg ie steed mewhatheitaing ‘Soirgemenenn ery measured Ziemilich langsam. (4-72) Pp "© Copyright 1905 by Adslph Farstner, Copyright Renewed. Gongright assigned 1943 ta Broeey & Harken tu. Revrinted by tormincten roe game wy Apuuny ayy. eae ey segue Movement II 'VAN BEETHOVEN, Op, 60 (rr0-1827) ody of dliate lyric: ia played withthe larinet andthe bassoon. PJaf/ith a oating tone that hasprojection Sees ae tint th at mn ne lagio Jeoe clart Ss Leonore Overture No. 3 LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, op. 72 (Gri0-1827) ‘Tonal beauty and contro are of gret importance in creating a mood ofintimacy and quiet anticipation in the Adagio of ‘this most dramatic orchestral piece. Inthe opening bers, don't let the vibrato overpower the delicate tone, Inbars 19:20, connect the two F¥' without a break, and with a gentle tongue onthe downbeat FY. Continue hia gentle tenguing on the triplet that fllow. Errata: -In bar 26, there should be a sur and 6 staccato dot, similar to bar 29, ‘In bar 85, the 2nd note afer she grace notes should be D not B. Adagio 5 = ap ain. P P aol oe BXCERPT 1