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Highway nis eT) BOARD WARGAMERS MAGAZINE re Re) Caer) GEOFF BARNARD Pubiished by Simpubs Ltd Distributed by Simpubs Ltd Printed by Douglas Printers, Wiese PHOENI Phovnis i a bEmonthly magazine aimed at providing UK gamers with a forum in which they. may express telt opinions of, suggest improve ments to and provide new ruls/scunatios for bourd wargames Pablaher? Macon AruDieetor: Kay Bowden | au contsitutions should be sent to JOHN SPENCE, P.O. Box ani MIDLOTHIAN’ Ef3 Sie Amick bnted fr pu be returned t0:ehe contributor. Articles and ilustrations appearing Phoaniy may ‘aut. be reproduced. without peior permission rom the Publishers Conteioutors submitting historia! material are requested to include alist af sources from which te articis har been computed. Please frote that the. opinions expressed by contributory are not necessarily those of the publisher Advertising Kates: full page £30.00 per isue halt page £16.00\per fee (camera ready artwork reqd of charged extra) fumcriptin Rates’ sear (6 isues) £3.90 Four subrastion. Manuscripts conot normally be returned once they IN Geom submitted Maps and iatrative material should be supped iepared for production if published. Please ensore that the relevant fae ofacturer of games dscusted in your articles are included ttn the alicle set or separately ec the Beginning or end of Sour utile: tis sso helpful to ut tf Tong artiies C000" words) are etten in such way 1 to Include natutal bresks which wil enable ‘material to be rpread over successive ies if necessary Please rtuen your Phoenix 20 and S&T 74 Feedback Cards by Sept. 2fth, 1939, or within three weeks of receipt. Estimated despatch of Phoenix 21 subscription copies is eatly October, 1979, Estimated despatch of joint Phocnis 21 and S&T 7S subscription copies is cary CONTENT: Page 3 Firefight: a new scenario by Michsel Stoner Nap’s Last Battles Amendments by Andrew Finkel Page 4 Right Hand Against Left Hand by George Duguid What’s New by Rifleman Dodds Page 5 Highway to the Reich by Geoff Barnard Page 10 Spanish Ships of War at Sea by D | A Mack Page 13 Book Review by Hamish Wilson Page 16 Victory in the Pacific by Dave Mylie Page 19 Complicating Wurzburg by George Dugui Page 20 Games in Spain.... by Stephen J Hackett Page 22 Notes from the Underworld by Don Turnbull Page 23 Games for Sale Page 24 Mailcall Readers’ Letters Page 25 Grapevine by Doug Davies Page 26. Simpubs Briefing from Malcolm Watson Page 27 Hotline by Malcolm Watson October, 1979, Feedback Questions EDITORIAL JOHN SPENCE Reviews of new games are very importa ‘any oor wargaming mopszine and rate very high fon your lst of “wants” for Phoenix {I am ating ‘on getting the fondbock material on "wont" Into the SPUR computer before reporting further it) ‘What’ do you, the reader, want fram them? This apparentiy simple question Is more. eifiea to ‘nsnor than you might oxpect with any suggested Gnmey ikely. ta" be knocked down from one ‘Siretion or another Of course you need details of what the game Simulates, map scale and oreo covered, numbor of ‘ther production te hardwaee — but what about the software? One could sy that 8 good reviow ‘Should give the reader a cleat idee of how a gome Bilays, ite probleme and ite historieny. This puts fulte'a Burden an the reviewer since i wxpects him fo 8] Know well the period being simulated fapart from SF/F), B} have played the game a number of times, and face to ace at that e) haw 8 good grap ‘of the game designing concepis, dl show no bies or reference as to gam¢ producer, designer ete. and 2) be able {0 express hie findings clearly and wath Even when a review contains all these ingredients you are sti not guaranteed a review appreciated by all readers, Quite heated arguments can and do develop around what appears (0 be 8 good simple feview, For example one has, on the one hand, ‘me designers no, not surprisingly, are More Eriuea! of faves tran most and have strong views S to what must be in» good one. Their comments {end generalization is officult) towards requleing reviewers to know the game Period Inside out and Understand’ how the game cesign Tinks upto roduce an accurate simutation. One suagestion | aw recently made. out that designers may be the ‘nly’ people with the necessary qualifications. 0 2 ‘On the other hand the “amateur reviewar” tends to ierogarafopsin 9 goneraistion) the game desion but i then split into those who. emphosise. the historicity of the game, itsplayabiity or its physea! ‘quality. Since such reviews are usually the work of ‘one or two deers an individual's sme preferences ‘may ‘appear, fending tothe bias mentioned earlier xampes of thee probloms hove appeared in Mal all in the past and, no doubt, will continue t0 do ‘As Editor | have fo take slightly different attitude fe reweus. I esnnot get experience in each game Teviewed nor am 1's historian s0 hav to depend Upon ‘other parameters for selection of revews and reviewers! Firstly. to. get round the problem of bis, ike to eee that bias mentioned in the eww fo the reeder con atleast got an idea ofthe wits fxperienet and. whether he. f teviewing # game ulsige ‘his normal "beat". Ido. not “expect feviowers to be staeped in the history of the era (though em happy to eet a bonus occasionally) nor ‘do‘T expect them ta be design wards. Rather | Took ‘for artiles and. wtters who show their ‘experience of playing 8 game, can comment on Fee playability and rules problems and wether it obwousy non histories! not whether the 10th foriier!" Reviews. se ‘irtinet Irom ani depth Sxamination of a game, strategy ete., should be fimed at the gamer wa is nelther historian or Gerigner, should make him aurare of the existence ff the game and wether itis key thot he would Enjoy the game "no more. No doubt some of vou fisogree ~ See you In Malia! | have 9 couple of apologies 10 make nere — frst te Mele Harries who. appeared under the guise of Iie ‘Hores in lost Meieal— our proof reading hopefully is improving but stil is not perfect ‘Some of you alzo took exception to my eommants her his Totter, particulary the questioning of his Fight to wargame. In facta such implication wae Intended) rather en hanest interest arto how some ‘one with auch an adhorence for nything smacking ‘of modem wnarfere can racancile hime!" to. wa feming at alla certain degree af schizophrenia Feside in the best of us, myself included! The letters printed in ply to fies letor thi time are but a representative. sample. of the roplis — fealty was ebumper erop. Keap Such letters coming they ate the spice of hte Feedback to lene 18 While the eritilem of some of the articles in this. ine reached @ new high the readership seamed to ‘appreciate this ire more thoy the lest couple — You rated it 6.93. Acticle ratings were a follows: Third Rein 6.2 Atlante Wal 638 Kaizer or King 531 Battle Fleet Mare 38 (Firs Prize to John Evens) Ber Lev — Old and New ‘oat Second Prize to Joh 0. Salt) Notes from the Underground IV, 357 Ginexa 432 (Third Prize 10 John Lee) Abs Football Game 382 News from SPUK 681 Grapevine 652 Mates 830 Hotline 800, Book Review 538 Wrist 2 large number of readers obviously don’t Nike sport “comet games appearing in these pagce {one reader swagested that. "no one had basn kill playing spore vet") |ramain unrepentant of ite induslon long live the catholic gomer! where are you? =. oh yas there you are, 27% of the sample rated ‘Charles article 6 oF higher so ome appreciated it. Similarly 62% rated Malai! 6 Sr'highor, a more than adequate roaon for keeping this eolumn on in apite of 2 few readers relly disiking The Ad reduced maps recsived a very favourabe rexponae ith 268 rating ther 9 and 60% 6 oF more 3 Botentat market there! However, 2d this is the iy in thr ointment, the games to be Covered. wore’ legion — I got up te 79 betore fiving uo If here ve @ "Best Buy” then i would bbethe gigantic games with 4+ maps. This wide bread precludes rapid dive into this marke. insteod 1 ean only do the nest best thing by trying to ure maps to illustrate Phoonx articles wher face and time permit WE the situation changes | « ANEW f SCENARIO BY MICHAEL STONER SCENARIO 10 [Map A and Bb GENERAL SITUATION A large force of ustlan paratroops hes. been Cordered to capture anew Ammtiean cade book by 2 Surprise stack. The plan i to land close tothe A fut tho code book and thon try to hold out unt & Back up foree con reach them and get them out TASK ORGANISATION Soviet Forces: 4 TM, 15 TMs, 2 MG, 2 5°69, 2 Soner. USS. Forces: 17 TM+, 1 MBO, 1 Venx, 4 M113, 5 MBOAT, [a Dragons to bo assigned). mission Sowet Player: Capture the codebook and take ft the Eastern man edge U's. Player: Prevent a Soviet victory DEPLOYMENT Soviet fore porachute down anywhere on either imap. U.S, forsee come on anvverere on either may West of Huey 1, but ne must put at lest 4 THAT on the Mitshote Hil and'8 Thhe snd the Veh X on REINFORCEMENTS Soviet only: 127.62. 2 BMP, 4 TMs on gome-turn 2. They come on anywhere along the cartrn map fig, the THs may be mounted n the BNIPr VICTORY CONDITIONS ‘The Soviet player must emature the cade book (see sbecial rules) and get Hoff the eastern map edge he US. player must prevent ths foy destroying ail Soviot units). Whoever succeeds wins the game SPECIAL RULES Vehicle represents an immobile command post hex. To get the code book e unit rmust be im the Some hex 2 Veh X for ane whole turn if o unit Takes the code book and ir thon destroyed enather Unit can get the code book by staying in the hex Inwhieh the unit was destroyed for one whole turn For same purposes the code book is totally In estructibe. The U.S. player may not take, the ode book off the mop fir would make it too sary forhim to win it he could ‘Tne Soviet paratroops (the foree that the Soviet player starts with) con land anywhere on either map, For each unit roll a do. I tis 2 one, two or three. the unit lands inthe desi hex, I it ise fr 8 it scatters one hex and if it ie-a 6 it scatters ‘wo heses. Roll another de tor direction. isu lands on a forest or town hen it takes ana Personnel attack with an attock rating of USS. units may shoot at the paratroope a they come down. Each U'S unitmay fire ance, Calculate fating to show the elffiulty of biting an aerial target, Obviously tersain has no eftect os the para Troops are abowe it. Any supprostions caused Dy UB units o landing in ough werain last througy, the fret gure turn SCENARIO NOTES This i a very bioody sconario and the Soviet player must be prepared to take heavy losses in his Initial paratroop attack, His aim must be to tke schossn ae soon as possible ard then ju stay ere. Taking Mittohohe would be nice but should Sides must attack strong portions with onenap forees. The SPGSt and Soggers ae very important, by destroying the MGOATs and especialy the M10 he Soviet backsp will be more likely to. Oet iwough quickly. Using Tite with thelr RPG? zpsinst the MBOr can be tempting but doing thot would. deplete the force tiving to. take Feld Schlossen. ‘The US. player must look after the IMI50 and defend it with Infantry, it hos no ants personnel capability (uel, Putting 3 strong force in Versbach would optimise the MODs gun effect and owsibly make the 62s come on further South, at Feldschloseen, Aabochhohe ls good as adeensive Position but Hil 5051s probably best for the M50, To prewent the US. player from purting everything around Fatdechiossan which makes an interesting ame boring you can rule that only 3 units apart ‘rom the mandotory ones] ean set up.on Map however, you find th the Sowe player's fining ‘too easy give the U.S. layer some reinforcements ‘on game turn 20, sey 4 MGOATs entering on hex 202 on Map 8. | Napoleons Last Battles SUGGESTED RULES AMENDMENTS By ANDREW FINKEL S&T 67's Games Rating rate Napoleon's Last Battles ar 76, in my vow, jusiibiy #0. But with 20 ope orto aeration, Ife tha thy game In the Folio game Ligny, the French win if they emoralse the Prussang and thelr Tosses do’ not fexcoed 36 strength points, out the rules don't say ‘whether those ‘two conditions must-bestsfed Simultaneously or atthe end of the game ie can ‘demoralised Prussian army. win the game by des traying 38 French ‘SP subsequent to. thelr own ‘demoralsation? The rules don't indicate ay ans fone way oF the other. Also, no cemoraietin low rule whereby 2 repulse the Imperial Guard lowers Ligny citfers from the Campaign game in that all three Prussian corps con atta, while only tive can inthe Compaign. This means thet the outcome of the Ist day of the campaign i rasiesl'yeifferent to that ‘ot Ligny, yet te only diffeence ithe rules is the absence of leaders in the Folio. itis brovable that Blucher was able To control more {han half hie army, and thet leadership vue of "2" out of 4 corps is niguarly. lo not acest the implied corollary that It Blucher, the aniy Prussian totally hore de combat. After il his chet of stat won Gneisenau, did sdeauate jobs in ralving th army during the retreat from Liony while Stach problems " 3) Give the French in Ligny = demoralisation ol 0 56. b) The victory onditione in. Ligny should Soh ht game, at atthe ©] In the campaign game, sive the Prussians an extra leader, 3" (1140, von Gnelsenau He Sets st 2 normal Commander except ms tated |) He must beable to trace « command radius of 5 hewos to. Bluchar in order 0 function as & leader. I he can do 20, treat him as 8 normal Commander Yon Gneisenau stats the campaign game any 2) 1 woud favour allowing com b) 1 would ellow the cavalry retreatbafore