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AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD PIPE THREADS, GENERAL “PURPOSE (INCH) ANSI/ASME B1.20.1 - 1983 (REVISION AND REDESIGNATION OF aNsr'82.1~1968) REAFFIRMED 1992 FOR CURRENT COMMITTEE PERSONNEL PLEASE SEE ASME MANUAL AS-11 SPONSORED AND PUBLISHED BY THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS United Engineering Center 345 East 47th Street New York, N-¥. 10017 ASME STANDARDS COMMITTEE B1 ‘Standardization and Unification of Screw Threads [Tne fotiowing is the roster ofthe Committe a the time of approval of this Standard) OFFICERS 1. Emanuel, Cheimman H.W Elson, Vee Ohaimon = 8. Lynch, Secretary COMMITTEE PERSONNEL | [AEROSPACE INOUSTRIES ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC. GG. Gerhet, MeDonnel Douslas, St. Lous, Msseue Hi Roseman, Alternate, Sperry Gyroseape Divisio, Great Neck: New York. "AMERICAN ION ANO STEEL INSTITUTE F, Daas, Sail Tul Divion, Sharon, Penasytvanla ‘ ‘AMERICAN MEASURING TOOL MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION 1, Dodge, Pennayar-Oodge Cornpany,Glendse, California . W doko. dutenare,Aneican Mestuting Too! Manulaetulers Axecation, Bemnéham Michisen ‘AMER GAN PIPE FITTINGS ASSOCIATION WW. €, Fal Stockton Values ana Fins, Birmingham, Alba DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CENTER { Sehwarte, Oafeneeladustal Supply Center, Piladiphia, Pennsylvania FS. Clecrons, Alterate, Osfense Industral Supply Canter Philadelphia, Penny ENGINE MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION 'G. A. Bus, Gunvnins Engine Company, Calimbu, Indians [ARMAND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT INSTITUTE IAF. Nagy. Ford Motor Comper, Ororboro, Michigan INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS Insr/TUTE ‘2B. Blfor, Inauirisl Fatanerslstiae Cleeana, Ohio RM: Hans Balcbem Sel Comaany, Labanos, Penna 1. & Metutadgh, $48 Tenolai, fc, Jenkintown, Peoyayvania 1G. MeMtiny, fuse, Burda and Ward Ine, Wetor, Oba {EA tiling, Hol Krome cory, West Hafod, Conneticut ED, Sooner, Altorate,Butlate Stel Cpsry, Lebanon, Peansyiana WANUPACTURERS STANOARDIZATION SOCIETY OF THE VALVE ANO FITTING INDUSTRY W. 6. Ena Stack Valves ond Fittings, Birmingham, Alba METAL CUTTING TOOL INSTITUTE (TAP 8 OIE DIVISION) NF, Nav: Union/Buttertield, Athol Mossichust 1K. Ds Shopterd J, Alesnat, Union! Buren Deby Line, Vermont NATIONAL AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER AND FIRE CONTROL ASSOCIATION, INC. W. Te, Gritnall Fire Protection Systems Comoany, Inc, Provgence, Rhode liland RP. Fleming, iterate, National Automale Sorinklat ai Fire Gantrol Association, Ine. Patterson, Néw York NATIONAL ELECTRICAL MANURACTUREAS ASSOCIATION “sL Giitfin, Wheationg Tube Company, Wheatlard,Pensyvania “AB, Lavy, Generat Bieri Company, Schenectady, New York F. Fs Weingruber, Westieghauss Electric Cor, Ptaburgh, Pennsylvania WW, ReMilford, Alternate, National Elaetrieat Manutnctuners Amoeition, Washington, D.C. NATIONAL MACHINE TOOL BUILDERS ASSOCIATION ‘Re J. Sobaton, The Cleveland Twist Dill Company, Cleveland, Ohio . A Stoner, de, Teadya Landis Machine, Waynesboro, Panaivania + NATIONAL SGREW MACHINE PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION. “TS Mayer, Fecher Spite] Meruacturing omoeny, C3 Spring, Kentesy 1H. A, Elchateedt, Alternate, National Sefen Machine Products Astoclaton, Brecksville, Oo SOCIETY OF AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERS 1H. W. Ellon, General Mators Teche! Cente, Waeran, Mehigan SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS D, Davidson, Moree/Hemeo Garp, Mollard Michigan . ‘TUBULAR RIVET AND MACHINE INSTITUTE * ao sy A.M, Byrne, Inustry Service Bureaus, Ine, White lains, New York : UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE AIR FORCE ‘Re B. Stewart, Wrighteterion AFB, Dayton, Onia, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY “L.Crowley, US, Amy Males Ornlopment sod Readinss Command, bens Vieni Fd, Olas, Wotoriot Asana, Wateniey, New York FL, Jones, Alterngte, U8. Army Miele Command, Pestone Artal, Aster UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, E, Sehiwait, Defense Incutil Sopely Conte, Priladélphia, Penosy!vania UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY oo ‘G. T. Gustafaon, Portsmouth Naval Shioyerd, Porsimouth, Hew Hompsite INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS 1G. T. Applaten,detferson, Messehustt 1 N. Badgley, Clark Equioment Company, Batts Creth, Michigan oehnlein, PMC Indus, Wektfe, Ohio 1, Bout, San Manica, Caer A Bred, Macharisa! Fasten 3. Browning, Southern Gage Company, Eris, Tennessee ‘Butovien, Air Industries Corp, Garden Grove, Coifornis 'S. Chamerda, The Johnson Gage Company, Blooilied, Connecticut 4 Assembly, Lakewors, Oho 4 wi A R a a 4 F. Ceamar, Des Meines, Washington {LF Dickson, Reed oiled Thread Die Company, Molden, Mariacnusetts R ew. 1. J. Envanvalli, Greerteld Top and Die, Greenfield, Mauachusette ©. G. Erickson, Colt Industries, Seting Die Opstation, Wes Harfo'd, Conneciiut S. 1 Kanter, The Haasan Pnitney Company, Heitord, Connecticut Re W, Lamport, The Van Keuran Camoany. Wlateown, Massachusetts ALR. Meshell, Xefox Cor, Rochester, New York ‘ALE. Masterson, Watordies, New York RE, Jgometrie Too), New Haven, Connecticut 1H. G. Muonehingae, Westerly, Fhode bland