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Soft material as fill shall be deposited

posited in layers not exceeding 150mm
compacted depth unless, as a result of site compaction trials, the Contractor has
satisfied the Engineer that his compaction plant is capable of consistently
achieving the specified densities at a greater depth; in no case shall this depth
exceed 250 mm. Each layer shall extend over the full width of the embankment
and shall be compacted in accordance with Clause 508.
Hard material used for fill shall be of maximum dimension 250 mm, and be
deposited in horizontal layers not exceeding 400 mm loose depth and shall
extend over the full width of the embankment except for any specified external
cover to slopes. The material shall be spread and levelled by a crawler tractor
weighing not less than 15 tonnes. Each layer shall consist of reasonably well
graded rock and shall be blinded with smaller rock fragments and gravel so as to
fill as many of the voids as possible before the next layer is placed. The top 600
mm of the subgrade shall be formed using soft material.
In forming embankments, the Contractor shall make due allowance in height and
width for consolidation, settlement and shrinkage. Any consolidation,
settlement, bulking, punching of material into the underlying layer, or shrinkage
during the construction of embankments shall be rectified
ified by the Contractor by
providing, placing and compacting approved fill material to reinstate each layer
to the instructed level and width and shall be at the Contractor’s expense.
During the construction of embankments the Contractor shall control and direct
constructional traffic uniformly over the full width. Fill material shall not be
stockpiled on embankments without the permission of the Engineer.
When constructing embankments up to bridges and up to and over culverts the
Contractor shall raise the embankment equally on each side of such structures
and shall unless otherwise instructed by the Engineer carry this work
concurrently with the filling to the structure. The embankment compaction plant
shall be used as close to the structure as is feasible without damaging the
structure. Any damage to the structure will be made good at the Contractor’s

Areas that are to be classified as swamps will be identified and the treatment
thereof specified in the Special Specification. All areas other than those so
specified shall be considered as normal earthworks and the Contractor’s rates
shall include for all the requirements of Clause 114 of this Specification.