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good morning everyone

let me introduce to you the structure to be analyzed

this is callled hasjdoqiwpeqldklaskjd

located in...
designed by...

it was his thesis....

three architectural firsts....

first circular church plan in the philippines

-where in the altar is in the middle
- with concentric chairs/pews
first thin-shell concrete dome
first masterpiece of Leandro Locsin

so for the visible structure analysis

up church is regular dome-shaped made of concrete

with radial configuration and a horizontal composition

*terrazzo floor mural of the 1997 National Artist for Painting Arturo Luz� �River
of Life�.
The concept of the artwork seems to have the spirit of Christianity flow from the
and down into the streets of the university.

*has natural ventilation and natural lighting due to its open sides supported by
pillars instead of walls so that the spaces inside will not be block.

*the center of the church has a circular skylight.

*In the partition in the sides of the church there are murals, it shows the
chronological arrangement of how Jesus Christ was born and how He died and rose

*could easily accomodate 1000 people

*Leandro V. Locsin was one of the most significant

people in the development of contemporary
architecture in the Philippines.

*the arrangement of the seats are distracting